Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (2024)

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Printable paper dolls are such an amazing tool for learning and play. Your kids will have hours of fun dressing up their new little friends! Includes 6 characters, lots of clothes, and wait for it...a unicorn onesie!

Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (1)

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Ways to Use These Paper Doll Cutouts

  • Use these dolls for various activities including dress up and pretend play. These paper dolls to print are also perfect for storytelling!
  • Dress the dolls up in paper doll clothes for a fashion show.
  • Each free printable paper doll template comes with clothing and accessories. Dress your dolls up for a day on the beach, or as a unicorn or mermaid!
  • Paper dolls aren’t just for girls–there’s a boy paper doll template included in the pdf files.
  • Print paper doll sets to give as gifts - how fun would a laminated set of these!
  • Customize the free paper dolls. Print out the black and white version onto card stock and color them however you like. Design fashionable outfits for your paper doll along with matching accessories–what paper doll wouldn't love to sport a pair of sneakers, swimsuit or colorful pants?
Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (2)

What You Need to Make Printable Paper Dolls

To make these paper doll cutouts, you'll need white cardstock, scissors (an exacto knife may be helpful too!), and the paper dolls printable template. I've included instructions and cutting guides on the download, so you know exactly where to cut, score, and fold.

How to Make the Paper Doll Cutout:

Step 1: Print

Download the printable paper doll PDF and print on 8.5 x 11" white cardstock (I use Neenah 65# Bright White).

Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (3)

Step 2: Cut

Use scissors, exacto knife, or die-cutting machine to cut along the edges.

Tip: To make the paper dolls last longer, laminate before cutting. I use this cheap laminator from Scotch & it works great!

Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (4)

Step 3: Time to Play!

Arrange the dolls and clothes into their separate piles. Now it’s time for an endless array of paper doll activities! Another option is to laminate the printable, then cut them out and add magnet dots the back of the paper dolls. You can use it on a cookie sheet or any other magnetic surface.

Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (5)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Use Printable Paper Dolls:

Paper dolls are fun on so many levels. They help young children develop vocabulary and fine motor skills. Older kids can practice coloring and cutting skills. Paper dolls are always great for imaginative play.

What’s included with the paper doll cutouts?

In the printable dress-up paper dolls freebie file you can find 6 paper dolls, 3 male and 3 female, along with various colorful outfits, costumes, and swimwear.Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (6)

What ages are printable paper dolls for?

The paper dolls with clothes to print pdf are great for kids ages 2-8 (or older). It’s totally okay for big kids and grownup to play alongside with the littles too.Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (7)

What paper weight is best for these?

I used 65lb. White cardstock for the paper dolls printable free template. You definitely want something thicker than normal computer paper, otherwise, the paper dolls will not be durable. To make the paper dolls last longer, laminate before cutting. I use this cheap laminator from Scotch & it works great!

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  1. Heidi Morton

    How do,the clothes stick and remove please to the soll


    • Melissa

      The clothes have tabs you can fold back. Or you can laminate the printable, then cut them out and add Velcro dots or magnets to stick to a metal cookie sheet.


  2. Annika

    These are amazing!! Will be great for doctor appointments and car rides etc.

    Will you be creating an inclusive line? We would love to see wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, leg braces, prosthetics, headphones, AAC devices, feeding tubes…to name a few! And dolls with curls or braids!!

    Thank you so much for the dolls! We had to purchase the full set. Too much fun!!


    • Melissa

      So glad you love them! Thank you for the idea about doing an inclusive line; if we design any more sets in the future I will definitely be sure to include that!


  3. Sonia Bouchard

    Hi, I have only been able to find the black and white pdf which only has 2 dolls. I would like to print the color version but cannot find how to do so. There is no materials box nor a scissors icon on this particular post, I did see that for the B & W ones. Can you send me a link? I already subscribed :) Thank you.


    • Melissa

      Hi Sonia! This post has a different type of box (I'm experimenting with it) right under the "What You Need to Make Printable Paper Dolls" heading. It's a gray box with the email signup. When you submit that, there will be a page with a link to the free printables colored version!


  4. bari goroway

    please share the black and white clothing and dolls


    • Melissa

      The black and white ones can be found HERE!


  5. Sarah MacDonald

    I love these! I want to use them as a chore chart! I’m going to ask my son and daughter to put their clothes on and pajamas on and brush teeth and brush hair and get their book bags ready. Do you happen to have other PDFs that might include some of those accessories? No bother if not, we will still use these gorgeous children and clothes and I’ll find some accessories easily!


    • Melissa

      I love that idea! We don't have any other sets now but leave me a note here with your ideal set and we may start adding more to our shop!


  6. Jojo the dooda

    Hi, I want to ask if you can tell me where to print these?:)


    • Melissa

      To print, scroll to the "materials" box in the post and click on the little scissors icon. After you enter your email, a link to download will appear!


  7. Elizabeth Ankeny

    This is so perfect and precious! My 5 and 2 year old are thrilled! I will use velcro dots :)


  8. Sandra Piatkov

    Do you have any winter clothes my 4 yo has requested?


    • Melissa

      Hi! Love that she's requesting that. We don't currently but we're going to get on this - stay tuned!


  9. Ana

    Hi, soooo nice! You write that there is also a svg file for cutting with Silhouette but I can't find it. Can you give me a hint? Thank you so much!


  10. Donna

    I love These! Can you Make them in black and white to color?


    • Melissa

      Hi Donna, I actually have a version for that here:


      • Amanda

        Does these two versions match? Can we mix and match with these two sets? The colored one and the black and white one.


        • Melissa

          Yes the sizes match so you can mix and match!


Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories (2024)


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