Siriusxm The Heat Top 35 List (2024)

1. The Heat: Today's R&B Hit Music | SiriusXM

  • Channel 46The Heat stays LIT with the hottest R&B and Hip-Hop, with artists like Chris Brown, Cardi B., SZA, Drake, Doja Cat, Lil' Baby and more!

  • Rhythm hits blaze on The Heat! Listen to today's R&B hits that are burning up the charts, or hear the soon-to-be next household name. Only on SiriusXM.

2. The Heat Most Played - sirius xm playlist

  • The Heat. Ch. 46rnb · After Hours · Enough (Miami) · Real · Million Dollar Baby · Not Like Us · Here We Go (Uh Oh) · Saturn · Wake Up.

  • Find recently played songs from XM Sirius radio stations. Listen to them on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and others.


4. What's New on The Heat - SiriusXM

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  • Find out what's happening on The Heat, SiriusXM's channel for today’s hottest R&B and hip-hop, with exclusive music specials, interviews and more.

5. SiriusXM: The Heat Most Recent New Songs - The Heat Tracker

  • SiriusXM: The Heat Most Recent New Songs ; Saweetie, Tap In, 1 ; Shana Simone, Love Light, 1 ; Jazmine Sullivan, Pick Up Your Feelings, 1 ; JAY-Z · Tom Ford, 4.

  • Track what is being played on SiriusXM's The Heat.

6. The Heat playlist - Online Radio Box

7. xmplaylist - Recently played songs and playlists from xm radio

  • The Heat 46 · SiriusXMU 35 · SiriusXM Chill 55 · SiriusXM 105 105

  • Find recently played songs from XM Sirius radio stations. Listen to them on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and others.

8. Channel Lineup & Guide - SiriusXM

  • ... best plans and pricing for you. At least one option ... 35. listen live · Alt Nation. Alt Nation. the latest ... Heat. The Heat. Hot R&B and hip-hop. Chris Brown ...

  • SiriusXM's full channel lineup. Search by plan, category or genre. Find your favorite station and start listening today.

9. The Heat - Sirius XM Wiki - Fandom

  • The HOTNESS Weekly Top35 Every Saturday The Heat has their Top 35 Songs of the week. As they count they're way up to the #1 song requested the most on the ...

  • The Heat is the name of Sirius XM Radio's urban-leaning rhythmic contemporary channel, on Sirius channel 46 (previously 50) and XM channel 46 (previously 68).[1] The service signed on April 17, 2006. At the start The Heat was a Rhythmic Top 40 outlet and had played Rhythmic hits, but during the Sirius XM Merger on November 12, 2008, it changed to a more hit-driven R&B, urban pop, and melodic Hip-Hop channel. Prior to its debut as "The Heat" in 2006, it was originally called "The Eye" (XM26) and

10. Listen to Hip Hop and R&B Music Channels - SiriusXM

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11. [PDF] SIRIUS CHANNEL LINEUP - SiriusXM Dealer Portal

  • 35. 34. 36. 38. 39. 40. 37. 41. 42. 43. 44. 46. 47. 45. 48. 49 ... Pop Hits with American Top 40. Bright Pop Hits ... SIRIUS CHANNEL LINEUP. Your subscription ...

Siriusxm The Heat Top 35 List (2024)


What is channel 35 on Sirius? ›

Channel 35

Groundbreaking sounds, emerging artists, and indie classics. Hear the likes of Clairo, Perfume Genius, Tame Impala, Phoebe Bridgers, and Fleet Foxes.

What is channel 46 on Sirius radio? ›

Channel 46

Today's R&B Hits from artists like Sir, Cardi B, doja cat, Ari Lennox, and Rae Sremmurd. Watch exclusive video performances from the SiriusXM studios, featuring hot R&B artists such as Jessie Reyez, Ari Lennox, and more.

What is the most popular station on SiriusXM? ›

What Is the Most Popular Sirius XM Station?
  • points. The Beatles Channel. A channel dedicated to the music of The Beatles, featuring recordings, stories, and shows related to the band. ...
  • points. The Highway. ...
  • points. Alt Nation. ...
  • points. Octane. ...
  • points. Hits 1. ...
  • points. SiriusXM Chill. ...
  • points. The Howard Stern Show. ...
  • points. Real Jazz.

What number is hip-hop on SiriusXM? ›

Channel 44

Hip-Hop hits from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Glorilla, and Moneybagg Yo. Hip-Hop Nation (Ch. 44) extends SoundCloud's taste-making playlist to an exciting new show elevating the channel's mission to discover new hip-hop legends. Image remains the same.

How do I get a list of SiriusXM channels? ›

All Channels can be found as a tile on the Search page. Where is the channel list in the SiriusXM app? All Channels can be found as a tile on the Search page.

Can you pick your channels with SiriusXM? ›

Here's your chance to create your very own personalized lineup. Choose any 100 channels from the SiriusXM Music & Entertainment plan including commercial–free music, plus premium programming, sports, news, talk and entertainment.

How to listen to Miami Heat on radio? ›

ESPN 98.1 FM – 850 AM WRUF ESPN 98.1 FM – 850 AM WRUF
  1. Home.
  2. Orange & Blue Sports Network.

What is channel 177 on SiriusXM? ›

MLB Play-by-Play 177 | SiriusXM.

What is channel 55 on SiriusXM? ›

Hear Trisha Yearwood's exclusive show on The Garth Channel

Trisha's Take Five will air Mondays at 5 pm ET on The Garth Channel (Ch. 55) and through the SiriusXM app.

Does SiriusXM have a senior discount? ›

From there, it's up to you to ask for a discount when you're on the line with customer service. Does SiriusXM offer senior discounts? No, but it does offer a 25% off discount to not only active military, but veterans and their families. How much does SiriusXM cost?

What's the difference between Sirius and SiriusXM? ›

Sirius, XM, and SiriusXM refer to three different platforms, which refer to the technology your satellite radio was built upon and determine which subscription plans you can receive. For example: The Lynx and Edge radios are on the SiriusXM platform and receive SiriusXM plans.

Can I get Sirius for $5 a month? ›

Listen & watch your favorites in all your favorite places—in your car, on your phone, or at home for $4.99 per month for 12 months. That is 73% off the regular monthly price of $18.99.

What channel is the heat on SiriusXM? ›

HOT R&B and Hip Hop 🔥 @SiriusXM CH. 46.

What is channel 69 on SiriusXM? ›

Escape was restored to Channel 69 on the satellite lineup on September 15, 2015 (on XM-based radios) and October 7, 2015 (on Sirius-based radios). It returned to the DISH Network lineup on November 12, 2015. As of Wednesday, June 7. 2023, Escape was moved to channel 149 on SiriusXM.

What is channel 73 on SiriusXM? ›

Revisit your favorite '60s flicks & take your pick of the top 50 soundtrack songs. Vote now to hear the top listener-chosen movie songs counted down on '60s Gold (Ch. 73).

What happened to Vivid on Sirius? ›

The channel aired programming that related to sex and the adult film industry. It launched on November 18, 2013. However, due to its contract not being renewed, the channel shut down in July 2021.

What happened to Rock Bar on SiriusXM? ›

Rock Bar, formerly channel 313, is also now moved to the app. All of these additions come with the nationwide launch of the new SiriusXM app which will be available on Dec 14 and will include new and updated features such as enhanced searching, greater content discovery, a central audio library, and much more.

What are the new channels on SiriusXM? ›

NEW YORK – November 8, 2023 – SiriusXM announced today the launch of three new music channels, Alt2K, Flex2K and The Flow, which all join its extensive and diverse lineup. The exclusive and original channels will offer something for every listener, bringing a mix of 2000s hits across R&B, Hip-Hop and Alternative.

Are SiriusXM Xtra channels available in cars? ›

How do I access the Xtra channels? There are many easy ways to access the 100+ ad-free music channels now available in your vehicle. You can access your Xtra channels within SiriusXM by tapping the For You or Related buttons.


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