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Chapter 1: Enter: Da Baddest Bitch of Da Taisho Era

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Author's Note: WELCOME!! This is gonna be some dramatic, romantic sh*t so I hope you're ready. Also, some things I do might seem unrealistic or annoying so some people, but honest to Satan, I'm literally so gullible and optimistic, I'll instantly believe you if you told me I can magically transport into the anime world, believe me. (edit: If you've been reading this story since the beginning I AM SO SORRY I made this sh*tso hard to read with all the underlining and everything omfg. I barely remembered I decided to do allat and holy sh*t was it horrifying to try and read paragraphs of dialogue like that)

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!


“Since when does it snow in California?” I mumbled, shivering in the cold, snow-like texture that surrounded my body, my pajamas soaked as if they were dunked in ice water. Wait.

My eyes snapped open, and I was greeted with the sight of snow. “No f*cking way, you’re f*cking lying,” I repeatedly mumbled under my breath.Sitting up, my bewildered eyes scanned my surroundings.

"Where the hell am I? Bruh, okay either I got kidnapped and dropped off at Big Bear oooor this is a dream and I'm just gonna vibe until I wake up," I spoke aloud, getting up. "Or I possibly just woke up in an anime like those fanfics! Dude, that'd be f*ckin' LIT." I giggled to myself, feeling my excitement bubble up at the thought.

"I mean...I guess I'll just walk around a bit, check out the place. Maybe there's like a path that leads me to the inner doors to my mind or some sh*t." Getting up, I walked around in the snowy forest, shivering and wet.

"Weird, it's s-so damn cold! Maybe this isn't a dream...I don't feel that sensation when I'm self-aware like usual," I said to myself, frostbite prickling at my bare feet. While walking, I spotted someone walking a few meters away. Red tips, black roots, bright sunny eyes that like up a room?!

'Oh sh*t. OH sh*t!! THERE HE IS- THERE’SBESTBOYOHMYGODITSTANJIRO-' Spotting the red-head with his hair in a cute lil ponytail and basket of coal on his back, I almost burst into tears in excitement!

"Holy sh*t, holy sh*t, please be real, please be real!" I whispered frantically under my breath, praying that my dreams had come true.

"Okay, he can help me! I'm lost as f*ck, baby boy can help me out!But obviously, if I approached him all frantic and sh*t he’d get scared off, so I guess I gotta take it slow," I mumbled excitedly.

I took a deep breath and stumbled through the snow with my bare feet, shiveringand soaked to the bone. My oversized T-shirt and boxer shorts hung off me, weighing me down as I walked. My hair was wet, and my bangs clung to my face like noodles.

'Okay, I hope there’s not a language barrier or I’m gonna cry, ah haha...'

Obviously, due to the crunchy-ass snow I'm stepping on, his head turned to see me trudging through the snow in indecent clothing. Well, indecent in his era at least. I stared at him in awe and adoration as his eyes widened before dropping his basket and running over to me in concern and helping me up, saying, "Are you alright?"


I felt the disappointment well up.I onlyknew like, a few wordsin Japanese.

"Tasukete?(Help me?)"I said timidly, unsure of myself. His eyes furrowed in worry as he held my arms and checked me over, for injuries I assumed. He took off his signature checkered haori and slipped it over my shoulders, wrapping it around me.

"I'm sorry. Come with me, please"He said, nodding at me. I recognized kudasai, please!

He tugged on my hand, his body leaning in the direction of the fallen basket. Oh sh*t, is he telling me to come with him? Hell yeah! I noddedat him, walking towards the basket and bending over to pick up the scattered chunks of coal.

"Ah, you don't have to do it, I can do it myself!"Tanjiro exclaimed anxiously, helping me pick up the coals.

"Alright, I'm assuming you said that I don't have to do that judging from your tone of voice, but guess what! I'm a baddie, so I'm gonna help youbabe!" I chirped happily, placing the last of the coals into the basket and watching as Tanjiro placed the straps on his back again, looking at me weirdly while doing so.

His expression cleared up and he smiled kindly at me, grabbing my wet, cold hand. "Let's go."

Oh! Ikimashou is like, let's go right? MY JOURNEY AS A BAD BITCH IN THIS WORLD IS ONLY BEGINNING! f*ck YEAH!

I nodded and beamed back, nuzzling into the thin, but warm haori. We began heading back the way he came from, the snow already numbingmy feet prior.

After about 5 minutes of walking and shivering nonstop, I spotted a clearing in the distance. Must be his home! WE'RE ALMOST THERE YASHOLYsh*t- "So why were you alone out there? Were you with someone?"Tanjiro spoke up, his tone questioning.

"Oh, um, I don't understand, uh,Nihondesu...?" I trailed off. sh*t, I forgot how to say Japanese. I know Japan is Nihon, I just don't know how to say Japanese IN Japanese.

I knew I said the wrong thing when he looked at me, confused.

He then said in concern, "You don't speak Japanese, huh?"

OH! Nihongo, that's how you say it! But what the hell did he just say?

"Uh, no, I don't understand. If that's what you asked," I said, shaking my head. "I speak English, dawg. Y'know, from America?"

He still looked dumbfounded. Damn, country boy is low-key a BUM.

I sighed and shook my head in disappointment. Oh well, what can you expect I guess.

An awkward silence settled, and I cringed as I thought of what to say. Thankfully, I didn't have to do anything as Tanjiro spoke up again, "I know you can't understand me, but my name is," he pointed at himself, "Kamado, Tanjiro." I smiled nodded excitedly, pointing at myself, "Lana!" He smiled back and hummed, scratching the back of his head, "Lana? That's a nice name." I kept smiling and shrugged my shoulders at him before turning back. Oh damn! We're already here!

"Mother! There's a girl who needs help!"Tanjiro called out, picking up his pace. I tagged along and gazed up at the house in awe and excitement, then immediately sadness, knowing what was going to happen eventually.

I guess Tanjirosmelled my grief, because he looked at me worriedly. "Are you alright?" I looked to him and nodded, understanding "Daijōbudesuka"? He nodded but still looked unsure.

We were interrupted by Tanjiro's mom, Kie, I think was her name? Opening the shoji doors and rushing out, the rest of her children flooding out as well.

"Brother! What happened? Why is there a girl with you?" Hanako, his youngest sister, called out, grasping her mother's kimono as they stared at us in worry.

Kie came up to us and felt my forehead before turning to Tanjiro."She's freezing! Hurry, let's get her inside and warm her up." She said before shetook my hand and led me inside the house, taking me into an empty room.

The younger ones stood outside the door, peeking in as Tanjiro and Kieset up a futon and gave me towels.

"What's going on?"A feminine voice rang out. I looked to the door to see #1 sweetie herself!

Nezukostood in the doorway, the youngest on her back. She spotted me and gasped, handing her sibling to one of her brothers and stepped inside the room, rushing over to Tanjiro and her mother. "Is she alright? Hanako," she turned to her sister, ordering her,"Please bring some of Mom's old kimonos, hurry!"

Everyone was speaking so fast, I couldn't understand anything going on except for a few words here and there.I tried to dry myself with the towels, shivering violently as the cold finally caught up to me. Kie and Nezuko took the towels from my hands and helped to dry me, seeing as I was struggling to move my limbs. Hanako came back into the room,lilac and white checkered fabrics in her arms.

The females shooed the males out of the room, the door sliding shut as Tanjiro gathered his brothers into the hall. They all helped to dry my body and into the kimono and fresh undergarments, taking my soaked shorts, shirt, and underwear, as well as Tanjiro's damp haori (I feel so f*cking guilty, holy sh*t)and putting them into a basket nearby. I was embarrassed to show them my pudgy body, but I knew there was no other way. I've never put on a kimono in my life, and my limbs are shaking badly.

The kimono slightly showed the curves of my body and the outline of my chubby tummy, but it fit nonetheless. They helped settle me into the blankets, the thick coverspulled over my body comfortably.

Nezuko and Kie kneeled next to me and caressed my shoulder, both smiling warmly at me before Kie reassured me,"Go to sleep, rest. You'll need it. Everything's going to be okay!" With that, they got up and left the room.

As I laid in the futon, I began tearing up and feeling overwhelmed. "Holy sh*t," I sniffed quietly to myself as I began to cry silently. "They're so nice. f*ck, why do they have to die?" I grieved, sobs clogging up my throat.

The door gently slid open, and I shut myself up, head snapping to see Tanjiro looking concerned for me. He sat down next to me and held my hand, looking into my eyes with those pretty, pretty red orbs that I loved so much.

"Are you alright?" he said quietly.

I nodded and sighed shakily, grasping onto his warm, calloused hands. "Tanjiro," I choked out quietly, "Thank you, so much."

His eyes widened before softening, smiling at me. I couldn't help myself, I reached over hesitantly and embraced him, tears sliding down my cheeks and onto his shoulder.

He wrapped his arms around me, and I never felt my heart break faster in my life in both happiness and sadness.

"T-thank you," I repeated, struggling not to break down into his arms.

Eventually, we separated, and he got up and waved at me with a smile,"Goodnight, Lana. Sleep well."I waved back with a smile, tears still in my eyes. He shut the door behind him. I laid in my futon, exhausted from everything. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep, dreams of cute red-heads and sweet demon girls in my mind.

...To be continued...

Chapter 2: So Bascially: Tanjiro Baby.


We basically indulge ourselves in the happy domestic life of the Kamado's, trying to forget the burden of the future on our shoulders. The plot begins.


Author's Note: Okay, the first chapter with all the romaji was just to show you guys how f*cking confusing everything would be. But from this chapter onwards, I'll translate everything in English, Japanese isunderlined.I also put the romaji in parenthesis, but IT'S ONLY FOR THIS CHAPTER, I SWEAR! :)) ALSO!!! Telling you guys rn, I made the appearance of the reader specific, so sorry if you don't envision the reader like I do. I guess try to imagine her differently if you can? But this is highk my self-insert, so I kinda made it tailored to me. Sorry if that bothers you! Nyways!

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text

Author's Note: (Edit 07/06/2024: So since this obviously a self-insert, I've changed (y/n) to just Lana as I've always imagined. Jesus, I made a lot of bad decisions while writing this fic, lol.)

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!


"T-thank you," I repeated, struggling not to break down into his arms.

Eventually, we separated, and he got up and waved at me with a smile,"Goodnight, Lana. Sleep well."I waved back with a smile, tears still in my eyes. He shut the door behind him. I laid in my futon, exhausted from everything. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep, dreams of cute red-heads and sweet demon girls in my mind.

I awoke in the early morning, light hitting my face through the open window.

“Where the f*ck am I- Oh wait, never mind,” I yawned, remembering what had happened yesterday.“sh*t dawg, I guess I was hella exhausted. It’s already the next day? Damn,” I said to myself, getting up and folding the futon before placing it in a corner for later. Sliding the door open, I stepped out and sighed, looking down the small hallways for anyone.

Empty. Maybe they’re outside? Nearing the main room, I heard the sounds of chattering and glass clinking grow louder. Eventually, I stepped into the main room to find everyone gathered around a small Japanese table, eating. They noticed me in the hallway, Kie smiling at me and motioned to an empty spot next to Tanjiro.

“Good morning, Lana-san!” I was greeted upon sitting down.

“Oh, uh good morning, everyone!” I nodded, grinning at them.

Hanako was on the other side of me, Tanjiro to my left. She handed me a bowl of steamed rice and fish, placing a clean porcelain cup in front of me as well. I thanked her and grabbed a clean pair of chopsticks on the table and dug in, eating happily.

They all stared at me, as if waiting for me to do something. Oh, wait. I didn’t thank them for the meal! DAMMIT LANA, THEY PROBABLY THINK YOU’RE RUDE AS f*ck NOW.

“U-um, sorry, thank you for the meal!” They chuckled and Kei gave me a warm smile, making my cheeks flush in embarrassment.

Eventually, everyone at the table finished their meal. I got up and started gathering everyone’s dishes, Tanjiro getting up as well and assuring me, “You don’t have to do that! I can handle it!”

I looked at him and rose a brow, shrugging at him as I collected the last bowl, Rokuto chiming a cute, “Thank you, big sister!” I smiled sweetly at him and nodded before looking around the room for a sink.

Tanjiro glanced at my confused expression and laughed sweetly, taking the dishes from my hands before heading over to another room, me following closely behind until he reached a *sink and placed the dishes inside.

“Thank you, Tanjiro!” I said, thankful that I’m starting to know my way around the house.

“It was nothing, you’re welcome!” The sweetie said kindly. I beamed at him and we made our way back, where we spent the rest of the day with his family playing games and trying to communicate, a bit unsuccessfully.

Eventually, the day became night. And as I fell to the floor laughing as the kids tackled me, I fondly thought to myself, 'I could get used to this. This- This is what I've always wanted. A family who genuinely loves me and accepts me.'

The thought of their deaths lingered in the back on my mind, but I chose to ignore it in favor of the sweet and happy memories I was making at this moment.

I wiped tears from my eyes, chuckling as I ruffled Hanako's hair. "Ah, you're so cute,Hanako-chan!" She looked up at me, confused but lit up as I petted her head gently. The soft chuckles of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Kei flew into my ears as I got up, the kids still latched onto me. I smiled at them and flashed a peace sign, a grin on my face.

After getting off of me, Shigeru yawned, which triggered the rest of the kids to yawn. How cute!

I yawned as well, wiping my eyes with one hand outstretched.

Kiehummed before saying, "Alright , everyone! It's time for bed. Nezuko, Tanjiro, please set out the futons."

I watched as Nezuko and Tanjiro nodded, going over to some miniature sliding doors and walking back with folded cloths in their arms. Laying sevenfutons out on the smooth, wooden floor, we climbed into a futon. I was right in between Nezuko and Tanjiro, which made me light up with pure happiness.

"Yay! I'm guessing we're having a family sleepover?" I said excitedly, rolling in place in my futon, my body wiggling happily. They laughed at my antics before Tanjiro got up to turn off the light, softly saying, "Goodnight, everyone."

Everyone else chanted it back, and I shyly spoke up, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Lana-san/chan!" They replied before Tanjiro blew out the lantern.

Staring up at the darkness of the ceiling, I smiled to myself as I thought of the sweet family that took me in. 'On my LIFE, it's only been one damn day, but if Muzan shows up tomorrow I WILL BEAT HIS MONKI ASS. Okay, obviously I'd die before even breathing on that Micahel-Jackson-Lookin'-Ass-Motha-f*cka,BUT I SWEAR TO GOD BRO, PLEASE LET THEM LIVE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE,' I nodded furiously to myself, glaring up at the ceiling.

"Please," I whispered to myself before covering my mouth.

'I hope no one heard that...LMAO I HOPE NO ONE HEARD THAT, BECAUSE IF THEY DID WE GON' BE IN SOME TROUBLEE,' I cackled inside my mind, my chest constricting as I held in my laughter.

'Damn bro, I really do be missing memes though. Bro I'm kinda sad now that I can't listen to music from 2020 anymore. It's good, maybe I can finally do the cringey-fanfic thing where the reader sings to herself and the characters are like, "Wow that's crazy! Sing more songs for me!" and I'll be like singing some emo-ass song and Tanjiro is gonna be like, "Oh sh*t are you alright dawg? Ur kinda emo rn,,,,ngl,,," and then I'll be like-'

"Lana-san, are you alright?," Tanjiro quietly whispered to me, scooting closer to my futon.

In an act of boldness, I rolled over to meet face-to-face with him, 10inches away from his face. I hummed and yawned with my mouth closed, my cheeks puffing and my lips tightening. 'Bro, my breath probably stinks or something. I haven't brushed my teeth in like two days, kinda foul not gonna lie.' He blushed at our close proximity, looking at me sleepily through half-lidded eyes.

'Okay, kinda hot but we're not gonna talk about that gurl...' I shamelessly thought to myself, suppressing a smirk in favor of rolling onto my stomach, my arms tucked under the cotton-stuffed pillow, the cloth thinly pressing into my face.

I miss my firm, thick pillow at home but I understand their situation, not quite a lot of money. Hopefully I can make up for that tomorrow since I'm practically feeling Godlike right now!

I mumbled a "Goodnight, Tanjiro," into my pillow before falling asleep.

Weeks flew by as I lived with the humble family in the mountains. After I had gotten better, I immediately insisted to help out with chores, despite hating cleaning with every fiber of my being.

I couldn't be selfish, not for these people, who only have so little, but so much. I didn't put up a fuss when my arms were sore from chopping wood, or when my hands were beginning to callous from handling coal, or when the thin air would make me struggle to run around and breathe properly. Never, I always did it with a smile and a huff. Even if Kie and Nezuko constantly worried for me, what sweeties!However, the best part about doing chores is...

"YAS! HOLY CRAP, DUDE I GOT THINNER. OH MY GOD YES, EATING LESS AND WORKING MORE ISPAYING OFF SIS!" I squealed to myself as I scanned myself in a small mirror in my shared bedroom with Nezuko. "f*ck yeah, skinny queen tingz," I beamed at my reflection, sucking in my stomach. But still...I squished the chub on my thighs and stomach, although less, I was still chubby. sh*t, I was still bigger than Tanjiro. And he's like, the biggest person around compared to his mother and siblings. Oh yeah! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED WHEN I FIRST SAW MY REFLECTION KWEEN...

I had just finished a much-needed bath, my hair combed, and slowly drying. It had been a few days since I first arrived at the Kamado residence, and thankfully Nezuko taught me how to put on a kimonoby myself. I still wore sets of clothing from Kie when she was pregnant, since they were a bit larger and fit me snugly. I was embarrassed when she told me this, but Kie reassured me my body was nothing to be ashamed about, I was a very pretty girl. YEAH RIGHT LMAO. But anyways!

Nezuko knocked on the Shoji door before sliding it open, smiling at me and letting out an, "Yay! You did it!" I smiled bashfully at her proud toneas she made her way towards me and tightened the obiaround my waist. Although I still didn't understand what the hell she said, the emotion in her voice tells me everything. I hope.

She patted my head proudly, making me beam at her. Her expression was fond as we just relished in the presence of each other before she remembered something, reaching into her obionly to pull out a small hand-held mirror. She handed it to me before handing me a comb, walking back to the open sliding door and waving.

With a sweet, "Ja, ne!" She left, slidingthe door behind her. I waved back before looking down at the mirror, blinking as I saw the sweet, dreamy animated browneyes of what was apparently me?!

"Oh. OH? IS THAT ME?! HOLD UP SIS-" I stretched my arm away from me, trying to get a bigger image of myself.

My hair was a dark black, my bangs didn't look choppy like Kanao's, they were more...Curved at the ends I guess? My hair looked fluffier, but it was still straight. My skin was tanbut still light, and my face was a bit rounder than I would've liked...THE BRIGHTEST SIDE, THOUGH, IS THAT MY DOUBLE CHIN IS MAGICALLY GONE. Thank the LAWD! I was kinda cute! WOW is that dangerous for my ego, which I TOTALLY don't use as a coping mechanism for my crippling insecurity, teehee!

"Yeah..." I giggled to myself dreamily.

"f*ck yesss," I hissed to myself as I groped my boob.

"That's f*cking RIGHT. PERIOD! Losing weight makes my boobs look kinda bigger than they were, accomplished! Queen sh*t," I cackled before tucking the mirror away in my obi and brushing out my bangs.

I wasn't exactly satisfied with my body yet, I was still frustrated at the fact that my face fat still hadn't gone away. Even then, looks aside I wasn't that strong. Sure I gained muscle from constantly running around and swinging an axe multiple times, but I can't defend myself against a demon, most likely.

"Damn, actually now that I think about it- They could die any day now, and I still wouldn't be able to do anything..." I mourned, mood suddenly dampening from the horrid reminder of the family I had grown to love, would suddenly and inevitably perish at the hands of Muzan.

'And the worst part is, I can't prevent it even if I could. It would change the whole storyline, and Tanjiro would most likely never become a demon slayer even if I can stop everything from happening. That's not good. But...It hurts to know that I indirectly would cause this to happen, for Tanjiro to lose his innocence of a happy and humble life, for Nezuko to become a demon. For everyone...To die,' I thought sadly, tears welling up in my eyes. Man, I was always such an emotional person. Not a bad thing, I guess.

I sighed to myself before wiping my eyes and looking up at the ceiling, trying to dry my tears before someone walked in. After calming myself down, I slipped on two more haori's, layering them to stay warm andheaded out the door into the chilly hallway, walking over to the front of the house into the outdoors.

Tanjiro was preparing for another trip down into the village to sell coal. I hadn't been there before, as I was busy trying to help out Kie and the others with chores, plus he always brought Hanako and Shigeru with him, so he already had his hands full with the kids.

"Big brother! You're going to the village today?" Shigeru's voice exclaimed. "I wanna go too!" Hanako followed, Takeo yelling in surprise as he walked by.

'No, NONONONO NOT TODAY, PLEASE I'M f*ckING BEGGING NOT TODAY. GOD, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME,'I thought in despair, my eyes widening and my mouth opening in grief. I walked into the snow, my wool socks getting damp from the snow.

Kie gathered the siblings and scolded them, "No, you can't walk fast like Tanjiro. And he isn't taking the cart today, so he can't pull you when you're tired."

I rushed over to them in a hurry as Tanjiro turned to Takeo. "Ah, Wait a moment! Tanjiro!" I yelped, rushing up to them.

They all turned to me in surprise, I was panting and seemed panicked.

"I," I pointed to myself. "Can go," I walked in place. "With you!" I pointed at Tanjiro, hoping and praying he got my message. His eyes widened in understanding before looking towards his mom.I looked towards them pleadingly, literally about to start begging on my knees in this cold-ass snow.

Kie pondered for a moment before putting her handon my shoulder, "It's cold, and you're going to be walking for a long time through thick snow. I know you can handle it, Lana, but it's still a bit risky...Are you sure?" I didn't understand a single thing she said besides, "I am," and, "You." Actually, didn't Yuki mean snow?

I nodded furiously, hoping that she just asked if I can walk through the snow. She sighed before putting a hand on my cheek and turning to Tanjiro. "Tanjiro, make sure you keep an eye and her and make sure to speak for her if anyone tries to talk to her. You know how she struggles with communicating. Take care of her, okay?"

He nodded at whatever she had said before nodding at me with a smile. I sighed in relief and smiled back at him. "Thank you!I won't be a burden, or at least I'll try?"

"What? Why does Lana get to go?" the other twocomplained, Takeo looking a bit more grumpier.

"You know just as well as I do that Lana can handle herself. She's a big girl, after all. Don't be so rude, kids."Kie scolded once more.

"Hmph, I wanted Lana and Tanjiro to help me with chopping wood today." Takeo huffed, looking away. Hanako and Shigeru began teasing him, to which he blushed and growled, flustered. They all laughed, which I joined in, albeit more forced.

I couldn't shake away the deep sadness in my chest, knowing this was the last time I'd ever see them alive and well. With that thought in mind, I went up to them and gave them a group hug, although I hesitantly brought Kie into it as I didn't want to be disrespectful.

"Thank youfor everything. Thank you for taking me in. I like you very much, guys." I sniffled, everyone looking at me worriedly. Kie patted my head gently and the little ones began comforting me. I sighed shakily and wiped my tears, smiling at them and laughing off my tears, trying to convince them it was me getting over-emotional again.

They all chuckled at me and waved me goodbye as I walked over to Tanjiro. He looked at me worriedly, probably smelling my true sadness and knowing it wasn't something as simple as getting too emotional. I nodded reassuringly at him, and he didn't drop his concern, but he didn't say anything as he gripped the basket handle with one hand and turned to wave at his family with the other. I turned back to do the same, walking backward as they began to fade from my view, a solemn smileon my face.

I turned around as Nezuko came up to us, Rokuta on her back. She called our names as she stopped in front of us with a smile.

"I was putting Rokuta to sleep, but I heard all the commotion." She chuckled, air visibly huffing from her mouth. She looked back at her youngest brother as Tanjiro patted his sleeping head.

"They've been so lonely since father died, so they've started clinging to you two," She looked lovingly at Rokuta before turning to us and waving us away.

"Bye now, stay safe you two!" She said as we waved at her, and I couldn't help but let a few tears slip as we got further away from the place I called home for the past few weeks.

Tanjiro didn't say a word to me as we walked on, trudging through the snow. I didn't dare look at him, scared to be confronted with what I knew he knew.

Hesitantly, I spoke up, "Tanjiro, I'm sorry."

He looked at me in confusion before shaking his head and smiling softly at me, "Don't worry about it. I know you'll tell me when you're ready."

I shrugged at him with a half-smile before looking ahead, noticing the village growing nearer. I nervously thought about how I'm going to get through today, knowing I can barely say anything, nonetheless understand anything.

'I guess we'll have to see,'I thought to myself, despair still clinging to my heart. But I kept walking, knowing there was no stopping what had started, now that I had left the family by themselves, defenseless, unknowing. I tightening my left hand into a fist, so Tanjiro on the right side of me wouldn't see it. I clenched my fist tightly, sweat on my face. I don't know if it was from the walking or the nerves, but as I walked down that mountain, Tanjiro by my side, I couldn't help but think, 'There's no going back now. What's done is done, and now I live knowing that there will be deaths on my hands. I can never bring back what's been lost. Tanjiro will hate me, I hate me. There's no going back. Lives WILL be saved, mark my f*cking words and over my dead f*cking body. Lives are already going to be lost,' I looked up, determination and frustration on my face.

'But I have to keep going!'

...To be continued...

Chapter 3: Where's Morrissey When I Need to Cry?


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Author's Note: Ouch, bro I lowkey teared up while writing this chapter. But anyways, I can't wait to get to the next chapter!! Thank you for supporting me! I really love comments, so don't be shy now, teehee! Put some more <333 But anyways, thank you and enjoy!

Warning: Swearing, graphic descriptions of violence and gore

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


I don't know if it was from the walking or the nerves, but as I walked down that mountain, Tanjiro by my side, I couldn't help but think, 'There's no going back now. What's done is done, and now I live knowing that there will be deaths on my hands. I can never bring back what's been lost. Tanjiro will hate me, I hate me. There's no going back. Lives WILL be saved, mark my f*cking words and over my dead f*cking body. Lives are already going to be lost,' I looked up, determination and frustration on my face.

'But I have to keep going!'

"Oh, Tanjiro!" a middle-aged woman called out to us, making the other villagers take notice to us. Tanjiro walked up to her a greeted her, me following right after. "Who's this lovely young lady?" The woman teased, taking notice to me. "This is Lana. She recently started living with us after I found her in the woods alone, she was practically ice when I found her! She wanted to help me today." Tanjiro chuckled.I politely bowed at her, trying to show that I WAS INDEED WORTHY OF BEING IN TANJIRO KAMADO'S PRESENCEI was a sweet and respectful girl. "Oh my, what I well-mannered darling! Poor thing,"She said, looking at me kindly. I nervously smiled at her until we were interrupted by the other people.

"Thanks for fixing my Shoji door the other day!" "Hey! Sell me some charcoal!" "Give me some charcoal too!" They all chimed. "AAAH! TANJIRO! YOU'RE JUST IN TIME!" a beaten-up young man rushed towards us, holding out a cloth with broken glass piled on it. Another woman follows after him, holding his kimono by the scruff."She says I broke a dish! HELP ME! SMELL IT!" He pushes it towards Tanjiro. I stepped back, scared that the glass would fly towards me. "sh*t dawg, be more careful," I muttered under my breath, looking at Tanjiro with concern. He bent down and sniffed it before coming to a conclusion. It's a cat, right?

"I smell a cat," he announced. "A cat? Oh dear," the lady fretted. "SEEEE?!" The guy wailed,"I TOLD YOU IT WASN'T ME!" An old man walked up to us, "Tanjiro, will you help me carry some bundles?!" He noticed me and turned over, "Oh? Do you think your girlfriend could help out?" Tanjiro flushed and held his hands up dismissively, "Oh! Um, she's, she's not my girlfriend! She's a family friend! But I'm sure she can help out, right Lana?" I looked towards him in semi-false confusion, holding back a grin. 'OHHH sh*t, DID THE GUY SAY THAT I WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND? LMAO WHY YOU DENYING IT BABE? JSBSDFJSBSD-' I spasmed in my head, a sheepish blush appearing on my face, the corner of my lips twitching. Tanjiro pointed towards the man while looking at me before he made a scooping motion with his arms. "Ohhhh," I said, understanding. "Sure, I'll help!" The man looked at me in confusion before Tanjiro spoke up, "Ah, um, she's not from here. She doesn't really understand or speak Japanese." I sighed, knowing it was going to be a long,longday.

While Tanjiro and I walked along a dirt path, my limbs were sore and I was exhausted. I turned towards Tanjiro, pointing at his empty basket,"Hey!At least we sold all the charcoal! Look at that, it's completely empty!" He nodded happily, a grin on his face. I know he doesn't understand me, but I'm pretty sure he read context clues, lol. "Yeah! I can't wait to get home and show how much money we earned, I'm sure with some left over money, I can buy some gifts for the others."

I chuckled at him before looking up towards the sky, colored in a beautiful mural of pinks and yellows. "Mm, it's getting late," I mumbled before my eyes widened. 'sh*t. Who knows what's happening right now. Muzan should be coming soon, unless.' My heart clenched painfully. 'It might be too late. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do now, even if I wanted to. My limbs are weak, my body is tired and I'm ready to fall asleep. Forgive me, Tanjiro, everyone,' I mourned silently.

Tanjiro looked towards me before hesitantly reaching out and grabbing my hand. I looked up in shock and felt my heart fluff up at his sweet expression. "Whatever you're worried about, I'll always be here, okay? You don't have to be worried when I'm around," He said warmly. I blushed, whatever he had said, his voice was so-warmand loving. Gosh, Tanjiro I was already in love with you but jesus christ, THE THINGS YOU'RE DOING TO ME BOY! I gripped his hand firmly. I couldn't let go of my guilt and sadness, but I know that whatever happens next, I'll face it with him.

As we passed by the last house, I waited for the man to call out to us. "Hey, Tanjiro! You two aren't planning to go back up the mountain, are you?!" Tanjiro looked back at him in surprise before the man continued, "It's too dangerous!" Tanjiro sadly let go of my hand and turned around, calling back, "I've got a good nose for trouble, I'll be fine!" The man shook his head and beckoned us, "You two can stay here, please. Come back." Tanjiro looked down, "But..." "It's all right, you both are welcome here." The man looked at us, a haunted look on his face. "You don't want to run into any demons."

I shivered, tugging on Tanjiro's hand before pointing at the man and nodding. "Tanjiro, we should stay here." He looked at me in shock that I somehow understood, but nodded and we made our way towards the house.

Tanjiro and I sat in front of a small table, eating a bowl of rice. Saburo-san, as Tanjiro told me, spoke up as he laid out three futons, "For ages, man-eating demons have roamed these wood after dark. YOu shouldn't walkaround at night. Eat, then sleep. You can get up and head home early tomorrow." As Tanjiro stared at him, I placed the empty bowl on the small table, setting the chopsticks on top. I bowed and with a, "Thank you," crawled into the futon and curled into the blanket, the floor pressing onto me through the thin mat. Saburo nodded at me before lighting a pipe.'Oop- low-key wanna ask if he'd let me have a hit. Shiiiit bro, Tanjiro would beat the f*ck outta me if I dared LMAO,' I giggled in my head, not really listening since I knew what Saburo was going to talk about.

Tanjiro copied me and slipped into his own futon, looking over at Saburo. "But...Can't the demons come inside houses?" Tanjiro questioned. I turned over to look at them, Tanjiro's back towards me. "Yes, they can," The old man muttered. Tanjiro yawned and floppedonto his back, "But then, why don't they eat everyone?" "Because demon slayers cut them down," Saburo exhaled, "Have for ages.." He said under his breath.

I looked over at Tanjiro's sleeping face before sitting up and looking at Saburo's back. Quietly, I said, "Demons,"that drew his attention. Turning towards me, he replied, "Have you seen them, girl? I'm sure Tanjiro has never seen one, maybe he doesn't even believe me. But you, you seem like you know what I'm talking about." I stared at him before nodding slowly, brows slightly furrowed. I hope I replied correctly, lord knows what the hell he said right now. He sighed and took a puff out of his pipe, "Take care of that boy, will you? God knows he's too kind for his own good. You have the eyes of someone who knows the true knowledge of loss in this world, have you lost your family as well? To the demons?" He questioned. Dumbfounded, I shrugged, confused. He sighed once morebefore reaching over and patting my head, "Go to sleep now, you'll both need it." I smiled at him and went under the covers, burying my face into the pillow. I slipped off to dreamland, sorrow buried deep in my heart.

Early morning, Tanjiro woke me up and we slipped on our haoris and thanked Saburo-san. He waved at us as we walked away, and I shouted my thanks. He shook his head at me before turning back and entering his home. As we trudged through the snow, I suddenly gasped as I remembered what would happen. That now, it was surely too late. Tanjiro looked over at me worriedly before he snapped his head to the distance, sniffing the air. His eyes widened before he grabbed my hand and started sprinting deeper into the mountain. I tried to match his pace, but I struggled to breathe due to the fast air adjustment.

Eventually, we ran to the house, Tanjiro let go of my hand as he sprinted off, leaving me to jog towards him, panting heavily. sh*t, maybe I wasn't as fit as I thought. We'll fix that when- "UUAAAAAGHHHHH!!!" Tanjiro's agonized scream bellowed throughout the mountain, scaring the nearby birds who flew off. I panicked and ran towards him, looking on in despair as he huddled over the limp bodies of Nezuko and Rokuta. I immediately burst into tears, sobbing hysterically, overwhelmed with the sight in front of me. Muttering frantically under my breath, I chanted, "Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me," Over and over, frozen at Tanjiro's wailing form. "What happened?! What hap-" I saw Tanjiro look up, his expression blanking as he froze at the sight in front of him. I shakily made my way over to him, trembling and stumbling, almost slipping due to the ice. I couldn't help myself, and I looked inside. I regretted it.

My eyes snapped to the broken Shoji door, the panels stained with blood. My eyes scanned the ground, only to slowly rise and meet the horribly bent wrist of Shigeru. My throat tightened at the gruesome sight, a sob ripping from my throat as my eyes connected with the lifeless ones of Takeo. "No, no, this is a dream, this is a f*cking dream and I'm going to wake up!" I wailed, shaking my head and gripping my hair hysterically. "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, I'M SORRY, WAKE UP PLEASE-" I screamed, my throat raw and salty, clear snot dripping into my mouth. My sweat, tears, and snot combined, was so f*cking salty. But at this point, I didn't know what was real. I didn't know what to feel. My body was numb, but honestly I couldn't f*cking process what was happening.

Tanjiro gasped as he felt warmth from Nezuko's body. It was faint, but it was there nonetheless. It meant something,hope.He got up, but I payed him no mind as I quietly stared inside of the house, drilling holes into my mind of the sight of my mother-figure, who lay slumped over, hair a mess with Hanako on her back. I couldn't breath, couldn't think, couldn't feel- I...What am I doing? What am I thinking?!- Did I really think this was going to be something that wouldn't affect me in any way?! This...Was my wake-up call. This isn't an anime, this isn't my biggest fantasy that I always dreamed of. This- this wasreal.People were going to die because of me, and I would have to forever life with the guilt that everythingwasmyfaultandwhateverhappensISGOINGTOBEMYFAULTWHATWASITHINKING-

"LANA!" Tanjiro yelled, snapping me out of my hysteria. "Nezuko's body is still warm, we can still save her! Help me get her to the village, we have to save her!" I shakily nodded, still in shock. However, I helped lift Nezuko onto his back, wincing as I stared at Rokuta's corpse. I looked away, Tanjiro securing Nezuko with his arms. "Let's go, we have to hurry!" His voice was frantic and trembling. I nodded as he began to run, weighed down by Nezuko. I was frozen for a second, but forced my legs to move, albeit much slower than Tanjiro. 'Nezuko, focus on NEZUKO! YOU DUMB BITCH CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT FOR ONCE-' another sob ripped from my throat, but I trudged on, running next to Tanjiro as we stumbled through the snow.

As we neared the cliff that would start the journey, Tanjiro and I struggled to breathein the thin, frigid air of the mountain. Snow blew around us, and my limbs were shaking. Frostbite ripped at my fingertips, my socks and kimono damp, weighing me down even more. I could only imagine what Tanjiro was going through. We slid on the snow but kept leverage as we eventually began trudging on the side of the cliff. My fear of falling scared me, but I knew there's no faster way to get down the cliff to reach them in time before Giyuu shows up. f*ck.

And eventually, it happened. I stared in shock as Nezuko threw her head back, releasing a loud growl. I gasped as she snarled and writhed on Tanjiro's back, watching fearfully as they fell over the cliff. I looked over worriedly, my hands getting wet from the snow. Tanjiro looked up at me, terror and relief on his face after being cushioned by the snow. "Tanjiro! Don't worry, I'm, um, I'M COMING!" I cried, shakily standing up, and hesitantly moving back.

f*ck f*ckf*ckf*ckf*ckf*ck- I closed my eyes before running forwards and kicking myself off the side, flipping my body on it's backand opening my eyes wide, feeling my stomach queeze up in a bad way. "LAWD PLEAHEHEHEEASE!" I screamed, the air rushing past my body as gravity took it's course. I screamed in terror as I feared for my life, rushing towards the ground and waiting for the splat. I hit the ground, the air getting knocked from my body. I let out a raspy, "Oof!" and almost cried in relief. I trembled as I lied in the snow, the sound of crunching footsteps headed towards me as Tanjiro stood above me. "Are you alright?!" he hurriedly picked me up and set me on my feet. I shakily stood, still shaken up by the whole ordeal before we looked over to find Nezuko standing, her head down. Tanjiro rushed towards her, holding his arms out as he fretted over her, "Nezuko! Are you alright? You shouldn't be up! Let me carry you into town!" As she didn't react he stood there concerned, "...Nezuko?"

I stood there waiting for her to react, when she growled and snapped her fangs at him. Tanjiro gasped as Nezuko fell onto him, taking out his hatchet and shoving it in her mouth in time. I rushed over and tried pulling Nezuko off him, yelping and crying, "Nezuko! Get off! He's your brother, you're family, remember?!"I gasped as she grew bigger under my hands, and eventually I couldn't even grab onto her shoulders, they were too big for my hands. "Tanjiro, say something to her!" I screamed, panicking.

"HOLD ON, NEZUKO! FIGHT IT! FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!" He yelled, pushing against her with all his strength. "BE STRONG! DON'T TURN INTO A DEMON, YOU CAN DO IT! NEZUKO!" I sighed as tears splashed on Tanjiro's face. She'd be alright. I gasped softly as I remembered something, hearing air rush towards us. "Oh sh*t-" I yelped as I was violently pushed to the side, falling on the snow. A figure, in a flash, appeared behind Nezuko and raised a blade. I watched as Tanjiro rapidly shoved Nezuko to the side, thankfully avoiding the attack. "OOHHH SHIIIIT,IT'S BIG PAPA NUMBA2!" I cried out excitedly, but at the same time worried for the siblings. I scrambled to get up, rushing over to stand in front of Tanjiro and Nezuko. Giyuu stared at us with a cold look on his face. 'Bruh, why he gotta be so PRETTY what the FRICK!?!'I thought to myself.

"You two...Why do you protect her?" He coldly questioned. Tanjiro's breath caught in his throat as he yelped out, "S-sister! She's my little sister!" Giyuu's brow furrowed as Nezuko began to growl and reach towards him, ignoring me. 'Huh, she must see him as a threat to us. How sweet! I'm so glad she thinks me of so fondly,' I thought adoringly as my lil baby reached out to kill that mf. "Wait, Nezuko, don't," I warned her. Her gaze flashed towards me and softened before Giyuu spoke up, "Thatis your little sister? What about you," his gaze turned towards me, making Nezuko snap back towards him and growl threateningly. "Uhh..." I said dumbly, not knowing what to say.

As we hesitated to speak, Giyuu rushed towards us. Nezuko slipped out of Tanjiro's grasp as he leaned forwards to cover her with his body. I watched in awe as Giyuu flashed back away from us, Nezuko aggressively writhing in his grasp. "Nezuko!" Tanjiro cried worriedly. "Don't move, both of you," Giyuu threatened as Tanjiro got up. We froze as he continued, "Killing demons is my job. So of course, I'll take your little sister's head too." Tanjiro threw his hands up as he tried to convince Giyuu, "Wait! Nezuko hasn't killed anyone!" I nodded furiously with him, unable to say anything.

"There was a scent at my house...From someone I've never smelled before! That must be who killed everyone!" I continued nodding, looking like an idiot. "Not Nezuko! I don't know what's making her act like this, but..." Giyuu coldly cut in, "That's easy. Demon blood got in her wound, so she's transformed into a demon." Nezuko snarled and pulled at his hands, to no avail. "That is how man-eating demons multiply-" "Nezuko would never eat anyone!" Tanjiro insisted. "A moment ago she almost ateyou!" "No! I'm sure she knows who I am, whoweare!" he said, grabbing my hand and putting his other one to his chest. "We don't let her hurt anyone! We'll- I'll find a way to cure her! To make her human again!" Giyuu scoffed, "She won't get better, a human who becomes a demon cannot go back." Tanjiro yelled, begging as he cried, "I'll find a way, I swear! Please don't kill her! I'll also find the one that killed my family! I'll do all that, so...so..." he trailed off before Giyuu put his blade near Nezuko's throat.I gasped as Tanjiro yelled, "Stop!" and dropped to his hands and knees. I stood my ground but looked at Giyuu pleadingly. "Please, stop. Please don't kill my little sister!" Tanjiro sobbed, "Please..."

Giyuu grit his teeth before erupting, "NEVER LEAVE YOURSELF SO DEFENSELESS IN FRONT OF AN ENEMY!" We flinched at his words, me mainly because of his yelling. sh*t is traumatic for me. "Stop bowing to pitifully!If that worked, your family would still be alive!" Bruh...what is even goin ON?"How can a weakling like you, who bows down when it's time to fight, to kill, or be killed...How can such a man cure his little sister? Or even find his enemy?!" He thundered. "If you want something, you must fight for it!The meek have no power and no options! The strong will crush them in every way! Demons might know how to cure your little sister, but no demon will respect your whining and begging!" he goes on to say, "And for that matter, I don't respect you either! That's reality! Before...Why did you cover your sister? Did you think that you would protect her?!"

He turns to me, which I stepped back in fright. "And you! Why did you just stand in front of them idiotically? Did you really think you could block me? Right after I easily shoved you to the side with no effort?!" I didn't have a clue as to what he was saying,but the fact that he was angrily yelling at me was enough to make me start tearing up and feeling ashamed and humiliated. He faltered as he saw my form try to shrink on itself in shame before snapping his sword out, pointing it at us. "Why didn't you throw your hatchet? Why did you show me your back?! That's how I was able to take her! I should have skewered you all!" He finished, barely panting.Tanjiro and I stood in shock as Giyuu finished, Nezuko still thrashing.

Giyuu then aimed his sword at Nezuko's body, causing us to panic. "W- NOOOOO!" We screamed out as the blade plunged into Nezuko's arm, causing her to yelp. Tanjiro reacted quickly, grabbing a rock and throwing it at Giyuu's face. Damn, good-ass aim bro. Giyuu easily blocked it, and Tanjiro scampered off witch his hatchet uncovered. 'sh*t, what do I do?!'I thought frantically, hesitating. I sighed, "f*ck it." I rushed towards Giyuu aiming to latch on to Nezuko. Tanjiro threw another rock at Giyuu, causing him to dodge. At the same time as I neared Giyuu, Tanjiro began sprinting towards him, his hands empty behind his back. I could tell Giyuu was judging us in his head as he glared at us.

Eventually, Tanjiro and I barely reached them before Giyuu took the handle of his sword and jabbed it onto Tanjiro's back before kicking my feet from underneath me. "sh*t!" I cursed, falling and hitting my forehead on hard snow. "f*ck...You dad. Wait til' I tell momma butterfly...About this,"I whimpered, clutching at my pounding head, looking at my head to find blood. I curled next to Tanjiro's unconscious body the sound of a whoosh! came down. I peeked my eyes open to see the hatchet imbed itself into the trunk, Giyuu narrowly avoiding it. He looked down at us in surprise before Nezuko kicked him away, his hands loose from surprise. I stared up at her weakly as she neared us, Giyuu staring on in frustration. I smiled as she stood over us, crouched in a protective stance. I sighed as I eventually lost consciousness, hearing the faint sounds of Nezuko charging at Giyuu.

I heard a faint whisper as I laid in darkness. "Lana, take care of Tanjiro. Help him take care of Nezuko. Thank you, for being apart of our family, even if it was for a while." I softly smiled in my sleep before my eyes snapped open, hearing the faint voice of Giyuu. I groaned, making him pause. "She's awake too, good," I sat up and clutched at my aching head before looking up to see Tanjiro next to me clutching Nezuko, her new shiny bamboo muzzle on her face! Just kidding, it was a dull bamboo, but it was neatly carved though!Giyuu stood behind a tree like some shy emo teen at a family gathering, staring at us. "Go see anold man named Sakonji Urokodaki, who lives at the foot of Mount Sagiri. Tell him that Tomioka Giyuu sent you." Before leaving, he said, "Your sister should be fine because the sun isn't out today, but don't let her into direct sunlight." And with that, he was off, leaving Tanjiro and Ito look after him in exhaustion.

Eventually, Nezuko woke up, looking at us apologetically. We reassured her it wasn't her fault and that we know it wasn't really her, but her demon instincts. We got up and made our way back up the mountain, although I was ready to collapse again. My head was still killing me, but I relented without a fuss as he once again trudged through the snow. As we walked, Nezuko grabbed ahold of my hand and Tanjiro's, forming a chain. I looked at her fondly and she touched her head to my shoulder. I smiled a little but eventually dropped my expression, remember what awaits us back at the house.

As we stood in front of the burial site, I joined Tanjiro in praying as we stood over the buried bodies of those who I had once called my surrogate family.I still do.My heartache clouded my chest in sorrow, but eventually Tanjiro and I finished, grabbing Nezuko's hand as we walkedtowards the woods. "Let's go," Tanjiro softly said, before we began sprinting off, together on this journey. Nezuko and I had changed into dry, clean clothes while we stopped at the house. It was a nightmare to go inside after everything, but as I changed into another one of Kie's old kimono's, my mirror fell out of my dirtied obi. I bent down to pick it up, looking into my reflection as I got closer. My hair was a mess, bangs once again stringy and oily from sweat. My eyes were duller, and my face was pale. The area where I hit my forehead had dried blood, and the shape of the blood kind of mirrored Tanjiro's scar. I exhaled softly in light humor before picking up the mirror and placing it on a nearby table before changing into a new kimono, still brightly colored with white and lavender checkers. After Nezuko helped me tighten my obi, I tucked the mirror back inside of it and headed out, Nezuko slipping on her brown haori and trailing after me.

As we ran, I staggered and wondered to myself, 'Is this how it's going to be? Always freezing and not thinking straight? I hope not. I have so much to learn. Tanjiro, Nezuko,' I looked towards them. 'Please, don't leave me behind.'

...To be continued...

Chapter 4: It's Dad!


Big Papa shows up, Lana dies at the end but dodges to the beat of TT by Twice, lol.


Author's Note: Okay, this chapter might be kinda cringe towards the mountain traps portion,but it's TWICE references. Aka Kpop. If you cringe at that, feel free to skip over to the next paragraphas soon as you see the, "Not to be a cringe Mary Sue..." sentence <3! I don't judge, even if you judge me, lol.

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


As we ran, I staggered and wondered to myself, 'Is this how it's going to be? Always freezing and not thinking straight? I hope not. I have so much to learn. Tanjiro, Nezuko,' I looked towards them. 'Please, don't leave me behind.'

"I beg your pardon, but may I take that basket? And a little straw and bamboo?" Tanjiro politely asked, like the good little sweetie he is. After running past the village, we eventually reached a cave in the next area over. We decided it was a good idea if Nezuko stayed in there before the sun came up, and eventually we gained a few hours of sleep before morning came, Nezuko watching over us. Once morning came, Tanjiro and I decided the best idea was to go into the local area and get materials to make a basket, since most of the people who lived here were farmers.

"We don't mind, but the basket has a hole in it," one of the farmers said. I stood nearby, running my hands along one of the bamboos, fascinated. Huh, look at all those bumps and scratches. The bamboo is kinda thick...Hehehe, you know what else is thick and sturdy? My co- "Just take it! It's only a few coins anyway!" Tanjiro exclaimed, slapping the coins into the farmer's hand as he gathered the materials and grabbed my hand, rushing off with a, "Thank you very much!" I cackled as we made our way back, and I sped up, eventually dragging Tanjiro behind me. "W-wait! Slow down, you're gonna make me drop the stuff!"

We got back to the cave, where Nezuko was nowhere to be found. As Tanjiro peered inside the cave, I crawled inside, heading towards the hole where she was hiding. "She's gone!" Tanjiro gasped as I looked inside the hole to find Nezuko peering up at me with her wide pink eyes. I almost squealeduntil she dragged me in the hole with her, nuzzling me. "Oh no, Lana!" Tanjiro gasped again. We both popped our head out of the hole, looking over at Tanjiro. "There they are!" He said in relief. I waved at him and puckered my lips at him, making him blush and happily wave back. Looking over at Nezuko, Tanjiro said, "Just wait," and left the opening of the cave.

Nezuko turned to me, confused. I shrugged at her and booped her nose. She giggled at me, though her voice was muffled by the muzzle. She booped me back and dragged me back inside the hole, where we huddled together and waited for Tanjiro to finish weaving the basket.




"Gurl, is there fish in hereor is that just yo coochie?"

I burst out laughing and covered my mouth, snorting behind my hand. She looked at me in confusion before letting out some giggles of her own. We laughed together until Tanjiro came back inside, making us pop out once again. "Will you fit in here? I want us to travel during the day. I'll carry you," Tanjiro looked at Nezuko before pointing in the basket. "Get in. Here. The basket." She hmph'd but went out of the hole and into the the basket, where only half of her body reached.

Iclimbed out and went next to Tanjiro, looking at him, looking at Nezuko. Awe, he must be remembering when she was a child. "You're too big Nezuko...Hmm, when you grew as big as an adult, can you...Reverse that? And get smaller?" He asked her. He patted her back and encouraged her, "Smaller. Nezuko. Get smaller!" He yelped as Nezuko got up and went in head-first inside the basket, wiggling her legs in the air. Eventually she sat up in the basket, Tanjiro chiming, “Oh! Good!” we began to coo at her, patting her head, “That’s perfect! Good girl, Nezuko!” I smiled at the two before going over and grabbing a cloth Tanjiro brought along. He placed the basket containing Nezuko on his back and I patted her head before wrapping the cloth around the basket, covering it.

As we walked, the morning quickly fell to sunset. I walked close to Tanjiro, worried about demons. I mean, I knew we wouldn't encounter one until that one house, but I was still paranoid as sh*t. We passed by a house, where a woman and her son were outside bonding. Tanjiro came up to them, me in tow as he asked the directions to Mount Sagiri. "To get to Mount Sagiri, you'll have to cross that mountain. The sun will set soon, and you're carrying that huge load? It's dangerous," The lady fretted. We bowed as Tanjiro said, "We'll be plenty careful, thank you very much." As we began walking off, the woman held her son and hollered, "People really do disappear up there, so don't get lost!" We waved at her and ventured into the woods.

As the sky grew dark, I grew frightened and extremely aware. We eventually let Nezuko out, as the sunlight was gone. Tanjiro grabbed her hand as I walked on the other side of him. I spotted the way station in view, shivering at the thought of confronting the demon. 'Alright, don't f*cking die and we can get stronger. You just have to pass this trial, then we move on to the bigger tests, right?!' I felt my hands grow sweaty and my limbs feel like jello. Tanjiro looked over to me, probably smelling my fear and reassuringly grabbing my hand as well, smiling at me. "Lana, we'll be okay. Don't worry!" I shrugged and gave him a small smile, although my nerves didn't calm down.

Eventually Tanjiro saw the building as well, "Oh! There's a way station, and the light is on. Someone must be there. Let's go-" He paused and snapped towards the building. "I smell...Blood!" We rushed off to the dimly-litbuilding, worried. "These mountain paths are dangerous, that traveler may be injured!" Tanjiro slid the door, "Are you alri-" The wood clackedagainst the surface to reveal the bloodied mess of corpses, a demon feasting on them. "Oh..." I softly gasped, eyes blown at the gruesome sight. The demon's veiny eyes turned towards us, snarling, "What?! Hey! This is MY territory, scram!" We stared at the bodies, Nezuko starting to salivate at the sight of the bodies.

The demon looked confused as he licked his fingers clean, "Hmm? Something's wrong here." He looked up at us before saying, "Are you three human?" He suddenly tackled Tanjiro, making me scream in fright. I turned around just in time to see my baby kicking ass! "f*ck YEAH, MURDER THAT BITCH, BABE!" I squealed, admiring Tanjiro's ability to act quickly. Turning away from the fight for a moment, I looked over at Nezuko, seeing her frozen and starving. I approached her and stood in front of her, snapping my fingers, "Hey, hey. Look at me, Nezuko. Tanjiro," I pointed behind us, "Is in trouble. Go help him, queen!" I said, turning her around in time for her to see the demon nearing Tanjiro's face, making her sprint into action and delivering a clean kick to the demon's head. "YASSS!" I screamed, clapping as I rushed down to help them.

Tanjiro yelped as the demon's body collapsed on him. Hestared up at Nezuko in shock, not noticing the demon's arm inch closer to him. "Oh sh*t, my chance!" I chirped, rushing over to steal Nezuko's move. Unfortunately, I was a bit late, but I ended up kicking the demon in sync with Nezuko! Pretty epic to team up with da Big Boyz. Tanjiro gasped as the demon's body went flying into a tree, looking at it in shock. "Why YOUUU!" The demon's head growled. "I knew it! One of you is a demon! Something didn't seem right!" He glared at us, "Which one of you girls is it?! WHAT ARE A DEMON AND A HUMAN DOING TOGETHER?" As we stared at it, I heard the rapid thumping of its body approaching us. "Oh shi-" Suddenly, the demon grabbed onto Nezuko, who got shoved into me.

"STOP!" Tanjiro yelled, going to swing his hatchet at the thing before changing direction and instead, swinging it at the demon's head, which grew arms in its ears?! "f*ckin' foul, man," I groaned before spotting a rock and grabbing it, rushing over to Tanjiro and the demon. When Tanjiro pushing the demon at arm's length, I went up behind the demon and viciously stabbed the rock into its eyes, blinding it. "Oh man, this probably won't do anything but I wanted to feel useful!" I yelled. While the demon was disoriented, Tanjiro took this chance to slam his forehead into the demon and swing the hatchet to the tree, trapping it. "Thank you, Lana!" Tanjiro nodded gratefully at me before we rushed of, looking for Nezuko.

We found her on the ground, the demon kicking at her repeatedly. I angrily yelled, "HEY! f*ck OFF THE QUEEN, ASSHOLE!" before grabbing that motherf*cker's other leg, Tanjiro helping me as together, we pushed that bitch off the cliff, flinging his body over Nezuko's. "PERIOD. DUMBASS, BITCH-ASS, MOTHERf*ckER. DON'T EVA f*ck WIT DA QUEEN AGAIN!" I cackled proudly, watching his bitch-ass splat on the ground. "Lana, he can't hear you..." Tanjiro watched me, amused. Grabbing Nezuko's hand, we all made our way back to the way station.

I watched Tanjiro as he hesitantly held out a small knife, deciding on what to do with the demon. That's when I froze as I saw a wrinkled hand reach towards him. "Oh my god...Dad! You're here!" I cried with joy as he placed his hand on Tanjiro's shoulder. He ignored me, telling Tanjiro, "You can't kill it with that." I quieted and felt sadness in my heart as I was ignored by who I hoped to grow to be my father figure. 'Lana, shut the f*ck up. You guys just met anyways, he'll warm up to you soon! Don't be discouraged, he's gonna be our dad!!!' I tried to be optimistic in my mind, but I still felt the humiliation deep down.

Tanjiro looked towards him, panting and confused. "H, how can I finish it off?" Urokodaki replied, "Don't trust what others say, can't you do this by yourself?" Tanjiro looked down at the knife in frustration before spotting the small boulder. He picked it up before staring at the demon and looking back at the boulder. I sighed before grabbing the boulder from his hands, the sun slowly peeking behind a bush. They stared at me as I smashed the boulder against the side of the demon's face, causing him to let out a "Gack!" Blood splattered against the tree and the hatchet. I kinda felt bad, but Ilet out a curious, "Hm," as the sun rose, causing the demon to shield his face as he screamed, the sun immediately roasting him to ash.

Tanjiro still looked at me, mouth agape before looking at what was once the demon. I turned around to face him, shrugging, "Look, I know that was harsh and that he was going to die anyway, but I was curious and low-key feeling left out." We stared at each other before Tanjiro noticed Urokodaki had already buried the bodies of the people. He approached him timidly, "Um..." Urokodaki turned towards him, standing up. "I am Urokodaki Sakonji. You must be the one Giyuu told me about." "Y-yes. I'm Kamado Tanjiro," Tanjiro pointed at himself before pointing at me. "She's my friend, Lana," I threw up a peace sign before snapping back and bowing respectfully. Urokodaki let out a raspy hum before turning back towards Tanjiro. "And my sister is Nezuko," Tanjiro finished.

"Tell me, Tanjiro. What will you do when your sister eats someone?" Tanjiro froze, and I stared as Urokodaki gave him the good ole' bitch backhand. "Bruh," I deadpanned as Tanjiro held his cheek. "You think too slowly!" Urokodaki scolded. "You struggle over the simplest decisions, you could never finish off a demon before the morning light, in fact, Lana had to do it for you!" I perked up as he mentioned my name, hope in my chest. "Why couldn't you answer that question immediately? You are too soft!" Tanjiro stared at him, speechless. "When your sister eats someone, there are two things you have to do. Kill your sister, then slit your own belly and DIE!" He bellowed before turning to me, "You as well, since you're tagging along on this whole ordeal. Not only do you have the weight of slaying your own demons, but protecting one!" I blinked at him, confused before he turned back to Tanjiro, "That is what it means to travel with your sister who has become a demon! But it is your sacred duty to make sure that this never happens. Your sister must never take the life of an innocent person! Do you understand what I'm saying?"

I stared at Tanjiro, who looked deep in thought for a moment. 'sh*t bro, I meant that's what happens when you get scolded by Big Papa. Periodt...' Tanjiro yelled, "Yes!" Urokodaki looked? satisfied behind the mask, "Very well, I will test you both to see if you have what it takes to be demon-slayerswordsmen. Shoulder your sister and both of you, follow me." I looked towards Tanjiro as he nodded and went inside the building to retrieve Nezuko. I stood with Urokodaki in an awkward silence, wringing my hands nervously.Thankfully, it didn't take long before Tanjiro came back, cloth wrapped around the basket with Nezuko in it. "Let's go," Urokodaki said before turning and beginning to run. I followed after him, Tanjiro in tow.

Panting and ready to collapse, I fell onto my knees with Tanjiro, both of us wheezing. Me especially, since I wasn't as fit as him. 'f*ck bro, I wanted to sit down as soon as we went past that lady's house, but I couldn't look like a pathetic weakling in front of Urokodaki and Tanjiro...Especially Urokodaki.' I thought, my limbs trembling. Tanjiro wheezed out, "S, so did we...Did we pass the t, test." 'Oh no...The test-' "The test begins now. Climb the mountain," Urokodaki commanded. I almost started crying again as Tanjiro got this stupid but cute look on his face at Urokodaki's words, knowing what the hell he just said.

'Oh my god, KILL ME. f*ckING KILL ME.' I wept internally as I struggled to breathe while climbing the mountain. Tanjiro was struggling just as much as me, wheezing and trying to breathe in the thin-ass air. We finally made it to the top, pausing as fog surrounded us. "Now you must descend to the house at the foot of the mountain. This time, I will not wait until sunrise," and with that, Urokodaki vanished. I heaved, watching Tanjiro get a relieved look on his face. 'Bro, dumb idea, I know but THIS STUPID TEST ISN'T AS EASY AS YOU'D LIKE TO THINK BABE,' I despaired in my head. He sniffed the air and turned to me, grabbing my hand. "Lana, breathe with me," and while pointing to his mouth, I matched my breathing with his, feeling air easily enter my lungs.

I thanked him and he nodded at me before dragging me behind him, "Let's go!""Wait, WAIT WAIT TANJIRO LET GO-" And as I yelped we got pelted by a sh*t ton of rocks after Tanjiro tripped over a rope. Still holding onto my hand, he then fell into a hidden hole, making me fall with him. We landed in the pit, my body falling on top of his. "Awe sh*t, Tanjiro, I'm sorrydawg, I'm such a fat-ass," I apologized, embarrassed. He waved me off before grabbing my hand and getting up. I jumped and pushed myself out of the pit, which was thankfully not too steep to where I would embarrass myself and fail to grab the edge. Tanjiro followed me, but as he pushed himself up he pulled a thin wire. In a panic, I dived down and watchedwith a wince as Tanjiro was f*ckin' body-slammed by a log.

I huffed, my breathing f*cked up from suddenly diving onto my stomach. I settled myself and got up, pulling Tanjiro up with me. Looking at him, we nodded at each other, determined to pass. We began sprinting down the mountain, separately this time. I watched as Tanjiro triggered another trap, causing bamboo sticks to repeatedly hit him. I waited for him but as I stumbled, I realized I just tripped on a wire. "Fu-" I got jumped by bamboo as well. After the trap ended, I went over to Tanjiro, my body aching and itchy from running. Grabbing his hand, we began sprinting again.

We didn't run into anything for a few seconds, until we both fell into separate pits. "Damn, again!?" I huffed and felt myself tear up from frustration and anger. Despite my crying, I pulled myself out at the same time as Tanjiro before we were off again. He through the thick fog, he smelled my tears and looked over at me worriedly. Big mistake. He tripped on another wire, but thankfully I threw ourselves back, just in time as another log swung in front of us. I pushed the log, running with Tanjiro in tow. 'sh*t, I'm probably going to die! This is all pure luck. Okay, maybe I can rely on instincts. Gut, do ya thang luv.' I pleaded in my head before jumping over the ground, paranoid. "Good job, Lana, I smelt that it as another pit, but you did that completely on your own! Let's keep going!" Tanjiro encouraged, smiling proudly at me. I grinned back and kept running,getting used to twisting my body and moving my feet to avoid logs, gangster bamboo, and pitfalls of hell.

Not to be a cringe Mary Sue, but it was kinda like dancing! f*ck yeah, learning all those Kpop dance routines in my room at 3 am did me right! You know what beat all this dodging fits? Well-'Ireojido moshaneunde jeoreojido moshane!'I jumped over a pitfall. 'Geujeo barabomyeo BAE-BE-BE-BAE-BEH!'Skipped past a long, and after that was complete fun. "HOLY sh*t THIS IS ACTUALLY KINDA FUN!" I squealed, dodging to the beat in my head. Tanjiro would've laughed if it wasn't for the fact that he was too focused on breathing and dodging.

And just like TT, we finally made it to the house. We were all f*cked up and looked like a couple. A couple of BUMS that is. We stumbled over each other as we made out way to the Shoji doors, Tanjiro sliding them open in front of me. "We...Made it..Back," he wheezed, me looking over his shoulder. Urokodaki stared at us before announcing, "Kamado Tanjiro...Lana...I accept you both as my students!" And then my bitchass blacked out.

...To be continued...

Chapter 5: Omake: A Loss (Not a new chapter, just crack lol)


Author's Note: Lol, just writing a lil something I just realized from the third chapter. Chapter 5 is coming out tomorrow! <33 Thank you for supporting me!

Chapter Text

"Oh sh*t-" I yelped as I was violently pushed to the side, falling on the snow. A figure, in a flash, appeared behind Nezuko and raised a blade. I watched as Tanjiro rapidly shoved Nezuko to the side, thankfully avoiding the attack. "OOHHH SHIIIIT,IT'S BIG PAPA NUMBA2!" I cried out excitedly, but at the same time worried for the siblings. I scrambled to get up, rushing over to stand in front of Tanjiro and Nezuko. Giyuu stared at us with a cold look on his face. 'Bruh, why he gotta be so PRETTY what the FRICK!?!'I thought to myself.

And then...I noticed something. Something red in the snow. it wasn't blood, but it was much, so much worse than that. It was- "TANJIRO- YOUR HAIR!" I wailed in despair. Tanjiro gasped in worry asI fell on my knees, weeping in agony. "WHY, LORD, WHY?! YOU COULD'VE TAKEN ME, YOU COULD'VE TAKEN MY FIRSTBORN, BUT YOU TOOK THE MOST PRECIOUS THING TO ME," I cried, sobs ripping from my mouth. Giyuu stared at me, dumbfounded as I weakly crawled face-first through the snow, stretching my arm out to grasp at the hair tied together by a small band.

Cradling it to my chest, I wept in pain, the ache in my chest too much to bear. The soft, burgundy locks of Tanjiro's hair were clutched in my grasp as I shook with sobs. "f*ck...you Giyuu...I'm gonna make sure Shinobu beats the f*ck out of you and makes you sleep on the couch when I tell her," I rasped, crying myself to unconsciousness.

Tanjiro and Giyuu stared at my unconscious body, Giyuu deadpanning, "Is she...Always like this?" Tanjiro shook his head, "No, but I'm not that surprised."

get ready cuz' this is straight-up CRACK COCAINE.

I raised my middle finger up to thoze prepz as they stared. “Hey Lana!” shouted a voice. I looked up from the snow. It was…Rengoku Kyojuro! “What’s up, Kyojuro?” I asked. “Nothing.” he said shyly. But then, I heard Tanjiro's dead family call me, and I had to go back to being unconscious, face-planting into the snow.

The next day I woke up in the butterfly mansion. It was snowing and raining again. I crawled out of my futon and drank some blood from a bottle I had. My futonhad ablack ebony mat and the blankets were hot pink velvet with black lace on the ends. I got out of my futon and took off my MCR-patterned yukata which I used for pajamas. Instead, I put on a short black kimono, a pentagram necklace, black geta sandals, and black tabi sockson. I put on four pairs of earrings in my pierced ears, and straightened my hair using my fire breath style, which I did through my hands.

My friend, Leaves(AN: Nezukodis is u!) woke up then and grinned at me. She flipped her long waist-length raven black hair with pink streaks and opened her hot pink eyes. She put on her Green Day-patterned kimonowith ripped up tabi socksand pointy high-heeled getasandals. We put on our makeup (black lipstick white foundation and black eyeliner.) “OMFG, I saw you talking to Rengoku Kyojuro yesterday!” she said excitedly. “Yeah? So?” I said, blushing. “Do you like Rengoku-san?” she asked as we went out of the butterfly estate and to the outdoor training area.

“No I so f*cking don’t!” I shouted. “Yeah right!” she exclaimed. Just then, Kyojuro walked up to me. “Hi,” he said. “Hi,” I replied flirtily. “Guess what,” he said. “What?” I asked.“Well, Slipknotis having a concert in Tokyo.” he told me. “Oh. My. f*cking. God!” I screamed. I love SK. They are my favorite band, besides MCR. “Well…. do you want to go with me?” he asked. I gasped.

LMAO IF YOU GET WHERE THAT'S FROM, BIG MF KUDOS TO YOU BRO! Anyways, while I worked on chapter 5 I wanted to take a break, lol. I hope this was kinda amusing 2 u. Until next time!! <3333

Chapter 6: Daddy Issues Makes A Comeback!


Teen angst at its finest, lol. O yeah, Sabito is da Mac Daddi.


Author's Note: This chapter might be a bit annoying to some. I know people would probably get annoying whenever someone's being so down on themselves out of nowhere, so if this chapter makes you get annoyed at reader, I apologize. But it's necessary for character growth.

Warning: Swearing, lowk having a breakdown, depressing and self-deprecating thoughts, UHHH STEAMY THOUGHTS

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


And just like TT, we finally made it to the house. We were all f*cked up and looked like a couple. A couple of BUMS that is. We stumbled over each other as we made out way to the Shoji doors, Tanjiro sliding them open in front of me. "We...Made it..Back," he wheezed, me looking over his shoulder. Urokodaki stared at us before announcing, "Kamado Tanjiro...Lana...I accept you both as my students!" And then my bitchass blacked out.

"I am a trainer. Just like it sounds, I train swordsmen," Urokodaki told us. This mofo woke us up at the ASS-CRACK OF DAWN and told us to get ready. Tanjiro, like the determined sweetie he is, immediately complied and did so without a complaint. I kinda groaned and groggily got up, but I didn't say much, knowing better than to complain in front of an adult. Or, um, anyone really. Look bro, I might be a bad bitch sometimes, but honestly, most of the time I'm trying not to cry and f*ck up. The ANXIETY of not knowing what the f*ck to do kills me, dawg. Jesus. Anyways, so here we sat, on top of Mount Sagiri, waiting for instructions.

"There are many trainers. In different places, they use various training methods," I nodded, pretending to understand what he just saidwhile Tanjiro looked on, listening intently. In reality, I was freaking out in my mind and trying to remember what he was talking about. "In order to join the demon slayer corps, you must survive the final selection and Mount Fujikasane. I decide whether you may attempt final selection," Urokodaki continued. And with that, he put us on another trial.

I rushed down the mountain, Tanjiro at my side as we jumped and dodged traps. You might be wondering how the f*ck am I running without tripping on my heavy, long-ass kimono? Well, I made some modifications to it! I cut the skirt so it would reach mid-thigh. Tanjiro seemed embarrassed when I revealed my outfit though, since my sexy-ass legs were EXPOSED to his VIRGIN EYES.Even now, he looks away from me whenever I trip or jump, lol, what a cutie! back to training, as I "danced"I thought of various songs as I went, Likey, Signal, Fancy. All were hella upbeat pop songs, which forced my body to move faster. I know I technically didn't have to force my body to the beat, but it honestly helped while having to act quickly while sprinting. In the first few days, we got by with no trouble. The first few days.After that, it was absolute hell. While trying to stick to my new "dance to the beat" training style, Urokodaki upgraded the traps to actually try and STAB US. Not only that, but he made the traps more inconsistent and unpredictable, causing me to lose my footing whenever I jumped to the beat of a song in my head, only to almost get f*cking SLAMMED by a log covered in blades. I almost cried the first time I almost fell into a pit full of knives.

After passing through that, he gave us blades to carry while running down the mountain. I gripped my blade in awe and admired it, although I got yelled at for being distracted. 'Dude, I don't know how my emotional health is going to turn out okay if I keep getting yelled at like this...' I whimpered, at the brink of tears once again after getting a scolding from Urokodaki. 'Man, I hate being a crybaby.' I knew every scolding and yell was to help me improve, and I did improve! It's just...I couldn't exactly get through a training session without forcing down sobs.

Whether Urokodaki cared about my emotions or not, he continued to scold me. Of course, I never understood, but he took to show me what to do while talking, so I could copy his movements. I mean, that must mean he was a bit concerned about my feelings, right? Unless it was because he was getting more frustrated at me? Oh man, just thinking about that makes me want to curl up in my futon and cry myself to sleep. sh*t bro, my daddy issues are really showing huh? I couldn't help it, I relied on Urokodaki as a father figure, and the thought of disappointing him makes me wanna die. So through my crying, I forced myself to comply and moved my body in the way he showed me. Yeah, I might always be a crybaby, but I wasn't going to be useless! I'll cry and cry as much as I want, but I won't ever be the one to slow everyone down! That was a promise I made to myself as I sobbed after Urokodaki made me fall on my ass again.

One night after a day of training, Urokodaki confronted me while Tanjiro slept. That day was a particularly rough day of training. He put Tanjiro and I on the task of breathing form. He repeatedly hit our stomachs when we messed up, and honestly I was so embarrassed when my tummy would jiggle when he slapped it. The training was helping me lose weight rapidly, which I was very happy about. But I still had chub on me, and I was absolutely still insecure of myself. But I wasn't mainly crying because of my concern for my body, but I repeatedly failed. Tanjiro was getting hit way less than me, which made me feel like I was going to get left behind. I ended up being so humiliated from messing up so much, that I ended up crying again. Urokodaki yelled at me, which honestly made it worse. I tried forcing down my sobs, but today I was really overwhelmed with emotions and the feeling of being a failure. He sighed before dismissing me to focus on Tanjiro. I never felt more embarrassed and ashamed. Especially as Tanjiro looked at me in worry. I turned my head, I couldn't bear to see the expression on his face as I openly melted down.

I spent the whole day in my futon, curled up and crying silently. When Urokodaki and Tanjiro came back inside from training, I held my breath, scared of making a sound, although I knew they probably smelled my humiliation. I kept my face hidden in the blankets as I heard footsteps approach me. "Lana?" Tanjiro's concerned voice quietly said. "Are you hungry? Urokodaki-san is going to make rice and grilled fish now." Whatever he had asked, I shook my head. "Are you sure? You've been here all day..." He said worriedly. I shook my head again, not daring to speak. He sighed before patting my shoulder and walking off to probably go write in his journal. I was left alone in the main room with a coma-induced Nezuko. Urokodaki was probably there too, but I didn't want to peek out to see. I just wanted to drown in my self-pity and die. If he was there, he didn't speak. I heard him sit down and start a fire, so he was most likely at the fire-place-area, I don't know what they're called.

Of all places, why did I decide to stay in the main room where I knew they'd come back? I could've stayed in another room, but no. I'm guessing that deep down, it was my narcissism. Deep down, maybe I wanted them to notice that I was stillupset, to do something about it. Maybe even get mad at me to give me more of a reason to cry. I'mso selfish, everything just had to be about me, huh. Even now, as I hold my own pity-party, do I moan and complain about myself. God, I'm so f*cking CONCEITED. I hate myself, I'm surprised I've lasted as long as I have. Urokodaki probably had enough of me, I've just caused him more problems. Tanjiro too, but he's too kind to say anything about it. Eventually, I fell asleep on a damp pillow, the sound of crackling fire lulling me to sleep.

I woke up later that day, the sundown and the moon up. I silently sat up, noticing Urokodaki sitting near a dimly-lit fire. Tanjiro was nowhere to be found, probably in his room, sleeping. I stared groggily at the fire, rubbing the crust from my eyes. My nose was stuffy, and my mouth was dry. I grew nervous in the presence of Urokodaki, and wondered if I should just go back into the futon and pretend I wasn't bothered. Oh, who am I kidding? They always smell me out. "Lana," Urokodaki spoke softly, his raspy voice striking anxiety in my heart. I nervously hummed, "M-Mm?" 'This is it, say goodbye to any chance of getting closer to Urokodaki. I guess not only have a failed as a daughter in my old life, but also as a student in this one.' He beckoned me over to the spot next to him, and with my heart in my throat and eyes getting glossy, I slowly got up and made my way over to the fireplace. I sat down, folding my legs under me as I gazed into the fire, trying not to cry. My heart was pounding in my chest, and my chest was hurting from fear and heartache.

He sighed before speaking, "Lana, I know I'm hard on you. I know it's hard for you to bear with my scolding, and I understand that you're sensitive to getting yelled at." I held back my sobs, his voice sounded so disappointed. At least, to me. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but the way he's speaking hurts me nonetheless. "It's going to be hard for you throughout the training, because I'm not going to stop correcting you when you mess up. However, I want you to know that I'm proud of you as a student for going through my harsh words, even if you're breaking at them. It's happened to some of my old friends, when their student cries and ends up giving up and dropping training completely. But instead of giving up, you push through your feelings and force yourself to improve. That, is something I admire and respect you for." I whimpered, tears sliding down my face uncontrollably, 'He's probably saying that he's disappointed in me and feels like I'll never be able to pass training at this rate. God, I despise myself.' I softly gasped when I felt his hand ruffle my hair before he brings me into a hug, "Lana, I'm proud of you. I won't give up on you if you won't give up on yourself. You might be going at a slower rate than Tanjiro, but that means you'll work harder than him when it comes to your strength. You'll be able to build up your muscles as time passes, and I'll be there when you do. Don't cry now, it's alright." I sniffled and let out a weak sob into his jinbei, eventually just crying softly into his chest. As I cried, he petted my hair until I began feeling drowsy again, emotionally exhausted from today. Before I fell asleep, I whispered,"Thank you, dad."

After that day, I...! Continued to cry during training. I'd always be a crybaby, that'll never end. But I trained furiously until I collapsed, determined to keep my status as a student. I would still have days where I just couldn't control myself, and just bursted into sobs at failing. But I never gave up, because I wanted to be better. Not only for Urokodaki and Tanjiro, but for myself. Whenever I did feel at my worst, Urokodaki would pat my head before handing me my sword, moving with me as I got back on my feet. Tanjiro still looked concerned whenever I'd suddenly start crying, but I shook my head at him and continued to train.

After a few months, I caught up to Tanjiro andsparred with him, sometimes he won, and sometimes I did. But I was proud to know I did that. That I was as strong as him, that I didn't fail! In-between training, I drew pictures of Urokodaki, of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and myself as well! I also learned a bit more Japanese, curtesy of Urokodaki and Tanjiro. It was TOUGH, let me tell you, but I learned how to say a few sentences!After a year, Urokodaki gathered us, "I have nothing more to teach you both." As we panted, tanjiro huffed, "Huh?" Urokodaki looked at us, "The rest is up to you. Can you take what I've taught you and bring it to the next level?" And with that, he led us into the foggy mountain grounds. Eventually, we reached the boulder. 'Ohhhh sh*t, wait- OH MY GOD OHHHH MY GOD! SABITO AND MAKOMOOOO LET'S GOOOO!!!' I squealed internally, a grinon my face.

"If you can split this boulder, I will approve you for the final selection." We stared at it before I unsheathed my sword. "Urokodaki! Wait! This...UROKODAKI!!" Tanjiro yelped, yelling as Urokodaki walked away. I looked to Tanjiro, coming up to him and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Tanjiro,we hit big rock," I said, determination on my face. 'I hope I said that correctly!!' I wheezed in my head. Tanjiro looked at me, a bit frustrated but nodded, unsheathing his sword as well. We got to work, slashingand repeatedly applying the methods Urokodaki taught us. 'Wait...Awe! I'm not even gonna see them until like what, half a year?!' I groaned.

As months passed by, to no avail we weren't able to make even a scratch on the boulder. I weakly slashed at the boulder as Tanjiro panted. I stared at him as he leaned against the boulder before smashing his head against it. "Tanjiro, do not commit!" I yelped, rushing over to him and trying to hold him back. "COME ON! TRY HARDER!" He yelled, headbutting the rock. "TANJIRO, NO!!" I screamed before we were interrupted by- "SILENCE!" Sabito's booming voice scared the sh*t out of the both of us. I let go of Tanjiro as we stared up at the fox mask-clad boy. "H, holysh*t," I whispered under my breath, wide-eyed and blushing at his cool entrance. "A man shouldn't whine...It's unseemly," Sabito said firmly, looking down at us from the top of the boulder. "Whatever the suffering, bear it in silence. If you're a man. Or," He leaned over the rock, "Are you still a little boy?" 'OOOH sh*t-' Sabito leaped and his wooden blade met the handle of Tanjiro's sword. I jumped back, sword at ready. Ooh bitch, I wasNERVOUS. But like...I'm not tryna look like an idiot standing around, not after all that training.Sabito kicked Tanjiro, causing him to fly into the ground.

"Damn, mofo ate sh*t," I muttered, wide-eyed. "You're slow, and weak. And immature. You'll never be a demon slayer," Sabito said to tanjiro before turning to me. I began sweating as I circled him, sword in front of me. "Well? Come at me, little girl," Sabito taunted. I blushed but charged at him, aiming at his mask. Pulling my arms behind me, I leaped. Sabito effortlessly pushed me away, making me land on my feet a few feet away from him. I took a deep breath before coming at him again, hoping to knock him on his feet. AS I got closer, I pretended like I was going to jump, Sabito raising his fist on instinct. I kept running though, and I pulled my leg to the side, ready to swing. I guess I was too slow, as Sabito quickly kicked my legs first. I fell to the ground on my ass, groaning. "Too slow, but I admit, that was clever," he praised.

Tanjiro stared at me before turning to Sabito, yelling, "Where'd you come from?!" Sabito replied, "What are you doing?" Tanjiro looked confused, "Doing? I'm training." Sabito scoffed, "How long do you plan to have your butt stuck in the mud? Take a stance!" Tanjiro's eyes widened before he got up, I followed his lead and gripped my sword in front of me. "Now...Attack!" Sabito ordered. "But...You have a wooden sword! I have a real one," Tanjiro fretted. Sabito stared at him before laughing mockingly. He suddenly charged at Tanjiro, who once again used his handle to block. "How sweet! Thanks for worrying about me! You think you can hurt me?" Sabito got close to his face, "Rest your poor, soft heart. You can't hurt me! I'm stronger than you'll ever be! I've already split a boulder!" "You split a boulder?" Tanjiro exclaimed.

'sh*t ya'll, slow the f*ck down, I can't understand much.' I thought to myself, watching this play out. As Tanjiro got flipped onto his back, I looked around and spotted a girl. 'Oh!! Makomo! She's so cute! I can't wait to talk to her,' I squealedto myself, looking at her looking at the fight. I turned back in time to see Tanjiro and Sabito going at it, swiping their blades at each other. Makomo came up next to me, softly saying, "Aren't you going to join in?" I looked at her in shock before puffing my cheek and nodding. I looked in front of me as Sabito threw Tanjiro up.

I rushed over and caught him as he hit the ground, cushioning his head with my thighs. "Well aren't you privileged? Only some people are lucky enough to rest on my thick ass thighs," I laughed to myself before looking up at Sabito. "Next time, don't get so distracted. You should've joined in," Sabito told me. I shrugged in confusion before he looked over at Makomo, who was approaching us. "I leave there restto you." She hummed as he turned around. "Goodbye, pretty boy!" I called out to his back. He didn't react.

Makomo crouched down next to us and looked towards me as we waited for Tanjiro to awaken. "Hm? You don't seem surprised at how Sabito fought. Are you used to seeing things like that? You must be, you're training to be a demon slayer, after all," She said dreamily. I smiled at her and chuckled, "You very cute! Name, please?" She gave me a small smile, "Makomo. What about you?" I beamed and replied, "Lana!"

Before Tanjiro woke up, I told Makomo my journey here, how I woke up in the snow, and how the family I grew to love as my own died. She listened tentatively and nodded at some parts, patting my head when I started to tear up remembering the deaths of Tanjiro's family. Tanjiro finally awoke, snapping his eyes open and sitting up. Looking at me and Makomo, he burst out with, "Did you see what happened? That was an incredible blow! Not a bit on unnecessary motion! It was truly beautiful!" He looked towards Makomo, "That's how I want to be too! But is that even possible? Can I do it?" He questioned. "I'm sure you can, I'll watch over you," Makomo smiled at him. I lowkey felt a little jealous when he blushed, but I wasn't going to say anything, knowing it wasn't going to lead to anything anyways. Yikes, that was a bit bitter of me...Um, anyways...

Makomo told us about Sabito and helped us correct our stances as well as our habits. Looking towards me, she hums, "Well, you seem pretty strong. I've seen how Urokodaki pushed you," I blushed, embarrassed that she's seen my crying multiple times. "You should definitely lower your body more when you're running, so you speed up. You have a habit of lifting your chest up when you're charging at someone," I nodded and practiced with Tanjiro, running at him with my body low as we sparred.

As we trained for the next few weeks, Makomo was there, helping us along the way. While we rested, she taught me how to make a flower crown, which I happily put on my head. A combination of small white flowers rested on my head, making me hold my cheeks in happiness. "We really like Urokodaki," Makomo said, placing her own crown on her head. "Me two! Urokodaki-san, is a lotfather!" I said fondly. She giggled at me, "Then, I guess we can be sisters!"

Months passed, and we trained our asses off, to the point where I could blackout for a few hours before feeling barely strong enough to push myself up. Sabito joined us sometimes, and I got faster! However, no matter what, I most I could do was leave small tears in his robes. He was so strong, and I admired him greatly for that. You could say that I...Um, grew a crush on him. Can you blame me?! He was so handsome and cool! Sucks that he's, y'know, dead. Tanjiro's hair grew, as well as his, um, muscle mass. Whew, I could NOT spar with Tanjiro without blushing heavily and pushing down a guilty grin. sh*t bro, being surrounded by these two steamy MEN was, well...Let's say I guiltily spent too long "peeing". BUT WE'RE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT THAT- OKAY?! I blame it on not being able to relieve myself for days on end as well as 16-year-old hormones acting up.Speaking of being 16, yup, yup! I spent my 15th and 16thhere! My first two birthdays in this world, crazy!

Tanjiro was a year younger than me, since I arrived when I was 14 and he was 13. But it wasn't too big a difference, I still saw him as the same age as me. Plus he was the same height as me, lol. He wasn't the only one who's gone through changes! My hair grew as time passed, though I cut my bangs every two weeks so they'd stay the same as well as trimmed my hair to stay at chest-level.However, I grew slimmer, my tummy practically gone! My thighs are still kinda big, but most of it was muscle rather than fat! Hehe, guess you can call me DUMMY THICK. My face was thinner as well, though it was still round...My chest got bigger, but I think that was because my stomach slimmed, which left the fat in my breasts. Damn bro, I never felt so PROUD of myself when I realized that Kei's old kimono was HELLA loose on me. I had to cut it again so it would have less excess fabric. All that hard work paid off!

One day, after another half year, Sabito unsheathed his blade, the wooden one replaced with a metal one. Tanjiro and I stood in front of him, blades at ready. "After a half a year, you've finally got the face of a man," Sabito said, sliding his sword out of the cover.Damn is it hot in here or is it just me? "Today, I will win. We both will," Tanjiro replied, nodding at me.I readied my blade, and at the same time at Tanjiro, we kicked off, rushing at Sabito. He lifted his blade, but I was faster. I swiped first, slashing his mask horizontally, Tanjiro following me right after with a split down the middle. In the end, Sabito's mask broke in 4 separate pieces, revealing his smiling, scarred face. I blushed and held a fist to my lips to hide my smile, Tanjiro looking at him in shock that he did it. I put down my fist as Makomo said to us, "Tanjiro, Lana...Win against themtoo." And she vanished into the fog, along with Sabito, which revealed the boulder. It was cut the same way as Sabito's mask, one big split in the middle with another split horizontally. In the end, I teared up and began crying, sobbing at our accomplishment. Tanjiro fretted over me and tried to calm me down, but I had begun laughing in joy. He sighed at me before giving me a fond smile, grabbing my hand and lifting me to my feet.

Urokodaki approached us after I had gotten up, saying, "I did not intend to send you two to final selection, nonetheless one of you. I had no wish to see another child die. I didn't think you would split that boulder..." He patted our heads gently, "...But the both of you did well." I teared up again, a sob threatening to come out. "Tanjiro, Lana...You...are both amazing children," he brought us into a tight hug. I cried into his chest again, much like I had a year ago during the breathing exercise. I quietly cried and wrapped my arms around my father figure, holding him tightly. ”Go to final selection, but make sure...both of you return alive. Nezuko and I will be here waiting,” Urokodaki muttered into our shoulders.
When we came back home, (it felt nice to call it that, a home) I helped Tanjiro cut his long hair. Although every snip felt like agony as each one of his long, beautiful locks fell onto the floor. I wailed in my head as I finished cutting his hair. After cleaning the mess, Urokodaki beckoned usover. “Hold outyour hands,” and I did as I was told. He then placed a fox mask in my hands, and I took the time to admire the carving. The eyes were droopy, looking either sleepy or giving you bedroom eyes,however you viewed it. The iris’ had slits on each eye, much like a cat’s. The mouth was small and barely curved, sort of pouting. On the smooth cheeks were tear-shaped carves. ‘Ahaha,real funny dad,’I thought, amused.I traced the carved lines with a finger, fondly looking at it. I also took notice of the two yellow ribbons attached to the side of the mask for me to die it onto my head.“It’s a warding mask, it will protect you from evil," Urokodaki told us. I looked up at him and smiled gratefully, tears in my eyes. "Thank you so many! I really like fox!" I thanked him, receiving a fond pat in return. After Tanjiro had thanked him, we got up and laid out the futons, crawling into them and ready to sleep the night away.

As I bid everyone goodnight, I smiled to myself, happy with what I'm living with. Although...'Soon, we'll have to face more demons. And Nezuko won't be there for us, hell, I think it's better if I split up from Tanjiro after defeating the hand demon. I can't just keep relying on them like before, I gotta do my own thing for once. And then maybe, just maybe, I can have the things I want.' Looking up at the ceiling, I reached my hand out into the darkness, trying to grasp at the air. 'Please, please, please,' I begged. 'Let me get what I want.'

...To be continued...

Chapter 7: Babies! Babies everywhere!


Naming my crow somthing weird and edgy was something I always wanted to do. Oh!! I just remembered, mori = death in Latin <3333


Author's Note: Ayyy whalecum back luvs <33 Bad Bitch Lana makes her debut in the final selection! It's gonna b epic!

Warning: Swearing

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'Soon, we'll have to face more demons. And Nezuko won't be there for us, hell, I think it's better if I split up from Tanjiro after defeating the hand demon. I can't just keep relying on them like before, I gotta do my own thing for once. And then maybe, just maybe, I can have the things I want.' Looking up at the ceiling, I reached my hand out into the darkness, trying to grasp at the air. 'Please, please, please,' I begged. 'Let me get what I want.'

The next morning, we woke up around 7am, getting up and eating a warm bowl of rice and boiled eggs. After that, Tanjiro and I stretchedsince our muscles were still hella sore from yesterday. Urokodaki told us it's better if we went around noon since nighttime is when the test really begins, so I did nothing but draw. I wouldn't let anyone see, though, as it was a present to Urokodaki from me before we left for the final selection. Soon we got ready, Tanjiro and I wearing the waves jinbei much like Urokodaki's. I wore mine more like a dress though, since it was a bit long. I tied the belt-thing securely around my waist and made sure the top was tucked tightly as to secure my breasts. I was gifted new black tabi socks with blue-strapped sandals, matching Tanjiro. Tightening my leg warmers around the baggy pants I was given, I got up and nodded at Tanjiro. "I am ready," I said, nervous but determined to pass. He nodded back and secured his fox mask to his head. I held my own in my hands, running my thumb over it. 'It's too good to damage...If I wear it, it's most likely gonna break in the selection. But I don't want to insult dad by not bringing it...' I decided my best bet was to tuck it into my jinbei, the ears poking out from the jinbei.

As we made our way out the Shoji doors, I turned to Urokodaki. Taking out two folded pieces of parchment, I handed them to him with a smile,"It is gift, for you! Test memory." He looked at the parchments before unfolding them, revealing two portraits, one of Tanjiro and one of me. "Just in case," I said, running off to join Tanjiro. "We're on our way, Urokodaki! Give our best to Sabito and Makomo!" Tanjiro yelled, waving at him. I waved as well, yelling, "Inform Sabito he pretty boy!" Urokodaki waved at us, clutching the papers in his other hand. "Tanjiro, Lana...How is it you know the names of those deceased children?" He muttered to himself, watching our forms run into the distance.

We finally made it to Mount Fujikasane. It was already night time, the crescent moon above us. I walked up the steps, Tanjiro by my side as I admired the gorgeous wisteria trees. Tanjiro stopped to gently hold one of the flowers, probably thinking that they shouldn't be in season at this time. I waited for him as I became antsy, my legs feeling weak in excitement of seeing THE BOYS AND KANAO!!! "Tanjiro, rotate bottom limbs!" I squealed, wanting to see the babies! He drew his attention to me, sheepishly saying, "Oh, right."

I ran up the last few steps, my eyes immediately snapping to the first blonde-haired kid I saw. 'OHMYGAWDDD THERE HE IS! ZENITSU BABYFSKJFGSHNSEFN' I screamed in my head, my body shaking. I looked over to Genya, 'I'M GONNA CRY- IT HURTSSSS.'I wept internally in manga reader. I looked around before my eyes landed on pretty girl herself!! 'KANAOOOOO I'M GONNACRYOHMYGAWWDDDD SHE'S SO f*ckING PRETTY JESUS I'M SO GAY FOR LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THIS SERIES, FULL MOTHA-f*ckIN hom*o,' I trembled, on the brink of tears. Tanjiro skipped up the steps, catching up to me and looking around as well.

"Greetings, everyone," the black-haired twin at the front said. 'HERE WE f*ckING GO, YA'LL BITCH ASS DEMONS ARE NOTREADY TO GET MOTHA f*ckIN SLAYYYYYED,' I cackled in my head, pumped up. "Thank you for gathering tonight for final selection. Mount Fujikasane holds demons that demon-slayer swordsmen have taken alive and trapped here." The white one continued, "Demons hate wisteria flowers, which bloom here even out of season. They cover the mountain from its foot to halfway up the slope." The black-haired one spoke up, "However, from that point on, the wisteria does not bloom, so the demons roam free. YOu must survive for seven days." The white one finished off with, "If you do, then you will have passed final selection. Now go."

And with that, everyone rushed off. I ran with Tanjiro through the forest, wisteria nowhere to be found. 'Okay, after we slay that demon that killed the kids, I'm on my own. Sorry, Tanjiro,' I thought guiltily as we eventually encountered two demons. They took notice to us and began fighting over who would eat us first. "Get lost, I'm gonna eat these kids!" "No,youget lost!" "He's mymeal!" "SHUT UP!" They growled at each other before crazily turning back to us, leaping, "The one who kills them first gets to eat them!" We readied our swords, nodding at each other in understanding. 'Alright bitch, LET'S DO THIS!' As they reached towards us, they cried, "It's been so long since I tasted human flesh!"

"Last words, bitch," I mumbled before unsheathing my sword and taking a deep breath, syncing my breathing with Tanjiro and kicking off. "First Form: Water Surface Slash!" Tanjiro called out as we cleanly cut each demon's head. I gasped in happiness as I made my first actual kill, looking towards Tanjiro who got a bit emotional. 'Oh, we should pray for them, right,' I thought, going over to Tanjiro to send a quick prayer, 'Rest in peace!' I looked over as Tanjiro began sniffing the air, immediately gaggingat the stench. I didn't smell anything but, I sympathetically looked at him, it must smell like ASS.

"WAAAH!" An examinee rushed past us, crying out. He turned towards us, yelping, "THERE'S A HUGE, DEFORMED DEMON BACK THERE! I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT!" We immediately heard a thump, multiple arms grabbing at the trees behind the guy. There, emerged a suspended dead swordsman, a large hand gripped tightly around their throat. I gasped, horrified at the sight. The sound of skin expanding and creasing at the same time gave me shivers as the kid began running, a large, elongated veiny hand shooting towards him. I watched, disgusted as the kids leg got grabbed, the demon suspending him in the air.

Looking at my sword, I huffed before unsheathing it, knowing I gotta act quickly. Holding back a battle cry, I got ready to rotate my body as I rushed off, aiming my sword. I kicked off and spun, slashing at the demon's arm holding the boy. 'Water breathing form 2, water wheel!' I landed on my feet, stumbling, but safe. Looking over at the kid, I sighed in relief as Tanjiro stood in front of him protectively, sword positioned.

"Two more of my dear foxes has come!" The demon giggled. I felt sick to my stomach as I heard him mention two foxes. 'Me? But...I'm hiding the mask in my jinbei...But I guess the matching pattern of our clothing gave me away, wow am I stupid,' I sighed worriedly. "Tell me, fox children. Right now...What Meiji emperor sits upon the throne?" I deadpanned as Tanjiro spoke, "The imperial family is Taisho!" The demon froze before breaking out into hysteria, slamming his hands into the ground, "GAAAAAAAH!I'VE BEEN HERE SO LONG THT DYNASTIES HAVE RISEN AND FALLEN!' I jumped along with the ground, similar to bouncing in abouncy castle. "AGAIN AND AGAIN! ALL WHILE I'VE BEEN TRAPPED HERE! GAAAAAH! UNFORGIVABLE, UNFORGIVABLE!" He wailed, cursing my Dad all the while.

"You know Uro-" "OH I KNOWHIM, UROKODAKI WAS THE ONE WHO CAPTURED ME! I WILL NEVER FORGET, IT'S BEEN 47 TORTUROUS YEARS!" He cried. "Back then, he was still a demon slayer! In the Edo period...The Keio era!" "Hey, you die for bad word my father!-" I yelled before being interrupted by the kid behind Tanjiro. "You're lying!" He whimpered. "No demon has been alive that long! LIES!" I shook my head at him as he continued, "They only put demons up here that have eaten two or three people...And they get killed during selection! Plus, the demons eat each other too!"

The demon rose a hand to himself before pondering, "But Ihave survived a very long time. In this prison of wisteria blossoms. I have eaten50of you brats!" 'Yeah...You can tell bro...Take a tip from my book and instead of killing Dad, train under him? Yew cud freely yoose it, Luv.' The demon began counting using his fingers, "12, 13, and you two are...the 14th and 15th." Tanjiro looked at him, shocked,"W...What re you talking about?!" The demon let out a gleeful giggle, "That's how many of Urokodaki's students I have eaten! I've decided to kill ALL of his students!"

I shivered and gripped my sword tighter as he named Sabito and Makomo, recalling their deaths. "I recognize you...by those fox masks. I know the grain of those masks that Urokodaki carves. They're carved the same way as he tengu mask he wore. And you," He looked towards me, making me step back."You might be hiding your mask, but I can see one of the ears sticking out of your jinbei. Not only that, but you're both wearing the same jinbei pattern he did." He goes on to cackle, "Did he call it a "warding mask"? I ate them allbecauseof the masks they wore. They're all inside my stomach, it's like Urokodaki fed them to me!" He laughed mockingly, "The girl-brat wept and grew angry when I told her that!" I looked away, feeling sick as he described her death and how he ripped her apart.

I didn't need to calm down,I was too numb to feel anything. I wasn't sad, or even angry. Unlike Tanjiro, who rushed recklessly at the demon in a bout of anger. "Tanjiro, bad!" I yelled, worried for him. I knew he would be alright, but...Tanjiro cried out in anger as he slashed furiously at the demon, slicing off its arms frantically. I cried out as Tanjiro was slammed into a tree by the demon, causing the kid to run off in fear. "WAIT! BAD THINK!" I called after him, knowing he's running to his death. He ignored me and escaped, so I turned my attention towards Tanjiro as the demon reached towards him.

I groaned and rushed at him, jumping before rotating my body. 'Second Form: Water Wheel!' I cried in my head, slashing off the demons' arms, my mask slipping out of my jinbei mid-air and cluttering to the ground, "sh*t!" "Lana, I'll help you!" Tanjiro cried, now awake. He jumped up and helped me slash through the arms. "Up!" Tanjiro yelled, and I complied, kicking off to avoid the arms breaking out from the ground. As we flew mid-air, an arm shot out towards Tanjiro. Using his Forehead of Godlihood, he slammed into the hand, throwing his body off of it. I landed safely on the ground, watching Tanjiro do his thing. I went over to my mask and picked it up, placing it in my jinbei once again. I turned around to see Tanjiro use the first form on water breathing, successfully slicing the demons' head off.

I sighed in relief as I went over to him, seeing the demons head on the ground. I went over to the head and gently picked it up, looking at its face with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart. He stared at me as I walked over to Tanjiro, putting a hand on his shoulder as he gently grasped the decaying hand of the demon. Taking my hand off his shoulder, I placed it on top of the demons head, crying softly as I remembered his story. "Please, God. When he is reborn...Don't let him become a demon...Please," Tanjiro prayed aloud. 'Forgive this child for the people he's killed and the sins he unwillingly committed, all the sins of demons are on the back of one Muzan Kibutsuji. Please, Lord,' I prayed, sorrow in my heart as he crumbled to ash, fading away from reality. I was never truly a religious person, but the least thing I could do was pray for these demons. Who's to say that if demons exist, a God doesn't?

I sighed as I leaned my head against Tanjiro's shoulder, looking at his hands. I thought of the children at the mountains, of Sabito and Makomo. 'I hope you guys rest well...All of us, Dad, Tanjiro, me. We'll remember you guys,' I thought sadly, tears still sliding down my face. When I calmed down, I dusted myself off and turned to Tanjiro, who was currently wondering what to do next. "I think we should keep going, maybe we can ask some demons if they know how to cure Nezuko-" "Tanjiro," I interrupted, nervously wringing my hands. "I...I want divide. I leave single," I quietly said, feeling guilty about leaving him. He looked at me worriedly and shook his head, "Lana, it's dangerous! I know you can handle yourself, but there are multiple demons that can come at you! We won't have each others backs." I sighed and grabbed his face, looking into his eyes. A blush rose on his face, making me smile and chuckle, "Tanjiro, I am strong. I am God. I am do this." I hoped that convinced him. He looked away for a moment before sighing and placing his hand on top of mine, leaning into my hand. "Okay, I know you'll be fine. Just- stay safe, okay? I better see you on the seventh day, alive." I nodded and kissed his cheek before running off with a giggle and a wave,calling out, "Goodbye, pretty boy!"

After a good minute of running, I eventually ran into another demon. "Oh? Another fresh piece of meat?" She cackled, salivating. I stood my ground, a hand on the handle of my blade. 'I can do this. I don't need to rely on others to protect myself! Dad's waiting for me at home, Tanjiro's waiting for me! I have so much to do, so many people to save and smooch! I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN MY FIRST KISS, AND THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I'M DYING A VIRGIN IN THIS WORLD!' I encouraged myself. She wiped her mouth before grinning wickedly at me, a crazed look in her eye. "Why don't you just stand there like a good meal!" She charged at me, her claws reaching out. I gasped in shock and controlled my breathing, immediately kicking off. 'Second Form: Lateral Water Wheel!' I spun horizontally, slashing the demon's neck. I landed with a skip, my blade gripped tightly. I glanced behind me, seeing her head rolling on the floor. "f*ck YEAH, THAT'S f*ckING ROIT!" I clapped before walking over to the demon and sitting on my legs and putting my hands together. "I might not like demons, but I'll always cherish the human who was contained inside of you," I told her, her eyes looking at me confused. 'Please spare this human for the sins she unwillingly committed. Please deliver this human safely to heaven, or wherever she feels most at peace,' I prayed before getting up and sprinting off again.

"sh*t, all-nighters here we go," I sighed to myself, knowing this was going to be a long, long week. Racing through the trees, I continued to slash one demon after another, my pride growing with each kill. As always, whenever I had a chance to rest, I got on my knees and prayed for them, not only for Tanjiro's sake, but also because in my heart, I truly felt bad for them and knew that whoever they had been before a demon, they didn't deserve to be one. As I was about to set off again, I heard a distant yelling that was oddly familiar...

"UYAAAAAAAH!" A high-pitched voice rang as someone ran to me, hiding behind me. 'OH MY GOD IS IT-' Looking down, it was THUNDER BABY!! ZENITSU!! He looked up at me fearfully, snot and tears dripping down his chin, "CUTEGIRL, HELP MEE! THERE'S A D-DEMOOOOOOON!" He cried, pointing ahead of us. I looked over to see three demons rushing past the trees towards us. One cackled, "Thanks for bringing me more food, ramen!" Another snarled, "You mean me! I'm going to eat them!" The other yelled back, "Beat it, chumps! I'm going to devour both of those humans!" Zenitsu trembled as he gripped tightly onto my Jinbei. "Pretty boy, release hand," I said sweetly, looking down at him with a smile. He blushed and nodded, releasing me. I unsheathed my sword and kicked off, sword positioned, 'Sixth Form: Whirlpool!' I twisted my body rapidly, slicing effortlessly through the demons.

As Ilanded, I slid my foot across the dirt, gracefully standing back up. 'HOLY f*ck HOW DID THAT WORK?!' I screamed in my head, holding back my bewilderment. I just wanted to show off in front of numba 1 Simp, but I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off!?!Zenitsu stared at me in awe, stars practically in his eyes as he threw himself at my feet, "UWAH, THANK YOU! ARE YOU SOME KIND OF GODDESS?! LET ME TEAM WITH YOU!" I stared blankly at the Simp as he begged me. I smiled and shrugged, "I will allow." He got up and tilted his head, "You speak kinda funny, but that's okay! In fact, it's cute!" I giggled and grabbed his hand, causing him to squawk in delight as I began walking into the forest again.

As days passed by, Zenitsu helped me to set upmini-camps at night, sticking with me as we made our way through the forest. Sadly, he never passed out so I never got to see his epic thunda clap n flash breathing style in person. Oh well, I showed off plenty in front of him whenever we'd run into a demon. I didn't see Tanjiro the rest of the trial, but eventually came the seventh and final day.

"Lana-chaan, I think a demon might be near by!" Zenitsu cried, clutching my hand as I led us back to the wisteria trees. "No sad, we reach back," I laughed, spotting purple ahead. 'Should I flex my strength? I THINK I'M GONNA FLEX MY STRENGTH!' With this bold thought in mind, I stopped and swiftly gathered Zenitsu into my arms before running off towards the wisteria trees. Zenitsu cried out in shock and hung onto my neck as I ran, looking up at me in admiration and slight embarrassment. 'Damn, I wanted to be the one carrying (Y/)-chan! Not the other way around!' He thought to himself.

I came to a stop as I saw Genya, Kanao and Tanjiro, as well as the twins, gathered in front of the shrine-arch-thing. "Oh! Lana!" Tanjiro looked relieved to see me before looking over at Zenitsu in my arms with a...frustrated? Maybe? Look? 'Yo, tell me that mf is JEALOUS, tell me he isss. Don't worry babe, I'll carry you in my arms any time!' I cackled to myself. I put Zenitsu down and waved. "Tanjiro! I save pretty boy in test!" I said happily, walking over with Zenitsu, who was currently red-faced. He trailed behind me as we stopped in front of the twins. "Welcome back," The black one greeted. "Congratulations. I am glad you are safe," Said the white one.

Tanjiro looked around one last time before holding his head. Although we made it out together, Zenitsu got a devastated look on his face, repeatedly mumbling, "Die...I'm gonna die, die, die, die. Even though Lana-chan saved me, I didn't do anything. In the end, I'll die." I looked over at him with concern before turning towards Genya, who angrily asked, "So? What am I supposed to do now? Where's my katana?" The white twin spoke, "First, we will provide your corps uniforms. We will take your measurements and then engrave your rank." I stared at Genya as the black-haired twin listed off the ranks, waiting to interfere when the crows show up. "Where's my katana?" He asked the white-haired one. "Today you will choose the ore for your sword, then it will take up to two weeks for the katana to be finished," she clapped, "Then we will assign you a kasugai crow." I looked up as the crows flapped down to us, I held out my arm as a pretty black crow landed on it. I cooed at it and rubbed its head with my finger. "You pretty, you nice bird. Morishi your name!" I cooed quietly to it as it nuzzled and presented under my touch. 'I have thought of what I'd name my bird before, and between spin-offs of Siouxie, Lucifer, and Morrissey? Lol, you already know.'

I paid no mind to the others until the black-haired one spoke again, "Kasugai crows are generally used for communication, but not always." I jumped as I heard a smack and a kaw! of alarm. Snapping over at Genya I watched in shock as he slapped away his crow. "I don't care about crows!" He began making his way towards the twin, but before he could reach her I ran over, my crow flying off, and Ilatched onto his arm, clutching it to my chest. "Boy, you no hurt girl. Bad, do not commit!" I pleaded as he looked down at me with a glare.

He blushed but only for a second as he ripped his arm from my grasp, causing my jinbei to loosen from my chest. I gasped andlet go of his arm to hurriedly wrap my jinbei around my chest, but thankfully the worst that happened was that my cleavage was exposed. Tanjiro and Zenitsu gasped as they watched, Kanao watching on silently with an unnerving smile on her face.

In the end, I didn't stop Genya as he gripped the white twins' hair, yelling in her face, "KATANA! I WANT MY KATANA AND I WANT IT NOW! A DEMON SLAYER CORPS KATANA, A COLOR-CHANGING KATANA!" he yelled. Tanjiro went over and interfered, grabbing his arm with a furious look on his face. "Let go of her! If you don't, I'll break your arm!" Genya glared at him, "Hah?! Who're you?! JUST TRY IT!" I gasped as Tanjiro twisted his arm, a painful-sounding kcrik! emitted. Zenitsu looked over with a yelp, nursing Genya's crow in his lap. Kanao minded her own business, staring down at a butterfly. Genya hunched over, clutching his arm before spotting Tanjiro's angry look as he stood in front of the white twin.

"Are you done talking?" The black-haired twin asked, unbothered. "Then come over here, please choose the ore for making your katana." After I sloppily fixed my jinbei, my cleavage peeking out just a bit, I walked over to the table full of ores. My crow flew back to me, landing on my shoulder and nuzzling me. "You choose for yourself...The ore for the sword that will kill demons and protect you," the black twin said. We all stared at it, Zenitsu still mumbling about death. 'Shoo, me too babe, me too.'I watched as Tanjiro took the first step, grabbing an ore. I looked over them before grabbing a good-sized chunk, hoping it would be a good decision.

'Here we go! My first step to being a demon slayer! AWEEE YESSS, BUTTERFLY ESTATE HERE I COME!' I thought happily.

...To be continued...

Chapter 8: It's Nice to Be Home


We do b crying da whole chapter tho,,,,


Author's Note: UGHHHH DUDE SAYING GOODBYE TO DAD MADE ME CRYYYY!!! BRUH, I'M THE ONE WRITING THE STORY AND YET I'ME XPERIENCING IT WITH YA'LL, I'M CRYING GOD DAMMIT. Anyways, *sniff* I hope y-y'all enj-enjoy the-the stor- *breaks into sobs*

Warning: Swearing

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Chapter Text


"You choose for yourself...The ore for the sword that will kill demons and protect you," the black twin said. We all stared at it, Zenitsu still mumbling about death. 'Shoo, me too babe, me too.'I watched as Tanjiro took the first step, grabbing an ore. I looked over them before grabbing a good-sized chunk, hoping it would be a good decision.

'Here we go! My first step to being a demon slayer! AWEEE YESSS, BUTTERFLY ESTATE HERE I COME!' I thought happily.

After everyone picked out an ore, eventually, Tanjiro and I had to go. "Tanjiro, wait one," I said, walking over to Zenitsu. He looked up, a little dead inside before lighting up when he sees me, "Lana-chan! Thank you so much for protecting me back there! I was really scared out of my wits, but there you were! I hope we see each other again!" I smiled and nodded, patting his headand grasping his hands. "Zenitsu-kun, remain healthy and safe. I will see you one day again," I told him sweetly before letting go of his hands and waving, walking skipping back to Tanjiro. Zenitsu nodded after me and waved back, watching as I headed down the steps.

Tanjiro tiredly walking with me, both of us exhausted as hell. We barely made it a few miles away from Mount Fujikasanebefore I spotted a large stick nearby. "Tanjiro, wait." I said, walking over and grabbing it before handing it to him. "Thank you, Lana," Tanjiro sighed, leaning onto the stick. We began to make our way back, Tanjiro staggering like a crippled old man. I sighed before going over to him and picking him up just as I did with Zenitsu. "Wh- Lana! You don't have to!" He yelped, a blush on his face. I rolled my eyes and began sprinting. Despite my aching body, I honestly just wanted to get home as fast as possible. Tanjiro held onto me as we passed by locals who stared at us, but I paid them no mind.

I looked at Tanjiro and noticed he was pointedly avoiding look at me, a bright blush on his face. "Tanjiro? What is..." I trailed off before looking down into my cleavage. I held in a laugh and exhaled through my nose in amusem*nt. "You alright to look, I am not mad," I teased him, still running. He shook his head furiously and practically drilled holes into the ground with his stare. 'How cute!' I happily thought, looking down at him fondly before looking forward and speeding up, causing Tanjiro to yelp and hold me tighter.

I spotted our home in the distance, exciting me and making me rush as fast as my thick ass legs could take me. BAM! Went the door as Nezuko kicked that bitch OPEN. I set Tanjiro down as he saw her walk out, calling out to her, "Nezuko! You...You're awake!" She looked over to us and walked over. Tanjiro tried reaching out to her but ate sh*t as he fell over. I held back a cackle as I kneeled down along with Nezuko, who brought us both to her chest, cradling us. "Nezuko, miss you!" I chimed happily, hugging them both. Tanjiro hiccuped before bursting into tears, "Oh, Nezuko! Why did you fall asleep like that? And why didn't you wake up for so long?! I thought you might die!" He wailed in her arms.

I chuckled before I softly gasped, feeling another set of arms embrace me. "You came back to us alive! Both of you...Came back..." Urokodaki cried, his voice relieved. I began tearing up and started crying, sobbing loudly in the warm embrace of those whom I loved so, so dearly. "DAAAAAAD!! IT VERY SCARY, I SCARED FOR LIFE IN TEST!!" I sobbed, my vocal cords practically ripping as I cried. I felt myself get pulled tighter into the hug, a large hand cradling the back of my head. I just cried harder, knowing I was loved and finally achieved the daughter-status I had always sought from the one I called Dad.

About two weeks passed by, which I happily spent bonding with Urokodaki and the Kamado siblings, drawing and singing to the Smiths or belting out to some emo-punk song, the rest of them watching on, amused. Actually, the first time I sang an English song aloudwas something I'd never forget.

It was around noon, a few days had passed since I arrived home safely with Tanjiro after the final selection. I was currently lazing around, bored as I set aside a half-finished drawing of Tanjiro. Placing the brush and ink well aside, I flopped over on my futon and sighed, bored out of my mind. 'It's been a good minute since I actually sang anything. Sure, I've hummed before, but I never really sang...Shoot bro, what's gonna be da firs song of living in da Demon Slaya universe?' I pondered to myself. "I think I'm gonna be happy goth rightnow, actually," I spoke to myself.

Just Like Heaven, Title song((A/N: And now you'll know what inspired the title of this fic, lol.))

Humming the guitar riffs, I air-drummed while playing the song in my head. "Show me, show me, show me, how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream!she said," I got up and bouncedmy head side to side to the beat. "The one that makes me laugh, she said. Threw her arms around my neck," I sighed contentedly. "Show me how you do it, and I promise you, I promise that," Tanjiro walked into the room and I pointed at him,"I'll run away with you." He looked at me with a confused smile before I spun around, "I'll run away with you."

I hummed the riffs and danced around, swinging my arms around carefreely. "Spinning on that dizzy edge, I kissed her face and kissed her head," I grabbed his hands and looked into his eyes, smiling. He softly blushed as I sang to him, "And dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow." I let go of his hands and spun around, "Why are you so far away?she said,why won't you ever know that I'm in love with you." I turned around, looking adoringly at him, "That I'm in love with you." He rubbed his head sheepishly, listening to my soft voice. Hedidn't know whatI was saying, but he knew that whatever I had said was fondly dedicated to him. "You, soft and only. You, lost and lonely. You, strange as angels," I sang, Urokodaki walking in with Nezuko trailing after him. "Dancing in the deepest oceans, twisting in the water- You're just like a dream!" I spun, before facing them again, "You're just like a dream," I said fondly, looking at them. Nezuko gave me a happy hum, Urokodaki hummedin confusion at my English, but was amused as I spun around. "Daylight licked me into shape, I must have been asleep for days! And moving lips to breathe her name, I opened up my eyes," I sighed again. "And found myself alone, alone, alone, above a raging sea. That stole the only girl I loved, and drowned her deep inside of me," I hummed, dancing in place happily. "You, soft and only. You, lost and lonely. You, just like heaven," I finished with a final twirl before giving them a mock salute and flopping back onto my futon, quietly hissing in pain as my back felt like I didn't land on any futon at all. Tanjiro and Nezuko happily clapped for me and Urokodaki chuckled before going over to begin cooking lunch.

I smiled softly to myself as I recalled that fond memory, humming the song quietly to myself. I was interrupted by the sounds of chimes outside. I got up and squealed, "Tanjiro, Dad! Sword man! Sword man!" I rushed to the Shoji door, sliding it open quickly, my short, torn-up checkered kimono skirt fluttered around my legs as the air flooded past my body. Tanjiro gasped and got up, running after me. We headed outside, watching Haganezuka, aka HAWT DAMN MAMACITA COME MY WAYYYYY walk down the dirt path, his wind chime hat-thing covering his face. I happily clapped and shook Tanjiro's shoulder. He stared dumbfounded as Haganezuke stopped in front of us, "Uh...Nice wind chimes..." "I am called Haganezuka. I am he who forged Kamado Tanjiro and Lana's katanas." Tanjiro lit up, "I...I am Kamado Tanjiro! Please, come inside."

"This is a nichirin sword," Haganezuka ignored him, unwrapping the cloth from the wooden boxes, kneeling on the ground. "Um...Please, come in," Tanjiro said nervously. "I forged these blades-" "I'll make tea," Tanjiro insisted. "The iron sand and the ore that are the materials for a nichirin sword are gathered at the mountain closest to the sun. Scarlet iron sand and scarlet ore...Both absorb sunlight." "Your furoshiki wrap is getting dirty-" "The suns shines all year on Mount Yoko...It is never cloudy and rain never falls."

He proceeded to present the other sword, MY sword! I squealed happily and crouched down next to him, looking over it. Although it was wrapped, it made me wanna open it even more! "This sword was made with the same materials found on Mount Yoko. However, the ore you chose was mined from the deepest and darkest cave near the Earth's core." "If you could just come inside-" Tanjiro pleaded."Without a doubt, the cool nature of the ore contained in the sword will refresh and cool down its user, perfect for those who struggle to contain themselves." I nodded, missing out on some words I hadn't learned yet but I understood what he said about the refreshing nature of the sword, perfect for someone who can't contain themselves, someone like me. Perfect!

"Come on, just for a second! Won't you get up off the ground- Whoa!" Tanjiro yelped as Haganezuka lifted his head, revealing his festival mask. He hummed to himself, examining Tanjiro. "OH! You're a child of brightness! Whatluck!" He exclaimed. Tanjiro shook his head, waving his hand dismissively, "No, I'm the son of Tanjuro and Kei!" "That isn't what I meant," Haganezuka said before pointing at him. "Your hair and eyes are reddish. Houses who work with fire have such children. Be happy for your good fortune." Tanjiro gripped his wrist, trying to shove it away from his face, "Oh, really? I had no idea." "That means your sword may turn red. Right, Urokodaki?" Haganezuka peeked inside. "Yes," Dad replied.

Turning to me, he looked at me as well. I grew nervous and a bit excited, what if I had something special about me, too?! "Brown hair and brown eyes aren't exactly unique, however your features, hmm.." He leaned in,"I guessed so. Your prideful, yet exhausted and sad eyes tell me everything I need to know about how you'llbe as a swordswoman.It's actually quite rare to see someone with your kind of eyes, since many are either broken, angry, arrogant, or determined,but I guess that makes you all the more special. Quite enough to inflate your ego, yes?" I blushed, nodding and looking away sheepishly as he leaned back. "Well, I can assure you that your chance of getting a white or purple blade is most likely."

Finally, he got up and headed inside, unwrapping the swords and handing them to us. Tanjiro placed down some tea and accepted the blade. My hands trembled in excitement as I gripped the clean, new sheath of my very first nichirin blade! "Go on, draw your swords," Haganezuka urged. I took a deep breath and halfway pulled outmy sword, the blade reflecting my wide, excited eyes staring back at me. "Nichirin swords are also called color-changing katana. Their color changes depending on who is holding them." I looked over as Tanjiro held up his sword, and I released the grip I had on my swords' handle to watch his.

A loud fwoosh! came from the sword as it changed to reveal a black blade. "Black," Haganezuka said blankly. "Black..." Dad repeated. Tanjiro looked worried, "Huh? Is black bad? Is it unlucky?" Haganezuka gripped at his head, yelling in disbelief as Dad explained, "No, it's not, but...That jet black is rarely seen." Haganezuka huffed in anger, yelling, "I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GET TO SEE A BRIGHT RED BLADE! DAMN!" "OW! Be careful! Please, calm down! How old are you?!" "I'm thirty-seven."

We all stared at them as Haganezuka pinned Tanjiro down. "Lana, why don't we see what's your color?" Dad told me, motioning towards my sword. "Oh! Yes, I am very happy!" I said excitedly, gripping the handle. Haganezuka sat up, curious. Tanjiro and Nezuko also looked on. I took a deep breath before unsheathing my sword and holding out the blade as well. I waited in anticipation, gasping and looking at my sword in awe as it fwooshed! to reveal..."Pink! Pink is very pretty!" I squealed to myself, satisfied with my color. "Pink?How unexpected," Haganezuka said, although he wasn't angry. "I haven't gotten a lot of pink sword users before, how exciting!" he said, clapping his hands. Dad hummed in agreement and patted my head, making me beam at him. Tanjiro smiled at me, happy for me while Nezuko hummed in delight at the color.

Suddenly, Morishi and Tanjiro's crow flew in. Tanjiro's crow squawked, "Kaw! Kamado Tanjiro! You must head for a town to the north! As a demon hunter! This is your first job!" I looked at it before glancing over to mine as it landed on my arm. "Kaw, Lana-san, you must also head for the town to the north. Your mission partner is Kamado Tanjiro! As a demon hunter, this is your first job." Morishi said, his voice a lot more velvety than Tanjiro's crow. Almost like he was humming. "Yay!" I squealed, happiness radiating off of me. "Both of you! Go and beware! In this town! Young girls are disappearing! Night after night! Girls! Girls! Disappearing!" Tanjiro's crow squawked.

Shortly after Haganezuka left, our crows showed us packages they left outside the door. After opening them, they revealed our uniforms. I happily held up the pink-tinted uniform skirt, admiring it. "I put clothes in next room," I told them, grabbing the package and heading over to my shared room with Tanjiro. I went inside, locking the door shut. I stripped off Kei's kimono, looking fondly at it before folding it and putting it into a drawer. I looked over at the uniform and excitedly put it on, starting off with the white button up, which THANKFULLY fit me, along with the pink-tinted black uniform jacket. After buttoning it up, I put on the skirt, which reached mid-thigh. I secured the belt around my waist. Emptying the rest of the package, there was a lavender-and-white checkered haori, which I requested and will wear proudly in Kei's memory,as well as small white tabi socks, WHICH WOULD DEFINITELY SHOW OFF THE SEXY-ASS LEGS I WORKED SO HARD FOR,and lavender-strapped sandals.I put everything on and spun around, smiling to myself.

Wait...I clicked my tongue, feeling my upper torso warm up quickly. I unbuttoned the first two buttons of the jacket while unbuttoning the first two as wellon the white button-up underneath.I showed nothing more than a hint of my collarbone, but overall I didn’texpose much, it was mostly for breathing room. My body heatsup REAL quick, lemme tell you.Looking over at the desk in the corner, I saw the small mirror Nezuko has gifted me when I arrived in this world for the first few days. I grabbed it gently and looked over it. Afew scratches,but overall still perfectly fine. I tucked it into the breast pocket of the uniform jacket and left the room, closing the door behind me.

I walked back to the main room to find Tanjiro slipping on his new checkered haori, Dad watching him. Nezuko was in another nearby room, under the covers since the sun was out. "Are you ready?" Dad said. Tanjiro turned around, "Hai." 'DAAAAMN, WHOO, BOY YOU GOT A BODY LIKE ALBA. WHADDUP DAWG, I'M DA ALPHA,' I cackled to myself, scanning his body, 'SHOO, BOY YOU GOT CURVES! AYYYYY BACK IT UPPP.' As my body trembled with contained laughter, Tanjiro took notice to me. "Oh! Lana, you look...!" He looked at me for a few seconds before turning away, face flushed. Dad stared at Tanjiro for a few seconds, almost as if he was glaring at him before turning to me,"Did...Did they not give you a longer skirt?" I shook my head and held up my arms, flapping my haori like a butterfly. Speaking of butterflies, I COULD NOT f*ckIN WAIT until I met Shinobu!!! I could CRY being in the presence of GODherself.

Dad sighed before beckoning us to sit down. I went over, my sandals clacking against the wood floor until I sat down on my calves. The wood pressed a bit painfully against my knees, but I held back a wince. "Demon slayer corps uniforms are made a special fabric. It breathes easily and resists both water and flame. Even the claws and fangs of lesser demons cannot rend this corps uniform." Dad reached behind him, "Also...Take this, Tanjiro." He placed the box in front of us, explaining its' purpose and the materials he used to make it. "This is mere speculation, but instead of eating the flesh of humans...Nezuko may sleep to replenish her strength." We nodded, and I admired the fine details of the box. 'As expected of Dad! His DIY skills are NO joke!!'

"Those nichirin swords of yours...Their color depends on their bearer and each color has distinct characteristics. Lana, your pink sword represents love, and one of the pillars wields one as well. It's not much of a surprise to me that your characteristics would come out in the form of this color. Many disregard pink sword users as weak, too soft-hearted for battle. But looking at you and knowing that a pillar is a pink sword user themselves, I don't have any doubt that your strength will be enough to lift up others," Dad told me, patting my head. I blushed and smiled shyly at the praise before he turned to Tanjiro. "However, very few people have black swords, so many details are unknown. So unknown...That is it said that unsuccessful swordsmen have black blades." Tanjiro looked at Dad, blinking before smiling, "I don't know how I'll do in the Demon Slayer Corps," He looked over at Nezuko, who was peeking from an open door from under her covers. "But I'm going to turn Nezuko back into a human no matter what." Dad nodded, "Yes, you're right. I have faith that you're going to make that happen." Tanjiro looked back at him, "Right."Tanjiro picked up the box, weighing it. "It's so light! It's really light, Urokodaki-san!" He got up and went over to the next room so that Nezuko would go in the box.

"Lana," Dad turned to me. I watched as he took my hand into his own, making my heart warm and swell with affection. "I know this is Tanjiro's journey, but you'll be tagging along with them the whole time, aren't you," He told me. I nodded in response, looking at him with concern. He sighed before continuing, "Be safe, will you? I know you knew that this wouldn't be an easy mission, but knowing you, you'd probably sacrifice yourself first chance you get for those two, or anyone, really. But Lana..." He trailed off. "It's okay to be selfish and put yourself first sometimes. I'm not saying abandon your comrades, though I'm sure you wouldn't do that even if I told you to, but I want you to have some self-preservation, alright?" I nodded and inhaled as I felt my eyes tear up from his fatherly worry. I sniffed and wiped my eyes with my free hand before nodding again, "Okay, Dad."

Tanjiro came back into the room, Nezuko in the box. We got up, put our swords into our belts, and Dad saw us out the door. "Alright, we'll be going now," Tanjiro said. Dad approached him, "Hold on, do you mind?" Tanjiro lifted his head up as Dad fixed his collar and adjusted his strap before putting his hands on his shoulders and nodding. He then turned to me and pulled my haori closer to me beforebrushing out my hair with his fingers. I stared at him fondly, tears welling up in my eyes before he wrapped me in a hug. "Goodbye, Dad. I'll send you letters, okay? Don't wor, don't worry about me," I hiccuped, tears running down my cheeks asI embraced my surrogate father. "Be safe, you two," he said before sending us off. I nodded, and with a shaky breath I turned to Tanjiro and nodded. We turned and began running off, waving at Dad. I waved with a face covered in snot and tears, sobs falling from my lips as he waved back, watching us disappear into the distance.

Eventually we began walking as we passed by some farming plantations, and yet I was still crying. "Lana, don't worry! We'll see Urokodaki-san again! And you'll be sending letters, right? You're still going to communicate with him!" Tanjiro said worriedly, trying to calm me down. I nodded but the tears wouldn't stop, "Tanjiroo," I whimpered, "It has past many minutes, but I miss Dad." He sighed and smiled at me before looking ahead, "Nezuko, are you alright?" We heard two slow knocks from the box, Tanjiro turning his head back, "Nezuko?" he thought for a moment before nodding, "Nezuko...You get lots of rest."

I softly smiled at Tanjiro before looking up at the bright ass sky and wiping my tears. 'We'll encounter Muzan soon, and what will I do then? I don't know,' I looked over at Tanjiro, walking beside me. 'What am I gonna do against the temari demon and the monk-looking one? I hope I don't get too hurt, I'd hate to be a handicap in the beginning of the series. Nezuko can heal, and Tanjiro has plot armor, but what do I have?' I looked up again, before a small smirk grew on my face. 'I know, power of HORNY! PERIODT, BRUH AIN'T NO ONE GONNA f*ck WIT DA NYMPHO,' I laughed to myself silently. 'Nah, seriously though, I need to figure something out. I have NO idea what the hell to do. sh*t, I mean, maybe I can out-dance them, f*ck bro I'm gonna be bustin' it out to Hip or Likey, LMAO. Hell yeah, YA'LL HOES ARE NOOOT READY FOR MY BAD BITCH ENERGY, PERIYAT,' I cackled.

We eventually made it to the town, and I excitedly looked over the bridge to spot the docking area. "Ohhh sh*t, yo gurl boutago CRAZY," I grinned under my breath, looking over at the town. Tanjiro and I walked past various stalls and houses. As we walked, we passed by the staggering guy who lost his fiance. "Tanjiro, wait," I said, pausing as we overheard some ladies whisper to each other. "Look, Kazumi is so pitifully haggard." "Because he was with Satoko when she disappeared." I didn't hesitate as I ran up to Kasumi, tapping his shoulder, making him turn to me. "Excuse me, but I need ask you about girls gone," I asked shyly. He stared blankly at me before nodding. Tanjiro came up to us and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm her partner. We'd like to talk to you about the girl disappearing around here." Kazumi shrugged before turning around and walking, "This way," he muttered. We looked at each other before following after him.

"This is where Satoko disappeared. You may not believe me, but..." "We believe you!" Tanjiro exclaimed, turning to him. "We absolutely believe you! Truly!" Tanjiro said, getting on all fours and sniffing at the ground. Kazumi looked at him in disbelief before I spoke up, "Do not worry, he smell and find girls." Kazumi snapped back to Tanjiro, a look of disgust on his face. I smacked my head and shook my head furiously, "Sorry, not good speak Japanese. He smell and help!" I frantically said, struggling to remember phrases. Kazumi deadpanned before nodding in understanding.

Soon, it became night, and I knew sh*t would GO DOWN. "F in the chat for my girl, uhhhh, I don't know her name but she's getting taken right now," I said to myself as Tanjiro suddenly smelled something. We both started running off, Tanjiro jumping high onto a roof. "What?! Tanjiro, how you do that?!" I yelped, frustrated. "Jump straight up! It's like jumping at demons, but just your body and no sword!" He called back. I did as he said, kicking off with the same force as I would if I used seventhform. I kicked a bit too hard, causing me to fly in the air, a few feetabove the height of Tanjiro on the roof. "OH SHIIIIIT," I cried,rotating my body as I fell, hitting the roof on my feet, running. I breathed heavily as my hands shook from the adrenaline. "Lana! Are you alright?!" Tanjiro cried out as I caught up to him. "Yeah- Uh, Yes!"

Tanjiro jumped down, which I followed as we looked around the area, guards up. Unfortunately, I did not, in fact, have Tanjiro's incredible smelling abilities, so I just watched him as he stabbed the ground, revealing the girl. He grabbed her quickly and jumped back as the swamp demon revealed itself, a sickening hissing sound coming from its arm where Tanjiro cut it. "Where are the girls you kidnapped?!" Tanjiro demanded. "Also, tell me about-" He was cut off by the demon gnashing its teeth, a horrid screeching sound that made me wince. It re-submerged back into the inky puddle and vanished. "Tanjiro! Give girl to Kazumi! I help!" I told him, motioned to the unconscious girl in his arms as I unsheathed my pink sword. 'Ohhhh my god I CANNOT get over how pretty my sword is!! BRO, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! HAGANEZUKA, BRO IF YOU ASKED I'D GLADLY SUCK YO TOES IN EXCHANGE FOR THESE PRETTY ASS SWORDS TO KEEP COMING MY WAY!' I scream internally, admiring the blade before positioning my body on guard. Tanjiro complied, telling Kazumi, "Kazumi-san! Take her and stay by me! If you stay inside our reach, we can protect you!"

After handing the girl to Kazumi, Tanjiro and I stood ready to defend. He sniffed the air and I clutched my sword tightly. "Up!" Tanjiro yelled, jumping up as two emerged from the ground, grabbing at him. I jumped as well, avoiding one that reached out to me, screaming, "f*ckin' FOUL MAN! YOU DON'T SNEAK UP ON A BADDIE LIKE DAT, DUMBASS-" I lifted my sword, "-BITCH!" Tanjiro and I slammed our swords down as water rushed past us. 'Eight form, waterfall basin!' Tanjiro and I both ended up slicing too shallowly, however I hacked off the forearm and belowof the demon who attack me! He snarled at me before they all sank back down. "Tanjiro! What do you smell?!" I asked, frantically looking around, paranoid. "I smell-" He jumped around to find a demon behind him.

As I stared at him, I felt someone grab my leg. I snapped my head down to find one of the demons gripping my leg, grinning hungrily at me. "EEEWWW, FOUUUUUUL!!" I shrieked, wiggling my leg and slashing down at the demon's arm. "DON'T TOUCH WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD, DUMBASS!" I angrily cried, successfully hacking off his arm. He hissed at me and reached out with hiss other arm. I jumped up, coming back down with a harsh slice! 'First form, water surface slash!' I cut into the demon's scalp, making him hiss in pain and slither back into the swamp.

Another merged from it's place, fully healed. I got ready to strike when I was interrupted by himyelling, "YOU BASTARD!" I turned to see Tanjiro looking at the demon, another one behind him. "DON'T INTERFFFFEEERE! YOU'LL RRRUIN THE GIRL'S FFFFRESHHHHNESSS!" He hissed at him. "SHE ISSS ALREADY SSSIXTEEN YEARSSS OLD! SHE GETS LESSS AND LESSSS TASSSSSTY WITH EACH MOMENT THAT PASSSSES!" "I mussst calm down," The other demon behind Tanjiro cooly hissed to himself. "Oh well, nevermind. There's alwayssss tonight." The demon leaned on hisarms, smirking, "I've eaten quite a few sssixteen-year-old girlsss in this town, they were all meaty and quite tassssty! Good enough for me." "WELL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!! I'M STILL HUNGRY!!" The other cried, aggravated. Kazumi muttered to himself in horrific realization, "You monster...Let Satoko go, you took her two nights ago!" The third demon rose from a roof, gnashing his teeth again. "Satoko? Who isss that?" The calm one asked, pulling his robe aside to reveal the set of hairpins. "If her hairpin is among this collection, I've already eaten her." I looked at the various hairpins, finding them all beautiful. Kazumi looked on in despair as he saw Satoko's ribbon. Tanjiro looked on in horror, remembering his family, remembering human Nezuko.

The other demon had enough and charged at Tanjiro, his fingers pointed at him. Tanjiro dodged, making the demon slam his hand deep into the wall. Tanjiro took this chance to slash off his arm, however another demon jumped behind him. "You sssshouldn't get ssso distracted, little girl," the other demon hissed at me. I turned around with a yelp, sword at hand. "You ssssmell ripe, much like the other girlssss I've devoured. Tell me, are you sssixteen already? You ccccertainly look quite developed," The demon said, licking his lips before swimming towards me. I shivered in disgust before jumping up and SLAMMING my foot down on his head. I heard a crack as his jaw hit the ground. He spat blood and...a CHUNK OF SOMETHING- Girl...I guess he bit off his tongue when I slammed his head down. "Dumbass mothaf*cka, keep that damn mouth CLOSED SIS!" I rolled my eyes. He coughed out, "Hah ahp, humahh guhh (Shut up, human girl.)" My eyes widened at his English. "Oh sh*t, wait you can understand me-?" I didn't get to finish my sentence as he sunk back down.

'Well, I mean Muzan's powers are pretty powerful, not only in strength, I guess,' I thought to myself before hearing a slam! as Nezuko kicked her door open, twisting a demons head behind Tanjiro. The demon before rose up again, looking in confusion at Nezuko. "Why isss a human...Carrying a demon?" He sank back down, leaving Nezuko to jump out of her box. If those demons can understand me...Then maybe..."Nezuko, that was so amazing! GOOD JOB, KWEEN!" I praised, running up to her. She hummed at me in delight before turning to face Kazumi and the other girl. He flinched as she came up to them, holding out her hands gently. She cradled them, staring into space fondly. My heart ached, she must have been thinking of...Of Takeo and Hanako. Remembering them and imagining their crying faces hurt me, and made me tear up in sorrow and regret. I sniffed and wiped my eyes, smearing tears across my lashes.

"Nezuko..." Tanjiro said before she turned and furiously began to attack the swamp demon. "GO KWEEN! f*ck THEM UPPP!" I praised, choking back a few sobs as I stared at my lil baby kicking ASS. "Nezuko! Don't follow it! Come back!" Tanjiro called, Nezuko turning and complying. A demon reached out to grab her before she flipped over him. "PERIYAAAAAAT," I screamed, clapping my hands aggressively. All of a sudden, black ink appeared under Tanjiro, who sunk into it. "NEZUKO, LANA! I'M GOING UNDER, PROTECT THEM!" He cried before being swallowed by the void. Nezuko and I stared at each other before we turned, hearing a murky sound appear from behind us. The third demon rose up from the swamp, immediately charging at us. I nodded at her and positioned my blade, ready to defend. "BAD BITCH MODE, ACTIVATE!" I screamed, rushing at him with Nezuko at my side.

...To be continued...

Chapter 9: The Biggest SIMP of the Demon Species


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Author's Note: OKAY, UHHHH I HAVE NO EXCUSES FOR WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN IN THIS CHAPTER, BEAR WITH ME. Also, if this chapter made you uncomfortable, I suggest maybe dropping this story altogether. There's gonna be A LOT more moments of thirsting. And not just over Tanjiro. Also, Lana sings again, but this time we cry, lol. I think I might do that, just throw in the reader randomly singing songs I enjoy while crying or being a crackhead. Sorry if it's a bit annoying tho :////

Warning: Swearing, 16 y/o Lana thirsting over 15 y/o Tanjiro, Lana crying AGAIN (Will I ever give her a break? HELL no, she's gonna cry HER LIL HEART OUT!)

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Chapter Text


Nezuko and I stared at each other before we turned, hearing a murky sound appear from behind us. The third demon rose up from the swamp, immediately charging at us. I nodded at her and positioned my blade, ready to defend. "BAD BITCH MODE, ACTIVATE!" I screamed, rushing at him with Nezuko at my side.

Nezuko and I repeatedly attacked the demon, Nezuko sending multiple hits in-between my slashes. I was careful not to cut her as I shallowly nicked the demon with my sword. As Nezuko jumped back in to swing at him, the demon took his chance to slash her face. "NEZUKO! f*ck!" I cried out, pushing her behind me as the demon pointed his nails at us, charging for a killing blow. I was ready to give my life for Nezuko, even if I knew she'd be able to regenerate. 'Anything for her,' I whimpered, staring right into the face of death until the demon's arms were sliced off, Tanjiro landing between us. "HANDS OFF MY GIRLS," Tanjiro yelled, glaring at the demon.

'His...Girls? Not, "My sister"?' I thought to myself, blushing as I processed what Tanjiro called us. I held my face in my hands and smiled softly, 'That's nice, I like that...' I snapped out of my thoughts when the demon thumped against the wooden fence. "You guys stink like rotten oil, it's a foul smell!" 'AY, PERIODT! YA'LL BITCHESREEK.' "How many people have you killed?!" Tanjiro yelled. I went over to Nezuko and looked over her steaming wound, pressing a kiss to her forehead in apology for my slow movements. She embraced me and nuzzled me, letting me know it wasn't my fault. "IF YOU LET WOMEN AGE, THEY GET UGLY AND TASTE TERRIBLE! THAT'SSS WHY WE ATE THEM!! YOU SHOULD THANK USSS!" The demon growled. 'Aye, shut the f*ck up. Being old isn't a bad thing,' I thought to myself, thinking of Dad. Sigh...I miss him bro.

"GYAH!" The demon cried as Tanjiro slit that mofos mouth. "That's enough," Tanjiro coldly said, a scary look on his face. 'Oh maaaan, Tanjiro that was f*cking hot,' I groaned internallyto myself, blushing. sh*t bro, I had a THING for boys who're hella soft but can TEAR YOUR ASS APART if you make them angry. Well, that's one thing, at least. There is, um, many, MANY more types I have a thing for...Cough...

"Tell me about Muzan Kibutsuji," Tanjiro demanded, pointing his blade near the demon's throat. "I c-can't," the demon trembled. "I CAN'T TELL YOU! I CAN'T TELL YOU! ICAN'TTELLYOUICAN'TTELLYOU!" He cried fearfully, shaking his head. I stared pitifully at him before slicing his head cleanly off, noticing his arms were beginning to regenerate. Tanjiro stared at me in shock before nodding his thanks and going over to a passed out Nezuko. As he tended to her, I got on my knees in front of the demon's decaying corpse and prayed, 'Please send this poor soul to a peaceful life. I don't know his story, but a demon's life is always something to pity. Maybe, just maybe, he can be redeemed as well.'

The sun began to rise, the sky lightening. I got up and brushed myself off, flicking away the small rocks stuck onto my bare knees. Looking over to Kazumi, he sat the sleeping girl against the wall and kneeled down, falling on his knees. I felt sorry for him as I looked at his empty expression, know that he knows his fiance was eaten. Tanjiro crouched down in front of him and I stood behind him. "Kazumi-san...Are you alright?" Kazumi didn't speak for a moment before choking out, "...I've lost my betrothed...DoyouthinkI'm all right?" Tanjiro looked at him sympathetically, "...Kazumi-san..." He sighed, "You may lose again and again, but you still have to keep living. No matter how beaten down you may be." Kazumi grabbed Tanjiro's haori in a fit of anger, yelling, "WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! YOU'RE JUST A KID!" I stared down at them sadly as Tanjiro smiled sadly at him, making my heart ache. Kazumi gasped as Tanjiro gently removed his hand and stood up. "We're going now. Here," He handed him the hairpin collection. "I hope you find something of Satoko's in here. To remember her by." Kazumi held it to his chest and stared in shock and Tanjiro bowed and began walking away. Before I followed him, I crouched down as well. "Kazumi, you strong boy. Be safe, goodbye," I smiled, tears in my eyes. I bowed and hurried after Tanjiro.

"I'M SORRY FOR SAYING SUCH A MEAN THING! PLEASE, FORGIVE ME! I'M SORRY!" Kazumi cried out. We turned back and waved at him, a smile on my face. "See ya!" He stared after up with tears running down his face. As Tanjiro and I walked out of the town, our crows flew on our shoulders. "Morishi! Welcome back!" I cried out happily, taking him into my arms. "NEXT YO GO TO ASAKUSA IN TOKYO!" Tanjiro's crow squawked. "RUMORS TELL OF A DEMON HIDING THERE! KAAW!" I winced and looked over at Morishi, waiting for him to speak. "Lana-san, you are also assigned on this mission. Accompany Kamado Tanjiro and investigate the rumor," he hummed. I nodded and stroked his feathers. He nuzzled into me as Tanjiro said, "Huh? I'm off on my next job already?" "YES! GO!" the crow squawked. "Wait a second!" He cried before his crow began pecking at him, "NO WAITING!"I laughed before Morishi and Tanjiro's crow flew off. I sighed and leaned my head on Tanjiro's shoulder. "No stop, huh. I am tired, but we keep going," I smiled tiredly. Tanjiro nodded and patted my head, "Don't worry Lana, we'll rest soon." I sighed and nodded, moving forward.

((A/N: Another song!! lol, you can skip if you want. It's just something I wanted to throw in, cuz it's def something I'd do. I'd actually REALLY appreciate it if you can give the song a listen! It personally makes me bawl like a baby, lol.))Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (1) Sad emo song reader sings, lol

We walked on, and I began singing to myself as no one would judge me except Tanjiro or Nezuko, but even then they would never say anything as long as I didn't do anything weird or extreme. "Breathin’ but I’ve been dyin’ inside. Nothin’ new and nothin’ feels right. Deja vu, so I close my eyes. Let the demon sing me a lullaby," I hummed softly. "Today’s a present that I don’t want, so I’m wonderin’ in this world. Am I really the only one? Who’s been wantin’ to hide out from the sun, and run," I sighed, looking up at the sun above us. "When we live a life, always dreamin’ for a dream to come true. So I live this life, wanting somethin’ I can’t see, and something I can’t reach Or somethin’ that could not exist," I sang, my voice growing louder.

"I feel like I became a zombie. Not alive, but I’m still walkin’. When the sunrise is upon me," my voice cracked, "I’ll be waitin’ for the day to pass by, oh why." I began tearing up, my heart aching. "I became a zombie. And there’s nothing that can cure me. So tomorrow, I know I’ll be...Just the same you’ll see me wishin’ to stop, and close, my eyes," I sang, my voice shaking. Tanjiro looked over at me in concern as I began crying softly. But I continued, "Yeah this is my life, always dreamin’ for a dream to come true. This meaningless life! Wanting somethin’ I can’t see, and something I can’t reach, or somethin’ that could not exist!" I shook, trying to keep my voice steady. "I feel like I became a zombie! Not alive, but I’m still walkin’. When the sunrise is upon me...I’ll be waitin’ for the day to pass by, oh why," My voice wavered. "I became a zombie...And there’s nothing that can cure me. So tomorrow I know I’ll be, just the same you’ll see me wishin’ to stop and close my eyes."

I choked back a sob, "No more of this, I wanna cry! Dried out but feel like I should cry, tell the world that I’m still here tonight!Oh, oh," I cried. "I feel like I became a zombie. Not alive, but I’m still walkin’. When the sunrise is upon me, I’ll be waitin’ for the day to pass by, oh why." I sniffled, my voice growing softer, almost sounding like I gave up on something,"I became a zombie...And there’s nothing that can cure me. So tomorrow I know I’ll be, just the same, you’ll see me wishin’ to stop, and close, my eyes-" I sobbed, tearing pouring out nonstop.

Tanjiro stopped walking and rushed over to me, putting a hand on my shoulder as I cried. "Lana?! Are you alright? What's wrong? Don't cry!" He said, scanning my face as I wiped my flowing tears. "Nothing, Tanjiro. I sing sad song, make me cry," I sniffled, laughing and sobbing at the same time. He sighed and smiled, patting my head. "Oh, you. You always cry no matter what." I wrapped my arms around him and sniffled into his shoulder. "Sorry Imake you worry. I just feel emotion overflow," I said as he wrapped his arms around me. We stayed like that for a few seconds before I let go, taking a shaky breath and nodding that I was okay. Wiping my tears, I grabbed Tanjiro's hand as we began walking to Tokyo.

Two days had passed until we finally arrived at Asakusa, Tokyo. We made small camps and rented inns as we traveled, but finally, we're here! I stuck close to Tanjiro and Nezuko as we passed by all the bright lights. I gasped as I spotted a cute scent store. Looking over at Tanjiro and Nezuko, I resisted the temptation and grabbed Tanjiro's other hand, his other one holding Nezuko's. They tiredly walked through the city, pushing past the people walking by. I shook my head at their staggering bodies before I began dragging them into the city.

As we jogged, we passed an empty street, the udon cart being the only thing there. I turned and slowed down, letting go of Tanjiro's hand to order udon. Looking over at the stall worker, I spoke up, "Excuse me, udon, please. Plain," I ordered before turning to Tanjiro and Nezuko, who haggardly stumbled after me. "What you want?" I asked them. "Yamakake udon, please..." Tanjiro ordered. The man nodded and went inside the cart to prepare our meals.

We sat down at a bench, cups full of water in our handsand I noticed Tanjiro wrapped a scarf around his head. "Tanjiro, when you get scarf-" I began to ask, but Tanjiro suddenly stood up and ran off, leaving me with a sleeping Nezuko. "sh*t!" I hissed to myself and I jumped up, looking back at Nezuko before taking off after Tanjiro. I ran to the intersection at the end of the street, looking around for Tanjiro. "sh*t, which way did he go?!" I cried, frantically looking around. "Uh-f*ck it, right!" I sped off to my right, pushing past people and repeatedly chanting, "Excuse me, sorry! Excuse me, sorry!"

My anxiety was through the ROOF as I searched for Tanjiro, getting yelled at and shouted at for pushing people around, hell, I even accidentally stole someone's shawl. I began to sweat as I kept pushing, nervous and scared. "Daddy!" I heard a little girl call out, and I snapped my head to find Tanjiro, hand on his blade staring in horror at the little girl in Muzan Kibutsuji's arms. I pushed, getting near him as I saw Muzan and his wife say something. Probably that Tanjiro was lost. I gasped as I saw Muzan's hand slash at the person behind him, slicing his neck.

"Ugh!" the man cried as his wife worried over him. I pushed faster, desperate to do something. Tanjiro and I were too late, he already bit into his wife. Thankfully, Tanjiro was able to tackle him and stuff his new scarf into the demon's mouth. "Dear!!" the woman cried out fearfully. I raced over and using the shawl I accidentally stole, I pressed it to the woman's wound. She cried out in pain, but I rapidly spoke to her, "Sorry, Ma'am! Bear with it! Blood need stop!" "Lana, good! Keep applying pressure, I'll try to hold him down!" Tanjiro yelled, noticing me. As Tanjiro pressed the demon down, I watched him lift his head, yelling at Muzan. "MUZAN KIBUTSUJI! WHEREVER YOU GO, YOU WON'T GET AWAY FROM ME!" He cried furiously. "I'LL FOLLOW YOU TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL AND YOUR NECK WILL FEEL THE EDGE OF MY SWORD!"

I watched, scared as police began to come our way, yelling, "YOU TWO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" "ARE THEY DRUNK?! BREAK IT UP!" A police officer came towards me, and I yelped, "WAIT! I HELP STOP BLOOD! LADY HURT! HELP RED BOY, MAN ATTACK LADY!" He scoffed and tried ripping me off the lady, "A foreigner? Americans, should've never made a treaty with them." I gawked at him before getting up and slapping him, "Racist ass motherf*cker!PUTA CHINGADO! CHINGADO TU MADRE, PINCHE GUEY!" I screamed, ready to throw hands.

Suddenly the air was flooded with the calming scent of flowers as patterns of them surrounded me. Tamayo and Yushiro stepped in front of Tanjiro and I, Yushiro looking at us low-key disgusted. "You two...Still use the word "person" and "man" for demons. Andyou try to help them..." Tamaya gently grasped her steaming wrist, "So I shall helpyou." I got up and calmed down, walking over to Tanjiro and helping him up. He thanked me before looking at them. "...Why? You...Your scent is-" "Indeed, I...I am a demon, and also a doctor. And I would also see Kibutsuji obliterated." I went over to them and bowed lowly, "Thank you for helping us. We really appreciate it." Tamayo shook her headwhile Yushiro scowled at me. 'Whateva, the opinions of simps that aren't my own have no VALUE to me. Periodt,'I rolled my eyes internally at Yushiro before getting up and walking away from the crime scene, Tanjiro following after me.

"Listen! What I'm trying to say isn't about money! What I can't accept is that you won't eat my udon!" Tanjiro and I went back, only to find the udon man yelling at Nezuko, who stared at him confused. I jogged up to them putting a hand on the man's shoulder. "Excuse me, weback for the udon!" I said politely. "Me too! I'll take another bowl though!" Tanjiro added, grabbing the chopsticks from the man's grasp. He silently nodded and gave us 3bowls, one for me and two for Tanjiro. After we finished, I wiped my mouthand thanked the man. "Excuse me, but can I have one bowl to go?" I requested, low-key REALLY liking the udon. He nodded and served me a small covered bamboo tub, full of udon. Tanjiro and I paid, and while we walking away Tanjiro waved and yelled, "Thanks for the meal! It was delicious!" The udon man yelled back, "As long as you get that, fine! Come again!"

As we walked down the empty street, Tanjiro turned to Nezuko, "Sorry to leave you alone, Nezuko." I apologized too, "Yes, I really sorry. Your idiot brother ran off, I worry for him." Tanjiro gawked at me while Nezuko and I giggled. She suddenly stopped, tugging Tanjiro back. He yelped and looked in front of us to find Yushiro. Nezuko glared at him, but I put a hand on her shoulder. "Nezuko, he is okay, he is friend," I told her. She looked over to me and relaxed, though still a bit wary of Yushiro. "Friend? As if," Yushiro scoffed before pointing at Nezuko, "And isn't she a demon? What's more, she's a hag." 'Oh,HELL no.' "EXC-YOOOZ ME?!" I snapped, pointing a finger at him. "NEZUKO IS A MOTHA-f*ckIN' KWEEN!YOU SHOULD BE BOWING BEFORE HER TINY, SOCK-COVERED FEET, PEASANT!" I said, disgusted. Tanjiro had just realized what he'd called Nezuko before following my lead, "NEZUKOOO?! SHE'S NOT UGLY!! TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THOSE FEATURES! NEZUKO WAS KNOWN AS THE TOWN BEAUTY!" "PERIYAT!" I yelled. "Let's go," Yushiro said, ignoring us. "OKAY, BUT CALLING HER A HAG IS WAY OUT OF LINE! LOOK AT HER SOMEPLACE WITH BETTER LIGHT! LIKE OVER THERE!" Tanjiro squawked.

"BRO, ON MY LIFE,I WOULD'VE JUMPED YO ASS IN A HEARTBEAT IF I DIDN'T KNOW HOW YOU'RE GONNA FEEL LATER ON. I LIVED NEAR COMPTON, MOTHER f*ckER! I'LL JUMP YOUR ASS, CUZ!" I screamed as Yushiro lead us in front of a wall. "MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE OF THIS MUZZLE! LOOK AT HER AGAIN AFTER I TAKE THIS OUT!!" Tanjiro yelled, holding Nezuko's face. I watched as Yushiro vanished into the wall. I shrugged at Tanjiro's shocked face and went after him, a shiver going through my body as I passed the portal-thingy. I met with Yushiro, and I stared in awe at the large house in front of me.

"Move aside," Yushiro ordered. I gaped at him as he talked to me in English. He stuck his head into the wall, making me laugh at how stupidit looked. "This is like a real-life sh*tpost," I chuckled to myself as Yushiro came back, Tanjiro and Nezuko entering as well. "Over here," Yushiro said, annoyed. "Listen, make sure you don't offend that person in any way," suddenly, he flashed in front of us. "Personally, I couldn't care less what happens to you, but I brought you here because she insisted!" "R-right!"Tanjiro said nervously. I booped his nose, "You talk alotta sh*t for someone who's in c*mshot distance, pal." He smacked my hand and growled at me before entering the house, knocking first. "Watch it! You could've knocked over my udon..." I complained.

"We're back," Yushiro announced. "Welcome back," Tamayo replied. Tanjiro took notice of the woman on the bed, the lady from earlier! "Oh! Are they alright? Sorry to just leave them to you." Tamayo looked down at the lady and pressed a hand to her forehead. "This woman will be alright. But her husband...It's unfortunate, but we must confine him to an underground cell." "Isn't it hard for you to treat people's wounds?- Ow!" Tanjiro got elbowed by Yushiro aggressively. "Are you suggesting the smell of flesh as we treat humans makes us drool?"I pulled Tanjiro close to me, huffing at Yushiro, "He just asked a question. Most of the demons we encountered weren't as civilized as you, so obviously he couldn't help but wanna know." Tanjiro looked up at me, confused that I was speaking to him in English so casually. Yushiro glared at me, not replying. "Enough, why are you being so violent?" Tamayo said, getting up from her chair.

She turned to us, saying, "I did not tell you my name. My name is Tamayo, this boy is Yushiro. Please, try to get along." I nodded before smiling at her, "I'm Lana. He's Tanjiro, and she's Nezuko, his little sister- Oops,Sorry, Tanjiro. I rude to speak for you," I apologized to Tanjiro, realizing I got too excited. He waved me off with a smile before glancing over to Yushiro nervously. Yushiro had this angry-ass expression on his face, but I didn't give a flying f*ck. I slid up to him and grabbed his hand, looking up at him with a sweet smile, "Thank you for bring us here, Yushiro-kun! Let usget along!" 'I swear to GAWD Yushiro, you better cut yo sh*t before I BEAT IT OUTTA YOU. I still luv u tho, mwah!'I said in my head. He looked over at Tamayo, who was watching us with a smile before he begrudgingly nodded, gritting his teeth,"Fine." This pleased Tamayo, who then turned back to Tanjiro, "To answer your question, it isn't hard, I just think it is considerably easier than for normal demons. I...have altered my body and removed Kibutsuji's curse." Tanjiro furrowed his brows, "Altered your body? Pardon me."

Tamayo removed her apron, replying, "I no longer need to feed upon people in orderto survive. It is enough to drink just a little human blood." Tanjiro set Nezuko's box aside, and I joined Nezuko to roll on the floor, setting my udon on a table. "Blood? That's..." Tanjiro said worriedly. "You may think it's disgusting, but we buy blood from people in need of money, telling them it's for blood transfusions. Of course, we never take so much that it harms them." I sighed boredly and laid my head on Nezuko's stomach, wanting to nap. "HUH?! You did?! But...Huh?!" Tanjiro exclaimed in shock. 'Oh, are they talking about how Tamayo made Yushiro a demon?' I thought drowsily.

I drifted off for a quick nap before jolting awake at the sound of Tanjiro falling over as Yushiro yelled, "Don't get close to Tamayo!" I sat up and yawned, looking over at my udon before realizing, 'Awe, sh*t. The demons are gonna be here soon! MY UDON! NOOOOOO!' I wept internally. I got up and grabbed it, cradling it to my chest as Tamayo scolded Yushiro for throwing Tanjiro. I sat down next to Tanjiro, udon in my lap. "Every injury and illness has a medicine or treatment. However, at present, making a demon humon again is impossible." I blinked at her and Tanjiro sat up.

She continued, "Nonetheless, we want to establish a treatment. To do so, we need to study lots of demon blood. I want to ask two things of you, Tanjiro. One...I want to examine your sister's blood. Two," She looked towards me as well, "I'll need you both to gather a sample from a demon with a high concentration of Kibutsuji's blood. Right now, Nezuko is in an extremely rare and special condition. I understand that she slept for two years, so her body must have changed during that time."

She looked at Nezuko before going back to us, "Usually, if a demon cannot ingest human flesh or animal meat for such a long time, it will grow violent, without fail. But surprisingly, Nezuko doesn't have those symptoms. I think this miracle will prove to be the key." 'Hehe, SIMPtoms...LMAO IF BEING A SIMP WAS A DISEASE, YUSHIRO AND ZENITSU WOULD BE WHAT? WOULD BE W H A T!?DEAD.' I cackled internally. "Actually, maybe me too..." I mumbled to myself aloud. "Lawd knows the eradication of the baddest bitch in this universe, aka me, would be devastating..."

"Oh, that reminds me. Yushiro, do you think you can spare one of your tags for Lana-san? I'm sure you know what I mean," Tamayo said, turning to Yushiro. He blushed and nodded, flicking a paper on a needle at me. It stuck onto my cheek. I plucked the needle off before slapping the paper onto my cheek, my oily-ass face making it stick. "What's this?" I asked before slapping a hand over my mouth in shock. I spoke Japanese! I mean, I already knew how to say that phrase, but I said it FLUENTLY. Like, no accent! I SOUNDED LIKE AN ANIME CHARACTER HOLY- "Holy...Holy sh*t! I'm speaking fluently?! YOOO THANKS YUSHIRO! YOU'RE THE MAC DADDY!" I squealed, leaning over and grasping Yushiro's hands, the udon sliding off my lap and into the floor smoothly. He looked away, but he didn't push me or anything. "It's nothing, thank lady Tamayo. I only did it because she asked and you were being really annoying! Not that you'll stop now," He groaned. I beamed before turning to Tanjiro, who watched on, amazed. "Tanjiro! I can talk to you without struggling now! Can you believe it?!" I laughed, nudging him. He beamed at me and patted my head, "I'm so glad! I'm very happy for you, Lana!"

Tamayo chuckled before sighing, "I didn't want to interrupt the happy moment, but I must tell you that the other task of retrieving demon blood will be difficult. A demon with a high concentration of Kibutsuji's blood...Means a demon close in strength to Kibutsuji. It won't be easy to steal blood from such a demon, but will you still try?" Tanjiro and I looked at each other, nodding. "Studying blood from many demons to make a medicine...If that's the only way, I'll do it." I rose a brow, "Tanjiro, we're in this. Together." "Lana...You don't have to, I won't force you to be apart of this-" "And you're not. If I didn't want to do this with you, then I would've left a long time ago when Nezuko first became a demon. I could've fled to the village, I could've let Giyuu kill her, although I highly doubt that would've happened since you were there, and there wasso much more I could've done if I wanted out of this. Tanjiro," I grabbed his hand. "When I say, "I love you," I want you to know that it means you'll never get rid of me, even if you tried. Actually, if you really wanted me to leave, I would. Just for you, Tanjiro. Your happiness and Nezuko's welfare," I paused, looking down for a moment before raising my head. "-It's what I prioritize over my own life. I have no value compared to how much I adore you," I finished, tears in my eyes and my heart on my sleeve.

Tanjiro stared at me, speechless. Nezuko stayed quiet, although she gazed at me with sad eyes. Yushiro and Tamayo stayed out of it, though I could see Yushiro looking at me with something similar to respect and kinship. "Lana, I-" "GET DOWN!" Yushiro yelled. As he said this, he cradled Tamayo as Tanjiro cradled Nezuko. Before Tanjiro could grab me, I threw myself over both of them as the tinging of a temari ball rang all around the room, along with loud bashing as the ball destroyed the room. "HOOOOLY SHIIIIIT!" I shrieked, fearful for my life.

Yes, I feared for my life although I just spoke about not giving a damn of mine over Nezuko's and Tanjiro's. But I was still a human being, and I admit that I'm extremely selfish. But that doesn't mean I'd let my fear take over what I want. And what do I want? You might ask. Or not, since you might already know. But what I truly want, is...To live this life, being myself and ensuringa happy future for as many people as I can, spreading my love and adoration to everyone who deserves it, who needs it. Then, I'd be able to die without regrets. Maybe.

...To be continued...

Chapter 10: These Are Not The Kinda Balls I Wanted to Bounce in My Face!


Reader cries again, udon do b jumpin tho.


Author's Note: Hell ye, ya'll KNOW what time it is. Also, my mouth watered and I honestly did feel sick as I typed out the gore scene, but I wanted to be descriptive as possible. I'm putting a warning before and after the scene, so you can easily just skip over the paragraph if you know you don't want to imagine that.Thank you for supporting me! <3333 Enjoy <333

Warning: Swearing, graphic descriptions of gore

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


And what do I want? You might ask. Or not, since you might already know. But what I truly want, is...To live this life, being myself and ensuring a happy future for as many people as I can, spreading my love and adoration to everyone who deserves it, who needs it. Then, I'd be able to die without regrets. Maybe.

As the Temari ball smashed the walls, one in particular caught my eye. I watched in horror, time slowing down as I watched it get near my udon. "NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I cried out, devastated as it slammed on the ground near the udon, causing it to fly as the ground broke apart. I reached out, horrified as the bamboo tub flew in the air before landing on the ground. "OH THANK GAWD!" I cried happily, the cover still secured on the tub, nothing spilling out. Once the balls stopped bouncing off the walls, I scrambled to grab my udon, cradling it to my chest. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! YOU GOT ALL WORKED UP FORUDON?!" Yushiro yelled, looking at me angrily.

"KYA HAHAH! FOUND YOOOU!" The temari demon cackled sinisterly, bouncing a ball before hurling another one at us."LANA! WATCH OUT!" Tanjiro cried out, still covering Nezuko. I curled over my udon, my arms covering my head and my knees tucked under my body. I looked up as Yushiro got decapitated by a ball as he stood up, Tanjiro yelling his name in horror. I shrieked as a ball slammed right in front of my face, missing my head by 8 inches.

"Lana!!!" Tanjiro cried. I trembled, scared for my life as the bouncing eventually stopped. I shakily got up as Tanjiro pushed himself up, telling Nezuko, "NEZUKO!! GET THE WOMAN ASLEEP BACK THERE SOMEWHERE SAFE OUTSIDE! LANA!" I turned towards him, nodding as we unsheathed our swords. 'f*ck, I better survive this without a smashed finger or I'm gonna get a BEATING!! That, and I'll be in agony, so let's try to avoid that?!'

"So the demon slayer with the earrings...Is you," the woman smirked. Tanjiro realized that she was after him, turning around to face Tamayo and Yushiro's collapsed body. She looked down at Yushiro, saying, "Tanjiro, don't worry about us, just fight. We'll be fine even if you don't protect us." She looked off, "We are demons after all." "ANOTHER ONE!!" I yelled as the demon threw another ball at us.Tanjiro used the seventh water-breathing form, rapidly stabbing the ball. I winced as he just ended up getting Bonked! by the ball.

I watched in morbid fascination as Yushiro's neck grew back, blood, bone, muscle, and skin melding together to form his mouth. "Lady Tamayo!!" He gasped, "I...I told you, didn't I? From the start, we should've never gotten involved with the demon slayers! My concealment spell isn't perfect," He cried out. "I can hide a building or the signs or smell of people, but there's no way to hide their existence entirely! And the more there are, the more traces remain, raising the possibility of Kibutsuji finding us!" I looked away in guilt, however, I gripped my sword tighter so I can defend when I need to.

"I HATE when anyone interferes with the time you and I spend together! I really hate it! I'll never forgive this!!" He yelled, his head fully regenerated. "What are you on about?" The demon cackled, "This is all so much fun! Consider it an honor that I, one of the 12 Mizuki, will take your life." "Twelve kizuki?" Tanjiro muttered. "She reports directly to Kibutsuji!"Tamayo yelled. I watched, disgusted as multiple arms snapped out of her body, holding multiple balls. "Let's keep playing until dawn! Until your life ends!" She exclaimed before catapulting the balls at us.

'sh*t! What did Tanjiro do again to defeat her?! Or wasn't it Nezuko?! f*ck!' I cried mentally. Copying Tanjiro as we sliced the incoming temari balls. We stared at them as they floated midair before coming at us like dodgeballs. "Ow!" I yelped as I got smacked on the eye. My body was sore all over, and I was starting to get really itchy from all the movement and hitting. As I got ready for another attack, two more balls came flying towards me. I jumped and swiped at the two balls, missing as they suddenly changed course. "sh*t! I forgot about the other one..." I cursed, remembering the demon who used arrows.

My head turned as I heard the cries of Tamayo and Yushiro, their body parts getting blasted by the balls. I shook it off, knowing they'd be fine as more balls came pelting towards me. I grit my teeth and took a concentrated breath before- 'Fourth form, striking tide!' I spun in place, slicing cleanly through the temari balls. I immediately got jumped by the remains of what I sliced, making me yelp in pain.

"We will heal, so don't worry about us!" Tamayo cried out, a large chunk of her head missing. "HEY, YOU STUPID DEMON SLAYERS!" Yushiro called out. "If you look at the arrows, you'll know its direction! Avoid the arrows! Then you can cut off that woman's head! You can do that, right? Here, I'll lend you both my sense of sight!" He then pinned another tag to my face along with Tanjiro, the parchment fluttering on my forehead.

Arrows suddenly appeared in my vision as more temari balls rushed at us. "ONCE AGAIN, YUSHIRO! YOU'RE A G!!" I yelled gratefully. "THANKS, YUSHIRO! THE TREE!! UP IN THE TREE!" Tanjiro cried before positioning himself. He turned to me, calling out, "Lana! Let's dance together!" I looked at him, confused that he'd want to dance at a time like this before I realized- "Alright, bet! Let's dance, babe!" I smirked, lowering my body before Tanjiro and I kicked off together, spinning and twisting smoothly around each other rapidly as we sliced each temari ball coming ourway, using the arrows to guide us. 'Third form, flowing dance!'

We appeared on both sides of the demon, slicing off three of her arms each. I skipped to a stop, spinning gracefully as we ended our duet. 'Damn, that was beautiful. Enough to make a grown man cry, LMAO,' I grinned to myself, happy with what had just happened. "Tamayo! Are these two demons close to Kibutsuji?!" Tanjiro yelled. "I believe so," she replied before Tanjiro reached his hand out dramatically."Then I'm gonna get you some of their blood!"

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the demon as her arms started regenerating. I ignored Yushiro and Tanjiro yelling at each other as I stood, ready to attack the demon. I gripped my sword and got ready to slice her head off before Nezuko went flying into me, knocking me over and sending my sword flying. "Nezuko, you alright?" I groaned, my side throbbing from landing harshly onto it. She weakly hummed before the demon exclaimed, "Now die!"

Before I could move, Tanjiro tackled us to the side, making us avoid the temari ball smashing onto the ground. I cried out in pain as Tanjiro gripped my side. He quickly let go and apologized before Yushiro interrupted us, "Demon hunters! You guys take out the arrow guy! We'll face the ball girl with your sister." Tanjiro grit his teeth before looking down at her, "Be sure not to overdo it, Nezuko."

I haggardly got up, grabbed my sword off the ground,and ran towards the other demon before they jumped up, Tanjiro following closely behind me as Nezuko went towards the temaridemon. "Tanjiro, wait!" I cried, slowingdown and skiddingto a stop as Tanjiro ran past me, looking back at me in confusion before charging at the demon. I watched with a wince as he stepped on an arrow, getting sent back into a tree. "LISTEN TO ME NEXT TIME, ALRIGHT?!" I screamed worriedly and a bit frustrated. "Sorry, I saw the threa-!" Tanjiro tried telling me before we got flung around by arrows.

The wind was knocked out of me as my body was slammed into the ground, making me silently cry out in pain. My body ached as I was suddenly flung up along with Tanjiro. We began falling before Tanjiro used the eighth form of water breathing, landing on the ground but tripping on his face from an arrow. I struggled to move my limbs as I fell, feeling weak. However, I remembered something. Wasn't there that thing where if you use the breathing technique, you'd be able to ignore the pain? I didn't practice beforehand, but I'm sure I can do it this once if I just breathe like I would when I'm gonna use a technique, right?

Keeping this in mind, I flipped over and breathed in, inflating my lungs with air as the pain and exhaustion flooded out of my body. I copied Tanjiro, performing the waterfall basin technique and landing safely. And just like Tanjiro, I ate sh*t as I tripped on an arrow. "Susamaru, isn't that one over there Tamayo? The runaway? She'll make a fine present.""Really?" She replied, hurling a ball at Nexuko, who dodged it. "No! You mustn't kick it!" Tamayo cried as Nezuko attempted to kick the incoming ball. Her leg was blown off though, and she flopped onto the ground, blood gushing from her wound. "NEZUKO, ROLL!" Tanjiro cried. But Nezuko was too slow and got kicked by the demon, flying into the wall.

"This is fun! This is fun!" Susamaru, the temari demon, said with glee. "Yahaba! Wouldn't it be good to take back four heads?" Yahaba, as the arrows demon was called apparently, brushed himself off, scowling, "No, just two. The demon hunter with the earring's and the runaway's. We don't need the other three." 'I'm just sayin, but WHAT IF I WAS WEARIN MYHOOPS?! THE FREEK?! THEN YOU GON' BRING BACK THE WRONG HEAD, YA DINGUS. I mean, unless Muzan told them the hanafuda earrings specifically, but did he even get a good look at me? I don't even KNOW,' I complained in my head. I looked over at Nezuko, cringing at the blood gushing from her missing leg. 'Ole girl got f*ckED up bruh...'

I snapped back to Yahaba, who held out his hands as they blinked shut. Multiple arrows rushed towards us. Tanjiro jumped, while I placed my foot behind me, wanting to try something. I began running back, the arrows following closely behind. I made a U-turn and hopped up, jumping on an arrow below me and riding it like a skateboard. I was flung up, making me perform the waterfall basin again. "WHOOOHOOOO!f*ck YEAH, IT WORKED! IT'S LITERALLY LIKE RIDING A SKATEBOARD! TANJIRO!" I yelled at him as his arm was wrapped by an arrow. "TWIST IN THE ARROW'S DIRECTION!!" He complied, jumping and spinning his body, successfully unwrapping the arrow.

He landed before another set of arrows rushed towards him. He twisted his body and performed an improvised version of the sixth form, whirlpool technique with the arrows, slicingthe demon's head. "Oh sh*t, I didn't think about using my sword to do that...LEMME TRY!" I mumbled to myself before following his lead with the remaining arrows coming my way. I jumped, 'Second form, improved half-water wheel!' After making a 180-degree flip, I flung myself onto the arrows and sped towards him, slicing his hands off and kicking him to the wall before kicking off of his body.'I MEAN- sh*t DAWG, I DON'T f*ck WIT BULLYING DISABLED PEOPLE, BUT THIS MOFO DESERVES AN ASS-WHOOPIN!!' I cackled to myself, watching blood splatter on the wall from his gushing neck and wrists.

"AGH! You...NO-GOOD, DIRTY BASTARDS! IF I'D ONLY BROUGHT BACK YOUR HEAD, HE'D HAVE RECOGNIZED MY VALUE!" Yahaba's head cried. "Shut the hell UP! Witcho nasty-ass eyeball hangin out an' sh*t...f*ckin' FOUL," I scoffed as he cried about never forgiving us and getting dirt on his face. "I'LL CRUSH YOU!" He screamed before multiple arrows appeared inside of my body.

"Tanjiro, we might need to "dance" again!" I said worriedly, looking down at the arrows piercing my chest. "Lana! We'll need to do multiple moves, get ready!" Tanjiro yelled back. I nodded as we performed one technique after another, zig-zagging around each other. 'Fourth form, striking tide! Water surface slash! Striking tide!' I swung my arms around, still ignoring the pain and soreness of my limbs as we flew around each other. 'Water wheel! Drop ripple thrust! Waterfall basin! Water wheel! Striking tide!' I threw myself around, finishing off with, 'Whirlpool!'

Tanjiro and I collapsed next to each other, panting and wheezing in pain. 'I think I broke my f*cking ribs and dislocated my damn shoulders. f*ck, I'm gonna cry, it hurts so much!!' I began to weep as I felt my whole body throb in agony. I laid on my back before Tanjiro began to crawl, weakly grabbing his sword and putting it in his mouth. "That's...dirty...Don't- don't put things...in your m, mouth from the...ground," I wheezed before weakly gripping my sword and pushing my body forward using my legs, dragging my body across the dirt slowly. My hair pulled against my scalp as I pushed my head against the dirt, moving forward and a bit faster than Tanjiro since most of my strength was in my legs at the moment.

We showed up when Tamayo called out Muzan on his bullsh*t in front of Susamaru. "Do you know the reason that demons are forbidden to group up?" Tamayo asked. Susamaru replied,"Because we would attack and eat each other-" "Except that's not true. He tells you that to manipulate you. He's afraid of demons teaming up and attackinghim. He's afraid of you!" Tamayo said. 'PERIOD!"I accidentally wheezed out loud.

I flushed as they looked down at me, but continued, "EXCUSE ME, I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! MUZAN KIBUTSUJI IS A BITCH-ASS MOTHERf*ckER," I forced my voice to shout, coughing as I said,"HIS LIL BITCH-ASSSAID THAT HIS DICK WAS "THIS BIG," AND I SAID, "THAT'S DISGUSTING," SO I'M CALLING HIS SHRIMP-DICK ASS OUT! I'M GONNA PISS ON HIM-" "SHUT UP! SHUT UP, SHUT UP! HE ISN'T WEAK, AND WHATEVER HE SAYS, GOES!" Susamaru interrupted, rather rudely in my opinion.

"HIS ABILITIES ARE FEARSOME! HE'S STRONGER THAN ANYONE!" She cried in denial. "KIBUTSUJI IS-" She paused before covering her mouth in horror, realizing what she had said. 'Damn, I feel bad. It's not like she asked to be a demon...' As I panted, trying to catch my breath, I looked over to see Tamayo using her blood technique,"You said his name, thus triggering the curse. I pity you...But I had no choice."


Susamaru cried out in desperation, holding out her arms as she begged for forgiveness, "PLEASE, FORGIVE ME! FORGIVE ME! FORGIVE-" She screamed, holding her chest trembling as arms erupted from her body and mouth in a gruesome manner. Tanjiro and I watched in horror as the arm from her mouth gripped her head, tighter, tighter, and tighter until her head bursted in chunks of brain matter and blood, the arms expanded, ripping and exploding her body in a gush of blood and gore. I felt sick to my stomach as I stared at the gory remains of what used to be Susamaru, her ankle hanging onto her decapitated leg by a thin string of muscle. "Bro, I think- I think I'm gonna f*cking hurl," I gagged, placing a hand over my mouth and looking away. Tears pricked at my eyes as I felt my throat clench, my stomach feeling queezy and sick. I swallowed back my bile, leaving a sour and disgusting taste in my mouthand looked towards Tamayo, who knelt down next to what was left ofSusamaru's eye.


"Is she dead?" Tanjiro asked from his place next to me. I groaned and laid back, stretching my legs as I felt my body ache. "She will be soon," Tamayo replied. "It's the curse. Kibutsuji's cells remain in the body to destroy the flesh. Basically...Fighting between demons is meaningless, it is impossible to strike a fatal blow. Unless it's done by sunlight or the katana of ademon slayer. However, Kibutsuji can destroy a demon's cells," she finished before Yushiro came over and muffled our mouths and noses with a cloth. "Don't fall prey to Lady Tamayo's power, or you'll die too!" Tanjiro mumbled something, muffled by the cloth before Tamayo spoke up again, "You two...She is not one of the twelve kizuki."

Tanjiro shouted in surprise, his eyes popping out of his head. Tamayo explained, "The numbers..." I dozed off again, feeling the need to sleep slowly taking over my body. Yushiro grabbed my hand and forced it against the cloth, causing me to snap back to reality. I held it as he got up, rushing after Tamayo, "Enough already! You guys hold your own cloth! I don't want to be away from Lady Tamayo, not even for a moment!" "Simp-ass mothaf*cka, yo simptons goin a bit too hard bruh..." I mumbled, groaning as Islowly pushed my body up, sitting upright.

Tanjiro held his cloth to his face before crawling over to the leftover temari ball, "Here is a mari."I crawled over as well, taking my place next to him as Susamaru's voice weakly cried, "Let's...play. Pl..." I shivered but looked down pitifully at the ball, feeling my eyes swell with tears. I gulped as I felt my heart leap into my throat sadly, looking down as the sunlight shone on her remains, fading away to ash. I clasped my hands together and prayed.

After mourning for her, we shakily got up and made our way back inside the ruined house. "Tamayo," Tanjiro called out. "This way, underground," came her voice from behind a closed door. I slowly followed Tanjiro down the stairs into the basem*nt, where Nezuko ran up to us and gave us a hug. I sighed in her embrace and wiped away some of my tears. She let go of us, walking over to Tamayo and Yushiro. "Nezuko...?" Tanjiro said before Nezuko hugged Tamayo, causing Yushiro to have an irked look on his face. She turned to him, Tamayo in her arms and patted his head.

"Nezuko has been this way for a little while...Is it normal?" Tamayo asked, looking at us over Nezuko's shoulder. "It's alright, she probably...Thinks of you two as part of our family." Tanjiro smiled sheepishly at her. At his words, my heart clenched up in envy. 'f*cking stop. Stop RIGHT NOW. God, why are you like this?? Stop being so jealous when other people get attention, it's inevitable since Tanjiro and Nezuko are so kind! And Tamayo and Yushiro deserve it, they've been so alone together for such a long time. Get over yourself, stupid bitch,' I thought angrily at myself, belittling my emotions as I stared at Nezuko and Tamayo. My eyes got glossy and burned, but I forced it down so I wouldn't draw attention to myself.

"But doesn't the hypnosis placed on Nezuko...Only make humans look like family?" "But we're demons! Stop that," Yushiro cried, pushing away as Nezuko's hand. "But Nezuko sees you as humans. That's why she tried to protect you," Tanjiro answered. "I didn't like putting her under hypnosis, so I'm glad she seems to still have her own-" Tamayo began crying, making Tanjiro panic. "Oh! I'm sorry!! Nezuko, nezuko, stop!! let go of her, it's rude!" He cried.

The bitterness in my heart melted slightly as Tamayo cried silently into Nezuko's shoulder, embracing her. "Thank you, Nezuko...Thank you," Tamayo said, hiding her face in Nezuko's arms. Eventually, they separated. "We are leaving this city," Tamayo informed us. "We came too close to Kibutsuji, if we don't hide ourselves soon, it will become dangerous for us. Besides...Although we were well-hidden, as a doctor I dealt with humans, and sooner or later someone would notice we are demons. Children and the elderly are particularly sharp. Tanjiro," she said. "Yes?" He sweated. She came up to him, placing a hand on her chest, "May we take care of Nezuko?" "Huh?" Tanjiro asked in disbelief. "I can't say she will definitely be safe, but that danger will be less than if she went into battle with you," Tamayo said as Yushiro had a look of horror.

I stayed silent, knowing it wasn't my call to make. Tanjiro pondered about it, a frustrated look on his face. Nezuko grabbed his hand along with mine, making him look up. I stared at our intertwined hands, a look of shock on my face. 'That's...That's right. They care about me too. There's no reason for me to feel jealous, or to doubt them,' I realized, tears once again welling up in my eyes. This time, they freely fell down my face as I got overwhelmed with emotions. 'I'm sorry, you guys. I didn't mean to be so bitter,' I apologized mentally, crying softly. "Thank you for the offer, but..." Tanjiro said, making me look up at him. "We'll continue to travel together. We aren't going to split up. Never again." A bubble caught in my throat as I swallowed my tears, relieved and apologetic.

Tamayo nodded, a content look on her face, "I understand. Then I pray for good fortune in your war. Goodbye then, we will erase all traces of our presence. You should go too." "Oh, okay. Well, the sun is up so I need...her box." "Tanjiro," Yushiro said, his back towards us. "Your sister is beautiful." With that, Tanjiro smiled happily. I smiled softly and wiped my tears, sniffling. "Ah, one more thing!" I said, remembering something. Tamayo looked at me, "Yes? What is it?" I wrung my wrists nervously as I chuckled, "Um...You...You wouldn't happen to have any makeup lying around?" "Eh? Lana, why would you need that?" Tanjiro asked, looking at me with a brow raised. I smiled and looked at him, "It's been a good minute since I slapped on some eyeliner. You wouldn't get it, Tanjiro. You don't need makeup to look pretty." He squawked and blushed at my compliment. "But...You also...Don't need makeup to look pretty," he said shyly, rubbing his neck. I laughed and poked his cheek, "Oh, you! Besides, I'm kidding!... Kinda. I like putting on makeup BECAUSE of putting it on. It's fun to give myself a whole new face, lol. Also," Turning to Yushiro, I also got on my knees in front of him. "Sir, I beg- DO YOU PLEASE HAVE SOME MORE OF THOSE LANGUAGE TAGS TO SPARE?! I need like, a lot! PLEASE! I'M ON MY KNEES, I'LL DO ANYTHING,EVEN SUCK Y-" "ALRIGHT, SHUT UP!"

...I got bonked.

We walked down the dirt road, Nezuko in her box. Tanjiro held my tub of udon in one hand and a small glass container of eyeliner out to meas I took out the compact mirror from my jacket breast pocket and held a small brush in the other. "It was real nice of Tamayo to give me this! Thank god she had some that was gifted to her that she never used. Must be nice to be naturally gorgeous," I sighed to myself as I dipped the brush into the container, using the mirror to guide me as I gave myself two thick wings. "Lana...I already told you..." Tanjiro sighed worriedly.

I looked over myself once more before putting the mirror away back in my breast pocket, grabbing the container from Tanjiro's hand and covering it with a cap, putting the brush and container in the same pocket. "Lol, my titty do be lookin' deformed. Thanks, Tanjiro!" I said happily, grabbing the udon and carrying it. as we continued walking. 'Gurl, if we gonna be meeting Zenitsu and Inosuke, I'M GONNA BE POPPIN' BITCH. PERIOD! Man, I actually really missed putting on makeup. I also miss my hair straightener...Damn.'

Our crows flew to us, landing on our shoulders as Tanjiro's crow squawked, "SOUTH-SOUTH EAST! SOUTH-SOUTH EAST! SOUTH-SOUTH EAST! YOUR NEXT MISSION IS TO THE SOUTH-SOUTH EAST!" "I got it! I got it! Could you quiet down a bit?" Tanjiro pleaded, clutching his ears. "GYAAAAH" The bird screamed."PLEASE!" Tanjiro cried. "PLEASE?" Another voice shouted, just a few feet ahead of us. 'Oh man, OH MAN!!! MY SIMP IS BACK!!!' I squealed happily, looking over excitedly. My face dropped when I saw him clutching onto a village girl, crying onto her. 'Oh, HELL no. Not only is he disrespecting that woman, BUT HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE MY SIMP!! THE HELL- ?!'

...To be continued...

Chapter 11: Thunda Simp Gets Circumcized


Zenitsu gets beat, Lana cries AGAIN, Tanjiro is worried and Inosuke is trying his best.


Author's Note: Lol, I hope you guys like that little doodle I quickly drew!! It's really messy, but it's kinda funny, no? Ah, oh well! Here's a link to a biggerversion of it btw:https://www.deviantart.com/soapythesoapbar/art/Lol-Babi-843414270 OH YEAH, AND LANA SINGS JAPANESE VERSION OF SAY SO. THIS WAS INEVITABLE, BTW. EVENTUALLY I WOULD'VE MADE HER SING IT EITHER WAY, BUT NOW IS PERFECT!! Also!! Just want to clarify that, indeed, Yushiro's tag is gone from her face. But she's still speaking fluently? I wonder where she put the tag...


Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

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Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (2)


"PLEASE?" Another voice shouted, just a few feet ahead of us. 'Oh man, OH MAN!!! MY SIMP IS BACK!!!' I squealed happily, looking over excitedly. My face dropped when I saw him clutching onto a village girl, crying onto her. 'Oh, HELL no. Not only is he disrespecting that woman, BUT HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE MY SIMP!! THE HELL- ?!'

"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!" Zenitsu begged. "MARRY ME!" 'Oh, he did NOTjust say that. WHAT THE HELL?!' I thought, my expression darkening as I glared into his back."I DON'T KNOW WHEN I'LL DIE! SO I WANT YOU TO MARRY ME! PLEASE?" I continued to glare, about to go over there when Zenitsu's sparrow chirped frantically in front of us. "Okay, I get it! I'll do something!" Tanjiro said, nodding. "Bro, how do you even understand it?" I deadpanned, dropping my glare for a second before we were interrupted by Zenitsu, again. "HELP ME! MARRY ME!"

I would've ripped Zenitsu off the girl if Tanjiro hadn't beat me to the punch. I hung back as Tanjiro scolded Zenitsu, holding him by the scruff. "What're you doing in the middle of the road?! Can't you see that this girl doesn't like it?! And quit upsetting sparrows!" I went over and helped the girl up with one arm, the other still occupied with my udon,receiving a thanks in response. "WAIT! THAT'S A CORPS UNIFORM! YOU WERE AT THE FINAL SELECTION!" Zenitsu cried, recognizing Tanjiro. "I DON'T KNOW ANYONE LIKE YOU! TRUST ME!" Tanjiro yelled back. 'Bro, you literally SAW HIM IN MY ARMS and watched me SAY GOODBYE TO HIM. I- TANJIRO ARE YOU GOOD DAWG? YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO HAVE ALZHEIMERS! Well...Even tho I do joke about having it since I AM actually a forgetful person. But even I wouldn't forget seeing something THAT memorable! Weirdo...'

"HUUUUH?! BUT WE'VE MET! THE PROBLEM IS YOUR MEMORY! YOU SAW ME WITH Lana-CHAN! SPEAKING OF HER, WHERE IS SHE?!" Zenitsu cried, looking around before his eyes landed on me. "Lana-CHAN!! IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!" He smiled, snot and tears still streaming from his face. I turned my head and ignored him, "Hmph!" "Wha- Lana-chan?! Why are you so cold now?!" "Everything's okay now. Go on home," Tanjiro told the girl, who bowed and thanked him in response. Zenitsu turned around frantically, "HEEEY! THAT GIRL LIKES ME! SHE'S GONNA MARRY ME!" "WHA-?!" Cried the girl, who started smacking him. I huffed, "Serves you right, I don't take lightly to simps who betray me..." I mumbled.

Tanjiro rushed over and pulled the girl off of Zenitsu, "Calm down!" "WAAAH!" Zenitsu started crying, covering his head. I grit my teeth before sighing, 'Man, I can't stay mad at him...He's too cute, dammit! UGHHHHH, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A CUTIE?!?!' The girl angrily pointed at him while Tanjiro nervously held her back, "WHEN DID I EVER SAY THAT I LIKED YOU?! YOU WERE CROUCHED AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. YOU LOOKED SICK, SO I ASKED IF YOU WERE ALRIGHT!" "You didn't come over because you thought you might like me?!" 'Nevermind, not cute at all!' I thought,growingangry again.

"I'm already engaged to someone, so definitely not! If you're healthy enough to harass me, you're fine. Goodbye!" She yelled, walking off with a huff. "WAIT! WAI-" Zenitsu reached out before turning to Tanjiro. "Why did you interfere? AND WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?! WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME LIKE I'M SOME PITIFUL CREATURE?! STOP IT!" Zenitsu cried. He turned to me, clutching onto my legs. "LANA-CHAAAN, WON'T YOU MARRY ME?! I'M INCREDIBLY WEAK, SO I'LL DIE SOON ON MY NEXT JOB! PLEASE MARRY ME!" He cried, looking up at me.

I stared down at him menacingly, making him scream in fright and letting go. "WAAH?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SWEET GODDESS LANA?! IS IT BECAUSE OF- YOU!" He turned, pointing angrily at Tanjiro, who continued to stare at him in revulsion. "YOU'RE THE REASON WHY I'M NOT GETTING MARRIED RIGHT NOW! FIRST YOU INTERFERE BETWEEN ME AND THAT OTHER GIRL, THEN YOU CHANGE LANA-CHAN?! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! NEVER, NEVER!" Tanjiro continued to look down on him as I silently glared. "SAY SOMETHING!! Like I said, I'm gonna die soon...On my next job! I'm incredibly weak, so gimme a break! Protect me until Lana-chan gets better so we can get married!"

I rolled my eyes but forced down a smile at his words. 'I'M STILL MAD! But not gonna lie, that was real cute. I never thought I'd see the day when someone actually wanted to marry me! Even if Zenitsu says that to every girl, the fact that he included me as acceptable enough to marry makes me really happy!' "Let's start with introductions, my name is Kamado Tanjiro!" Zenitsu clutched at Tanjiro next, "If that's how you want it! My name is Agatsuma Zenitsu, HELP ME, TANJIRO!" Tanjiro gripped onto his shoulders, "What's with this "help me" stuff? Didn't you become a swordsman? Why are you such a weakling?! Until Lana gets better?! She's perfectly fine! And even then, SHE HASN'T EVEN SAID ANYTHING! She's not just going to suddenly marry you!" "DON'T BE SO MEAN!" Zenitsu cried. "A woman tricked me and put in deep debt! My trainer was an old man who took on that debt!" He flipped, standing on his hands and feet. "Life became an endless hell of training! It was so bad that I wanted to die! I thought I'd die at final selection, but I was unlucky...And I survived, thanks to Lana-chan! Now everyday for the rest of my life will be hell! AAAGH! I'M SCARED, TERRIFIED! YAAAH! WHAT CAN I DO?! HELP MEEEEE!"

I finally had enough, erupting, "SO UNGRATEFUL! I SAVED YOUR LIFE, HOW MANY TIMES?! AND YOU SAY THAT BECAUSE OF ME, I MADE YOUR LIFE HELL?! GEE, THANKS ZENITSU! I FEELSOAPPRECIATED RIGHT NOW!" Tears streamed down my face as I cried, frustrated and angry. "Lana-chan..." Zenitsu said, looking at me apologetically. "Whatever, let's just get going,"I hiccuped. "I'm mad at you, Zenitsu. But I'm still glad you're okay," I sniffled and turned, clutching my udon to my chest and trying to calm down. Tanjiro and Zenitsu looked after me worriedly before silently getting up and following after me.

It was awkward as we walked down the dirt path, no one saying anything. It was like that until Zenitsu's stomach growled, making me turn to him. I silently held out my udon, waiting for him to take it. "Lana-chan...I-" "It's cold, but it's all I have to give you. And I'd rather not waste Tanjiro's rice balls," I said, my voice snotty after crying. Zenitsu looked at me, a frown on his face. But he accepted it with a small, "Thanks, Lana-chan," and began slurping at the broth.

I nodded and didn't say anything until I remembered my eyeliner. I took out the items from my breast pocket, the mirror, the brush, and the makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror, cringing at the messy streaks of black ink on my cheeks. I licked my finger and wiped at it, cleaning it off. I then repeated the process of applying wings before putting the items away again.

"I'm sorry you had to see that...I must've looked so revolting," I apologized to Zenitsu. "And...I'm also sorry for yelling. You're probably already feeling terrible, and I must've made things worse. I'll try not to do it again, okay?" I sniffed, feeling guilty for yelling at him. He hurriedly wiped his mouth before rapidly shaking his head, choking out, "No, no! Lana-chan, don't apologize! I shouldn't have said all those things...That was so mean to you, and I should've considered your feelings. I'm so sorry! You were right to yell at me." He looked at me, a guilty look on his face that made me tear up again, knowing I caused that. "WAH, LANA-CHAN?! DON'T CRY, DON'T CRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO UPSET YOU!" He panicked, his arms waving in the air frantically.

I sniffed and shook my head, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You didn't do anything, Zenitsu-kun. I just didn't want to see such a sad look on your face, it hurts me. I'll try to stop crying, no promises though. But I think it'd help a lot if you stopped frowning and looking so depressed. That's my job," I smiled at him, teary-eyed. He looked at me, wide-eyed before nodding, a small smile forming on his face. Tanjiro smiled as well, happy we made up. I giggled as I noticed a stray noodle on his face, leaning over to pluck it off, tossing it behind me. Zenitsu blushed and grabbed onto my arm, "UWAHHH!! LANA-CHAN IS SO PRETTY WHEN SHE SMILES! SUCH A CUTE GIGGLE! MARRY ME, PLEASE!" "Hey, cut it out! Get off Lana!" Tanjiro scolded, going on the other side of me. I laughed and pulled both boys to my chest, "Actually, better idea! Let's all get married!" "EHHHHH?! NO WAY! NOT WITH HIM!" They both cried, looking at each other. Zenitsu glared at him as Tanjiro immediately looked away, trying to hide his steaming red face.I looked over at Tanjiro in shock before grinning widely, a hot blush on my cheeks and a smile that reached the heavens."I'M SO HAPPY!!!" I cried, jumping up and spinning.

I skipped back to them, humming to Say So. 'YOOOO TELL ME WHY I'M THE FIRST ONE IN HISTORY RIGHT NOW TO SING THE JAPANESE VERSION OF SAY SO, AND THE ORIGINAL VERSION ISN'T EVEN OUT YET!' "Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment!I'd let you had I known it, why don't you say so? Didn't even notice, no punches there to roll with! You got to keep me focused, you want it? Say so!" I sang happily, grabbing each of their hands and swinging our arms together. The boys laughed as I sang loudly. I bobbed my head to the melody before ending it. "Lana-chan has a pretty voice! Why didn't you keep singing?" Zenitsu said. "Because Morishi is coming over here to deliver a message," I replied, looking over at my crow, who flew onto my head. "Lana-" Morishi hummed before being interrupted by Tanjiro's loud-ass crow. "KAW! QUICKLY, QUICKLY! TANJIRO, LANA, ZENITSU! RUN!" "GYAAAAH! A TALKING CROW!"

We rushed into the mountains, my excitement growing as we got closer to meETING INOSUKE!!! Eventually, we reached the mansion, staring at it as we got closer. "I smell blood. And also something..." Tanjiro began before I looked around for the children, leaving Tanjiro and Zenitsu to stareup at the house. I spotted them, and upon making eye contact the flinched and pressed against each other. My heart clenched while looking at their frightening faces. Slowly making my way over, I hesitantly held out my hands, causing them to flinch. "Hey, hey," I said gently. "It's alright, you're safe. We're here to protect you, alright?" They stared at me before I reached my hand out towards them cautiously, "Take my hand, please. Who knows what nasty bugs are in those bushes." I urged them, kneeling down slowly as to not alarm them. The boy looked down at the bushes they were in before slowly taking my hand, letting me lead them out.

"There we go, there doesn't seem to be anything on your clothes, so I think you're okay," I said, smiling at them. "Children..." Zenitsu mumbled, noticing us. "I wonder what happened?" Tanjiro went over, a bit suddenly as he asked, "What are you two doing in a place like this?" They cowered back and held onto me, frightened of Tanjiro. "Oh, no! It's okay, it's okay! He's a friend of mine, he would never hurt a fly!" I tried convincing them. They loosened their grip on my haori but still looked wary at Tanjiro. I sighed and looked at him, "Tanjiro, do something."

He looked down before revealing Zenitsu's sparrow, presenting it to the children. "Ta-daaah! I pulled a sparrow out of thin air!" It happily chirped and hopped on his palm. "See? It's cute." They let go of me and sank to the floor before Tanjiro knelt closer to them, putting a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Did something happen here? Is that your house?" The little girl cried into her brother as he shook his head, "N-no...No. It's a h-house...Of m-monsters!" He hiccuped, "It took my older brother! We were out walking at night....And without even looking at us, it took my brother!" "So he's in that house?" "Y-yes, yes..."

I looked towards the house, shivers going down my spine. Whether from excitement or fear, I don't know. But I was definitely eager to go inside. I stood up, turning to the kids, "Listen, you both did such a good job staying safe here by yourselves. You're truly a responsible brother, aren't you?" The boy sniffed and nodded, making me smile at him. "Well, don't worry about your brother! He'll be fine, and we'll save him!" I reassured them before remembering- "Hey, what is that sound? It's starting to bug me...And it won't stop. It's like a tsuzumi." 'Oh sh*t,' I thought before running right below the porch.

And right on time, the guy flew out of the open Shoji doors. I stretched my arms out and ran below his body, crashing to the ground as his bloody body landed on me. "KYAAAH!" The kids cried, scared for me. "LANA-CHAN!" Zenitsu cried, rushing over to me. I groaned and gently shoved the man's body off of me, heaving after the wind was knocked out of me. "I'm...fine," I wheezed as Zenitsu helped me sit up. Tanjiro rushed over towards us,"Are you both alright?!" I weakly nodded and looked over to the man, hoping I saved him. But I guess I had forgotten that, "I got out...I'm outside...But...Am I...Dying?" f*ck, his wounds were too severe, right? In the end, I didn't save him. "Damn, I really thought...I did something useful," I moaned, leaning into Zenitsu's shoulder.

"GRAAAAAAAAH!" A demented voice growled from inside the house, the sound of drums growing louder. Tanjiro knelt over the guy, cradling his body. "Th...That's not my brother," the little boy spoke up. "My brother was wearing an orange kimono." I got up and brushed myself off, trying to ignore how sore I was from the past few days. "Zenitsu, Lana! Let's go!" Tanjiro exclaimed, turning to us. I nodded, but Zenitsu shook his head in refusal, frightened. "Oh...I see...Let's go, Lana," Tanjiro said, facing away from Zenitsu.

I wavedgoodbye at himas I skipped over to Tanjiro, walking with him before Zenitsu threw himself at Tanjiro's back, gripping onto his haori whilst smushing his face against Nezuko's box. "HYAAAAH! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME WITH SUCH DISDAIN AND PITY...ALMOST LIKE I'M NOT HERE AT ALL?! I'LL GO! I'LL GOOOO!" He cried. "I don't want toforceyou." "I'LL GOOOO!" I looked at Tanjiro's annoyed face before turning away, blushing. 'DAMN, I love it when he gets angry, hottest sh*t EVA. Gurl...my mouth is WATERING, someone get me a DROP OF WATA! FUUUUUUCK BRO, WHO AM I KIDDING?! DA HORNI NEVA FADES, NO MATTA HOW MANY TIMES I BUST A NUT IN THE BUSHES,' I mentally wept, gulping down saliva at my nympho thoughts.

I stood as Tanjiro knelt down, placing Nezuko in front of the two kids. "While we're gone, stay close to this box. It will...Protect you if anything happens." And with that, we headed for the mansion, Zenitsu crying as he trailed behind us. 'OOOOHHHH SHIIIIT, IT'S GON' GET FERAL!I'M LITERALLY BOUTA GO SICKO MODE,' I thought excitedly, my legs feeling light and boneless as we walked inside. I fixed my bangs and cleaned my eyeliner a bit as Zenitsu whimpered behind us, "Tanjiro, Lana-chan...Hey, Tanjiro...You'll protect me, right? If anything happens, you guys will protect me."

I did the stupid little "Shy pose" with my fingers tapping against each other, looking off tothe side with wide eyes, "Ahaha, well, ya see..." "Zenitsu...I'm sorry, but..." "-me and Tanjiro gotf*ckED up, we got bodied on our last mission, sorry bro. I got broken ribs and I think my shoulders aredislocated, and Tanjiro broke his ribs and one of his legs." "Yeah, she's right." "WHAAAT?! WHAT?! BROKEN BONES?! DISLOCATED SHOULDERS?! HOW DID YOU CATCH THAT GUY BACK THERE WITHOUT CRYING?!" "Oh, I'm in straight-up agony right now. I'm just forcing down the tears as we speak," I shrugged sheepishly before pushing down another wave of tears as my body throbbed in absolute pain.

"BUT- BUT IF YOU'RE BOTH HURT, YOU CAN'T PROTECT ME! AND THAT MEANS I'M GONNA D-D-DIE!" Zenitsu trembled, falling onto his knees in despair. "GYAH! WHATTA WE DO? WHATTA WE DO?! WE'RE GONNA DIE! DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE! BROKEN BONES?! THAT'S AWFUL! I'M DEAD...ORPRACTICALLYDEAD, ANYWAY!" 'Ohhhh my god, these mofos betta SHUT THE HELL UP before I SMACK DA TEEF OUTTA THEIR DAMN MOUFS!'"Zenitsu, be quiet. You'll be fine-" "YOU CAN'T FOOL ME! I KNOW!" He screamed. "No, I understand. You-OH NO!" "GYAAAH!" I turned to see the kids running towards us, alone.

"Don't follow us in here!" Tanjiro yelled. "Uh...Mister, your box is making scratchy noises!" they panicked. "I said to stay near it! That box holds the thing I value most. More important than my own life!" "Oh hush, Tanjiro. They're just kids-" I said before the room shifted. Zenitsu screamed and turned around, bumping Tanjiro and the little girl into another room. "Ah! Sorry...My butt..." 'ZAMN! Zenitsu a THICCY.Shawty got cake fo CENTURIES.Shoo, he betta watch where he backs that thang UP! Cuz' he leaving himselfREAL VULNERABLEright in front of me...' I cackled to myself, staring at his bent over ass. 'sh*t, about grab a HANDFUL...Okay-STAWP, WE DON'T SIMP FO DA SIMP...Unless he gon' back that thang up, ah haha- STOP!'

"WE'RE GONNA DIE! DIE, DIE, DIE! WE'RE GONNA DIIIE! TANJIRO ISN'T HERE TO PROTECT US!" "Ahem..." "Ah! But thankfully Lana-chan is here!!" "Teruko! Teruko!" The kid cried out. "NO! SHHHH! DON'T BE SO LOUD!We've gotta get outside!" The boy turned around before schooling Zenitsu, "All you can think of is to run away? Are you only interested in savingyourself? What about my sister? Aren't you embarrassed to always be whining? Why do you even carry that sword at your waist?" 'DAMN, OUCH! Kid really knows how to cut deep, huh? I'm SO glad I'm not Zenitsu right now...'

Zenitsu splurted blood from his mouth, "THOSE WORDS REALLY CUT! YOU'RE RIGHT, I'M ABSOLUTELY USELESS. NO GOODTO ANYONE." He began dragging the kid, urging him to go outside. I sighed before stepping in, taking Zenitsu's hand from the kid's wrist and holding it to my chest, "Zenitsu," I hummed. "Y-yes, Lana-chan?" He sniffled. "C'mon, let's go find a way out of here, or maybe a way back to Tanjiro and the kid's sister. Alright?" He nodded, calming down. "Kay', let's go. Honey, I need you to grab my hand, alright? I wouldn't want you getting lost now," I said, reaching my hand out to the boy.

He nodded and grasped my hand tightly as Zenitsu slid the Shoji door open. He peered in before muttering in disbelief, "N-no way..NOY WAY! This was the entryway, but- where did the outside go?! Maybethisdoor..." He ran into the hall, sliding open another door. I excitedly peered in behind him, gasping in excitement.

"Boar boy!" "A MONSTER! GYAAAAAH!"

...To be continued...

Chapter 12: Ms. Piggy Body-Slams My PP


Inosuke is a himbo, Lana breaks her f*cking limbs, and Zenitsu bein a badass thunda simp.


Author's Note: First of all, I just wanna say I'M LITERALLY SO SORRY ABT THE LACK OF UPDATES!! School really took over and I had to focus on my grades. I honestly feel rlly guilty abt it andI'm sorry for the wait guys!! Enjoy :')))) ALSO!!! #BLACKLIVESMATTER!!! LEAVE RIGHT NOW IF YOU DISAGREE!!! :)))) Thank you, stay safe my luvs!! <3333

Warning: Swearing, suggestive thoughts

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

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He peered in before muttering in disbelief, "N-no way..NOY WAY! This was the entryway, but- where did the outside go?! Maybethisdoor..." He ran into the hall, sliding open another door. I excitedly peered in behind him, gasping in excitement.

"Boar boy!" "A MONSTER! GYAAAAAH!"

Inosuke huffed through his mask before turning anddashing past us, bashing against the walls as he ran. "See ya!" I shouted happily, wavingafter him, smiling. Zenitsu was crouched next to the sliding door, crying. "..." Shoichi stared at him. "Hey...Why are you looking at me like that?! Cut it out!" 'I wonder what Tanjiro's doing right now...' I helped Zenitsu up, tugging on his hand. "Alright, boys. Let's go."

After numerous door-opening, Zenitsu began trembling again, panting as his body shook. "Zenitsu, you okay? You're shaking in my hand. Are you like...In heat or something? Cause' I can DEFINITELY help you out there," I said, watching him jump as I spoke. "I-it's nothing, Lana-chan! L-let's just keep going!" He insisted, but continued to tremble like a leaf as we walked on. Nothing but our footsteps and Zenitsu's wheezing was heard in the hallway until Shoichi spoke up, "I'm sorry, Zenitsu." Zenitsu screamed and tripped out of fear. "HWAAAAAH! YAAAAAH! YOU CAN'T JUST TALK ALL OF A SUDDEN LIKE THAT! YA GOTTA GIMME SOME KINDA SIGNAL! MY NEARLY JUMPED OUT OF MOUTH! IF THAT HAPPENED, YOU'D'VE BEEN A MURDERER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!" He cried, grabbing onto the boy. "Sorry..."

"Can you blame him, Zenitsu? You're shaking and sweating and wheezing like crazy! Yewgoht asthma, luv?" I said, sighing and patting his back. "Lana-chan, cut me some slack! I'm doing my best!" "No, we mean...We're getting worried about you," Said Shoichi. "Aw, man! Sorry! But...But, if we talk too much, the demon could find us! So I think we should stay very quiet! Don't ya think?!" Zenitsu said, whisper-yelling towards the end. "Well, too late for that," I said, pointing down at the demon crawling out from under a platform.Zenitsu shakily turned his head to find the demon crawling towards us, "Children! They should taste good! Heh...Heh..." "SEE?! A DEMON! A DEMON CAME OUT!" He squealed in fright. 'Yo. YOOOOOOO!!! OHHHHMYYYYGAAAWWWD!! HE'S GONNA DO HIS THUNDACLAP AN' FLASH!! I'M SO HYPPPPPED!!' I screamed internally, excited and practically drooling.

"AIIIEEE! STAY BACK! STAY AWAY! STOP!" He screamed, taking mine and Shoichi's hand as we ran off. "AAAAGH! I'M NOT TASTY! I'M SURE I HAVE A TERRIBLE AFTERTASTE! SERIOUSLY! AND THIS KID IS SO SKINNY, HE'S SURE TO BE DRY AND TASTELESS!" 'The hell? WHAT ABOUT ME? Well, I mean I'd be angry if he said anything anyways, who knows what would he say?! Thas rite, keep yo mouth shut,BOTTOM.' "Heh...Heh...I won't know until I eat you!" The demon said, shooting his tongue at us. "GYAAAAAH!" Zenitsu screamed, tackling us to the side as a vase behind us shattered from the demon's tongue. "WHAT THE-?! THAT'S A FAST TONGUE!" He cried. 'I bet yours is faster-' I cackled to myself, unable to resist cracking a dirty joke FOR ONE SECOND-"IT SHATTERED THAT JUG! THAT'S INSANE!" We ended up crashing into another room, breaking the Shoji door as Zenitsu threw us on it.

"Zenitsu! Stand up!" Shoichicried as we got up, Zenitsu still laying on the floor. "Hurry! The demon is gonna come!" I said in false fear, tugging at his hands. "LANA-CHAN! LEAVE ME, RUN AWAY! SAVE YOURSELVES!" Zenitsu wept, gripping my hands. "I CAN'T DO THAT!" Shoichi cried as he clutched at my haori in fear. I groaned as he kept crying on the ground, trying to push us away. "Oh no! The demon is already here!" I dramatically cried, pointing at it crawling our way. Zenitsu yelped as he saw the demon. "Heh, heh! I'll slurpy slurp your brains out through your ear!" the demon said, grinning maniacally as his tongue slithered. "Foul..." I whispered to myself in disgust, shivering.

It was then, Zenitsu had passed out, freezing before falling to the floor. 'FINALLY, HOOOOLY SHIIIIIT!!' I squealed, trembling in excitement. The boy sat in front of me as hecalled his name a few times before realizing Zenitsu was fast asleep. "What's his problem?! BWA HA! DIE!" His tongue shot out at us, Shoichi crying in fear as he shook Zenitsu, "WAAAAAH! ZENITSU, PLEASE WAKE UP!" The demon's tongue came closer, and closer, until,Thud!

The demon's tongue flopped to the ground, blood gushing from the ends. "PERIIIOOOOODDD!!!!ZENITSU!!! YOU'RE MY BABY!!! IN FACT, YOU CAN HAVE MINE IF YOU WANT!!!" I screamed, frantically jumping up and down as Zenitsu cooly stood in front of us. He stood there silently for a few seconds with his head down before taking a stance, clutching his sword while his head was bowed low, legs apart. "OHMYGODOHMYGOD!! I'M GONNA CRY, I'M GONNA f*ckING CRY!" I squealed, body wiggling in absolute ecstasy, pointedly ignoring Shoichi staring at me with disbelief. I practically foamed at the mouth as Zenitsu took a breath before disappearing with aBOOM! making my skirt and haori fly up from the recoil."YAAAAAAAAAAA! ZENITSU-KUUUUUUUUUUN!!!~" I fangirled, cheering for him as the demon's head rolled onto the floor.

Shoichi gaped in pure shock during everything, staring at Zenitsu is bewilderment. "Gah!" Zenitsu cried, waking up before his foot bumped into the demon's head. "GYAAAAH! IT'S DEAD!" He screamed, jumping a few feet into the air as it rolled. He wrapped his arms around himself, shivering and crying, "HE JUST SUDDENLY DIED?! WHAT THE-?! I can't handle this!" He looked over to us, trembling as he mumbled to himself, "Lana-chan's injured...She couldn't have just killed it so easily and so quickly..." 'Okay, ouch? Ummmm, you'd be surprised to know what I can do, even while injured...You'll be punished for that later, Simp.'

Zenitsu lifted a hand to his mouth as he quivered, realizing something."Shoichi...Youdidn't somehow...?" He then ran at the poor kid, getting on his knees and hugging him. "TH-THANK YOU FOR SAVING US! I'LL NEVER FORGET THIS! YOU SHOULD'VE TOLD ME THAT YOU WERE SO STRONG!" He cried, tears and snot streaming down his face. I deadpanned at them, Shoichi too shocked to say a word. "Um, shall we go?" "Yeah..." And we left, walking down the hall.

After a few more doors openedand walking, the room suddenly shifted again, however this time it was going too fast, and didn't stop changing! "WAAAAAAH!!! IT'S TOO FAST!! WE'RE GONNA DIEEEE!" Zenitsu screamed as we struggled to keep standing. He grabbed onto Shoichi as I grabbed onto both on them,"OHHHH sh*t, we're gonna fly-AAAAAA!!!" I screamed before we were flung out a window.

We ended up landing on the ground, however Zenitsu took the biggest hit since he landed on his head while Shoichi was in his arms and I was on my side. My arms were wrapped around them though, so I ended up breaking it. I cried out in pain as my arm throbbed in agony, my shoulders aching badly and my ribs feeling on fire from the impact. "f*ck...Me..." I groaned painfully. Shoichi scrambled up, looking over Zenitsu's unconscious body and my moaning one. "Ah!! Lana-san, Zenitsu!! What should I do?" He cried, panicking. "Shoichi-kun, don't...Worry," I panted, sweating heavily. "Just...Could you help me get my arm out from Zenitsu? I think I broke it...So be gentle." "Y-yes! Right away!"

I hissed in pain as he slowly lifted Zenitsu off my arm. He stopped and looked over at me worriedly. "Keep going, don't mind me," I said, urging him on. He nodded with tears in his eyes as he moved Zenitsu to the side, still unconscious. As he moved him, we both noticed the blood on the back of Zenitsu's head. "ZENITSU!" He cried, tears streaming down his face. 'I swear I'm gonna make Inosuke carry me in his beefy-ass arms, I deserve it for feeling like sh*t,' I thought weakly, panting as my body seized up in agony.

Zenitsu opened his eyes and looked up at Shoichi's crying face above him. "Are you alright? The force from the rooms changing tossed you outside! You fell from the second-floor window! You protected me, so I'm fine. But you and Lana-san..." Shoichi trailed off as Zenitsu sat up, looking down at my sweating form. "LANA-CHAN!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" Zenitsu cried, putting his hands in his hair. "Huh...?" He said, removing his hand and looking at it to find blood. "WAIT! DID I FALL ON MY HEAD?!" He screamed. "Yes..." Shoichi sniffed.

"Lana-san's arm was crushed by your body, and her ribs and shoulder must be hurting now too since they're broken-" "BOAR RUSH! BOAR RUSH!" A familiar gruff voice shouted as the Shoji door entrance to the house was broken, Inosuke headbutting it. I would've screamed in excitement, but honestly I was just so tired right now, I didn't even want to speak. "AH, HA HA HA HA! I SENSE A DEMON!" Inosuke said proudly, huffing from inside his boar mask. "Wah! Oh no! I remember that voice!" "Oh, sh*t...Zenitsu, go cover the box..." I huffed, shakily trying to push myself up with my non-broken arm. Shoichi helped me sit up as I watched Zenitsu look at Inosuke is realization, "He's from the final selecton! He was first to climb the mountain and the first to descend I assume, since we didn't see him at the end! He's a real hothead!" "Really? Wow, maybe I should've came earlier...I didn't see him at all," I said, unable to recall seeing Inosuke at all during the exam.

"AHA! I'VE FOUND IT!"Inosuke cried, spotting Nezuko's box. Zenitsu rushed in front of the box, throwing his body over it. "STOP! I WON'T LET YOU TOUCH THIS BOX! IT'S IMPORTANT TO TANJIRO!" Inosukestared at him, angrily saying, "Hey, hey, hey...WHAT'RE YOU SAYING?! THERE'S A DEMON IN THERE! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT?!" I watched proudly as Zenitsu shouted, "OF COURSE! I KNEW THAT FROM THE START! And I plan...To ask Tanjiro about it directly. Until then...You better back off!" "PERIODDDDDD!! OH MY GOD, ZENITSU THAT WAS GODLIKE!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I'M COMING, BABE!" I squealed before wincing in pain, hurriedly crawling over to Zenitsu's side, wrapping my arms around the other side of the box and interlocking our limbs together.

"Lana-chan-!" Zenitsu flushed red before we both gotkicked by Inosuke, "FOOLS! YOU TALK TOUGH, BUT YOU DIDN'T DRAW YOUR BLADE! IF YOU'RE IN THE DEMON SLAYER CORPS TOO," WHAM! Another kick,"THEN SHOW ME HOW YOU FIGHT!" "BRO, PLEASE THE BACK f*ck UP BEFORE TANJIRO BODIES YOU-" I hacked, starting to tear up from pain as he kept kicking us."FIGHT ME, DAMMIT!" Inosuke shouted. Blood dripped down my nose as well as Zenitsu's as Inosuke kept kicking. I whimpered and cried softly before Inosuke took out his swords, shouting, "I'LL SKEWER YOU TWO ALONG WITH THAT BOX!" "STOP!" Tanjiro angrily cried before throwing a punch into Inosuke's stomach, sending him flying into the ground. "AREN'T YOU IN THE DEMON SLAYER CORPS?!"

"TANJIRO, BABY! OH MY GOD, THANK THE LAWD!" I snottily cried, the taste of copper on my tongue as blood slid into my mouth. Shoichi ran over to us and started crying again, worried. "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHY THEY HAVEN'T DRAWN THEIR SWORDS? A DEMON SLAYER CORPS MEMBER CAN ONLY DRAW THEIR WEAPON FOR COMBAT!" Tanjiro growled, veins bulging from his fists and neck as he visibly got angry. "UWAAAAA!!Tanjiro-kuuuun!!~" I squealed. 'Ohhhh sh*t, today is such a TREAT! BRO AM I SITTING IN A PUDDLE OR AM I GETTING W-' I drooled, not knowing if the blood from my nose was from eating boot or from my nymphomaniac tendencies.

"DO YOU REALLY GET INTO DEADLY FIGHTS JUST FOR FUN?! Are you...REALLY SUCH A COWARD?!" "YESSSS, f*ck HIM UP, BABE!!" I cried, waving my arms in the air. Inosuke coughed as he began to cackle, "AH HA HA HA! IS THAT YOUR PROBLEM? FINE! WE'LL FIGHT BARE-HANDED THEN!" Tanjiro threw a hand up, "I don't think you understand at all! For one thing..." Inosuke threw himself up, his handsgripping his blades. "Oh sh*t, he do be fit as hell tho..." I mumbled to myself.

"It's wrong for the members of the corps to fight each other at all! It doesn't matterif it's bare-handed!" Tanjiro yelled before dodging back as Inosuke swung his leg up at him. I watched on excitedly before Shoichi tugged on my haori, "Lana-san, please let me clean the blood..." He held out a clean cloth as I turned to him and began wiping my face. "Thank you, Shoichi-kun!" I thanked happily, nose still clogged from the blood. "Zenitsu, babe, let Shoichi clean your face, you have blood everywhere!" I said, turning to Zenitsu who was also watching the fight.

Bam! I snapped my head back as I watched Tanjiro get his face slammed into the ground by Inosuke. "Tanjiro! Be careful!" I cried out in worry as he lifted his head to reveal blood in his nose. "AIN'T I AWESOME?! AIN'T I AWESOME?!" Inosuke cried proudly before bending his body back, his head under his ass and between his legs, cackling loudly. "Bro, I'd praise you and happily agree if it weren't for the fact that you made Tanjiro eat sh*t," I called out to him. "You've got cracked ribs! Don't do that, you'll make it worse!" Tanjiro yelled before Inosuke began running at him again, "THEN IT'LLBEWORSE! ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE PLEASURE OF THIS MOMENT!" "JUST CALM DOWN!" Tanjiro cried before slamming his forehead into Inosuke. "DAAAAAMN, YOU RLLY GON' SPLIT THIS MOFO'S HEAD LIKE DAT?!" I winced, hearing a crack! as their heads made contact. "WAAAH!! THAT SOUND! DID TANJIRO SPLIT HIS SKULL?!" Zenitsu shrieked, holding his own forehead. He shakily got up and grabbed my hand, lifting me up as we headed over to the three siblings.

As Inosuke fell back, his mask slipped off his head, revealing his black-blue locks. "OHHHHH sh*t! THE REVEAAAL!!" I screamed in excitement, bouncing rapidly on my knees. "OH NO HE'S HAWT!!!" I squealed as I look at his pretty-ass f*ckin' face. "A GIRL?! HUH?! THAT FACE...?!" Zenitsu cried in horror. Inosuke lifted his head, a hand reaching towards his chest, "What? You got a problem with my face?"He said co*ckily with a smug look on his face. "OH-OH NO HONEY, YOU'RE SO PRETTY!! GAWWWD HELP THE HORNY," I hysterically wept as Zenitsu looked at him with his brows furrowed and his mouth opened.

"I have no problem with your face!" Tanjiro yelled. "It's small and fair and I think it's fine!" 'FAX! That mof*cka FINE AS f*ckKKK!!!'"I'LL KILL YOU!! BRING IT ON!!" "No! I won't attack anymore!" "HEADBUTT ME ONE MORE TIME!" "NO! Let's sit down. Are you alright?!" Inosuke grinned angrily, "Listen, forehead dude, I'lltell you who I am...My name is HASHIBIRA INOSUKE! REMEMBER IT!" "HOW DO YOU WRITE THAT?" Inosuke paused, "WRITE!?...I CAN'T READ OR WRITE! MY NAME IS WRITTEN ON MY WAISTBAND, THOUGH..." 'Bruh, same. I can't read or writesh*t in hiragana or uhh katakana? Is that what itis?? Bruh I forgot...'

Inosuke suddenly froze up, his finger pointed. "He stopped...?!" Shoichi muttered as we all stared at Inosuke. "Oh no! Don't die, you're so sexy, ah haha," I giggled to myself before rushing over and catching Inosuke as he fell back, foam coming from his mouth and eyes rolled to the back of his head. "AAH! HE COLLAPSED! IS HE DEAD?IS HE DEAD?" Zenitsu trembled, hiding behind the little girl. "Lol, nah he's fine," I said, giving a thumbs up as I sat down with Inosuke on my lap. "He shouldn't be dead anyways, but he probably has a concussion...I gave him a pretty strong head butt," Tanjiro said as he looked at us. "Oh yeah!! Tanjiro-kuuun, you were so cool!" I said, wiggling my arms in the air happily. "Tanjiro...kun? A-ah, thank you, Lana!" Tanjiro flushed, rubbing his neck sheepishly.

Zenitsu glared at Tanjiro before I called out to him,"You too, Zenitsu-kun!! You were so brave, protecting Tanjiro's box like that!!" I squealed, making him blush. 'Awe, thas right! I NEVA leave out any of my babies! Aweeee, they're so proud of themselves!! I'M GONNA CRY, IT'S JUST TOO CUTE!!' I screamed internally. "Oh, um, well, I-I did it because it was so important to Tanjiro! And obviously, I couldn't let his prized possession come to harm! Besides, you did the same thing! I-I think that makes you just as noble as I was," Zenitsu stuttered before adopting a proud look on his face.

"Oh yeah," Tanjiro said in realization before bowing in front of us. "Both of you, thank you for protecting the box! I owe you one!" Tanjiro said, smiling gratefully at us. "You already know I'd do anything for you and Nezzie! Even if I was getting beat the f*ck up!" I chirped happily, wiping at my nose and smearing blood on my cheek. "Lana-chan...As much as I appreciate that you protected it with me, I kinda wish you didn't...You were getting hurt by that boar guy, and I couldn't even do anything..." Zenitsu muttered sadly.

I shook my head and waved my hand, "Babe, it was my decision to do it! Besides, I'm a big girl, I can handle pain. It's kinda what I trained for, lol." I smiled reassuringly at him, making him give me a small smile, but I could still see the concern in his eyes. Looking down at Inosuke, I groaned and slipped off my checkered haori, folding it and placing it under his head. "Guys, you should give him your haori's too while he rests. And this mofo owes me one for dirtying my precious haori!! It's WHITE AND LILAC-COLORED, DAMMIT!" They laughed at me before Tanjiro and Zenitsu took off their haori's, placing them on Inosuke's body like blankets."Anyways, let's go bury the bodies. It's the right thing to do," I said. Theynodded at me before we began treading back into the mansion.

We were in the process of burying the bodies, and we were placing some rocks around the graves in memory when Inosuke woke up with a gasp. He jumped up, scaring Zenitsu who was currently picking up more rocks. "Yow! He's back up!" Zenitsu cried before Inosuke began chasing him, "C'MON! BRING IT!" "YOU JUST WOKE UP!WHAT'S WITH YOU?!" Zenitsu yelped and went behind me, cowering behind my back. We all stared at Inosuke as he shouted, pointing at us, "WHAT'RE YOU GUYS DOING?!" "Laying a body to rest," Tanjiro replied.

"Inosuke, help us. There's still a dead body in that mansion," Tanjiro said, pointing at him. "WHAT'S THE POINT OF BURYING A LIVING THING'S CORPSE?! I WON'T DO IT! I WON'T HELP! FIGHT ME INSTEAD!" Inosuke shouted stubbornly. 'Ohhh sh*t, time for reverse-psychology!' "Ah, I see. You can't do it? I mean, seems a bit too much for you, since you're injured and all," I said in false worry, batting my lashes and clasping my hands together. "Hah?!" Inosuke questioned in disbelief. "That's all right. Each person's pain threshold is different," Tanjiro added, in not-so false concern. 'Awe, what a lil sweetie! Too bd we can't all be as innocent and sweet and Tanjirene,' I thought to myself, sighing longingly.

"Carrying dead people out of the mansion, digging a hole and burying them is really hard...But I'll work hard with Lana, Zenitsu, and these boys, so don't worry. You can just rest, Inosuke," He finished, smiling. "HAAAAAAAH?! DON'T MOCK ME! I CAN BURY A HUNDRED PEOPLE! TWO HUNDRED! MORE THAN ANYONE!"'GOTCHA, YA SUCKA! FOOLED BY DA ALPHASOF DA PACK ONCE AGAINLUV! Wow, am I onna ROLL or what!?' I cackled to myself as Inosuke rushed into the mansion.

Once we finished burying all the bodies, I shrugged on my dirty haori and mentally wept at the dirt smudges on it. I was interrupted by the sounds of yelling. I looked over to find Zenitsu engaged in a tug-of-war with the three kids, who were currently fighting over Shoichi. "SHOICHI IS STRONG! I WASNT SHOICHI TO PROTECT ME!" "Zenitsu, ohhhmygawd you're low-key really embarrassing, wanting to keep a child with you a lil, um, CREEPY..." I said, staring at them with a blank expression on my face. Thankfully, I didn't have to to anything since Tanjiro stepped in, "Shoichi doesn't want to!" He said, smacking the back of Zenitsu's neck and knocking him uncon.

Tanjiro's crow flew down and hacked up a bag of wisteria flowers, explaining that since he has rare blood, I wasn't really listening, lol, that he should carry wisteria flowers around for protection, since demons were revolted by the smell of them. "Thank you very much. We can go home on our own," said the eldest brother as they bowed. "Awe, I'll miss you guys! Actually, if it isn't too much to ask, could I have your last names? So if you guys want, we can send letters to each other!" I hummed. "That...Would actually be nice! Our last name isHonda.We live by the country side, not too far from here," he said, motioning over to the north. I nodded and waved as they left, wishing them a safe trip home. Tanjiro waved as well, Inosuke slamming his head on a tree behind us. "NOW COME WITH ME! KAW!" the crow squawked.

As we walked down the mountain,"Inosuke, could you carry me? I'm aching all overrr," I moaned, my limbs still throbbing. "No! I don't want to! You can walk on your own!" he huffed. "Please? I've always wanted to feel the strength of the great lord Inosuke-sama!!" I pleaded, shyly looking away. 'C'mon, fall for it! I'M BEGGING, MY f*ckING BODY IS GONNA SHUT D O W N,' I screamed in my head. I watched him as he paused before suddenly scooping me into his arms, Tanjiro watching in bewilderment. "AH HAHAHA! OF COURSE, IF ONE OF MY MINIONS ASKS SO NICELY, THEN THE GREAT LORD INOSUKE SHALL GRANT! YOU FEEL LIKE AIR!! NOTHING IS A CHALLANGE FOR ME! AREN'T I SO GREAT?!" He shouted proudly, puffing his chest in pride.

"Yay! Thank you, Inosuke-sama! How kind of you!" I said happily, relaxing in his really, um,tonedarms, leaning into his bare chest. 'Hooolyyy sh*tttt, DUDE OH MY GOD I THINK I'M BLUSHING, THIS IS SO NICE HE'S SO WARM I- He kinda smells like a whole-assBARN, but you know that? YOU KNOW WHAT?! At least he's carrying me!! And he's- just- ABHDAIAAAAAA,' I flushed, squealing loudly in my head. I leaned my head back to see Tanjiro already staring at me. He blushed and hurriedly looked away, unable to look at me. 'Awe, I'm sorry Tanjirene, but you're already carrying Zenitsu and I really wanna get Inosuke brownie points!!'

After a while, I eventually dozed off, exhausted, and desperately needing sleep. "WHEN I SPOT AND OPENING IN YOU, I'M GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN!" I snapped awake from Inosuke's loud-ass yelling. "I'm Kamado Tanjiro!" "OKAY, KAMABOKO GONPACHIRO! I'M GONNA BEAT YOU!" "WHO THE HECK IS THAT?!" "YOU!" "IT'S SOMEONE ELSE!" "CAN BOTH OF YA'LL SHUT THE f*ck UP BEFORE YOU GET SMACKED THE f*ck UP?! Damn! Yo gurl tryna get some SLEEP, and YA'LL OUT HERE f*ckIN AROUND AND YELLIN AND sh*t. DAMN!" I yelled, tired and frustrated from the noise. "S-sorry for waking you, Lana!" Tanjiro apologized before I waved him off.

"Inosuke, down boy, I want down," I said, patting Inosuke's shoulder. "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!" Inosuke yelled as he held me tighter. "Jesus, calm down boy, you're really squeezing my ribs dawg..." I complained as Zenitsu woke up as well. "Eh? WHAT- PUT LANA-CHAN DOWN YOU BEAST!!"

Eventually we reached the Wisteria house, standing in from of the large wooden gates as Tanjiro's cow squawked, "KAAAW! REST! REST! REST UNTIL YOUR WOUNDS FULLY HEAL!" "Awe yiss, can't wait to f*cking SLEEP WITH DA BOYS!!" I said excitedly, going over to knock on the gates. The old woman opened them, "Hello?" "Yikes! sorry to arrive so late!" Tanjiro said as Zenitsu screamed, "A GHOST! IT'S A GHOST!" "Knock it off!" I rolled my eyes before the old woman bowed, "You must be demon slayers, please come in." Inosuke poked at her large bun, making me swat his hand, "Inosuke put yo damn hand down, so disrespectful dawg..." He growled at me before we all headed inside.

She led us into a room where tables full of food were set, "Here is a meal for you..." And along the food were a set of futons laid out. "...And a warm bed. Young lady, I apologize for having to room you with the boys, but there isn't any extra rooms. I truly apologize," The woman said, bowing to me. I waved my hands up, "Oh, no! It's all good! Trust me, I would've slept here anyways, not that I'd be ungrateful for your hospitality, of course!" I said, chuckling sheepishlyand bowing back. "SHE'S A GHOST! TANJIRO, THAT WOMAN IS A MONSTER! SHE'S UNNATURALLY FAST! SHE'S A GHOST! THAT OLD-" Bonk! Tanjiro whacked Zenitsu, cutting him off.

I sighed and shook my head,"I'm just tryna sleep ya'll..."

...To be continued...

Chapter 13: My Three Amazing Boyfriends and My Cute Demon GF!!! (Not really)


Basically, titt*es aswell as feelings are spilled.This is actually a pretty wholesome chapter! Nothin' but lovin' da boys n getting loved in return, well, save Inosuke, lol. He's still confused and obv he barely met everyone. But he's vry happy!!


Author's Note: Lana hasn't seriously cried in A GOOD MINUTE, so she suffers again <333 Also, DON'T BE ALARMED BY THE TITLE!! Honestly, I can't imagine being with Nezuko this early in the series, and she's 14 while Lana is 16, so idk I feel kinda awkward abt it :///

Warning: Swearing, Mary-Sueish sh*t

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


I waved my hands up, "Oh, no! It's all good! Trust me, I would've slept here anyways, not that I'd be ungrateful for your hospitality, of course!" I said, chuckling sheepishly and bowing back. "SHE'S A GHOST! TANJIRO, THAT WOMAN IS A MONSTER! SHE'S UNNATURALLY FAST! SHE'S A GHOST! THAT OLD-" Bonk! Tanjiro whacked Zenitsu, cutting him off.

I sighed and shook my head,"I'm just tryna sleep ya'll..."

We were given a fresh change of clothes, which I went into the bathroom(?)to change into. I shed my demon slayer uniform, exposing the tag stuck to my left f*cking titand instead slipped on a loose, striped sky-gray yukata. "I swear to god bro, I'm like, exposing my cleavage every time I wear kimonos and robes and sh*t..." I mumbled to myself as I adjusted the yukata tighter. It was still pretty loose, though...

When I came back, Inosuke was already stuffing his face full of tempura shrimp. Tanjiro noticed me and waved with a sheepish smile on his face, "S-sorry about Inosuke, Lana. I told him we should wait for you, but..." "WHY SHOULD I WAIT TO EAT? I'M STARVING!" Inosuke growled as he munched on a tail. I snorted and sat down between Zenitsu and Tanjiro, facing opposite of Inosuke, "Ya'll didn't have to wait for ya gurl to start eating? But anyways, let's eat! Thank you for the meal!" I said before grabbing my chopsticks and digging into the rice, humming at the warmth. I had gone like, a few days without rice after leaving Asakusa. Bruh, my lil Asian ass COULD NOT HANDLE IT, I swear I was on the BRINK OF DEATH...

As we ate, Tanjiro and Zenitsu cringed at Inosuke's messy eating. "Use your chopsticks..." Tanjiro said, staring at him. I bit into a crispy tempura as I watched the scene in front of me. Inosuke paused and turned to Tanjiro before grinning at him with his mouth stuffed and face covered in fried breadcrumbs. "Lol, that's cute," I sighed to myself as I ate some fried zucchini. Inosuke swallowed before stuffing his face again obnoxiously, grinning at Tanjiro again, laughing mischievously. Zenitsu looked on with a disturbed look on his face before Tanjiro offered his tempura bowl to Inosuke with a brotherly smile on his face. "If you're that hungry, you can have this, too."'STOP BEING A MOf*ckIN CUTIE U LIL WORM!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!' I screamed in my head, feeling my cheeks warm, and my heart flutter at his sweet gesture.

Inosuke let out a noise of disbelief before grabbing his head and yelling in frustration. "Here," Tanjiro offered. "NO!" Inosuke gargled. I hummed with laughter, my cheeks full of rice. Tanjiro and Zenitsu turned to me and gave me a smile, cheeks pink. Inosuke kept eating angrily, but I swallowed and stared at my boys in pure love and happiness. 'My boys...Yeah. I swear on my life bro, I'd die in a millisecond for them. No doubt about it!' As I mentally fawned over them, I began to get emotional, starting to cry over how much I adored these boys...

“Lana/Lana-chan?! ” Tanjiro and Zenitsu said in alarm as they saw me crying. I sniffed and shook my head, tears streaming down my face. “It’s-it’s all good y’all. I just love you guys so much...” my voice cracked. “HEY! WHY ARE YOU CRYING?! YOU’RE MAKING ME FEEL LIKE BEATING SOMEONE UP!!” Inosuke shouted, looking irritated as he swallowed his food. “As I said, I just love you guys so much!! I...I can’t believe I’m here with you guys now...Knowing that, that...” I trailed off before going back to my rice. “...I’ll tell you guys when you become pillars.”

They all stared at me in bewilderment. “When we become pillars? What are you talking about, Lana? ” Tanjiro questioned. “Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? You’re all so strong and have so much potential! It’s really inevitable that you’ll become pillars in the future,” I said, sniffling. “LANA-CHAAAN!! You’re too kind!! SOMEONE AS WEAK AS ME DOESN'T DESERVE YOUR PRAISE!! MARRY ME!!” Zenitsu wept, leaning over and latching onto my waist. I looked down at him and smiled, petting his hair, “What are you talking about, Zenitsu-Kun? You’re plenty powerful, you just don’t realize it yet. And besides...” I blushed and grinned, “In the end, I’M gonna be the one marrying YOU, remember?And Tanjiro, and Inosuke if he wants in, lol.” “HUUUUUUH?!?” The three boys shouted, faces flushed. Besides Inosuke, who was confused. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, MARRYING?! WHAT IS THAT?! DO YOU WANNA FIGHT?!” He yelled, leaning over the table.

“Inosuke, when people love eachother so much, they’ll eventually know that they want to spend their entire lives with each other, bound until they die. It’s sort of like tying your bond, a bond so strong that you want it forever. Sometimes, that bond breaks apart, but that’s because in order to keep that bond, you have to work at it. Sometimes, people marry to unite businesses or kingdoms. In that case, sometimes it’s never a real bond, it’s just there for the benefit of others,” I said, trying to explain. “BUT HOW DO I KNOW THAT I WANNA HAVE THAT BOND?! TIED FOR LIFE?! PAH, THE GREAT INOSUKE WOULD NEVER LET HIMSELF GET TIED DOWN!!” He shouted, banging his hands on the table.

I shook my head, “A marriage should never be about tying the other down if it’s true love. If you love someone, then you should know that it’s better to let them go if they want. It’s about being happy together, not just one of you. It’s really not as bad as it sounds, but in the end it’s okay if you don’t want to get married. It’s your choice after all! And...You’ll know when you feel...Uh...You’ll just- know, okay? I can’t describe it.”

Inosuke grumbled and resumed eating while Tanjiro and Zenitsu stared at me with wide eyes. I rose a brow at them, “What?” “Well...Um...It’s nothing, Lana. Let’s just finish eating,” Tanjiro said awkwardly. Zenitsu went back to his spot and we continued eating in silence, save for Inosuke’s loud chewing.

"Um, Inosuke, do you want my food? I don't exactly like carrots, and I'm also getting sick of the tempura..." I said, offering my bowl to him. He growled before thinking about it and then snatching my bowl, munching on it."Whatever! It's only reasonable that you'd want to please the Great Lord Inosuke!" Heshouted, crumbs flying everywhere. "HEY! CUT IT OUT YOU EYELASH-WEIRDO! EAT PROPERLY IN FRONT OF LADIES!" Zenitsu shouted angrily.

After eating, we were led back into our room with the futons. "THERE SHE IS! THE GHOST HAG!-" Tanjiro hit Zenitsu angrily. "Alright ya'll, I'm about to PASS OUT so let's just-"I started to say before Inosuke rushed to the futons. He flopped onto the first one he saw, laying lazily and patting the sheets, "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! I'M TAKING THIS ONE!" 'Girl, I swear to GAWD Inosuke better close his damn legs...Luv I SMELL DA FISH....Nah I'm bullsh*ttin', but honestly, I do NOT want to see his schlong until we're 18 and I can legally indulge in my horny tendencies. Gotta be honest though, da horny neva stops, even when I'm tired as hell...' I thought tiredly as I ignored him and flopped onto the futon next to him. "That's fine, sleep wherever you want!" Tanjiro said happily. I turned over and rose my arms up to my eyes, shielding them from the light. "Where do you want to sleep, Zenitsu?" He asked Zenitsu. Zenitsu looked over at me before Inosuke yelled and threw a pillow at his face, making him yelp and fall back.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Zenitsu cried at Inosuke. "SHUT UP! I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU!"He shouted back. Zenitsu huffed angrily and went over to the futon next to me, sliding in. "I swear Inosuke...Cut it out dude, I'm tired dawg..." I mumbled, yawning. "Lana, don't fall asleep yet! The wisteria lady said that she called a doctor for us. Let's just wait until we get a check-up and then we'll sleep, okay? I'm tired as well," Tanjiro said as he walked over to the other side of Inosuke. "Tanjiro," I sat up, rubbing at my eyes. "Put your futon hereso we don't have to be separated or anything.It'll be a nice cozy sleepover with the boys," I said as I patted the floor in front of my futon. Tanjiro nodded and dragged his futon over to lay in front of me and Zenitsu.

"Isn't this nice? Just," I yawned, "-Just hanging out with the ones you love? It's a nice feeling. Can't wait til' we all move in together, it's gonna be great." Tanjiro was going to say something before we were interrupted by a knock at the door. It slid open to reveal the old woman and two doctors, a man and a woman. "Here are the doctors," The old woman said, bowing. "Hello," they both greeted. The female doctor went over to me, "Excuse me, I know it's late and you must be tired, but I need youto come with me into a separate room." I nodded and got up, yawning as I followed her to the room over.

We sat down and she instructed me to remove the top of my yukata. I complied and let it shrug around my hips, exposing my chest. She looked at the tag on my breast, "Oh, what's this? Some kind of protective charm?" 'OOP! I forgot about that...Ummmzz, anyways!' "Oh, um, yes! My family was very religious and wanted me to have it on meat all times," I excused. "Ah, I see. I won't need to remove it since this is just a check-up, so you're fine!" I sighed in relief before remembering my other injuries, "You should also know that I have a broken arm and my shoulders are dislocated!" She nodded and clicked her tongue andbegan by checking my heart rate before feeling my sides. She gently pressed, making me hiss in pain. "I'll need you to breathe in and out for me, long breaths, okay?" I nodded before she pressed her stethoscope to my chest and I began inhaling and exhaling. I repeated this a few times before she removed her stethoscope. She then felt my arm and shoulders, which I held back my whines of pain. "I need to set your shoulders, so brace yourself." I nodded and held my breath before she applied pressure and snapped my shoulders back in place. I let out a muffled scream of pain before she got up and nodded.I shakilytucked in my robe again before she nodded and clasped her hands, "Well, it seems to me you have three broken ribs, along with your broken arm and sore shoulders. You'll need a few weeks to heal, so I advise you to rest a lot! Don't wrap anything tightly around your ribs, make sure to breathe deeply, and don't exert yourself, got it? Also, don't pick upheavy objects or anything, relax your arms." I nodded before getting up and bowing, "Thank you, ma'am. I appreciate your hard work." She nodded and smiled at me before we headed back into the other room.

After they left, we all laid in our futons, the lantern dim. We all stared up at the ceiling before Zenitsu spoke,"Who would've guess that we all had broken ribs?" Oh yeah, so basically Zenitsu had two broken ribs, Tanjiro and I had three, and Inosuke had four. "I mean, we got kinda f*cked up back there...Actually I'm surprised Tanjiro and I don't have more, considering the past few days we've experienced," I shrugged. "This knot hurts more than my ribs," Inosuke groaned, brushing aside his bangs to reveal the swollen bump on his head. "Sorry," Tanjiro apologized. "Hey, you'd better apologize to me and Lana-chan. It really hurt, y'know. Getting pounded to a pulp like that. Say you're sorry," Zenitsu said. "Lana...Sorry." Inosuke grumbled. I softly gasped and turned to him. He looked annoyed, but there was a light pink blush on his cheeks.

'AWE, HE MUST BE SO EMBARRASSED! HOW CUTE!!' I squealed internally. I nodded and smiled at him, reaching over and patting his head, "It's all good, Inosuke! I get that you were just doing your job as a demon slayer." "WH- SHUT UP! I ONLY APOLOGIZED BECAUSE YOU GAVE ME AN OFFERING OF YOUR FOOD!WHAT'RE YOU DOING?! DON'T TOUCH ME!" He growled. "Oh, sorry," I apologized, feeling bad and removing my hand. "...I ALSO DIDN'T SAY TO STOP," He huffed. I laughed, petting him again, "Awe, you're so cute, Inosuke! It's nice." He grumbled before Zenitsu got irritated, "Hey! What about me?! I deserve an apology too!And besides, you're lucky Lana-chan is sweet enough to even give you head pats," He mumbled. "I'll pass," Inosuke said blankly. "Say you're sorry!" Zenitsu growled. "I'll pass!" Inosuke replied, getting annoyed. "Just say you're sorry!" Tanjiro added.

Zenitsu huffed, "If you're gonna be like that, we're not eating with you anymore." 'Damn bro, you don't gotta be THAT cruel to ya boy...' Inosuke turned over, "Hah? What's up with that?" "Meals always taste better when you eat together, you know." "He's right about that," Tanjiro said, looking over at Inosuke. "Did you guys hurt your heads or something?" Inosuke said in disbelief. "Who are you to talk?!" Zenitsu said angrily. "Is there something I can help you with?" The old woman's voice said through the screen walls. "GHOST!" Zenitsu cried, sitting up. "Hey!" Tanjiro scolded. "U-uhm, actually, would you mind if I used any parchments and an ink set? I need to send a letter," I requested, sitting up as well. "Oh, not at all. In a moment, dear," the woman said before walking off the get the supplies.

She came back and knocked on the door. I went over and slid it open, bowing and thanking her as I took the ink brush, ink well, and paper. "Oh, are you going to write to Urokodaki-san, Lana? It has been a while since we last saw him..." Tanjiro said, watching as I laid on the floor and began setting up the inkwell. "Urokodaki-san!? Could he be...HER LOVER?!" Zenitsu cried in outrage before Tanjiro bonked him. "Urokodaki-san is our trainer! He took care of us for two years, and Lana sees him as a father!" I cringed and felt grossed out, "Yeah dude, ew ewew!! FOUL, he's my daaaaad," I groaned before dropping the paper and rolling over to Zenitsu, booping him. "Besides, I wouldn't cheat on you guys or anything. I love ya'll, you guys are my hoes, and I would NEVA do that to mah hoes..." Zenitsu looked confused before blushing, "Hoe...? Is that another word for boyfriend?! LANA-CHAN! I WILL GLADLY BE YOUR HOE!" He nuzzled me, hugging me. "A-ah? Boyfriend?! Lana, we haven't talked about this yet!? A-and I still wanna...Talk to you about what you told me at Tamayo-san's house..." Tanjiro said shyly, rubbing his neck as he flushed. "What the hell is a boyfriend?! And when did I say I was one of yours?!" Inosuke growled, looking frustrated.

"Oh, umzzzz, let me send off this letter to Dad and I'll...We'll talk about this, 'kay?" I said before rolling back to my spot and writing my letter, my anxiety growing. I unwrapped the cover from the small inkwell before laying down the parchment and dipping my brush. I was about to press my ink onto the paper when I realized..."Uh, Tanjiro?" "Y-yes?" "...So basically, I can't read or write. Can you...Write it for me? It's a little embarrassing..." I said quietly, a bit shyly. Tanjiro lit up and went over beside me, grabbing the brush and laying next to me. "Oh, of course! So, what did you want to say?" "Okay, so..."

Tanjiro set the brush down with a sigh, as I excitedly got up and rolled up the paper, opening the Shoji door that led outside, I shivered in the cool night air. "Morishi, I need you to deliver something!" I called out before my crow flew down on my arm. Using a loose string from my yukata, I tied the rolled up parchment onto his leg before whispering, "Deliver this letter to Urokodaki Sakonji who resides at the bottom of Mount Sagiri." He hummed and flew off into the night. I sighed and stretched my arms, yawning before heading back inside and sliding the door shut.

I plopped down onto my futon and sighed, "Okay, I guess we should talk about feelings now and get sh*t cleared up. So, ask away because honestly I have no idea where to begin." Tanjiro looked down before stuttering, "Um, back at Tamayo-san's house...You said that...That you l-loved me...?" Zenitsu wanted to cry out in anger, but held himself back, knowing this wasn't the time. I looked over at Tanjiro and smiled softly, "Yeah...I do love you. I love you a lot, I love you to the point that it sometimes hurts to look at you. I want nothing more than to spend my entire life with you." His face blew up, and he held his cheeks as he avoided my gaze, "But- I mean, how can y-you say that so...So surely? We're still so young, and um, you could change your mind any second!"

I hummed and shook my head before placing a hand on his knee, "Well, I've been with you, how long? For about three? Two years and a half now? There's a saying, that if you like someone for more than four months, you're in love with them. But the thing is...I loved you ever since I've met you. Since that day when I woke up in the snow near your house. And not only that, but..." I turned to Zenitsu and placed my other hand over his own, looking into his sad, tear-filled eyes. "Zenitsu, we haven't known each other for long, but I fell in love with you, too. It's hard to believe, and it's crazy to think someone could fall in love with so many people at once, but it's true. My feelings are genuine, and I wouldn't have it any other way. You fall in love easily, right? So maybe my feelings will never be returned by you, or, well, any of you. But I love you all anyways, no matter what! You too Inosuke, even if we did just meet last night and you're kind of crazy, you have a good heart."

They all flushed before Zenitsu started crying, latching onto me, "LANA-CHAAAAAAN!! YOU'RE SO LOVING AND BEAUTIFUL AND I'M GLAD I MET YOUUUU!! LET'S GO GET MARRIED RIGHT NOW!!" He bawled, wetting my yukata. I patted his head before opening my arms to Inosuke and Tanjiro. "You guys can join in, if you want! You don't have to!"I said, smiling. Inosuke huffed before roughly tackling into me, making me wince a the sharp pain. "Be quiet! You're making me feel all weird and stuff!! I don't know what to do?! But I want to hug you!!" Inosuke growled into my shoulder. I looked over at Tanjiro, who was looking down into his lap. "Tanjiro? You feeling okay? Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, and I understand if you-" He went over and brought my head into his shoulder as he embraced me tightly.

"Lana...Thank you," his voice wavered, like he was about to cry. "Thank you...for loving me. For loving us." My eyes widened before my heart welled up in my throat and I began to cry, quietly sobbing in his arms. "I...I like you too, a lot," he mumbled into my hair. "Oh..." my voice cracked, "This- this is nice...It's really nice."

And we stayed like that, just feeling the warmth between us and just feeling so happy. I felt like I wasfloating, it was pure ecstasy. Eventually, we let go of eachother and they returned to their futons. I sniffled and wiped my tears away as I hiccuped. "So like," I laughed breathlessly, "You guys are my boyfriends now? If- if you want, of course! I'm not saying you have to-" "OF COURSE I'LL BE YOUR BOYFRIEND, LANA-CHAN!! I'LL BE THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!!" Zenitsu said happily, blushing and wiggling his body as flowers and hearts popped up around him. "I...I've never done this kind of thing before! But, I'll take responsibility and be your...Your boyf-friend!"Tanjiro said determinately, a bright blush on his face. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO AND I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT MY STOMACH IS FEELING WEIRD...I'M FEELING ALL GIDDY, DAMMIT!" Inosuke said, a blush on his cheeks.

"Well, I know we just met, Inosuke. So you don't have to do anything! You'll let me know when you're ready, okay? Don't worry about it!" I said, patting his shoulder. He grumbled and didn't say anything else. I smiled at him and hummed, "Just know we'll always be here for you, okay?" He flushed and looked away. 'Cuuute!!'

We laid in our futons again, happy and smiling. 'I've never felt SO happy!!! I'M GONNA CRY AGAINNNN I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I'D NEVER GIVE THEM UP FOR THE WORLDDDDD!!! DUDE- MY FIRST BOYFRIENDS ARE THE BOYS I LOVE MOST IN THE WORLD!!! GOD, I'M SO IN LOVE IT'S f*ckING EMBARRASSING BUT IT'S SO NICE?!?!?! OH MY GODDDDD, I'VE NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE!!!' I grinned to myself, my cheeks still a bright red. I squealed happily and rolled around in my futon, unable to contain myself as I let out giggles.

"Lana-chan is so cute when she's excited!! I like you! I like you a lot, Lana-chaaan~!" Zenitsu sang as he did his cute little wiggle thing, hearts floating. I leaned over and wrapped myself around his arm, "I like you a lot too, Zenitsu-kuuun~!" I cooed back, feeling overwhelmed with happiness. Tanjiro laughed before remembering something, "Oh! So my crow told me that this house with the wisteria family crest belongs to a family that was once rescued by demon hunters. That's why they take care of people for free if they're demon hunters. That's what I was told. But I never thought they'd show us this much hospitality." "Just how great is the Demon Slayer Corps?" Inosuke asked, arms behind his head.

Tanjiro turned over to look at him, "Now that you mention it, Inosuke, why did you join the Corps?" Inosuke let out a confused, "Huh?" "You had some kind of reason, didn't you?" Zenitsu and I also glanced over, curious. 'Hold up, wasn't it like...He just took the swords of some poor slayers and just decided f*ck it, I'm gonna go become a demon slayer myself?'

"A member of the Demon Slayer Corps barged in on my on my mountain, so we competed to see who was stronger, and I seized his sword." 'Damn, F to that guy...' Tanjiro and Zenitsu stared at him in disbelief. "And then, I heard there was something called "Final Selection," and the fact that demons do exist." "So that's why you joined the Demon Slayer Corps? And hey, so you and I both grew up in the mountains, huh?" Tanjiro said with a smile. "Don't lump me with you!" Inosuke replied. "I don't have any parents or siblings! Testing my strength against other living creatures is my only pleasure!" He said proudly, raising his arms up. "Is that right? Is that right?" Tanjiro said, tearing up."Inosuke, that's...Kinda sad, but you know what? We're proud of you for being so strong and surviving on your own like that. You're so cool," I said, praising him. He grinned and put on his mask, leaning back on his arms again.

Zenitsu sat up and looked towards the corner of the room, "Tanjiro...No one asks, so I will...Why is it that you're traveling with a demon?" 'Damn, time to kiss my dreams of being with Zenitsu goodbye. I'm glad he ends up with Nezuko, though. As long as the both of them are happy, I'll be happy. Besides, I still have Tanjiro, until he meets Kanao...And Inosuke, until he meets Aoi...They're all cute together! And I hate myself for being so sad and selfish but...Where does that leave me?' I thought sadly, my face falling. "Zenitsu...! You knew and you still protected it? Zenitsu, you're a really great guy! Thank you," Tanjiro said before Zenitsu flopped onto the floor. "Hey! Don't flatter me so much! Hwmph!" I chuckled and gazed at his back. 'Thank you, for being with me and making me feel loved, even if it was for a short time. I still love you, but...Whatever makes you happy!' I teared up, forcing my smile.

"I have a keen sense of smell. From the very start I knew...That you were good and strong," Tanjiro said, tapping his nose. "Don't tease me. I'm not that strong. I still haven't forgiven you for leaving Shoichi behind," Zenitsu deadpanned, glaring at Tanjiro. Tanjiro nervously looked at him before Nezuko began to open her box. "OH! HEY! IT'S TRYING TO GET OUT! IT'S TRYING TO GET OUT!" Zenitsu shrieked. "It's all right," Tanjiro tried reassuring him. "Huh? WHAT'S ALL RIGHT?! HUH? HUH?!" "Shh! It's the middle of the night, Zenitsu!" I sighed as I stared at them, sitting up and leaning my face into my hands. "Hah? What's wrong, Dana?" Inosuke questioned, turning to see me moping. "Ah...It's nothing, don't worry about it," I said glumly, sighing to myself. "Don't be an idiot! It's obvious something is up! TELL ME, DAMMIT!" Inosuke growled, sitting up and leaning towards me.

"Nothin-" "KYAAAAAH! ISN'T IT LOCKED?!" Zenitsu cried as Tanjiro tried shushing him. "LANA-CHAN!! P-P-PROTECT ME! SOMEONE SAVE ME!" He screamed, running over to me as Nezuko's box slowly opened. Nezuko's nails scratched lightly along the mat floor as she peeked out. "Huh?" Zenitsu said, teary-eyed. "Nezuko," Tanjiro greeted her. She came out and grew into her normal size, making Zenitsu gape at her. "This is Nezuko, my-" "You..." Zenitsu growled, letting go of me as his face shadowed by his bangs. 'Goodbye, Zenitsu,' I thought sadly, trying to hold back my tears as I watched the scene play out before me.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO LANA-CHAN?!" 'What.' "Huh?" Zenitsu shook, "You were with another girl...You were with her every day...And traveling together, right under Lana's nose..." 'WHAT?! NO, WAIT-' Zenitsu snapped up, furious, "I CAN'T BELIEVE I STOOD UP FOR YOU!" "Zenitsu, wait-" I tried, wiping my eyes in disbelief before he pointed a finger at Tanjiro. "I...I...LANA-CHAN AND I SUFFERED SO YOU COULD GO BEHIND HER BACK AND SPEND YOUR DAYS WITH ANOTHER GIRL?! THAT'S NOTWHY WE GOT ATTACKED BY SOME WEIRD BOAR!" "Calm down, Zenitsu! What do you mean behind Lana's back?!" Tanjiro nervously said, waving his hand up. Zenitsu gripped his sword tightly, "YOU DON'T JOIN THE DEMON CORPS JUST TO CHEAT AROUND! DON'T TREAT THE CORPS AND MY LOYALTY TO LANA SO LIGHTLY!" "ZENITSU, HOLD ON-" "WE MUST PURGE THE CORPS OF YOUR ILK! PURGE YOU IMMEDIATELY!" Zenitsu cried, charging at him.

I tackled him to the floor, making him drop his sword. "Lana-chan?! What?! Why are you-" he gasped as he saw my red puffy eyes. "Zenitsu, hold on a moment," I sniffled. "But- But, Lana-chan! He was cheatingon you with another girl right under your nose?! How are you not upset?!" He questioned in shock. "That's cause' I knew! Nezuko is hissister! I've lived with them for a few years now! I literally said her name like a few times already!And- And don't you...Don't you think she's pretty?" I said, mumbling at the end. I crawled off of him as he sat up and grabbed my hands, "Lana-chan...Tanjiro, I'm sorry for not listening to you. It was rude of me to suddenly assume things. And Lana-chan," he said, making me look up at him with teary eyes. "Y-yeah?" "I'm your boyfriend now, aren't I? I would do anything for you!" 'This...Isn't supposed to happen. This isn't- right!! I...What did I do?...What's going to happen?!' I panicked, starting to shake and cry as my anxieties got the best of me.

"I- I- I-" I repeated, struggling to speak through my tears. "Lana/Wana/Lana-chan?!" The three boys cried in alarm. Nezuko gasped behind her muzzle in worry before they all rushed towards me and hugged me. Nezuko nuzzled my cheek and hummed as she began petting my hair. I was breathing heavily and trembling as I tried to calm myself down and wipe my tears. To no avail, they just kept flowing. "S-s-s-sorry," I managed to choke out. "It's okay, you can cry, we're here," Tanjiro whispered to me comfortingly as he gripped my hand. Zenitsu held my other hand as Inosuke was gently nudging my back with his head. 'Oh man, this is so nice. I'm still worried though...But I am happy. I truly am...' I thought to myself as I relaxed in their warmth and affection.

"Dear Dad,

How are you? I miss you so much! You're probably either really proud of me for writing in Japanese or you already guessed that Tanjiro is writing this for me. In that case, you're right! (Hello, Urokodaki-san! It's Tanjiro! I'll send you a letter as well!) Tanjiro and I have been going through a lot of trouble recently, and we broke three ribs each. Don't get too worried! We're at a wisteria residence, and we're healing now. While traveling, we met so many people!

On our first mission, we went to town and then there was this guy, Kazumi, and basically he lost his fiance while walking with her late at night, and so using what we learned, Tanjiro managed to sniff the demon out! We saved some girl, and it turns out there was three demons, but they were the same person. It was really weird!

Nezuko came out, what a cutie! And me and her, we fought one of the demons. Nezuko got hurt, and don't get mad, but I jumped in front of her to protect her. Tanjiro thankfully saved us though,isn't he so hot? (Sorry, Urokodaki-san!! Lana was saying these embarrassing things...) and we were fine! When he asked the demon what it knew about Muzan, it freaked out, but I killed it before it could fully regenerate his arms, aren't you proud? After that, we left and headed for Asakusa, Tokyo.

It was really bright, and the lights were tiring Nezuko and Tanjiro out, but I was used to it, so I led us into an empty street! We got udon, and then Tanjiro smelled something and ran off. I had to leave a sleeping Nezuko behind since Tanjiro was being an idiot. (Okay, I deserved that...Still Tanjiro, by the way!) I was pushing through abig-ascrowd, and I ended up stealing someone's shawl! It was kind of wild. I saw Tanjiro, and you wanna know something? He was with Muzan! Except Muzan was holding this little girl in his arms, and she called him daddy. It was kind of disturbing.

Anyways, he slashed some guy walking with his wife, and he ended up turning into a demon right in the middle of Tokyo! He attacked his wife, but Tanjiro tackled him and I put pressure on the wound with the shawl I accidentally stole. The police came, and then he was being all racist to me! Could you believe it? The fucThe man said something like, "Foreigners? We should've never signed a treaty with America," and then I slapped him. Don't worry, though! Two nice demons came, and the woman named Tamayo used her demon blood art to get us out of there. She was really pretty and nice. The other guy, Yushiro, was such a grump! He's cool, though.

Muzan got away, so we went back and the udon guy was yelling at Nezuko, so then we got more udon and we ate. And then I got one to-go, this is significant later on! And then Yushiro came out and then he called Nezuko a hag, so we started yelling at him. He led us to a secret house hidden with his blood demon art. It was cool!

So then we were there, and guess what? Yushiro gave me a tag, and now I can speak full Japanese! Isn't it great! I still can't read or write, though. But that's okay! Anyway, there was these two demons who claimed they were one of the twelve moons, but it turned out to be fake since Muzan lied to them, and Tamayo exposed him, it was pretty cool. But while Tanjiro and I were fighting a demon who used arrows, we had to exert our bodies and continuously use breathing styles, and I ended up dislocating my shoulder because of how hard I was swinging my arms around. Don't be mad! We were going to die!

We left, and then we found Zenitsu! He's someone I met during the final selection, and he's cute! He whines a lot, and he was clinging onto a village girl asking her to marry him. It was really upsetting. Lana was glaring at Zenitsu right now, so funny! I think he still feels bad about it.) I gave him my udon, and then we went up a mountain and found two children, a boy and a girl.

They were really frightened and said their brother was in the mansion, and Zenitsu and Tanjiro said they smelled and heard some really disturbing stuff from it. We went inside and left Nezuko's box with the kids outside, but they ran in and left her after she was scratching at the door. Then the rooms shifted, and we were separated. I was stuck with Zenitsu and the boy, Shoichi was his name, and we ended up running into Inosuke! He's really rowdy and yells a lot, but he has a good heart. He just loves to fight for some reason.

He ran off into the house, so we kept exploring. We ran into another demon, and Zenitsu passed out and did this really cool and fast move! Wow, that was amazing! Did a lightning pillar ever exist? Because there was thunder that flashed when Zenitsu used his breathing technique. Anyways, he woke up and thought Shoichi saved us, which was kind ofwild, not going to lie.

So then we got flung out of the house when it was changing rapidly, and I ended up breaking my arm, so that's cool. And then Inosuke came out of the mansion and was going to kill Nezuko, but Zenitsu and I stepped in and protected her, but Inosuke was kicking us and stuff. I got a bloody nose, pretty wild! It's okay though, because Tanjiro came out and saved us! We buried the bodies and then it turns out the older brother had rare blood, and so the crow gave him a pouch of wisteria flowers, and basically I have more penpals!

So here we are now, at the wisteria house with an old woman who's taking care of us. It's great! I just need to rest and I'll be godlike in a few days!

Anyways, I miss you, and I hope we see each other again soon! Write back, if you can! Stay safe! Don't be too lonely without me!

with a lot of Love,


Sakonji smiled softly under his mask as he finished reading Lana's letter. Morishi stood on the floor as he pecked at crumbs lying around. Sakonji hummed under his breath before he got up, leaving behind three little wooden dolls that looked vaguely familiar along with a bunch of wood shavings and went over to his room to grab a brush, paper, and ink. 'Lana, Tanjiro, Nezuko...I'm glad you're all okay.'

...To be continued...

Chapter 14: If I See A Spider, I'm Eating Its Ass


spida webs,,,FOUL!!!


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Warning: Swearing

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Sakonji smiled softly under his mask as he finished reading Lana's letter. Morishi stood on the floor as he pecked at crumbs lying around. Sakonji hummed under his breath before he got up, leaving behind three little wooden dolls that looked vaguely familiar along with a bunch of wood shavings and went over to his room to grab a brush, paper, and ink. 'Lana, Tanjiro, Nezuko...I'm glad you're all okay.'

After I had calmed down, I smiled at them and thanked them for their concern. Nezuko hummed happily at me and held me tighter, cuddling into my chest as I began to pet her. "WHA- HEY! HANDS OFF LANA-CHAN! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE A GIRL OR TANJIRO'S SISTER, SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" Zenitsu cried at Nezuko. She looked over to him and surprisingly hmph'd in annoyanceturning back to me and nuzzling me. "Zenitsu...Calm down, Nezuko hasn't come out of her box in a while, she probably just misses Lana!" Tanjiro reassured him before going over and petting Nezuko. "But...But I want Lana-chan's affection too!" he whined, trying to reach over to me. Nezuko reached behind me and jerked her arm. "HEY! DID YOU SEE THAT, DID YOU SEE THAT?! SHE SWATTED ME LIKE SOME BUG!" He cried in outrage.

"Nezuko, calm down sis. No harassing my boyfriend, 'kay?" I said, patting her head. She went silent before she hummed lowly, relaxing in my arms. She went stiff and pulled away from me, looking up at me in shock, "Hmm hmm hm?! (Your boyfriend?!)" I shrugged and smiled sheepishly, "Yup, yup! Bascially, I'm dating, or, well, courtingZenitsu and Tanjiro now. Inosuke's figuring things out right now, so he's not my boyfriend,but yeah! It's crazy!" She hummed, almost like she was sighing before leaning back into me. "Nezuko? What's wrong, honey?" I said, looking down at her. She shook her head and continued to pat my head.

I shrugged before I yawned, feeling sleep catching up on me. "Guys, I'm gonna head to bed now. I'm so exhausted from this week, and I'm about to pass the f*ck out..." I sighed before patting Nezuko's back, making her get off of me. "G'night guys, please don't be loud. Let me sleep..." I yawned again before slipping under my covers and burying my face into my pillow. "Goodnight, Lana/Wana/Lana-chan/Hm hm," they said back to me before I nodded off to sleep, surrounded by the ones I loved.

The next few days were kinda wild, but not out of the ordinary for the Big, Bigger, Biggest, and Bigger than BiggestPP gang. Aka, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Tanjiro, and I were kinda vibin' the whole time while we healed. Haven't gotten my first kiss yet, sadly! But I did kiss sum cheeks! On the face...Fortunately? I made it a routine to kiss everyone on the cheek when we woke up and when we'd go to sleep, including Nezuko when it was dark out. The first time I did it was so cute! I wish video cameras existed so I could've recorded it...But basically, this was how the second day went;

I yawned as I curled up against my body pillow, nuzzling my face into it. I sighed contently and held it to my body as I was going to go back to sleep, until I smelled something...Sweat, burnt hair, almost like from electricity, and...I inhaled into the cloth, trying to figure out what it was before I realized that I haven't been in my bedroom in about three? years, and my body pillow was oddly firm and shaped solidly...Wait.

I snapped my eyes open to realize I was pressing my face against Zenitsu's BOOBS. If he had any. Lol, but we were basically cuddling, he was spooning me while I held his body close to mine. "Actually, this isn't so bad..." I mumbled into his chest as he slept. I looked up to see his bright yellow hair flopped onto his face, his mouth slightly opened while his face was peaceful and deep in sleep. 'SOO PRETTY!!' I hummed tiredly, reaching up to brush his hair from his face. It still just slid back into place, so Ijust yawned and flipped over out of Zenitsu's embrace, sitting up to find everyone else still asleep as light flooded the room from the paper walls.

I sighed and stretched my limbs before wincing at the sharp pain in my shoulders, getting up and heading over to the outside Shoji door. I slid it open and sat on the porch, looking up at the bright, clear sky as I just relaxed. "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdoo-oh~ohh," I hummed to myself before Morishi swooped down with a note tied to his leg. I cooed to him as he landed on the porch, stroking his shiny black feathers. He preened and stuck his leg out, "Urokodaki-san sent a reply, kaw." "Wonderful! I wonder what he said?" I hummed, taking the letter. I unrolled it to find a medium-length paragraph. Eager to read it, I scanned the first word only to groan under my breath when I realized I FORGOT I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO READ. Dammit, now Tanjiro would have to read it out loud to me or something, what if there's a secret that was only for me?!

I slumped on the porch and thanked Morishi, who hummed a low kaw and flew up to a tree. I was interrupted by the sound of yawns as someone woke up. Turning around, I spotted Tanjiro sitting up in his futon, rubbing his eyes tiredly before seeing me. "Good morning, cutie!" I said, waving at him from my spot. He waved back and smiled at me, "Good morning, Lana!" Tanjiro stood up and made his way over to me.

Plopping down beside me, he noticed the paper in my hand. "What's that? Is that a letter from Urokodaki-san?" He pointed, looking at me. I nodded and gave it to him, "Yeah, you mind reading it to me?" "Yeah! No problem!" He cleared his throat before beginning to read,

"Dear Lana,

I knew from the moment I got a letter from you that Tanjiro wrote it. Not that I don't have any confidence in your abilities, but even if you were able to write, it would've looked like chicken scratch." I squawked in disbelief, "What?! How mean!" Tanjiro chuckled before waving his hand dismissively, "I'm sure he's just joking!...Pretty sure. Anyways,

I'm doing fine, I hope you, Tanjiro, and Nezuko are doing well. Don't cause so much trouble all the time, you and Tanjiro are always out for disaster somehow," "Okay, facts, we da disaster duo!" I cut in, chuckling. Tanjiro laughed with me and continued,

"I am proud of both of you, to deal with the struggles of being a demon slayer. You've barely begun your journey, but you know it's going to be even harder as you move up the ranks. Missions will become more deadly, and you'll have to watch out for each other. Also, don't let me come over there and catch you trying to sacrifice yourself again, I'll make sure to put you through hell." I grinned and laughed, "Awe, I'm really happy he cares about me, makes me feel all loved and stuff."

"Those two that you mentioned, Tamayo and Yushiro? I'm sure they'll be a big help in turning Nezuko back to human. I read that from Tanjiro's letter by the way, since you failed to mention some details," I huffed and shrugged, "I mean, I didn't wanna waste ink on writing parts I knew you'd cover, Tanjiro!" He chuckled, "Aa, oh look!

I will admit that it does get lonely without your presences. I miss you three. Stay safe while you're traveling, and try not to fawn over boys so much. Especially the ones you're dating now. God knows how you managed to get two boys to fall for you, but you're a good child, so it's not that hard to think of reasons why." "Oh my god," I sniffled, "I'm gonna cry, awe I love dad so much and I miss him!" "Me too, Lana. Maybe we can visit him sometime in the future!" "Yeah..."

"Take care of yourself.


Father." I gaped in surprise before smiling widely, face pink with happiness, "TANJIRO! TANJIRO! DID YOU SEE THAT?! I MEAN, I KNOW YOU'RE THE ONE READING IT, BUT HE CALLED HIMSELF MY DAD!! I'M GONNA CRYYYY!!" "What's got you so loud in the morning, Lana-chan?" Zenitsu's voice said behind me, causing Tanjiro and I to look over. He scratched his messy head and yawned, sitting down beside me and crossing his legs. "Oh! My dad replied to my letter! I'm so happy!" I squealed before leaning over to Zenitsu and kissing his cheek, "Good morning!" As he froze with a blush, I repeated my actions to Tanjiro, who blushed and shyly looked away, mumbling, "G, goodmorning."I giggled laid my head on Zenitsu's lap, looking up at his bewildered expression.

"LANA-CHAN! GOOD MORNING!! THANK YOU FOR THE KISS!" Zenitsu fawned over me, leaning down to kiss my cheek as well. I laughed and pressed my lips together in a goofy smile, humming with giggles as I was smooched."HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO DANA?! ARE YOU EATING HER?! GET OFF MY UNDERLING, MONITSU!" Inosuke growled and began running at us. I scrambled off Zenitsu's lap before Inosuke head-butted Zenitsu off the porch. "Oh my god we didn't even notice you were awake! Sorry Inosuke! But he wasn't eating me, lol. He was giving me a kiss on the cheek!" I called out, laughing as Zenitsu started yelling at him, "HEY, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE BIG IDEA IS, BUT IF YOU WANT A KISS FROM LANA-CHAN, YOU GOTTA WAIT YOUR TURN!" "WHAT'S A KISS?! WAS IT WHEN YOU WERE TRYING TO EAT HER!? AND YOU! GONPACHIRO! WHY DIDN'T YOU DO ANYTHING WHILE RANA WAS GETTING EATEN?!" Inosuke yelled, pointing at Tanjiro.

"Eh, uh..." Tanjiro blanked out before I shook my head and motioned for the boys to get back here. Once everyone was seated, Tanjiro next to Zenitsu, who was next to Inosuke, who was next to me, I began to explain, "So, a kiss is when you close your mouth and press your lips to someone or something. It's usually given as a sign of loving someone and is a special kind of affection you give to certain people. Usually family gives kisses on the cheek or forehead while lovers give it on the lips. Friends can be kissed too, but you can set boundaries if you don't like that kind of thing. I gave a kiss to Tanjiro and Zenitsu as well! Y'know, as a way of saying good morning as their girlfriend!" 'I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ACT SAYING THAT!! OHHHH MYYY GODDDD DUDE IT'S OFFICIAL, I'M THEIR GIRLFRIEND!! AJSDHAIHFAFIA-'

"GIVE ME ONE TOO! YOU DIDN'T SAY GOOD MORNING TO ME!"Inosuke yelled, placing his hands on his thighs. "You sure? If you're uncomfortable, just let me know, okay? Or push me or something, I don't know. But I don't wanna force you or anything!" "I DEMAND A KISS, DAMMIT!" "IF A GIRL OFFERS YOU A KISS, DON'T BE SO DEMANDING!" Zenitsu shouted angrily. I laughed, "It's fine. Just a small one, as friends!" I was about to lean in when..."Uhm, I don't wanna make you feel like you have to do this if you're uncomfortable, but...Could you please take off your mask? I don't really wanna smooch the severed head of a hog..." I shivered. "WHATEVER," he removed it and placed it on the side. I grew nervous as I stared at his pretty-ass face. "...Umm, on second thought, maybe leave it on?" "JUST DO IT!" "Ugh, damn, fineeee." I leaned in and gave him a small peck on the cheek."Good morning, Inosuke," I said before leaning back.

We watched as his face looked lost for a moment before a light blush dusted his face, his brows furrowed in frustration."THAT WAS IT?! THAT SMALL KISS MADE ME FEEL ALL GIDDY AND WEIRD!! DO IT AGAIN!!" "HEY, WE ALL GOT A KISS FROM LANA-CHAN, LEAVE HER ALONE DAMMIT!" Zenitsu yelled again. Tanjiro and I laughed at their antics before we were called to breakfast by the old lady.

The week flew by quickly, and before we knew it- our bodies were fully healed!I continued to smother my boys in affection while laughing at their flustered expressions, Inosuke kept trying to headbutt Tanjiro but I managed to get him to stop by saying no more good morning kisses if he kept doing that, and Nezuko still didn't like Zenitsu for some reason? Maybe she just wants my attention more? I don't know! When we were fully healed our crows had informed us to head for Mount Natagumo as soon as possible, something urgent.

The last day there, I woke up around 7:30 am, and the boys were already up. Nezuko was gone, probably in her box again, and so I got up and folded my futon, placing it into a nearby closet with the other futons. After greeting the boys good morning, I decided it was best to take a bath so I wouldn't look or smell absolutely FOUL when I'm faced with like, Shinobu or Giyuu. ESPECIALLY Shinobu!! 'HOLYYYYYY sh*tTTTT, I'M SO f*ckIN' HYPEEDDDD!!! I'M GOING TO SEE GOD, I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO SEE GOD!!! UMGHHGHGGHHH I'M SO EXCITEDDDD!!!' I squealed as I washed my hair in the large wooden tub. I sighed as I let my sore muscles relax from the warmth of the water, feeling so sore and worn out from nonstop battling. 'Damn, enjoy it while it lasts hoe, u gon' be up against sum mf SPIDERS. FOULLLLL,' I groaned in the water, making it bubble up.

It was about midday when we all changed into our demon slayer uniforms, which were now clean, andwere ready to head out. "All right, let's go. Thank you for everything!" Tanjiro said to the old woman as we stood outside the large wooden gates. "Thank you for your hospitality!" I said as we all bowed politely, save Inosuke who stood there awkwardly. "Sparks for good luck..." The woman said as she clacked the coal and other....thing in her grasp. "Thank you!" Tanjiro and I chimed as small sparks flew from the objects. "WHAT'RE YOU DOIN', Y'OLD HAG?!" Inosuke yelled as he rose his fist. I yelped before Tanjiro held him back, Zenitsu screaming, "ARE YOU STUPID?! IT'S A RITUAL! IT'S PURIFICATION BECAUSE WE'RE GOING INTO DANGER!"

As we began to walk away, the old woman humbly smiled and said, "At all times, please live with high pride. I wish you good fortune in war!" She bowed respectfully as she prayed for our safety. I ran with Tanjiro, Zenitsu right at my side before Inosuke said, "HIGH PRIDE? WHAT'S THAT MEAN?" "Yeah, the meaning isn't immediately clear. "High pride,"..." Tanjiro called back, "Probably understanding your place? Not being embarrassed to behave appropriately for that position...? Is that it?" I shrugged at his words and kept running. "Anyway, that old woman is praying for our safety." "What position is that? And why would it be embarrassing?" Inosuke asked, right at our tail.

Tanjiro looked ahead, "Well..." "What exactly is "behaving appropriately"?Why does she care about us? She doesn't have anything to do with us, so why? She doesn't understand our position, does she?" "Well, it doesn't hurt to think that she genuinely cares about our wellbeing as a bystander witnessing us run right into what could possibly be our deaths, no?" I pondered. "WAAH! LANA-CHAN! DON'T SAY SCARY THINGS LIKE THAT!" Zenitsu cried fearfully. "Sorry!" I called back. "AAH! HE SPED UP!" Zenitsu yelled as Tanjiro began picking up his pace. "Wait up, Tanji!" I called as I sped up right behind him.

As we eventually neared the mountain, it had quickly turned dark, making me slightly fearful for the demons and, eventually, Rui. "WAIT! WILL YOU PLEASE WAIT?!" Zenitsu cried as he slowed down. We all came to a stop to find him sitting on the ground, clutching his legs tightly as he yelled fearfully, "I'M SCARED! WE'RE GETTING CLOSE TO OUR GOAL, AND I'M VERY SCARED!" I sighed, about to go over to him when Inosuke yelled, "WHY'RE YOU SITTING DOWN? YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" "I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT FROM YOU, PIG-HEAD!" Zenitsu cried. I went over to him and crouched down, "Zenitsu...You know we have to do this. It's okay to feel scared, but we have to do this. I know you can-" "LANA-CHAN?! I THOUGHT YOU WOULD'VE BEEN MORE UNDERSTANDING!! WHAT KIND OF GIRLFRIEND WOULD WANNA SEND HER BOYFRIEND TO HIS DEATH?!" He interrupted, crying hysterically.

I froze, my eyes widening at his painful words. "Zenitsu, that wasn't her intentions and you know it!" Tanjiro yelled as I quietlygot up and began walking towards the mountain, my head low, and trying to ignore the ache in my chest. "I'M NOT DISGUSTING! I'M AVERAGE! I'M NORMAL...AND YOU'RE ABNORMAL!" I heard Zenitsu's cries behind me before I spotted a demon slayer crawling towards me, his sword gripped tightly in his hand and his eyes wide with terror. "H...Help..." he wheezed out. We all rushed over to him, asking if he was alright before we watched in shock as he was flung up into the mountain. "AAAAAAHHHH!!! I WAS STILL CONNECTED! HEEEELP MEEE!" He cried as he got farther and farther away before vanishing into the trees.

I began trembling before trying to calm myself down, taking a deep breath and forcing my legs to move. "I'm going in there guys. This...Has to be done!" I called out shakily, making my way down the path. "Me too! I...I'm...I'm going in there!" Tanjiro said as he began to follow me. "ME FIRST! YOU TWO CAN TREMBLE IN FEAR AND FOLLOW BEHIND!" Inosuke yelled as he stomped ahead of us, whipping out his nichirin blades. Tanjiro and I watched him in awe as he proudly announced, "I'M HUNGRY!" I huffed in slight amusem*nt before walking by his side. "What...?" Tanjiro mumbled. "He means he's hungry for battle," Zenitsu trembled. "Stay safe, Zenitsu," I somberly called to his shaking body as I ventured with the other two into the forest. "Wait! Lana-chan!" Zenitsu called out. I didn't look back.

As Inosuke and I lead the way slashing at the webs, I cringed as my legs caught on some random spider webs strung around the trees. I hurriedly slapped them off, muttering, "ew, ew, ew!" under my breath. "Hmph! This place is full of spider webs! And they're in my way!" Inosuke huffed as he slashed at the spider webs in front of us. "Yeah..." Tanjiro muttered. "Inosuke?" He said, looking up at him. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Inosuke yelled back, crossing his arms over his body weirdly. Tanjiro smiled, "Thank you. I'm glad you agreed to come along. The twisted, ominous smell from the mountain really freaked me out..But you calmed me down." He then turned to me and grabbed my hand, "You too, Lana. You took the first steps towards the mountain, and knew that this was something that had to be done, even though you were shaking in fear just like me! Don't listen to Zenitsu, I'm sure he didn't mean it, he was just scared and thinking irrationally, that's all."

I nodded at him and squeezed his hand, "Yeah, I know. But it hurts, y'know? I'm just tryna be a good girlfriend and person overall by encouraging him, and he goes ahead and says that I wanna send him to his death? It sucks, but I'll try not to think about it. We gotta complete this mission, first of all." I sighed and shook my head, "I hope that boy is alright...Oh, yeah! And Inosuke, same here with Tanjiro. Thank you for being brave enough to lead the way, it was really nerve-wracking to approach the mountain and sh*t by myself, and then you guys came in with me! Honestly, NOW I'M FEELING REALLY PUMPED UP!! LET'S GO KICK SOME DEMON ASS, BUYS- Uh, boys!" I said, hyping myself up.

Inosuke stared at us for a few seconds before Tanjiro noticed something, or rather, someone. "Guys," He said, raising a hand as we all looked over to see another demon slayer sitting by himself. I watched as Tanjiro crept up behind him and reached a hand out."Uh...Tanjiro, maybe you shouldn't do that-"I said before watching the guy turn around and reach for his sword before relaxing a the sight of us. "I've come to help. I'm Kamado Tanjiro, rank mizunoto," Tanjiro told him. "Mizu...noto? Mizunoto?!" He realized before a horrified expression came on his face, "Not a hashira?! It doesn't matter how many mizunoto come! It won't make any difference! THERE'S NO POINT!" He said fearfully. "Dude, it's cool-" I started before- THWACK! Inosuke's fist smashed into the poor guy's face. Tanjiro gripped onto Inosuke's leg as Inosuke gripped onto the guy's hair, "Inosuke!" "SHUT UP! Hurry up and explain the situation, weakling! If you want to talk about pointless things, let's start with your existence!" 'DAAAAAAAMN, OKAY GO OFF INOSUKE...sh*t BRO, YOU REALLY OUT HERE PULLING OUT ALL YO sh*t, HUH?' I thought to myself amusingly. "A...A crow brought an order, so ten corps members came! Not long after going up the mountain, the corps members...Began killing each other!" He cried before he spotted someone a few feet away. "AH!"

We looked over and saw a demon slayer, blood dripping out his mouth as he stood up, loosely clutching his sword. "Oh...sh*t," I muttered as I gripped my sword, the pink tint gleaming against the moonlight.

Back with Zenitsu

'Do they...hate me?' he thought solemnly to himself as he sat in the path, hugging his knees. 'Is it normal to just leave someone behind? If it were real friends, wouldn't they try to convince me? If two of them had asked, I would've gone...But then again...' he thought of Lana, who tried to encourage him earlier. 'Lana-chan did try to convince me...But I ended up telling her that she wanted to send me off to my death...How am I going to be crying about what kind of girlfriend she is when I'm such a bad boyfriend? I shouldn't have treated her like that...And now the four of them went up that scary mountain...In a hurry...Did they even care how I felt, being left behind? Lana did say to be safe...' He moped by himself until his sparrow chirped at him.

He looked down at it exasperatingly, "I envy how relaxed you are. You don't understand a thing about humanity- YOW OW OW OW OW!" He suddenly cried as it pulled at his hand with its beak. "HEY! YOU'RE NOT BEING VERY CUTE! NOT CUTE AT ALL! LANA-CHAN IS CUTE, BUT A BIRD LIKE YOU...IS JUST A PAIN IN THE NECK!" He yelled at it before shrieking in realization, "AAAAAAGH! THOSE TWO GUYS! THEY'RE WITH LANA-CHAN, ALONE IN A FOREST!" He sprung up and began sprinting frantically towards the mountain, crying out, "WHY DID THEY GO WITH MY LANA?! TANJIRO, INOSUKE, YOU JERKS! YOU IDIOTS! YOU DON'T LET A GIRL LEAD THE PATH IN A DANGEROUS PLACE! MORONS! LANA-CHAAN!!!! LANA-CHAAAAN!!!"

...To be continued...

Chapter 15: Eatin Spida Bitches' Ass


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Author's Note: NYWAYS! Bad Bitch Lana comes back after a LONG VACATION, Minecraft Steve pisses himself, Zenitsu becomes small pp size, Tanjiro is proud of his badass sister and gf, and inosuke is kinda vibin rn!

Warning: Swearing, desc of violence, Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


He yelled at it before shrieking in realization, "AAAAAAGH! THOSE TWO GUYS! THEY'RE WITH LANA-CHAN, ALONE IN A FOREST!" He sprung up and began sprinting frantically towards the mountain, crying out, "WHY DID THEY GO WITH MY LANA?! TANJIRO, INOSUKE, YOU JERKS! YOU IDIOTS! YOU DON'T LET A GIRL LEAD THE PATH IN A DANGEROUS PLACE! MORONS! LANA-CHAAN!!!! LANA-CHAAAAN!!!"

I watched in caution as the demon slayer limply rose his arms above his head, the faint sound of threads scratching together coming from his movements. I suddenly heard the sound of a sword unsheathing behind me, and I snapped my head behind only to throw myself back as a random demon slayer slashed at me. "sh*t! Guys, watch out!" I cried as I dodged another swing. "AH HA HA HA!" Inosuke cackled proudly as he threw himself back and pushed his body off the floor to dodge another demon slayer member. "HA HA! THESE GUYS ARE ALL IDIOTS! DON'T THEY KNOW IT'S PROHIBITED FOR CORPS MEMBERS TO FIGHT EACHOTHER?!"

'Awe, he's just a little confused, but he has the spirit!' I thought proudly before yelpingas I had to twist my body to the side in order to avoid being DECAPITATED. "No...They're moving strangely! Something is controlling them!" Tanjiro said as he grabbed onto some guys' arm. "GOOD. THEN I CAN CUT EM' UP!" Inosuke yelled, raising his sword. "YASS-!" "NO! Some of them are still alive! And we mustn't defile the corpses of our comrades!" Tanjiro yelled as I tried to cheer Inosuke on. "STOP BOSSING ME AROUND!" Inosuke huffed as he head-butted Tanjiro's stomach.

"True, true. I guess we'll just have to incapacitate them somehow!" I called out before noticing two demon slayers headed towards that other guy. I rushed in front of him and swung my sword towards the two demon slayers. "LANA, NO-!" Tanjiro yelled in horror before I swung my sword above my opponent's head, slicing the thin threads attached to them. They dropped to the ground, laying there motionless as I stood above them, sighing. "I gotchu, Steve! Threads, ya'll! Cut the threads!" I informed them, going over and slashing above another attacker as he lunged towards me before plopping onto the floor. "Who's Steve-?" the guy asked before I ran off.

"Good job, Lana! I can smell them now!" Tanjiro beamed at me before slicing his attacker's threads. "WELL SURE! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY THAT BEFORE YOU DID, RANA!" Inosuke huffed before slicing threads off of three demon slayers at once. "Three at once?! As expected of the great Inosuke!!" I squealed happily. "OF COURSE!! THE GREAT INOSUKE IS PLEASED WITH YOUR ATTENTION!" He said, probably feeling giddy. How cute!! I smiled happily as I watched him fly through the air before I felt something crawling on my upper thigh. I gagged and shivered harshly before slapping my thigh, "EEEEWWW!!f*ckING FOUL! I SWEAR I'M GOING TO SLAY THAT MOf*ckA WHO'S CONTROLLING THIS sh*t!" I cried, cringing at the multiple spiders crawling on me, frantically slapping them off.

I guess I missed one on my foot, as I suddenly got thrusted into the air, dangling by my right foot. I hurriedly slapped my hands on both sides of my skirt, embarrassed, I cried, "UMMMM GUYS, COULD YOU HELP ME OUT?!" Tanjiro ran towards me, about to swing his swordbefore Inosuke jumped at me and slashed above my foot, cutting me loose. I screamed as I fell headfirst, still holding my skirt. I closed my eyes as I braced for impact, only to find myself caught in someone's arms. I opened my eyes to find Tanjiro looking at me worriedly as he set me on my feet, "Are you alright?! You almost hit your head there!" I kissed his cheek gratefully, "Thank you, Tanjiro. I really thought I was gonna get a concussion or something!"

He flushed and rubbed his cheek bashfully before realizing, "Wait, so if the spiders connect the threads then..." We looked over to see the demon slayers that were previously cut loose rising by the threads. "It's not enough just to cut the threads, the spiders will just spin more! So..." He looked down, only to jump at the sight of the spiders crawling towards him. I shrieked and started stomping the ground, slapping and brushing off my legs and arms, paranoid as hell. "THEN WE KILL ALL OF THESE SPIDERS!" Inosuke yelled, raising his sword again. "No!! The spiders are too tiny, and there is a large amount of them!" Tanjiro cried, dodging an attack. "We must find the demon controlling the spiders! I've been picking up this strange stench starting afew moments ago, so my nose is completely useless! Inosuke!!! If you're able to locate the demon with precision, please help me!"

I stopped slapping my reddening thighs to dodge an upcoming slash from another demon slayer. "Guys, we gotta end this really quick, I'm getting worried!" I called out, jumping up and jumping off the guys' head. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry dude!" I hurriedly apologized to the unconscious-but-hopefully-not-dead demon slayer. "Also, you are..." Tanjiro said, turning to the other guy. "Lmao, his name is Steve," I snickered. "It's not Steve! It's Murata!" Murata called out to us, swinging his sword to block an attack.

"Murata-san, Lana, and I will deal with the ones being controlled. Inosuke will-" Tanjiro cut himself off as he sniffed the air before snapping his head up to see..."Oh, f*ck no," I groaned as we spotted Rui standing on his threads. "Don't disturb our clan's peaceful life here," he said, looking down at us. "Because you will all...be killed by mother in the next few moments." "Lmao, as if. Hey, could I be your mother instead? I've always wanted a son!!" I squealed to myself before Inosuke jumped off some other guy, "HEY!" Rui turned his back on us and began to walk away as Inosuke tried to slash at him, to no avail. "DAMN IT!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! COME AND FIGHT ME!! WHY DID YOU COME?! AH!!" Inosuke screamed at him before falling on his back. "INOSUKE!!" Tanjiro and I cried out, my voice more worried.

"I think that demon isn't the one controlling the wires! Sowe must first-" "AH- AH- AH-! I GET IT ALRIGTH! WE LOOK FOR WHERE THE DEMON IS! YOU DAMN FORHEAD-TARO, SO ANNOYING!" Inosuke huffed before digging his swords in the ground and stretching his arms out. "Oh my god, so cute!" I quietly squealed to myself, feeling giddy as I watched Inosuke beforekicking a demon slayer behind me onto his ass. It was a few seconds before Inosuke got up, "FOUND IT! THERE!!" "GOOD JOB, INOSUKE! YOU'RE SO AMAZING!" I clapped furiously for him, beaming. He blanked out and stood there, probably feeling giddy from my praise.

"LEAVE THIS PLACE TO ME, YOU GUYS GO ON AHEAD!" Murata called out to us. "My guy, what?" I deadpanned as Tanjiro grabbed one of the demon slayers. "YOU'VE PISSED YOUR PANTS ALREADY, HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY THAT?!" Inosuke yelled. "I mean, facts. But actually, thank you for wanting to put in effort!" I smiled before swinging my sword to block another attack. Murata flushed before angrily yelling back, "WHO TOLD YOU I PISSED MY PANTS, YOU STUPID PIG!! I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU, SO SHUT IT!! And I can be of use! Really, I can! I'm sorry for showing you guys my embarrassing side, but I'm also a member of the demon hunters! Leave this place to me! I'll think of a way!" He insisted.

I went over and put a hand on his shoulder, swinging my sword with him simultaneously. He turned to me as we blocked an attack together as I proudly told him, "Dude! Thank you so much for your dedication! That's really cool of you, dawg! We'll go off, but be careful, alright?!" He looked at me in shock before a determined expression came on his face, nodding to me. I beamed before rushing off to Tanjiro, who grabbed onto Inosuke, "I understand!! Thank you!!" he called out to him before we ran off, Inosuke shouting "I'M GOING TO PUNCH YOU BEFORE WE LEAVE!! WHO ARE YOU CALLING STUPID PIG!! I'LL DEFINITELY BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU AFTER I COME BACK!" I sighed and laughed as Tanjiro set Inosuke down. "I'M DEFINITELY PUNCHING THAT GUY!" "Stop talking about that!" "BUT HECALLED ME A STUPID PIG, MONJIRO!" "It's Tanjiro!" The boys bickered.

I hummed with laughter before turning to Inosuke."Don't ever change, Inosuke," I told him fondly as we ran together.We came to an abrupt stop when we saw a girl trembling in front of us, stabbing her sword into someone's neck and holding someone's body by their hair in the other. "Oh man..." I whispered to myself in despair, staring at their bloodied, lifeless bodies."You can't...Don't come near me...Hurry up and get a higher ranking person to come here!!" She cried. "If you don't, I'm going to end up killing everybody!! Please...I beg you!!" She sobbed. "RUN!!!" She screamed before her arms swung at us violently. "I'm being controlled! So my movements are completely different!! I'M NOT THAT STRONG!!"

I watched in horror as her arms bent backward at an inhumane angle. I felt bile rise in my throat and tears spring to my eyes as I watched the poor girl choke on her tears in agony before she swung her sword rapidly at us. She screamed in pain and wailed as her arms were forced to swing at painful angles and speed. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry! I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY!" I cried in grief as she was forced to endure the pain. We dodged her attacks before the sounds of bushes rustling drew our attention as demon slayers stepped out. They were trembling and bleeding, their limbs twisted gruesomely and bent in such a horrific way that made me choke out a sob in sorrow. "Ki...Kill us...The bones...Within our...our arms and legs...are all broken..." one of the demon slayers wheezed out, barely clinging to life.

I shook my head in disbelief and kept crying, trying to come up with a way to save them. 'f*ck, f*ck!! HOW CAN I SAVE THEM WITHOUT f*ckING UP EVERYTHING OR KILLING THEM?! I WANNA DIE, THIS IS SO f*ckED!! If I slice their threads, they'll just fall painfully and even then, they'll just reconnect from the spiders! WHY, WHY CAN'T I SAVE THEM?! f*ck THIS!! I HATE THIS SO MUCH!!' I angrily thought to myself before they cried, "Save us...Stop this...FINISH US!!" "OKAY, I GOT IT!!" Inosuke yelled before beginning to run at them. "WAIT, NO!" I cried as Tanjiro yelled, "WAIT!! There must be some way to save them..." "SHUT UUUUP! SHUT YOUR MOUTHHHHH!" Inosuke hissed at us, pointing a finger as he ducked a swing before kicking the demon slayer's arm. "HE SAID IT HIMSELF, HE WANTS TO DIE!! THIS BUNCH IS FAST, AND WE'LL BE THE ONES KILLED IF WE DAWDLE!" He continued, jumping up.

I bent backward into a bridge position as another slayer swung at me. "I'm trying to think of a way to deal with this, so just stop for a second!!" Tanjiro cried as he jumped back from the girl's swings. He began running around, making her chase him. 'Oh, the thing where he throws her up, right? WAIT! THEY'RE GONNA DIE- Unless...' I thought to myself before gasping with an idea and rushing after them. "WHAT'S THE POINT IN RUNNING AROUND!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Inosuke yelled before Tanjiro suddenly stopped and grabbed the girl by the waist, throwing her up over a tree branch, causing her threads to wrap onto the branch and making her hang mid-air. "I GOT IT!" I screamed anxiously, heart pounding in my chest in giddiness before I leapt up and swiped at her threads, causing her to fall.

I caught her in my arms as we landed, saving her from her deadly fate. "I...I DID IT!" I cried happily to myself. "Wha-?! Lana, why'd you do that?! Now she's free!" Tanjiro yelled, frustrated. I turned to him and shook my head furiously, "TANJIRO, THINK ABOUT IT! THE THREADS EASILY CONNECTED BECAUSE THEY WERE CLEANLY CUT OFF, BUT THE THREADS WERE STILL HERE! IF YOU TANGLE THE THREADS, THEN IT SHOULDN'T CONNECT BACK, RIGHT?!" Saying it out loud made me realize, "WAIT, HOLD ON THAT WAS A DUMB IDEA, LET ME REMOVE THE SPIDERS!" I hurriedly swatted them off of her body before carrying her limp body on my back.

"Th...Thank you....Thank you! THANK YOU!!" She sobbed, crying into my shoulderbefore passing out from the pain and exhaustion. I held back a sob in relief before dread filled my heart again. 'I saved her, and the spiders for some reason aren't latching onto the three of us, so she should be fine. But the other demon slayers...We can't exactly all be carrying one, we still have demons to fight. And they can't move because of their broken bodies...Damn!Maybe I cansend a crow or something?!' I groaned lowly before- "WHAT SORT OF A TRICK IS THAT?! LEMME TRY IT AS WELL!!" Inosuke yelled before copying us, running and getting chased before throwing them up into a tree and slicing off the threads, catching them and slapping the spiders off.

"SEE!! I CAN DO ANYTHING YOU ARE ABLE TO DO!!" He cried proudly. "SORRY!! I DIDN'T SEE!" Tanjiro yelled back as he was faced with another demon slayer. "WHAT DID YOU SAY-???" "I'M SORT OF BUSY HERE!" I sniffled before wiping my tears with one hand and grinning at Inosuke, "DON'T WORRY, INOSUKE! I SAW!! YOU'RE SO COOL!" He huffed proudly and placed the demon slayer on the ground, Tanjiro doing the same as he had Nezuko on his back."ALRIGHT, ONE MORE PERSON! THE SPIDERS SHOULDN'T COME THAT QUICKLY SO THESE GUYS SHOULD BE FINE AS LONG AS I'M AROUND!" Inosuke yelled. "I GET IT ALREADY, THIS IS FINE! ANYWAYS, JUST DON'T BE SO VIOLENT AND..."

We all watched in horror as the last demon slayer we were about to save suddenly had his neck twisted, a snap! was heard as I watched in horror as he fell to the ground, dead. "That was...The last one. And...we failed him..." I whispered to myself in grief, gripping the girl on my back tighter. "AHHH!! BASTARD!! NOW SOMEONE IS DEAD!" Inosuke yelled angrily. "We couldn't save him...But at least we saved these other people!" Tanjiro said solemnly, picking up one of the unconscious slayers we DID save. Inosuke picked up the other one, holding him in his arms. "Damn it...We can't fight or travel fast enough while carrying these guys...But we can't just leave them..."

I thought to myself for a moment before realizing something and setting the girl down on the ground gently. "Guys, I think we can actually leave them here. Judging by the last guy who...Died, the demon who controlled them must've given up on using them. There also hasn't been any spiders coming towards us, as if they stopped multiplying...So I think it's safe for them here. We'll come back for them later, but for now just let them rest here," I told them, getting up and removing my haori, placing it over the girl. 'Yeah, the mommy-demon gave up on them after the threads were cut, right? She said they were useless or something? So they're fine...I hope,' I thought to myself.

"...Well, you're right. I haven't noticed any spiders...Alright, we'll follow you, since we don't have any other choice," Tanjiro said, repeating my actions and discarding his haori. Inosuke huffed, "Fine!" and did the same, but placed the other guy next to Tanjiro's, pulling the checkered haori over both of the bodies. Tanjiro looked at the corpse of the only person we couldn't save before turning ahead, his head low, "...Let's go." We stared at his back before I followed after him, Inosuke muttering, "Yeah..." And we ran off, rushing deeper into the forest. 'I hope Zenitsu is okay...He should be fine!' I worriedly thought to myself before speeding up.

Inosuke lifted his head as he sensed something, "OVER HERE! WE'RE VERY CLOSE!!" Tanjiro sniffed the air before placing a hand near his face and noticing the large body ahead of us."Inosuke-!!" Tanjiro cried before getting interrupted."I'M THE ONE WHO FOUND HIM FIRST!" Inosuke yelled. We all came to a stop as we looked up at the thing, it's body was large and towered over us, it's torso was veiny and it's arms were hair and spider-like. The ends were sharp, hairy points, and reminded me faintly of crab legs. The pants that hung off it's body were torn at one leg and bunched around its ankles. But most importantly- "THIS THING DOESN'T HAVE A HEAD!!" Inosuke yelled. "THIS GUY DOESN'T HAVE A WEAK SPOT! I CAN'T CHOP AT HIM IF HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE!! WHA...HUH?!"

"Inosuke, Lana!" Tanjiro called to us before Inosuke began freaking out, "WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO!" "Inosuke! It's okay!! We got something figured out!" I said, trying to calm him down. "Lana is right! Calm down!! Let's cut at him from a diagonal angle, from his shoulders!!" Tanjiro said to us. "Let's try to slice that thing from the bottom right side of the neck to beneath its left armpit! It's a large area, so it'll probably be tough..." "YAHAAAAH!!" Inosuke charged. "Wait!! We'll do this together..." Tanjiro reached for him. I giggled and watched as Inosuke was about to swing his swords, only to get small cuts from his body. "f*ck no...Don't tell me..." I muttered before spotting some spiders crawling on my feet. "UGH!! EW, WHAT THE f*ck!?" I yelped, frantically brushing off my feet and stomping the ground. "Wait, sh*t!" I cried, looking up to see Inosuke paralyzed. Tanjiro got the same idea as me as we both rushed at them, though I sliced Inosuke's threads as Tanjiro slashed at the monster's arm? Claw?

Tanjiro turned to us, yelling, "Guys! Let's fight this battle together! Let's use our brains and think up of a way to defeat this demon!! Let's-" I got distracted by the large being charging at us, and I quickly zig-zagged in front of the boys, swinging my sword vigorously as I blocked the attack. My feet dug into the dirt as I stood my ground, gritting my teeth at the strength of the thing. "Lana! Hold on!" Tanjiro cried out before he and Inosuke slashed at its arms, giving it a shallow cut. I bounced back, releasing it from our battle of strength. Its arms were positioned at its side, giving me Tanjiro the opening to attack.

He gripped his sword and jumped, flipping upside down before performing the third form of breath of water, decapitating its arms off. "SLICE AT IT FROM THE SHOULDERS! HURRY!" Tanjiro yelled. Inosuke leaped up, sword at ready as he descended upon the thing, completely slicing it from the right shoulder to the left armpit. "YAY!! GOOD JOB, INOSUKE!!" I exclaimed as he landed, the thing's body crumpling to ash. Inosuke turned to us silently before he spoke, "I can do..." He lowered his body, "whatever YOU CAN DO, YOU BASTAAAARD!!" Inosuke rushed at Tanjiro, grabbing him by the legs and throwing him up. I watched in amusem*nt and concern as he flew before crossing his arms over his chest, his sword placed behind his neck.

As he disappeared behind the trees, I turned to Inosuke, grabbing his hands excitedly. "Inosuke! You did such a good job!! I'm so proud of you!!" I beamed, bouncing on the heels of my feet. "OF COURSE I DID! I NEVER NOT DO A GOOD JOB AT EVERYTHING!" He huffed proudly. I was about to reply when I noticed how bloodied his body was."Inosuke?! Are you okay?! You're badly hurt!" I said worriedly, looking over him. "I'M FINE, IT'S NOTHING!" He insisted, but I still fretted over him, wincing at the cuts on his arms and torso."This is really bad! I'm worried for you!" "I'M FINE, QUIT IT! YOU'RE BEING TOO CONCERNED!!" He huffed, but didn't push me away.

Ipatted his head gently before Tanjiro came out from the trees. "DID YOU DEFEAT HER?!" Inosuke asked him. "I did. Inosuke, are you alright?" Tanjiro said nervously as Inosuke pointed at his face, "Can you not think about me with such meticulousness?! Ya listening? You understand? I CAN DO ANYTHING YOUC AN DO! MY HEAD IS GOING TO BE WAY TOUGHER THAN YOURS IN JUST A LITTLE BIT! AND ALSO-" I noticed Tanjiro looking over at his injuries as well, making me sigh in worry.Tanjiro pulled out some clean cloth and began wrapping his wounds and Inosuke began making a fuss, saying to stop that and that he doesn't need it. I gazed at them fondly before remembering something, 'Wait, where is Zenitsu at right now? WHERE IS HE RIGHT NOW?! OHHH MY GOD LUCKY f*ckING HIM!! HE'S GONNA MEET GOD!! OH MY GOD, WAIT CAN I FIND HIM?!' I internally screamed.

I was just about to tell the boys to go on without me and then rush off to find Zenitsu before looking at Inosuke, the bandages already bloody and stained with his still-open wounds. 'He's probably in pain right now...It's not right of me to leave him like this...But...They'll be fine, no matter if I decide to leave or stay...' I pondered to myself before making up my mind. Going over to the boys, I patted their heads. "Guys, let's go! We gotta keep moving! Inosuke, you can go faster than us, since I know you can't handle slowing down for once..." I said, trying to trick Inosuke again. "Go faster?-" "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! GO FAST?! CAN'T HANDLE SLOWING DOWN!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" 'Aha, once AGAIN got f*cked ova by Top Dawg Lana,' I snickered to myself.

Tanjiro shook his head and we were off, rushing through the forest as Inosuke lagged behind us. As we were about to go past a river, Tanjiro halted. "That sound just now...Did lightning just strike?" "LIKE I CARE!!" "I don't think I smell Thunder clouds...But there's an irritating smell, so I don't know," Tanjiro mumbled. "Maybe it's Zenitsu, boy sure has a powerful breathing style!" I chimed, skipping on a rock. "Inosuke, Lana," Tanjiro said as Inosuke began to follow me. "HAAAAHHH?!" Inosuke yelled, stopping as he stood on the first rock. I paused as well, hopping onto the third rock. "I think I'll try going to the other side," Tanjiro told us. "YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU LIIIIKE!!" Inosuke yelled angrily.

I gasped and kicked off the rock harshly, landing right beside Tanjiro. "I'm going too!" I announced, trying to hide my panic at almost being left behind. "No, you two should go down. Down the mountain," Tanjiro said seriously, pointing towards the opposite direction. "WHA-" I began before Inosuke shouted, "WHY!! DIE!!" "No, you're seriously hurt, and Lana, you should go help those other people," Tanjiro said. "I AM NOT HURT!!" Inosuke insisted angrily. "AND I CAN GO WITH YOU AND HELP THEM LATER!! WITH. YOU!!" I frantically said. Tanjiro was about to reply when he noticed something, or rather someone, on the other side of the river.

We looked over to see the...sister spider-demon? She looked right back at us, her brows furrowed before Inosuke yelled, "OOOOHH!! I'M GONNA CHOP YOU UP!! HOLD IT, DEMON!!" "INOSUKE!" Tanjiro scolded as the girl began to run, shouting, "Father!!" Inosuke was about to go after her when Big Daddy spider dropped in front of us, splashing water at our legs. "Wet f*ckIN' socks! Greeeaaat goin' PAL!" I groaned, feeling my small tabi socks dampen. I looked up only to have the demon roar in our faces, his jaw unhinging and exposing his large, crooked teeth. I gagged at the stench of rotten flesh and spoiled eggs, staring at his two layers of teeth, the back teeth were similar to ahumans'and the front, a horrific set of jagged teeth. His 9 beady eyes glared at us as he growled, "GET AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!" He smashed the ground with his fist, splashing more water at us.

"MY f*ckIN' CLOTHES, DUDE!" I yelled angrily as we jumped back. Tanjiro wasted no time and jumped into motion, performing the second water-breathing form as he swung his sword at the demon. It went about 1/3 into his arm before lodging in the meat of the limb. The demon pulled his arm back, ready to swing. I was about to hit at it before Inosuke jumped in, swinging his swords down at his other arm, getting those stuck as well. "HE'S TOOOOUGH!!" Inosuke growled. I took my chance and leaped, aiming my sword at the demon's neck, as if to stab it. I was about to perform the seventh form of water breathing before he flung his arms, throwing Tanjiro and Inosuke off of him along with their swords. I was blown away by Inosuke's body, but we safely landed on the ground, bouncing back onto our feet.

The demon didn't hesitate as he immediately stomped towards us. "DON'T GET NEEAAR..." He growled out before swatting at Tanjiro, "MY FAMILYYY!!" Inosuke and I quickly got up, clutching our swords tightly. Inosuke immediately launched himself towards the demon, raising his swords up as he let out a battle cry. "Inosuke, what the f*ck!" I cried out as the father demon slammed his arm into Inosuke, flinging him back. I groaned and kicked off, rushing towards the demon and raising my swords up. He raised his arms to fling me away before Tanjiro yelled out, "LANA!! JUMP BACK!!" "Huh?" I yelped, looking up to see a large tree falling towards us. I gasped and hurriedly kicked myself off of the demons' arms, flipping and skipping onto my feet. I watched with a racing heart as the large tree slammed into the demon, trapping his body in the river.

"Holy f*ck, that was close! Tanjiro, warn me next time, dammit!" I yelled out, panting from the adrenaline. He looked at me apologetically, saying, "Sorry Lana!!" before running towards the demon his sword poised low. I noticed the demon gripping the trunk, slowly getting up as Tanjiro got closer. I screamed in alarm and raced towards them, jumping onto Tanjiro as the demon swung the trunk, Tanjiro's sword hitting it and flinging us both into the sky. "DANAAA, KENTAROOOO!!" "BE CAREFUL INOSUKEEEEE!!" I screamed, clutching onto Tanjiro. "DON'T DIE, INOSUKE!! THAT GUY'S ONE OF THE TWELVE DEMON MOONS!! UNTIL WE RETURN, DON'T DIE!!" Tanjiro yelled loudly. "DON'T DIE!! UNDER ANY CIRc*msTANCE!!" "DON'T DIEEE!!!" We screamed together.

...To be continued...

Chapter 16: Eatin Spida Bitches' Ass (EXTRA)


Author's Note: Basically, this was the first draft before I changed my mind and wanted to f*cka round w/ Rui, lol. Enjoy this scene from another timeline!!

Chapter Text

I was just about to tell the boys to go on without me and then rush off to find Zenitsu before looking at Inosuke, the bandages already bloodyand stained with his still-open wounds. 'He's probably in pain right now...It's not right of me to leave him like this...But...They'll be fine, no matter if I decide to leave or stay...' I pondered to myself before making up my mind. Going over to the boys, I patted their heads. "Guys, I'm going to go look for Zenitsu." They looked at me before Tanjiro said, "Look for Zenitsu? But, Lana, shouldn't he be still at the road we left him at? Now that I think about it...I do feel bad for leaving him there by himself..."

I shook my head, "I know, I feel bad too. But something tells me that he probably went looking for us...Surely he would've thought that being with us is better than being alone, and rushed off after us. He could be lost!" Tanjiro thought about it before nodding at me, "Okay, that's true. Just be careful when going through the forest, okay? Who knows if there's more demons or monsters out there." I smiled softly at him and grasped his hands, giving him a smooch on the cheek, "Yeah, I know. I'll be fine, I'm strong! Besides, I'm more worried about you guys...So you three all better be safe next time I see you!" I huffed playfully, but still concerned.

"DON'T GET HURT OR ANYTHING, YOU HEAR ME?!" Inosuke yelled. I smiled widely and laughed, rubbing his snout, "I'm so happy that Inosuke cares for me! Don't worry, I'll be fine." He huffed before surprisingly pressing his mask against my palm, "WHO ELSE IS GOING TO OFFER ME MORE FOOD IF YOU'RE GONE?!" "Tanjiro, lol." "NO!! IT'S NOT THE SAME AS YOUR OFFERING!! I DON'T WANT HIS!!" He growled. I laughed breathlessly before walking off, waving at them. "Be safe you guys! I'll meet you in the shadow realm!" I called out, laughing. "Shadow realm? What?" Tanjiro called back, but I kept on walking, smiling fondly to myself.

I walked through the trees, the moon being my only guide as I stepped over branches and weeds. "I hope Zenitsu's okay...And I really, reallyhope God Shinobu didn't come yet!" I pleaded to myself before breaking out into a run, sprinting through the forest. "Oh my god, please don't show up yet, please don't show up yet!!" I huffed to myself, jumping over some bushes.

It took a while of running, but eventually, I came upon a clearing. I gasped excitedly at the sight of the little mutant-spider-things and the levitating little shack. "Zenitsu?" I hesitantly called out, looking around. I spotted the giant hole in the wooden structure and looked over at the nearest and largest tree near it. "Well...I don't need to waste my time jumping off a tree when I have some sexy, strong-ass legs!" I chirped to myself before kicking off the ground, landing on top of the shack next to Zenitsu's limp body. I worriedly sat down beside him, brushing his bangs away from his face. "Lana...chan...?" Zenitsu weakly whispered. "Yeah, it's me honey pie. Don't worry, okay? You'll be alright now," I shushed him, placing his head in my lap. "It's...Hard...to breathe..." he huffed out. I shook my head and placed a finger over his lips. "Don't speak, just breathe, okay? You'll be fine."

I looked up at the moon, waiting anxiously for Herarrival. I gasped softly as I spotted a single butterfly flutter by, my anxiety and excitement bubbling up as it flapped its wings.I began to breath heavily in excitement before holding back a LOUD-ASS SCREAM AS I SAW GOD HERSELF JUMP UP BEFORE ME. She wasbeautiful, her dainty feet poised and her arms stretched outstretched behind heras her gorgeous haori fluttered around her, mimicking the wings of a butterfly. My mouth gaped open in absolute awe and tears almost prickedat my eyes as I gazed upon God herself.

She gently and elegantly fluttered down, her pretty black-purple hair softly framing her feminine features. The moon shone behind her, illuminating her Goddess-like figure descending upon on us. I continued to gape at her in silent shock as she landed in front of us, looking down at us with a gentle smile on her face. Bending down slightly,she spoke, and her voice was like silky honey dripping from her sweet lips. "Ara, ara, are you two alright?" I didn't speak as my breath was caught in my throat, and all I could do was silently nod, gaping at her like a fool and trembling in her presencebefore snapping out of it and shaking my head frantically, choking out a, "Uh, injured, hurt, weak!"

She hummed under her breath before looking down at Zenitsu and then turning back to me,"Well, he certainly seems to be in quite the predicament. Do you know what happened here?" I slowly shook my head, unable to process anything at the moment.

Lol, but yeah, this was the deleted scene that I originally planned to put in. I just HAD to leave it somewhere though!!

Chapter 17: My Dead (Gay) Spider Demon Son


MC gets sliced tf up, pantsu shawt, giyuu pulls up, n tanjiro smells burnt but nice :.))))))


Author's Note: Omfg, hiii!!! Been a good minute since I last updated, so I hope ya'll enjoy today's chapter!! ALSO SHOUTOUT TO YA'LL WHO GET THE CHAPTER TITLE'S REFERENCE!! Theater kid tingz <333 *shivers* middle school was HORRIFIC. Anyways! <3 (Pero, Haaa~aay! Como me duele.)

Warning: Swearing, desc of violence

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


"DANAAA, KENTAROOOO!!" "BE CAREFUL INOSUKEEEEE!!" I screamed, clutching onto Tanjiro. "DON'T DIE, INOSUKE!! THAT GUY'S ONE OF THE TWELVE DEMON MOONS!! UNTIL WE RETURN, DON'T DIE!!" Tanjiro yelled loudly. "DON'T DIE!! UNDER ANY CIRc*msTANCE!!" "DON'T DIEEE!!!" We screamed together.

As we flew through the night sky, I let go of Tanjiro to perform the third form of water breathing in order to land safely,'Third Form: Flowing Dance.' Gripping my sword, I zoomed through the air, getting closer to the ground with each twist and turn of my body, soaring gracefully until I skipped onto the ground. I sighed in relief before looking around for Tanjiro, only for him to spin onto his feet right after me. "Are you okay-?" "GYAAAH! AAAHH!" A scream interrupted me, making us turn to see Rui staring right back at us as he stood over his trembling older sister, fingers entwined with threads dripping blood. "What're you two looking at? This isn't for show."

"That's...Not okay dude..." I muttered to myself, looking down at the girl who was weakly knelt down before Rui. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! ISN'T SHE YOUR ALLY?!" Tanjiro said yelled furiously. Rui stared at us boredly, "Ally? Don't liken it to such a shallow thing. We are family. We are tied by strong bonds." He looked down at his sister for a moment before looking back at us, "Besides, this is between me and nee-san. if you're gonna meddle in this needlessly, I'll slice you both up." "Oh honey, you don't do that sh*t to your family! Okay, yeah maybe I was emotionally abused- But that doesn't mean it was okay! Your bonds don't exist, and abuse is f*cked up and wrong. Your "family" will never care for you in the way you want them to, they will only obey, but never do anything for YOU in love," I scolded him angrily.

"Lana is right! Both family and allies are tied by strong bonds. They are just as valuable. There's nothing shallow about it if you're not connected by blood!! Moreover, people who are bound by strong bonds have the scent of trust. But for you guys...Fear. hatred. Disgust, is all I smell. I won't call this sort of thing a bond! It's a sham...It's all fake!!" Tanjiro yelled. I shivered at Rui's blank stare, fearing that he's growing angry, but stood my ground. I noticed a boy in a demon slayer uniform coming up behind Rui from the forest, who co*ckily spoke up, "Oh, perfect timing. There are demons here. If they're gonna be these kiddy demons, even I can do this." "Wrong idea, buddy. Leave now! Unless you want to DIE!" I yelled at him. Tanjiro looked over at him, "Who're you?"

The boy smirked, "Die? From these little kids? No way, you're probably just weak. I mean, youarea girl, why don't you leave the field before you end up getting hurt yourself? You two can pull back, I wanna get safely promoted." I gaped at him and was about to BEAT HIS f*ckING ASS, yelling, "WHAT THE f*ck DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT ME?! I'LL SHOW YOU WEAK, LITTLE BOY! NO ONE INSULTS THE f*ckING QUEEN AND GETS AWAY WITH IT-!" until Tanjiro held me back, allowing the arrogant boy to continue speaking, "And if I do, the higher ups are gonna give me a lot of money. My squad's pretty much decimated, but I'll defeat-" "Spider demon, please don't attack me. Lemme just shut this dumbass up..." I pleaded to Rui, looking at him nervously as he stared at me.

"Wait, Lana, don't!" Tanjiro yelled at me, reaching for me as I ran out of his grip. Keeping my eyes on Rui, I zig-zagged around them and to the boy, quickly knocking him out by putting pressure onto a pressure point at his neck, knocking him unconscious. I sighed and carried the boy in my arms, setting him against a tree. Tanjiro gaped at me as I got up and turned to Rui nervously. "..." He just continued to stare at me. "Why...Did you let me go so easily? Why didn't you kill me?" I questioned fearfully. "I wanted to see what you would do. If you had attacked me, I would've killed you in an instant. So I was curious. My turn, why did you knock that boy unconscious? You don't know him, it seems like, and he insulted you. Doesn't he deserve to die if he was going to act so recklessly and stupidly?" Rui questioned with that unfazed tone of his.

"...I wanted to save him. I knew that you would kill him, had he charged at you. Even if he was being rude and stupid, he's still a person. He still has a life," I responded before hesitantly walking back to Tanjiro who grabbed my hand tightly. Rui's eyes widened before he snapped back to us. "Oh yes, what did you say?" Rui asked. "Huh?" Tanjiro questioned, a bit frustrated. "What did you say just now? About bonds and my family?" Rui said menacingly, sending shivers down my spine. 'Yikes...' Tanjiro shivered as well, gripping my hand tighter before erupting loudly, "I'LL SAY IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN, YOUR BONDS ARE FAKE!!"

Back with Inosuke

Inosuke jumped up as the large demon bent over as he smashed the tree, causing it to fall over. 'Breath of the beast, fang of the third: rip and devour.' As his sword connected with the nape of the demon, it broke in half, leaving about 5 inches of his blade left. 'It broke...' he thought in shock before the demon slammed his body into a tree, causing him to get the wind knocked out of his body as he weakly laid on the ground. The demon grabbed Inosuke by the neck, lifting him up by the throat as he growled loudly, "DON'T GET NEAR MY FAMILYYY!!" "I WILL NOT DIEEEEE!!" Inosuke cried out as he shoved his broken blades into the demon's neck. 'Breath of the beast, fang of the first: Pierce and extract!!!'

The demon hacked in pain as Inosuke stabbed him, 'I GOT HIM!!' He thought proudly before...'DAMN IT, THE BLADES AREN'T MOVING! IT'S TOUUUGHHHH!!' Inosuke choked and gasped as the demon squeezed around his throat before a flash came to him.

"Sorry. Sorry, Inosuke," a woman with long black hair cried to him, sobbing. Another flash- Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Lana looking over at him worriedly.

Flash- the elderly woman from the Wisteria house.

Flash- a dragonfly perched on his finger as he held it up.

Flash- "Well, I know we just met, Inosuke. So you don't have to do anything! You'll let me know when you're ready, okay? Don't worry about it! Just know we'll always be here for you, okay?" Lana, smiling at him with pure happiness and adoration.

Flash- The same woman from before, looking down at him from a cliff.

'Somebody...' He thought weakly, feeling his consciousness slowly slip from his body until the demon's arm was sliced, dropping him to the floor. Inosuke gasped for air as the demon's severed arm loosed it's grip from his neck, letting him breath and cough. Looking up, he saw the back of a two-cloth-stitched haori, just a few feet away. The figure turned around, revealing a long-haired man gripping a blue-tinted nichirn sword, kanji carved onto the base of the blade.

The demon hurriedly regenerated his arm before roaring and jumping at the man. 'So fast...' Inosuke thought, watching the demon speed off towards the man. He watched as the man twisted his body smoothly, slicing the demon's body into multiple parts with a swish of his sword. Inosuke wheezed and got up on his knee, staring in awe under his mask. 'Whoaa. The quality is different. The strength of his single blade is different. He's on a completely different level. He cut that monster as if he was tofu. Whoa. Whoa, WHOAAA!!' He mentally screamed, looking at him in admiration. 'What's up with this guy!! I can't stop tingling, dammit!!'

"I won't kill you at once. I'm gonna mice you up after I'm done completely shredding you. Although...You, the female. You interest me. You would willingly risk your life in order to save someone who you barely know, and not only that, but insulted you. How curious. I might just keep you," Rui said, turning to me. 'What the f*ck. Keep me? sh*t, I mean, at least he likes me. BUT THAT'S STILL f*ckED UP, I DON'T REALLY WANNA BE A f*ckING PET AND CONSTANTLY ABUSED BY THIS MOFO,' I thought, cringing at him.He looked back at Tanjiro, who was panting,"But...If you take back what you said awhile ago, I'll kill you in a single blow, do we have a deal, boy?"

Tanjiro let go of my hand and gripped his sword, positioning it in front of his body."I WILL NOT TAKE IT BACK! WHAT I SAID ISN'T WRONG!! YOU'RE THE STRANGE ONE!! THE ONE WHO'S WRONG-" Tanjiro began running at Rui, "-IS YOU!!" "TANJIRO, BE CAREFUL!" I yelled out worriedly as I watched him. 'f*ck, I'd like to do more but...What can I do right now? If I run, I'll immediately get sliced apart, and besides, Tanjiro will be fine. If anything, I'll just mess up everything. sh*t, I guess I have to hang back for a bit until I can find an opening,' I thought frustratingly to myself as I watched Tanjiro dodge the webs and run at Rui before performing the first form of water breathing. I hissed to myself as his sword broke when the blade made contact with the thread.

Tanjiro fell onto the floor, thin, but long cuts across his face. "TANJIRO!! sh*t," I cried out worriedly as he got up, panicking. 'f*ck, f*ck! WHAT CAN I DO?! MY BLADE WILL JUST BREAK AND-' I thought frantically before my brows furrowed. "f*ck IT!" I screamed as I kicked off towards him, trying to avoid the threads. However, as I finally stood in front of Tanjiro, my arms, chest, and thighs were deeply cut, causing me to tear up in pain. "LANA?! WHY DID YOU-" Tanjiro yelled worriedly. "TO PROTECT YOU, DUMBASS! I'LL f*ckING DIE FOR YOU, f*ckING BET!" I cried, tearing up. I grit my teeth and held my sword out in front of us in a weak form of defense against the upcoming threads before Nezuko appeared in front of me, spreading her arms out and getting slashed by the threads. Strands of her hair hit my body as she was cut, making me gasp as blood splashed across my face.

"NEZUKO!!" me and Tanjiro cried out as she fell back into my arms. We rushed over to the trees, sitting her up. "f*ck, Nezuko, it's gonna be alright," I cried, sniffling. "You did such a good job, thank you for protecting us," I said apologetically as I cradled her. She whimpered in my arms, making my heart clench. "Nezuo...Nezuko! You protected us...I'm sorry..." Tanjiro said sadly as he knelt on her other side.

"Siblings?" Rui said, shock on his face as he shakily pointed at us. "I'm not...Family..." I choked out, tearing up. "No, Lana, you've been our family for years! Even if I am Nezuko's brother, you're apart of our family! A-and, you're my...Girlfriend! You mean so much to me!" Tanjiro shook his head at me, making me sniffle and pet Nezuko's hair. Tanjiro grit his teeth and looked up at Rui. "SO WHAT OF IT!!" Tanjiro cried out, snapping at him angrily. Rui held a hand to his mouth in disbelief, muttering to himself, "Siblings...Siblings...His sister became a demon, and they're not even related to the girl...Yet they're all together..." "R-Rui..." His sister said lowly. "The girl protected the boy, and the boy's sister protected them both...They both offered their bodies..." Rui muttered before snapping up, "THESE GENUINE 'BONDS'!! I WANT THEM..!!"

I looked up from Nezuko and stared at Rui warily. 'Did I...Did I f*ck up? I mean...I'm not related to them, so he shouldn't want me...Right...?' I placed Nezuko in Tanjiro's arms and he held her closely."!! W-WAIT A MINUTE!! WAIT, PLEASE! I'M YOUR BIG SISTER! DON'T ABANDON YOUR BIG SISTER!" His sister cried out, pleading at him. "SHUT UP! BE QUIET!!" Rui snapped at her, swiping his hand and severing her head and right arm. "Oh my god..." I whispered, holding Nezuko close to me. Tanjiro stared at Rui in horror. "In the end, you guys always couldn't even handle your own duties, no matter the occasion..." Rui said venomously, looking down at his sister. "W-wait...I'm your real sister, right? Let me recover..." She begged him. "...Then go kill off the guys darting about the mountains right now. Then I'll forgive you for that incident awhile ago," Rui ordered her coldly, barely sparing her a glance.

Her body sat up, picking up her head. "I...I understand...I'll kill them," She said timidly before leaving with her severed head in her arms. Rui stared after her before turning back to us,"Boy. Let's have a talk." Tanjiro sat up at stared at him in confusion. "You see, Iw as moved by watching your 'bonds'. My body quivered-" 'Ew,' "I think there are definitely no words to describe what I'm feeling." 'Maybe desperation and loneliness?? Maybe even possession and jealously?? Um...' "But I have to kill you guys. It'll be sad if things turn out this way. But, there's only one way to avoid this." Rui held up a finger before reaching his hand out, "Give me your little sister and the girl. If you hand both of them over, I'll spare your life alone." I gawked and looked over at Tanjiro.

He looked back at me before turning back to Rui, "....I don't get what you're saying." "I'll make your little sister my own, starting today. And your girlfriend...Whatever that is, she'll be mine from now on." 'WHAT THE FUUUUUCK?!!?' I screamed internally. Tanjiro wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me and Nezuko close to him. 'Okay, I KNOW I should be freaking out right now...But...OHHHHHH MY GOOOOOODDDDD HIS ARM IS AROUND MY WAIST AND HESMELLSKINDABURNTBUTIT'SNICEAND-!' I blushed, and leaned into his chest. "Don't expect that to happen. AND BESIDES, NEZUKO AND LANA AREN'T OBJECTS!! THEY HAVE THEIR OWN EMOTIONS TOO! NEZUKO WON'T BE YOUR LITTLE SISTER AND LANA WON'T BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Tanjiro yelled furiously.

Shivers went up my spine. I could feelhow angry he was. His heart was pounding in his chest, and his chest was heaving, his brows were furrowed, his eyes wide with anger,and I swear I can see veins starting to bulge on his forehead. 'OHHHH MY GAWWWWWD NEVALET ME GOOOOO!!' I squealed in my head. "It's okay. You're connected by unaided 'bonds'," Rui said, putting his hand to his chest. "So my 'bonds' of fear are stronger than yours. I'll teach them what'll happen if you oppose me for sure." I looked at Rui with anger. "TEACH US?! EXCUSE ME, BUT I'LL NEVER LET YOU TAKE ME AND NEZUKO SO EASILY! f*ck OFF!!" I yelled. "DON'T GET TOO CARRIED AWAY WITH YOUR JOKES!! POISONING YOUR FAMILY WITH FEAR IS NOT A BOND IN MY BOOK! IF YOU DON'T CORRECT THOSE BASIC MISUNDERSTANDINGS, YOU'LL NEVER GET YOUR HANDS ON WHAT YOU WANT!!" Tanjiro shouted, pointing his broken sword towards Rui.

Rui lifted his hand to his head, leaning into it, "How irritating. Could you not raise your voices so loud? It doesn't suit you." Tanjiro and I stood up, "I won't hand Nezuko or Lana over to you!" Tanjiro yelled. "And if you're thinking that we're gonna go to you so willingly, well you're wrong, pal!" I shouted, gripping my sword. "It doesn't matter. I'll kill you and take them." 'f*ckin' asshole, acting like I'm not even here!' I huffed angrily. "I'll take your head off first," Tanjiro replied. Rui shifted his hand to his bangs, "Someone sure is mighty. Come get me if you can." He lifted his bangs to reveal his carved eye, which showed his mark as one of the twelve demon moons. "You can't beat me...One of the twelve moons." he grinned sinisterly at us.

"sh*t! Tanjiro, we gotta be really careful!" I warned him, keeping my eyes on Rui. Tanjiro nodded, a determined look on his face as he stood next to me. "The father has the role of a father, the mother has the role of a mother. The parents protect their children. The big brothers and sisters protect their younger siblings. No matter what it is, they put their life on the line," Rui told us. "You see, I don't think there's a need for those who don't understand their own roles to live. How about you, boy? What's your role? Your role is to hand your little sister and your girlfriend to me, then disappear. If you can't understand that, you have to die. You can't defeat me," Rui explained.

Tanjiro grit his teeth as he thought to himself. I was still looking at Rui, on guard for anything he might pull. "...What a spiteful flame in your eyes. How foolish. Could it be..." Rui trailed off before he swung his arm back, "SO YOU PLAN ON WINNING!!" I gasped and jumped, 'sh*t, is he gonna do the tie-up thing with Nezuko and me?!' Although I had missed getting tangled up in the threads, I did end up getting sliced by the rapid threads. Tanjiro and I looked up to see Nezuko, suspended by the threads. "NEZUKO!" "NEZU- AAAAH!" Tanjiro and I cried before I suddenly screamed as I ended up soaring into the air as well, forgetting about Rui. "LANA!!" Tanjiro yelled as I disappeared from his side, dropping my sword. I barely had time to process what the f*ck was going on before I ended up falling, screaming until I was caught in Rui's arms, Nezuko on his other side. He had his one arm wrapped around Nezuko's neck with his other arm wrapped around mine as well, however his hand was pointing outwards to control his threads.

I squirmed in his grasp, trying to remove his powerful grip from my neck. "So, now I've taken them. Do younowunderstand your role in this?" As I tried punching his arms, he tightened his grip on my throat, making me gag. "GIVE THEM BACK!!" Tanjiro screamed, running at Rui. "And I told you I'd spare your life if you didn't oppose me," Rui said before Nezuko slashed at Rui's face with her nails, making him bleed. As Tanjiro grew near, I gasped as Nezuko and I were sent flying again. Threads wrapped tightly around my wrists and legs, making me hang upright while Nezuko was unfortunate enough to be hanging downwards, however we were both tied the same way. I cried out in pain as the threads grew tighter, slowly piercing into my skin and drawing out blood.

The pain was almost unbearable, like deep, unending slices of long papercuts digging into your skin, however you couldn't just get over the pain and place a bandaid over it, because you're trapped. The worst part is? My legs were forced to spread apart, leaving me humiliated and suspended high above the ground. Tears welled up in my eyes as I trembled, trying to slowly close my legs, only to forcefully press my lips together in order to let out a muffled scream as the threads dug deeper into my skin. And there I was, exposed, hanging, slowly dripping blood, crying, and unable to move. "NEZUKO!! LANA!!!" I heard Tanjiro cry out. I wanted to look, I wanted so badlyto turn my head and reassure him we'd be okay. But...The threads dug into my throat and I knew that unless I wanted to slit my own throat, I'd stay still and obedient, which made me feel sick to my stomach and feel even more embarrassed. "T-Tanjiro..." I weakly whispered, wincing at the threads slicing into m throat as I spoke.

"Shut up. They won't die from something like this. And besides, one of them is a demon," I heard Rui say distantly. "I'm not being too tight with the human, either. But I really have to teach them a lesson here. I'll let them lose some blood for a while, but I'll be more lenient towards the human girl, since she can't regenerate like the other. And yet if things aren't gonna play out so simply, I'll keep this up until sunrise and make it tighter. And they'll warm up a little." AS blood dripped down the side of my face, I couldn't help but softly cry. 'Damn it...I shouldn't have been sostupid! I don't know if I'd be able to avoid his threads, but I should've donemore. f*ck, now I'm in pain, I'm humiliated, and I can't move. It hurts, it hurts a lot. I wanna go home already. I wanna see dad...' I sniffled, trying to hold back hiccups as to not move my neck so much.

Unlike Nezuko, I didn't easily fall asleep. I stayedawake. The pain was so uncomfortable and I couldn't see how I'd be able to rest while I was forced to stay upright like this. I tried my best not to move, although my limbs were getting sore from my uncomfortable position. I heard yelling and the sound of water, dirt getting kicked up and threads being pulled. I couldn't see what was going on, and as I stared up at the bright moon in front of me, I listened to the distant sounds of Tanjiro and Rui battling, I couldn't help but think of how things were before everything happened. I thought of my old home, my past life. I thought of friends, thought of the people I held dear to me and the ones that hurt me. It's been a while since I last pondered of my past life, before this universe. Sometimes, I miss it. I miss my phone, I miss reading fanfiction, I miss listening to music, my hobbies, my clothes, and I miss my bed.

'But I'm here now,' I thought in acceptance. 'And there are things that I have now that I never had before. And...Look at me! I'm pretty and skinny, WHAT A DREAM!!! Yeah, I'll always be so narcissistic, even as I'm in pain. But honestly, as much as I miss my old life, I could never leave this one, even if I could. Never.' I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a small muffled noise, Nezuko! I couldn't look at her, though she's probably looking at Rui and Tanjiro now and about to use her demon blood power. I heard the scratching of threads moving against each other before the threads wrapped around me lit on fire, snapping and releasing me from my hold. I began falling, scrambling my thoughts for a move to perform when I was too late, and I slammed into the ground on my back, wheezing as the wind was knocked out of me. I tried gathering air into my lungs as I laid on the ground, although the pain and soreness of my muscles was making it hard for me to move my body at all.

I weakly looked over to see Nezuko a foot away from me, unconscious. I tried pushing myself towards her, wincing and hissing as my cuts dragged across the small pebbles and dirt. I groaned and laid my head on her arm, huffing and panting, sweat and blood dripping down my face and body. I heard a whoosh! before the sounds of bodies falling to the groundreached my ears, and I slowly turned my head to see Tanjiro crawling towards us,wheezing and panting with his broken sword in hand as he crawled away from Rui's "corpse" and severed head. I saw Rui's body get up, and I tried to call out to Tanjiro, only to hack and let out a faint whisper. 'C'mon Tanjiro, hurry up!' I thought worriedly, although I knew he was going to be fine, I still worried for that boy no matter what.

As Rui loomed over Tanjiro's body, Tanjiro froze, noticing now that Rui wasn't slain. Rui curled his fingers, using his threads to lift his head as he stared down at Tanjiro. "You thought you defeated me? You sad fool. Were you happy in your delusions? I cut my own head off with my own strings way before you could cut my head off. Enough of this. I'll kill all of you. It's been a while since I've been this pissed off," Rui said coldly as he held his head. He placed it back onto his neck, saying, "How sad. This is really sad. I got this mad sometime before, but it's been so long I don't remember it. Why aren't you burning in the first place? My strings and I got burned. I don't know if it's your sister's power or not, but thanks for making me real mad. I'm gonna cut my ties with you guys without any sense of regret."

I watched him, looking around frantically for a certainsomeoneto show up already as Rui laced his fingers in a web, which then formed a circular cage around Tanjiro, slowly inching towards his body. "Tanjiro...Hold...On..." I whispered weakly before spotting Giyuu a few feet away from me. My eyes softened in hope as he kicked off, slicing through the thread cage and releasing Tanjiro from his doom. "You did a good job holding your ground until I came. Leave the rest to me," Giyuu said, his back facing us. 'So dramatic, but I can relate,' I thought to myself in amusem*nt as I slowly tried pushing my torso up. I winced at my injuries but eventually sat up, sighing tiredly. I watched as Tanjiro made his way over to us, falling onto my lap and clutching Nezuko to his chest. I began gently petting their heads as I watchedRui used his blood demon technique, a circular pattern of threads moving towards Giyuu. He stood there, unmoving as the threads snapped around his body, not even touching him. Without a moment's hesitation, Giyuu sliced Rui's head clean off, causing him to drop to the ground.

Rui looked over at us, a furious expression on his face before a look of bewilderment overtook his angered features. 'He must be remembering his human life,' I thought sadly to myself. I watched as his body limped towards us, his arms disintegrating and slowly fading to ash. Before he collapsed, I took his crumbling hand into mine and grasped it, tearing up as I remembered his story. His sad, sad, story of a young boy born with an illness and succumbing to Muzan's trickery. His body fell right next to Tanjiro, who looked over at him and placed a hand on his back. And as he faded, I held his hand gently in mine, as an act of sympathy and sorrow for his miserable existence. And as his clothes were the only thing remaining, I whispered, "Goodbye."

The sounds of footsteps drew near us, and I looked up to see Giyuu standing in front of us, stepping on Rui's kimono. "Don't feel sorry for a demon who ate people. It doesn't matter whether or not had the form of a child. He's an unsightly monster who lived for tens, hundreds, thousands of years," Giyuu said emotionless. "Okay, and? It's not like they necessarily had a choice. Most of these demons were either turned unwillingly or they were living miserable lives, and Kibutsuji tricked them into believing that their problems would be solved. He takes advantage of people at their lowest points and converts them, I don't see why I can't have sympathy for those who didn't have much of a choice or couldn't think straight," I said, a bit frustrated at his lack of empathy. Giyuu silent stared down at me, his eyes widened.

Tanjiro spoke up as well, adding, "To dispel the regrets of those killed, to stop any more victims from appearing...I will relentlessly wield my blade against the demons, and that's a fact. But I will not trample on the pains of being a demon. Nor on those who regret their actions. Because demons were humans. Because they were humans just like us. Please get your foot off. He isn't an unsightly monster. Demons are lifeless beings. Sorrowful beings." We stared up at him with a twinge of anger. Giyuu's brows furrowed at us before a bewildered expressioncame on his face. "You two..."

He cut himself off as he snapped up and ducked, holding his sword out as Shinobu flew above him, their swords clashing for a moment. I gasped and couldn't f*cking believe it. As the black-haired beauty looked back at us upside-down as she flew, she spoke, her sweet voice sounding so kind but also slightly annoyed,"Oh? Why are you getting in the way, Tomioka-san?" I watched her in awe, gaping as I stared at her. She landed on the ground swiftly, kicking up dirt as she came to a stop. "You said we can't get along with demons, but what's all this about? If you do this, everyone will hate you."


...To be continued...

Chapter 18: Ya'll Know The DRILL: All FOURS, Ass UP


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As the black-haired beauty looked back at us upside-down as she flew, she spoke, her sweet voice sounding so kind but also slightly annoyed,"Oh? Why are you getting in the way, Tomioka-san?" I watched her in awe, gaping as I stared at her. She landed on the ground swiftly, kicking up dirt as she came to a stop. "You said we can't get along with demons, but what's all this about? If you do this, everyone will hate you."


The purple-eyed Goddess pointed her blade towards Giyuu, her kind face unchanging. "Okay, Tomioka-san, get out of the way," she sweetly said. "I am not hated," Giyuu said blankly. Tanjiro stared at him in confusion and I couldn't move my eyes away from God Shinobu, too busy consumed by her presence. Shinobu stared at him with feigned pity, tilting her head, "Ahh, that...I'm sorry, so you didn't realize you were hated. Pardon me for saying too much." Giyuu stayed silent and looked down. "Boy," She called out. Tanjiro's head snapped up, "Y-yes?"

She held a hand up to her cheek, her smile unwavering, "Boy, you're protecting a demon. It's dangerous, so please get off of her." "N...!! No. Well, you're not wrong, but....Uh...This is my little sister. That's why-" "Well, is that so? What a pity. Okay then..." Shinobu said, holding a hand up to her mouth in sympathy. She then held up her sword, "I'll kill her with a sweet poison that won't leave her in pain." Tanjiro stared at her in horror. "Wait! Uh- um, pretty butterfly lady? Thank you for being considerate but like...She's a special demon! Yeah, you'll need her because she can be a big cause in turning demons back to human!" I spoke up frantically, fidgeting under her gaze.

"Why, thank you, little girl! However, I'm sorry to say this but you see, we've never met before! I can't exactly trust you right now, and as a demon slayer you know it's our duty to slay any demons," she chirped. I sighed before Giyuu looked ahead, saying, "Can you both move? Even if you can't, will yourselves to move. Take your sister and run, both of you." "Awe sh*t, alright," I said dejectedly, sad that I had to run away from my fir st meeting with a LITERAL GODDESS."..!! Tomioka-san...I'm sorry! Thank you so much!" Tanjiro looked up at him before wehurriedly got up and ran off, Nezuko in Tanjiro's arms."f*ck HIM UP, BUTTERFLY KWEEN!! Sorry, Giyuu!" I called out as we ran away, Tanjiro grabbing Nezuko's box as we ran.

"Give the box to me, babe!" I shouted before he handed me the box. I hurriedly strapped it onto my back and pushed through the aching and pain of my wounds. Tanjiro wasn't doing any better, he was huffing and sweating like crazy. I felt so bad!! 'Oh f*ck, WAIT HOLD UP, KANAO CAME FROM ABOVE, RIGHT?!' I remembered, snapping my head up to the trees and instantly spotting her right above us, looking down at us with a smile. "Oh sh*t! Tanjiro, WATCH OUT-!" I cried as she hopped off. As she fell towards us, I went behind Tanjiro and jumped up, scooping Kanao in my arms. "Wh- LANA?!" Tanjiro yelled. "KEEP GOI-" I yelled before Kanao pushed herself out of my arms and kept on her pursuit of Nezuko and Tanjiro.

"sh*t! TANJIRO, RUN!" I yelled as I chased after them. Kanao quickly caught up to them and kicked Tanjiro's legs from under him, making him fall and drop Nezuko. "NEZUKO! RUN!!" Tanjiro and I screamed. I winced as I watched Ta.jiro eat sh*t from Kanao's kick, catching up to them. Nezuko hurriedly got up and began running, Kanao hopping over Tanjiro and racing after her. I caught up to Tanjiro's sprawled out body and knelt down next to him, helping him sit up and lean against me as we watched Nezuko run off into the distance. "She'll be fine, Tanjiro. Don't worry, okay?" I whispered to him, petting his hair as he slumped against me. I could see the worry in his eyes as Nezuko disappeared from our view.

"Lana, I'm tired," he whispered back to me, trying to catch his breath as we laid against each other. I weakly hummed and sighed deeply, feeling my muscles ache and my cuts burn. "Me too. And I'm really worried for Zenitsu and Inosuke," I replied, relishing in the quietness of the forest. I felt him relax against me, his breath slowing down. I looked down at him to find him fast asleep, his face littered with cuts and dirt. I gazed at him with worry in my eyes, taking the time to really look at him. 'He's so strong, and kind. But he's so fragile at the same time. I don't blame him, everyone feels the same, no matter how strong,' I sighed to myself. 'I love this boy so, so much. I'd give the world if he asked me to. I'm glad we get to rest after the whole trial and everything before getting back to training, God knows he needs it. My poor soldier boy, such a hard worker and amazing older brother,' I thought fondly, softly smiling down at him.

"TANJIRO, LANA, AS WELL AS THE DEMON, NEZUKO! RESTRAIN THEM AND BRING THEM TO HEADQUARTERS! TANJIRO HAS A SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD! LANA IS USUALLY WITH TANJIRO, SHE HAS A PINK-TINTED UNIFORM WITH PURPLE SANDALS! THE DEMON NEZUKO IS BITING ONTO A PIECE OF BAMBOO!!" A crow squawked loudly, flying over the forest. "What the f*ck, they want me?!" I said aloud in disbelief. I clutched Tanjiro to my side as two Kakushi entered the area, spotting us. "He has a scar on his forehead," "And she has a pink uniform. And she's with the boy," they said to each other, looking down at us. "Yeah, I'm Lana and he's Tanjiro, I can't deny it at this point anyway," I said, confirming their thoughts. "He broke his jawbone, please be gentle with us when you tie us. We're really injured," I pleaded, looking down at Tanjiro.

The two nodded and took out some rope as I stood up. "Please turn around so we may restrain your hands. We'll carry you two, so don't worry about your legs," the feminine-sounding one told me. I nodded and turned around, taking off the box and putting my hands behind my back as the Kakushi tied my hands together, the other getting on Tanjiro's back and doing the same. She picked up the box and strapped it to her front beforeshe got in front of me and crouched down, holding out her arms behind her. "Please hop on my back, I wouldn't want to humiliate you since you're wearing a skirt," she politely asked. I felt a little nervous and a bit embarrassed, but I reluctantly climbed on her back and leaned my chin on her shoulder so I wouldn't fall. She grabbed onto my legs and lifted me with a huff. I hissed under my breath as she touched my cuts, and she said a quick apology, which I shook my head at. The other picked up Tanjiro and threw him over his shoulder, and we were off.

"Wh- what's in your pockets? Something is pressing into my back, and it's something small..." The Kakushi carrying me said as we ran. "Oh! Sorry if it's hurting you or something! It's my makeup," I shrugged sheepishly. "Well, would you mind if I took it and placed it in my pocket instead? It's kinda bugging me..." She asked. "Oh, sure dude! Just please give it back to me after the whole thing back at headquarters is done," I chirped before we came to a stop and she let me down. "Thing at...Headquarters? How do you know you're going to be left alone after the 'thing'?" She asked me suspiciously. Well, it's a hopeful thought! I like to be optimistic!" I replied before she reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my, thankfully, unshattered compact mirror and makeupand placed them into her pants pocket. I got back onto her back and we continued down the path.

We came into a clearing where Kanao had tied up Nezuko, who was back to her original form and asleep. "We have the other two, miss," the two Kakushi said to Kanao. She turned to us as we went up to her."Excuse me, but could you please let Nezuko go back into her box and sleep? I guarantee she won't try to escape since Tanjiro is her brother and she wouldn't abandon him," I asked Kanao, who stood in frontof us. She stared at me with a blank smile before taking out her coin and flipping it. I had no idea what the hell which sides were what on a yen coin, but whatever it was, she nodded at the Kakushi carrying me.

I was let down for a moment as the Kakushi took off the straps and presented it to Kanao, who took it and placed an unconscious Nezuko in it. She gave it to another Kakushi, who placed it on their back. "Thank you so much," I sighed in relief before getting picked up again. She just looked at me, her expression unchanging before Shinobu and Giyuu flew down. My eyes lit up, although tiredly. "Kanao, good job. I see that everyone is gathered and restrained," Shinobu told her cheerily. Kanao nodded at her silently, although I swear I can see her eyes sparkle a little at the praise from her master. Giyuu looked over at me and went over to us."The corps has decided to take you into custody, so you'll be fine," he told me. I looked at him nervously, "I know we're gonna be questioned and stuff, right? Since Nezuko's a demon and everything."

He hesitated before nodding at me, "Yes, unfortunately, this seems that it has become a serious situation. I'll be questioned too since I was involved in breaking the Corps' guidelines." I sighed and gave him a lop-sided smile, "Well, I just wanted to say thanks. I'm really glad you stepped in when you did, y'know? Nezuko could've been poisoned, and that's the last thing any of us want, right? Thank you, Giyuu- uh, Tomioka-san," I chuckled nervously. He stared at me before nodding. Shinobu came over to us, making my gaze snap to her immediately. She smiled and clapped her hands, "I apologize for earlier, and I'm also sorry to leave you in such an uncomfortable state! But I'm just doing as orders tell me to, you understand, right?" I nodded and gave her a smile, "Of course! In fact, I- um, really,reallyadmire your loyalty and dedication to your job! You're really cool and beautiful!"

Her eyes widened and she put a hand to her mouth as she chuckled, "How sweet! I hope that we can become friends after this is over, you seem like a nice person!" I beamed under her praise, nodding enthusiastically. "Yes, of course, please!!" I was inblissunder her attention! God, she wasso pretty!! f*ck, I adore this woman!She hummed and turned to attention to the Kakushi, "Alright, let's get going. We had better get to headquarters as soon as possible!" They nodded and bowed slightly, "Yes, ma'am!" "Yay! Road trip with the boys!!" I said happily, although my body was really f*ckin' EXHAUSTED, I wasn't falling asleep unless I was on f*cking BED.

We all began making our way down the mountain, eventually reaching the way we entered. I spotted some more Kakushi waiting for us, holding two unconscious boys of mine. "Oh! Zenitsu, Inosuke! They're okay!" I exclaimed in relief. "You know these two?" Giyuu asked me. I nodded happily, "Yup! The blonde one is my boyfriend and Inosuke's apart of the harem!" I chirped. Everyone stared at me in disbelief. "Wh- How are you going to have a boyfriend and a harem?! Isn't that like, cheating or something?" A random Kakushi asked me, holding the girl I saved earlier.

I huffed, annoyed at his ignorance, "Excuse me, what the hell? First of all, that's none of your damn business, second of all, I'm polyamorous my guy. That kid right here next to me? The red-head? That's my other boyfriend. That's right, I'm dating two guys who are both aware and willing to share and we all love each other, thank you!" I looked down at him smugly as some of the others gaped at me. Giyuu shook his head in exasperation and Shinobu covered her mouth, hiding a smile. "Oh my, how bold of you!" She chuckled.

"Everyone, let's get going!" She announced, and we all began walking down the path. "Oh! I'm really glad that the people we saved are fine. I'm glad they made it out!" I said in relief, looking over at the sexist kid and the other unconscious demon slayers from earlier. "You saved them? That's brave of you- Lana-san, was it?" Shinobu asked, coming up to me. I furiously nodded and smiled at her, "Yup, yup! You can call me Lana-chan or just Lana! We're gonna be friends, after all!" "Alright then, Lana-chan!" She closed her eyes and smiled at me, making me internally squeal, 'SHE'S SO CUTE, WHAT THE f*ck?!' "Oh! Um, can you- uh, tell K- the girl with the white cape from earlier that I wanna talk to her, please?" I asked shyly, almost slipping up as revealing THAT I KNEW KANAO'S NAME, WHICH I SHOULDN'T KNOW.

"Oh, you mean Kanao? of course! Excuse me for a moment," God Shinobu said before walking over to Kanao and speaking with her. I looked over nervously as Kanao turned her head and made eye contact with me. I awkwardly smiled at her and she nodded at her master before walking over to me. "Um, so- I wanted to say that you're really cool! I like how you fight and stuff!" I said happily. She blinked at me with a smile, not saying a word.

I nervously chuckled and continued, "Um, well, I remember seeing you at the final selection! Yeah, you're so pretty, dude! Like, REALLY pretty!" I said, smiling at her. She stared at me for a moment before taking out her coin from her pocket and flipping it. She stared at it before turning back to me and saying, "Thank you. I do remember you from final selection. I think you're pretty as well."

I gaped at her, my lips curving into a smile. I blushed and giggled, "Dude! Oh my god, that's so nice! I really wanna be friends with you, is that okay?" She silently flipped her coin again, making me nervously look at her before she turned back to me."I accept," she said with her smile. I smiled and puffed my cheeks out, squealing, "Yay!! That makes me SO happy!! I'm gonna cryyy!!"

Her smile dropped for a moment and her eyes widened, "What? Wait, why are you going to cry? I thought you're happy?" She questioned me. I feigned a sniffle and shook my head before laughing, "When I say that, I'm just exaggerating! But like, I feel so happy that I COULD cry, but I'm not actually going to cry! I promise! Don't worry about it, I'm just really weird."

"Thank goodness! The last thing I need is for someone to start crying on my back," the Kakushi carrying me said, looking back at me. I brushed her off and grinned, "Nah, you don't gotta worry! And if I do start crying, then I'll just try my best to hold back the tears and not from falling on your back!" She looked at me with a dead stare before turning back. I shrugged and turned back to Kanao, "So, what's up? How're you feeling right now?" She looked down at the coin in her hand before flipping it. "I am doing fine. I feel...Tired. You're getting quite lucky, the coin always makes me answer you," She said, looking back at me.

"No one is making you do anything except for yourself. I mean, youcouldstay quiet and disobey the coin if you're not comfortable with responding, but here you are, right? In a way, you're kinda deciding for yourself what to do, the coin is just an aid," I said, looking down at the coin in her hand. Her eyes widened and she looked down at the coin in her palm. "But...No, the coin has always decided what I do, and I follow. That's all there is to it," She said calmly, although I can tell she was trying to hide how stubborn she was. 'Hm, well I'll just talk to her more about it at the Butterfly Estate. I really wanna break her outta her shell before the last day of being there, otherwise, our interactions won't mean as much,' I thought, nodding to myself.

"Well, in any case, I'm glad you're my friend!" I smiled at her. She blinked at me before nodding and looking ahead. It was already sunrise, and it would surely be a while before we reached headquarters...Damn, this is kinda awkward. I sighed, this was gonna be a long trip...

By the time the sun was up, we barely made it to headquarters. Kanao was gone, along with all the injured demon slayers INCLUDING ZENITSU AND INOSUKE, since they all had to be at the Butterfly Estate to get treated.I was switched around a couple of times since obviously the Kakushi get exhausted after carrying me around for a while and sh*t. But I was tired, sore, aching, cut the f*ck up, and about to pass out, to be honest. I couldn't get any sleep during the journey since I was in such an uncomfortable-ass position, so I was kinda f*cking grumpy. Add the fact that I'm hungry? f*ck no dude, I can't deal with any bullsh*t today, I swear to gawd.

"Now, before we enter, just know that some of the pillars should already be here, so please be respectful towards them!" My current Kakushi insisted as we walked around a large building."Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be too bad," God Shinobu said, patting my shoulder kindly."Ugh, let's just get the trial over with, ya'll," I complained as we entered the back. Already standing around were Kyojuro, Mitsuri, Uzui, Gyomei, Muichiro, and Obanai, who was up in a tree. They lookedto see me, Tanjiro, Giyuu, and Shinobu walk in. "Holy shiiiiit..." I whispered, now wide awake and gaping at the absolute UNITS in front of me. 'OH NO, THEY'RE HAWT!Save Muichiro since he's 14. He's still adorable though!! Like Nezuko!' I screamed internally.

"Shinobu-chan! Welcome back!" Mitsuri greeted Shinobu with a smile. "Welcome back, fellow pillars!" Kyojuro laughed proudly. "Ara, ara! What warm welcomes!" Shinobu hummed, Giyuu quietly walking off to the side. "Tomioka, how funny to see that you're not in binds," Obanai scoffed at him from his tree. 'Ohhh myyy goddddd, POP OFF, OBANAI!' I squealed in my head. "The trial should begin soon. Set Lana-chan and Tanjiro-kun on the ground, please," Shinobu told the Kakushi, who complied and set us onto the pebble-covered ground. I hissed as my injured knees made contact with the ground, "Ow, my f*ckin' legs, dawg..." I grumbled under my breath before adjusting my position to have my legs stretched out before me, closed to preserve my modesty in my short skirt. 'Cute!! She looks absolutely adorable!' Mitsuri squealed to herself with a blush on her cheeks.

"Hey, why are you sitting like you're at home or something?! Have some decency in front of the pillars!" One of the Kakushi hissed quietly at me. "Dude, my legs are injured and you sat me ON LITERAL ROCKS. It hurts, dawg," I groaned. He huffed at me before I looked down at Tanjiro, scooting near him. "Babe! Honey, wake up!" I nudged him with my knee, trying to wake him up. The sounds of crunching rocks made me snap my head up, only to see the pillars standing right before me. Well, all except for three. "O-oh..." I softly said, gazing up at them. "It's too bad they're traitors, they're both so young," Gyomei wept, clutching his pearls his prayer beads. "I'll make sure to make their punishment flamboyant and spontaneous!" exclaimed Uzui. "Now, now. You're scaring Lana-chan! She's a really nice girl, I promise," sighed Shinobu. "How long is this boy going to sleep? We have a trial, and master should be coming any minute now..." Muichiro mumbled.

"Get up," One of the Kakushi said, coming up to us and looking down at Tanjiro. "Hey, come on," said the other one. Tanjiro's head moved a little and he sighed in his sleep. "He's waking up," "Wakey...Hey," "Tanji? C'mon, we gotta get this over with," "Come on, bastard," "COME ON!!" We all chattered before the male Kakushi shouted at him, making Tanjiro gasp and snap his eyes open. "HOW LONG ARE YOU GONNA SLEEP?! GET UP ALREADY!!" The Kakushi yelled. "THE PILLARS ARE NOW PRESENT!!" Tanjiro lifted his head to look up at the pillars standing over us in shock and awe. "Are you alright, Tanjiro?" I questioned him worriedly. He stayed silent, looking at the pillars in frustration and bewilderment.

"This is the headquarters of the demon hunters. You are on trial right now. Kamado Tanjiro-kun, Lana-chan," said Shinobu, taking a more serious tone to her voice although her face was still smiling. "There's no need for a trial here! Protecting demons is clearly a violation of conduct! We can deal with it by ourselves! We'll decapitate every demon!" Exclaimed Kyojuro. "Then let me cut her head off flamboyantly. I'll show I can spray the blood more flamboyantly than anyone else. I'll be a flamboyant flamboyance," Announced Uzui. "Ah...What a shoddy child that demon is. How sorrowful. It's so sorrowful that she was born into this world," Gyomei wept. Mitsuri held a fist to her chin and Muichiro blankly stared up at the sky.

Tanjiro grit his teeth and I gaped at them as the continued to talk, "Let's kill her," said Gyomei. "Uh-huh!" Said Kyojuro, followed by Uzui, "Yeah. Flamboyantly." "What the f*ck is wrong with you people?! You're all so easily talking about killing a CHILD, who cares if she's a demon?! She hasn't eaten anyone, and you haven't even heard our case! What kind of pillars do this kind of thing...Obviously you guys are pretty f*ckED up in the head if you think killing a LITERAL CHILD is OKAY," I yelled, stressed out. They all looked down on me, both literally and figuratively. "Are you truly a demon slayer? Do you understand how idiotic you sound right now? She hasn't eaten anyone? I highly doubt that, since she's still alive and well, right? Demons can't resist eating human flesh. Besides,I'm sure you're a hypocrite because there's no way you haven't slaughtered a demon who was a child as well," Uzui scoffed.

I grit my teeth and felt my anxiety SPIRAL through my chest. "But- even then, Nezuko hasn't eaten anybody. Aren't you supposed to hear our side before acting? I'm sure your master would wanna hear the details, yes? So then ya'll should quit talking about slaughtering the innocent before you hear the story. Arrogant ass," I stuttered, but still held my ground nonetheless. Kyojuro laughed boisterously, "She's got a strong will! I'll give her that!" "Enough about that, more importantly, what're we gonna do about Tomioka?" Obanai said. Tanjiro and I looked up to spot him in a tree, laying on a curvy branch. He pointed down at Giyuu, saying, "I have a headache seeing him not bound there. According to Kocho, Tomioka violated demon hunter conduct as well. How will we deal with him? How will we make him take responsibility? How are we gonna make him suffer?"

I blanched and looked over at Giyuu, who stood off by himself, looking away silently. "Well, it's fine, right? He followed me without causing a ruckus. Let's think of apunishment later. More importantly, I wanna hear their story," Shinobu hummed, looking back at us. I sighed in relief before Tanjiro gasped and opened his mouth before coughing vigorously. I snapped my head at him worriedly, leaning down towards his heaving body. "He should get some water," Shinobu said as she uncorked a small vase-thing. She went over to us and knelt down before tanjiro, holding the vase out to him. "Your chin is hurting, so take your time drinking. And please tell me," She said as Tanjiro began drinking. "There is a painkiller in there, so you will ease up a bit. It's not like it heals your injuries, so don't push yourself," She finished, corking the container. I nodded in thanks to her and she nodded back at me with a smile.

Tanjiro gasped and began speaking, "...my little sister was turned into a demon. But she has never eaten someone before. Up until now and from now on. She will never hurt a living person." I cringed and looked off to the side, my eyes wide and my lips sucked in. 'Umz...Well...Good try babe!' I nervously chuckled in my head before Obanai scoffed and pointed at him, his snake hissing softly, "Don't spit out stupid rash remarks so recklessly. For starters, of course she'd protect her family. I can't trust anything you're saying. And I won't trust them." I looked up at him in disbelief, thinking,'But you also think that demons eat everyone, even if they're family. But you're also saying that of course she protects him because they're family? Okay, wait nevermind I'm just taking this out of context because of...I don't even know.'

"Ah...You're obsessed with the demon. Let's kill this pitiful child and release him from suffering," Gyomei said, crying. "What- Wait, first of all, are you talking about killing Tanjiro?! Second of all, cool snake dude, I'M NOT EVEN FAMILY. I'm not related to them, so how are you gonna argue that she protects us because family reasons? Maybe if it was only Tanjiro, that would be understandable, but she also protects me! Ya'll are just...Ugh, I can't DEAL," I groaned. "Listen to us! Please! I became a swordsman to cure Nezuko! It's been two years since Nezuko became a demon and in that time Nezuko hasn't eaten a single person!" Tanjiro yelled.

"Your story is simply going around in circles. She hasn't eaten people and she won't eat people from now on. Don't just give lip service, give us a more flamboyant explanation," Uzui said. 'Yeah...True, true. Tanjiro do be getting his words all mixed up, I will not lie luv,' I shrugged and nodded to myself. "Umm, but I have a question...It doesn't seem like Oyakata-sama has grasped this situation yet," Mitsuri spoke up, looked off to the side in concern. "Thas what I said bro..." I muttered to myself. "Can we just deal with it on our own like this? We should wait until he arrives," She finished, the pillars all staying silent.

"THE THREE OF US CAN FIGHT TOGETHER! WE CAN FIGHT TO PROTECT PEOPLE AS DEMON HUNTERS!" Tanjiro shouted, practically screaming. "SO-!" "Whoa whoa, this got somewhat interesting," said a gruff voice. I softly gasped and looked over to see Sanemi walk into the area, carrying Nezuko in one hand. "Please don't, Shinazugawa-sama! Let go of the box please!" A Kakushi said nervously as two of them hesitantly reached out towards Sanemi."So you two are the idiotic members who brought the demon. What the hell were you planning to do?" Smirked Sanemi. I shivered at his intense stare. 'Jesus f*ck, this man is SCARYYY. Man, I just wanna go snuggle with my boys,' I mentally wept.

...To be continued...

Chapter 19: Big Dick Tanjiro is Hea To Save Da Day Once More




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"Please don't, Shinazugawa-sama! Let go of the box please!" A Kakushi said nervously as two of them hesitantly reached out towards Sanemi. "So you two are the idiotic members who brought the demon. What the hell were you planning to do?" Smirked Sanemi. I shivered at his intense stare. 'Jesus f*ck, this man is SCARYYY. Man, I just wanna go snuggle with my boys,' I mentally wept.

"Kocho-sama, please forgive us!" The two Kakushi pleaded nervously as Shinobu looked up at him, her face blank and missing her smile."Please don't act on your own, Shinazugawa-san," she said coldly.

'OHHH sh*tTTT, THAS f*ckIN' RIGHT! DON'T PISS OFF GOD, AND THAT'S ON PERIODDDDD!!!' I internally squealed.

"What's a demon to you, kiddos? You can fight with it to protect people as demon hunters? You see, about that..." Sanemi said, gripping his sword's handle on his side."THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE, YOU MORONS!" He yelled with a sh*t-eating grin on his face as he quickly unsheathed his sword.

"NO!!!" I screamed as he stabbed into the box deeply, the entire sword going through the upper center ofit.Tanjiro and I watched in horror as the box began dripping blood, meaning Nezuko had been stabbed by the sword. Tanjiro jumped up and began running head-first at Sanemi, who unsheathed his blade from the box. I could only watch his worry and shock as Tanjiro yelled, "I WILL NEVER FORGIVE ANYBODY, PILLAR OR WHATEVER, WHO HURTS MY LITTLE SISTER!!"

"HAHA!! THAT SO? GOOD FOR YOU!" Sanemi laughed mockingly. "STOP IT! OYAKATA-SAMA IS ARRIVING SOON!" Giyuu yelled as Sanemi swung his blade. I watched in awe as Tanjiro jumped over it and head-butted Sanemi right in the face.

"f*ck YEAH!! f*ck HIM UP BABE!! GOD, I LOVE THAT BOY!! YAAAAA!!" I squealed loudly, bouncing excitedly andholding my blushing, cut-up face in my own scratched up and bloodied hands. I hissed as my cuts scraped across the rocky pebbles under my legs, but still smiled widely for my amazing boyfriend as he grabbed the straps of Nezuko's box and landed in front of a kneeling Sanemi. "THAT'S MY f*ckING BOYFRIEND!! f*ck IT UP BABE!!!" I screamed. Tanjiro looked over at me before he shyly looked away, flustered at my cheering.

"Pfft-" Mitsuri giggled behind her hand before covering her face and looking down in shame as the rest of the pillars stared down at her. "I'm so sorry," she said, embarrassed. A Kakushi looked over at me only to realize my hands were free. "HEY- WHAT THE?! HOW DID YOU GET FREE FROM THE ROPES?!" He yelled. "The power of simping for my hot boyfriend," I shrugged at him. 'Teehee, what I won't tell is that the ropes got loose while on the trip here. I don't know HOW f*cking lucky I am to have loose restraints, but here we are I guess!' I giggled internally.

He stared at me in disbelief before Tanjiro yelled out, "IF YOU CAN'T TELL THE GOOD DEMONS FROM THE BAD ONES, YOU SHOULD QUIT BEING A PILLAR!" "Awe!" I sighed to myself as I looked over at him fondly, proud of him for standing up for himself. "You tell him, babe!" I exclaimed, waving my arms in the air before the Kakushi grabbed my arms and held them behind my back, hurriedly tying them with another rope. This time, it was pretty secured. "Man, I was tryna have fun, that's all! I wasn't gonna harm anyone, not like I could anyways!" I grumbled at him.

"I'LL RIP YOU TO SHREDS!!" Sanemi growled up at Tanjiro, resting on his arm. "Oyakata-sama is visiting!" Announced one of the white-haired girls. 'Damn, isn't that her dad? f*ckin' wild bro,' I thought, looking up to see the sliding doors of the building open to reveal Oyakata, his two daughters sitting on both sides of the door.

"So you have come. My cute swordsmen," He said smoothly, a gentle smile on his scarred face. As he spoke, I instantly felt a wave of calmness rush over me, causing me to sit back.

His daughters stood up and came to his sides, the one on his left taking his hand while the other had his hand on her shoulder. "Good morning everybody. We have some really nice weather today. Is the sky blue?" He said, making me softly smile at his casual greeting. "Our members have gathered for the pillar meeting that we hold once every six months as per usual. I find this pleasurable."

As I stared up at Oyakata, I snapped out of it when I heard a yelp and a body being slammed into the ground. I hurriedly looked over to see Sanemi pinning down Tanjiro, his hand on the back of his head as he pushed him into the pebbles. "Oh, sh*t," I whispered to myself as I noticed all the pillars were kneeling in a line in front of Oyakata.

I scrambled to bow before I also got slammed in the ground, hunching my back over uncomfortably as my bangs hung in front of my face. "We find it most honorable to be in your presence, Oyakata-sama. We eagerly pray for much happiness upon you," Sanemi said respectfully. 'Damn bro, one day Imma make you bow in front of Tanjiro like that...Swear on my LIFE,' I huffed to myself.

"Thank you, Sanemi," Oyakata replied. "Let me humbly say there is a soldier present in the pillar meeting by the name of Kamado Tanjiro and Lana, who've brought a demon. I would like to explain this scenario, so will you allow me?" Sanemi asked. 'Damnokay,Snitch. I'll see you in the streets, rat,' I looked over at him, unimpressed. 'Nah, I'm kidding. I know he has to do that sh*t since he has to.'

"I see. I'm sorry he has surprised you all," Oyakata said, closing his eyes before opening them again. "I have given my approval for Tanjiro, Lana, and Nezuko. So I want everyone here to accept them," he announced.

At his words, the pillars looked up in shock, some looking rather in disbelief. "Ah...Even though Oyakata-sama wished us to do so, I am reluctant to give consent..." Wept Gyomei, pressing his hands together. "I also flamboyantly oppose this. I can never accept demon hunters who brings demons along," Uzui said, pointing his thumb at himself.

"I will abide with all your accordance, Oyakata-sama," Mitsuri said, clasping her hands to her chin and smiling. "Either way's fine for me...I'll just forget right away," Sighed Muichiro.

Shinobu and Giyuu remained silent, although Obanai spoke up as well, saying, "Don't trust them, don't trust them. We all hate demons to begin with." "I respect your from deep within, but I can't understand your thinking!! I completely oppose this!!" Kyojuro said, his words betraying the smile on his face. "We are the demon hunters who annihilate all demons. I wish to punish all three. Kamado, Lana, and Tomioka," Sanemi said, holding his anger back in front of Oyakata-sama.

'Damn, I wanna f*ck them bitches up SO BAD, but not only are they stronger than me, but also I'd rather not disrespect Oyakata-sama on our first meeting by acting stupid...' I thought in frustration, glaring over at Sanemi.

"Now, the letter," Oyakata-sama said to his daughter on the right. "Yes," She complied, unfolding a parchment. "We received this letter from the former pillar, Urokodaki Sakonji-sama." 'Dad!! AWEEEE NOOO I MISS HIM SO MUCH I WANNA CRYYYYY,' I thought to myself, pouting with a fond smile on my face.

"I will read an extract from it. 'Please forgive Tanjiro and Lana for being with a demon. Nezuko has a tenacious spirit and she retains some human reasoning. Even when she's starving, she doesn't eat humans. And she has stayed that way for more than two years. You made find this sudden and difficult to believe, but this is the unmistakable truth. If by any chance Nezuko ever attacks someone, Kamado Tanjiro, Lana, as well as Urokodaki Sakonji and Tomioka Giyuu will cut their own stomachs open as an apology.'," She finished, a silence ringing in the yard after her final words.

'Damn, I mean...sh*t bro, I'd be down. BET, YA'LL WOULDN'TTTT,' I exhaled in amusem*nt. I heard soft sniffles, and I looked over to see Tanjiro crying, his eyes wide and mouth slightly opened in disbelief. "...What should I say if they're gonna kill themselves. If they want to die, they can just die and rot away. There is no guarantee in this," Sanemi said in frustration. 'True, true. I'm not gonna lie, thas straight up facts.' "Shinazugawa is correct here!" Kyojuro exclaimed. "If she kills and eats someone, nothing can be undone!! The people who got killed will never come back!" 'I mean, FACTS THOUGH, I CANNOT LIE.'

"That is very true. They can't guarantee or prove that she won't attack people. But," Oyakata-sama said, his head turning to the side while he looked at us. 'Umm...He's blind, right? How the f*ck...Oh wait, he heard us, duh! Bruh...I'm stupid.' "You can't prove she'll attack someone either," He finished. 'PERIODT! Wait- actually, they can. If we *were*lying, then the thing Sanemi does next would prove it. BUT WE'RE NOT! SOTAKE THAT, BITCH!' I cackled in my head, a tiny smirk on my face.

Sanemi looked up at Oyakata-sama, gritting his teeth. "The truth is that Nezuko has been living without eating people for more than two years. And because of her, two people are putting their lives on the line. And to deny this, the deniers have to present something more than what is here," Oyakata-sama said, taking the paper from his daughter. 'Why you lookin' down on it like you can actuallyREAD IT tho...I- UM, CHILE...ANYWAYS, SO-' "Hmm!" Hummed Kyojuro in acknowledgement.

"Besides, Tanjiro and Lana has come into contact with Kibutsuji," Oyakata-sama added. 'BRUH I'M SURROUNDED BY A BUNCH OF SNITCHES, CAN'T EVA TRUST NO BITCH,' I slowly blinked, raising my brows and squinting my eyes, leaning my head forward.

"That can't be..." "Wepillarshave never even come into contact with him..!!" "And these kids have?!" The pillars chattered, some remaining silent in quiet shock.'Well, technically Tanjiro was the only one who really went up face-to-face with him, but I was there and I saw him so I GUESS I count. Oyakata-sama says so anyways, SO THERE YA HAVE IT LIL LADIES,' I thought, humming under my breath.

I held back a gasp as Giyuu, Mitsuri, Uzui, and Rengoku snapped overto look at me while the others looked over at Tanjiro. Mitsuri got knocked over my Uzui as he suddenly stood up, causing her head to fall on Kyojuro's knee. "YOU! GIRL! WHAT DID HE LOOK LIKE?! HIS ABILITES?! WHERE IS HE?!" Uzui shouted at me. "Indeed! Did you battle him?" Kyojuro exclaimed.

"Uh- I- No-Well, he had like wavey black hair-" I fumbled anxiously before I was interrupted by Sanemi and Obanai shouting at each other. "HEY, ANSWER!!" "SHUT UP, I ASKED HIM FIRST!" I looked over at Tanjiro in worry as he looked up in a daze, confused as hell.

"First off, Kibutsuji's powers..." Oyakata-sama said, putting a finger to his lips. The pillars quieted down and Giyuu helped Mitsuri back up from the ground, the two of them taking a kneeand Uzui going back to his original spot as well to listen.

"You see, Kibutsuji had come after Tanjiro and Tanjiro shook his pursuer loose. Lana had also seen the interaction between the two, so she's technically apart of the event." 'Boom, see?' "The reason for this may simply be just to close some loose ends, but for the first time, I don't want to let go of the tail that Kibutsuji has showed us. And this probably goes for Nezuko as well. I believe something unexpected has happened for Kibutsuji. Do you understand?" Oyakata-sama said to the pillars.

They all remained silent, although mitsuri was the only one smiling up at Oyakata-sama. "I do not understand, Oyakata-sama. We can let humans live. but demons must not. I cannot consent," Sanemi said through gritted teeth before he unsheathed his blade and slashed his arm. "f*ckin' FOUL. You're not even self-harming to be emo..." I muttered under my breath.

"OYAKATA-SAMA!! I WILL PRESENT TO YOU THE UGLINESS OF WHAT WE CALL DEMONS!!" Sanemi grinned, almost maniacally. "Sanemi..." Oyakata-sama looked down at him.

"HEY DEMON!! IT'S TIME TO EAT! SINK YOUR TEETH ON THIS!" Sanemi snarled with a smirk on his face as he held his wounded arm above Nezuko's box, dripping his blood onto it.

'Wait, doesn't he have rare blood or something?? Ummz...' I squinted. Tanjiro looked angered, his teeth gritted as he couldn't do anything but watch as Sanemi tempted Nezuko with his blood. "Bro, this is kinda f*cked..." I said to a Kakushi next to me as we watched the scene. "Shut up," he hissed back at me. "Rude bastard," I huffed, clicking my tongue at him.

"Shinazugawa, you can't do it in the sunlight. The demon won't come out unless you go to the shade," Obanai advised him as he watched on. "Oyakata-sama, forgive my rudeness," Sanemi gritted out before he jumped into the shade of the building, placing Nezuko on the mat.

"NEZUKOOOO!!" Tanjiro cried out as Sanemi took out his blade once more. He pushed himself up, ready to run off at Sanemi before Obanai interfered and slammed his elbow onto Tanjiro's back. "Kah!" Tanjiro coughed as he was pushed into the pebbles. "GET THE f*ck OFF OF TANJIRO, YA NASTY-ASS SNAKE!" I shoutedbefore getting up and rushing over to Tanjiro, ready to kick the f*ck out of Obanai before he jumped behind me and shoved me down as well, making me cry out in pain as my cuts pressed into the pebbles. "Stupid girl, as if you could easily take me down," Obanai hissed into my ear as he placed his foot onto Tanjiro's back and his arm onto my back. 'WAIT WAIT WAIT, I'M WEARING A f*ckING TINY SKIRT AND HE'S PRESSING ME INTO THE GROUND. I CAN'T MOVE MY LEGS WITHOUT FEELING PAIN FROM MY CUTS, S-SO THAT MEANS-?!' "Pantsu!" I heard Rengoku and Uzui exclaim in surprise. "Oh my..." I heard Shinobu gasp. "How embarrassing!" Mitsuri cried out from behind us.

"f*ck! DUDE OWWW MY f*ckING tit* HURT TOO!!" I screamed in humiliation and pain, my face flushing in embarrassment. "Lana!" Tanjiro said worriedly before his head snapped over to Sanemi, who stabbed Nezuko's box with his sword. "COME OVER HERE, DEMOOOON! HERE'S SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE HUMAN BLOOD!" Sanemi cackled before he ripped off the door to Nezuko's box, revealing her small, curled up form.

We watched as Nezuko rose from her box, growing into her normal size. She panted and huffed as Sanemi held his bleeding arm up to her face, making her sweat and salivate like crazy.

"f*ck HIM UP, KWEEN! PROVE HIS BITCHASS WRONG- AH!" I yelled before Obanai pressed his arm deeper into my injured back, making me yelp in pain as my poor f*cking boobs got smashed into the rocks. "Iguro-san, you're pushing them too much. Loosen up a bit," Shinobu said, looking over at us. "If they try to move, wouldn't I be the one being pushed?" "You're bitchass JUST said 'As if you can easily take me down.' ACK-!" I wheezed before crying out in pain as he pressed harder. Tanjiro was having a heard time breathing as well under Obanai's force, huffing and wheezing.

"...Kamado-kun, Lana-chan. Your lungs are under pressure, so if you use your breaths, your blood vessels will explode," Shinobu said before Uzui shot up excitedly. "BLOOD VESSELS EXPLODING!! THAT'S GONNA MAKE A FLAMBOYANT SOUND!! OKAY, GO EXPLODE!!" He exclaimed. "You poor children, so weak and pitiful. Namu amida butsu," Gyomei said, tears still streaming down his face.

"It'll be okay Tanjiro," I whispered to him before noticing what he was trying to do. 'Oh sh*t! He's using his breathing technique to snap the ropes, right? I should do the same!! But wouldn't I die...?' I pondered before exhaling, 'f*ck it, let's GO!'

I began doing concentrated breathing, pulling my wrists against the rope as hard as I could as I focused on my breaths. I felt the rope burn around my wrists as I pulled tighter, and tighter, but I kept going. "Kamado-kun! Lana-chan!" Shinobu cried out in concern as we wheezed and panted and huffed. Tanjiro cried out as the ropes snapped, which I followed after him with a heavy breath, feeling my wrists get freed from the rope.

Before Obanai had a chance to react, Giyuu snatched his wrist tightly, allowing Tanjiro to run off, me chasing after him. "Nezuko!!" Tanjiro coughed out as he leaned his body over the platform. I ran up behind him and weakly tried pushing him up to the floor, to no avail as my arms were still shaking and in pain from the tight ropes.

I gave up plopped next to Tanjiro, leaning onto the wooden porch. I looked over at Nezuko only to find her turning her head away, huffing angrily. "Even though Shinazugawa-sama cut himself three times, and thrust his arm in front of her, she held herself back and didn't bite him," One of the white-haired twins said.

"And that's proof that Nezuko will not attack humans right here," Oyakata-sama smiled. Sanemi and Tanjiro gaped at him as I smiled care-freely, sighing contently.

"What are you planning, Tomioka...?" I heard Obanai snarl as he ripped his arm from Giyuu's grasp. "Tanjiro, Lana. Despite this, there will still probably be other people who won't willingly agree about Nezuko," Oyakata-sama said. Tanjiro and I looked over at him before we both got down onto our knees before him and bowed gratefully.

"You have to just prove that, from this point on, the three of you, including Nezuko, can be useful enough to fight with the demon hunters," Oyakata-sama continued, his soothing voice giving me waves of calmness.

"Defeat the twelve demon moons. If you do that, then everyone will acknowledge you. And the gravity of your words will change, Tanjiro," He finished. 'Ohmygod, Tanjiro don't f*ckin' do it. Please I swear to Gawd-' "I... LANA, NEZUKO, AND I WILL DEFEAT KIBUTSUJI MUZAN!! DEFINITELY THE THREE OF US!! WILL WIELD OUR SWORDS AND CUT THE CHAINS OF AGONY!!" Tanjiro yelled.

I cringed and looked away from his as I leaned back on my legs, ignoring the stinging of my cuts. "Tanjiro...Honey, baby, no..." I mumbled in second-hand embarrassment. "You can't defeat him as you are now, Tanjiro. So first, try and defeat one of the twelve demon moons," I heard Oyakata-sama smile in amusem*nt.

"Yes, sir," Tanjiro said stiffly, probably embarrassed as f*ck now too. I heard some of the pillars holding back a laugh, and I just groaned before bursting out in laughter. "BROO THAT'S f*ckIN' FUNNY, F TO MY BOYYY!" I cackled, hunching over in my spot, my body shaking from laughter.

"Lana..." Tanjiro lowly whined in embarrassment. "The demon hunter pillars have talents that naturally surpass you. They climbed their way up by training to the point they coughed blood, and they survived being on the verge of death. And they may even defeat the twelve demon moons. That is exactly why the pillars are to ber respected and treated well. Tanjiro, Lana, the both of you should also be careful about how you speak to them," Oyakata-sama smiled.

I wiped some tears from my eyes before I nodded, snorting. "You got it, Oyakata-sama!" I hummed in laughter. "Y...Yes, sir," Tanjiro said with a blush on his cheeks, his brows furrowed. I sighed with a final giggle as I calmed down, leaning over on Tanjiro's shoulder.

"And then. Sanemi, Obanai. Don't bully the younger ones too much," Oyakata-sama told them. "...As you command." "As you command..." They said lowly. 'PERIOD! THAT IS WHAT THE f*ck I THOUGHT, YA'LL BEING SOME HOES RIGHT NOW, AND BIG PAPA AIN'T f*ckIN' WITH ITTTT. YA'LL BEST START GETTING ON ALL FOURS AND SUCKIN' THESE TOESDRYIF YOU WANT MY FORGIVENESS, PERIOD!' I cackled internally, snorting aloud.

I felt Obanai glaring into my back, but I didn't dare turn around. 'THAT'S RIGHT, KEEP STARIN' BITCH! YA'LL HOES BE HATIN LIKE MAD, BUT I'M STILL HEAAAA,' I pressed my hand onto my lips as I tried holding back my laughter, though my body was SHAKINGGG in contained laughter.

"So we're ending the talk about Tanjiro and Lana here. You may step back now. It's about time to begin the pillar meeting," Oyakata-sama announced. I let out a high-pitched, "Hmm!" in understanding before Shinobu raised her hand, chiming, "Okay then, let us take care of Kamado-kun and Lana-chan at my place!"

We all looked over at her, my gaze mostly in excitement and happiness as Tanjiro let out a blank, "Huh?" God Shinobu clapped her hands as she smiled gleefully, "Okay, take them away!" Tanjiro yelped as he was suddenly picked up, one of theKakushi dragging his along as heyelled, "EXCUSE US FOR BEFORE!!"

I looked over to see the female Kakushi strapping on Nezuko's box and hurriedly getting off the platform to pick me up, carrying me like a baby, my head in her shoulder and my legs and arms wrapped around her torso. "This is okay," I said as she caught up with Tanjiro and the other Kakushi.

"Okay, the pillar meeting will-" "PLEASE WAIT A MINUTE!!" Tanjiro interrupted loudly, wrapping himself around a wooden beam. "Oh Tanji, don't do this..." I turned my head to watch him, groaningas I laid in the arms of the female Kakushi. "I WANT TO BUTT HEADS WITH THAT SCARRED GUY! I MEAN IT! JUST FOR CUTTING NEZUKO-!!" "SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!" They hissed at him, the other Kakushi pulling at his demon slayer jacket.

"I SHOULDN'T BE GOING AGAINST THE RULES JUST FOR A HEADBUTT!" Tanjiro yelled. "SHUT UP!! RIP HIS FINGERS OFF NOW!!" The two Kakushi's hissed enormously. "HABUE-!" Tanjiro yelped as his face was slammed by a tiny pebble.

"Ohbaby," I sighed tiredly. "I just wanna sleep and see Zenitsu and Inosuke again," I whined. "Give my regards to Tamayo-san," Oyakata-sama smiled at Tanjiro as he was finally tugged away from the beam. "YOU GUYS OWE ME MONEY AND FOOD FOR SEEING MY PANTIES!! EXCEPT SHINOBU AND MUICHIRO!!" I screamed at the bewildered pillars before my Kakushi pinched my ear. "SHUT UP!!" She hissed at me, embarrassed.

Tanjiro let out a noise in shock as we began running off, reaching out behind us. "WAIT A MINUTE!! JUST- JUST NOW!! PLEASE WAIT A MIN-!" Tanjiro yelled before I felt the arms of my Kakushi jerk behind me, making me clutch her tighter. "WHY YOUUU!! STOP TALKINGGG!! THEY GOT MAD AT US BECAUSE OF YOU!!" She growled at him, punching him repeatedly. "I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA WET MYSELF!" The other Kakushi cried out. "THE PILLARS ARE REALLY SCARY! READ THE SITUATION! BE AWARE!!" The female one cried out.


"I...I'm sorry," Tanjiro weakly apologized as his face got pinched roughly.

"Leave him alone, he already apologized and we've all had along-assday," I sighed before I got bonked on the head.


...To be continued...

Chapter 20: The Boys I’ve Always Dreamed Of




Author's Note: I’m sorry for the wait!! I've been so busy with summer school + im in a rp discord server that i like to indulge in ALOT. I'm srry bbies

Chapter Text


"Leave him alone, he already apologized and we've all had along-assday," I sighed before I got bonked on the head.


We finally made it to the Butterfly Estate, and BOY WAS I HYPED. "YOOOO!! THAT'S SO COOL! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE STAYING THERE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, TANJIRO?!" I squealed excitedly, turning my head to look at the building in awe. A giant grin was on my face, and I was shaking in excitement. The mansion was f*cking HUGE, sh*t was like two? three? stories. Ugh, it wasbeautiful.

"Yeah, it looks pretty amazing," Tanjiro said in awe as he stared up at the building. "Could you please not yell? Your mouth is right next to my face, y'know," My Kakushi complained. "Oh yeah, sorry bro," I laughed sheepishly at her before we walked past the wooden gates.

"Pardon the intrusion," Announced the other Kakushi as we stepped into the mansion. The hallways was empty, no one in sight. "Pardon the intrusion," He repeated, looking around. "Par...Looks like nobody's coming out at all," The female Kakushi sighed.

"But going in our own is just..." The other trailed off, looking over at us. "Should we check the garden?" She replied. Nodding at each other, they carried the three of us outside, where we walked into a beautiful, grassy area surrounded by flowers and bushes. We headed down a stone path before I spotted Kanao, her back facing towards us.

"You can walk on your own man," Tanjiro's Kakushi told him. "Oh yeah, let me uh...Get down," I told my Kakushi, who let me down onto my feet. "I'm sorry, my whole body just hurts a lot already, like a lot..." Tanjiro apologized tiredly.

"You old man," The female Kakushi told him. "That's okay, babe! I'll carry you instead!" I chirped before reaching my arms out for him.

Tanjiro blinked at me before shaking his head worriedly, "No, no! You're tired and injured, I can't let you carry me in this state!" I smiled at his concern before I picked him up from the Kakushi's back and holding him in my arms instead. "Dude, you're light as hell! It's fine, lol," I giggled. The Kakushi thanked me, groaning as he stretched.

"You're gonna...Carry me in this position again? It's kinda embarrassing..." Tanjiro blushed, grabbing onto my neck."You're so cute, Tanjirene!! The cutest! I love you so much!!" I squealed, kissing his forehead. He flushed and looked away shyly. 'BABY!!!!!' I sobbed internally.

"Yuck, can you two quit being so...Mushy and gross?" The male Kakushi groaned. I looked over at him and stuck my tongue out, saying, "You're just jealous you're lonely bro, quit hatin'." He squinted at me before noticing Kanao ahead. "Ah, there is someone," The female said."That's uhhhh, yeah," The maker replied dumbly. "You're supposed to call her the 'tsuguko'..." The girl deadpanned.

"Tsuguko? What's a tsugu...ko..." Tanjiro questioned before Kanao turned around, holding a butterfly on her finger. 'I mean...I know she's pretty but damn bro, I'm RIGHT HERE TANJIRO,' I huffed to myself before smiling and waving at her."Kanao! Hey!!" I called out, making her turn to us. Her eyes snapped to me and she smiled plainly before her smile dropped and eyes widened at my appearance. "Lana, you know her already?" Tanjiro asked me. "Yeah! While you were knocked out, we were going to headquarters and I got to talk to her! We're friends now, lol," I replied, shrugging.

"That's Tsuyuri Kanao-sama. The pillars personally look after the tsuguko. She wouldn't have been chosen if she didn't haveconsiderable talent nor excellent standing. She's a girl, but she's amazing," Explained the male Kakushi. I scoffed as Kanao walked up to us a bit hurriedly,"Wellduhshe's amazing! Girls can be strong too, y'know! In fact, I'll beat yo ass just to prove it!"

"You're not even on her level though..." He trailed off. "I will be though, and then you ain't gonna be able to say sh*t then!" I huffed angrily. "We came under Kocho-sama's orders. Can we enter the estate?" Asked the female Kakushi.

Kanao just stared at me with wide eyes before looking at him, not saying a word. "Can...We?" She asked again. Kanao looked back at me and I smiled at heras the girl nervously held up her hands, "We can, right...? Uhm, ehh..." "WHO ARE YOU!!" Aoi interrupted from behind us, holding a basket.

"Pretty girl!!" I gasped excitedly. "No, uh..." "Kocho-sama..." The two Kakushi fumbled. "Are you 'Kakushi'? They're- OH GOSH! MISS, YOU'RE A MESS!Come over here!!" Aoi instructed frantically, her brows furrowed in worry. "Yay!! Gonna go see the boys and be friends with pretty girls!" I said happily as the Kakushi went after Aoi.

I looked back over at Kanao and found her staring at me, still in shock. I waved at her and winked, exclaiming, "See you later, Kanao! Let's hang out later, okay!" "PLEASE COME THIS WAY IMMEDIATELY!!" Aoi shouted, making me snap my head towards the group before smiling at Kanao and turning around.She slowly nodded and gave me a slow wave as I began running off after them.

Entering the estate, we followed Aoi into a room where we were greeted by beds lined up, 5 already occupied by resting male demon slayers. I gasped as I spotted Zenitsu screaming his head off in front of the little pink butterfly girl! "FIVE TIMES?! I'M DRINKING THIS 5 TIMES IN ONE DAY?! IF I DRINK THIS, I CAN'T EAT ANY FOOD?! NOOO!! IT'S SUPER BITTER, IT'S PAINFUL! ACTUALLY, CAN I CURE MY ARMS AND LEGS JUST FROM DRINKING MEDICINE?! YOU SERIOUS?!" He screamed, crying.

"Please be quiet," The poor little girl tried calming him down as he continued to cry. "SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME BETTER! WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN IF I GET HURT FROM DRINKING THIS ONCE?!" He cried out. "Hey!" Aoi yelled out, stomping over to his bed. "That guy's still being noisy..." She huffed before beginning to yell at him, "PLEASE BE QUIET!! I've explained to you countless times already! I'll tie you up if you don't knock it off!"

"Zenitsu!!" I heard Tanjiro say in relief. "Oh my goodness..." Aoi huffed before rushing back towards me, the little butterfly girl in tow as Zenitsu sniffled under his covers."Zenitsu!! baby!!" I called out happily before beginning to rush over, only to be stopped by Aoi and...Naho? Was that her name?

"Please come this way! We must treat your wounds immediately!" Aoi said before the two led me out of the sliding doors and into the hallway. "WAIT!! WAS THAT LANA-CHAN?!?!" I heard Zenitsu cry from the room as I speed-walked further down the hall with the girls.

I followed Aoi and Naho down the hall where we then stopped in front of two wooden sliding doors, identical to the other room. She slid it open to reveal basically the same room, just empty. Naho followed after me and handed me a folded set of white clothes. "These are clean clothes for you to change into, miss," she told me. I squealed and took the clothes from her hands, thanking her, "Thank you! Awe, you're so cute!!" She blushed and smiledat me as I patted her head gently. "T-thank you! Excuse me for a moment!" She said before bowing and rushing out of the room.

I chuckled and waved after her before Aoi turned to me, hands on her hips. "Lana-san, was it? I'm going to have to ask you to remove your clothing. Just leave your undergarments on since I'll need to examine your wounds," she said, motioning to my uniform.

"Oh, okay! By the way, it's nice to meet you!" I nodded before unbuckling my belt and sliding my skirt off, leaving me in my panties. "It's nice to meet you, too. I'm Kanzaki Aoi," she smiled at me before noticing the several cuts on my legs, gasping.Iunbuttoned my jacket and shrugged it off before unbuttoning my white, blood-stained blouse and taking it off, hissing as I peeled the cloth sticking to my cuts. I was left with a bloody tag stuck to my left breast and a blood-stained cloth around my chest, securing my breasts.

"Oh my goodness...You look awful!" Aoi exclaimed worriedly, looking over my body. I nodded and sighed, "Yeah, I'm really sore and my cuts are stinging. I look really messed up right now..." "There's a washroom right over there, so why don't you clean yourself before you change? I'll also need you to clean your cuts thoroughly, so I'll give you a disinfecting liquid. It'll burn painfully, but your wounds will get infected otherwise," she told me, pointing to a door on the other side of the room.

I nodded and grabbed the clean clothes as well the tags from my jacket beforegoing over to the door and sliding it open to reveal a small bathroom. A large wooden tub was in the corner with a stool and a wooden bucket next to it, along with a metal pipe on the side of the wall. Inside the wooden bucket was rolled up towels and a wooded ladlewith a long,thin handle. A small table with drawers in it was placed right next to the sliding door, an unlit lamp sitting on top of it along with three bottles.

"If you need the water, just twist that knob over there next to the pipe and water will come out. The furnace below the furo*can be lit up by the matches in the drawer. On the table next to you are the shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. There are extra towels in the drawer and some in the oke*. Here, I'll give you the disinfectant now," Aoi said as we entered the room, handing me a bottle of liquid.

"Oh! Thank you so much, Aoi!" I exclaimed gratefully, bowing and taking the bottle from her hand. "Ah, it's nothing. I'm just doing my job," she dismissed, waving her hands up. She then turned to the door and walking out, "Well, I'll be taking my leave now. Please yell if you need anything! I'll be back in a bit." I smiled and nodded before she slid the door shut.

I turned to the tub and muffled a squeal as I started jumping up and down on the wooden floorboards in excitement. "This is so cool! Oh my gawwwd, I'm so f*ckin' glad I'm here, bro! Ugh, I NEED a f*ckin' bath, like NOW," I whispered to myself and set my clothes on the table, taking the bottles of soap and approaching the tub. "Uh...Guess I should light the furnace first, right?" I muttered to myself before going over to the small table and opening the top drawer to reveal folded towels and a matchbox inside. I took the matches and went over to the tub, pushing it to the side to light the coals underneath.

Once I lit the fire, I pushed the tub back to cover the furnace, letting it heat up before Iwent over to the side of the metal nozzle on the wall to twist the small knob on the side. It took a second before water gushed from the pipe, hissing and releasing steamas it touched the heated floor of the tub. 'Well that didn't take long to heat up,' I mused to myself before emptying the bucket and dunking it into the hot water, filling it and placing it back on the stool and dropping the ladle into it.

"Finally! Yo gurl gonna get f*ckin' clean afta getting bodied in da forest," I said to myself happily as I slipped off my panties and slowly removing the bloody cloth around my breasts. I winced as it stuck onto my skin from the blood, but continued to peel it off.

I sighed in relief when it finally dropped onto the floor, but I looked over at the steaming tub and sucked in a breath shakily. 'This is gonna BURRRRRN!!' I wailed internally, imagining the AGONIZING BURN of my wounds when I get into the tub...As well as when I disinfect them...

I sighed, 'Let's get this bitch ova with...' and slowly dipped my leg into the tub.'FUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!' I let out a muffled scream, pressing my lips together firmly as my cuts BURNED and felt like I set my leg on FIRE as I sunk it into the water. I hurriedly leaned over to twist the knob again, turning off the water. 'Only...One leg so far...' I thought in despair before huffing. 'f*ck IT, LET'S GOOOO!!!'

I jumped over the rim of the tub and sat down on the stool attached to the inside, only to SLAM my face into the water as I let out a loud shriek in agony. No one would be able to hear me as the water muffled my screams.Every inch of my bodyburnedand I nearly teared up from the pain. I kept screaming into the water, barely feeling the air bubbles rush past my face as my body was on fire. I ran out of air and bursted from the water, gasping and panting. Water spilled over the tub and splashed onto the floorboards, though I didn't care.

'BITCH THAT f*ckING BURNEDDDDD!!!' I screamed in my head as I leaned back into the tub, trying to push past the pain. As I continued to huff and catch my breath, the burning began to fade, but the cuts stung painfully from the heat. I wiped my face with a hand and sighed, relaxing in the water. "Ugh, yo gurl needed this," I moaned in pleasure, humming contently as the warmth of the water surrounded me. "So f*ckin' tired..I could fall asleep right now," I hummed closing my eyes and softly breathing.

After about 20 minutes of soaking in the tub, I felt like it was time to get out. I wanted to see my boys as soon as possible, after all! I climbed out from the luke-warm water, the liquid dripping off my body. I took the bucket and placed it to the side, sitting down on the wooden stool and opened the bottle of shampoo, pouring some into my hand and beginning to lather my scalp.

After finishing my (painful & bloody) wash and putting on some lean undergarments as well as placing a new language tag onto my chest, I slathered the disinfectant liquid onto my cuts, making me hiss and tear up. I heard a knock at the door, Aoi's voice coming through the wood as she said, "Are you finished? I'll need to wrap up your injuries after they've been cleaned." "I'm done! Come in," I announced before she slid the door open just enough to let her in, closing the door behind her.

"I already disinfected my cuts, so I just need your help with the bandaging," I told her, still sitting at the wooden stool. She nodded and took out a few rolls of bandages and gauze from her apron, walking over to me and beginning to wrap my arm. "That blonde boy, Zenitsu? He won't stop asking for you. It's getting quite annoying," Aoi complained as she tightened it. I winced and smiled, looking down at my cut-up hands. "That's my boy," I hummed fondly. "He's always such a noisy person, but he means well. He just...can't exactly control his emotions," I chuckled, thinking about how he must be crying right now missing me. The thought warmed my heart and made me smile and blush. Oh my sweet thunder boy, always so cute.

"Well if you can, please try to get him to quiet down!" Aoi huffed as she began to wrap up my other arm. "The other patients can't exactly sleep well while he's busy yelling and crying all the time." I laughed, "Sure thing! I definitely want the others to get their rest. After all, we've all had a pretty rough night." She nodded and wrapped up the rest of my body. By the time she was done, my neck, arms, chest, and legs were cleaned and securely wrapped.

"Now that's all done, I'll let you change. Just come back to the first room we were in before and there'll be an empty bed for you," Aoi said as she turned to leave once more. "Thank you, Aoi-san! I really appreciate your dedication and hard word!" I chirped gratefully, giving her a low bow in respect. She flushed and waved her hands flustered, "A-ah! No need to bow! I told you, I'm just doing my job!" I laughed and got up, patting her on the shoulder. "But still! You work so tirelessly for the patients here, and that should be given recognition. Aoi-san, you might not be a Pillar, but you're a 'pillar' for this place. Thank you," I said sincerely, staring at her fondly. She blushed and looked away, embarrassed. "Well- I'll just, um, leave you be now! I'll check on you guys in a bit," she huffed before turning and marching out the door.

I laughed and waved after her as the door slid shut. "Awe, she's so cute and pretty! My girl needs more love," I sighed adoringly to myself before grabbing the clothes and putting them on, once again leaving two buttons on the shirt undone for breathing room. I exited the bathroom and made my way out the empty infirmary room, my bare feet padding against the floorboards as I began walking down the hall.

As I got closer to the room my boys were in, muffled screams grew louder, making me snort to myself. I stood just outside the Shoji doors, listening in. "WHERE IS MY LANA-CHAN?! BRING ME TO LANA-CHAAAAAAAN!! LANA-CHAA- OW! TANJIRO!" I heard Zenitsu wail before he was cut off. I slid the doors open before snapping my gaze to Zenitsu's bright yellow hair, immediately making eye contact with his own wide-eyed, teary ones. "Zenitsu! My love!" I squealed before running and lunging at him, making him let out a small 'ooph!'. "LANA-CHAAAAAN!!" he wailed into my arms, crying as he hugged me with his short limbs.

"Lana!" I heard Tanjiro call out in surprise and relief. "My boys!" I said happily, hugging Zenitsu to my chest as he complained. "LANA-CHAAAN!! I'M SORRY I SAID THAT YOU WANTED ME DEAD, I'M SORRY FOR BEING SUCH A BAD BOYFRIEEEEEENDDD!!" he sobbed, clutching onto my shirt. I sighed and ran my fingers through his choppy blonde locks. "Oh, what am I going to do with you, you lil goofy boy," I hummed. "I forgive you, and I know that you say and do things you don't mean when you're frightened." He looked up at me, sniffling as snot and tears streamed down his face. "Lana-chan is so forgiving...WHAT A GODDESS!! I DON'T DESERVE YOUUUU!!" he wailed, clutching me tighter. "Oh honeypie, it's me who doesn't deserve you," I cooed softly, holding him.

"Zenitsu! Let go of her, she's injured!" Tanjiro cried out worriedly. I looked over at Tanjiro in the next two beds over and beamed, releasing Zenitsu who whined at the loss of my touch and went over to my red-haired boyfriend, crawling onto his bed and embracing him just as tightly. Tanjiro flushed in my arms and slowly but surely wrapped his arms around me. "I'm glad you're okay, darling," he shyly mumbled into my chest. 'DARLING?! OH NO, MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT- I'M GONNA CRYYYYYY!!' I mentally wept as a wide smile grew on my face, my cheeks flushing in happiness.

"Tanjiro! My handsome boy, my selfless and caring boy,my everything!!" I sniffed, showering him with kisses. He laughed and accepted by affection, closing his mouth and humming with giggles. "Awe, my sweet boy," I sighed, petting his hair. Giving him one last kiss on his scar, I turned over to see Inosuke laying motionless on his bed, his arms resting on the covers and his boar mask on.

Climbing off of Tanjiro, I went over to Inosuke's nonchalant form and sat on the edge of the beds, grasping his hand gently. I scanned him and gazed at him in concern and sympathy."My poor boar boy, my sweet strong Inosuke," I cooed at him, rubbing his the back of his hand with my thumb. "I'm okay," he said quietly. My heart broke at his submissive demeanor and I leaned down to lay on his chest, wrapping my arms around him. "My poor baby, I'm so sad, you're so quiet now," I said softly. "It isn't funny now, is it Zenitsu?" I heard Tanjiro whisper to Zenitsu. "Shut your mouth! Lana-chan will hear!" he hissed.

Ignoring them, I buried my face into Inosuke's chest and deeply inhaled his scent. "You're clean now, that's good. You must be so tired," I mumbled. "I'm sorry, I'm weak," he said softly. 'NOOOOOOOOO!! MY BABY, PLEASE STOOOOP!! I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO CRYYYYYY!!!' I screamed inside of my head as I helped him tighter. I shook my head, looking up at him through glassy eyes."No, you're not weak at all! The strongest boy I know, no one does it like you, Ino! Please don't say that about yourself when it isn't true!" I pleaded.

The round, shiny eyes of his boar mask stared at me silently, and I thought he was annoyed and wanted me to get off before his body began to tremble under me. My eyes widened in disbelief as I thought, 'Is...Is he...crying?' "Inosuke..." I whispered in shock. "I'm weak," he said lowly, barely loud enough to reach my ears. His voice wavered and cracked near the end, making me tear up and I felt my chest squeeze painfully. If I thought my heart was broken before, it's absolutely shattered now.

I staredat him with tears and worry on my face. "That's not true Inosuke...It's not," I said breathlessly, shaking my head as I kept my eyes on him. He didn't do anything as he stared at me, although I heard small, muffled sniffles through his snout, making my throat clench. "C'mere baby, it's alright," I whispered as I sat up and brought him to my chest, patting his head.

"You did so wellwithout me and Tanjiro, I'm so proud of you!" I muttered into his ear. "Yeah! Inosuke, you're amazing!" Tanjiro added as he leaned over from his bed. "I guess they're right, you're pretty strong, Inosuke," Zenitsu reluctantly said. Inosuke stayed silent but eventually, the sniffles stopped and his body relaxed. "Are you okay, honey?" I asked him as I pulled away. "I'm okay," he replied, still a bit quietly. "Alright then," I sighed in relief and patted his head before sliding off the bed, heading over to the empty bed next to Zenitsu.

Plopping down onto the clean sheets, I sighed and sat up, placing a pillow behind my back for comfort as I tucked the sheets over my legs. Turning to look at my boys, I barely noticed the whole room staring at us. Well, the whole room filled with the five other demon slayers we had saved. "Oh, hey guys!" I chirped, waving at them. Two of them looked away while the only girl tried scrambling off her bed, only to wince and let out a cry of pain before tearing up. I threw the covers off of my legs and jumped off, rushing over to her in concern. "Oh my goodness, please don't hurt yourself! Be careful!" I said worriedly. 'Poor girl...At least she's alive,' I thought with sympathy.

She stared up at me with glossy eyes before she began crying, making me freak out. "Oh my god, please don't cry dude! Are you in pain or something?!" I said frantically. She hiccuped and shook her head, "N...No, it's just- Thank you! Thank you so much! If you hadn't saved us...Haven't saved me, I would be dead right now. Thank you!" she cried out. I gave a crooked smile and exhaled in slight amusem*nt through my nostrils. "It was honestly no problem. Well, except for the...last guy," I sighed sadly. "But I'm glad I saved you! I just want to save any lives I can, you all didn't- didn't deserve to be put through such unimaginable pain," I told her sympathetically, giving her a look of pity.

"I...I hope I'll be able to still be a demon slayer. My limbs...they're broken and snapped up from the movement I was forced to do," the girl sniffed. "I want to be of use, I want to repay my debt to you, though I'm sure I'll never be able to!" she exclaimed looking up at me. I shook my head, "You don't need to do anything! I was just doing what I thought was right. And if that means saving your life while risking my own, then that's what I'll do. Please don't worry about!" I pleaded. She looked down, "I-I suppose..." She snapped her head back up before grasping my hands, "O-oh! By the way, my name is Ozaki. Minamoto Ozaki!" she introduced herself, giving me a small smile. I lit up and beamed at her, "Ozaki-san? Alright, well my name is Lana! It's nice to meet you!"

...To be continued...

Chapter 21: Basically: Butterfly Girls BAD BITCHES, PERIOD!


wild sh*t goes down in da butterfly infirmary <3


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Warning: Swearing

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Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (3)


I shook my head, "You don't need to do anything! I was just doing what I thought was right. And if that means saving your life while risking my own, then that's what I'll do. Please don't worry about!" I pleaded. She looked down, "I-I suppose..." She snapped her head back up before grasping my hands, "O-oh! By the way, my name is Ozaki. Minamoto Ozaki!" she introduced herself, giving me a small smile. I lit up and beamed at her, "Ozaki-san? Alright, well my name is Lana! It's nice to meet you!"

After Ozaki had calmed down, I smiled at her and went back to my bed, climbing into my previous position and sighing contently. "Lana-chan! How bad are your injuries?" Zenitsu asked worriedly from his bed. I looked over and hummed in thought, "I mean...I broke like, my ribs again, and then I have a sh*tton of cuts all over my body, which half of them are probably gonna scar, aaand I think I pulled a muscle. Teehee," I said sarcastically. "What about you, bby?" I asked, relaxing into my sheets.

Zenitsu lifted his sleeve-covered limbs and looked at them in exasperation. "I got poisoned by a spider demon..." He shivered and looked at me, crying, "LANA-CHAAAN!! YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN IT, IT WAS SCARYYY!! A GIANT SPIDER WITH A HUMAN HEAD- IT WAS TERRIFYING!!" "PIPE DOWN ALREADY!" Aoi yelled, slamming the doors open and making Zenitsu yelp in fear.

Anyways, I began my stay there. Turns out, Tanjiro had similar injuries to mine. He had multiple cuts and abrasions all over his face, arms, and legs. He also had sprains all over his body and pulled muscles. I had no idea what the f*ck were contusions, but he had some on his lower jaw. Yikes. Zenitsu was poisoned, so he felt numb in his limbs. His left arm was trembling too, so I would always hold his hand as a way of comforting him. HOLDING HANDS MAKES ME SO HAPPY OH MY GOD, LIKE I'M SO HAPPY I'M WITH THIS BOY HOLY sh*t. Inosuke has crushing trauma to his larnyx and vocal cords, my poor boar boy!! I was SO SAD!! Nezuko just needed more sleep, lol. Honestly I could use some sleep as well, sh*t I was TIRED.

Nezuko rarely came out nowadays since she was mostly sleeping in her box, which Aoi repaired. Ugh!! What a woman!! God, I swear on my LIFE I'm DUMMY gay for all these pretty women, WHAT THE f*ck!I thanked her repeatedly for all her hard work, and she'd always get really flustered. Cutie!! I also thanked the little butterfly girls, and I started to learn their names. Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi were such sweeties! I swear I'm gonna adopt them, THEY'RE ALL GONNA BE MY KIDS!

Poor baby Tanjiro was always groaning in pain from his injuries, I was so mf emo about it, my poor babyyyyy!!It did get pretty annoying when I was just tryna vibe and Zenitsu would cry about the medicine, buut it was whatever. I was able to convince him to take it sometimes, but most of the time he'd just whine about the nasty taste. I couldn't blame him, that sh*t tasted like ASS. And not the good kind that I'd rather eat, either.

All of us tried our best to comfort Inosuke and encourage him, it always broke my heart whenever he'd be so self-depreciating. You BEST BELIEVE I gave him smoochies and hugs whenever my f*cking limbs weren't aching and sore. He became a little happier after that, my babyyyy.

It would be a cycle;wake up, take medicine, eat, hang out for a while until Zenitsu began freaking out if he took his medicine or not, remind him he did, Inosuke group therapy time, medicine, eat, smoochies, sleep, repeat! It was fine, and sometimes I would talk to the other slayers in the room. Me and Ozaki became friends! She's really sweet and nice, awe I'm so glad I saved her!! The other guys were pretty cool, too! The other misogynist guy I saved was still low-key a douche, always saying sh*t like, "I didn't need you're help, I could've easily avoided it!" and "It's not like I owe you anything." I just rolled my eyes and told him to f*ck off with a sweet smile on my face, as a bad bitch SHOULD. Mofo would've been SHREDDED if not for me, and I don't mean shredded as in Kylo Ren shredded. I'm sure WE ALL KNOW what the f*ck I mean by that.

Actually, there were a few times where Zenitsu or Tanjiro, or even the other demon slayers would jump to my defense and tell him off. I always beamed and laughed, they were such SWEETIES, I couldn't take it oh my godddd!!

Oh!! I also wrote some letters to Dad and the Honda siblings!! They're so nice ohmygod, they're doing okay!! Thankfully, they weren't too traumatized from, well, Y'KNOW. I missed Dad so SO MUCH DUDE, LIKE SO MUCH I CRIED SOMETIMES IN MY BED BECAUSE I MISSED HIM. I'm so homesick bro, and Tanjiro tried his best to comfort me! "Don't worry, Lana! I'm sure Urokodaki-san is doing fine-" "BUT HE MUST BE SO LONELY IN THE MOUNTAINS WITHOUT US, I KNOWW THERE'S SABITO AND MAKOMO SPIRITUALLY THERE, BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEE??" "Has he sent a letter back yet?" "NOO- Oh wait, Morishi is coming! YASSS!!" And then I would excitedly unfold the letter and feel so HAPPY after reading another caring letter from my surrogate father. It's such a nice feeling, really. I've never felt more happy!

So here we are, another morning after eating breakfast and just vibing in my bed when the door slid open, revealing the one, the only, STEVE!! "Hi!-" He said brightly before I gasped,"STEVE! OH MY GOD! DUDE WHAT'S UP?!" I asked excitedly, happy that he was alright.

He stared at me in exasperation, "It's-" "Murata-san!!" Tanjiro exclaimed, sitting up in his bed. Murata waved at him before walking over between Tanjiro and Inosuke's bed, pulling up a stool on the side andsitting down. I threw the covers off my body and walked over to Tanjiro's bed, plopping onto my stomach and resting my head in my hands."How are you dude?! Oh sh*t, what happened to your fingers?" I questioned, looking down at his left hand where his pinky and ring finger were bandaged. He looked down at them gloomily, "I jammed them. Anyways, how are you guys? Sitting here in this plain room everyday must be tiring."

I reached over and patted his head, smiling as I said, "We're vibing! Our injuries aren't too bad, so we just need to heal up, start recovery training and then off we go!" "She's right, we're doing fine! I get pretty sore though sometimes, I feel like an old man," Tanjiro laughed. Inosuke's little boar head was resting on his pillow, the covers tucked over him snuggly and Zenitsu sat up as well, staring at Murata with this goofy look on his face, probably wondering who he was.

Murata nodded at us before audibly sighing and hunching over on his stool. He explained that he was invited to the Hashira meeting to give a detailed report on the events at Mount Natagumo, complaining that, "It was hellish!" and, "Those Hashira are scary!" I listened to him complain and nodded along as Tanjiro stared at him in concern before his face became blank at Murata's grumbling.

"They were all angry. They said demon slayers these days are dropping in quality. Itseems some of those sent to Mount Natagumo didn't obey orders. Sothey asked me who their trainers were," he shivered. I watched in awe and admiration as God Shinobu walked into the room, walkingup behind Murata as he groaned and smiled at me, waving a hand as she chirped, "Hello!" 'YASSSS, MOSHI-MOSHI GO THE f*ck AWF KWEEN!!!' I internally screamed.

I held in a snort as Murata froze, got up, bowed and yelped, "Gotta go! See ya!" before dashing away in fright. 'Chile...Well, nawt everyone can handle Gawd ha-self...Anyways!' "How are you all feeling?" the insect pillar said cheerily with a smile on her face. "I'm feeling a lot better, thank you for asking," Tanjiro said, hunching over in a bow. "Feeling godlike right now, still a little store but y'know, I'm thriving!" I chirped, sitting up on Tanjiro's bed.

"Then it's time to startrehabilitation training!" Shinobu beamed, placing her fingertips together and tilting her head. "Damn it..." I sniffled, groaning as I flopped onto the bed. "Rehabilitation...?" Tanjiro questioned. I swear I canfeelmy body beginning to feel like a limp noodle at the thought of having my body stretched painfully. "Unfortunately, Zenitsu-kun won't be joining us since he's still not fully healed yet! As well as the other four, since they're still healing as well.You four will follow me instead!" 'Four? You mean-' I hesitatantly looked over to see the arrogant boy I saved getting up from his bed. He noticed me staring and smirked, making me shiver in disgust and look away, cringing to myself as I only thought,'This sh*t gonna get REAL irritating REAL DAMN QUICK.'

'f*ckf*ckf*ckf*ck OH MY GOD FUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!' I wailed in my head as Naho, Sumi, and Kiyo stood on my body and pulled at my limbs, stretching my body to its limits. My mouth was open in a silent scream, my eyes wide and glossy from tearing up, but I didn't do anything but give in, knowing I'd rather do the training and be at Tanjiro's speed than resist and end up disappointing myself.

"Ple-he-hease..." I wheezed in agony as my arms were tugged at. "Sorry, Lana-san! But this is for your own good!" Naho apologized. I panted and nodded as they held my position for what felt like a century, but only lasted a few second before they dropped my limbs. I plopped onto the mat below me with a wheeze and a whimper as the girls comforted me, congratulating me on how well I did.

"Pfft, what a loser! Being stretched out by some little girls isn't that bad!" dickhe*d Boy cackled, making me look up and glare at him. "Alright, bet, you di..." I glanced over at the girls before huffing, "I mean-you rude person!"Tanjiro looked deeply concerned while Inosuke began to hum in thought, stating, "I'm sure I can do better than that!" "Inosuke, you're the only exception for being overly confident," I sighed.Oh yeah, after a few of our 'Inosuke Therapy Group Sessions', or ITGS, Inosuke regained some confidence! He wasn't fully back to his normal, rambunctious self, but it was better than nothing!

I pushed myself up, Tanjiro walked over to me and reaching out his hand, which I took gratefully. I stretched my back and flopped into Tanjiro's inviting arms with a heavy sigh. "Go ahead, Inosukeeeee," I mumbled, standing up before tugging Tanjiro's arm,"Babe, sit with me please. Your goth gf is tired and feeling emo right now." He complied, sitting down and crossing his legs.I nudged his thigh, making him spread his legs beforeI crawled between them and sat in front of him, placing my legs right next to his own as we watched Inosuke strut up to the mat, the three girls awaiting him.

As Inosuke lied on the mat, I smiled and let out a pleased sigh as I felt Tanjiro's arms hesitantly wrap around my waist, hugging me to him. "Mm, this is nice. Thank you honey," I hummed. He put his head on my shoulder and I felt his cheek move as he smiled,"Of course, dear."I blushed and beamed before turning back to Inosuke, and Just Like I Had Expected, that mf was CRYING. I felt bad, but I mean...we all have to do this so it's not like I can do anything to soothe him.

"Him too?! Geez, are they just putting really weak demons in final selection or was he just lucky?" dickhe*d scoffed. I snapped towards him and glared, "Shut the ffff...Shut up, weirdo.I think I must be blind or SUMTHIN', cuz I do nawwwt see a single person who asked, luv...." I snorted to myself as he glared at me beforeI felt Tanjiro tense at the sight of INOSUKE of all people crying over being stretched out by three little girls. I pulled my arm back to stroke his cheek, "Yup, it'sthat bad, babe. Ya'll ain't ready." He sighed and nodded, "I have no choice, anyways."

Eventually Inosuke had enough and I gave him the same treatment as Tanjiro did with me, hugging him over the shoulder and all as Tanjiro reluctantly went up for his turn. I patted Inosuke's head, "It's okay, it's over now bubby." He sniffed and nodded, "Monjiro won't last a chance!" he huffed through his pink snout. I looked over at it and puffed my cheeks before giving it a small pap. "Iboop your schnout, Inoshuke," I giggled. "Hah?! I'll get you back!" he snorted before turned over in my grasp and smacking me on my face. "My guy, it's supposed to be GENTLE!" I exclaimed, swatting his hand and holding my nose.

"Look," I instructed, pointing towards my nose before giving myself a small boop. "Okay, now you try. Not so hard this time," I said with a grin. He huffed, "This is easy!" before reaching over and giving me a boop. I snorted and laughed before papping him on the snout again. He gave me another boop. We kept taking turns booping eachother before I looked over to see Tanjiro being released, plopping onto the mat just like me and Inosuke previously had. I stood up and brought him up to his legs, holding him against me as he sighed in exhaustion. "Tired?" I hummed. He nodded and I brought him over to Inosuke for the same treatment, except Inosuke sat next to us while I cuddled Tanjiro.

I grinned deviously at dickhe*d as he lied on the mat, the three girls ready to RIP HIS LIMBS APART LIKE THE KWEENS THEY AREstretch him out as well. I watched in slight sad*stic amusem*nt- okay, I'll be honest. I was always kind of a sad*st when it comes to people who insult me or my loved ones. Anyways, I watched in sad*stic amusem*nt as the once loud-mouth boy whimpered in agony as the three got to work. "Wow, you're doing amazing! And by that I mean, you girls are so cool for doing this and not getting tired! Ugh, queens!" I cheered, waving a hand in encouragement. They smiled at the praise and I guess they pulled harder, since the male under them wheezed harder. Ugh, goddesses!

And then, we moved on to reflex training, where Aoi sat along with Kanao. I gasped excitedly and waved at her. She looked over at me, and I SWORE her eyes softened as she gave me her signature blank smile. I beamed and turned to Aoi, who began to explain."Well, first you'll have me as your opponent, and if you're up for it, Kanao is willing to participate as well. Keep in mind that she's a tsuguko, so if you're confident enough to challenge her, go for it," Aoi saidbefore Kanao smiled and got up, walking over to the side of the room in order to not get splashed by any of the medicated water.

I smiled at her before walking up to Aoi and sitting onto my knees. "Alright, well I'll go first, Aoi-san!" I chirped, the foul smell of the water reaching my nose. 'Damn, well I better win so I don't have to do this again, and also because I WOULD RATHER JUST SMELL LIKE SWEAT THAN PISS,' I thought to myself as I stared down at the cups. "Alright then...Start!" she said, making me jump in surprise and reach for a cup sluggishly. Since Iwas too slow, she held it down. I tensed up and hurriedly reached for another one, however she also held that one down as well. Damn, my arms were so tired and weak from being pulled harshly. I attempted to grabtwo at the same time, however I ended up knocking one over due to my sloppy movements, making me gasp and allowing Aoi to grab the other cup and splash me.

I sputtered and coughed at the foul liquid in my throat before wiping my eyes and looking over at Aoi as the liquid stained her white apron. I frantically got up and looked around for anything I could wipe the liquid with before settling with my sleeves. "Damn, crap, Aoi, I'm so sorry I got your apron all dirty! Uh, I don't- I don't know what to do andI don't have any napkins so I'll just use my sleeves," I said in a panic before the blue-eyed female shook her head and got up, grabbing my hand and pulling it away. "Don't worry about it, really! It was bound to get dirty since this involving splashing your opponent. Please just go dry up by the door. If you'd like, you can try again after I'm done with these three!" Aoi reassured me with a small smile on her face, motioning over to the shoji doors that lead outside.

I nodded with an unsure smile and walked over to Kanao, who stood in front of the doors and smiled at me. "Hey, Kanao! It's been a while," I greeted as I slid the door open, a fresh breeze hitting my soaked body. She didn't say a word as I stepped onto the porch. I sat on the edge and patted the spot next to me, looking over at her invitingly. She stared at me before reaching into her jacket and pulling out her silver coin, giving it a flip before looking down at it and approaching me, sitting on the spot I patted. I beamed at her and brushed my wet bangs to the side, exposing my face to the cool air.

We sat in silence, except for the occasional frustrated grunts and water splashes behind us. I began to hum under my breath, "Got me spinnin' like a ballerin~a~a, feelin' gangsta everytime I see ya. You're the king and baby, I'm the queen of, distasta, disasta~a~a~a~a." (It's been a GOOD MINUTE since sis sang, and gawd knows I'd be singing almost every second. But in order to nawt annoy ya'll too much, I made it once a while <3 Teehee!) Kanao turned to me in curiosity, and that's when I realized I sang in English. "Oops- Um, I also speak English. Don't worry about it, just a mistake!" I reassured her with a nervous chuckle, flipping my hair behind me.

She flipped her coin in her hand again and tilted her head. "Are you a foreigner?" I nodded and smiled, "Yup! Don't I look pretty different? I mean, I'm not Japanese, but I'm Asian!" She looked over me and nodded before I heard a yell from inside the room. I looked over my shoulder to see dickhe*d soaked in stinky water, Aoi smirking triumphantly across from him. "Please refrain from commenting on my capabilities as a girl, it's unbecoming of a slayer," she said pointedly, although there was clear pride in her voice. I jumped up and ran over before screaming and clapping furiously. "YASSS AOI!! PERIOD!! YOU GET HIS MISOGYNISTIC ASS, LET'S GO!!! KWEEN SH- KWEEN TINGZ!!" I exclaimed, hyping her up. She smiled, a little flustered before laughing, "oh, don't make such a big deal out of it. I was only participating in training as I was told by Shinobu-sama," she said, but her proud smilebetrayed her.

The boy grumbled under his breath before sulking over to the side so that Inosuke could have a turn. I gave a comforting smile to Tanjiro who smiled back at me reassuringly. 'Damn, hope this ends soon,' I thought to myself as I watched Inosuke suffer the same fate.

After everyone dried off, we moved onto the last task, full-body tag. I sighed but stepped up first once again, shaking off my limbs as I readied myself to chase Aoi. She stared me down before nodding and speeding off, me chasing not too far behind her. She turned, I followed behind. I began to feel tired, my limbs growing heavy as I ran. Eventually, my movements became sluggish and I stopped chasing her, sighing as I rested my upper body on my knees. "Sorry, Aoi-san. I think I'll try again tomorrow when I don't feel so tired," I told her as she came up to me and patted my back. "Don't worry about it, I understand. I'm sure you'll be able to beat me tomorrow!" she encouraged before sending me off to the side in order to go up against Inosuke.

The rest of them went, only to fail at catching up to Aoi. I guess we're all worn out from being bed-ridden too long and the stretches earlier. The girls waved us off as we were led back into the infirmary room, and my body felt so slow and heavy as I stumbled into my bed. The others looked at us in shock as our worn-out bodies stiffly slid into bed. "What happened? What's wrong guys?" Zenitsu questioned worriedly. I groaned and nuzzled my cool sheets, sighing deeply as my exhaustion caught up to me. "Sorry," I heard Tanjiro mutter before I yawned and slipped off to sleep.

"Stay with you guys forever? Always," I muttered with a dopey smile on my face before I felt my body get nudged. I yawned sleepily and hummed dreamily, "What's up?" I heard the distance voice of Tanjiro call out to me, "Training, remember?" I sighed, still keeping my eyes closed and replied, "Tanjiro, why would we have training if we're getting married?" "M-married?? Well- not yet!" "Awe, Lana-chan is so cute! Dreaming about marriage! One day, one day!!"

My eyes blearily blinked open, and I was greeted with the sight of a blushing Tanjiro smiling down at me as he sat at my bedside, Zenitsu looking over at me and beaming dopily, and I swear I can see flowers springing around him. "Oh sh*t, is- it already time to get started?" I yawned, sitting up and rubbing the morning dust from my eyes before reaching under my pillow and grabbing a comb. "Yes, and Zenitsu joins us today! Isn't that great?" Tanjiro said brightly. "Oh, really? Nice! Now he cansuffer like us!" I said, snorting as Zenitsu's blissed look turned horrified. "D-don't joke like that Lana-chaaaan!" he whined, flapping his sleeves.

I shook my head and waved him off, "Don't worry, Zeni! I'm only joking, babe!" He brightened up a little at the petnames before gloomily looking over at the doors. "I hope so..." he sighed before we all got up and went out into the hallway. As we walked down, Zenitsu clung to my shirt with his still-tiny arms, whimpering and shaking in fear. "It's really not that bad, I promise!" I tried comforting him, reaching behind me and grabbing his hand. I gasped dramatically, making him jump in fear. "Baby...hands..." I whispered, gently grasping his tiny hand. "Baby hands!! Zenitsu, you are officially baby!" I said happily as he looked at me nervously before lighting up. "You can call me baby anytime!" he agreed brightly, beginning to forget about the 'scary' rehabilitation training for a moment.

'Awe sh*t, wonder how this is gonna go...On my LIFE, if he creeps over those little-ass girls I'm gonna beat his ass six feet under...They're literally, like...negative one milisecond years old...' I mentally groaned, dreading each step we took as we got closer to the training room. 'Here we f*ckin' go I guess.'

...To be continued...

Chapter 22: The Dog Days Are Over


WILL ZENITSU HURT BBYG? Who knows! KEEP READING, LOVELIES <33 Also!! Relationship development! <3 Bcuz communication is important for ANY healthy relationship!!



Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (4)


'Awe sh*t, wonder how this is gonna go...On my LIFE, if he creeps over those little-ass girls I'm gonna beat his ass six feet under...They're literally, like...negative one milisecond years old...' I mentally groaned, dreading each step we took as we got closer to the training room. 'Here we f*ckin' go I guess.'

We walked into the training room and I immediately spotted Aoi, without her apron this time, and the girls, who I waved at. They waved back at me before taking on a serious expression, which was so cute! Zenitsu stopped shaking once he saw the other girls, and the five of ustook a seat on the floor in front of Aoi.

"Today Zenitsu starts his training so I'll explain it all again!" Aoi huffed, placing her hands on her hips. "First, over there, you will lie down and those girls will loosen up your still muscles," we looked over to see Sumi, Naho, and Kiyo standing over some mats, all wearing determinedexpressions on their faces. I smiled at them before looking back to Aoi, who continued,"Then reflex training. Each of these cups contains medicinal tea that can be applied topically. You will compete to see who has to take the medicine. If your opponent holds down your cup before you can raise it, then you have to 'drink'."

We looked over to see Kanao seated behind the table full of tea cups, a neutral smile on her face as always. I looked back at Aoi, who placed a hand on her chest andcontinued explaining, "Finally, full body training. Simply put, we play tag. Your opponents are me and Kanao over there." As she finished explaining, I hesitantly looked over to Zenitsu, scared of what I would see. 'Please, please don't do this to me. Pleeeease don't, I'll actually cry,' I mentally begged, clutching my hands anxiously.

'Ah, sh*t,' I thought sadly as I stared at his furrowed expression. "Excuse me, may we have a moment?" he muttered. 'f*ck.' Aoi looked towards him, confused. "Do you have a question?" she asked. Zenitsu got up, "No, it's just...Come on, Tanjiro" 'Huh?' I thought in disbelief, 'What the f*ck?' Tanjiro looked up at him questionably."I'M TELLING YOU TO JUST COME WITH ME!" Zenitsu yelled, making everyone jump. Tanjiro remained on the floor, still looking at him weirdly before Zenitsu began dragging him. "COME ONE! GRAH! YOU SCUM! YOU TRASH!" Zenitsu growled as Tanjiro whined at his harsh treatment.

"Wh- Zenitsu?! What's going on babe, why are you taking Tanjiro with you?" I questioned in shock. His furious expression turned all sweet and smiley as he looked back at me, making me feel even more taken aback. "It's just a little talk I need to have with Tanjiro, don't worry about it Lana-chan!" He chimed. I waved at him, my eyes wide and mouth slightly gaping as he waved, exiting outside with Tanjiro. I slowly turned back towards Aoi, who tilted her head at me in confusion. I shook my head and stared back at the door, wondering what the absolute f*ckZenitsu was gonna tell Tanjiro without Inosuke if he was just gonna rave about being touched by girls.

"SIT DOWN AND LISTEN UP! YOU IDIOT JERK!" Zenitsu's muffled voice yelled through the door. "What do you mean Zenitsu? Say sorry for dragging me out here!" Tanjiro's nervous voice protested. "YOUSAY YOU'RE SORRY! YOU APOLOGIZE!" I looked at Inosuke, shook to my core. He stared back at me and shrugged, confused as well. "WHY DID YOU COME BACK EVERY DAY ACTING LIKE YOU DIDN'T JUST GET HAVE A JOLLY GOOD TIME PLAYING GAMES WITH GIRLS IN FRONT OF LANA-CHAN?! BOW DEEPLY AND APOLOGIZE TO HER! OFFER TO COMMIT SEPPUKU!" Zenitsu screamed. My eyes almost bursted from my head, my mouth wide and jaw dropped to hell at his words. I snapped towards Aoi again who merely gaped back at me.

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT?!" Tanjiro yelled back. "SHUT UP YOU STRAIGHT-LACED, SWEET-TALKING TOMCAT!" Zenitsu screamed. "SHUT AND LISTEN! YOU GOT THAT?!YOU TOUCHEDGIRLS, THEYMASSAGED YOUR BODY, WHEN WE PLAY WITH CUPS, YOUR HANDS WILL TOUCH! WHEN WE PLAY TAG, YOU CAN GRAB THEM!" Zenitsu raged. "Zenitsu, what are you talking about?! It's training! I have to!" Tanjiro argued. "DON'T GET ME STARTED WITH THAT! I KNOW HOW OBLIVIOUS YOU CAN BE! YOU'RE PROBABLY OUT HERE FULL-ON CUDDLING A GIRL WHEN YOU 'TAG' HER, BUT YOU DON'T REALIZE HOW THAT CAN HURT LANA-CHAN! YOU IDIOT!" Zenitsu growled. I looked off to the side, eyes still wide. I mean, Zenitsu was overreacting, but I'm not gonna lie. I always sort of feared that Tanjiro's kind personality would come off as tookind, y'know? I'm sure we ALL know what I'm talking about, need I give examples? Yikes, not yet. It kinda hurts thinking about it, so I'm just gonna pretendI Do Not See it.

It became silent, and I grew worried as I waited for some kind of sign. Aoi and the three girls were gaping, shocked and in disbelief at what was currently going on. I winced and shrugged, holding up my arms in a sign of dumbfounded confusion. "I see..." Tanjiro's voice faintly muttered. "Now, when we get back in there, you're going to apologize to Lana-chan! Learn to contain yourself, be a good boyfriend!" Zenitsu scolded. We heard shuffling before the door slid open, revealing a aggravated Zenitsu and a guilty-looking Tanjiro.

We all stared at them, and I watched with wide eyes as Tanjiro walked up to me before dropping onto his knees and bowing lowly, his head softly thumping against the floorboards as he apologized. "Lana, I'm...sorry for behaving inappropriately. I shouldn't be so affectionate with others, especially in your presence. I promise to be a better boyfriend, please tell me if anything I do bothers you!" he pleaded. I stared at him in disbelief before shaking my head and placing a hand on his shoulder. He looked up, his face shrouded with apology and guilt as I sighed, "Tanjiro- baby, you don't have to apologize for anything."He opened his mouth, about to protest before I shook my head and cut him off. "You did nothing wrong, believe me. We'll continue this later, okay? Just don't feel bad about it," I smiled reassuringly at him, making him sit up and drop his shoulders in unsure relief.

I nodded at Aoi, who shook herself off and fumbled, "Oh- Um, well, let's continue with today's lessons, yes?" And so we began, except without all the creepy sh*t from Zenitsu like in the original timeline. Zenitsu was still mad about earlier, so he ended up being really focused and determined to complete the tasks. This also influenced Inosuke to participate more actively today, so I guess nothing changedtoomuch from the original story. Tanjiro was still out of it, probably still feeling like sh*t despite what I told him. I'll just have to help him feel better later today, because I care about my baby.

Zenitsu ended up winning Aoi in the reflex training game multiple times, although he almost got splashed a few times trying not to touch her hand for too long. Aoi and the other girls had a flinty look in their eyes, since I'm pretty sure they didn't quite like being seen as harlots or something by Zenitsu. During full-body tag, Zenitsu merely grabbed onto Aoi's wrist, but as soon as it was over he let go as if he had just committed the greatest sin of all time. I should talk to him about that later, too...

Inosuke had a passion for not wanting to lose today, so he ended up going a bit overboard at times, splashing Aoi's face with no hesitation and flipping her onto her head after grabbing her by the feet to win at tag. Yeah...I was cringing a LOT, I felt so bad dude, oh my god. That One Kid, who I learned was named Shisui, was pretty good too. He completed the challenges normally, although with some snide remarks, it wasn't as bad as before. Maybe Aoi beat some sense into him in the past few days we've been training!

As for Tanjiro, he...constantly lost. I felt pretty bad, but there's not really much I can do except try to encourage him to do better. I was doing pretty good, actually! I managed to beat Aoi a couple of times, so I remained dry for the reflex training and ended up catching up to her most of the time in tag! However, even I couldn't beat Kanao when it came down to it. Nobody was able to hold her teacups and nobody could catch her in tag. As we all stood dripping wet and stinky, Inosuke sighed, "Even with Monitsu here, we finish each day soaked." "MaybeI should change my name to Monitsu already..." Zenitsu moaned. I wiped a few droplets off my brow and sighed tiredly.

"We joined the corps the same time as her, so why is she so much better?" Tanjiro complained as we walked down the hallway. Zenitsu looked at him, "If you think I know, you're dumber than me." I swatted him, "Oh hush Zenitsu, you're not dumb. You're just more emotionally charged. And besides, who knows? Maybe Kanao was just trained very early and managed to get really strong in those years before final selection," I suggested, although fully knowing Kanao's backstory. I mean, it was pretty true, wasn't it?"Whatever, I hate the fact that I lost to agirlof all people," Shisui grumbled. I gave him a sharp look, to which he flinched at. Oh yeah! I managed to scare him, lol. Let's just say I gave him very...gruesome threats whenever no one else was in earshot. Aoi seemed to have catch on though, and she gave me a stern look one time but ended up having a mischievous smile whenever Shisui would hesitate to be on the offense during reflex training. "Shisui-san, what did we say about making sexist comments?" I scolded him. He rolled his eyes, "Sorry," he reluctantly muttered. I gave a satisfied huff and rolled my eyes, however I had a small smile on my face.

After we all washed up and changed, I decided to pull Tanjiro and Zenitsu to the side into the hallway for a chat. "Ah, is this about earlier?" Tanjiro asked. I nodded and sighed, leaning against the wall. I looked at them and began to talk, "Okay, well, look- I just wanted to say that, number one, Zenitsu you're too loud, everyone heardeverything," He flushed and looked away. "Number two, Tanjiro, I understand that you're a kind person at heart and that you never had any ill intentions, especially when it comes to me or anyone else. I'm not upset at you or anyone, really! Please don't worry about it." He blinked at me before slowly nodding in understanding, although he still seemed unsure of himself. "But- Lana-chan, do you mean you don't mind when Tanjiro shamelessly touches another girl and doesn't even realize that he's doing it indecently?!" Zenitsu cried. I hummed in thought before sighing, "Zenitsu, actually, I'm gonna be honest. I'm...a pretty insecure person. Tanjiro knows this from our early training years," Tanjiro nodded at this. "-and it really affects the way I think and feel. Of course I'd be jealous if any of you were to fawn over or touch another person in a way that seemed a bit toofriendly, but I'd stay quiet and not do anything because I trust that you're loyal to me, just as I am with you. I trust you guys with my entire life, but I can't help that I feel insecure and sh*t sometimes, it's just how I am. Zenitsu," I turned to him, making him jump.

His gaze snapped towards me in slight panic as he stuttered, "Y-yes?" I shook my head and gently grabbed his hand as well as Tanjiro's. I sighed, although not in a negative way, "I appreciate that you like to stick up for me and stand up for what you think is right, but if I feel like it's a problexcxm, I'll tell you guys, okay? I mean, you were kind of right to speak up for me, since most of the time I probably am gonna bottle up my feelings and not actually tell you in fear that you'd see me as less than, but still! My point stands, we're all in this relationship together, as a whole. If there's a problem, especially involving the other one of us, let us know, okay? We can all work it out and talk about it."

I tried to smile at them, but Tanjiro and Zenitsu looked at each other before shaking their heads. "Lana," Tanjiro spoke up in concern. "While I'm glad that you trust us both deeply, you really should tell us how you're feeling. As your partners, we'd really like to know how you feel since you're important to us as well," he said softly, squeezing my hand in his. Zenitsu nodded in agreement, clutching my hand and giving me such a loving look, I began tearing up, feeling so much love being poured into this moment. "And another thing, Lana-chan," he muttered, making me look at him with glassy eyes. "Please, pleasedon't ever think that we'd see you any less beautiful than you are just for having natural feelings. If that were the case, then I'm sure Tanjiro and I wouldn't be here right now, holding your hand and watching you cry in the hallway of this mansion," at his words I giggled, sniffling and wiping away some of my tears.

"Okay," I said breathlessly and we all began laughing at how silly this all was. There's no where else I'd rather be than here. Sure there's demons and the lingering feeling that death is inevitable, but I'm honestly just living in the moment. Here, with my boys, crying and laughing at how much we love each other. Life is good, it really is.

For the next five days, all of us continued to struggle against Kanao, and no one was able to beat her. No one was able to touch a single hair on Kanao's head, and Inosuke absolutely hated losing, so he took it really hard. We tried comforting him, but eventually he started to grow back into his depressed state. He wasn't as self-depreciating, but he was still bummed out about constantly losing. Zenitsu accepted his fate, saying that, "I did good...for me! Can I go now?" As much as I tried to convince them to continue, it seemed like they were really burned out from training. In the end, I let them be since I knew they were going to catch up sooner or later. They stopped coming with Tanjiro, Shisui, and I altogether, which Aoi wasnotpleased at.

"We're sorry, Aoi-san," I apologized, bowing along with Tanjiro. "Sorry," he added. Aoi looked furious, her hands on her hips as she growled, "Just you three?! I can't believe those two!" "Maybe they'll come tomorrow?" Tanjiro suggested, although his unsure tone told us he wasn't sure of that either. I sighed, "Well, let's just hope they get back on it soon." Aoi huffed, "No, there's no need to bother with them any longer! If you don't want to come, then you don't have to either!" I shrunk a little at her anger, feeling as if she was scolding me instead. She noticed this and patted my shoulder comfortingly, "Let's just continue with training, yes?" I nodded, "Okay!" Tanjiro still looked quite gloomy, but nodded his head as well. Shisui didn't say anything, but he continued as well.

I snorted when Tanjiro puffed up his chest and held up a fist, "I won't give up!" 'Awe,' I mentally cooed. 'Babi....' And for the next ten days, we, again and again, ended upall wet and tired, not much difference from before. "Good work today, everyone...." Tanjiro said tiredly. I wiped my face with my hand and kissed his cheek, still wet with medicated water. "Yup! And then tomorrow we'll work even harder, yeah? I know we can do it!" I encouraged him, although I felt exhausted myself. I turned towards my other side, where Shisui was walking silently as well, soaked just as the rest of us. "You too, Shisui-san! We did pretty good today, yeah?" I smiled at him. He glanced towards me and nodded, Sighing, "I guess." I tilted my head and puffed my cheeks. He had a pretty drastic personality change himself, instead of saying all these arrogant things and glaring at me, he's been really docile and quiet. Don't get me wrong, it's a HUGE upgrade from when we first met, but I can't help but kinda worry, y'know? I don't know, I just hope that we become friends now that he's dropped his atttitude.

As we walked down the hallway, our wet bare feet padding down the floor, Naho, Sumi, and Kiyo walked up to us, holding something each in their hands. They were all crowded together, shyly looking at eachother and thinking to themselves. "Hey, girls!" I greeted kindly, smiling down at them. "Hello! What is it?" Tanjiro asked, turning and looking at them as well. They worriedly looked down at their hands before Naho held out a small fabric towards me. "Ah, here's a towel," she said unsurely. Sumi and Kiyo stepped out from behind her, offering towels as well. "A-and here, these are for you two," Kiyo said as she held out a towel towards Shisui, Sumi nodding with her as she held one out towards Tanjiro. I beamed and took the towel, giving them a small bow as thanks. "Aw, thank you! We really appreciate it," I sniffed, exaggerating my happiness. "Oh! Thank you! How kind!" Tanjiro said brightly, smiling as he took the towel. Shisui reluctantly took the towel before nodding in thanks. Our gratitude made the three girls smile happily, making my heart clench at how cute they were! 'BABIES!! BABIESSSS!' I cried out in my head. As I dried my face, Naho asked, "Um...Do you guys do total concentration breathing 24 hours a day?" 'Ohhhh sh*t, it's pot time.' "Hm?" Tanjiro questioned, drying his hair with the towel. "Morning, noon, and night? Do you do total concentration breathing when you sleep?"

Tanjiro stared blankly at her, his eyes squinted, "...No, I don't. Even while sleeping? Is that even possible?!" I groaned, "Man, more training? I mean, I'm down but...My poor sleep..." Naho nodded at Tanjiro while Kiyo gave me a comforting pat on my hand. "Yes, being able to do that makes a world of difference," Naho told him. "It's pretty hard using total concentration breathing even jsut a little. So all day would be..." Tanjiro slumped over at the idea. "Some people are able to do it. All the Hashira and Kanao. You guys should try!" Naho encouraged us. I clapped my hands and smiled, "Yeah! Definitely! You guys can help us, right?" "Great idea! I'm going to give it a try as well, thank you!" Tanjiro added with a grateful smile on his face. "If I can get stronger, sure," Shisui agreed as well.The girls nodded excitedly and brought the three of us outside to begin. 'Time to get JUMPED by some little girls,' I thought in half amusem*nt, half exhaustion to myself as I followed the girls down the mansion.

'Awe sh*t, I might f*cking DIE,' I internally wailed as Tanjiro, Shisui, and I barely picked ourselves up from the ground, dirty and sweating. I wheezed and panted like a little pug as I tried to regain my breath, I teared up at the vigorous POUNDING in my head, feeling like my eardrums are about to burst. "I SUCK!" Tanjiro cried out angrily as he started to cry. "H-hahh, Tan- Tanjiro," I choked out, my throat bone-dry and my body trembling. "Well, we'll get better. We just- just gotta k-keep trying," I wheezed, leaning on my knees. "HRAAAH!" Tanjiro yelled out, immediately coughing out a LUNG after. Shisui collapsed on the ground next to us as he finally finished his lap, and I looked down at him in pity before pushing myself up onto the lifted porch of the building, letting out a heavy sigh as I lay on the wooden floorboards of the butterfly estate. "Lana-san, Tanjiro-san, Shisui-san!" familiar high-pitched voices called out in the distance. I flopped over to see Naho, Sumi, and Kiyo approaching us with rice balls, gourds, and a teakettle. I gave them a half-hearted wave before sighing and resting my body. Naho walked up to me and knelt down on the porch, offering me a rice ball. I smiled tired at her and took the food, slowly eating it as she began pouring me a cup of tea.

"Thanksh Nahoo," I slurred, yawning as I chewed on the rice. "No problem Lana-san! You're all so hard at work, it's the least we could do," she replied happily. "Mmm, I just wanna sleep for the whole day," I sighed, finishing my rice ball and reaching for the tea, blowing into it before sipping it. Tanjiro and Shisui tiredly climbed onto the porch as well, receiving rice balls and tea as well. After they thanked the girls, they began eating. "Blow into the gourds?" Tanjiro questioned as he chewed his rice. "Yes. When Shinobu was traning Kanao, she often made her blow into the gourds," Naho explained, the girls sat in a row and watching us eat contently.

"Oh! That's interesting training! Does it make a sound?" Tanjiro asked brightly. "No. You're supposed to burst the gourd," Naho replied. Tanjiro happily munched on his rice ball, "Oh!" he said, not realizing what she said before a disturbed look appeared on his face. "Huh? Me? Burst this?! A dried gourd?!" he said in alarm.I would've laughed if it wasn't for the fact that I also had to participate. "Uh-huh! And these are special gourds, even harder than normal ones," Naho smiled. Tanjiro let out a squawk in realization. Naho continued, "And as the training went on, the gourds got bigger. Right now, kanao is working on..." The other two girls pulled out a large gourdalmost their own size. "-This gourd!" Naho finished. Tanjiro gawked at it, speechless and in shock. Shisui had a similar expression, both of them in disbelief at the size of the gourd. I just sighed tiredly and finished my tea, wiping my wet mouth before getting up to run again.

In a matter of fifteen days, we all managed to burst the small gourds thanks to endless training. Unfortunately, Inosuke and Zenitsu were still avoiding training, but it was expected. After an entire day of practicing concentrated breathing, I sat up on the rooftop with Tanjiro to meditate, having been invited by God Shinobu earlier. A BLESSING!! I focusedon my breathing while concentrating on my thoughts as well. Tanjiro sat next to me, lost in his own concentration as well. The night was pretty young, it wasn't too late into the night, however the moon shone brightly above us, the cool night breeze making me shiver. 'Dad...I miss him,' I thought before shaking my head. 'Focus, bitch. Breathe, breaaaatheeee-' "Hello, hello! Hello there!" a sweet, feminine voice called out from behind us before appearing right next to my ear. I jumped and looked to my right to see Shinobu right in my face, Tanjiro looking surprised by her sudden appearance as well. 'Aw sh*t, sad backstory time. I'd be hella hyped right now, but I'm kinda sleepy and relaxed from meditating,' I thought to myself as I smiled at her in greeting.

"You're both really dedicated to this," she giggled as she leaned in, only to plop down onto the rooftop between Tanjiro and I. "Your two friends ran off somewhere," she hummed before turning to me."Aren't you feeling a bit lonely without your other boyfriend?" she asked with a smile on her face. I shook my head, "Nope! Tanjiro is all the company I need. Of course, it'd be nice to have everyone here, but I think it's better if they go at their own pace. Right, Tanjiro?" I chirped."Right! We're fine here," he agreed brightly. "Once wecan do it, we'll teach them how!" She turned towards him and smiled, "You have a pure heart." We all sat in pleasant silence, looking out into the starry night sky.

"Um," Tanjiro spoke up. "Why did you bring us here?" he asked. I nodded along, although I already had an idea of what she was going to hit us with. "Because we learned the truth about Nezuko...and your injuries were horrible," she replied with a smile. She opened her eyes and looked off to the distance. "Also...I thought I could entrust you two with my dream." "Dream?" Tanjiro asked. I remained silent and just decided to listen along, ready to provide comfort at a moment's notice. "Yes. My dream of getting along with demons. I'm sure you can achieve that," she replied. 'Lie, you hate demons,' I thought to myself. I heard Tanjiro sniff the air before turning to Shinobu. "Are you angry?" he softly asked. I saw her eyes widen and her smile dropped. She looked down and Tanjiro grew visibly worried. "Well...I guess...you could say I'm angry. Ever since a demon murdered my beloved elder sister...whenever I see a demon, or people whose loved ones have been stolen by demons, the anger in my grows deeper and stronger," she explained with a soft voice. I teared up and emphasized with her pain, placing a hand on her shoulder in silent comfort, making her look to me with a blank face. "You- you don't have to say more if- if it hurts," I whispered reassuringly. She shook her head."No, I've come to terms with it-" 'Lie,' I thought sorrowfully, but let her continue.

"I need to say this." She sighed heavily and placed a hand on her knee, "Deep inside my body, there's hatred that I can't ignore. It's the same for the other Hashira. Now that they've seen Nezuko, who hasn't eaten any people and sensed her true nature, I don't think any of them will harm her. Also, because it's the master's will." She looked ahead of her and added, "Anyway, my sister was a kind person, like you two. She felt sympathy for demons. Even as she died, she pitied the demons." At this point, although I knew everything, tears still streamed down my face and I held back sniffles as I sympathized with her. "I couldn't think like her. Pity someone who kills people? That's ridiculous. But if that was my sister's wish, then I must try to carry it out. If there's a way to avoid killing pitiful demons, I must try to find it without losing my sunny disposition, which my sister always liked. But..." she sighed, "...It really tires me out. Demons always lie to save themselves. And without reason...just on instinct, they kill people." She stood up, making us look up at her. "Keep up your fight, Tanjiro, Lana. Please, keep defending Nezuko. When I think that you're succeeding at my sister's dream, it soothes my anger...And I feel better inside," she finished, turning to leave.

Before she vanished, I reached out and grabbed her butterfly-patterned haori. She stopped in her tracks and looked down at me, tears and snot running down my face and holding back hiccups. Her eyes widened, and I took a second to capture the beautiful purple hue. I sniffled and wiped my tears with my free hand before letting out a shaky sigh. "Sh-Shinobu-san," I choked out before letting out a small sob. "Please don't- don't wor-rry about those kinds of things, al-alright?" I gave her a wobbly smile, "Please don't b-be afraid to just- be yourself, y-y'know?" I chuckled dryly, "I know it's cheesy, but...It's not a bad thing to- to be, angry. We're only human, after all." She tilted her head at me and knelt down to face me in all my disgusting, emotional chaotic glory."Lana-san," she said softly. "Are you trying to comfort me?" I smiled and nodded, wiping a stray tear from my face, "More than that, I-I'm saying if you wanna cry, let out your anger, ramble and rage and yell, I'm always willing to lend an ear, maybe even advice if you wish. But I can provide comfort, if you'd like it." Tanjiro nodded at my words and looked at her determinedly, "The same goes for me, Shinobu-san! You have our ears!"

She blinked at the two of us before her eyes softened and she gave us a small smile. Small, but genuine. "...Thank you. You're both very kind individuals. You're both lucky to have each other." Tanjiro flushed and gave a shy smile while I gave an amused exhale. And with a swish of her haori, she left. I looked at the spot she was once in and sighed contently, wiping my face with my sleeve and looked towards Tanjiro with a sweet gaze. He noticed me staring and blushed, looking away bashfully. "L-Lana-chan, what is it?" he mumbled shyly. I chuckled and leaned over, pecking him on the cheek. "Nothing, just feeling...really happy with how my life is going right now." He gave me a soft smile and beamed, giving me a kiss on the cheek as well. "Me too, Lana." After we left the rooftop, we changed into fresh clothes and tiredly stumbled into bed, bidding each other good night. I curled up into my sheets and felt my exhausted body shut down as I nuzzled my pillow, sighing tiredly, I thought drowsily, 'I hope this happiness lasts. I'd rather die than lose any of these people I care so deeply about.

...To be continued...

Chapter 23: I Get f*cking Jumped By Three Little-Ass Girls




Author's Note: HELLO!!! Another chapter for my lil bbies <3333 Kanao time!! LETS GOOOOOOOO!! O yeth, so I just drew this a few days ago^^ (well, I alr sketched it before I just did the shading a few days ago, lol.) its kinda somber, doesnt rlly fit with today's chapter but wahteva, lol. Crying to The Cure while writing this rn actually, lol. ENJOY!! I'LL TRY TO UPDATE MORE BABIES!! I rlly miss the constant updates and stuff, and I love nothing more than seeing what you guys comment on the chapters :,))))

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Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (5)


"L-Lana-chan, what is it?" he mumbled shyly. I chuckled and leaned over, pecking him on the cheek. "Nothing, just feeling...really happy with how my life is going right now." He gave me a soft smile and beamed, giving me a kiss on the cheek as well. "Me too, Lana." After we left the rooftop, we changed into fresh clothes and tiredly stumbled into bed, bidding each other good night. I curled up into my sheets and felt my exhausted body shut down as I nuzzled my pillow, sighing tiredly, I thought drowsily, 'I hope this happiness lasts. I'd rather die than lose any of these people I care so deeply about.

The next morning, as we were fixing our sheetsTanjiro grabbed three of the blanket beater rackets and hummed to himself in thought. "Oh no, here we go," I muttered in to myself in English, a deadpan on my face as I watched him nod to himself. "Lana! I have an idea!" Tanjiro chimed, walking over to me ands till holding the beaters. "Oh, yeah? It doesn't involve spanking mebeating me with those things, right? Ahaha..." I sarcastically asked, patting down my pillow. His eyes widenedin horror before he vigorously shook his head, "No, no, no! I wouldnever hit you , Lana! Never!!" he desperately cried out. Damn, I felt kinda bad that he took it so seriously. "Oh no! Bby, like, don't worry about it! I was just joking, I know you'd never hurt me bro!!" I said apologetically, petting his head. He slumped over in relief before Zenitsu and Inosuke joined us. "And I'd never let you hurt Lana-chan! Never, never!" Zenitsu exclaimed. Inosuke nodded furiously, puffing from behind his mask. "GONPACHIRO, HURTING OTHERS IS AGAINST THE CORPS, RIGHT?!" he yelled. Tanjiro nervously looked at them, a crooked smile on his face before I interrupted and lightly swatted at the boys, "Lol, guys don't worry about it, I was jokin'!" They relented and relaxed, making Tanjiro lightly chuckle.

Spotting Shisui fixing his own bed, I looked at Tanjiro and pointed at the boy, raising a brow. Tanjiro nodded and turned his head, calling, "Shisui-san!" He looked over with a grumpy look on his face before sighing and walking over to us. "What is it?" Tanjiro held up the beaters in front of us with a smile. "I was thinking that Sumi, Naho, and Kiyo would help us with our concentration breathing training! Every time we mess up in our sleep, they wake us up to start over again!" he said cheerily. I got a dead, far-off look on my face as I envisioned the lack of sleep I would get compared to finally completing my training, the three boys nervously looking at me, Shisui having his own grief-filled expression. "A-ah, Lana?" Tanjiro said in concern. I tiredly looked up at him through my lashes and groaned before begrudgingly nodding, "f*ckin uhhhhh, fineeeee." He smiled and nodded determinedly, "We can do this, Lana! Shisui-san! Together!" Speaking of Shisui, he heavily sighed before nodding as well, making me smile at his willingness.

Zenitsu looked off in thought. "Wake you up? You mean...With the beaters?!" he cried out in horror, looking towards me with wide eyes. I gave him a thumbs up with a sarcastic smirk on my face as he shook his head rapidly, chanting, "No, no, no, no!" Tanjiro waved him off, "We'll be fine! They'll be hitting the covers, so it'll cushion our bodies!" I nodded, "Yeah bby, don't worry about it!" Zenitsu reluctantly looked down, "I suppose....As long as Lana-chan doesn't get hurt!" I smooched his forehead, "Awe, I'm really glad you care about me though! Muhf*ckin' sweetie," I cooed. He beamed and hugged me, "Always!"

Later on, Tanjiro, Shisui, and I all stepped outside to find the three little girls hanging sheets over the wooden rack. We walked up to them, "Yo!" I greeted them, waving. They turned and smiled, greeting us as well before Tanjiro stepped forward and held the blanket beaters with a determined look on his face. "Naho, Kiyo, Sumi! I want you to help us train!" They looked up at him in confusion before he continued, "When we're asleep, if any of us stop doing total concentration, hit our covers with these blanket beaters!" He handed them each a beater and they all nodded with happy smiles, "You got it!" We bowed. "Thank you!"

Later that day, when the sun had gone past the horizon and the stars twinkled from above the estate, the three of us decided to place some futons in a separate room in order to avoid waking everyone else in the recovery room whenever Naho, Sumi, or Kiyo would pelt us. Speaking of those girls, one each stood in front of us, beaters in hand. I sat on my futon in between Shisui, who was to my left, and Tanjiro, who was to my right. "Alright lil ladies," I winked, making them giggle and my heart warm with affection. Swear dude, I'm gonna f*cking adopt them. SWEAR. "So- uh, I don't know who you guys wanna beat the heck out of tonight, but pick and choose ya body bag," I shrugged, pulling the covers over my lower half. They took a minute to look at eachother before splitting up. I beamed and waved at Kiyo, who stood next to the end of my futon. She smiled back at me and waved back. Sumi stood next to Shisui and Naho was next to Tanjiro. Before we all got to sleep and begin training, I leaned over and smooched Tanjiro's cheek as a means of good luck. "Alright ya'll, let's get intewit," I said, wavingmy index finger and thumb. I slumped into my futon and began focusing on my breathing, which was pretty easy since I knew how to do it consciously. But man, I knew it would be a struggle to do it in my sleep, literally.

I eventually drifted off to sleep, thoughts of training flying out my head. Until I felt the feeling of my covers being whacked by a stick, the sound of air whipping filled my ears. I woke up with a soft gasp, "What the hell? Oh." I remembered what we were doingwhen I saw Kiyo standing over me, blanket beater in hand. "Alright, alright, let's- let's try again," I sighed before looking over at the now-awake Tanjiro and Shisui who faced the same fates. "Damn guys, I'm pretty glad I always decide to sleep with three layers of blankets," I sleepily commented at the boys'groaning. Tanjiro got out of his blankets and knelt down, bowing at the girls, "One more time, please!" 'I see...So he's THAT kind of a bottom. Muf*ckaLIKES the pain. Aha ha, I can work with DAT, hun-nee...' I internally cackled."Anyways," I yawned, snuggling into my pillow and focusing my breathing once more. This repeated about 30 times, maybe? Throughout the night before the girls got tired and decided that we finally got rest. We exhaustedly waved them goodnight before sleeping ourselves.

After 10 days of repeatedly gettingJUMPED by these girls, the three of us eventually managed to do it in our sleep, no problem! I was pretty damn proud of myself and the other boys when we managed to get a HELLA good night's sleep for once. sh*t bro, I barely got any sleep for the past muf*ckin' week and here we are boys!! Yo girl a WHOOOOLE new bitch now, best believe! The real test, though, was the big-ass gourds we had yet to break. So the same day, around noon, the six of us stood outside, grasping the top of the gourd. I looked over at Tanjiro and rose my brows, blinking at him owlishly. He nodded at me and we turned back to the gourds, staring into the ominous hole. We looked up, taking a deep inhale through our nostrils. The three girls looked on at us, serious looks on their faces. I hurriedly placed my mouth into the hole and blew as hard as I could, my face slowly turning red as I pushed my lungs to their limit. "YOU CAN DO IT!!" I heard the girls cry out, making me feel even more determined to BURST THIS BITCH. I blew harder, my cheeks puffing out and my lips feeling sore as I put more pressure into my lungs. Until finally...

KPOK!The clay gourd shattered, and the sound was almost cartoonish as the fragments fell onto the floor. "KYAAA! LANA DID IT FIRST!" Kiyo, Naho, and Sumi cheered, jumping excitedly. Tanjiro and Shisui immediately followed after me, and we all rejoiced at our accomplishment, the girls crying beside us. "I DID IT! I BROKE THE GOURD! I DIDIT!" Tanjiro exclaimed happily, a giant smile on his face as tears streamed down his cheeks. "YASSS! WE FUUU- FREAKING DID THAT!! DUDE WE'RE ALL GODS, I SWEAR, WE'RE FU- FREAKING G'S!!" I screamed, jumping up and down with the girls as I hugged Tanjiro tightly. "We did it! We did it! Lana!!" Tanjiro shouted joyfully. I smiled and felt myself tear up as we all cried togather, happy and proud. I looked over to see Shisui with a soft smile on his face, something I hadn't seen since his co*cky smirk way back then. I huffed and went over to him with a smile, patting him on the shoulder. He looked up at me in surprise as I told him, "You did good, Shisui-san. Good job!" He stared at me before smiling and nodding, to which I beamed at him. I'm really glad that he got some character development, I can tell he's actually a pretty cool guy.

After we all got something to eat, we decided it was time to finally take on Kanao once more. My sock-covered feet thumped on the wooden floorboards as Kanao and I raced around the room, her swift twists and turns used to make me slip and stumble, but now I only copied her patterns. A grin grew on my face the closer I got to her, my legs rapidly kicking off the floor as I chased her down. 'Let's f*cking go! LET'S f*ckING GOOOOOOOOO!!!' I screamed in my head as I huffed. Tanjiro, Shisui, and I weren't able to do total concentration breathing thewholeday, but we were able to do it for several hours before we ran out of energy. My body felt lighter, felt...strong. Okay, I'll get a lil emotional after I finish this, but for now...

My heart raced with anticipation and adrenaline as I grew nearer, and nearer. In a matter of a few seconds, I was running side-by-side with Kanao, and I reached my arms out, aiming to embrace her. Her eyes widened in shock as she watched me wrap my arms around her waist in a hug, pausing in her tracks as I held her back. I looked down at her bewildered expression as I beamed proudly and looked towards the boys and the three girls. "DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU GUYS FU- FREAKING SEE THAT?! DUDE I'M SUCH A GODDESS OH MY GOD, DUDEDUDEDUDEDUDE!!!!" I screamed ecstatically, releasing Kanao and running over to them. "WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! LANA!!" the girls and Tanjiro cheered, embracing me. I released them and looked over at Tanjiro, ruffling his fluffy red hair that I loVED SO MUCH! "Go get ha, king!! Fu- Bust it down!" I encouraged him. He nodded at me with a determined smile before going up to Kanao, and so they began.

Tanjiro chased Kanao around the room, a small distance between them, but still far enough so that he couldn't grab her arm. "GO TANJIRO!! YOU CAN DO IT BABYYY!!" I yelled as I watched them go. He didn't spare me a glance, but his speed picked up, which made me beam in pride. He grew closer to her, reaching his arm out as they ran. My anticipation grew until he finally got close enough to grab her wrist, making her stop in her tracks as he finally beat her. "HURRAAAAAY!" we all cheered as Tanjiro jumped into the air proudly. "I knew you could do it bro!! King moves!!" I beamed, patting his shoulder. I turned over to Shisui, a gave him a thumbs up. "Alright! You're next! I believe in you, king!" I said with a smile. He nodded and went past us to engage Kanao. And just like Tanjiro and I, he quickly gained speed. We cheered him on, me mainly clapping and doing loud WHOOP!'s to edge him on. I screamed the loudest when he finally grabbed her arm, signalling the end of this match. "DUDE YOU DID SO GOOD! CONGRATS!!" I said proudly, raising my hand up. He looked up at my hand in confusion before I realized, 'Oh sh*t, bruh were high-fives not invented yet? Damn.' "Oh, I wanna give you a high five! It's a gesture meaning 'good job'. Look, like this," I explained, taking his wrist and placing his hand on my own for a moment, making a clap sound. I released his arm and he looked down at his hand blinking at it before looking back at me. "Look, let's try again," I said, raising my hand back up. To my happiness, he gave me a high five, making me laugh joyfully.

Next up was reflex training, which I was...most nervous about. Bro, I would rather DIE than f*ck up and knock over the cups again on accident or something, sh*t is HUMILIATINGGG. So I let Tanjiro go first. Obviously, I put my hype skills to good use throughout the match as he finally placed the cup on top of Kanao's head. "He won!" Kiyo cheered. "Butdid he?" naho asked curiously. "Setting it on her counts!" Kiyo replied as we all cheered. Tanjiro turned to me, "Lana, you're next!" I immediately put a dead stare on my face and shook my head, "Uh, I'm good, I'll go last. Shisui can go." Tanjiro tilted his head at me and replied, "Well, if you're sure. Alright Shisui-san! Good luck!" "Alright then, here I go," Shisui nodded at us and approached the table as I waved him good luck. I turned towards the door of the room to see Zenitsu and Inosuke standing there, looking disturbed. Well, at least Zenitsu did. I waved them over and they came near, watching as Shisui begin his match with Kanao. They were about 13 minutes into the match when Zenitsu muttered to me dejectedly, "I'm...no good at working hard...And then Inosuke can't bear to do anything slowly...We're total losers!" he wailed. I looked at their sad forms in sympathy, patting their heads. "Don't worry about it guys! Tanjiro and I will help you guys out!" I said, trying to encourage them. "Really?!" Zenitsu said happily. I smiled and nodded as Inosuke also perked up. "Yeah guys! Of course!" I said as we were interrupted by cheers. I looked over to see Kanao...not dripping wet, but instead with a cup on her head.

Shisui huffed and got up, making his way towards us. I blinked at him in surprise, turning to Zenitsu for a second and mumbling, "brb," before heading over to him. "Dude, did you copy Tanjiro?" I asked him. He flushed and grumbled, "I mean, it'd be rude to just dump all that water on her." I gasped, to which he became redder. "Dude! I'm so proud of you man!" I clapped happily. "Bro- like, seriously! I'm loving this character development! The FLAVA is IMMACULATE, MWAH!" I gave a chef's kiss. "Whatever!" he huffed, but I could see him trying to force down a proud smile as well. I laughed and patted his head, "You're a good person." I turned back to Zenitsu and Inosuke and blew them a kiss, "BEST believe we're gonna catch you guys up!" I began to walk over to Kanao, my anxiety growing. "Ya'll betta not laugh at me when I fu- mess up, okay?!" I threw over my shoulder as I chuckled nervously. "We could never laugh at you, Lana-chan!!" Zenitsu called back. I deeply sighed and sat down across from Kanao, looking over the still-filled cups anxiously. "Here we go.." I mumbled before we began.

I moved swiftly, slamming down cups and watching her arms from the corner of my eye as I tried to move cups myself. Grab, block, block, grab, grab, block. It went on like this for a good 8 minutes before I went to grab for cup and I spotted her arm move towards it, ready to block. However, I frantically grabbed it and moved my arm to the side before thrusting it over her head, gently placing it on the center of her scalp as I breathed heavily, trying to regain my breath. Cheers rang throughout the room as I fell onto my back, groaning and tired. "I f*ckignn uhhh, did it," I slurred, sighing as I was giving several pats. I felt someone go on top of me and hug me, making me open my eyes to find Zenitsu grinning at me proudly. "That's my Lana-chan! The best!" he cheered, making my heart swell with love at his sweet words. I fake sniffed, "Broooo, Shuddup, I'm gonna cryyyy." They all laughed as we celebrated our completed training.

After a nice cuddle session with the main three boys we finally decided to help them with their training. "So go like this- bam! And then it kinda goes- woosh! And then it ends with a bam! Bam!" Tanjiro said, as we stood in the training roomtrying to explain how to perform constant concentrated breathing. I cackled at Inosuke and Zenitsu's dumbfounded expressionslooking at Tanjiro in disbelief. "Alright babe, I think that's a pretty thorough explanation but I'll just simplify it. Or at least, I'll try to do it as good as you," I laughed, patting his shoulder. He gave me a wobbly smile, scratching his head, "Ah...I'm sorry guys, I'm not really good at explaining how it is..." "It's fine," Zenitsu muttered tiredly before turning to me. I beamed and placed a hand on my cheek in thought before saying,"Soooo, ummm, I guess it's like- you gotta focus your breathing. Like- like you know how when you do, like, breathing techniques, you gotta, like, focus your breathing, like, a certain way?" They nodded, listening attentively. "Alright, so it's- um, basically that, but, like...you- you gotta do it for like- the WHOLE day. Even in your sleep," I said, making my tone unconsciously dramatic. Zenitsu blinked at me before groaning,"Seriously? That sounds so exhausting! No wonder your eyebags got heavier for the past week..." I laughed and patted his head, "Yup, yup! There's no shortcuts dawg. That's just how it be."

We plopped down on the floor to discuss it further when I felt a feminine hand go on my shoulder and I gasped, looking up to see Shinobu behind me. "A well-said explanation, Lana-chan!" she chirped, making my chest fill with pride at the praise. "I'll elaborate. The technique Tanjiro and Lana mastered is called Total Concentration: Constant. By doing total concentration breathing every minute of the day, physical fitness drastically improves," she explained, smiling. "It's a basic move, a beginner's technique, so of course they could do it! But mastering it requires incredible effort!" she continued before going over to Inosuke and placing a hand on his shoulder. "Anyway, of courseyou can do it. But if you can't, then that's that. It'd be a shame, though!" she beamed. Inosuke bristled and growled, "HUUUUUH?! IF IT'S POSSIBLE, THEN OF COURSE I'LL DO IT! DON'T TALK TO ME! I'LL RIP YOUR BREASTS OUT! GRAH!" I cackled at his demise before Shinobu went over to me, whispering, "Could you perhaps help me with Zenitsu?" I grinned and nodded, whispering back, "Yup, yup!"

I walked over to Zenitsu and gently grasped his hand in mine. He gawked at me, a blush growing on his face as I sweetly smiled at him, my eyes half-lidded as I spoke in a honeyed tone, "Zenitsu-kun...I'll be...I'll be cheering you on, okay? So please, do your best!" I watched in amusem*nt as his face bursted into a brightest red I've seen and he frantically nodded, his eyes blown wide. "A-ANYTHING FOR YOU, LANA-CHAN!!" he exclaimed, making Shinobu and I beam happily. "Yay!" I giggled.

In about 9 days, they managed to complete their training! I was so proud of them! "I DID IT!GRAAH!" Inosuke yelled. "SHE CHEERED FORMEMOST OF ALL!" Zenitsu cried out as we celebrated. "I KNEW YOU GUYS COULD DO IT! f*ck IT UPP!!" I squealed, jumping up and down with them. "Good for you guys!" Tanjiro cheered. Later that day, Tanjiro suddenly ran into the kitchens, where I was helping Aoi prepare lunch. It was a really nice bonding experience, until Tanjiro just grabbed my hand and dragged me off, me waving towards Aoi who waved back with a confused expression. Bursting into the training room, Tanjiro called out with a big grin on his face,"Inosuke! Zenitsu! I heard that ourreforged nichirin swords arrive today!" Unfortunately, Zenitsu wasn't seen in the room. However, I stared at a currently suspended Inosuke, who was balancing on a broom placed on a clay vase, his legs spread apart. "Holy sh*t dude, that's impressive, but REALLY?!" I exclaimedas Inosuke shouted, "Really?!" Tanjiro nodded excitedly, "Yeah! A crow just told me!" We all raced out of the room, "Hurry! Hurry!" Tanjiro said happily as Inosuke and I cheered."YAHOO!!" "LET'S f*ckING GOOOOOO!! SEXY PINK SWORD HERE I COME BAEBEEE!"

We raced outside the gates, spotting Haganezuka and Mr...Uh...That One Dude. "Haganezuka-san! Heeey!" Tanjiro called out, waving. "Hey, hey! Haganezuka-san! It's been so long!" Tanjiro waved at his figure.I waved as well with a giant smile on my face, excited to not only get my sword but see Haganezuka again! Until I remembered, seeing his get closer, and closer much more faster than the other dude. "Have you been...well...?" Tanjiro trailed off in a question as Haganezuka charged at us, a knife pointed at our bodies. "Oh- OH sh*t, TANJIRO- TANJIRO f*ckING RUN!" I squealed in fright as he ran at us. Using jumped up onto the fence and gripped onto the wood? Bamboo? tightly like a cat as Tanjiro managed to dodge Haganezuka-san's stab. "HOLY GUCK- UH, f*ck!" I screamed. "GYAAH! W-why?" Tanjiro yelped. Haganezuka turn his head eerily, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BROKE MY SWORD! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" he cried angrily. His head snapped to me, making em yelp and clutch onto the wall tighter. "AND YOU!YOU LOST MY SWORD, HOW DARE YOU?!" he huffed, steam poofing from the holes of his festival mask. "W-WE'RE SO SORRY!" Tanjiro and I cried. "But really...I was about to die! My opponent was super strong!" Tanjiro pleaded before getting poked in the cheek by Haganezuka. "I DON'T CARE! THAT DOESN'T MATTER! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" he said angrily. "THE KATANA BROKE BECAUSE YOU WERE WEAK! OTHERWISE, WOULDMY KATANA BREAK?!" he shouted. He began to weep, gripping his knife,"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" I watched in horror as Haganezuka chased Tanjiro around with the knife. Although I was thankful that he didn't come after me, probably since losing a sword isn't as bad as actuallybreaking it. I still held onto the fence though, just in case...

It was about an hour before Haganezuka relented and calmed down, severely scolding the both of us on treating our swords better. Kinda emo at disappointing him, I tearfully nodded. We then went inside the estate to sit down and get our swords. "Here, these are your newely reforged swords. Respectfully crafted and formed by me," Haganezuka said, giving Tanjiro and I our sword cases. I eagerly opened mine, revealing my gleaming nichirin sword. I carefully gripped the well-made handle and took it out of the box, holding it up and watching in awe as the plain silver metal was quickly taken over by the pink shade I knew and adored. "Oh man, no matter how many times I watch it, it'll always be so pretty and amazing," I sighed happily. Tanjiro nodded at me, happily holding his own black sword as well. I beamed at Haganezuka and bowed deeply, holding my sword away from anyone so it wouldn't injure somebody. "Thank you, Haganezuka-san! I deeply appreciate all your hard work! I'll do better this time!" I exclaimed, looking back up at him. He stared at me through his mask, making me awkwardly smile at him until suddenly he looked away. "You better. I'll seriously kill you if you pull anything like Tanjiro-brat," he grumbled, although I hoped he was happy from my gratitude.I beamed and got up, admiring my blade. Oh, I guess I never really described my handle cover, right? Well, it's just like Tanjiro's except it's a dark pink-reddish color? I'm kind of planning to buy a new custom one though, but at the same time...I don't wanna make it seem like I don't appreciate the effort and work Haganezuka put into carving the block! Ugh, decisions, decisions. I'll just keep the original handle cover as a tribute then.

Anyways, it was Inosuke's turn! "What's up with running at people with knives?!" Inosuke huffed."Well, Haganezuka is a passionate artisan. His love for katanas is twice as strong as anyone else's," other dude explained. "Uh, well, not to be rude, but who are you?" I questioned. "Oh...I'm Kanamori," he said, waving his callous-covered hands. "Oh, nice to meet you, Kanamori-san!" I nodded at him politely. He turned to Inosuke, handing him the case. "I forged new swords for you, lord Inosuke. If they serve you well in battle, I'll be happy." Inosuke hurriedly took out his new, sleek swords, which swooshed! to reveal a grey-bluish color. "Ah, they're so pretty. The blue-grey has a faint shine. An elegant color that befits a katana," Kanamori praised. "Good. Inosuke's blades were terribly chipped," Tanjiro said before wincing as Haganezuka began to swat at him repeatedly. "How do they feel in your hands? It's my first time making katanas for a two-handed fighter," Kanamori nodded at Inosuke. I watched in amusem*nt as Inosuke got up from the porch and made his way onto the patio, grabbing and tossing some rocks behind hin as he gripped a sword in his hand. We watched as he held up a good-sized rock to his face for inspection before suddenly slamming it against the blade.

Okay, originally, this was amusing. Seeing it in real-life and hearing the loud-assKLANK!as the blade shattered made me wanna rip Inosuke's arms off of his body. Okay, exaggeration but I WAS STILL KINDA PISSED. Tanjiro screeched in horror as Haganezuka and Kanamori's presences felt more ominous. I don't know, man, obviously I couldn't exactly tell what they were feeling, but the air grew tense as Inosuke finished his work and held up his now-jagged blade to his face. "That's better!" he said in a pleased tone. Tanjiro and I leapt up to hold Kanamori back as he erupted, veins popping on his arms and neck as he reached to strangle Inosuke. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU THANKLESS BRAT!" "He's sorry, he's sorry!" Tanjiro pleaded. After an hour of trying to defuse the situation, Tanjiro frequently apologized to Kanamori as he angrily got up with Haganezuka, ready to head off. Tanjiro frantically bowed beside me as Inosuke clutched onto our shirts, still in slight fright at what happened earlier."Bye-bye, Haganezuka-san! Kanamori-san! Safe travels!" I beamed, waving. Kanamori turned his back to us, still huffing in anger. To my joy, Haganezuka waved back.

Once we got back inside of the infirmary room, swords in hands, there awaited Zenitsu who hurriedly thrusted a lovely bouquet of wildflowers into my face. I blinked in shock and gently took the bouquet, staring down at the beautiful array of pinks, yellows, whites, and greenery. I held it up to my nose and took a deep inhale, sighing softly at the faint sweet floral scent. I looked back at Zenitsu, who scratched the back of his head shyly. "Is...Is this what you've been doing the whole day, Zenitsu?" I questioned breathlessly, still in shock. He nodded and smiled at me, "Yeah! I- I wanted to give you a gift. For...being an encouraging girlfriend, and for always giving me motivation!" I softly gaped at him and looked off to the side, processing everything. "...Lana-chan? Is it not to your liking?! Ah damn, I knew I should've picked the purple hydrangeas," Zenitsu said sadly. I snapped my head up and shook my head, "No, no! I...I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING ANYONE HAS EVERY DONE FOR ME, THANK YOU SO MUCH BABY!" I cried out, bursting with happiness and love as I embraced him, making sure to hold the bouquet out as to not crush them. "I'll press them later when I get a journal. I'm sure I can ask Shinobu-sama for a spare! I'll never let this go!" I sniffled dramatically, but I did mean every word that came out of my mouth, I just exaggerate a LOT.

"LANA-CHAN!" Zenitsu cried out, hugging me tightly. "Oh, right! Later tonight, I'll take you to where this flower was blooming! I think you'll like it!" he told me, releasing me from his hold. I beamed, "Yeah! I'm so down!!" I looked over to Tanjiro and Inosuke and patted their heads one after the other, still holding the flowers in one hand. "You all did good today, guys. I'm so proud of you all, my boys," I told them fondly, smooching them all on the cheek. Inosuke took off his boar mask and huffed, "I can't feel you through my mask! Do it again!" I laughed and nodded, giving him a smooch on his pale cheek. He grinned proudly and danced around, to which the rest of us shortly followed, lost in our own world.

It was such a pleasant day. But...Unbeknownst to us, myself included, it completely slipped my mind that somewhere, later tonight, in a place unknown...."Teehee! Hee, hee, hee! If I kill...A hashira and this boy, I'll get more blood...What ecstacy!"

...To be continued...

Chapter 24: A Series Of Unfortunate Omakes, 3


Author's Note: IT'S BEEN A GOOD MINUTE SINCE I WROTE AN OMAKE, SO I WANTED TO DO THE KIMETSU ACADEMY THING. ALSO UMMM I HOPE YALL CAN READ THAT DESC. IF NOT, HERE'S THE DEVIATNART LINK: https://www.deviantart.com/soapythesoapbar/art/kimetsu-GAKUEN-851864647?ga_submit_new=10%3A1597300222

Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (6)

Kimetsu Gakuen

I skated along the sidewalk, the wheels of my rollerskates scraping against the concrete as I moved my body. The upbeat tune of Twice's Likey blasting into my ears from the small earbuds connected to my phone. Nearing the school gates, I immediately turned, only to almost crash into Nezuko. I slammed my toestopper down as I tried to regain my balance, heavily breathing at the exhileration. "Hmm, mm?!" Nezuko's muffled voice said worriedly through her bread. I nodded and steadied myself, sighing. "Yeah, I'm good! Man, that was f*ckin' close! You alright, Nezuko?" I questioned her, dusting off my skirt and unplugging my headphones, putting them away in my bag that was slung over my shoulder. She nodded and held a small paper bag out to me. I took it and looked down at it before looking back at Nezuko. "Oh! Is- this for me?" She nodded, making happy muffled hums. I beamed and opened it, finding two fresh egg tarts! My favorite! I squealed happily."Thank you, Nezuko-chaan!!" She hummed happily and hugged me, making sure not to wack me in the face with her baguette. She released me from the hug and I put away the pastries in my bagas we began walking together. Well, more me skating beside her as she walked. "So, did you finish your math homework?" I asked her, to which she nodded. I groaned, "I mean, I managed to do, like...half of the questions. I don't really understand geometry, sh*t STINKS. Like- what the f*ck! I never knew there were names for the sides of a f*ckin' triangle, it's bullsh*t! Shinazugawa-sensei is scary though...Man, he's so f*cking strict," I shivered, thinking about that one guy who got thrown out of the window super smash bros style when he said math is useless. "Yeah...No, I'll do my homework during lunch. Enjoy your kinda easy math while it lasts, Nezuko," I sighed.

As we walked, we passed by our other friend who was in nezuko's class, Makomo. "Good morning! Nezuko, Lana!" she waved cheerfully. I waved back with a grin as Nezuko greeted her back. Looking around, I spotted one of my friends, Zenitsu! I secretly have a crush on him, as well as like, half of the entire school. BUT WE'RE NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT THAT AT THIS MOMENT! He waved at me with a dopey grin on his face, to which I happily waved back with a small blush on my face. I was interrupted by Nezuko, who tugged at my cardigan wrapped around my waist. "Mmmh, mm!" she insisted, tugging me along. "Alright, alright! Let's go to your class then," I laughed, waving goodbye to Zenitsu who waved back dejectedly. Makomo, Nezuko and I had this routine where I'd walk them to class, but that was usually before the bell rung. For some reason, Nezuko wanted to go early today, even though the bell rings, in like, 30 minutes! "So what made you wanna go to class early? Were you jealous of Zenitsu or somethinnng?" I teased playfully. She huffed and continued walking, making me blink. "Oh sh*t, for real?! Awe, bby you know you're the main gurl!" I laughed, giving her a side hug.

As we continued travelling throughout the building, we continuously greeted and were greeted by many people. "Damn guys! Never fail to catch attention, eh? Nezuko as one of the top three beauties and Makomo and I as apart of the top 10. We're truly the sweet goddess trio of the school!" I said playfully. "Ah, cut it out Lana! You know I'm embarrassed by that title," Makomo whined. "Which one?" I grinned, to which she swatted at me and laughed, "Both!" Nezuko's muffled giggles behind her bread made me smile and hug the two girls to my chest. "Awe, the cutest!!" I squealed. "UROKODAKI!" I heard Tomioka-sensei's stern voice boom from across the hallway. I gasped and glanced behind me for a quick second to see him already making his way towards me. "sh*t! Sorry girls, gotta zoom!" I yelped, rapidly skating down the hall as Tomioka-sensei began chasing me down. I swerved past many middle-schoolers in my hurry to escape sensei's terrifying reprimanding. "No skating on campus! AND BUTTON UP YOUR SHIRT!" he yelled, running after me. "I FORGOT TO TAKE THE SKATES OFF, JUST WAIT SENSEI!" I cried, my heart pounding from exhilaration as I hit a sharp corner, almost falling and eating sh*t in my rush.

"HAND THEM OVER!" he shouted, right on my tail. "NEVER!" I screamed, skating out the middle school building and onto campus, where I spotted some of my friends in the distance. "GOOD MORNING, INOSUKE, TANJIRO-KUN, EVERYONE!!" I beamed. "UROKODAKI!!" Tomioka-sensei growled, making me pick up the pace. "GO, LANA-CHAN!!" multiple voices called after me, making my chest swell with pride. "WAIT!! LANA!" Tanjiro's voice from a bit behind me, making me glance back. He quickly caught up to Tomioka-sensei, who glared at him. "No earrings on campus!" Tanjiro yelped, and in his arms I noticed a pair of school shoes. "LANA! CATCH!" he yelled, throwing them at me. I caught them and zoomed off, thanks to Tanjiro who began to distract Tomioka-sensei by dodging his attempts at grabbing him.

I reached the girl bathrooms and almost collapsed on the sink as I regained my breath, clutching my shoes in one arm with my bag hanging on the other. "Oh...sh*t," I panted. "That...was f*ckn', epiccc," I slurred, gingerly plopping on onto the bathroom floor to remove my skates and put on my shoes. I sighed as I got up and washed my hands before grabbing my skates and walking out of the bathroom. I immediately went to the locker room nearby to put away my skates, securing it with the padlock.I took my phone out of my bag and looked at the lockscreen. "7:55?! Oh f*ck," I groaned, running back to head to class before I was late.

Luckily, I made it since my class wasn't too far. But after a pretty cool history lesson from Rengoku-sensei and a draining P.E. period from Tomioka-sensei, I finally survived up to break. Spotting Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke already grouped together at a bench in the distance, I waved at them and jogged over. "Hey guys!!" I chirped. "L-Lana-chan! Hello!" Zenitsu greeted, flushing. "LANA, DO YOU HAVE FOOD?" Inosuke asked. "Always do, bay-bee!" I grinned, taking out a bag of chips I bought early today and tossing it to him. He eagerly caught the bag and ripped it open, scarfing down the chips. "Lana, you didn't hurt yourself while skating, did you? You were going really fast," Tanjiro asked worriedly. I turned to him and shook my head, blushing. 'Awe! He cares about meeee, GAH!! I'M SURROUNDED BY MY CRUSHES LITRERALLY 24/7! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!' I internally squealed. "Oh, no! I mean, I almost fell a few times, but I survived without eating sh*t," I reassured him. He sighed in relief as Zenitsu squawked in shock. "Really fast?! Lana-chan, that's dangerous! What were you doing?!" he fretted, making me force down a giant grin as my chest felt like it was about to BURST from the amount of happiness I was feeling. "Tomioka-sensei." Was all I said and Zenitsu practically flipped over. "Tomioka-sensei?! Lana-chan, you could've been in serious trouble if he caught you!" he gaped, waving his arms around. "D'aw, don't worry about it king! I managed to escape his wrath thanks to big dick Tanjiro over here!" I cackled, patting Tanjiro's shoulder. "Lana! So vulgar as always..." Tanjiro sighed, but his face flushed from my praise. "Oh yeah, so how did you survive him anyways?" I questioned him. He proceeded to tell me us how he was chased by Tomioka-sensei until he managed to jump into an open-class room window, were he then raced into class.

"Oh, sh*t. That's wild bro! That sounds hot as f*ck!" I laughed.He chuckled and was about to say something before the bell rung, signalling the end of break. "Ah, guess we gotta go," Zenitsu commented. "Alright, seeya guys at lunch!" I said, waving goodbye as I began walking to civics class, eager to see everyone's father-figure, Himejime-sensei!

...To be continued, maybe. Idk do you guys want more of this?? Comment, lol...

Chapter 25: The Feels Train! WHOOOOooo...?




Warning: Swearing, TALK ABT S*ICIDE AND D*PRESSION (This beginning part of the chapter is kinda a vent for me, so it's gnna get rlly Emo. It gets really, REALLY personal, and im rlly sorry if it makes yall uncomfy but I rlly need to write down and read this, for my own sake. Idk, feel free to skip over it if it makes you uncomfy!)

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (7)


It was such a pleasant day. But...Unbeknownst to us, myself included, it completely slipped my mind that somewhere, later tonight, in a place unknown...."Teehee! Hee, hee, hee! If I kill...A hashira and this boy, I'll get more blood...What ecstacy!"

Later that night, Zenitsu and I snuck out of the estate, giggling all the while as we stumbled out the gates and into the forest. "Dude, where are we going?" I laughed as my blonde boyfriend helped me over a fallen log, knowing well how I can easily jump over it. I've always been a sentimental person though, so I let him help me with the smallest things. "To see the flowers blooming, remember?" he replied happily, leading me through the tall trees. "Oh, yeah," I replied before we continued to travel in a comfortable silence. "...Did you wish we brought Tanjiro along too?" he suddenly asked out of nowhere, not looking at me. I blinked at him."As much as I love Tanjiro too, I also wanted some alone time with you. Y'know, like this can beourthing. Just you and me," I said, smiling to myself as I grabbed his hand, walking up beside him. He looked at me and smiled softly, nodding. "Yeah. You and me."

We continued walking, fireflies flowing around us, until we reached a clearing. And boy, it was beautiful. A grassy field surrounded by trees, wildflowers everywhere. The moonlight above us cast a romantic glow upon the flowers, making them seem as if they were glowing. A small river was nearby, the calming sounds of the stream setting my heart at ease andexcitement beginning to bubble up in my chest. "I- I already set something up nearby so..." Zenitsu spoke up hesitantly, tugging my hand. I beamed at him and nodded, letting him lead me to an area right beside the stream, a large blanket laid over the grass. There were some rectangular containers laid out in front of us, which I guessed were probably bentos. "I...Did you make this, Zenitsu?" I softly asked. He nodded, scratching his neck. "Well, I had to beg Aoito let me borrow the kitchen for the day. And then she ended up helping me make these bento boxes for our date! I mean I made these before even asking you, and you could've said no and it would've all gone to waste- b-but I figured the chanceof you saying 'yes!' was more likely," he nervously rambled, ending with a nervous chuckle. I gaped at him for a moment before squealing and tackling him to the ground, making him let out an 'oof!' as we hit the cushioned blanket. My chest was going to burst from the amount of love I had for this boy, I SWEAR!

"Zenitsu, baby, I literally love you so much, I WOULD DIE FOR YOU. LIKE LITERALLY. Like, I'd die for all of you guys in a heartbeat, I'd literally f*cking kill myself if that meant you'd all be happy and healthy," I sniffled, feeling myself get overwhelmed with emotion. "A-and, like I literally love you so much- it f*ckinghurtsand sometimes I still can't believe I'm realand you're real and this is allrealand honestly I can't believe you chosemeof all people," I exclaimed, tearing up, getting off of him, and allowing him to sit up.

Zenitsu stared at me, speechless at my words. I continued nervously, "I-I mean, do you- do you wanna hear about my life story? It's not, well, really devastating or anything, mainly me just- whining and stuff, ha..." I trailed off with an anxious chuckle. He nodded and sat near me, placing his hand on mine endearingly. "I think...I'd like that. I just realized, we don't know anything about eachother really. And I'd- I'd really like to get closer to you on a deeper level, Lana-chan," he told me. I gave him a small smile and cuddled up to him, resting on his chest as we looked up at the stars. I took a deep breath and began. "I mean, there's not much I really remember of my childhood. Mainly my parents yelling at eachother, some things getting thrown around. I dunno, but I mainly remember either crying myself to sleep on several nights or running to my grandma for comfort," I sighed, him listening intently.

"...I mean. I have- er, had?a little brother.He would've been 12by now. Who knows what happened to my family, if they still exist," I choked out, feeling myself tear up again. "I...miss them, sometimes. My old home. I can never go back, at least, I don't think I can. And...Even if I was given the choice, I-" I muttered, looking to meet Zenitsu's caring gaze. "...I'd still choose to stay here, with you. With everyone," I admitted, looking back up at the sky. "And honestly? I don't think I deserve it at all. Even now, look at me, being ungrateful for you guys. I also don't think I'm valid to feel so depressed and sh*t, because others have had it so muchworsethan me...Hell, Tanjiro and Nezuko lost their whole family in one night. And I could've maybe donesomething. But then..." I shook my head off with a sob. "Zenitsu, you could have anyone else, but you chose me." I sat back up and looked down at him, genuine sorrow and affection in my face as I cried. "Why?" was all I asked.

He looked down at our interlocked hand before softly smiling and looking back up at me. "Well, I guess it was like...I don't wanna say love at first sight, because I feel like it might downplay my actual feelings for you. But, really, believe me when I say that I love you too. Because I truly do! My first love...Well, actually, I don't want to call her my first love. She doesn't deserve that title. But basically, when I was younger, I fell really hard for some girl in my town. And I wanted to please this girl, and she ended up using this dedication for money, to the point where I ended up drowning in debt. She ended up running away with some guy, so I was left penniless. Thankfully, my master payed off my debts, and so in return I became one of his pupils," he told me, rubbing my hand with his thumb. "But anyways, my point is- You're a blessing. You're everything I could ask for in a girlfriend, and a friend in general. When I heard your sound for the first time, in the final selection. It was full of pure love. Love for a stranger like me, who clung to you so cowardly." He gave me a small grin that made my heart beat faster like his words. "And as for why I chose you? Well, there's so many reasons why now, I can't count them!" he laughed, his words striking my heart deeply. I felt more tears well up in my eyes as well as a giant bubble form in my throat. "But you're so kind, and beautiful! And thenwe met again! And I...apologize still, for letting you see me like that. And I still feel really bad for all those past comments I made. Especially knowing now how you feel-I..." he trailed of before hugging me to his chest. His voice quieted to a soft mutter as he said, "I don't know what's gonna happen in the future, if I'll still be alive but...I think- I think, you'll still be my only love. You're the only girl I wanna marry now, no doubt about it."

I was sobbing and sniffling at this point, too overwhelmed with feelings and love that it tore my heart apart. "Zenitsu, I- I..." I stumbled over my words, still in shock before he continued. "And, another thing. Your feelings are perfectly valid. Pain...isn't a competition. Please, remember that," he said softly. I nodded and gave a shaky breath, snot and tears running down my face and dripping off of my chin. "Zenitsu...thank you," I whispered. He smiled. "Anytime, Lana-chan." I got up and went over to the river to wash my face off, drying it off with my sleeve. I then returned to my spot beside Zenitsu, and we began holding eachother in comfort. "Zenitsu?" "Hm?" "I love you, a lot. And I can't wait to get married with you!" "I love you too, Lana! And don't forget about Tanjiro." We laughed. "Never, you and him will always come first. And Inosuke," I beamed, to which he playfully groaned.

"Anyway, let's dig in! Oh my god, I can't wait to eat my husband's bomb-ass food!" "Bomb? Huh? What do you mean, Lana-chan!?" "It means delicious, lol. It's something that was said a LOT back where I lived." "Oh! Okay! I hope it's 'bomb' then!" "I know it'll be."


"THIS SLAPS SO HARD OH MY GOD!" "I hope that means it's good..?" "Yeah, yeah! It's so f*cking good! Awe, I can't wait until you cook for me when we're married!" "I-I mean, Aoi-san helped a lot with preparing it!" "THEN WE CAN MARRY AOI TOO, SHE'S REALLY CUTE AND NICE SO SHE'LL JUST BE ONE OF MY WIVES!" "ONE OF THEM?!" "I'm talkin' about Tanjiro. He's my wife." "B-but he's a guy?" "Alright, but like- he's a wife, no?" "...You're right." "Heh, heh."


"Lana-chan?" "Mm?" "How did you even get extremely better at Japenese in a matter of a few weeks? I remember how broken your sentences were when we first met." "Demon paper tag," chew, swallow. "On my breast." "DEMON TAG?! ON YOUR- YOUR- B-B-B-" "Oh my god, babe you're foaming at the mouth! Geez, if you're already acting up just by the thought of my tit* just wait until you see them- DON'T PASS OUT!"

"Wakey, wakey!" Tanjiro's voice chimed softly next to me, rousing me from my slumber. I groaned and groggily got up, rubbing my burning eyes. "Yeah?" I yawned, stretching out my limbs like a cat. "Shinobu-san said that she's gonna give us a check-up before sending us off!" he beamed as I blinked my eyes open. "Oh, really? WAIT, WE'RE LEAVING ALREADY?! AWE, I'M SO f*ckING SAAAAAAD!! I'LL MISS EVERYBODYY!!" I exclaimed, slumping over with disappointment. "Don't worry, Lana! We can visit, I'm sure!" "Yeah, you're right...But I'm still sad about leaving already!" "....Yeah," he agreed before Zenitsu, Shisui, and Inosuke came over, blanket beaters in hand. "Goodmorning, Lana-cha-!" "LANA! WE'RE LEAVING!" Inosuke barked eagerly, interrupting Zenitsu. I nodded, "Yeah, Tanjiro just told me." 'Oh f*ck, train arc...TRAIN ARC! f*ckf*ckf*ckf*ckf*ck HOW AM I GONNA DO THIS?!' I internally screamed. "DON'T INTERRUPT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO LANA-CHAN, YOU BLOCKHEAD! Anyway Lana, Shinobu wanted to call you and Tanjiro in next. Inosuke, Shisui, and I just went," Zenitsu told me after swatting at Inosuke. "DO YOU WANNA FIGHT-?!" "Yeah, okay. Thanks babe!" I smiled, getting up from my bed and making my way out the room with Tanjiro, who eagerly followed beside me.

"All right, say 'ah'." Shinobu instructed me, holding her hand to my chin. I opened my mouth for her wordlessly, uncomfortable with saying "ah" in someone's face, no matter if she's a doctor. She let go of my chin and nodded at me. "Your jaw is fine!" she chirped. "Sorry I can't see you two off. But good luck in the future, okay?" she smiled at us. I beamed, "I wish you could've, but we appreciate it!" Tanjiro nodded with me, smiling. "All right! Thank you!" he said brightly. "I've got one thing to ask before I leave," he added, raising his hand. "What is it?" Shinobu replied. Tanjiro eagerly asked, "HAve you ever heard of the hinokami kagura?" "Nope!" she replied. Tanjiro squawked, "Huh?! Agh! Then- then, what about fire breathing?! Or-" "Nope!" she smiled. I snorted as Tanjiro began explaining how his father used some kind of fire-breathing style when he was younger as a ritual. Shinobu nodded, holding a hand to her chin. "I see. For some reason, your father was using fire breathing, huh? So you think you might learn something by asking someone else who uses fire breathing?" "Uh-huh, uh-huh," Tanjiro nodded. "There isn't any such thing as fire breathing, but there is flame breathing," Shinobu told him. "...?? But aren't they the same?" Tanjiro asked, confused. "I don't know the particulars, sorry. The name for such things is important," Shinobu said, tilting her head and holding a finger to her lips. "But, you mustn't call it fire breathing when it's flame breathing. It may be a good idea to ask Rengoku, the flame hashira, about it," she chirped before we looked to the window where a crow was resting on the windowsill. "Let's send a crow to do it. Even though it will be a little while until a reply comes," Shinobu smiled as Tanjiro and I nodded eagerly.

After we sent a crow off, detailing all of Tanjiro's questions and explanations, Shinobu bid us goodbye. I gave her a tear-filled wave and promised I'd write to her. She smiled and said, "I look forward to it." Awe yiss, another penpal! Epic! Anyways, Tanjiro and I walked down the hallway of the estate, kind of eager to leave. Tanjiro was humming a nice little tune while I happily listened to his warm voice until he suddenly perked up. "Lana, let's move over here," Tanjiro said, guiding me to one side of the wall. 'OH sh*t, GENYAAA!!' I mentally squealed, watching as the tall boy rounded the corner as purposefully bumped shoulders with Tanjiro, making him stagger. Since I was right behind Tanjiro, this meant Genya bumped into me as well. I let out a small "Oh!" However, he didn't turn around. Tanjiro and I stopped in our tracks, however, and turned to face him. Tanjiro stared at him back in thought while I decided to call out to him, "Hey dude! I think you probably wanna say sorry cause' that was most definitelyan accident, so I'll forgive you without you having to say anything!" 'Awe yiss, Genya the anti-womanizer!' Genya kept walking without looking back, although I saw his hand twitch. I held back a snort as Tanjiro followed, "Long time, no see!! I'm glad you look well!!" he called out. Genya ignored him too, leaving Tanjiro awkwardly standing there with me. I laughed and grabbed his arm, tugging him along. "C'mon, let's go say goodbye to everyone."

I walked back into the infirmary room, only to be greeted by Ozakias well as the other five demon slayers the boys and I saved, standing in front of Zenitsu and Inosuke, who were gawking at them. The other slayers were still pretty injured, and would possibly have to stay there for another few weeks as they needed to go through rehabilitation training after their bones had healed, so they were probably bidding us goodbye as well. Ozaki spotted me first and waved us over with a somber grin on her face. "Ozaki! What's all of this?" I asked curiously, tilting my head. She, as well as the other slayers, bowed deeplytowards us, making me squawk in surprise. "We wanted to say, thank you! All of you, for saving us. We would've been dead, had you not saved us. And for that, I'm forever in your debt!" Thank you so much!" "You guys are amazing, thank you for saving us!" "We're in your debt, thank you!" "Thank you!!"they all exclaimed. Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu and I were gaping, completely flabbergasted by their thanks. "OF COURSE!! B-BE GRATEFUL THE GREAT INOSUKE HAD MERCY ON YOU ALL!" Inosuke shouted, although his voice cracked mid-way showing how happy he was.

I then approached them and hiccupped, causing her to look up in worry. "Ah, Lana-san?" I patted her head, her eyes widening as I tearfully gave them a smile. "You guys just get better, okay? That's all I could ask for," I beamed, closing my eyes. They stood back up and Ozaki's lip wobbled before I was enveloped in a giant group hug. "THANK YOU!! LANA!!" she wailed, crying into my arms. "THANK YOU GUYS!" everyone exclaimed gratefully. I laughed, happy tears streaming down my face before I glanced over at the quiet Shisui at the side of the room. I patted Ozaki, who released me from her embrace with a sniffle before I walked over to him. He looked up timidly at me before his eyes widened in shock as I patted his head. "...You're a good guy, Shisui," I smiled softly. He blinked at me, and to my surprise, tears welled up in his eyes. "I...I wanted to say that- I'm sorry. I'm re- really sorry for...well, everything. You saved me, and I'll...forever be in your debt!" he shouted and began crying. I gasped in shock but began rubbing his back in comfort. "What matters is that you're a better person now! All that was in the past. You really don't owe me anything dude! I just did the right thing when I saw that I had the opportunity to do it!" I beamed. After a minute, he calmed down and smiled at me. "Thank you, Lana." I waved him off, "Like I said! I was doing the right thing. Anyways, Shisui will you be coming with us or...?" He shook his head, "Nah, I'd like to come and help you guys, but I'm assigned on a mission. Investigation in a nearby village, you know the drill." I sighed but nodded, "Damn, already?? Alright. Be safe though, don't f*cking die or I'll whoop your ass in the next time, I PROMISE," I laughed. He snorted playfully, "Whatever. Same goes for you guys too."

After a tearful goodbye, Zenitsu and Inosuke went off to do....something, who knows. Tanjiro and I decided to say goodbye to Aoi and Kanao. "Oh, really? You guys are already leaving? It wasn't long, but I'm glad we got to spend some time together. Good luck, you two!" she said with a twinge of disappointmentas she took care of the laundry. "Thank you," Tanjiro smiled. "Take care!" Aoi said, trying to stay nonchalant about our goodbye. "Aoi, I'll miss you so much!" I bursted, feeling really upset about the whole ordeal. "You're a really coolgirl, and I already miss youuuu!!" I whined, waving my arms around. "I'll...miss you too," Aoi said, giving me a small smile. "Thank you for taking care of us! We really appreciate everything you did, kween," I beamed. She blinked at me before Tanjiro jumped in. "Thank you very much for taking care of us. Thanksto you, we can fight again!" Aoi stared at us silently before turning away. "Compared to you guys, I'm not so important, so thanks aren't necessary. I survived selection due to pure luck. Since then, I've been afraid to fight, so I'm a coward," she admitted. I shook my head and placed a hand on her shoulder, making her turn to me. "Being afraid to fight isn't a bad thing. I'm proud that you did what you felt was best for yourself. If you want to fight, then go for it! If you're fine here, that's okay too! Just do what makes you happy. And if staying here is what keeps you at ease, then that's what you should do. And I'll keep thanking you, because you deserve it for all your hard work. Shinobu is out most of the time, and I doubt Kanao does much here since I've never seen her visit us or do any work, no offense to her of course, but you literally RUN the whole place. I'm really glad you have Naho, Sumi, and Kiyo to help you out, becauseI'm sure you're already working hard enough as it is!" I insisted, nodding at her. Tanjiro nodded, "Yeah! You helped us, Aoi. So now you're apart of us! We'll think about you when we go into battle." I nodded eagerly and smiled, smooching her forehead. "Yeah! We'll always come back here when we get hurt, so please wait for us!" I laughed, taking Tanjiro's hand and running off with him, waving at Aoi's shocked formstaring at us, frozen.

We wandered around the place until we found Kanao sitting on the porch of the building, staring into the air. "Kanaaao! Hey!" I called out happily, running up to her. She turned to see us, a blank smile on her face. Tanjiro waved as well, smiling. "We're heading out. Thanks for everything," he said gratefully. I nodded and smiled at her, "Yeah! I'll miss you, and I'm really glad that you helped us out with training and everything!" She kept smiling at us, not saying a word. Tanjiro continued, "You're incredible! We all joined at the same time, but you're already Shinobu's tsuguko- hersuccessor. We'll work hard too!" I nodded, "I'm planning on becoming a tsuguko, too! I don't know who's yet, but that's my goal!" She stayed quiet for a few more seconds before taking out her coin and flipping it, uncupping her hand. I had no idea what the f*ck was head and what side was tails, but she finally spoke. "I merely followed my teacher's instructions, so you don't need to thank me. Goodbye," she smiled. "What was that you just threw in the air?" Tanjiro asked. "Goodbye," Kanao replied. "Is it money?" he continued. "Goodbye," she repeated. "My dumbass can't tell what side is heads or tails. Can you show me?" I asked, wanting to be included. She stared at me before holding up her coin. "This is something I toss to decide thingsfor which I haven't been told what to do. Just now, I decided whether I should speak or not. Heads," she said, holding up one side with a kanji. "meant I wouldn't, and tails," she flipped it to reveal!...Another kanji I wouldn't remember. "-meant that I would. it came up as tails, so I spoke." She then placed her hand down and nodded at us with a close-eyed smile. "Goodbye."

'Sorry Tanjiro, but I'm gonna steal your spotlight!' "Well, why can't you decide for yourself? You're your own person, so how come you need something to decide for you?" She smiled,"It doesn't matter. Nothingmatters at all...so I can't decide for myself."I scoffed, "I mean, I love your nihilistic view on life, pretty goth stuff. I love it! But like- here...where time is so short, we don't even know when the next time we'll see eachother alive again is. So everything we do, everything wechooseto do- whether it be waking up in the morning or sleeping in for the day, itmatters." I plopped down next to her, Tanjiro sitting next to my other side. I continued, "I mean, while it's kiiinda important to follow rules, honestly, just be a punk about it! f*ck the rules and f*ck authority! Eat the rich! Do what you wanna do!" I exclaimed, grinning. I looked down at her coin and remembered the scene. "Could I see that for a sec?" I asked, pointing down at her hand holding the coin. And as if she snapped out of some weird trance, she suddenly grew nervous, stuttering like I'd never seen before. "Huh? Yes. Uh..." she said, handing me the coin. I chuckled and thanked her before hopping off of the porch and standing in front of the two.

"Alright," I announced, looking over at Tanjiro. "Babe, I'm kind of a dumbass. So I'll flip, and you tell me what it is." He nodded, smiling. "You can count on me!" "Alright, so...Here's the deal," I said, turning to Kanao who looked on, confused. "What deal?" she asked. "We'll play by your rules right now. Since this coin decides everything, I'll have it decide whether you follow your own rules from now on. Heads said GO PUNK! and tails says stay a poser. LET'S GO!" I shouted before throwing the coin up in the air like some kind of baseball. "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FLIP WITH MY THUMB!" I admitted as I watched it fly up. 'Literally, if I f*ck THIS UP, it could ruin EVERYTHING!! But like...the risk is kinda fun...NO IT ISN'T I COULD f*ck UP THE TIMELINE! SHIIIIIIT!' I screamed internally, praying to whatever god is out there that it lands on heads. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!" I begged aloud, anxiety leveling as I watched the coin fall from the pull of gravity. My heart pounded in my chest as I reached out to grab it, somehow managing to slap it onto my palm. "You caught it!" Tanjiro congratulated.I took a deep breath and shakily removed my hand on top, revealing..."Tanjiro, what is...?" I asked, running over to him. He glanced down at it and gasped, hopping off the porch to spring into the air excitedly as he announced,"HEADS!"

I almost cried from relief, holy f*ck! "What...I-" Kanao said in disbelief before I showed the coin to her. "LOOK, LOOK! IT'S HEADS!" I screamed happily, jumping up and down as I held my arm out. 'Time to pull a Tanjiro, aha, since I'd murder him if he was in my place!' I thought before grabbing Kanao's hands and going near her. "Dude! Do you know what this means?!" she stared wide-eyed at me, her mouth agape. "IT MEANS YOU LIVE BY YOUR OWN RULES NOW! YOUR OWN MORALITY! YOUR OWN FEELINGS! CONGRATS! LET ME KNOW YOUR FIRST DECISION AS YOU STEP INTO ANARCHY AND PUNK LIFESTYLE!" I beamed excitedly before letting go of her and running to Tanjiro, who waved goodbye to her. "So...SEE YA AGAIN SOMETIME!" Tanjiro beamed at her. "BYE, KANAO! f*ck IT UP KWEEN!" I exclaimed, grabbing his hand. "H- HOW DID THAT COME UP AS HEADS?!" she called out frantically. We turned as we ran, me calling out, "It was just chance!" I laughed. "And even if it was tails, Lana and I would've took turns until we got heads!" Tanjiro grinned happily. "Take care!" He waved. "GO KANAO!! I CAN'T WAIT TO FORM OUR PUNK BAND TOGETHER!" I said brightly as I ran off with Tanjiro, overjoyed at how well today turned out.

We changed into newely-made uniforms, complete with our haori's! "Uwah!!! I miss you so muuuuch!" I said to myself happily, nuzzling the lilac-and-creme-colored material. I looked over myself in the miror, fluffing out my hair and brushing off my skirt when I realized something was missing..."Hm," I said before unbuttoning the two top buttons of both my jacket and my white shirt under it. "That's better!" I grinned, admiring the clean-cut wings of my freshly-applied eyeliner. I got my makeup and stuff back from that one kakushi a few days ago, but I didn't put any on until today. Makeup here is EXPENSIVE as always, ugh. Gotta save that sh*t...Anyways, I slipped on my haori and walked out of the bathroom, being greeted by Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro, uniforms on and ready to go. Nezuko was already strapped to Tanjiro's back, which I was happy to see since I literally haven't seen her in MONTHS! "Ready to go, guys?" I asked, making their heads turn to me. Zenitsu and Tanjiro flushed, forgetting how Iwore a short skirt with tiny socks as my uniform, which was...probably really indecent, but WHO CARES! Not me, cause' you KNOW a bitch always has to look good! PERIOD!

We walked outside where Naho, Sumi, and Kiyo were already waiting for us, tears in their eyes. "We'll miss you! Please be safe, take care, everyone!" they cried, sniffling and crying as we bid them goodbye. "Awe, girls!!" I whimpered, trying to hold back my tears since I didn't wanna ruin my eyeliner. "I'll miss you guys, so much! I'll make sure to send letter so we can keep in touch, kay?" I smiled with glossy eyes, patting their heads. "We'll look forward to it!" Naho wept, trying to wipe her tears. Dude, I can't handle seeing little kids cry, it always makes me feel likesh*t. "We'll be safe, and I'll always keep you three in mind when I fight! So that I'll return healthy and in one peace!" I gave them awobbly smile, stroking her hair. "Goodbye!" "Take care!" "Stay safe!" they all cried out as they waved us goodbye, Tanjiro and Zenitsu crying just as hard. I had already let a few tears slip, but man, it was HARD not to burst out crying.

A little while of walking, we finally reached the dreaded train station, where I began feeling nauseous at the sight of people gathering. "HUUUUUH?!" Zenitsu screamed angrily, wacking Tanjiro. "STILL NO ORDERS?! THEN WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED AT SHINOBU'S HOUSE!!" he yelled. "No- our treatment is finished, so instead of staying in one place-!" Tanjiro tried explaining, but was cut off by Zenitsu. "BUT WE COULD HAVE AVOIDED THAT SAD GOODBYE!" "No...This was it'll be easier to move out when we get our orders. Besides, the flame pillar-" "YOU IDIOT!!" I sighed at their bickering and said solemnly, "I mean, we still would've had to say goodbye either way. I kinda agree wtih Tanjiro, since we can just get our orders and already be nearby or something." "HEY." Inosuke said, making me turn to him, only to grow cold as I watched the train pull up to the station. My legs felt like jelly as I watched it make it's way to a stop, anxiety running ramped as endless thoughts of what was to come filled my mind like a tsunami, unexpected and overwhelming."WHAT KINDA ANIMAL ISTHAT?!" Inosuke growled nervously, clutching onto my haori since I was the closest to him.

And I had only one thought as Tanjiro and Zenitsu turned to see what he was talking about.


...To be continued...

Chapter 26: HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY!!


Author's Note: GUESS WAHAAATTT!?!?!? YUPYUPYUP!! ITS MY 15TH BIRTHDAY TODAY, AUGUST 18!!! LET'S f*ckING GOOOOOO!! :,DDDDD AS WE FINALLY APPROACH THE TRAIN ARC, I JSUT WANNA SAY THANK YOU TO THE OG'S WHO'VE STAYED THROUGHOUT MY MINI DISAPPEARANCES AND FOR SUPPORTING ME FOR THE PAST 4 MONTHS!!! <333 AND THANK YOU TO THE NEW SPERMLETS WHO'VE FAVORITED MY FIC AND DECIDED TO PUT UP WIT DA BULLsh*t, I LOVE ALL OF YA'LL SM :,)))) <3333 ANyways, here's a little chapter present from me to me, lol, bcuz i'd love to celebrate my birthday at the butterfly estate with da boys n everyone :,))) even tho MC in the story actually celebrated her 15th with just Urokodaki n Tanjiro, lol. (mite do an omake chapter on that acutally, hmmmm)<33



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Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (8)

I felt myself slowly wake up from my deep sleep, snuggling into my sheets as I kept my eyes closed, still feeling quite tired. I would've went back to sleep, had I not heard a soft knock at the door. I yawned and called out, "Wait a moment!" as I groggily sat up and rubbed my eyes, drearily blinking them open to find myself in the guest room of the Butterfly Estate. I was confused for a moment until I remembered- me and the boys decided to stay here for a few days to celebrate my birthday! AND IT WAS TODAY! "Ohhhh sh*t! I'm 15 today, let's f*cking gooooo!!" I excitedly muttered to myself as I got up from the bed to open the door. I slid it open and was greeted by Kanao. "Goodmorning, Lana! And happy birthday!" she smiled at me, which I happily returned. "Oh sh*t, dude thanks! Oh my god, bruh I'm so hyped- just let me get ready, kay'?" I beamed as she nodded. "Alright. But as soon as you're done, come to the garden." She told me before walking off with a wave. I waved back with a grin and slid the door shut again before walking over to a desk in the corner of the room where I placed my neatly-folded uniform last night and grabbing it.

"Mm, well, I don't have to put on my jacket today, no?" I said to myself as I looked in the long mirror provided by Shinobu. I patted down my pleated skirt before shrugging off my demon slayer jacket and tying it around my waist. I rolled up the sleeves of my white button-up before giving myself one last look-over. I had already done my makeup, eyeliner winged to perfection, lips painted an inky black, also using eyeliner since I don't think red looks really good on me,and my hair was straightened the best I could using only a comb and water. "Alright, alright. I'm not mad at it...But I could do so much better! If only I had a straightener," I sighed to myself before sliding open my door again and walking out into the hallway. Turning to go to the garden, as instructed by Kanao, I spotted Rengoku walking down in my direction. I raised my hand in a wave and greeted him with a smile, "Good morning, Rengoku-san!" He grinned and waved back enthusiastically, "And a good morning to you, Lana-san! Happy birthday!" I stopped walking to meet him head-on and tilted my head, "How did you know?" He glanced behind him and replied, "Kocho invited me! She said there would be a party and invited all of the pillars. So far I've only seen her and Tomioka, but I'm sure the rest will show up! Haha!" I beamed at the fact that Giyuu already showed up, but damn, RENGOKU KYOJUROSHOWED UP TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY?!HOLY CRAP.

"Oh, okay! Yeah I'm so excited to see everyone come! Oh my goodness, I'm a little nervous though...My first meeting with you guys wasn't- uh, y'know," I said with a nervous chuckle. He laughed loudly and patted my shoulder. "Don't worry! I'm sure the others have gotten over it by now! Anyways, I'll see you then, Lana-san!" I beamed and nodded, "Alright, see ya!" We waved each other goodbye as he continued on his way. "Ohhhh sh*t, gonna go say hi to Giyuu," I quietly cackled to myself, practically skipping down the hall. I didn't run into anyone else after that, which I was kinda thankful for since I wanted to surprise everyone else with my presence. I finally reached the shoji doors leading to the garden and I took a deep breath, feeling my knees start to turn into jelly as I heard voices outside. Sliding open the door, I was greeted by the sight of pink and red origami streamers strung across wooden poles, a long, low table covered by a white cloth with food and dishes on top of itwith cushions all around the table. Aoi was tying the last streamers, Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi were putting gifts on another table, Shinobu was teasing Giyuu, and Kanao and my boys were no where to be found. They all turned to me as soon as I stepped onto the porch, making me shyly smile and wave, "Hey ya'll!"

Shinobu smiled at me- a whole goddess, and waved me over. "Lana-chan! Over here!" I hurriedly walked over and turned to Giyuu. "Yo! What's up, Giyuu-san?" I greeted him. He nodded at me, "Happy birthday, Lana." I beamed, "Thanks!" Shinobu giggled and I turned to her, "Thank you so much for letting me spend my birthday at your estate, I really appreciate it!" She blinked at me and smiled, "It's my pleasure. I'm honored you'd want to spend it here, so the girls and I wanted to throw you a big party to celebrate." I smiled widely and bowed, "Thank you so much! Actually, I'll go thank the other girls right now!" Shinobu nodded and turned back to Giyuu as I skipped off. Aoi and the other three girls were chatting before they spotted me heading over. I waved at them and smiled, "Hey guys! Thanks for setting up the party and stuff. I love what you guys did with the garden!" The girls smiled at me proudly. "Well, we wanted to do something special for your birthday once we heard it was coming up! And then Shinobu-sama said we were going to have a party, so we got started right away!" Sumi chirped, Naho and Kiyo nodding furiously with her. I turned to Aoi, who smiled at me. "We really wanted to do something for you, especially since you've been...really kind and helpful around here!" I beamed and patted their heads, "You guys did such a good job, really! I'm so happy with how this turned out!"

Looking around, I still saw no sign of Kanao, Tanjiro, or anyone else. "Hey guys, where's Kanao? And Tanjiro, and Zenitsu, and Inosuke?" I asked them, a little sad since I wanted to see them first thing on my birthday. All four girls froze up and glanced at each other before waving their hands dismissively at me, "They're just- uh, getting- the uh-" Kiyo stuttered before Naho jumped in, "They're getting something more food! Kanao is nearby, she's just doing something." I squinted suspiciously at them, making them nervously chuckle before I slapped on a smile and shrugged, "Alright then!" 'Okay, so they're probably a. getting me presents because they didn't know what to get me beforehand/forgot, or b. they're getting...something, I don't know. But they're gone for a reason...' I thought to myself as I waved the girls goodbye and headed off to awkwardly wait by the food, eyeing the large plat full of dango skewers. After a minute or so, Kanao rounded the building and spotted me, walking over with a smile on her face. We began talking, going on about our daily lives and my past experiences before we were interrupted by Mitsuri, who stepped into the garden and squealed when she saw the pretty decorations and mountains of food prepared. To my absolute SHOCK (and slight horror) Obanai was by her side. "Awe, sh*t," I muttered under my breath as we made eye contact. He immediately glared at me, making me yelp in fright and immediately look away, grabbing onto Kanao's hand for comfort. She looked at me in surprise and became flustered, "L-Lana-san, why did you..." "Snake...Pillar..." I hissed lowly. "Oh. Don't worry, I know master wouldn't let anything happen to you today," she reassured me. I shrugged but still felt anxiety well up in my chest knowing his really aggressive presence was nearby.

"Lana-chan, right? Oh! Sorry, would you rather I call you Lana-san? I'm sorry, it's just that you're so cute!" I heard Mitsuri's voice squeal in front of me. I looked up and returned her smile, letting go of Kanao's hand. "Oh!! Yeah, you can call me by -chan! I don't mind, in fact I'd kinda rather people call me -chan! It's really cute, y'know!?" I said, matching her energy while trying to ignore Obanai's intense stare into my soul. "Awe, you're just so cute! You should come over to my house sometimes, yes? We can have tea and sakura mochi! It'll be fun!" Mitsuri clapped happily. "Whaaaat?? No, you! You're really pretty, um, Kanroji-san!" I said nervously, and I swearI felt the stare turn into a GLARE. She gasped and held a hand to her mouth, "Kanroji-san? If I can call you by your first name, then you can call me Mitsuri! YOU'RE JUST SO CUTE! Awee, I wish you stayed at my house instead!" 'MITSURI, DAMMIT YOU JUST SET ME UP FOR THEGALLOWS!!!!' I internally wept as Ifeared Iguro's wrath. Glancing over to him, surprisingly he...didn't even seem mad at all. JUST KIDDING, I flinched as I saw his seething form, pointedly looking away.Turning back to Mitsuri, Inervously nodded. "Of course!! I really look forward to it!" I said with a nervous chucklebefore she squealed. "Oh! And Iguro-san and I wanted to wish you happy birthday! How old are you now?" she told me and I tried not to show my surprise on my face. "Oh, um, thank you so much! I'm fifteen now!" I replied. She smiled and patted my head, "Wow, you're growing into such a beautiful young lady! I'm sureTanjiro-kun can't take his eyes off of you, right?" she playfully winked. I snorted and laughed, "I guess you can say that, lol."

I finally decided to talk to Obanai, but holy sh*t it was kinda nerve-wracking to look him in the eye, so I ended up staring at some flowers as I wrung my hands anxiously. "And I- um, well..." I fumbled with my words, scared of how he'd respond. "I-I think you're style is really cool, Ob- Iguro-san! A-and, I really admire your covering on your face and the black and white stripes on your haori! P-plus, you're- you're eyes are really pretty! The colors are really nice!" I blurted, rushing through my words and feeling my body heat from embarrassment. An awkward moment of silence passed before I heard Obanai clear his throat awkwardly, making me hesitantly look up. He pulled at his uniform collar and looked a bit flattered. "Well- I...Thank you..." he said quietly. On the outside, I was giving him a wobbly smiled. But on the inside...

'HOLY f*ck, HOLY f*ckKK!! DUDE WHAAAAAT!? OH MY GOD WE f*ckIN' DID IT BOYS, WE GONNA WORM OUR WAY INTO HIS HEART AND EVENTUALLY BECOME THEIR KID. WELL-I'M ALREADY ADOPTED BY UROKODAD BUT I MEAN- LIKE HOW YOU ADOPT YOUR FRIENDS- Y'KNOW?!' I screamed inside of my head. Mitsuri looked like she was about to burst from happiness and Kanao was watching this unfold with a shocked expression on her face. "Oh- yeah!! I just wanted to let you know how cool I think you are!!" I beamed, a lot less nervous now that we were probably on neutral terms now.


Chapter 27: Train of f*cking Despair




Warning: Swearing, mention abt self-depreciation.Litter alley. DO NOTTTT READ THIS CHAPTER AND FORWARD IF YOU'RE ANIME-ONLY.HEAVYHEAVYHEAVY SPOILERS!!

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

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Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (9)


And I had only one thought as Tanjiro and Zenitsu turned to see what he was talking about.


"This is thatthing! It's the lord of the land!" Inosuke trembled as he gripped onto my haori. I grabbed his hand in comfort for both him and myself, although I was starting to shake myself. And we all know it isn't from the 'lord'. "It slides across the earth! It's so long and overwhelming, it's gotta be! Looks like it's asleep right now, but be careful!! Don't worry Rana! I-I'll protect us!" Inosuke said nervously, shakily nodding at me. I guess he thought I was scared as well. Zenitsu deadpanned, "No, this is a steam train. Don't you know that?" He looked over at me as Inosuke frantically tried shushing him. "Lana-chan, are you okay? You're becoming pale..." Zenitsu asked me worriedly. I shook my head and waved him off with a wobbly smile. "I'm fine, don't worry about me!" I said with a nervous chuckle. "SHHH! CALM DOWN!!""No, youcalm down," Zenitsu said in exasperation. "I'll attack it first!" Inosuke yelled before I grabbed his arm, shaking my head. "Inosuke, calm down before we get kicked out, okay? Behave," I lightly scolded him. He grumbled but surprisingly listened, grabbing onto my haori again.

"Maybe it's the guardian of this place, so a surprise attack might not be a good idea," Tanjiro nodded to himself before Zenitsu turned to him in disbelief, "No, like I said, it's asteam train.Do you understand the word "train"? It's a vehicle for transporting people, you country bumpkin!" I snorted and laughed, trying to ignore my anxiety as I amused myself on their bantering. "Hm? Train? Then is this what the crow meant?" Tanjiro tilted his head. "Crow?" Zenitsu and I questioned, considering he didn't mention his crow before. We were interrupted by a loud thump! as we snapped our heads around to find Inosuke ramming his head into the train, yelling, "HEAD-LONG RUSH!!" "DUDE!" I said in aggravation. "Stop that! you're embarrassing us!" Zenitsu yelled at him before a whistle was blown loudly, making us turn to see two conductors hurriedly making their way towards us. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! AGH! THEY'VE GOT SWORDS!? THE POLICE! CALL THE POLICE!!" "Oh sh*t! f*ck THE POLICE, ASSHOLES!LET'S GO BOYS!!" I screamed, grabbing their arms and running for it. "GAAAAHHH!!"

We eventually made it to a spot out of the crowd, but even then with our prior training, it didn't take much effort to lose the authorities. Zenitsu faced Tanjiro and Inosuke head-on and tiredly explained, "We're the demon slayer corps. Our organization isn't recognized by the government. So we can't actually walk around carrying swords openly. If we tell them about demons, they won't believe us." Tanjiro looked to the side as Zenitsu and I began covering up Inosuke's swords. "But we work so hard..." Tanjiro muttered. "Well, that's just how it be sometimes. But anyways, f*ck the police and f*ck authority unless they're Dad or the pillars. Or Oyakata-sama," I added, giving Inosuke his wrapped blades and tucking my sword in behind my back."...Yeah. So for now, let's just hide our swords behind our backs," Zenitsu said, tucking his own sword in the back of his belt. We got up and looked over to Inosuke, only to see him posing flamboyantly, showing off the swords he stuffed in the back of the hide around his waist. "Bruh," I deadpanned. "That's totally visible! Put some clothes on, idiot!" Zenitsu squawked.

Tanjiro pulled out a white towel out of nowhere and tied it around Inosuke's neck like a cape, surely boosting his ego. "Heh, attire befitting a great lord such as yourself, king!" I beamed and gave him a thumbs up. "Of course! HAHAHA!" Inosuke laughed proudly, making me smile at his enthusiastic nature as always. Tanjiro then pulled out a small paper from his haori sleeve, looking down at it. "If we get on the Infinity Train, we should be able to meet Rengoku-san. Apparently, he's already on board," he announced to us. "Oh, cool," I blinked. Now listen, I would've been so excited to meet him, if I wasn't currently fearful for the future events. Just the mention of his name sent me back into panic for what was to come, so, so,soon. "You wanna talk to him? Then lie low while I go buy tickets," Zenitsu chided him. "Okay, thanks!" Tanjiro smiled. "It's hard to walk while hiding a katana..." Zenitsu sighed. I quietly waited with Inosuke and Tanjiro as Zenitsu walked off to get the tickets, grumbling to himself.

We waited in silence and I got sucked into my thoughts. Okay. So, what happened in the manga? We meet Rengoku on train, something happens- OUR TICKETS GET PUNCHED AND WE FALL INTO THE DREAM! Almsot forgot! We don't let the demons get to our soul? Was it our soul? Who knows. And then- then we wake up because of Nezuko burning our tickets, Enmu or whatever his name is fights us, he becomes the train, we defeat him and derail the train, Akaza appears and kills Rengoku. HE KILLS RENGOKU, BUT HOW CAN I PREVENT THAT? What the f*ck can I do I can't go against an upper moon demon whatthef*ckI'llDIE-! "Er, Lana?" Tanjiro repeated. I jumped in surprise and gave him a curt nod in response. "Oh- uh, yeah?" I stuttered. "Is everything okay? You've been really quiet lately and, well, I don't know if you noticed but you were muttering in a panic to yourself. I didn't know what you were saying but, it made me worried..." Tanjiro said in concern. Inosuke huffed, "Yeah! What Gonpachiro said. What's the matter with you?! TELL ME!" he demanded, walking closer to me. "Inosuke, let her calm down! She's shaking!" Tanjiro held him back. "Huh?" I muttered in confusion, looking down at my hands and realizing I wasshaking. Tanjiro let him go and turned to me, his face shrouded in worry. "If something is wrong, please let us know. I...I don't like seeing you like this- it...You're never like this," he said softly. I blinked back tears I didn't even know were forming in my eyes and I nodded, letting out a shaky breath as I fanned myself with my hand. "Yeah, of course. Thanks, guys. I- I wish I could tell you- but- it's just- uh-" I fumbled, unsure what to use as an excuse. Thankfully, Zenitsu came back with the tickets, rushing over to us in a hurry, "THE TRAIN'S ABOUT TO LEAVE, C'MON WE GOTTA GO!" I took a deep breath and began running off to the train, the boys right by my side.

"GRAAAAH!! WE'RE IN IT'S STOMACH!!" Inosuke practically screamed. "WE'RE IN IT'S BELLY! LET'S TAKE IT DOWN!" "-SHUT UP!" Zenitsu yelled angrily before turning to me and Tanjiro. "Isn't Rengoku-san a pillar? Do you know what he looks like?" he asked us. We nodded. "Yeah, blonde, red tips, gold eyes, you can't miss the guys. He stands out like a fire in Tokyo, literally," I said as we stood in the middle of the compartment. "Yeah! And I remember his smell. I think we're getting close, so-" "DELICIOUS!" Tanjiro was interrupted by Rengoku's boisterous cheers a few seats away from us. We turned around in that direction in alarm before we spotted Rengoku's bright yellow hair. Seeing him just amplified my sense of dread by so much, I just meekly followed behind Tanjiro and Zenitsu as they walked up to him. "DELICIOUS! DELICIOUS! DELICIOUS!" the flame pillar repeated happily. "That's the Flame Pillar?" Zenitsu muttered to Tanjiro. "Uh-huh..." "He's not just a glutton?" "No...""DELICIOUS!" Rengoku kept repeating. "Um, excuse me," Tanjiro said a bit nervously. "DELICIOUS!" Rengoku continued, as if Tanjiro wasn't even there. "Rengoku-san?" Tanjiro said. Suddenly, Rengoku turned to us a solid grin on his face."DELICIOUS!" "Uh...Yes...I understand that," Tanjiro sweated. 'Oh man...' I internally despaired as Tanjiro introduced us again. "Er- I'm Kamado Tanjiro and this is Lana, from the-" "Trial! Yes, I remember! How flamboyant you two were in defending the demon girl!" He laughed loudly. "Sit! Sit!"

We sat down in Rengoku's booth, and I found myself next to the window, across from Tanjiro, who was next to Rengoku. Zenitsu and Inosuke sat in the booth right next to us as Tanjiro, me, and Rengoku caught up. "Oh! Sothat'sit, huh!" the blonde hashira nodded after Tanjiro explained about his father's fire-dance. "Well, I dunno! And this is the first time I've heard of the Hinokami Kagura! But it's great that your father was able to apply the Kagura to fighting!" Rengoku beamed. "And that's enough of that topic!" "Huh?! Can't you help a little more?!" Tanjiro exclaimed in disbelief. "You should be mytsuguko, my disciple! I'll look after you!" He then turned to me, making me sit a little straighter in surprise. "You too!" "Bro,what-" I squinted at him before Tanjiro snapped to him, "Not so fast! And what are you looking at?!" 'Bro what do you even mean by that-' "Flame breathing has a long history!" Rengoku said randomly. "In all ages, falme and water swordsmen have been among the pillars. Flame, water, wind, stone, and thunder are the basic types of breathing. The other types of breathing branched out from those. Mist is derived from wind," he explained further. "Mizoguchi, what color is your katana?" he said, looking straight at me without a glance at Tanjiro. Although, he was probably just staring ahead of him without thought.

"My name'sKAMADO! And it's black!" Tanjiro huffed. "A black sword? That's rough!" Rengoku laughed. 'That's rough buddy-' "Rough?" Tanjiro questioned. "I've never seen a swordsman with a black sword become a pillar! And I hear they don't know which line to master!" Rengoku grinned. The train creaked loudly as it began to rumble, signalling our takeoff. "Oh...We're moving." I heard Zenitsu say to himself. "I'll train you at my place, so don't worry!" Rengoku laughed. "Epic," I muttered. "GRAAAH!! WHOA! WOW! IT'S SO FAST!!" Inosuke yelled excitedly as he stuck his torso out of the window like a dog as the fur on his mask flutter from the rushing winds. I giggled to myself and smiled at his excitement. Man, Inosuke always manages to cheer me up, even by just a little. "BE CAREFUL, YOU IDIOT!" Zenitsu screamed. "I'M GONNA GO RUN ALONGSIDE IT! I'LL RACE IT TO SEE WHO'S FASTER!" Inosuke cheered. "THERE ARE LIMITS TO STUPIDITY YOU KNOW!" Zenitsu yelled. "Better not! We have no idea when the demon will appear!" Rengoku exclaimed. I dropped my smile and looked on, downcasted. 'Yeah...No idea, huh?' I thought grimly to myself. "Huh?" Zenitsu said dumbfoundedly before he squawked in alarm. "NO WAY! A DEMON'S ON THIS TRAIN?!" He screamed in terror. "Yep!" Rengoku said bluntly. "IT IS?! GYAAH!! WE'RE NOT TRAVELING TO IT?! IT'S HERE!? GYAAAH!! I'M GETTIN' OFF!" Zenitsu panicked. "Over fourty people have disappeared on this train! The corps sent a few swordsmen, but then they all went silent! And that's why I'm here!" he told him. "OHHH!! THAT MAKES SENSE! I'M STILL GETTIN' OFF!" Zenitsu cried.

I almost screamed when I saw the conductor approach us in a zombie-like state. I noticed the passengers were all already fast asleep, and it sent me into a panic. 'f*ckf*ckf*ck, WHAT DO I DO?! f*ck- JUST SAY I'LL GO TO THE BATHROOM, I DON'T KNOW!!' I screamed in my head as my body froze in fear. "Allow me to inspect...your tickets," he said lowly. "What?" Tanjiro said in confusion. "The conductor is going to check our tickets," Rengoku told him. "OUTTA HERE! GET ME OUT-!" Zenitsu kept crying as the conductor punched Rengoku's ticket. I saw Tanjiro look over in alarm, probably smelling something foul. The ticket.

I watched in horror as Rengoku and Tanjiro immediately fell asleep, lost in their dreams. "Your ticket, please..." the conductor muttered to me. I looked up at him in horror and fumbled for my pockets. "Oh! Um- I need to use the bathroom, urgently! Is there- Will you let me go really quick? I promise it'll be a fast trip-" I said frantically, almost out of breath. "Please ma'am...Your ticket, or we'll be forced to remove you," he muttered, his dead eyes staring into my soul. I shivered, panic creeping into my body at his dead fish-eyed look. "Please, sir! I need to go really badly!" I pleaded, almost at the brink of tears as I scrambled and prayed that he'd let me. "Hey, can't you see the lady has to go immediately?! P-Please check my ticket instead!" Zenitsu told him, still scared at the idea of a demon on board, but brave enough to stand up for me. The conductor tiredly blinked at him and sighed, "It's either I check your ticket now, miss, or you leave entirely." I almost bursted into tears, but reluctantly handed over my ticket, unsure what I'd even do if I was let go.

And as I watched him stamp my ticket, I blinked and found myself...back at the bottom ofMountSagiri, sitting with Dad in our home as he steamed fish over the fireplace. Various platters surrounded us, sweets and traditional dishes layed out.'What was I...doing? Wait- Oh, I was helping Dad make lunch. Guess I daydreamed for a while...' I thought to myself, slightly confused. "Lana, could you go get the others from outside? The food is about done," he told me, patting my head. I beamed, chest warm from affection and got up, nodding. "Yeah, of course!" I headed to the front doors, sliding them open to call everyone in.

With Rengoku...

"Look out! Get back!" he said, immediately rising out of his seat and gripping his sword. "This is an urgent matter, so don't mind the sword!" "WAAAH!" "KYAAAH!" the passengers squealed in fright as a demon appeared in the compartment, growling from the multiple grotesque mouths on its' being. Kyojuro slid his flame-detailed sword from its' sheath as his cape fluttered around him majestically. "Blood demon art was hiding that huge thing!! And it was hard to sense it! However...If you bare your fangs at innocent people..." he said seriously with his ever-so present grin on his face. "...My bright red flame blade...will burn you to the bone!!" And with a fwoosh! of his cape, he swung his sword and swiftly slayed the demon. I looked on in admiration, hearts in my eyes as Tanjiro gushed over him. "WOW! Awesome swordsman ship! Please, take me as your apprentice!" Tanjiro cried, amazed tears streaming down his face. "Sure!! I'll make you a great swordsman!" Kyojuro beamed. "Me too!!" Zenitsu, who had huge buck teeth and a rattish look on his face exclaimed. "And me!!" Inosuke jumped in. "A-and me," I stuttered in a daze, still wow'ed by his display. "I'll look after you all together!!" "OUR BIG BROTHER RENGOKU!" The boys cheered. "Yatta! I can't believe I have such a cool pillar as my master!" I squealed, jumping for joy.

With Zenitsu...

"This way!! The peaches over here are delicious! And there's lots of white clover blooming!" Zenitsu beamed in excitement as he led me by the hand, doning a loose, yellow, white-triangle patterned jinbei. "I'll make a ring of flowers for you, Lana-chan! I'm really good at it!" He blushed and smiled happily as we ran together past a bunch of peach trees. I giggled and nodded, my hair fluttering behind me as the wind rushed past my face. "Yeah! Okay! Make a lot, you know I love flowers! Especially if they're picked by you!" I beamed. He pointed up ahead, "There's a river on he way! It's shallow, so you'll be alright, won't you?" "Eh? River? Oh no..." I fretted, looking at him worriedly. "Zenitsu-kun, I haven't told you! I can't swim!" I told him in a fearful tone. His face exploded in a blush as he became flustered. "I'll carry you on my back and jump across! I won't even let your toes get wet! Just leave it to me!" He reassured me determinedly. "Oh, Zenitsu! You're so sweet, I can't til' we're married!" I gushed, making him internally scream in happiness.

With Inosuke...

"AN EXPEDITION!! AN EXPEDITION!!" Inosuke chanted excitedly. "WE'RE A TEAM OF CAVE EXPLORERS!" Rabbit-Nezuko and Panda-me trailed behind him wearing short, sleeveless jinbei's. We looked around the large cave curiously, awed by the rock formations and unknown territory. "Boss!" "Boss!!" Tanuki-Tanjiro and Squirrel-Zenitsu called out from behind us. Inosuke turned, "Yes, underling twoand underling three?" "I smell the lord of this cave up ahead!" the tanuki chimed. "I can hear it breathing as it sleeps!" Squirrel-Zenitsu added. "ALRIGHT! LET'S GO!! IT'S ON!!" Inosuke said, hyped up for the journey. Rabbit-Nezuko and I were wandering out together. "Uwa! Look at those sparkly rocks! Eh, Nezuko?" I said excitedly, my small fluffy tail poofing in excitementbehind me as we crouched down in the cave. She hummed in agreement and admired them with me before Inosuke called out to us, "COME ALONG, UNDERLING FOUR, UNDERLING ONE!! HEY!!" We turned around in surprise as he came up to us, holding out two shiny acorns. "Oh!! Boss!" "This way, c'mon! Here! I'll give you each a smooth and shiny acorn!!" I took one happily as Nezuko took the other, bouncing up to meet with the other. "LET'S GO!!" He exclaimed. "YAY!!" we cheered behind him.

With Tanjiro...

Tanjiro breathed in the cold, frigid air as he stumbled through the snow, an empty basket of charcoal on his back. In the distance as he got closer to his home, he spotted Hanako and Shigeru holding a wide basket in their arms. They turned around, smiling as they spotted their older brother approaching them. "Oh! Welcome back, Tanjiro!" Shigeo beamed. "Did you sell all the charcoal?" Hanako smiled. Tanjiro choked back a sob, tears welling up in his eyes as he rushed towards his siblings, embracing them tightly as they dropped their basket of yams and began crying into their shoulders. "WAAAAH!! WAAH!" he sobbed. "SORRY! I'M SO SORRY! I'M SORRY!!" he wailed. And although he didn't know why, he felt the immense pain and heartache of guilt and sorrow. But...'Why?' he thought to himself as he wept.

After calming down, they brought him inside to warm up. "-Then Tanjiro suddenly started crying, so I was surprised!" Hanako giggled. "That's weird. Haha!" Takeo laughed. "Oh...Tanjiro, you be tired. Don't push yourself too hard. Please, rest today," Kie said as she crouched down to cup Tanjiro's cheek. "You're overreacting. I'm fine!" Tanjiro said, flustered. "Really?" his mother asked. "Yeah! It's like I was having a bad dream," Tanjiro reassured her. "Hwaaah!!" "Gah!" Shigeru laughed as he covered his elder brother in a large white cloth, Tanjiro yelping in surprise. "What're you doing?! Stop that! That's the laundry!" Hanako scolded her younger brother. "What's going on here? Kie-san, do you want me to put the laundry- Oh gosh!" I gasped, walking into the room and finding Tanjiro being attacked by Shigeru. "Lana-nee! I told him to stop but..." Hanako said, coming up to me as I looked on in amusem*nt as Shigeru got off of Tanjiro, the two laughing. "Mm, it's fine. Tanjiro shouldn't be toodirty," I joked, patting her head. She giggled and tugged me over, Tanjiro noticing me and smiling softly. "Welcome back," I greeted him warmly, kissing him on the cheek. "BLEUGH! EWWW!" his siblings cried out in disgust, covering their eyes. Kie laughed, "Oh, you two!" Tanjiro looked up at me and blushed at the affection in front of his family, but tugged me down as hugged me, laughing.

Back to Lana...

I stepped outside to find Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko running around, chasing eachother. I laughed aloud as Inosuke repeatedly tried to trip everyone in his way. “Hey y’all! Lunch is ready!” I called out with a happy smile, overall just feeling content with everything. The four of them looked up and gave me smiles, probably starving from playing all day. "HAHA! THAT TEMPURA IS MINE!" Inosuke cackled, running past me and into the small house. I laughed before Zenitsu bounded towards me, little hearts floating around him. "Lana-chan's cooking! I can't wait to eat it!" I giggled and smooched his cheek, "Awe, thanks babe. I only made, like, the desserts though. Dad handled the main dishes," I informed him. "The desserts?! Then I jsut might die if they're as sweet as you!" he gushed, making my heart squeeze as I playfully swatted him away, "SSHUTT! Just go eaaat!!" I flushed, a smile on my face. He dreamily went inside and I turned to see Tanjiro and Nezuko coming up to me, dusting themselves off. "Thank you for telling us! Come on, let's go eat, yeah?" Tanjiro hummed, the two siblings grabbing my hands and taking me inside, smiling and laughing all the while. But, for some reason...I felt an itch at the back of my mind. A slight paranoia creeping up my spine as I settled down with my family. Nezuko...wait, in sunlight?! No, why would that be something wrong? It's not like she's a...a...

"Lana? What's wrong?" Nezuko questioned me with concern. I realized I blanked out and shook it off, chuckling as I shook my head. "Oh, it's nothing! I guess I'm just busy daydreaming, as always, heh." She smiled and nodded and went to pass me a plate. As I thanked her for serving me, I took a bite into my grilled fish.

And immediately threw up.

"Lana?!" multiple voices called out worriedly. I coughed and hacked as the acidic taste of my stomach acids burned my nostrils and throat. Dad wiped my face with a damp cloth and I coughed and thanked him, apologizing for the mess guiltily. "Is the fish undercooked? But that couldn't be...What happened?" he questioned me worriedly. I shook my head in confusion and admitted, "I- I don't know! It tasted really good, as always. But then I suddenly threw up. I- I guess I'm sick? But I don't feel sick or nauceous..." He stroked my hair and pointed outside. "Go wash your face, get some fresh air. Don't worry about the mess," he instructed me. I shakily nodded and got up, wiping a few tears in my eyes. I made my way outside, the others looking after me worriedly. "I'll be back!" I called to them, making them nod in response as I slid the door shut behind me.


A boy with black, mid-length choppy hair appeared in the female demon slayers' dream. He didn't know who she was, but he did know that as long as he destroyed the girl's spiritual core, he'd be in a deep dream and reunited with his deceased fiancé. He looked around and found himself in a forest, a house just about 5meters away. 'Is that...her home?' he wondered before snapping out of his thoughts. 'No, focus on the objective! Where's the orb?' he huffed, looking around as he wandered near the house. As he got closer, he froze as he heard the sounds of laughter and voices inside of the home. 'Oh no, I'm almost certain that the main self is in there. Best avoid that place.' He made his way past the house and went deeper into the forest after the clearing, wandering for the spiritual orb so he can obliterate it.

As he kept walking, he noticed trees and plants were appearing less and less, and he walked closer into darkness. 'Why is it getting darker? This is getting kinda scary now...' he began to sweat nervously, but kept going. 'Maybe this is a sign I'm getting closer!' And with this thought in mind, he began sprinting, desperate to finish and escape this dark abyss. As he wandered deeper, the feeling of anguish and sadness filled him. For what? It's not like he felt bad about what he was doing...This was for his Kimiko, after all."There it is!" he said in relief to himself, a bright, floating orb in front of him. It was dimly lit, yet it somewhat blinded him at the same time. "So bright..." he muttered, reaching into his haori to search for the icepick he was given. "Please, don't," a gentle voice said behind him, making him gasp and snap around in fright.

A chubby young girl stood in front of him with sad eyes. She had choppy bangs and wore clothes that he had never seen before. Bottoms that looked like shorts, yet were no kind of shorts he'd seen before. A shirt that had some kind of white symbol on it in a font that he couldn't read. "Who- who are you?!" he questioned in a panic, shuffing through his haori pockets until he grabbed his icepick and held it out in front of him threateningly. "Dude, chill. I can't hurt you, I mean- look at me. I can't really do sh*t besides tackle you maybe, but even then, there's no point in doing that," she sighed. "I'm one of the 'inners' of Lana's mind. I'm basically what makes Her, Her!" she told him with a small smile. She then frowned at him, giving him a sense of sorrow. "I don't like confrontations, sh*t gives me anxiety and makes me cry. But I gotta tell you dude, don't pop that f*ckin' orb," she warned him. He shook his head, "I can't do that! I...I need to see my fiance again. A-and I have to destroy the spiritual orb if I want that!" He gripped the icepick tightly and grit his teeth. "I'm sorry...I understand that you don't want this, but I needthis!" "PLEASE!" she ran, true to her words as she tackled him and pinned his arms to the sides of his head. He dropped his icepick, which landed a bit farther from them. "Man,holy sh*t! This is f*ckin'scary cuz' I've never done this sh*t before, but you gotta stay the f*ck down or I'll literally step on your dick dude!" she said frantically, struggling to keep him down as he resisted.

"LET GO OF ME!" "I WON'T CUZ' YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME! BRO I MIGHT BE REALLY NIHILISTIC AND SOMETIMES REALLY SELF-DEPRECIATING, BUT MY LARGE-ASS EGO WON'T LET ME DIE!" She screamed, tears bubbling in her eyes. His eyes widened, but he still pushed against her. She kept holding him down, trying to shove her weight onto him. With how heavy she was, he couldn't push her off of him. "Dawg, just STOP!" she begged, panting and huffing as her hands gripped his wrists tightly. "Main girl is slowly waking up, just GIVE UP! I'm sorry you miss your fiance, but I'd rather live to see my babies!" she yelled in frustration.

As one of Lana's inners began to fight off the intruder, Lana herself was busy washing her face off.

Back to Lana...

"That's so weird. I don't feel sick or anything...Huh..." I muttered to myself in confusion as I wiped the water from my chin. "What was I supposed to be doing. I- I know I'm supposed to be having lunch with my dad and everyone, but I can't help but feel like there's somethingmore..." I ranted into the air. "It almost feels like this is all a- a DREAM! Holysh*t, HOLY sh*t! THAT'S IT! The train- the, the- holy f*ck!" I finally realized, gasping in shock. "Okay, but how do I wake up!? UGH!" I said in frustration to myself. "Lana? What's wrong?" Tanjiro's voice suddenly said behind me, making me gasp in fright and turn around. "Oh- Tanjiro, it's you babe. Uh- haha! I was just talking to myself, as always!" I played it off, waving at him dismissively. He tilted his head and smiled, "Well, okay then! Are you feeling better now to come back?" I swallowed and nodded, "Yup, let's go!" He beamed and I followed him back inside the house, thoughts of how to wake up spiraling in my head.

I blinked and found myself sitting back down with everyone as they ate their food. "What the..." I muttered in confusion, looking down at my hands. "You've been out of it today, Lana. Why don't you go rest since you're feeling unwell?" Dad said to me. I looked up at him and shook my head softly. "No, I'm fine. It's just- um..." I fumbled, trying to remember what happens next. 'How the f*ck do I wake up?!' I panicked. "...Yes?" he asked. "I- WOAH!" I yelped as I suddenly burst into flames. I didn't feel heat, nor pain as I was engulfed in the bright fire. "Oh sh*t, Nezuko!" I gasped, remembering how she used her demon blood art to wake up Tanjiro in the manga. And then Tanjiro had to... "Lana!?" everyone screamed. The flames suddenly fwooshed! off of my body, revealing my demon slayer uniform, haori, and my nichirin sword at my belt. "Lana?! What was that!" Dad questioned me. "Lana, why do you have your demon slayer uniform on? And what was that fire?!" Zenitsu panicked. I silently got up and clutched my sword. "I know what I have to do," I told them gently. "What do you mean!? Lana!" Tanjiro shouted, tears in his eyes. "Where are you going?! Don't leave!" Nezuko begged me. "WANA!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING DAMMIT?!" Inosuke growled, but there was clear worry in his tone.

"Guys, I gotta leave. Now. But before I go..." I said before going around and placing a kiss and giving hugs to all my loved ones, who all begged me to stay and questioned where I was going. When I got to Dad, I leaned down and tightly embraced him, feeling like I was about to cry. He hugged me back, but was still confused. "Dad," I sniffled, tears welling in my eyes. "I'll see you soon, okay? I miss you, a lot. I'm sorry I haven't been sending letters for the past week, but I've been really busy with training. I'll see if I can visit you soon, okay? I wanna see you again. But I gotta do this. Because death is stinky and I'd rather die than know I can do something about this." I kissed the bottom corner of his mask and got up, wiping my tears and looking off to the front shoji door. "I don't want you guys to see this, so I'll go do it outside," I told them, waving them goodbye as I ran off, hearing their cries for me to stop and return, slamming the door open and closed behind me while I ran off into the forest.

"f*ck, this is scary, but I need to kill myself in order to wake up," I gulped and fearfully looked down at my blade, the pink metal shining against the orange sunlight.My hands shook, and tears streamed down my face as I took panicked breaths, hyperventilating. "I don't wanna, I don't wanna," I chanted to myself hysterically, my whole body trembling and frozen with fear. "f*cking fine, I'll do it since this is kinda what I've been wanting for the past, what? 10 years?" my own voicegrowledbehind me. I gasped and turned around, only to see a dark, shadowy silhouette of myself. "Yeah, I know this is some Wattpad sh*t, confronted by your emo mental illness or whatever, but this is kinda how your mind works. At least, in this world. It's the damn anime world for sh*ts sake," she huffed before reaching her hand out to me. "Give it, whor*," she demanded. I sighed and handed over my blade, still scared for what was about to happen. "puss* ass hoe, can't even kill herself." Was the last thing I heard before a woosh! and a pinch at my neck and I woke up.

...To be continued...

Chapter 28: Zenitsu's Dream (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZENITSUUUU!! <333)




Warning: None, for once, lol.

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (10)

With Zenitsu...

"This way!! The peaches over here are delicious! And there's lots of white clover blooming!" Zenitsu beamed in excitement as he led me by the hand, doning a loose, yellow, white-triangle patterned jinbei. "I'll make a ring of flowers for you, Lana-chan! I'm really good at it!" He blushed and smiled happily as we ran together past a bunch of peach trees. I giggled and nodded, my hair fluttering behind me as the wind rushed past my face. "Yeah! Okay! Make a lot, you know I love flowers! Especially if they're picked by you!" I beamed. He pointed up ahead, "There's a river on he way! It's shallow, so you'll be alright, won't you?" "Eh? River? Oh no..." I fretted, looking at him worriedly. "Zenitsu-kun, I haven't told you! I can't swim!" I told him in a fearful tone. His face exploded in a blush as he became flustered. "I'll carry you on my back and jump across! I won't even let your toes get wet! Just leave it to me!" He reassured me determinedly. "Oh, Zenitsu! You're so sweet, I can't wait til' we're married!" I gushed, making him internally scream in happiness.

As we ran through the orchards, we finally approached the river, to which I tugged onto Zenitsu's sleeve. "So...Um..." I said shyly, looking down. Zenitsu internally screamed, unbeknownst to me, and bent down, holding his arms out behind his back and nodded, blushing furiously. "H-HOP ON!" he said flustered. 'Lana-chan's going to ride on my back! WAHOO!!' he thought joyfully to himself, holding back a giant grin as he anxiously waited for me to climb on. Hesitantly, I hooked one leg over his hip and lied on his back, wrapping my arms around his neck and leaning onto his shoulder as I put my other leg around him. I felt his hands grip my thighs and hoist me up, making me clutch onto his jinbei, feeling myself grow insecure of my weight. "I-I'm not too heavy, am I?" I questioned worriedly. "Um, I'm sure we can find another way to cross the river if it's too much-" "LANA-CHAN ISN'T HEAVY, NOT AT ALL!!" he interrupted seriously, shaking his head rapidly. I smiled down at him with slanted brows. "I mean...If Zenitsu-kun says so," I said unsurely as he nodded, face burning red. 'LANA-CHAN'S THIGHS!!' he couldn't help but squeal in his head as we began to step into the river.

True to his word, he didn't let a singletoeon my body touch the water. "Woah! Are you sure you're okay, Zenitsu?!" I said worriedly as he stumbled halfway across the water. "Don't worry! Just a small stone, haha," he reassured me before he hoped his way out of the water.Although, to be fair, the river was very shallow. He just wanted to carry his love.I looked down and patted his shoulder, "Alright! You can put me down now!" He nodded and gently put me down, looking over me to make sure I wasn't wet or anything. "Whew, I'm glad you're still dry!" he said in relief, a smile on his face. I beamed at him and nodded, "It was all becauseof your hard work!" He blushed and scratched the back of his head, "W-well, I said I'd keep you dry!" I laughed before grabbing his hand. "Well, let's keep going!" He smiled at me and nodded, turning around only to see his master in front of him, relaxing on the porch and smoking from his pipe.

'Eh?' he thought in confusion to himself before shrugging it off. Lana was at his side, still holding onto his hand as they greeted Jigoro Kuwajima, the now-retired Roaring Pillar. "Grandpa," Zenitsu greeted, referring to his adoptive guardian. Kuwajima puffed out smoke and nodded in response, "Zenitsu, welcome back." He looked over to me and gave a hearty laugh, smirking at his student, "Is this 'Lana-chan'?" I blinked. "Oh, um, yes! I am Lana, it's nice to meet you," I said, giving him a respectful bow before looking over at Zenitsu. "You write about me?!" I gawked. He blushed and nervously chuckled, "Well..." "-ALL that boy does is talk about you and the other two. Tanjiro and Inosuke, right?" Kuwajima laughed, his voice raspy with smoking and age. But it wasn't an unpleasant sound, it was familiar, and fatherly. Warm.

I blushed and snorted, "Awe, really!? I'm actually really happy!" I held my cheeks in joy as Zenitsu turned red, feeling his soul leave his body at being exposed by his master. "Well- I, er- I..." he stuttered before I grabbed his hand and beamed at him. He blinked at me and let out a small chuckle, feeling his chest grow warm at spending time with his Lana-chan and finally being home, reunited with his surrogate grandfather. But at the same time, he couldn't help but feel a slight itch at the back of his mind, as if something was wrong.But it couldn't be, right? After all, he was in his happiest moments with his precious people! Why would it be wrong? He shrugged this thought off and turned back to what's at hand.

Not too far from where they were standing, a boy clutching a small icepick scurried over to the 'wall', where the spiritual core was hidden. 'Now, to destroy the core!' he thought seriously to himself, ripping the fabricated wall and stepping into a dark abyss, almost immediately, the rip he made closed behind him, leaving him shrouded in darkness. He looked around in confusion and slight fear, beginning to breathe heavily as he ran through the endless darkness. All he heard was the sound of his panting, leaving him paranoid and afraid. 'It's pitch-black...I can't see anything! What's with this blonde kid's concious?' He stopped and held his arms out, waving them around. 'Don't tell me I have to find the orb by touch!? Urgh! Gimme a break!' he thought in aggravation. 'It's hard to breathe and I feel weighed down. It's like everything is covered in ink!' He paused in his tracks, freezing as he heard theshing!of a blade. '?! What the...?! What's that sound?!' he shook, feeling himself freeze with fear. As the ominous snips became closer, he began to breatheheavily. 'Is it coming closer?!'

He snapped behind him as he heard the sharp ringing of two blades together behind him. Only to freeze as he came face-to-face with the Zenitsu, wearing a black turtleneck and holding a pair of large shears, his face shrouded with an almost psychotic look. He lowly muttered, "What's a boydoing in here, you pest...Only Lana gets to come in here, so I'm gonna KILL YOU!" The boy screamed as Zenitsu lunged at his neck with the shears, immediately breaking out into a sprint as Zenitsu chased him, snapping his weapon all the while at him.

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Chapter 29: Enmu Is a Whole BITCH




Warning: Swearing, degrading, angst (IT'S JUST A NIGHTMARE, DON'T WORRY KIDDOS!)

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


I gasped and turned around, only to see a dark, shadowy silhouette of myself. "Yeah, I know this is some Wattpad sh*t, confronted by your emo mental illness or whatever, but this is kinda how your mind works. At least, in this world. It's the damn anime world for sh*ts sake," she huffed before reaching her hand out to me. "Give it, whor*," she demanded. I sighed and handed over my blade, still scared for what was about to happen. "puss* ass hoe, can't even kill herself." Was the last thing I heard before a woosh! and a pinch at my neck and I woke up.

"sh*t!" I screamed in fright before I jumped, snapping my eyes open as cold sweat dampened the inside of my uniform. I looked over to see a heavily breathing Tanjiro, just as shaken up as me. Nezuko stood crouched between us, worry on her face. I looked over to my left, only to hold in a yelp as a girl with braids was pinned by the neck by an unconscious Rengoku. "Holy sh*t..." I whispered, looking over to Tanjiro with wide eyes. He blinked at me, just as bewildered before snapping his gaze to Nezuko, looking between the both of us. "Nezuko, Lana! Are you alright?!" he asked worriedly before spotting the burnt rope around his wrist. I looked down to see my wrist with the same burnt off, tied rope."Uh- I'm fine, just uh," I said, fumbling with the rope. "Basically- uh, almost killed myself, but, uh, was killed bymyself instead." His head snapped up, "So...You had to kill yourself too? That's..." he trailed off as he spotted Rengoku holding the girl's neck.

"Rengoku-san! Zenitsu! Inosuke!!" Tanjiro cried out, seeing each of them unconscious. After slipping the rope off of my wrist I quickly grabbed my sword from behind me, practically ripping the covers off in order to expose the sheath, stuffing it into my belt and standing up as Tanjiro reached down to grab his from under the booth. He realized something and reached into his jacket pocket, taking out the punched ticket and looking over at it. "Lana, the tickets made us fall asleep!" Tanjiro informed me. I nodded and looked over at Zenitsu and Inosuke before snapping my gaze to Nezuko, who curiously looked around. "Nezuko," I said seriously, making her turn towards me. "I need you to burn the rope, please," I instructed her, nudging my head to them. She blinked at me, surprised at how serious I was before nodding and reaching down to burn the ropes on all three still-sleeping individuals. Tanjiro rushed over to Zenitsu and shook his shoulders, "ZENITSU!! INOSUKE!! WAKE UP! GET UP!" As he did that I went over to Nezuko and patted her head, smiling softly in thanks at her. "Thank you, Nezuko! When you set me on fire, it changed me into my slayer uniform and realize what I had to do to awaken! So, thank you!" I told her as she clutched my haori sleeves and leaned into my hand.

"It's no use, they won't wake up!! Rengoku!" Tanjiro cried, making us snap to look at the unconscious flame pillar, only for me to jump back, avoiding a needle to the arm by an enraged black-haired girl. "What the f*ck?!" I shouted as she gripped her icepick-thing. "LANA!" Tanjiro yelled in worry as he pushed the girl away, standing in front of Nezuko and I protectively. The girl stumbled and gripped her weapon tighter, glaring at us. "Don't interfere! Because of you...He won't let us dream!!" she cried angrily. I looked over the side, spotting another girl with a bow in her hair stagger towards us, clutching the same needle-like weapon. Tanjiro also spotted two other boys, weapons and all on the other side. I spotted a boy with choppy black hair, sure that he was probably the one who entered my dream since I didn't recall seeing him in the manga in this scene. I turned back to the girl in front of us and glared. "Back the f*ck UP! I will NAWT hesitate to cut a bitch UP!" I warned the girl with braids, reaching for my nichirin blade. Of course it was a bluff, I wouldn't actually hurt her, only knock her unconscious. But girl gotta know when to back the f*ck OFF! "Lana, no! We don't harm people!" Tanjiro snapped his head to look at me in horror and shock. I leaned my head at him, raising my brows, mentally hoping he gets the muf*ckin' message to SHUT THE f*ck UP AND GO WITH IT. Thankfully, he blinked at me before pursing his lips and nodding, turning back to her.

She hesitated and rose her guard before looking over to a boy who shakily rose from behind the booth of Rengoku, tears streaming down his cheeks and face full of sorrow. "And what areyoudoing?! If you're awake, help out! I don't know about your tuberculosis or whatever, but if you don't do your job, I'll tellhimso he doesn't let you dream!" She yelled at him. 'Damn bitch, you're yelling at someone with tuberculosis and threatening to SNITCH!? FUUUCKKKno, THROW THE WHOLE BITCH AWAY, SNITCHES GET BEAT- AND IT'S ONSIGHT,' I internally screamed, scrunching up my face in disgust. Tanjiro kept quiet and looked down, thinking to himself. Looking back at the crying boy, he held a hand to his heart and stared at the floor. Oh right, when he went into Tanjiro's dream, he was touched by the sprite's kindness and took one with him, so he now has a part of Tanjiro's kindess. 'Damn, now I kinda wanna hop into their dreams and see what the f*ck they were dreaming of,' I thought to myself before Tanjiro looked over at me and pointed at his neck discreetly. I got the message, nodding as he turned back to them.

"Sorry. But I have to go fight," he said seriously before we jumped into action. He went for the girl in front of us while I went to the girl with the boy and the boy to the left of us, pressing a pressure point on their neck and effectively knocking them out. They slumped to the floor, unconscious. I left the boy with tuberculosis awake, since I knew there was a moment between him and Tanjiro."Hey dude, are you okay?" I softly asked him, feeling pity for him as I recalled his sad situation. Tanjiro walked over to my side, Nezuko following him and clutching his haori. "...Thank you. And be careful," he bid us, smiling with tears in his eyes. Tanjiro blinked at him before beaming, "Yup!" I smiled at the boy and waved before turning to Tanjiro and nodding at him, ready to fight. 'Okay man, OH f*ck, OH sh*t, I'M GONNA GO UP AGAINST A MOON. EVEN IF HE'S LOWER, IT'S STILL KINDA FRIGHTENING NO MATTER HOW MANY BATTLES I GO THROUGH. f*ck, if I die here...NO BITCH, f*ck NO! WE'RE GONNA MARRY TANJIRO AND ZENITSU, POSSIBLY INOSUKE AND MORE AND f*ckING DIE SURROUNDED BY MY HAREM AND MY 20+ KIDS!' I shook it off, glaring determinedly ahead of us as we ran down the compartment, leaving my unconscious loved ones still asleep. They'd be okay for now, so I wasn't worried.

Tanjiro, Nezuko, and I busted out of the compartment into the fresh night air. Tanjiro immediately held his nose in disgust, exclaiming, "PEE-YEW!" I patted his shoulder in sympathy. "Good smell is both a blessing and a curse in this situation," I sighed as he peered around the train. Suddenly, he looked up and jumped, grabbing onto the railing of the roof and swung his body up, crouching on top of the train. I gaped at him with wide eyes, in complete f*cking disbelief and horror that I would have to do the same. "f*ck NO, TANJIRO WHAT THE HELL!" I cried out, feeling myself well up with anxiety at falling, or worse, not being able to make the swing. It's been a good MINUTE since I've tested my upper body strength, and I wasn't too confident trying it out on A f*ckING MOVING TRAIN. "NEZUKO, LANA! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS, YOU TWO STAY HERE AND WAKE EVERYONE UP!" he called to us. I shook my head and called back, "I'M f*ckING GOING, YOU GO ON AHEAD AND I'LL, UH- FIND SOMEWAY TO GET UP!" He stared down at me worriedly, shaking his head. "IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!"

Before I was about to reply, I realized we were wastingprecious time, so I shakily sucked up my pride and anxiety and hopped up, grabbing the railing and swinging my body up with a great amount of force, feeling myself rapidly flip over and bracing my legs for impact. Surprisingly, I landed on my feet, crouching down with one hand supporting me and looking down at the moving ground, breathing heavily at the adrenaline rush. "HOLY f*ck, HOLY f*ckf*ckf*ck- I DID THAAAT!!" I screamed, snapping over to Tanjiro with comically wide eyes in shock before jumping up and grabbing his hand, running off with a great amount of speed as I spotted Enmu off at the front of the train. "BYE NEZUKO!" I threw behind me, not knowing if she heard me or not. Tanjiro grit his teeth and snapped out of his disbelief, running by my side as we faced the moon demon together.

The vein-covered demon waved at us, a dreamy expression on his face. "Oh, you're both awake? Good morning," he calmly greeted us. "You two should've stayed asleep," he said, his black coat bellowing in front of his body from the wind rushing past us. My skirt and haori fluttered behind me, making me shiver from the cold air as I grew nervous at seeing the demon. "I was showing you both such good dreams, you should thank me! I could've shown you your family being slaughtered, or you being abandoned by everyone you love," he smiled, raising his hand as he talked. I stared at him in horror, how he knew one of my greatest fears. Not only that, but I was so scared for what he'd do next. I couldn't rememberevery single f*cking fight and move in the manga, are you kidding me?I gripped my sword handle by my side and stared him down with anxiety. "Next time, shall I show you your father coming back to life? Maybe your deepest fears and insecurities tormenting you?" he suggested, making Tanjiro and I tense at every word he said.

I grew angry and felt hatred fester inside of me, outraged at what he had said. I whipped out my nichirin blade, the metal making a loudSHING!sound as I unsheathed it. "Shut. The f*ck. UP!" I screamed, my eyes becoming glossy as Tanjiro took out his sword alongside me. Enmu stared at me in amusem*nt as the two of us stepped up, our guards raised. "DON'T THOUGHTLESSLY TRAMPLE YOUR WAY INTO PEOPLE'S DREAMS!" Tanjiro glared, veins bulging from his forehead. "I won't forgive you," Tanjiroalmost growled out. As Enmu stood there, we readied our blades. I glanced over at Tanjiro with furrowed brows and found him staring right back at me, equally as enraged. I watched as he silently mouthed, "Ten," and knew what I had to do.

'Breath of water, tenth form,' I clutched my blade and mirrored Tanjiro, reaching it behind me at a low angle. 'The dragon of change!' I glared in front of us as the low moon demon reached his hand out, flashing us the grinning mouth on the back of his hand. "Go to sleeEEeep..." it croaked. My eyes widened as I felt myself black out, seeing the figures of all my loved ones around me in a deep, dark abyss. I gasped as I looked to see Zenitsu glaring boredly at me, scoffing, "Why would I ever love an ugly fat*ss like you? You must be insane if you think I'd rather have youover my darling Nezuko-chan." He rolled his eyes, scrunching his face in disgust at the sight of me. I felt the deep pains of rejection and humiliated well up inside of me. 'It's- It's not f*cking real! IT'S NOT REALNOTREALNOTREAL STOPSTOPSTOP! YOU KNOW ZENITSU LOVES YOU, DUMBsh*t!' I sobbed in my head, feeling tears well up in my eyes. I knew it was a nightmare, but it still affected me nonetheless. Hearing the one I love sof*cking muchtell me all those hurtful things...ithurt so f*ckingbadly.

I pushed forward, still charging forward with my sword in my hands and tears in my eyes. "SleEep, SLeEp! SLEeEEP! SlEeeP!" The mouth chanted. I was continuously hit with more nightmares, each one slashing right into my f*cking heart with every vision. "Disgusting, I wish I left you in the snow todie." Tanjiro stared at me with suchemptinessand purehatredon his face, I was struggling to hold back my sobs. 'TANJIRO WOULD NEVER SAY THAT! SNAP OUT OF IT!' "Pah, useless. You're such a weak andpatheticdemon slayer. Must've been hiding during the entire final selection like aweakling, no way youcould've survived," Inosuke scoffed. 'NONONONO!!' I shook my head and stared ahead of me, my lip wobbling as my fury and sorrow grew within me, making me shake in puref*cking fury.That demon was going topay.

"A burden on our family, pigging out on our only food," Kie said in hatred. "What were you doing when we were dying? Probably stuffing your face and trying to make passes at nii-chan. Like he'd ever likeyou, piggy," Hanako said disgustedly, Shigeru and Takeo at her side with the same repulsed expression on their face.I shookmy head, feeling myself break with every look, every word spoken.'NO! They'd never, they wouldn't!' I chanted, feeling myself kick harder off the ground as my head pounded with heartache and anger. Right asDadflashed in front of me, I screamed in completerageas Tanjiro and I flashed in front of the demon, hands white and swords swung back. "MY FAMILY WOULD NEVER SAY THAT! NO MATTER WHAT!" Tanjiro raged. My vocal chords were feeling like they were ripping as I screamed,"THEY'D NEVER- EVER SAY THAT BULLsh*t! GO TO HELL!!"

We jumped, the visuals of two dragons swirling around our forms in a dance as we readied our attack. "DON'T INSULT-" Wescreamed. "MY FAMIILLYYY!!!" Weyelled as loud as wecould, tears falling behind me as we powerfully swung our blades, effectively cutting off Enmu's head. A thin slice of his neck also few with his head from where we both sliced. Tanjiro and I skidded onto our feet, looking in disbelief at how easy it was. "Wait, i-it might be a dream, no...?" I choked out, wiping at my stream of tears. Tanjiro nodded with me before we watched in horror as Enmu's neck connected to the train, a thick, pulsating, veiny limb? f*ckingmonsterlevitated his head. It was like a gruesome tree stump, the roots connecting to the roof. "'That' person told me to kill you, 'earring boy' along with the 'pillars'. Now I understand how he felt. Somehow, I felt like your very existences makes me twitch in anger," he said, a smile on his face. Though his eyes held aggravation as he looked at us. 'f*ck! WHAT NOW?!' I raged internally, still furious at earlier.

"Your expressions are so lovely! I wanted to see that face of yours, ufufufu!" he giggled. "You want me to tell you why I won't die even though you cut off my head? Fine, since I'm feeling great right now," he smiled. 'f*ckin' BITCH,' I huffed in my head. "It's so simple, even a baby can understand, ufufu!" he giggled again. "That's not my actual body anymore, and same goes with this form that's speaking right now! I'm just taking the form of a head, but I'm not the head. While you were snoring away peacefully, I 'FUSED' with the train!" he laughed as our eyes widened. 'SICK BASTARD BRO.' "This whole train became my blood, flesh, and bones. Ufufu, your faces! Good, good, you understand? So basically, all of the two-hundred passengers on this traina re now food to further strengthen my body. As well as my captives," he explained. My heart dropped down my body and I became pale, feeling myself grow colder at the thought of being unable to save all those people. Including...'No, they all get saved. They ALL get saved! Don't f*cking worry, just let plot work itself out while assisting the main cast!' I nodded to myself as Tanjiro froze in horror.

"So,can you protect them? All by yourselves?" the demon taunted. "This entire train is teeming with humans from one end tot he other! Can you...'delay' me, I wonder," he hummed, beginning to mold into the roof. Tanjiro and I rushed off and I swung down at the demon's head, only to hit the roof last second as he disappeared. "f*ck!" I growled, running off with Tanjiro. "RENGOKU-SAAAAAAN! ZENITSU, INOSUKEE!!! NOW'S NOT THE TIME FOR SLEEPING! PLEASE WAKE UPPP!!" Tanjiro yelled as loud as he could. "NEZUKOOOOO!! PROTECT THE OTHERS WHO'RE ASLEEP!!" He yelled. "WAKE THE f*ck UP BOYS! TIME TO FIGHT!" I screamed before we heard noises inside of the compartment ahead of us, making the two of us beam in hope. I practically screamed with joy as Inosuke burst from the roof, raising his sword in the hair flamboyantly as he yelled, "FOLLOW ME, MY MINIONS! UNGAAAAAAAHHH!! PIG ASSAULT! THAT'S THE WAY OF INOSUKE-SAAAMAAA!!!"

At the Butterfly Estate...

Kanao lied on her bed, staring up at the ceiling as she replayed the day's events in her mind.

"H- HOW DID THAT COME UP AS HEADS?!" she called out frantically. We turned as we ran, me calling out, "It was just chance!" I laughed. "And even if it was tails, Lana and I would've took turns until we got heads!" Tanjiro grinned happily. "Take care!" He waved. "GO KANAO!! I CAN'T WAIT TO FORM OUR PUNK BAND TOGETHER!" I said brightly as I ran off with Tanjiro, overjoyed at how well today turned out.

She blinked at the open air. She just couldn't stop thinking about that moment, when suddenly, everything she knew- how she lived, how she made decisions, it allchanged within one moment. With just one coin flip, she felt her whole world shift. She thought of Lana, how kind she was, and how she immediately wanted to befriend Kanao despite the fact that she obediently engaged them in order to slay the demon girl. 'How can someone...be so bright?' she thought to herself before thinking about the boy, Tanjiro. 'And him...just as bright, just as sunny. It makes sense why they stick together. They're one in the same,' she nodded to herself.

She suddenly remembered her past, being a poor, dirty orphan child dressed in rags and covered in dirt and grime. And yet..."Hello, nice to meet you. my name is KochoKanae! What is your name?" She could still remember the kindness radiating off of her passed older sister, how sweetly she smiled at someone as pitiful as her back then.

"Nee-san, that girl is completely useless. She can't do anything without someone telling her to do it. Same goes for eating, you ahve to tell her to eat or she won't eat anything the whole time. Her stomach will just keep rumbling!" A younger Shinobu complained to Kanae as Kanao quietly sat on her legs, cleaned and with a fresh hair cut. "Hey, hey! Don't say that. I like your smiling face, Shinobu!" Kanae giggled. "Come on! Kids who can't think and act for themselves are useless. That's dangerous. They can't do anything on their own," Shinobu sighed, brows furrowed. Kanae just smiled and held up a silver coin. "Then when she's alone, she can decide on things by flipping this coin. Okay, Kanao?""Nee-san!" Shinobu huffed. "You don't have to think so hard about it! Kanao's so cute!" Kanae cheered. "You're not being logical!" Shinobu said in frustration. "It'll be fine. If you give someone the chance, their heart will blossom." Kanae smiled, hugging kanao. "If kanao can find a guy that she likes, then even she can change one day."

Kanae's words rang in Kanao's mind, making her blush and look out the window to the shining silver moon, stars beautifully arranged in the sky, twinkling ever so brightly. 'Nee-san...' she thought to herself, blushing harder as a certain someone popped up in her mind. '...What if it's not a guy?'

...To be continued...

Chapter 30: Slicing That Bitch UP! ...And Getting a Stab to the Tiddy




Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text


"WAKE THE f*ck UP BOYS! TIME TO FIGHT!" I screamed before we heard noises inside of the compartment ahead of us, making the two of us beam in hope. I practically screamed with joy as Inosuke burst from the roof, raising his sword in the hair flamboyantly as he yelled, "FOLLOW ME, MY MINIONS! UNGAAAAAAAHHH!! PIG ASSAULT! THAT'S THE WAY OF INOSUKE-SAAAMAAA!!!"

"If kanao can find a guy that she likes, then even she can change one day."

Kanae's words rang in Kanao's mind, making her blush and look out the window to the shining silver moon, stars beautifully arranged in the sky, twinkling ever so brightly. 'Nee-san...' she thought to herself, blushing harder as a certain someone popped up in her mind. '...What if it's not a guy?'

"YESS!! INOSUKE!" I exclaimed, ecstatic to see him after that previous sh*t-show with Enmu. "INOSUKE! THERE'S NO SAFE PLACE ON THIS TRAIN! PROTECT THE SLEEPING PEOPLE!" Tanjiro cried out as Inosuke crouched on the roof. "THIS WHOLE TRAIN IS A DEMON! CAN YOU HEAR ME?! THE WHOLE TRAIN IS A DEMON!" Tanjiro yelled, hoping Inosuke heard him through the loud rush of wind going past us. "I knew it. THEN I WAS RIGHT! AND I LACK NOTHING AS A BOSS!" Inosuke proudly roared before standing up and readying his blades. I watched worriedly as he dived back into the train, swing his swords in circular motions. "I'LL SAVE THEM ALL! YOU'LL ALL BE BOWING TO ME IN THANKS! INOSUKE'S COMIN' THROOOUGH!" I heard Inosuke yell inside the compartment.

I looked over to Tanjiro and grabbed his hand before nodding at him with a determined smile,"Let's go." He nodded back at me with furrowed brows, just as determined to save these people before we jumped inside the hole Inosuke made together, landing in the middle of the compartment. Looking around I grimaced at the bulging veiny mounds of flesh that lingered on the train before scanning the passengers, making sure Inosuke managed to free all of them. Until I heard the loud bangs of thunder a few ways away. 'Zenitsu! Thank god he's okay!' I thought thankfully, a smile on my face. 'Okay, so while he's helping Nezuko with protecting the other passengers, should I go with them or...' I pondered as Tanjiro looked back, concerned by the thunder. 'No, I gotta stay by Rengoku theentiretime, since everyone else will be safe in the end...But him!' I nodded determinedly to myself, making a mental promise to save Rengoku no matter what. Hopefully, not dying in the process...

"Lana, this is bad! What should we do?!" Tanjiro said to me in slight panic. I snapped my gaze to him as we stood in the middle of the cart, blades in hand. "I don't know is the passengers in the rear cars are safe, and it's way too cramped to swing our swords!" I was about to reassure him it would be okay when the train suddenly de-railed, the compartment jumping harshly as the two of us were thrown to the end of the cart. I screamed as we flew, only to groan in pain as we slammed against the door. "Oh...my fff*ckingg godd," I wheezed, the wind knocked out of my body from the impact. I looked up, only to find Rengoku himself crouched in front of us, wide awake and ready for action. "Kamado! Lana!" "Rengoku-san!" we exclaimed in relief. I sat up, wincing as my back ached. "To come this far, I had to do some really precise blade-work, so I think the demon'll need some time to regenerate. But there's no time to spare, so I'll make it quick!" Rengoku said before holding up his hand. "This train has eight cars, Lana-san and I will defend the back five!" he explained. I blinked, 'Oh, wait! This is good, that way I can keep an eye on him!...Despite him being a WHOLE-ASS PILLAR. He'll need me!' I quietly grinned. Things seemed to be looking up for me!

"That yellow boy and your sister will defend the remaining three! You and Inogashira will keep an eye on those three cars as you search for the demon's head!" Rengoku turned to Tanjiro. "It's head?! But right now, this demon is-" Tanjiro protested before Rengoku interrupted him, leaning in with a bright grin, "Whatever shape it takes, as long as it's a demon, it's got a vital spot somewhere! I'll look for it while I fight. Now, hop to it!" 'Um, back the f*ck off my MANRengokubefore I peg you!SWEAR,' I playfully glared at him before snorting inside my head and getting up, dusting myself off. The flame hashira got up and turned to me, "Forgive me, Lana-san! But this way will be faster!" He grinned, making me confused. "Dude, what-" I said before yelping as he scooped me up and flashed off to another compartment, a trailof visual flames behind him. "Tanjiro-!" was all I could get out before I disappeared from his sight.

We came to a sudden stop in the middle of one of thecarts. He placed me down on my feet and gave me a grin. "Sorry for the abrupt trip, but as a pillar, I have a few tricks up my sleeve!" I snapped out of my shock and gave him a wry smile. "Just warn me next time, geez I didn't even get to wish Tanjiro to stay safe!" I huffed before looking around the compartment, seeing the people being slowly swallowed by Enmu's...um,body. "I'll take the last three carts, you can go up ahead to the other two! That way, it's easier to keep track off the passengers!" Rengoku exclaimed. I nodded before tugging on his flame cape."Although you won't need it, good luck, Rengoku-san!!" He merely grinned at me and patted my head, giving mea surge of affection. "You as well, Lana-san!" I beamed and saluted him before running down the compartments, passing several unconscious passengers with mounds of flesh covering their bodies. Knowing Rengoku would take care of them, I ran on, determined to be useful. 'Let's f*ckINGGOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!' I screamed internally.

With my sword at ready, I reached the second to first of the five carts we had to defend. "Ewww..." I grimaced to myself, disgusted by the veiny, chunky palelimbsthat covered the compartment. I groaned before slashing at the nearest mounds of flesh, successfully freeing a woman. "Oh, bruh, why don't I just use a breathing form? Lol," I snorted to myself before easily concentrating my breath. 'Breath of water, fourth form: striking tide!' I mentally cried out as I kicked off the ground, swinging my sword to precisely cut Enmu's limbs. I jumped from booth to booth, making continuous slices with my sword as I moved. I landed on the floor, watching as the limbs plopped onto the floor, disintegrating away. "f*cking foul," I scoffed before rushing off to the next cart.

Repeating the same actions, I assumed I had finished off all traces of Enmu in the compartment. I had thought wrong, as I immediately felt my leg get grabbed by thething.I screamed before the cartonce again rattled, making me jump. As I flew in the air, I panicked, 'WHERE'S THE THING?!' I looked down only to get caught in Rengoku's arms, his signature grin on his face before he put me down. "Sorry about that! I'm glad I got to you though!Good job defending the carts,I knew you could do it!" he praised, making me flush and shyly smile at the compliments. 'God,I'm such apraise-whor*. Thank for boosting my enormously large egoRengoku!' I cackled internally. I nodded and smiled, "What now?" He looked down the carts and nodded forward. "Why don't you go catch up with Kamado-boy and Inogashira? I'm sure you want to help them," he told me. I nodded but paused. "Wait, then what about you? What will you do?!" I asked worriedly. 'f*ck, I forgot what happens now. I wanna go help them and be a bad bitch! But Rengoku...' He patted my head, which didn't do much to ease my worry but I appreciated the gesture. "I'll be fine, don't worry yourself! Now go! Hurry!" He urged. 'That didn't answer my question...' I thought in grief but nodded and complied, knowing that he wouldn't die...right now, at least. "Okay then, but please,pleasestay safe!" I begged before waving him off, running down the train. He stared after me, waving back.

As I ran, I passed Zenitsu and Nezuko, who were fighting off the last of Enmu. Nezuko let out a muffled noise of joy when she spotted me waving and beaming at her. As I passed an unconcious-but-moving Zenitsu, I leaned over and placed a hurried peck on his cheek for good luck. "You're doing great guys! Proud of youuu!!" I shouted happily, waving behind me. I reached the compartment with the giant hole Inosuke made earlier and jumped up onto the roof, the train still moving as fast as ever. I spotted the conductor's cart and ran as fast as I could, seeing the pulsating chunks of flesh poking out from the open space. 'Hurry, hurry, hurry!' I chanted, moving faster. Once I stood above the opening, I gasped as I saw Tanjiro and Inosuke surrounded by hundreds of Enmu's eyes. I saw a flash of black for a moment before I quickly snapped out of the spell. 'sh*t the eyes! But...' I looked down againonly toseeTanjiro move his blade towards his neck.

I practically screamed as I dived down, keeping my eyes solely on Tanjiro as Ilanded and furiously grabbing his wrist. "DON'T YOUDARE,KAMADO TANJIRO!" I yelled, tears in my eyes as he stared at me in shock. "SNAP OUT OF IT, THIS IS REAL, WOULDN'T YOU KNOW THAT?!" I sobbed before wiping my eyes and clutching my sword, staring fiercely at the redhead in order to avoid the eyes surrounding us. "DANA! SHE'S RIGHT GONPACHIRO, DON'T FALL INTO THAT TRAP! DON'T DIE A FOOL'S DEATH!" Inosuke yelled as he sliced a limb coming towards us. I sniffled before Tanjiro and I spotted the conductor running towards Inosuke holding a weapon like the other dream-invaders. "INOSUKE!" we cried out before running towards them. As it was so cramped, I knew the only thing we could do was get between them...And that meant one of us would be stabbed.

Thankfully, Tanjiro was closer to Inosuke, so while he stood in front of him, I took the hit. "DON'T INTERFERE WITH THE DREAM!" the conductor yelled before plunging the needle into my left arm, as I covered my torso with my arms in order to protect my stomach. It hurt like abitchthough, and I quietly screamed as the long weapon dug into my limb, stopping at something hard. My bone."LANA!!" Tanjiro screamed, watching in horror as I choked out a sob from the pain. "I- I'M Ff*ckING FINE!! SEVER THE DEMON'S f*ckING NECK NOW!" I yelled harshly as I hit the man's pressure point, knocking him unconscious. I watched as Inosuke jumped up and performed his beast breathing style, making numerous slices at the floor before it cracked away, revealing an oversized spine, veins connecting to it. "UGH, I'M GONNA f*ckING PUKE!" I exaggerated, fake-retching at the disgusting sight.

I calmed down as soon as I saw flames surround Tanjiro, who readied his sword. 'Flames? But we only learned water-breathing...OH HIS DAD'S FLAME-BREATHING THING, I'M A DUMBASS,' my eyes widened at my realization, watching in awe as Tanjiro took a breath before he spun, creating a ring of flames that pierced around him, slicing the bone. Perhaps the flames weren't real and only a visual, but IsworeI felt the heat of the fire as it burned around us, the beautiful and bright flames leaving me amazed. "It's so...beautiful," I whispered, gaze practically bewitched by the sight ofTanjiro Kamado,one of the prettiest boys I've ever seen, looking so godlike as he performed thehinokami kagura.

The sight didn't last long, the front of the train immediately flying off the side of the hill we were on after Tanjiro severed it. I watched in horror as large, deformed chunks of limbs and flesh mass bursted from what used to be the front of the train. A loud scream of agony rang around us, making us cover our ears in pain at the sharp sound. I hissed as my arm throbbed in pain, but I had to ignore it as the ground shook beneath us, making me panic as I remembered what would happen next. "THE TRAIN'S GONNA FLIP! WE'RE GONNA CRASH!" I screamed before we all grabbed onto a part of the train. "RANA! Is- IS YOUR ARM ALRIGHT?" Inosuke asked me in concern as I let out another hiss of pain as I latched onto the the wall behind me, unable to grab onto anything. "Lana! Be careful!" Tanjiro cried worriedly, looking at my bleeding arm. "Dude, please just focus on the passengers! I'm just sayin', if I die IDIE," I said seriously.

Before they had a chance to reply with protests, as seen by the horrified look on Tanjiro's face and Inosuke's hackles being raised, I shrieked as the train flipped, sending me flying to Inosuke's chest since there wasn't anything to grab on. 'God, my f*ckING ARM!' After the train had finally stopped spasming, we got out of the remains of the train. Walking off into the clearing, the two began fretting over me. "Lana, are you alright!? I shouldn't have let you get infront of me..." Tanjiro said guiltily, gently grabbing my arm and staring at the deep, open wound. "RANA! DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING OKAY?! YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF!" Inosuke huffed worriedly. "I mean, it hurts like a whole bitch but I can still use it, sorta," I shrugged, but smiled reassuringly at them. "Don't worry, okay? We should go find the others and make sure they're okay! You guys are okay, right?" said, looking them up and down. Tanjiro shook his head, "I'm fine-" "I FEEL GREAT! NOT EVEN A SNIFFLE!" Inosuke cheered proudly. I beamed, "Then there's nothing wrong! Oh, what about the conductor? We should go check on him!" I said, nudging my head over to the front of the derailed train. "Okay then, we should!" Tanjiro nodded. Inosuke paused before saying, "I actually think it's alright ifhedies!" "-No, it's not! Inosuke!" Tanjiro scolded. "WHAT?! But I thought you would agree! HE STABBED RANA IN THE ARM, AND HE COULD'VE STABBED YOU HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR HER! Anyway, his leg is pinned under the engine. There's no way he can walk. If we leave him, he'll die!" Inosuke yelled. Tanjiro shook his head, "No, he's already suffered enough. We should help him." I nodded, "Yeah, I feel bad for him dude, mans had to resort to destroying others to get what he wants. Icould relate, not gonna lie."

Inosuke stared at us for a moment before snorting through his mask,"Hmph! Fine, because I'm a good boss, I'll do it...To make my underlings happy." I beamed at him, to which he responded by storming off to the conductor. "BUT AFTER I HELP HIM, I'M RIPPING OUT ALL HIS HAIR!" He stubbornly yelled. "...You don't have to do that," Tanjiro said in disbelief.I snorted, knowing he wouldn't do that. Just as we were about to follow him, I looked over to the fallen train and saw a small clump of mass with two eyes staring at us. Enmu. "Tanjiro," I said, tugging on his haori sleeve. He looked over and noticed what I was staring at before I took his hand and walked us over to the disintegrating form of what was Enmu. He stared up at us, regret and frustration in his eyes. "...I hope God, or whoever is out there, gives you mercy," I said softly. The mass couldn't respond, but he only reached out with his tiny, deformed limb. I sighed and took his hand with my non-injured arm, sitting down on my knees. "I feel bad for you. I hate you, and I despise what you are....But I hope you were a good person when you were a human," I told him as his eyes filled with tears. Whether of anger or of sadness, as he slowly faded away, Tanjiro and I knelt down to pray for him.

"Hey there, you two!" Rengoku's voice called out from behind us. We turned around to see him walking towards us, and to my relief, he was okay. "Rengoku-san..." Tanjiro greeted. "Defeating a lower moon demon all by yourselves, eh? That's one of the first steps to becoming a pillar!" Rengoku beamed. "But that's just the first of ten-thousand steps yet to come!" He grinned. "Hah, we'll do our best!" I weakly cheered, exhausted despite sleeping earlier. He chuckled before he glanced at my bleeding arm. "Your arm is bleeding. You can do total concentration: constant, right? Kocho told me a bit of your stay at her residence!" I nodded in confirmation at his words. He nodded, "Concentrate more, improve the accuracy of your breath. Focus on every inch of your body. Although it is only your arm, there are blood vessels, broken blood vessels." I nodded before beginning to perform constant concentrated breathing, huffing and inhaling as I concentrated on my body and my breathing. "Concentrate more," he urged. I complied the best I could, trying to sense my body, every nerve, every muscle I had.

I almost gasped as Ifeltmy nerves course within me, and I swear I could almostseethe veins and bleeding wound in my arm. "That's it...Hemostasis, stop the bleeding," Rengoku instructed. I followed, concentrating on the wound. I focused on the bleeding and the nerves around the puncture, panting as I tried to concentrate. "Almost there....That's it! No more bleeding," Rengoku smiled proudly at me. I stared down at my blood-stained arm with wide eyes. "No f*cking way..." I whispered to myself. "Yes, way! There're lots of things you can do if you can master your breathing. That doesn't mean you can doanything, but you'll be much stronger than you were yesterday," Rengoku told me. I looked over to Tanjiro, who was just as bewildered. "Uh...Yeah," I responded. The flame pillar beamed, "Everyone is safe! A lot of injuries, but no deaths. No need for you to overdo it!" I smiled in relief and was about to respond when a loud BOOM!came from behind us. Rengoku's smile dropped along with mine as we grew concerned for the noise.

My heart dropped as the smoke cleared, revealing a male with pink hair and thick lashes, his strange eyes carved with 'Upper Three' on both irises. He smiled at us, though it was not a warm and friendly smile like others. It sent chills down my spine and made dread pool in my stomach. He glanced down at Tanjiro. 'No, Not f*ckING AKAZ-' Was the only thought I could get out before he released anotherBOOM!I actedimmediately, throwing myself over Tanjiro to shield him with my body. Thankfully, I didn't f*ckingdieas Rengoku had jumped over us both, using his flame style to successfully split Akaza's arm in half through the knuckle. I scrambled off the ground and snapped my head to seethe Upper Moon Demon skid away from us. "Now? NOW!?" I said in despair to myself. Tanjiro did nothing but stare up at me in shock. Rengoku stood protectively in front of us, wielding his sword firmly. "Nice katana," was all the demon said as he licked his rapidly healing cut on the back of his hand.

(Idk if yall wanan immerse yourselves into this further, but I was lsitening to this while writing and I was actually crying as I was writing. Omfg: Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (11)Youjo Senki ED 2, Sensen no Realism)

"Now why would someone as powerful as you attack the vulnerable first?" Rengoku asked, his smile seeming less bright and more serious. Akaza shrugged, "I thought he might interrupted the conversation we're about to have..." "What are we going t talk about? This is our first meeting, butI already hate you," Rengoku responded coldly. 'Zamn Rengoku...interested in the harem?' I thought to myself before shaking it off. I was about to stand up before I hesitated and remained on the ground, sitting next to a lying down Tanjiro. 'He'd probably kill me as soon as I got on my first foot...I'm not risking it right now.'

"Of course, I also hate weak humans. When I see weakness, my skin crawls," Akaza smiled. "You and I have very different values," Rengoku said. "Aha, then I have a great idea...Why don't you become a demon?" the pink-haired male grinned, holding his arm up as he spoke. "Hmm...No, thanks," Rengoku declined coldly. Akaza's eyes narrowed, "I can tell your strength by looking at you. You're a pillar, right? you've developed...your fighting spirit to the edge of perfection." "I am the Flame Pillar Rengoku Kyojuro." "I am Akaza. Let me tell you, Kyojuro, why your power will never truly reach perfection." As they communicated, I reached for my blade. Thankfully, it was still on my hip. 'What should I do...HE'S A f*ckING UPPER MOON, WHAT CAN I DO BESIDES DIE FOR NOTHING?? UH- SHOULD I THROW MY SWORD? SOUNDS f*ckING STUPID BUT MAYBE I CAN DISTRACT HIM?? UGH! I DON'T KNOW AND I'M GOING TO CRY COUNTING THE SECONDS UNTIL RENGOKU f*ckING DIES,' I thought frantically to myself. I am...completely useless in this situation.

As I raced through different scenarios I could do, I felt like there was nothing I could do butwatchhim die. 'No,' I thought to myself, getting more angry and scared by the second. 'f*ck THAT! HE'S NOT GOING TO DIE TODAY, NOT TOMORROW, AND HE'S GOING TO LIVE A FULL LIFE! HE'S GOING TO SEE HIS BROTHER HAVE KIDS AND HAVE KIDS HIMSELF ONE DAY! I WON'T f*ckING BITCH OUT, WE'RE DOING THIS EVEN IF I HAVE TO LOSE A FEW f*ckING LIMBS!' I screamed to myself, feeling my chest get overwhelmed withfury.

I glanced over to Tanjiro, who was panicking over not having his sword with him. 'I'm not dragging Tanjiro into this. This ismy problem, my burden of the future.' "-These two aren't weak. Do not insult them," I snapped back when Rengoku glanced over at us. "I'll say it again...You and I value different things." He repeated, staring dead at Akaza."...I have many reasons for not becoming a demon." Rengoku finished. "I see," was all the demon replied with before positioning his body and preparing for an attack. I held my breath as Akaza said, "If you won't become a demon, then I'll have to kill you," before both enemies kicked off the ground fiercely, engaging in a battle of flames, wind, and dirt. I tried to follow them with my eyes, but...'They're going too fast! How do I know when to interrupt?!' I felt myself tear up in frustration. 'f*ck!'

I watched on, hoping I would be able to interrupt atjust the right time.'I have to do something, NOW!' I panicked, scrambling to my feet as Akaza was distracted. Rengoku glared at me, yelling, "DON'T MOVE! IF YOU INTERFERE YOU'LL DIE! IT'S NOT YOUR TIME YET!" My eyes widened before furrowing as he snapped back to his battle. 'Not yet...Then soon, now. I'll wait, just a little longer before going in!'

I watched in impatient patience as the two swung at eachother, sword colliding with fist. I helped Tanjiro up as Inosuke walked back to us, swords in his hands. I watched in slight awe as a beautiful explosion appeared as they fought, the smoke blowing away to reveal a proudly standing Akaza a few ways away from a bleeding, panting Rengoku. "Don't die yet, Kyojuro," Akaza said blankly. Rengoku didn't respond, he just tried catching hisbreath, his flame cape bellowing behind him heroically as always. It hurt staring at his weakened form, but he stood tall despite his injuries. "But what about you? Your left eye is crushed, your ribs are broken, and you're bleeding inside. Those are serious wounds," Akaza noted. "If you were a demon, you would heal in the blink of an eye. To a demon, those are just scratches. No matter how hard they struggle, humans cannot defeat demons," Akaza finished. Rengoku let out a hearty, raspy chuckle that tore at my heart. "I will fulfill my duty! I won't let anyone here die!" Rengoku, held his blade behind him, preparing to attack.

Akaza trembled, "Such fight spirit! Even with those wounds...You're full of determination and spiritual fortitude. Your stance has no weakness! YOU REALLY SHOULD BECOME A DEMON, KYOJURO! THEN YOU COULD FIGHT WITH ME FOREVER!" Akaza grinned maniacally.They stood still, attacks at ready. It was a second before I thought, 'This- this is IT, I GOTTA ACT NOW!Sorry, but If I die...' I glanced at Tanjiro, my eyes softening as he stared back at me with horrified eyes. '...Then I die. I'm sorry, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, everyone...' I clutched my sword and unsheathed it, running into the colliding opponents with a speed that seemed like I was running for my life. And honestly? I kind of was, kind of wasn't. "Lana! NO!! COME BACK! PLEASE!" I vaguely heard Tanjiro cry out as I rushed to do something, toact.I heard Inosuke's voice call for me, just as devastated as Tanjiro's. It hurt, but I kept running, not looking back for a second as I had accepted my fate.

Time felt as if it had slowed as I ran, my sandal-clad feet scratching against the dirt. My face and body was covered in dirt, my hair knotted and flying behind me as I ran. Tears fell from my eyes, sobs threateningto ripfrom my mouth as I felt what would come to be my doom draw nearer with each step. At best, I'd lose a good chunk of my body. At worse? Well, I shouldn't have to describe...I prepared my sword, ready to perform a certain water breath technique. One that would, maybe, save Rengoku while injuring Akaza, even if just by a little bit.

'Seventh form: piercing rain drop- curve!' I kicked off, pointing my sword to where Akaza's stomach would be. Right as I flashed into the clearing, I tackled Rengoku to the ground, successfully digging my sword deep into Akaza. As we fell,I couldn't help but think, 'What...am I doing? This- This was stupid. I don't have any special kind of breathing like Tanjiro, I'm not as quick-witted as Shinobu or Kanao, I'm not as fast as Zenitsu, and I'm certainly not as invincible as Nezuko...So, what. Am. I. Doing?' My eyes widened as I faintly heard Rengoku yell in alarm, but I had felt completely numb to my surrounding, sounds becoming muffled. 'Mm, nevermind. I remember now...That's right, I'd die for these characters- No, not characters,people.'

As we hit the ground, I smiled to myself. 'Maybe I can call myself a 'donut' after this, if Akaza decides he wants to pierce my stomach.Sorry Rengoku, but I'll be...taking your title.'

...To be continued...

Chapter 31: Where The Sea Sleeps


Author's Note: I was. INDEED listening to the entire Book of Us: Gluon album while writing this :,))) Hehe. IM SERIOUSLY THINKING ABT MAKING AN ANIMATIC OF THIS FIC USING ONE OF THE SONGS! I've already decided which song, but I'm gnna keep it a secret until it's out, hehe! <33 Also it's been a Good Minute since I had a moment with Tanjiro :,))) so I delivered <33


Warning: Swearing, ableism (daddy rengoku, duh),Tanjiro is mad :,(((( (BUT IT GETS FLUFFY IN THE END SO DONT WORRY!)

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text

Author's Note: I was. INDEED listening to the entire Book of Us: Gluon album while writing this :,))) Hehe. IM SERIOUSLY THINKING ABT MAKING AN ANIMATIC OF THIS FIC USING ONE OF THE SONGS! I've already decided which song, but I'm gnna keep it a secret until it's out, hehe! <33 Also it's been a Good Minute since I had a moment with Tanjiro :,))) so I delivered <33

Warning: Swearing, ableism (daddy rengoku, duh),Tanjiro is mad :,(((( (BUT IT GETS FLUFFY IN THE END SO DONT WORRY!)

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!


As we hit the ground, I smiled to myself. 'Maybe I can call myself a 'donut' after this, if Akaza decides he wants to pierce my stomach.Sorry Rengoku, but I'll be...taking your title.'

Smoke blurred our vision, and as I couldn't feel my body at all, I couldn't tell who gets to live in this situation. Certainly not me though, right? How could I? Akaza blew right past us while we were still falling, meaning there's still the possibility that one of us got hit. Through my misty vision, I saw Rengoku looking down at me in horror, a frown wide on his face instead of his grin. I drearily blinked and held a hand to his face, looking at him in tired confusion. "Why are you...upset? You should smile," I whispered. To my shock, his eyes became glossy, as if he was- going to cry...

"Why?" I faintly heard him say softly. I smiled at him before looking up at Akaza, who stood above us just as shocked, his right arm missing and dripping blood, although it was regenerating. "Eh...What's this?" The Upper Moon demon questioned, staring down at me. "Why would you...save him? He's about to die, so what's the point?" He muttered. I blinked at him before smiling, "Because I care about him. I'd rather have others live than myself, sometimes." He gazed blankly at me, as if he was lost in his thoughts before Rengoku quickly sat up and swung his sword at Akaza's neck, still on the ground and holding me close. As Rengoku dug his sword into the side of Akaza's neck, Akaza went to throw another fist at me, only for Rengoku to snatch his wrist in incredible strength, preventing him from touching me. Thankfully, his other decapitated arm was still a stub, regenerating halfway.

From a few ways away, I spotted Tanjiro rushing off towards us, sword in hand and a furious look on his face. I noticed the sky began getting lighter, meaning dawn would be breaking soon. Bad news for Akaza, should he remain here. As his wrist was still regenerating, I took the moment to grip my sword andstab into him arm again. 'Seventh Form: Piercing Rain Drop!' Akaza growled in frustration as I kept ramming my sword into his arm, preventing him from fully regenerating in order to attack us. "BACK DOWN MAN, UNLESS YOU WANNA ROT IN THE SUN, YEAH?!" I yelled before he let out a loud, "GRAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! OUT! OF! MY! WAAAAY!" Rengoku and I began screaming back, pushing our swords into him. Rengoku got about halfway into his neck, Inosuke rushing up behind us to attack Akaza, managing to slice both his arms clean off before anotherBOOM!bursted from where Akaza stood.

We watched as he flew up, landing away from us as the sun began to peak above the distant hills. He gave us one last glance before he fled into the forest, vanishing into the trees. Tanjiro angrily threw his sword at him, chasing after him. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING, YOU COWARD?! DON'T RUN AWAY!" I heard him shout into the woods. "THE DEMON SLAYER CORPS ARE FLESH-AND-BLOOD HUMANS!OUR WOUNDS DON'T CLOSE QUICKLY! LOST LIMBS DON'T GROW BACK! AND YET YOU'LL ONLY FIGHT US IN THE DARK OF NIGHT WHEN YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE! SO WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! YOU JERK! COWARD!" As Tanjiro screamed at Akaza, I glanced up at Rengoku, who stared at Tanjiro with an unreadable expression. I leaned against his chest, tired. I looked down at my shoulder, only to blink as it was covered in blood. 'So...he got a small chunk of my shoulder, huh? Damn, I'm lucky that we bothsurvived.'

For some reason, maybe it was the adrenaline, but I really didn't feel the pain at the moment. But I knew that it would hit me later on once this wore off. "Mm' t'red," I mumbled sleepily. Kyojuro stared down at me and patted my head, giving me a warm hug. "...You did well, Lana, you did well." I smiled and yawned, "...I know, and I'm glad." "HRAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" Tanjiro screamed, crying hysterically into the woods. I looked over to see Inosuke trembling as he stood, not saying a word as he stared off at Tanjiro. Kyojuro smiled softly, "Don't cry so hard, kid. We're still here, yeah? So it's alright now." Tanjiro turned around, tears and snot covering his face. "We didn't die, or at least, not yet. So let's talk, come here," Kyojuro chuckled. I smiled guiltily at Tanjiro as he walked over to us, plopping onto the ground in front of Kyojuro and I.

"Well, thankfully, my wounds aren't life-threatening at the moment, so I should be fine as long as I get help within the next few hours," Kyojuro said. "While I recover, I want you to visit my home, the Rengoku estate. There, you'll find the writings of the past flame pillar. My father often read them, but I didn't, so I have no idea what's in them. They may contain records of the Hinokami Kagura you mentioned," he explained. "R-Rengoku- we should get you two help now! Lana's shoulder is bad as well as your wounds, we have to go now!" Tanjiro spoke up, crying as he stood up. Kyojuro nodded and patted my non-wounded shoulder, "C'mon then, let's go. I'm sure your friends are worried, yeah?" I nodded and reached out to push myself up, only to crumple onto the ground as my arm trembled. "Lana! Don't exert your arms! They're badly injured!" Tanjiro yelped, scrambling to help me up. "Sorry for the trouble," I winced, smiling weakly at him. He shook his head worriedly and gently grabbed me by the waist, lifting me onto my feet.

I thanked him and looked over at Inosuke, who shook in place as he stared at us. "Ino-" I said before I was cut off by a hug from him, and surprisingly he was careful to avoid touching my wounds. "...suke," I finished, patting his head with wide eyes. "You...idiot," he growled tearfully into my uninjured shoulder. His voice wavered and cracked as he sniffled through his boar mask. Guilt swelled in me as I teared up. "I'm sorry," I whimpered, crying with him. "I-I'm so sorry," I repeated, my voice just as shaky as his. Tanjiro and Kyojuro limped over to us, the Flame Hashira's arm thrown over Tanjiro's shoulder as he supported him. "...Let's go, before your wounds get infected," Tanjiro said softly, looking down. Inosuke and I let go of eachother and I nodded, smiling softly with glossy eyes. '...I did it!'

We were ready to begin heading back when Zenitsu jogged up to us, Nezuko's box on his back before he spotted my f*cked-up form, his face contorting into pure panic and worry as he broke out into a sprint, running up to me. "Lana! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?" I would've shrugged, had it not been for my injuries. "Uh, bascially? Sacrificed myself for Rengoku-" "DANA ALMOST KILLED HERSELF!" Inosuke interrupted me. "WHAT!?" Zenitsu screamed, horrified. I pursed my lips. "I mean, it's true. I was going to kill myself to save Rengoku, but luckily we survived! ...Somehow," I said, guilt still heavily within me. "Why?! Why would you do such a thing?! Lana!" Zenitsu wept. "Well, I couldn't just stand there and watch him die, y-y'know? I feel like sh*t for making you guys worry so much over me, but...I don't regret what I did," I said softly. "If I have to lose a chunk of my shoulder to save his entire life?I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'd do it foranyof you!" I told him.

He glanced down at my arm. "And what about that?!" Zenitsu fretted. "I got stabbed in the arm by the conductor who was trying to stab Inosuke!" I replied. "WHAT!?" he screamed, his eyes bulging from the sockets. "....Yeah," I gave him a crooked smile.

After that, sixkakushi jogged up to us, their eyes just as comically wide as Zenitsu's when they spotted mine andKyojuro's beat-up forms. Without saying a word, they hurried picked us up and carried us on their backs, one of them taking Nezuko's box and carrying it on their back. On the way back, Zenitsu proceeded to cry the entire way in concern for my wellbeing. I tried reassuring him I was okay, but he just kept shaking his head and weeping and apologizing for not being there for me and protecting me. Damn, did I feel likesh*t.Tanjiro wouldn't even look at me, and Inosuke just silently cried to himself. Kyojuro remained silent but eventually fell asleep from exhaustion on the kakushi's back, which I followed right after, worn out from today.

I woke up in the infirmary of the Butterfly Estate, the white uniform that I wore last time already clothed on me. Tanjiro sat in his bed, thinking to himself. Zenitsu was no where to be found and Inosuke...was somewhere, who knows. Tanjiro looked over to me as he noticed that I was awake, giving a small smile before he frowned at me, making me worried. 'Oh no...' I thought to myself, knowing he's probably going to go off on me. He got up and went over to my bedside, gently grasping my hand as he looked down. "...Tanjiro?" I said unsurely. He paused before squeezing my hand lightly. "...I'm mad, you know." 'I...made Tanjiro mad?' I thought sadly, my heart dropping to the pits of my stomach. He silently nodded. "...I'm not mad atyou, but...I'm mad that I almost lost you. No, nevermind- I'm also mad at you," he said with no malice to his tone, just disappointment that made my chest ache.

"...Oh," was all I could say, accidently letting hurt seep into my tone. "I'm sorry, Tanjiro," I said softly, tearing up. He looked up at me and gently hugged me, resting his lips on my right shoulder, as it was completely uninjured, thankfully. Using that same arm, I wrapped it around him, holding him close. "I'm sorry I didn't do more to protect you...I should've done something too, but instead I just watched you run to your death...And I..." His voice wavered as he began to tremble in my arms. My heartachedas I held him closer, inhaling his scent. Although it's been years since he's last sold charcoal, he still smells like the coals we delivered that fateful day along with a hint of fresh water. His scent was comforting and familiar, and I practically melted in his arms. I felt a bubble swell in my throat, and for a second, I thought my throat would've ballooned like a frog's. "I-Iwould have to- to live, knowing the girl I love d-died right in front of me, w-while I just stoodthere,staring!" he choked out and I felt my shoulder become damp from his tears.

I sniffled and whispered apologies to him, tears streaming down my face. Until he said something that made me pause. "I... Would I have to lose more of my family, not being able to do anything to prevent it? How many times? I..." He whimpered.His family.And suddenly, I felt like the scumof earth. I had hurt this boy, one of the boys I've ever loved and who've been sokindenough tolove me back, and I go and remind him of the guilt he felt when he almost lost his entire family as he slept safe and soundly miles away from them. "Tanjiro, I'm so sorry!" I wept, crying into his shoulder. "I didn't mean to make you feel that way, and I-I'm sorry for hurting you!" He held me tighter as I spoke, shaking in my hold. "I can't promise I won't do it again, because youknowI'd do anything for you and everyone I care about," I said softly, rubbing his back. "But I can tell you that I'll be more careful and I'll try to think about my actions before doing them thoughtlessly," I sniffled as he slowly pulled away from me, tears and snot covering his face.

"...I forgive you, I always will, Lana," he said, smiling softly at me with pure love in his eyes. My lip wobbled before I bursted out crying again, making him panic. "L-Lana!?" "I'm just so grateful for you and I'm sorry I take you all for granted sometimes and I never wanted to hurt you and I'm such a sh*t personand you're just soamazing!" I rambled through my tears. He shook his head and grasped my face, making me look at him all teary-eyed. "No, no! You're just as, if not more amazing! Lana, I'm with you becauseI think you're an amazing and beautiful person," he reassured me, wiping my tears with his thumb. I let out a breathy giggle and held his cheek with my right hand, memorizing his gentle features. "A-and, when this is all over...When I-we,defeat Muzan Kibutsuji...I'd be honored if you would have me as your husband!" He flushed a bright red, avoiding my gaze with a nervous smile on his face.

I blinked at him, wondering how he found mebeautifulwith snot and tears crusting on my face by the minute, but his words made me f*cking melt, made me want to cry even more, wannadiefrom how much love was in this room. It was warm, fluffy, sweet and soft. Just what I always dreamed how it felt- no, evenbetternow that I'm with Tanjiro. 'Tanjiro's wife...I'd like that, a lot,' I thought as a smile spread across my face, tears glossing my eyes once again. I nodded, filled with pure joy and love for this boy. "Always, always! Godyou're so pretty, how is that possible?" I laughed, gazing at him sosoftlyit made him flush even more, shy from my words and gaze. "D-don't say embarrassing things like that..." he said shyly. My heart gushed and exploded at how cute he was. "I'm only saying the truth, darling," I teased him, watching in amusem*nt as he stuttered and fumbled over his words.

I chuckled before he gathered himself and hopped off the bed. I watched him curiously as he looked around the room. "What're you looking for?" I asked him before he let out a small, "Aha!" and pulled out a clean change of his uniform. He looked over to me, "Ah, I'm going to Rengoku-san's home. Rememeber what he said about his father having a book?" I nodded before my eyes sparkled and I scooted off the bed, hopping off and going up to him excitedly. "Can I come?!" I begged. He shook his head, "You're hurt! And your left arm needs rest. You have to stay here," he replied. I grabbed his hand and shook my head rapidly, "But I won't even use it! Promise! I'll just follow you! And besides, we're only visiting for the book, right?! So nothing will happen!" I pleaded. He paused for a moment, thinking about it before reluctantly sighing and nodding,"Okay..." I beamed and hopped up and down, "YAY!!" I exclaimed excitedly. 'SENJUROOOOOOO LET'S f*ckING GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!'

We put on our uniforms, although Tanjiro wasveryflustered helping me put on my button-up shirt and jacket, careful to avoid pressing on my wounds. I felt clean being in a fresh set of my uniform, my haori free of dirt and tears. "Let's go! Hehe, time to sneak!" I giggled childishly to Tanjiro as he strapped Nezuko on his back. He beamed at me went over to a window, opening it and looking down before looking back at me. "Oh,uh, well I can jump! I just gotta be careful about hitting my arm, that's all!" I reassured him. He looked at me in concern before nodding and jumping out, landing safely on his feet. I looked down at carefully leaned out the window, careful to avoid touching the windowsill with my injuries. Once I got my injured shoulder out in the open, I turned the rest of my body, sitting on the windowsill before hopping off of the wall, landing on my feet like Tanjiro had.

He nodded at me as I grabbed his hand and smiled at him."Let's go!"

While Tanjiro and Lana left...

Zenitsu walked down the hallway of the Butterfly Estate, a bowl of manjuu in his arms. 'Tanjiro has been so depressed since he woke up...Maybe he feels guilty about Rengoku-san and Lana,' he glanced down at the buns he was carrying and smiled, 'Maybe Tanjiro can feel better with these! And when Lana-chan wakes up, we can share them together! A-and maybe...she can feed me some! No, wait! Her arm is injured...Then I can feed HER, ehehe!' As he was lost in his fantasy, he walked through the already-open door of the infirmary and happily held up a manjuu bun. "Tanjiro! Lana-chan! I brought some manjuu! Let's eat-" "TANJIRO AND LANA ARE GONE!" Kiyo cried out as she jumped up, causing Zenitsu's face to smash into the back of her head.

"AAAAH! ZENITSU! I'M SO SORRY!" She cried out worriedly. "No, no, I'm totally fine. What happened?" Zenitsu asked dizzily as blood leaked from his nostrils. "Your eyes are all googly!" Kiyo cried, holding a cloth to his nose. "I'm really sorry! Tanjiro and Lana aren't anywhere to be found!" She exclaimed as Zenitsu kept muttering, "Haha! I'm fine, I'm fine." "They were just resting, but I came and they were gone along with their spare uniforms!" Kiyo wept. "HUH!? LANA-CHAN'S WOUNDS WERE REALLY BAD...AND THEY JUST WENT OFF LIKE THAT!?" Zenitsu squawked. "NO WAY LANA-CHAN WOULD'VE GONE WITH HER INJURIES LIKE THAT, TANJIRO MUST'VE CONVINCED HER TO COME WITH HIM!"

His voice rang throughout the property, "I'M GONNA KILL HIM WHEN HE COMES BACK!"

Tanjiro and I followed Kyojuro's crow, the bird flying above us and guiding us to his birthplace. "I'm glad Rengoku-san sent his crow to guide us, I'm sure we would've gotten lost," Tanjiro panted. I nodded, "Yeah, pretty cool crow!" I hummed before looking ahead and spotting a timidly sweeping Senjuro in front of the gates of his home. He looked tired and worn out, probably stressed from his father's sh*t attitude. 'NOOOOOOOOO!!! MY BABY!!! GRRR, I'M GONNA BEAT THE f*ck OUT OF HIS MF DAD, IT'S ONSIGHT!' I wailed in my mind, screaming internally as I refrained from going up to him and hugging the life out of the poor adorable boy!

We calmly walked up to him. "You must be Senjuro!" I greeted joyfully, raising my hand to wave at him only to wince as I used my injured arm. Tanjiro glanced worriedly at me before we bowed to Senjuro in greeting. The younger boy stared at me in concern before Tanjiro spoke up, "We were sent here by Rengoku Kyojuro. He entrusted me with something. Have you receivedany messages from him?" he asked. Senjuro looked a bit nervous as he softly replied, "...From my brother? I heard what happened, father recieved a crow earlier but...Um, are you two alright? Miss, you looked like your arm was in pain..." 'AWEEEE WHAT A MF CUTIEEEEE!!' My heart melted before a loud, gruff voice yelled. "STOP! I bet what he sent you for is worthless anyway!" I jumped and snapped my gaze to find a heavily drunk and pissed off older version of Kyojuro. 'STOPSTOPSTOPSTOP, GOD IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH AN ASSHOLE RIGHT NOW I'D INVITE YOU TO THE HAREM, sh*t!' I thought furiously. "He didn't havemuch talent but he became a swordsman anyway...And that's why he became so useless! What a worthless and stupid son he was!" '...Was?' I thought, furrowing my brows.

I voiced this opinion aloud, "'Was'? What do you mean 'was'? He's alive!" I said, trying to keep my frustration at bay. Kyojuro's dad looked over to me and scoffed, "Not to me. If a son of mine becomes so handicapped he can't even see from his left eye, he's no son ofmine." I gaped at him, my eyebrows furrowed in angry shock.Ilooked down at Senjuro, seeing the hurt and disbelieved expression on his face. Anger brewed in my chest, 'How f*cking dare HE!? HOW f*ckING DARE HE SAY THAT ABOUT KYOJURO!?' "E-Excuse me?!" I stuttered furiously. "A person's capabilities and limitations are set at birth. A rare few enter the world with talent...The rest are just rabble! They're dust! Ofno value!" He stared me down, raising his gourd to his lips. "That's how it was with Kyojuro! Worthless!He had no talent, soof coursehe became disabled! Now it doesn't even matter if he's alive, he's just as good as dead!" I stood there, mouth open like a fish as I coudln't f*ckingbelievewhat I was hearing out of this old-ass bastard's mouth.

"SENJURO!" He continued, making me glance back down at Senjuro. His face was holding restrained sorrow, tears bubbling in his eyes as he stared at the ground, his grip on his broom turning pale as he trembled. "THE FUNERAL IS OVER! STOP LOOKING SO MISERABLE!" 'That's the lastf*ckingstraw.' "SHUT THE f*ckUP, YOU OLD-ASS BITCH!" I screamed, fury on my face. "HOW COULD YOU f*ckING SAY THAT? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT KNOWING HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR SON PERSONALLY?! WHAT KIND OF sh*t DAD WOULD SAY THAT!?" I huffed heavily, anger filling up my chest. "EXCUSE ME?! THAT'S NONE OF YOUR f*ckIN' BUSINESS!" He yelled back, just as angered. "Who are you, anyways?! GO AWAY, BOTH OF YOU! Don't darken my doorstep!" Tanjiro stared at him, complete disgust and anger on his face. "...We're in the demon slayer corps," Tanjiro said firmly.

And with that, Kyojuro's father dropped his gourd, causing it to smash against the pavement. He pointed his finger shakily at Tanjiro, his eyes wide. "...You...Oh, you're..." Tanjiro and I looked at him in alarm. "YOU PRACTICE THE ART OFSUN BREATHING! YOU DO, DON'T YOU!?" He yelled. "Sun breathing? What's that?" Tanjiro said before the retired flame pillar flashed up and slammed him onto the dirt. "Tanjiro!" I yelled worriedly before letting out an angry yell and tackling the pillar, hissing as I felt stitches in my shoulder re-open from the strain. The older man kicked me off of him, throwing me onto the ground harshly. I cried out in pain as my armburnedagonizingly. "Father! Please stop! Don't you hear her!? She isn't well!" Senjuro pleaded, tugging frantically at his father's yukata. "MORE NONSENSE! SHUT UP!" He shouted, backhanding his youngest son and causing him to bleed as he slammed onto the ground. Tanjiro hopped up and threw a fist, angrily shouting, "KNOCK IT OFF, YOU BRUTE!" I shakily got up, whimpering at the pain but went over to help Senjuro up, gently grasping his face and looking at the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?" Tanjiro screamed. "YOU INSULT YOUR OWN INJURED SON AND THEN HIT YOUR OTHER ONE! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU'RE GOING TO HIT THE GIRL WHO SAVED HIS LIFE!? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?" "I supposeyou came to ridicule us!" "ABSOLUTELY NOT!WHY WOULD I DO THAT?! IT MAKES SO SENSE AT ALL!" As they yelled, I gently tried comforting Senjuro. "Are you okay?" I asked him gently, trying to block out the yelling in the background. He shakily nodded and wiped at his tears. "I'm...fine," he said, his voice wavering and making my heart break. "You're a practitioner of sun breathing. I know those earrings. It was written down!" Senjuro's father said furiously.

We watched as he got up and staggered forward. "Yeah..Sun breathing is...It's..." He snapped up, pointing his finger at Tanjiro. "IT'S THEFIRSTBREATHING TECHNIQUE! IT'S THE FIRST BREATHING TECHNIQUE THAT EVER WAS, AND THE STRONGEST! AND ALL OTHER BREATHING TECHNIQUES ARE MERELY VARIATIONS! All those styles are nothing more than imitations of sun breathing! They're lesser forms that copied sun breathing! ALL OF THEM! FLAME, WATER, WIND!" He listed angrily. "YOU MAY BE A WIELDER OF SUN BREATHING, BUT DON'T GET UPPITY, BOY!" "UPPITY?! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MISERABLE I AM BECAUSE OF MY OWN WEAKNESS! YOU...YOU BITTER OLD BASTARD!" Tanjiro screamed, tears steaming down his face as he charged at the older male. "DON'T INSULT RENGOKU!" "NO! FATHER IS A FORMER PILLAR!" Senjuro cried out worriedly.

Right as Tanjiro reached for him, Senjuro's father slammed his neck. "PLEASE! FATHER, DON'T!" Senjuro pleaded desperately. I growled and decided I had to jump in.NO WAY WAS THIS OLD-ASS MAN GONNA TOUCH MY f*ckING BOYFRIEND AND HIS KID LIKE THAT!I lept into action, running at the two. "MISS, PLEASE!" Senjuro yelled. I came to a stop though, as Tanjiro had twisted in his grasp and slammed his Powerful Forehead against his before BODY SLAMMING HIM. "YESSS! THAT'S MY f*ckING MAN!YOU f*ckING GO BABE!" I screamed hysterically, jumping up and down, Senjuro gaping at us. Tanjiro got up, looking down guiltily at the older male's unconcious form. I went up to him and stared down as well.

"Well...youknow I'd help bury the body Tan-" "HE'S NOT DEAD LANAAA!"

...To be continued...


Chapter 32: Adopting Someone Else's Child? Guess I'm Just BUILT DIFFERENT


Author's Note: HEEHEE SKETCHHH <33 DAIWHNIDW MC NEVER GETS A MF BREAK, SIS BE CRYING EVERY CHAPTER I'M NAWWT GIVING HER A BREAK LMAO AWODUHAWIOHUOA >:,((( blame my hyper-emotional self, I would 100% be crying every f*ckin' day in demon slayer, whether that b bcuz of sadness or happiness, period.


Warning: Swearing, FEELS(hurt/comfort), Mentions of past abuse (just know that I'm injecting my personal life into my character. This is honestly a big way for me to cope. This whole fanfic? An escape from my life <3)

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!

Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (12)


I came to a stop though, as Tanjiro had twisted in his grasp and slammed his Powerful Forehead against his before BODY SLAMMING HIM. "YESSS! THAT'S MY f*ckING MAN!YOU f*ckING GO BABE!" I screamed hysterically, jumping up and down, Senjuro gaping at us. Tanjiro got up, looking down guiltily at the older male's unconcious form. I went up to him and stared down as well.

"Well...you know I'd help bury the body Tan-" "HE'S NOT DEAD LANAAA"

We helped Senjuro carry his unconscious father inside of the house, resting him in his room. I looked down at his sleeping form, a bump forming on his forehead. 'Deserves it, asshole,' I mentally scoffed. Despite the fact that I was absolutely enraged at his despicable actions, I won't deny that I did feel bad for him. 'I hope he's okay...BUT HE'S STILL A f*ckED UP PERSON AND DAD, NO EXCUSES! URRRGGGHH! CURSE MY COMPASSIONATE NATURE!' I mentally scolded myself. Senjuro tugged at myhaori sleeve, making me snap out of my thoughts and look down at him. "E-erm, would you care for some tea?..." he asked nervously, a small smile on his face. I flushed, 'A CUTIEE!!' "Of course! Thank you!" I chirped happily, beaming.

He led us to a tea room, where he began to prepare boiling water for tea. Senjuro was polite enough to give us cushions to sit on as we waited for the tea to boil. I graciously sat on my legs, smiling at Senjuro and thanking him for his kindness. He got a bit embarrassed and waved me off, saying it was no problem. Tanjiro gloomily plopped onto his own cushion, thanking Senjuro as well, just not as enthusiastically. I looked over at him in concern, patting his shoulder. "Are you okay, Tanji?" I asked worriedly. He gave a slow nod, looking worn out. "Mm, I'm fine," he replied tiredly. I sighed, "Well, cheer up soon, 'kay? Senjuro-kun is being gracious enough to make us tea, so just try to take your mind off of things, yeah?" I smiled in concern. He silently nodded, which didn't cool my worry at all. Senjuro slid a cup full of tea over to me. I beamed at him and nodded in thanks, "Thank you for the tea! I'm sure it's bomb- ah, good!" I chuckled.

I grabbed it with my free arm, holding it to my lips before softly blowing and taking a small sip from the cup. The warm diluted taste of jasmine flowers fell on my tongue, the sweet floral scent wafting into my nose. I sighed contently, pleased by the drink. "Jasmine tea, my favorite," I smiled softly. "Reminds me of home," I said, reminiscing times where I'd have a terrible stomach ache and Dad would boil some tea for me. 'Dad...I miss him, a lot,' I thought somberly, bringing down my joyful mood. "Ah- I'm glad it pleases you, miss," Senjuro said. I looked up, blinking in realization. "Oh! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lana, and this is Tanjiro," I said, motioning towards a sulky Tanjiro. Senjuro looked over at him worriedly and slid a cup of tea towards him as well with a nervous smile. "Have some tea, please," he urged softly. Tanjiro looked over to him, his face ghastly as he lowly replied, "Oh...thank you. Sorry, I really head-butted your dad...Is he alright?" 'Tanjiro looks tired...I'll carry him on our way back. Even with one arm!' I nodded to myself, wanting to consult Tanjiro.

"I think he's fine! He woke up while I was getting the tea and went out to buy more sake," Senjuro replied with a small smile. I looked over at him in concern."Does...this happen a lot, then? N-not that it's any of my business! I'm just...worried," I said, concerned by his reaction that he was used to it. '...It's sad but a real truth, kids with alcoholic parents don't see it as abnormal once they get used to it...But if Senjuro gets beat on the daily, then I gotta f*cking throw hands,' I thought sadly to myself. Senjuro paused before nodding, "Father...has a drinking problem. B-but it only started once Mother died! I feel...bad for him," he admitted. I looked down, letting out a small, "Oh..." He looked over to Tanjiro and gave us a small bow. "Thank you," he said, nodding his head. "Huh?" Tanjiro and I looked over at him, confused. "I'm relieved. When Father spoke poorly of Kyojuro...I couldn't talk back to him," Senjuro said softly.

My heart clenched as I placed my half-drunken tea down and scooted over to him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. He looked up at me, confusion in his golden ringed eyes. I took a shaky breath, emotions once again overwhelming me before I looked at him seriously. "Senjuro...I can deeply relate to you," I said softly. "My Dad now isn't myrealdad, but I'm so thankful for him...My actualdad, however...I had a sort of rocky relationship with, y'know? Not being able to argue or stand up for yourself, becuase you justknowthey'll never listen, hurts, yeah?" He nodded, his eyes becoming glossy as he stared down at his hands. My heart shattered as I was reminded of my past life, my family, my little brother. I saw Senjuro as him, and I felt like I was back in my old world, comforting my brother at 1 am and crying with him, same last sentence and all.

"I get the feeling...Maybe you don't actually feel this way, but your dad reminds meexactly like mine. Maybe not as violent, but all the same when he's mad and especially trying to prove a point," I sighed, getting teary-eyed myself. "Anyways, how I felt towards my dad...I love him, he's my dad, y'know? Even though he emotionally and mentally hurts me sometimes..." I sighed, thinking way-back-when. "Lana..." Tanjiro mumbled worriedly. I shook my head and patted Senjuro's back as he trembled under my touch. "I get it...Senjuro don't let it affect you. Don't let him f*cking change you, do you hear me?" I whispered, tears dripping from my cheeks. He nodded and hiccupped, and I held him, hoping he knows that he's safe with me, with Tanjiro. He shook in my arms and wept, holding back sobs as he grieved. Over his deceased Mother he barely remembers, over his hurtful Father, over his older brother's grave injuries.My poor boy...

"It'll hurt, and you might never get over what he's been like to you, but you gotta remember that it'll all be worth it in the end," I said and Tanjiro looked at me in confusion and concern. "'In the end'...What do you mean, Lana?" he asked softly. I looked over at him and smiled. "When I was- Before I met you, in that forest, remember?" He nodded, still not understanding. I continued, "Well, I was always a bit optimistic despite being so sad. I had always told myself, "It's going to all be worth everything once I leave this place. When I'm 18 and moved out." And I believed it. it kept me going, kept me afloat through everything, because deep down, I felt that everything would be okay once I'm out of that house." I hummed and tilted my head, looking at him sweetly. "...And then I met you, and suddenly, I reached 'the end'. But then again," I looked down at Senjuro, who was sniffling and rubbing his teary eyes. "The end is kinda the beginning, no? I mean, there's justso much morethat's to come, and although I'll never get overmy past, that doesn't mean I'm going to let that distract me fromwhat's right in front of me," I beamed, chuckling as Tanjiro looked at me with tears in his eyes.

I looked back down at Senjuro and grasped his shoulders, making him look up at me, tears smothering his cheeks. "Senjuro, the reason why I told you this is because I want you to know thatyou're not alone. It's something told and heard over and over again, but coming from someone withextremelysimilar experiences, you are not alone in this situation. If you need anything at all- advice, a shoulder to cry on, someone who can listen, someone to stay with, or hell, even beat your dad's ass, you know who to call," I smiled gently at him as he bursted into tears again and sobbed into my chest. "I-I...I don't k-know what- what to say," he hiccupped, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. I hugged him tightly, humming, "You don't have to say anything."

Tanjiro gazed at us with tears in his eyes, his heart warmed by the affection his girlfriend was giving. At the same time, he grieved for her pains, wishing deeply that he could've met her earlier, been there for her when she was suffering. But alas, he was happy that she's here now,happier than she was before.

We sat like that for a few more minutes, softly crying and comforting each other before I slowly let go of Senjuro, who sniffled and hiccuped. I wiped his tears with my thumb and smiled softly at him. "Okay?" He quietly nodded, rubbing his eye with his fist. "U-um, thank you, Lana-san," he said softly, shy to look at me in the eyes. I laughed and patted his head, "No need to thank me for doing what I always wanted someone to do for me. Besides, how could I just not do anything for a cutie like you! Awh!!" He flushed but let a small smile form on his face. I squealed, "How cute!" He flushed deeper as Tanjiro and I chuckled.

He stood up and walked over to the shoji door, smiling as he turned back to us. "Ah, I think I know where it is that you're looking for. My brother told me in the letter he sent to me." 'Awe,' my chest warmed. 'I don't know why, but Rengoku writing a letter to Senjuro makes me so happy!' "I'll get them. Wait a moment!" And with that, he left the room. I went back to my cushion beside Tanjiro and plopped back down, reaching over to sip on my lukewarm tea. "Lana," Tanjiro spoke up, interrupting the silence. I looked over to him. "Well, now you know my past, my 'tragic backstory' of sorts, hah," I said dryly, although trying to keep the mood light. "I told Zenitsu when he took me out to the flower fields that one night. I kinda wanted to tell you both seperately because I wanted to make this a personal deal, y'know? But instead, you got it through me trying to comfort Senjuro..." I trailed off. 'I really hope he doesn't feel upset that I told Zenitsu first. It's not that I'm closer to one or the other, they're equally as close to me! It's just the timing was different, I suppose,' I thought to myself, watching for his reaction.

He paused, staring down at his tea. "...I'm- I'm really glad you told me something so personal!" he suddenly exclaimed, making me jump at his sudden response. "O-oh, um," I stuttered. He smiled sweetly at me, "From what you were saying earlier, I know that...it must've been painful for you. And my only regret is not being there for you when you were going through that." I furrowed my brows in concern before I relaxed and smiled, snorting softly into my cup,"Mm, well you sort of did be there for me, just not in a way we were able to see each other." He tilted his head, "'Be able to see each other?' What do you mean-" We were interrupted by Senjuro sliding the door open, a tattered, worn-out book in his hand. He sat down in front of us and held it out to Tanjiro."I think this is it. Is this was you were hoping to find?" Tanjiro bowed gratefully, "Thank you!" He opened it and we leaned in, curious to see what contents were in the heirloom of a book.

"W...WHAT IS THIS!?" Tanjiro and Senjuro cried. "BRUH," I deadpanned, staring at the ripped and shredded pages of the journal. "It's ruined...Most of it is illegible," Tanjiro muttered in disbelief. We turned to Senjuro, Tanjiro asking, "Was it always like this?" "I-I don't think so!" The youngest Rengoku said. "The annals-" I snorted. 'ANAAAAALSSSS' I cackled childishly in my head. Being childish sometimes isn't a bad thing! So sometimes I just let myself be cringe, lol. "-of the successive generations of the pillars are stored carefully. I think Father may have torn it up himself...I'm so sorry," Senjuro apologized. I waved him off, "Don't worry about it! It's not your fault your dad is a dick." Tanjiro gave me a tiredlook and I responded with a raised brow as if to say, 'Okay, but am I wrong tho?'"Yes, don't worry about it, please," Tanjiro sighed.

"You came all the way here but you didn't learn anything about the Hinokami Kagura or the sun breathing my father mentioned..." Senjuro said in sympathy. "That's alright, becauseI know what to do!" Tanjiro beamed before turning serious. "I'll train more. I haven't mastered all the Hinokami Kagura for which I do know the dance movements." 'Boy, you know DAMN WELL that expression does THINGS to me,' I thought eagerly, mentally and physically thirsting over thisMAN. "You haven't?" questioned Senjuro. "When I use the Hinokami Kagura in a state of total concentration, I can't move the way I want. That's my problem. My body isn't performing my techniques" Tanjiro explained. "Total concentration: constant improved my physical strength, but that's not enough. If I continue to do constant, I'll get stronger day by day, but I won't get stronger instantly," he nodded to himself before looking up at us. "I've been thinking about it for a while now, but I realize that there's no such method. There is no shortcut. The only option is to struggle on. All I can do is move forward, no matterhow difficult or frustratingit is..."

"And if I do...eventually, I'll become a powerful pillar like Kyojuro-san," Tanjiro finished with an expression full of determination. Senjuro had tears in his eyes, moved by his speech while I merely smiled and placed a hand on his own. Tanjiro blinked at me as I beamed. "Me too! You know I'll be right by your side the whole way. Best believe I'll be just as strong, if not MORE strong to defend you whenever needed!" I laughed, although I meant every word. Tanjiro smiled softly at me, nodding at my words. Senjuro smiled before sighing and said, "My brother doesn't have a tsuguko, a successor." Tanjiro looked at him in concern. "I was...supposed to be his tsuguko, his backup. So I had to build experience, but..." Senjuro looked down in sadness. "...My nichirin sword never changed color. If you don't reach a certain level of swordsman ship, the color doesn't change. A-and-" he began to tremble, tears dripping onto his clenched fist in his lap. I gazed at him in worry, placing a hand on his fist gently. "So...So I'm giving up on being...a sw- swordsm-man..I'll be useful in some other way," he wept, his voice wavering as he spoke. "S-so unless my brother has children...I'll be severing the succesion of Flame Pillar. A blotch, on their long history," he sniffled.

I stroked the back of his hand with my thumb, softly saying, "Is that...Is that what you truly want?" He hesitated and heavily sighed, "I can't...be a swordsman. I don't have the talent." I shookmy head, "That's not what I'm asking. Is, that, what, you, want?" I repeated myself firmly, hoping I wasn't being too harsh with him. Senjuro paused, trembling as he clenched his fist tighter, his hand becoming pale from his grip. "I-I wanna make my brother proud of me! I wantto be a swordsman, so I can be by his side! But- l-like Father said, some people justaren't born with talent," he cried. "Stop right there," I said, grasping his hands and making him look up at me, snot and tears on his face. I stared into his eyes and with every word I emphasized, I shook his hands. "Your Father. Does not. I repeat, does not, dictate who you can, or can't be. Do you hear me? Senjuro, forget what your dad said, forget what expectations others have of you- Do youreallywant to be a demon slayer? Wield a sword and fight demons?" I asked him seriously.

He blinked at me before staring down at our hands before his lip began to wobble. 'NO, NO, NO! I'M SORRY BABY DON'T CRY I'M SORRY!' I panicked, not knowing what to do now. "I WANT TO BE A DEMON SLAYER, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO WIELD A SWORD!" He sobbed, clutching at my hands. I was surprised by his outburst before my eyes softened and I smiled, patting his head as he cried. "Then youcan be," I told him. He looked up at me, shaking his head. "B-but my blade won't change-" "You just need to train more, to have more confidence in your potential!" I interrupted him, shaking my head back. "Senjuro, I really believe that you have the capability to be a great swordsman. You're still a young boy, dude! And the burden of all these expectations, they make you feel like sh*t! They make you feel like youhaveto be good and automatically talented, right?" He nodded tearfully, his eyes wide at my words. I grinned at him, "Listen to this- if you had someone who genuinely believes in you, no expectationswhile pushing you to do your best, I really think you canthrivewielding a sword!"

The two boys gaped at me. "What?" Senjuro said breathlessly. I nodded furiously,"Really! I feel like you can!" Senjuro blinked, "Where we would we even find someone to teach me like you say?" I chuckled nervously, "Ah- Um, I'd say me preferably, but I don't think I'm experienced enough to teach you-" "You can do it!" Tanjiro butted in, making me gape at him. "WHAT?" "It could work! You say you don't have enough experience to teach, but you're good enough with the sword in battle! And, since you already know how to treat Senjuro, you'd be the perfect teacher for him!" He beamed, proud of himself. "Wait- What about Rengoku?! Uh, wasn't he teaching you? Or the other pillars?" I questioned Senjuro. He shook his head, "Kyojuro rarely comes nowadays since he's become the Flame Pillar. The other pillars...I-I'm not sure if we should bother them with that, I'm a bit nervous since I haven't met anyone else besides Shinobu-sama, but that was for a check-up once...Father is too drunk to teach me, plus he lashes out at me when I mess up-" That made me kinda pissed off. "-So my best bet,wouldbe you! I-if you wouldn't mind!" He waved his hands nervously. I blinked at him before glancing at Tanjiro, who eagerly nodded at me. "Well- I..." I said, thinking about it for a moment before snorting and nodding, "Why the hell not?" Tanjiro cheered and Senjuro smiled a bit wider at my response.

"I'll repair that shredded book as best as I can. And I'll look for the other books too. I'll ask father about them. If I learn something, I'll send a crow," Senjuro said as he escorted us outside the front gates. He gave us a bow, "I'm glad we got to talk. Be careful on your way back." We bowed back as Tanjiro replied, "I'm glad too. Thank you." I beamed, "Glad we got to meet! I hope to see you again soon! Oh, and I'll send you letters! Hehe, I love having pen pals!" Senjuro smiled at me and nodded. "I-I'll be sure to write back!" I grinned and began walking off with Tanjiro, waving at the boy until we disappeared from his sight.

Tanjiro began sweating and breathing heavilyas we walked, making me look over at him in concern. "Uh, babe, you good?" I questioned worriedly. He nodded despite his sickly appearance before we heard scratching coming from the box on his back. "It's alright Nezuko, we'll reach the Butterfly Mansion soon," Tanjiro reassured her. I smiled and gently scratched back despite my stubby nails,"Let's hang out tonight, Nezuko! It's been a while since we did that!" There was a paused before small, fast scratches responded back, making me beam happily. Tanjiro smiled at the interaction between his sister and his girlfriend before he spotted someone in the distance. "Hmm?" he questioned to himself, making me look up as well.

My eyes widened, "Oh sh*t...OH sh*t TANJIRO!" I squealed, tugging on his haori in panic as we saw Haganezuka'sexposed chest and long black locks, wowALONG WITH KNIVES STRAPPED TO HIS HEAD BY A CLOTH HEADBAND. He gripped two long, scary-looking knives in his hands threateningly before he began charging at us, making us scream in fright. "YOU LITTLE FOOLS! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU TWO, LOSING YOUR SWORDS?!" "Ahaha, I have mine-" I snorted before reaching down to my right hip only to grab at...nothing. 'I...I didn't...I DID NOT JUST LEAVE MY f*ckING SWORD AT THE TRAIN WRECK!' I internally screamed, horrified at what I discovered. "No way..." I squeaked. I screamed, "NO WAY!?" "THAT DESERVES DEATH, DEATH!" Haganezuka cried, charging at us furiously. "WE'RE SORRYYYYY!! REALLY, REALLY SORRYY!!" Tanjiro and I screamed as we ran, Haganezuka chasing us with almost demon-like speed. Iswearthat man was probably a demon...

With that said, the three of us, Tanjiro, me, and Nezuko respectfully in her box, found ourselves stuck in a tree as an enraged Haganezuka slashed his knives at us, making me scream every time he managed to pull himself upjust by a littleby digging his knife into the trunk. "PLEHEHEAAAASSE!! I'LL BUY YOU FOOD!" I offered, praying to god we would be able to get back to the Butterfly Estate soon. Surprisingly, Haganezuka paused in his rampage and looked up at me. "...Mitarashi dango, I want 5 bags full of it." "Deal," I wept, knowing my wallet would bedrained.

...To be continued...

Chapter 33: Sex Ed With Inosuke and Kyojuro cops a FEEL


Author's Note: SMALL Rengoku fanservice this chapter hehe, for my homie Maniika who's a hella Rengoku simp<3


Warning: Swearing, SEGS TALK BEWARE!!!, also lowk crack in this chapter, lol

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Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (13)


With that said, the three of us, Tanjiro, me, and Nezuko respectfully in her box, found ourselves stuck in a tree as an enraged Haganezuka slashed his knives at us, making me scream every time he managed to pull himself upjust by a littleby digging his knife into the trunk. "PLEHEHEAAAASSE!! I'LL BUY YOU FOOD!" I offered, praying to god we would be able to get back to the Butterfly Estate soon. Surprisingly, Haganezuka paused in his rampage and looked up at me. "...Mitarashi dango, I want 5 bags full of it." "Deal," I wept, knowing my wallet would bedrained.

After a tearful departure with most of my yen, Haganezuka begrudgingly handed us our new swords, scolding us for losing our swords as he carried 5 bags of fresh mitarashi dango. We gratefully bowed and nervously promised to try to do better before we departed ways, heading back to the Butterfly Estate. Once we reached the gates, there stood a worried Zenitsu along with asteaming, happily beaming Shinobu.'f*ck,' I mentally screamed, anxiety growing with each step we took. Glancing over, Tanjiro had the same anxious expression, knowing that we would get our assesbeat. Zenitsu spotted us and sprinted, running up to me worriedly. "Lana-chan! Are you alright!? Are you hurt!?" He fretted before snapping over to Tanjiro with a dark glare, making him jump at the sudden change of demeanor. "How dare you not let a terribly injured Lana-chan rest? YOU COULD'VE AT LEAST CARRIED HER LIKE A MAN!" Zenitsu shouted angrily.

I snorted and grabbed Zenitsu's arm, making him look over to me in concern. "Is your injury hurting right now!? We should get you back into bed right away-" "No, I'm fine, really! I made Tanjiro let me come with him!" I reassured him, shaking my head. He furrowed his brows before relaxing and sighing in disbelief. "You should'vetold me..." I smiled guiltily, "Ah, I didn't want to worry you-" "-Zenitsu-san is right! You two shouldboth be resting," Shinobu's sweet voice chirped menacingly. Tanjiro and I shivered, glancing over to her with apologetic eyes in hopes that she'd let us off the hook. "Now...Please, go to the infirmary before I give you a reason to stay longer," she smiled. We nodded and scrambled to get inside, rushing in past a trio of shell-shocked butterfly girls as well as a befuddled Aoi.

Not too long after Tanjiro and I got back to the infirmary and changed back to the standard patient uniform, I remembered thatOH YEAH, RENGOKU IS ALIVE!! LET'S GO f*ckING SEE HIM! So as I sat around a bowl of manjuu buns with Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Inosuke (who barged in when he heard we were back), I brought up the idea of visiting him after eating. "That sounds like a great idea, Lana! I was thinking about visiting him too," Tanjiro nodded with a smile as he bit into a bun. "I'll come too! Only to make sure he doesn't flirt with Lana-chan!" Zenitsu huffed, chewing on his own bun. I snorted, "Zenny, he's like, twenty-one? I'm 16, lol. I don't think he'd wanna flirt with a f*ckin' child." He squinted, "You look older!And you're beautiful and kind! Why wouldn't he want to!?" I deadpanned, "I look...like a fetus sometimes-" "WHAT'S A FETUS!? CAN I EAT IT?" Inosuke asked loudly, crumbs flying out of his mouth as he chewed on a bun. "Ohhh boy," I sighed before continuing to explain the entire reproduction process. Indetail.

Zenitsu lay splayed on the floor, passed out from embarrassment while Tanjiro covered his red, steaming face. Inosuke blinked at me and tilted his head, "So girls, you-" he pointed to me. "-Have a vagin*-" he pointed at the drawing I made on a piece of paper on the floor. "And boys, me, Monitsu, and Gonpachiro," he pointed at himself along with Tanjiro and Zenitsu. "-Have a penis?" He pointed at the other drawing I did of a diagram of the male genital, a bit too...graphically drawn to describe. I nodded, "Yeah." "-And the boy...puts his penis...in a girl's vagin*, and after a while the boy e- eh jack..." "ejacul*tes," I nodded. "E-ejacul*tes and that makes the girl become pregnant in her...yoo-tor-us? With an egg or something? And then a fetus is formed...And after 9 months cooking in the girl's body, she gives birth to a baby?" I nodded and beamed, giving him a thumbs up, "Yup! Good job! I'm glad you learned, hehe." "-LANA! YOU'RE A GIRL, GIVE ME A BABY!" Inosuke demanded. I gawked at him, 'NO f*ckING WAY DID HE JUST SAY THAT- GIRL WHAT-' "NO WAY!!" Zenitsu and Tanjiro jumped up yelling. Inosuke glared at them, "WHAT!? WHY NOT!?" "B-BECAUSE FIRST OF ALL- LANA-CHAN DIDN'T AGREE WITH THIS, SECOND OF ALL, NO!" Zenitsu screamed. "A-AND WE'RE JUST KIDS! AND BESIDES, LANA-CHAN IS OUR GIRLFRIEND!" Zenitsu cried angrily, Tanjiro nodding furiously.

I wasdying, cackling on the floor about to BUST A f*ckIN' LUNG. "Lana, please!" Tanjiro said in exasperation. I laughed harder, out of breath as my face turned red. "THAT'S SO f*ckING FUNNY BRO, I- I- CAN'TTTT! BITCH, I'M SCREAMINGGG," I wheezed, smacking the floor. Zenitsu and Inosuke continued to bicker while Tanjiro worried over how out of breath I was getting. Eventually we calmed down, but not before Inosuke asked me, "So why can't you give me a baby!?" Zenitsu was about to go on another rampage before I laughed and shook my head. "Well, for one, I'm 16, aaand I'd rather have kids when I'm, like, 25 or so. Aaaaand we're not together, I'm with Zenitsu and Tanjiro, remember? So I'm gonna have a baby with them!" I cheered. I watched in amusem*nt as Zenitsu froze up before promptly passing out again, face heavily flushed and giggling under his breath while Tanjiro turned red and resumed hiding his flushed face with his hands.

"WHAT ABOUT ME!?" Inosuke growled. I tilted my head and pursed my lips. "Well...I mean, it's up to you if you think you're ready for a relationship. I mean, we already act together, no?" I chuckled. I glanced over to Tanjiro and Zenitsu, "Well, I'll have to talk about it further with the boys and see how they feel about it, okay?" Inosuke nodded and with that, I finally reached for a manjuu bun. "Errrrrr...IIII donnnn't liiikee iittt," I dragged out, face cringing in disgust at the bun. I patted Zenitsu's leg, "Thank you baby for being kind enough to bring food, but it's...not my kind of food." He let out a wrangled noise in response and I smiled sympathetically at him. "I'll make us tea after we go visit Rengoku-san, yeah?" He paused before nodding and slowly getting off the floor, digging into another bun.

After they finished eating the buns, we all got up and made our way out the infirmary, coincidently running into Aoi. "Aoi! Hey! It's been...A day!" I laughed. The blue-eyed girl teared up, making me panic, "Uh- What's wrong-!?" "You're...Y-you're injuries were horrible! Your shoulder was so gruesome, Shinobu-sama had to do the stitches for me since I was shaking so much..." she sniffed. I looked at her in surprise before I softly smiled and patted her head. "I'm sorry for making you worry, but hey! Rengoku-san is alive and so am I! I think...it was worth it in the end, y'know?" She sorrowfully nodded and wiped her eyes. "You're too kind for your own good...You'll kill yourself one day doing that," she muttered. I gave her a wry smile,"Maybe." Tanjiro awkwardly piped up, "We were wondering if we could visit Rengoku-san, actually!" Aoi looked at him and nodded, "He just woke up, I'm sure Shinobu-sama wouldn't mind if you went over to his room." She whipped around and began walking down the hallway, "This way."

As we walked, I remembered Ozaki-san and the other patients we saved before. "Oh! Um, Aoi? What happened to Ozaki and the others?" I asked her, walking by her side. "Well, a few hours after you guys left, they began their recovery training. Kanao's helping them right now, actually!" She replied. I smiled, "I'm glad! It's good that they're feeling better now!" She nodded with me before stopping in front of a wooden door."He's in this room. Call me if you need anything!" she called over her shoulder as she walked off. "Thanks Aoi!" Tanjiro and I exclaimed, waving as she left.

I reached for the door knob before hesitating and knocking. "Rengoku-san? It's Lana-" "Come in!" his muffled voice exclaimed. And with that, I opened the door and walked in, the boys trailing behind me. "Rengoku-san!" Tanjiro gasped, staring ahead at said man on the only bed in the room. I slowly moved my gaze over to Rengoku, only to softly open my mouth in silent shock, sadness filling my heart. There he was, bright and proud, only he wore a plain white gauze wrapped around his left eye as well as bandages around his forehead. He smiled softly at us, and my heart ached. "Well? Aren't you gonna sit down?" He motioned to the chairs around the room. We jumped and went over to sit next to him, surrounding his bed. Tanjiro and I sat next to each other, although I was closer to Kyojuro, while Zenitsu and Inosuke sat on the other side of the bed. "How do feel?" I asked him, giving him a small smile although the sight of him looking so pitifully on the bed, bandages and all- made me want to burst out crying. "Terrible! Exhausted!" He laughed, his chuckles not holding an ounce of pain or drowsiness whatsoever. Knowing how well he is at hiding pain and trying to laugh off any serious situation involving him, I gave him a face full of sadness.

"Rengoku-san..." Tanjiro said sympathetically, possibly thinking the same thing as me. "Don't force yourself," I scolded him worriedly. The Flame Hashira blinked at us owlishly and patted our heads with a fond smile, "You kids don't have to worry about me! I'll be fine!" I sniffled, struggling to contain my emotions and admitted,"But...Seeing you like this hurts." The three boys nodded, and surprisingly Zenitsu was also at the brink of tears, possibly because seeing one of the powerfulhashirabanged up was incredibly terrifying. And it was, for all of us. "Please, for my sake, let's keep the mood light, yeah?" Rengoku smiled. I reluctantly sighed and nodded, forcing a crooked grin onto my face at his request. "There we go! Although, I think I'd much rather see you smile genuinely," Rengoku said, pointing at his own grin. I sniffed and dropped my smile, face-planting into the sheets. "I can't smile while you're injured like this..." I said, my voice heavily muffled by the blankets.

Tanjiro rubbed my back comfortingly and sighed, "None of us can. It's worrying, seeing you like this, Rengoku-san..." "Call me Kyojuro! Calling me by my last name reminds me too much of my father! I believe you've met my family already, right?" I sat up and nodded with Tanjiro. "You're brother, Senjuro, is so adorable!" I said with a small smile, remembering the sweetheart who I decided to take on as my student. "Indeed he is! I hope he's doing well!" Kyojuro boomed, chuckling. "Senjuro!? I'll kill him," Zenitsu hissed before Tanjiro gave him a sharp look. "He's, like, eleven," I snorted, amused by Zenitsu's antics. "Fourteen to be exact!" Kyojuro added. "HE'S ONLY TWO YEARS YOUNGER THAN YOU LANA-CHAN! HE PROBABLY FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU ALREADY!" Zenitsu freaked out, foaming at the mouth. We all laughed, thankfully feeling the mood lighten with Zenitsu's behavior. 'I really hope he did that on purpose to make uslaugh...otherwise this big insecurity of his is really concerning...' I thought to myself before shaking it off and turning my attention back to Kyojuro.

As we chattered on, eventually Kyojuro announced that he was feeling pretty thirsty, so I immediately reached over to the bedside table right next to me in order to pour him a glass. As I was standing up to get a better angle, I paused when I felt a large hand press into my left boob. Glancing down with wide eyes, I looked to see Kyojuro's face full of surprise before his face slowly turned red and he immediately plopped back down in his bed, avoiding my gaze. Tanjiro and Zenitsu gaped at him for a few seconds before Kyojuro coughed. "I apologize! I didn't know you were going to-!" "How...DARE YOU PUT YOUR DIRTY, SCUMMY, FILTHY HANDS ON MY LANA-CHAN!? I'LL KILL YOUUU!!!" Zenitsu screamed in a rage, about to throw hands at Kyojuro before Tanjiro scrambled to hold him back. "I-IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, RIGHT, KYOJURO-SAN!?" Tanjiro exclaimed as Zenitsu thrashed in his grip, fire in his eyes as he tried launching himself at Rengoku. Although Tanjiro tried being the sensible one in this situation, if you squint you can see the jealousy in his eyes.

"It was indeed an accident! In no way or form would I ever touch Lana-chan's breasts without her consent!" Kyojuro grinned, a sparkle in his eye. "SO YOU WOULD TOUCH HER BREASTS!?" Zenitsu roared. I trembled as I held back acackle, snorting and giggling with restraint behind my hands. "As I said, with consent!" Rengoku cheerily replied, only spurring Zenitsu on further. "You...YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!" "Zenitsu!" Tanjiro cried.Zenitsu exploded, although there wasn't really much he could do due to Tanjiro's tight grip on him. Inosuke openly cackled while I puffed my cheeks out, eyes wide as I giggled to myself, pouring a glass of water for Kyojuro. Was I fazed by what happened just now? HELL NO, LMAO. It's obvious he did iton accident. I'm not gonna go all, "Pervert!" and then beat the sh*t out of him even though it was literally. AN ACCIDENT.

"Flamboyant as always, Kyojuro-san," I chuckled, handing him his cup. He thanked me and beamed, "Why thank you! It's my nature!" Zenitsu grumbled to himself as Tanjiro consulted him, eventually slumping back into his seat. "So, did you find the answers you were looking for at my home?" Kyojuro asked Tanjiro. My red-haired boyfriend pursed his lips and sighed, shaking his head before we both proceeded to retell what happened earlier today. "I see. Taking my little brother on as your student, eh? Congratulations! I believe in you, Lana-chan!" Kyojuro beamed, making me smile back at him. "I'll definitely try my best! Haha," I chuckled, shrugging at him. "I'm sorry my Father gave you two such a hard time. I'm worried for him, as he's slowly gotten worse over the years since Mother passed," Kyojuro apologized. I shook my head, "It's not your fault...I feel kinda sorry for him, too. I really hope he gets better." "Yeah, I hope so too," he said, looking out the window, the sky becoming pinkish. "Wow, we've been here for a while, huh?" I nodded to myself before getting out of my chair, the boys following my lead. "Thank you for having us, Kyojuro-san," Tanjiro and I bowed while Zenitsu begrudgingly bowed in respect as well. Inosuke stood behind us, his stomach growling. "LET'S GO! I'M HUNGRY! FOOD, FOOD!" Inosuke cried, patting his empty stomach. "Alright, we'll go and get dinner, yeah? Aoi must've made something already," I laughed, patting his head. "Bye, everyone!" Kyojuro waved happily. "Goodbye!" Tanjiro called back, the two of us waving back at Rengoku as we left the room. "Get well soon!" I chirped before closing the door.

Oh yeah! And later the night we arrived, Ozaki and the other demon slayers had gone back into the infirmary room, finished and exhausted with day 2 of their recovery training. As soon as they spotted us, they gaped, frozen at the door. Ozaki was the first to run up to me and began worrying over my being, questioning frantically as to why I was back the next day. I told her the whole story, from the nightmares to Akaza's arrival, to almost sacrificing myself for Rengoku. By the time I finished, she was full-on bawling her eyes out. "I'm here now at least!" I reassured her. "I didn't die or anything!" "BUT YOU COULD HAVE!!"

A few weeks had passed, my arm had gotten better and Kyojuro had healed up as well! Only now, he wore a black eye patch covering his left eyesince it had been gravely smashed in and unable to heal. At first, it was hard to look him in the...eye, feeling like it was my fault for not stepping in sooner, then maybe he could've been so much better than he is now. As I eventually voiced this guilt, Kyojuro consoled me on it, constantly reassuring me that I did the best I could and received the best outcome. I couldn't argue with that. It is true, that had I might've gone later or too early, it would have definitely ended up with one of us-or both of us,dead. Who knows, but all I knew was that Kyojuro was blind from one eye, and it almost hurt to look at him because whenever I would, that day's events would replay in my head. Oh, I haven't eventouchedon the nightmares I'd get. Almost every night, the nightmares Enmu made me see repeated in my sleep, making me wake the others up from my whimpering and crying. Tanjiro had a similar problem, as he'd wake up crying sometimes as well. We would hold one another until we fell asleep, but it'd just repeat the next night again.

Zenitsu grew worried for us and occasionally made us chamomile tea, which did help to ease some of my nerves, but the nightmares would always plague me. I guessed it might've been a side-effect or something from Enmu's blood demon art, but I'll never truly know. When brought up to Shinbou, she prescribed us medicine to help give us dreamless sleep, although I am quite forgetful...Thankfully, most nights the boys, along with the butterfly gals, would remind me. Speaking of said butterfly girls, I ran into Kanao a few days after we returned to the infirmary. Weirdly enough, she waswayyyymore expressive, and I actually managed to make her blush multiple times! And then I remembered that after her encounter with Tanjiro, including me this time, her whole personality changed, so I quickly got over the sudden change in demeanor.

About a week ago, I had announced to the boys that I would be seeing Shinobu about something. The boys looked at me in confusion. "What's the matter Lana? Are you still in pain?" Tanjiro asked me. I shook my head, "It's something else. It's about my training. I...wanna see if she can hook me up with a pillar." "'Hook you up'!? You're gonna cheat on us!?" Zenitsu screamed in horror. I jumped and frantically shook my head in denial. "What!? No, I meant if she can set me up with a pillar to train with them," I explained, making them blink and nod in understanding. "Wait, but why do you wanna train with a pillar instead of us? That sounds kinda scary..." Zenitsu said a bit sadly. I went up to him and grabbed his hand, looking at him with a half-smile. "I just wanna get stronger, maybe even learn a new breathing style if they're willing. It's nothing against you guys! Never!"

He looked at me for a moment before sighing and smiling back at me. "If that's what Lana-chan wants, then I support you!" Tanjiro nodded, albeit he had a similar unenthusiastic smile on his face. "Me too. Just make sure we stay in contact, okay?" I beamed, "Duh! How could I not talk to my favorite boys?" I ruffed the top of Inosuke's boar mask and booped his nose, just like back in training. "You too Inosuke, just make sure to ask Tanjiro or Zenitsu, or anyone really, for help when writing back to me, yeah? Don't be stubborn now," I chuckled. Inosuke huffed and booped me back. "WHATEVER! I'LL FIGHT YOU AFTER YOUR TRAINING!" I laughed, "Sure, but I'll beat you into the ground, boy!" "WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!" He growled playfully.

After finally being able to recover from the whole train ordeal, it was time to get back to training. As Aoi announced this to us, I made a request to see Shinobu. The boys looked at me in understanding, smiling at me as Aoi nodded. "Good luck, Lana-chan!" Zenitsu beamed, waving at me. Tanjiro grinned and waved as well, "I believe in you!" Inosuke yelled, "BRING FOOD WHEN WE'RE DONE!" I smiled softly and nodded. "Alright then! HERE I GO GUYS!" After waving them off, Aoi walked me out into the hallway and took me to Shinobu's office, where the purple-eyed Goddess herself sat looking over a parchment. The insect pillar looked up and smiled, waving us over. "I'll get going now, I'm very busy," Aoi said, bidding me goodbye.

"Thank you!" I waved after her before stepping into Shinobu's office, sitting over on the chair across from her. "What do you need me for Lana-chan? Is it your arm?" She questioned. I shook my head, picking at the skin on my fingertips nervously. "Uh- well, it's not that- but about training," I told her. She blinked, "Oh? What can I do for you?" "C-could you please, um, well- do you think any of the pillars would mind taking me in for training? Just for a couple of months or so? Even a few weeks would suffice!" I hesitantly asked her, cringing internally as I sounded a bit desperate at the end. She hummed and smiled, "Well, I can think of...well, actually- just one. Kanroji-san is usually free, and she's always talked about wanting a student or her own tsuguko." My eyes sparkled as I gasped excitedly, "Wait- really!? Th-that would be amazing! Please!"

She smiled and nodded, "I'll send a crow to Kanroji-san. She replies fairly quickly so you should be expecting a crow soon!" I beamed and nodded, trying to restrain my giggles of joy. I sprang up and bowed lowly, thanking her over and over again for her kindness. She chuckled and patted my head. "I wish you the best of luck, Lana-chan!" I beamed and nodded before rushing out the door, jumping and skipping down the hallway like an idiot. "One, Two- It's so hard to say it, but darling let's face it! These feels revealing, cannot be ignored!" I sang giddily, bouncing down the halls and drumming my fingers in the air. "DO-DO DODO DOO DO DODO DO-DO DODO DOOO DO DO-DO DODO DO-DO DODO DO- DODO DO DO DO!" Dancing into the empty infirmary room, I vibed out, singing and dancing around the room happily. It was one song after another, from anime openings to throat-screaming to MCR, I just couldn't stop! Until I grew tired, lol. "Man, I could probably make a whole career stealing future music and pretending I made up whole genres," I snorted to myself.

"...Actually, that low-key sounds like a good idea. f*ck it, red light district arc is where I make my debut, but like...what song would I even sing in front of a bunch of perverted, snobby old men? Ugh, decisions, decisions," I pondered to myself before I was interrupted by a peck at the window. Snapping my gaze over to the windowsill, there was a crow flapping it's wings while a letter was tied to it's leg. Hurriedly making my way over, I opened the window and it flew in, resting on my healed shoulder. "Awe, you're such a cutie! Are you Shinobu's crow?" I cooed, stroking it's feathery head with my finger. It cooed and nodded speaking with a high-pitched voice, "Message! For Lana-chan! From Love Pillar Kanroji Mitsuri!" I squealed and eagerly, but carefully, untied the letter from it's leg and folded it open, revealing a long paragraph of Japanese characters. I couldn't tell the difference between Kanji and Hiragana, but either way I couldn't read it. "sh*t," I groaned to myself before looked over to the crow. "Can it...? Bruh, what is my dumbass thinking, oh my god," I muttered to myself before walking out the infirmary room, Shinobu's crow on my shoulder and Mitsuri's letter grasped in my hand.

Re-entering Shinobu's office, I waved. "Hey, I got the letter!" I told her, sitting down on the same seat as her crow flew to a shelf, resting there. She beamed at me, "That's wonderful! So, what did she say? Are you leaving?" I smiled stiffly at her, my eyes comically wide. "I...can't read Kanji or Hiragana...So I was wondering if you could read it for me?" I admitted. She giggled and nodded, "Of course! Now, let's see...

Dear Lana-chan,

It's alright if I call you -chan, right? Let me know if otherwise! Anyway, I would be honored if you would be my student! You see, I've always wanted someone to take on! And you're justperfect! When I saw you at the trial, I just thought- 'What a cute girl! I'd love to be friends with her!' And here you are! I just can't wait to meet you and teach you everything I know! My teacher was Rengoku-san, the Flame Pillar. I've heard from Shinobu-chanKocho-san that you two are already acquainted! How delightful! She had also told me of how you saved him from his fate, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. It brings me to tears thinking of how passionate and selfless you are! I can't believe someone so amazing wants to be my student!

Sorry! I went a bit off-topic. But I'm excited to see you! I'll be dropping by around the afternoon to pick you up. I'd also like to let you know that my dear friend and fellow pillar, Iguro-san will be joining us. He wants to meet you as well! Please be ready with your possessions, as I'll just be coming by to pick you up and then return to my home. We'll discuss more along the way back, I'm so excited!


Kanroji Mituri, Love Pillar." Shinobu finished, looking back up at me. I was gaping, eyes wide as I became speechless. "Well, there you have it. Congratulations, Lana-chan! You're officially the Love Pillar's student. Firstofficial student, I believe. She's trained others during pillar training, but she's never had a single student to focus on and teach her breath. I'm sure she'll tell you more along the way," Shinobu smiled. I slowly blinked, still in disbelief before it slowly processed in my brain and a wide grin spread across my face, my cheeks turning red in excitement. "No way...NO WAY! This is crazy! Oh my god- I can't wait to tell everyone!" I squealed. "She sounds so nice! AWE, I wanna be really close to her! Wow, this is- wow I can't believe this!" I broke out into laughter, filled with joy. Shinobu beamed, "You remind me a lot of her, you know. I'm sure you'll get along more than fine!"

"YAY!" I cheered as she handed me the parchment back, dismissing me. "I'm sure everyone's finishing up training, so why don't you go tell them?" She nodded at me. I nodded back, skipping to the doorway and waving at her gratefully. "Thank you so much!" She waved back and I happily skipped down the hallway, much like before. I internally squealed, squeezing my lips shut as I released a muffled scream of excitement. 'OHHHMYYYGOOOD!!! f*ck YES! f*ckYEAHf*ckYEAH! DUDE OKAY I'M GONNA HAVE TO TALK WITH HER ABOUT MY SCHEDULE SINCE I'M GONNA BE TRAINING SENJURO, AND THEN- GASP, DUDE f*ckING OBANAI IS COMING- HE'S GONNA BEAT MY ASS FOR EVEN BREATHING AROUND HER I SWEAR, I'M ACTUALLY KINDA SCARED, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?! f*ck IT! LET'S GOOOOO!!'

...To be continued...

Chapter 34: The Snake and The Sakura Mochi: Training Begins

Chapter Text


Warning: Swearing, small sarcastic mention of s*icide

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!



Running back into the infirmary room, I ran into the boys, who looked quite exhausted but determined after their first day. "GUYS! I'M GONNA GO TRAIN AT THE LOVE PILLAR'S PLACE!" I exclaimed, jumping down the hall as they looked over to see me. Tanjiro grinned and embraced me as I jumped into his arms. "Congratulations! The Love Pillar? That's such an honor Lana!" Zenitsu cheered as Inosuke stomped his feet in excitement for me. "When are you going!?" Zenitsu asked as we bounced into the infirmary. "In an hour!" I chirped, rushing over to my bedside and taking out a spare pillowcase to shove my stuff in since I didn't have a bag. "An hour!? T-that's so soon!" Tanjiro said in surprise. I nodded, placing my makeup inside. "Yeah, but I can't wait to go! She's coming by soon, so I'm gonna get ready!" "YOU STILL HAVE TO GET ME FOOD!" Inosuke yelled, jumping up and down. I laughed and nodded, "Of course! I'll go get changed really quick and then I'll be back with food. Maybe Aoi made tempura shrimp today?" For a second I thought I saw bubbles floating around Inosuke before he eagerly nodded. Snatching my spare uniform from under the bed, I skipped straight to the bathroom to change.

After packing up my minimal amount of possessions and giving Inosuke his food (which was, unfortunatelyfor him, not tempura shrimp but he didn't complain when he got some pork buns instead), Shinobu walked in, Aoi, Kiyo, Sumi, and Naho trailing after her. "Lana-chan, I believe Kanroji-san is almost here. She tends to get over-excited so she's most likely coming earlier than expected. Are you ready?" The gorgeous Insect Pillar asked me. I nodded at her, grabbing the pillowcase-makeshift sack and tied it. It was light as hell considering how it only had my makeup and a spare hairbrush inside. She hummed and nodded before the three other girls ran up to me, sniffling and wiping at their eyes. "We'll miss you! Train hard!" Sumi cried. The other two nodded, crying and voicing their wishes for me. I beamed and gave them a group hug, scooping them into my arms. "I'll do my best! Besides, I'll be sending letters so you all don't have to worry so much! But it makes me really happy that you three are so concerned for me!" I chuckled fondly, looking down at the girls I was grateful to have befriended. I let go of them and ruffled their hair, making them cry out in protest.

I laughed before my three boys approached me, all with proud smiles on their face. Save for Inosuke, who still had his boar mask on, but was no doubt still happy for me. "Congratulations Lana!" Tanjiro smiled while Zenitsu became emotional. "A long time without Lana-chan...Months? MAYBE EVEN A YEAR!? How can I live while you're so far away from me?!" he grieved. "I'LL FIGHT YOU THE NEXT TIME WE MEET! YOU BETTER GET STRONGER OR ELSE I'LL BEAT YOU UP!" Inosuke yelled, steam blowing from the nostrils of his mask. I beamed and nodded, patting them on the head as well. "DUH! Bet your ass I'll kick it bro!" I laughed before turning to Zenitsu and placing a hand on his cheek. He looked up at me with teary eyes, sorrow in them before I kissed his cheek. "Don't worry. I'll write personal letters to you, okay? So you won't feel too alone," I smiled sweetly at him as he nodded and sniffled. "Okay then. I'll write back as soon as possible every time!" he said proudly. I hummed and smiled before turning to Tanjiro, who beamed proudly at me. "Good luck, Lana!" he cheered. I laughed and embraced him tightly. "I'll miss you, Tanjirene," I mumbled, sighing contently. "I'll miss you too, Lana. We all will," he said softly before I let go of him.

"Okay. Off I go! I'll train hard, guys!" I grinned, tugging my haori over my body and turning to Shinobu, nodding. "I'm ready." She smiled and hummed, "Then she should be-" "Shinobu-sama!" A kakushi ran in the room. "Love Pillar-sama and Snake Pillar-samaarehere!" "There they are, then! Thank you," she thanked them before I walked over to her side. "Here I go!" I exhaled eagerly, throwing a grin over my shoulder at everyone. "Bye Lana!" they waved back as I walked off with Shinobu down the hall. "If I'm right, she probably went to go visit Rengoku-san!" She informed me, her butterfly-patterned haori swishing behind her. "Oh! Okay, well, I had to say goodbye to him anyways," I nodded, trailing after her as we turned a corner.

We reached Rengoku's room in no time, and I felt myself grow nervous at meeting Obanai and Mitsuri, even if I knew Rengoku was there and Mitsuri's a nice person. Entering the room, there they were. Mitsuri sat next to Rengoku's side, listening to him with a smile as he laughed about something. Obanai quietly sat beside her, listening in before their eyes were drawn to me and Shinobu. I timidly clutched a fist to my chest, growing flustered under their gazes. Shinobu stepped forward and smiled. "Kanroji-san, Iguro-san. Hello! My, my, It's been a while, hasn't it?" Mitsuri lit up and beamed, nodding, "Oh, yes! I've missed you Shinobu-san!" "Kocho," Obanai simply said.

I kept to myself, not knowing if I should speak up in the middle of their conversation. "Lana-chan! I can call you that, right?" The Love Pillar questioned kindly. I looked up at her and shyly nodded, giving her a bashful smile as I replied,"Oh! Um, yeah! It- It's nice to meet you, Kanroji-san." I deeply bowed, showing my respect for her. I heard a scoff, and knowing it was from Obanai, I ignored it in favor of Kyojuro's chuckles. "Lana seems so shy now, but I can assure you, she's quite the riot!" The Flame Pillar laughed. "Oh yes, I remember at the trial! Aw, how sweet it was to see her try to protect her lover like that!" Mitsuri squealed, blushing as she recalled that day. I flushed in embarrassment, pointedly looking awayas Obanai gave me piercing look, remembering perfectly well how I ran up at him before. "Hah, uh, yeah..." I dryly chuckled, trailing off.

"I'm glad to see everyone's getting acquainted with Lana-chan!" Shinobu chirped, clasping her hands together in delight. "Ah, that's right!Mitsuri just told me thatyou were leaving, Lana!" Rengoku said from his bed. "Yeah, um, it's kind of sudden, but I'm really grateful to Kanroji-san for taking me in!" I said, fiddling with my haori sleeves. "So cute!" Mitsuri squeaked happily, clutching her hands to her chest before turning to Rengoku. "It was good seeing you, master!" she said before her and Obanai gave him a polite bow. "It was good seeing you two. Take care!" Kyojuro exclaimed before looking over at me. "Lana-san," at his words, I looked up in curiosity. "Train hard, get stronger. And most importantly, know your limits. I trust you won't let me down, yeah?" he grinned at me, his eyebright and hopeful for my future.

I blinked at him for a moment, stunned as I slowly nodded. Once his words processed in my head, I returned his grin and nodded, "I won't let you down! I'll do my best!" He let out an amused chuckle as Mitsuri and Obanai walked over to Shinobu and I. "Goodbye, Ren- Kyojuro-san. Good luck with your own recovery training!" I said, bowing deeply for the hashira. He waved me off and smiled. "I'll keep you in mind, Lana!"

And with that, the three of us bid Kyojuro goodbye before heading out into the hallway. "It's so nice to formally meet you, Lana-chan!" Mitsuri sweetly beamed at me. "I've looked forward to this day! Ever since the trial, I couldn't help but think you were someone I wanted to be friends with! How exciting!" she clapped her hands joyfully as Obanai quietly stood by her side. "O-oh, really?! That makes me really happy!" I exclaimed bashfully, blushing as a small grin formed on my face. "Oh, and I'm sure you remember Obanai-san, right? I've been telling him all about this on the way here!" she gestured to him excitedly. I gulped and stared at the detailed golden buttons on his jacket, giving him a deep bow as to not anger him. "Of course! Erm-I'm so honored to meet you, Iguro-sama...?" I squeaked. "'Sama'? Why, Lana-chan, there's no need to be so formal! We might be your superiors, but I'm sure we'll become close friends throughout the next few months, right?" Mitsuri giggled. I stood back up and lit up. "O-of course! I look forward to that!" I chuckled, scratching my cheek.

"Well then! Let's go going, I'm sure you're eager to begin training!" Mitsuri smiled before turning to Shinobu. "It was nice seeing you, Shinobu-chan! Come over sometime for tea, yes?" The purple-eyed demon slayer gave her a close-eyed smiled and nodded. "Of course. Be safe on the way back," she hummed before looking at me and clasping her hands. "Good luck, Lana-chan. I'll make sure your boys are in tip-top shape while you're away!" I grinned and nodded. "Thank you! I know you will, hehe!" She smiled and turned to Obanai. "Don't be too harsh on her, now. She's a very sweet girl!" I blinked at her words. Was that- what was that an underlying threat, I heard? The snake pillar scoffed, "I don't know what you're talking about, Kocho."

Mitsuri and I looked between them, confused before Mitsuri stepped in. "Ah, well, let's go now! We have lots to do today!" She chuckled nervously. After saying goodbye to Shinobu, we left the estate, stepping out only to hear wailing from above us. I looked up to find Zenitsu sobbing, his upper half sticking out the window as Tanjiro held him from falling. Inosuke was waving furiously from the window next to them, sticking his body out the window as well."NOOOOOO!! LANA-CHAAAN!! DON'T LEAVE ME! COME BAACK!!" Zenitsu wailed, snot dribbling from his nose. "Good luck, Lana! We'll write to you tonight!" Tanjiro said, trying to keep a grin on his face only for his eyes to betray him, appearing watery. "HURRY UP AND GET STRONG! I'LL PUMMEL- I'LL PUMMEL YOU!" Inosuke growled, sniffling. I looked at them in shock before an affectionate grin stretched on my lips, lifting my arm to wave back at them. "BYEE!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!" I sniffled, laughing as I teared up as well.

"Awe, how sweet!They must love you so much, Lana-chan!" Mitsuri squealed as we walked down the dirt road, wiping at her eyes. I flushed and softly smiled, fingering with the edge of my skirt. "Yeah. I love them, lots. Um- anyways! So, how will my schedule be?" I questioned, walking beside her as Obanai walked on her other side. "Oh! That's right! Well, he didn't go into full detail, but Kyojuro-san mentioned about how you're training Senjuro-kun! What a privilege!" She exclaimed. I nodded, "Yeah! Maybe I'll be extremely busy with training and then taking him on as my student, but I think I can do it!" "That's the spirit! I suppose I can train you on...Mondays,Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Fridays and the weekends can be with Senjuro-kun. Does that sound good?"

I pondered about it for a moment. 'Three days training for me, three days teaching Senjuro. What about break days? Mm, well I think Mitsuri would be kind enough to give me a break day once every two weeks. Actually, let me ask her!'

After discussing a good schedule, we agreed on my suggestion of an occasional break day while days packed with training. The rest of the way was filled with getting to know each other, with not a word from Obanai so far. "Oh, I know how to make pancakes! They're pretty good, but have you ever had waffles?" I asked Mitsuri, raising a brow. "Waffuru? I think I've heard of them before, but I've certainly never tried them! Are they like pancakes?" she questioned eagerly. "Kinda. It's just pancake batter, and then you fry them in a mold that shapes them into little squares. It's crispy and so, sogood!! I personally prefer waffles over pancakes." Controversial topic, I know.Mitsuri lit up, clasping her hands together excitedly. "I have to try them! Will you make some for me, Lana-chan!?" "Yeah!"

We finally arrived at her home, which was much like Shinobu's, only it had one story, which wasn't a complaint, by any means! It just meant it had a morehomey feel to it, y'know?"Here we are! Come, this way! I'll give you a uniform so we can get started with flexibility exercises!" Mitsuri said, leading the two of us inside and over to a storage room, where she searched through a pile of clothes. After a while, she stood up and went over to a box, pulling out some clothes and handing them to me."These should fit you! These are mine, but you're too small for the male sizes, but too big for the smaller ones, like me.SoI hope these fit!" she smiled. I felt slightly embarrassed that she struggled to find the right size for me, but I was relieved that she said I had a similar body type to hers.

'I hope these fit, too. Because if I'm too big for her size, I'll literally kill myself from HUMILIATION,' I thought grimly, following Mitsuri into an empty room before her and Obanai went back into the training room to wait for me. I sighed and took off my uniform, folding it and setting it aside to change into a pair of tights and a one piece that clung to my form, but not too tightly. "What?What the f*ck? No- goddamn waydid I just fit into Mitsuri's clothes. Dude, no way! Oh man, I can't help but still have my fat mentality. I'm so shocked, holy sh*t," I muttered in shock to myself, looking over my body as I patted myself down.

Before walking out, I took a deep breath and shivered, feeling anxious to show my body to two incredibly attractive and fit people. I walked out and made my way down the hall, face flushing a beet red as the two hashira looked over at me. Mitsuri beamed and squealed, "AWW! YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE! I'm glad it fits!" She suddenly gasped, quite dramatically might I add. "THAT MEANS YOU CAN FIT INTO MY OTHER CLOTHES! OH, I'M GONNA DRESS YOU UP LATER! Is that okay!?" she squealed, a heavy blush on her cheeks. "Kanroji, calm down. I'm sure Lana is eager to get into her exercises," Obanai told her gently before shooting me a glare. I flinched and looked away, feeling myself grow insecure under his cold attitude. Mitsuri blinked and shook herself off."You're right, sorry, sorry! Let's get started!"

Mitsuri led me through a series of drills that strained my muscles and sprung tears into my eyes from the painful burn of my limbs stretching beyond what they're used to. "These drills are used in my pillar training as well! So technically, you're getting ahead of many others who have yet to go through it!" she informed me cheerily, stretching effortlessly and touching her feet to mineas I trembled while trying to extend my legs in a saddle-type stretch. "Oh, good," I wheezed painfully. Obanai observed us silently from the sidelines, an unreadable expression on his face. "Let's do another 30 minutes of pigeon poses!" "Yay," I smiled tiredly.

"Good work today, Lana-chan! A few more days of training and I think you'll be able to complete a full split!" Mitsuri cheered, handing me a towel and a cup of water after we finished the last of the drills, the sky outside turning a bright orange meaning we spent the whole day training. Thanking her, I wiped my sweaty face and drank the water, sighing in relief. "Was I too hard on the first day? Please don't go away!I'll be more gentle tomorrow, okay?" she asked nervously as she sat next to me, Obanai standing above us. "No, if she's ungrateful enough to quit on the first day, she might as well quitbeing a demon slayer," he coldly advised. I swallowed my water and looked up at him, my brows furrowed. "Actually, I think Mitsuri did a great job. I really appreciate her dedication and time for me! Please don't be mistaken, Iguro-san! Thank you both for today!" I exclaimed, bowing on my knees and pressing my forehead to the floor.

The two were silent before Mitsuri placed her hand on my shoulder, causing me to sit up.She looked at me with a grateful smile. "Thank you for your time as well, Lana-chan. I look forward to training you!" I sputtered before chuckling and running my fingers down my cheek. "Yeah, me too!" I glanced over at Obanai to find him giving me a calculating stare. I was just grateful it wasn't a glare anymore, whew! Hopefully I can grow on him!

Mitsuri stood up, reaching out a hand to help me up. I took it gratefully and stood up, brushing myself off. "Why don't you go wash up and get changed? Let's go eat out tonight! My treat," she beamed. "Sounds great! Alright! Where's the washroom?" I said, perking up at the sound of food. After a quick shower, I put on my uniform and met with the two outside, ready to eat.

"You know, your uniform reminds me a lot of my own! Socks and all, too," Mitsuri informed me cheerily. "I thought so too! Heh, it wasn't my intention, but I think we look cute matching!" I laughed, walking by her side. "You're so sweet! Awe, I'm so glad I took you in!" Mitsuri squealed, flushing. I beamed and flushed as well, feeling light and happy at her words. "No, you! You're sweeter! I'm really glad I met you! And you too, Iguro-san!" I exclaimed joyfully, bouncing on my heels as I looked over at Obanai. He stared at me for a moment before looking back ahead. "...Whatever, brat," he muttered, although his tone wasn't angered or anything. I lit up, knowing this was just a tiny baby step into gaining his friendship!

"I'm so glad you're getting along!" Mitsuri beamed, grabbing my hand as we walked on into a nearby village. We headed into a ramen restaurant, the warm atmosphere making me feel relaxed and heavenly smell of meat and broth filling my nostrils. We sat down at an empty table, Mitsuri to my left and Obanai across from us. "Obanai-san and I frequent here quite a lot! It's a really good restaurant, I'm sure you'll like it!" Mitsuri smiled at me as we looked into a menu provided for us. "Alright, sounds good too! I think I'll get...shoyu ramen. And ramune, too," I hummed, mouth watering at the menu items. "Sounds good! The same as usual, Obanai-san?"Mitsuri said, turning to her other companion. "Yes," he responded, placing his menu down as he looked at her. "Alright," she said, smiling as she turned back to her menu.

I looked between them, staring at Obanai from the corner of my eye as he gazed at Mitsuri. 'Go Obanai!! I believe in you!' I mentally cheered for him. After we ordered our food, Mitsuri asked me about my relationship with the three boys back at the Butterfly Estate. "Tanjiro and Zenitsu are my boyfriends! Inosuke's new to all this relationship stuff, and honestly? I wanna wait until he completely understands the responsibilities and stuff in a relationship. I don't exactly want to call him a child, but...Well, I'm not sure. But I just don't think he fully knows what he's getting himself into, y'know? I don't want to force him into an uncomfortable position by demanding too much of him. He might get overwhelmed," I explained, finally voicing how I really felt about Inosuke and the matter of welcoming him into the relationship.

Mitsuri nodded before her eyes comically widened. "T-two boyfriends?" I nodded, about to respond before our food was drinks were delivered. Digging in, I moaned in delight at the delicious, silky egg yolk I bit into. "Sho yummm!" I hummed as I swallowed, slurping up my noodles. "'m gl'd y' li'e i'! (I'm glad you like it!)" Mitsuri nodded, stuffing her face with her own bowl of ramen. Obanai put a hand over his mouth as he ate his noodles, hiding his scars as he ate. I didn't mind, I knew how personal that was to him. I'd understand if he'd never trust me with that secret, but I hope we can at least be friends!

About 24 bowls Mitsuri quickly consumed later, we finally finished up and headed out. "So, as I was saying before, two boyfriends?" Mitsuri askedincredulously. I nodded with a smile on my face."Yup! We all love each other and we're happily together!" I giggled as she gaped at my words. She then groaned and squeezed her eyes shut in disappointment. "You have twoboyfriends-both who love you deeply, and I can't even get one?!" She whined. I looked over at Obanai, who was straaangelysilent. He narrowed his eyes at me. "What are you looking at, brat?" he growled. I pucked my lips out and looked away. "Noooothiiiiing," I dragged out playfully, humming innocently to myself as he grumbled, Mitsuri looked confused as she glanced between us.

The next dayconsisted of more drills, which- once again, brought me to tears at the strain combined with the soreness of my limbs from before. Obanai was, sadly, on another mission, so he didn't join us today. I think I felt more comfortable when it was just Mitsuri and I alone, so I didn't really mind.It was already halfway through the day before Mitsuri brought up an idea she had. "Okay, while I knowit's only the second day, I thought it'd be good for you to get started on using something like my sword!" I watched as she got up and left, only to quickly come back with a ribbon wand. Plopping down, she handed it to me and smiled. "With that, I want you to try twirling it around your body without getting touched by it. You can do whatever moves, whatever twirls, just try to twirl it. If it touches you at all, even by a thread, start over." I nervously looked down at the ribbon in my hands and nodded, getting up and hesitantly standing in an open area. "So do I just like- do, whatever? I'm not exactly sure how to move..." I trailed off, fiddling with the wand. "Yes! Just do whatever feels right," she reassured me.

I took a deep breath before lifting it above my head and trying to twirl the ribbon around my upper body, only to awkwardly jump as I felt the ribbon immediately touch my arm. "Dangit," I cussed, sighing as I blushed from embarrassment at Mitsuri's gaze and continued. Try after try, it just kept floating down to my limbs as if I had a gravitational pull in my body. I felt so embarrassed in front of her, knowing that she's a wholeproat this, watching a noob like me get frustrated by the touch of a mere ribbon.

"It's okay if you can't do it yet! There's so many days to practice and practice! I know you can do it!" Mitsuri smiled kindly at me, standing up as I huffed from self-anger. I sighed, grasping the wand in my hand as I tried calming down. "Yeah, sorry. I'll keep trying," I told her as I placed the wand down on the floor. "Don't worry about it. Now, let's go get ready for bed, yes?" "...Okay."

...To be continued...

Chapter 35: Love Letters and How To Train Sunshine

Chapter Text

Author's Note: I think I'll write about one or two more chapters of MC's training with Mitsuri and Senjuro, her first solo mission, and THEN the red-light district arc!! So look forward to that!! <333 Thank you for supporting me, I love you all! Enjoy <333

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!


"It's okay if you can't do it yet! There's so many days to practice and practice! I know you can do it!" Mitsuri smiled kindly at me, standing up as I huffed from self-anger. I sighed, grasping the wand in my hand as I tried calming down. "Yeah, sorry. I'll keep trying," I told her as I placed the wand down on the floor. "Don't worry about it. Now, let's go get ready for bed, yes?" "...Okay."

Right as I changed into a comfortable yukata, the door slid open, revealing Mitsuri with Morishi perched on her arm. "Lana-chan, your crow came with a letter!" she informed me, leaning into the room. I smiled at her and held out my arm, Morishi obediently flying over and landing on my forearm. "Thank you, Mitsuri! I appreciate it," I told her gratefully, nodding. She smiled and slid back into the hallway, waving, "Goodnight! Sleep well!" "You too! Night!" I called back, looking down at my beloved crow and settling into my futon, untying the folded paper tied onto his legs.

I stroked his fluffy feathers thankfully, cooing at him. "Thank wu Morwishiii, bwest bwirdy in da worldd!" He preened at my touch and jumped up and down cutely on the covers, excited. "Now, let's see what I got," I nodded to myself, unfolding the paper. "Dammit! I forgot I still don't know how to read! Urgghh, I'll ask Mitsuri to give me lessons or something, I hope she doesn't mind," I groaned to myself, slapping a hand to my forehead.

After getting Mitsuri, she agreed to read my letters for me, along with beginning Japanese courses. There we sat in the middle of her room, plopped on some cushions she took out. "Let's see what they say, shall we?" she eagerly smiled at me. I returned the smile and nodded, settling into the pillow below me. "If it's embarrassing, pleasepromise this never leaves the room!" I nervously added, fiddling with my fingers. The pink-haired beauty quickly nodded, furrowing her brows as she gave me a reassuring smile. "You got it! You cantrust me!" She beamed, unfolding the parchment. I hesitantly sighed and waited for her to begin, feeling myself grow eager at what my boys wrote to me.

"Dear Lana,

It's me, Tanjiro!It's already been a day and a half, and yet I find myself missing your touch-!" At her words, I immediately flushed a beet red, my face steaming as Mitsuri let out an loud squeal, shaking her head side-to-side in absolute excitement. "OH MY GOODNESS! YOU'RE SO LUCKY TO HAVE SOMEONE WITH SUCH A WAY OF WORDS, LANA!!" she squealed, face just as flushed as mine. "Oh my god, Tanjiroooo," I squeaked, feeling flustered that Mitsuri was reading something so personal, but at the same time I was absolutely swooningover his sincere words."Oh! Um, let me continue!" Mitsuri snapped out of her excitement and eagerly continued to read.

"I hope training is starting to go well! I believe you can do it! Although, I think you're already getting stronger by the second, you never give up despite how frustrated you get. I can just imagine that you've already gone close to exploding during training, right? But I know you're just going to keep trying, even if you get pushed to tears. That's just how you are, and I admire you for it." My face was getting redder from the second as Mitsuri had a giant grin on her face. "Awe, Lana-chan! That's so adorable!" she squealed.

"Recovery training is going good for us as well! Although the stretching exercisesare just as painful as ever, I can only imagine what you're doing. Don't worry about Inosuke and Zenitsu, I'll make sure to push them!" At this, I smiled, remembering our first time in recovery training. "Nezuko is upset, however. You didn't say goodbye to her. I tried assuring her that you must've forgot in the excitement of getting an amazing opportunity to get stronger, I know you're not the type of person to do that on purpose. She'll calm down about it, but she's gotten a bit fussy lately." I frowned, mouth gaping in horror when I remembered- 'f*ck, I DIDN'T SAY GOODBYE TO NEZUKO! f*ckf*ckf*ck, GOD I'M SUCH A sh*t PERSON! FUCCKKK!!'

I felt immenselyguilty for my lack of actions towards her, I knew she'd be the first letter I'd write in the morning. "Don't worry too much, though! She already forgave you. Anyway,I don't want to make this too long, as I know Zenitsu and Inosuke want to have their share of words as well! Just know that I love you, take care of yourself!

Hoping to hear from you soon, Tanjiro." Mitsuri looked down at the letter and said, "There's another section right here! Ahem,


It's your beloved future husband, Zenitsu, here! I miss you so much! Every second without you nearby, my heart is in agony! Please return to me soon, dear wife!" Cue Mitsuri screaming her headoff like abanshee as I stuffed my steaming face into the cushion I was sitting on in embarrassment. "Love you! I love you so much! My light, my love, my goddess, my wife!" I smothered my face in the pillow, squeezing my eyes tightly as I felt my heart swell up in love for the lightening breath user, who seemed so far away at the moment. "Train hard, take care of yourself! It's so cold and lonely here without you, even that idiot boar head Inosuke seems less annoying than usual. Tanjiro's trying to keep high spirits, but it's obvious to anyone who sees him that he's become a bit glum. Plus, I can hear the small dwells of sorrow in his heart." My brows furrowed in worry. That doesn't sound pleasant...Imagining a bummed out Tanjiro and Inosuke isn't a pretty picture at all. Although it did warm my heart to know that I was that important to them, it was still concerning. I really hope that they return to normal, I'd hate to have them stuck like this and getting distracted during training! I need them strong and happy!

"Anyway, did you eat today? I hope so. We ate well, so you don't have to worry about us.Make sure to get plenty of rest as well, the thought of you collapsing from overworking yourself brings me to tears! I'm running out of things to tell you, as nothing much has happened since you left. Remember, I love you! Write back!

With Love, Zenitsu," Mitsuri finished, a happy look on her face. "Oh, Lana-chan! I'm so jealous, they really care for you!" she exclaimed, looking over at me with a smile. I smiled softly to myself and rested my cheek into my hand, my elbow resting on the cushion on my lap. "Yeah," I said softly. "And I, them. Did Inosuke have something?" I questioned. "Oh, yes! Here, I'll continue reading! Oh? I think Tanjiro-kun wrote this, it's in his handwriting," Mitsuri said, looking down at the parchment questionably. "Heh, Tanjiro must've wrote it for Inosuke, then. He doesn't know how to read or write either," I giggled as Mitsuri nodded in understanding.

"Dear Lana,

Tanjiro here, again! Inosuke wants to say a few things too. He wishes that you train hard and that he's ready to fight you anytime. I'd rather not use such violence in this letter, but I know you wouldn't mind if Inosuke's true personality was in the letter. He might act really harsh and aggressive, but we all know how he really is. He's eating well, as to be expected, and he hasn't changed much! He's a bit more quieter now, which I'm not sure is from your absence or he's become less aggressive than the first time we met. It's a bit worrying, if I'm being honest. But sleep well, Lana! Best wishes from all of us at the Butterfly Estate.

Inosuke, Tanjiro, Zenitsu."

By the end of the letter, my body was warm and my heart thumping in my chest. I unconsciously let a fond smile form on my lips, thinking of my boys. "Here you are, Lana-chan! It was a lot of fun reading your letters for you! Aww, you three are just so cute!!" Mitsuri beamed, handing me the letter. Blinking tiredly, I smiled gratefully and took the letter, standing up. "Thank you for reading it, I really appreciate it!" I thanked her kindly, making my way towards the door.

"Goodnight, Mitsuri!" "Goodnight, Lana-chan! Sweet dreams!" "You too," I waved, sliding the door shut behind me and making my way back to my room, where I'd place my letter in a small drawer and then head to sleep, ready to train again in the morning.

The next day consisted of more drills before ending with the ribbon exercise again-only for me to fail,again."Aw man! Master, how long did you take you to do this?" I groaned, slumping over as the ribbon fluttered to the floor. Mitsuri looked off as she pondered to herself. "About...a month, maybe? Ah, I'd have to ask Rengoku-san!" I sighed and wiped my brow, sweating from both my excessive arm movements and frustration. "Lana-chan, I think the problem is that you're too forceful with your movements. It's actually something I really struggled with as well when I started!" Mitsuri said, walking over to me and nodding to herself.

"Actually, now that I think about it, you really doremind me a lot of how I was when I was beginning training. I think this will make things easier to help you, then! Seeing as how I had the same mistakes!" Mitsuri gasped, beaming at me. "Really? But don't you have, like, a different muscle composition than me?" I questioned, tilting my head. My pink-haired teacher shrugged, "Well, have you ever reallytested your strength? Like picking up a large boulder or something? This might or might not be the case, but maybe you might have a similar form as mine."

I blinked dumbfoundedly at her. "I mean, I guess we can try," I said, nodding reluctantly. 'Do you think...it might be possible that I can learn love breathing as well? Like- I know it's only suited for Mitsuri because of her unique body structure...but if she's right, and I SOMEHOW by SOME weird coincidence, have a similar body structure to hers, that would mean I'd be able to learn it and master it myself, right? PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE, I'M BEGGING, PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE!' I internally pleaded, hoping to god that Mitsuri's hunch was correct.

"Well, we'll try it next time!How about we take a break, yes?" She smiled reassuringly at me. "Yes, please. I'm kinda hungry," I smiled back gratefully, following her into the kitchen for a snack. By the way, her place was a wholestorage unitof food, there seemed to always be something to eat here! Makes sense since Mitsuri's always ate more than an average person, which I coulddefinitelyrelate to. 'PLEASE LET THAT NOT BE JUST A COINCIDENCE!' I pleaded.

"Tomorrow is your first day with Senjuro-kun, right?" Mitsuri asked me, humming in delight as she bit into a slice of a milk bread. I nodded eagerly, eyes lighting up at the reminder. "Mmf, yeah! I'm really hyped-! Er, excited!" I beamed, biting into my own bread. "Have you already worked out the first lesson?" I paused, freezing as my eyes widened. "Well, I mean...I think he already knows the basics and stuff. I think I'll just have him do some drills that he's learned beforehand and then find out what the problem is. Be it his form, the way he wields his sword, etcetera," I nodded to myself, chewing on the bread. "Good idea. I can tell that you'll fit into the role of a teacher right away!" Mitsuri smiled proudly at me, biting into her bread.

I flushed and laughed,"I sure hope so! I would hate to make a promise to someone as sweet as him, only to be a failure...But you know what? I think I'll be able to do it! Yeah!" I grunted in determination, a fire in my eye. Mitsuri cheered, "That's the spirit! Rengoku-san would be so proud!" She beamed, patting my shoulder. I smiled widely,feeling eager to begin tomorrow.

"Oh, yes! I've met him plenty of times while I was under Rengoku-san's wing! He's a very sweet boy, as you already know. I wasn't able to see when he was training, so you're all on your own, Lana-chan. I'll add anything if you need any help, though!" Mitsuri beamed at me as we walked past different houses. She told me all about her first mission with Kyojuro when she was a Mizunoto. I was amazed and horrified at some parts, bristling in anger when she told me about the cruel words she'd been told about her hair. "HUH!? THAT FOUL WOMAN, I'LL SLAUGHTER HER AND HER CHILD, I DON'T CARE! I'LL THROW HANDS WITH A BABY FOR YOU, MASTER!" I squawked angrily, thrashing my arms around and punching the air as an example.

"Lana-chan! We neverhurt innocents! You should know that by now!" Mitsuri lightly scolded me. I wilted and sighed, flopping my arms to my sides. "I'm just joking, but I would100% throw hands for you," I said seriously. Mitsuri gave me an exasperated expression but chuckled and pulled me into her arms. "You're such a handful sometimes, but I can see why you attract a lot of people to you!" she laughed as she embraced me. I huffed in amusem*nt, flushing and hugging her back. "Just for yoouuu, Mitsuriii," I chuckled.

After a while of walking, we finally approached the Rengoku Estate, walking up to the front entrance and going inside. "He should be in the back training area, this way," Mitsuri said, leading me around to the back of the property. There, we found Senjuro grasping a wooden sword in his hands, looking down at it. His back was turned towards us, so I couldn't see his expression. "Senjuro, hey!" I said, trying not to alarm him. He jumped and turned around, only to see me waving towards him as Mitsuri grinned at him. "Senjuro-kun! It's been so long!" She greeted, running over and giving him a hug. "Mitsuri-san? I wasn't expecting you here? N-not that it's a bad thing that you're here, of course! I'm just surprised. It's good to see you as well," he said, giving her a small smile as she let go.

"Lana-san, hello!I'm ready to begin training with you. Thank you for taking me as your student, I'm deeply grateful," the youngest Rengoku said, giving me a deep bow as I walked up to them. I glanced over at Mitsuri with wide eyes before clearing my throat and beaming at Senjuro, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Of course! I'll do everything I can to make you into an acceptable swordsman, I promise!" Inodded, smiling at him in determination as I pulled a fist to my chest. He stood back up and stared at me before nodding and giving me a smile. "I'll do my best."

"Alright, so show me what you know so far! Stances, moves, anything that you've learned so far," I instructed him, standing in front of him as Mitsuri stood by a few ways away. Senjuro nodded, gripping his wooden sword before proceeding to show me the different forms and stances he's learned. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge, seeing that he's already got a good grasp on being a swordsman. Although, the only problem was that he struggled with flame breathing forms. Which I had an idea as to why. "And yet...Despite knowing all of this, I..." Senjuro said softly, trailing off as he glanced down at his sword in frustration.

I walked over to him and placed a hand on his fist, causing him to look up at me. "Senjuro. Listen to me. I promised to help you, and I will. There hasto be some reason as to why your nichirin sword didn't change color. And I'm determined to make it change! Blue, purple, pink, red! Even black! Any color, but you'll eventually find out, because I'll make sure you do!"I told him, narrowing my eyes firmly. He blinked at me with wide eyes, his eyebrows slouched sorrowfully before he slowly nodded, shaking himself off. "Yes. I'm sorry, master. Let's continue," he said, taking a deep breath and exhaling. I smiled and nodded, walking back to my spot.

"Now, have you ever been taught water breathing?" I questioned him. He paused before shaking his head, causing my jaw to drop. "No? What? It's the most simplest breathing style, which is why almost all swordsmen start off with it!Well, actually..." I muttered to myself before snapping my fingers in realization. "Oh! I'm guessing since your family is all about tradition and sticking to flame breathing, that's the only breathing style you were taught, right?" At my words, he nodded in confirmation. "Yes. My brother and I were taught flame breathing as soon as we were handed a sword. Kyojuro managed to easily adapt to it, while I struggled to do even the first form." As he said this, he tried appearing nonchalant about it, but I could see the disappointment in his dampening frown.

I nodded and hummed as I thought to myself. "Alright, then there you have it! Let's start off with learning water breathing, and see how you work with it. Itwouldn't hurt to try, no?" I gave him a small grin, to which he nodded at before waiting for instruction. "Alright then! Well, I remember the firstthing my Dad taught me about water breathing was-"

We trained for hours, and it didn't take long for Senjuro to get the hang of performing the first water form. "Amazing job, Senjuro kun!" Mitsuri cheered by my side as Senjuro panted, leaning his body on his knees as he continuously repeated the first form. I grinned, walking over and patting his sweaty back proudly. "First day and you've already mastered the first form! See?" I exclaimed eagerly, congratulating him. He nodded and gulped, standing up and wiping the sweat from his brow. He gave me a smile that warmed my heart, reassuring me that I was doingsomethingright. "Y-yeah! I can't believe I really did it!" he said breathlessly, his soft tone light and proud. "Let's go eat to celebrate!" Mitsuri chirped as we all smiled for Senjuro's accomplishment.

"Oh, um, well as much as I'd rather not ruin the mood, would your dad be okay with it if we took you out for a bit...?" I hesitantly asked. "I'd just rather not get you into trouble if that's the case," I quickly added. Senjuro faltered and pursed his lips as he looked off to his home. "I'm sure Father won't mind if, if I left the compound for a while. I'll just tell him I'll be away for a while, and then I'll change. I'll be back, please wait for me in the front," Senjuro said, timidly. I could see how hebecame nervous at the idea of speaking to his father, which I could not only relate to, but you can't blame him, seeing as how sh*this dad is towards him and his brother.

"Nah, don't worry about it! Mitsuri and I will tell him, you just worry about cleaning up, okay?" I smiled reassuringly at him as Mitsuri looked over to me with a face that said,'We are?' "W-well, if you're sure..." Senjuro said nervously as he led us inside the building. "Don't worry about it, we got your back," I said, shooing him off to clean himself up. "Lana-chan, you doknow how- erm, aggressivehis father can be, right?" Mitsuri asked me with a worried look on her face. "Yeah, my boyfriend jumped his ass, it's whatever. I'm not scared of him," I snorted, turning around and walking down the hall to search for Senjuro's father.

Mitsuri trailed after me, holding a fist to her lips nervously as I knocked on room after room before finally, a gruff voice sounded through one of the shoji doors. "What is it?" "Excuse me sir, we wanted to take your son Senjuro out to eat. Is that fine?" I asked firmly. There was a pause before the door slid open, revealing Shinjuro's towering form over us, a disgruntled look on his face. "For what?" he asked lowly, the smell of alcohol wafting from his breathand reaching my nose. I was about to reply before he noticed Mitsuri. "Kanroji," he acknowledged her begrudgingly. "R-Rengoku-sama," she gulped.

"As I said, we wanted to take your son out to eat. We wanted to tell you beforehand," I said, drawing his attention back to me. He squinted at me, scratching his scruff. "And what makes you think I'd let you?" he grunted. I smiled at him with raised brow." I mean, is there a problemwith a master taking her student out to eat?" I said as-a-matter-of-factly. He scoffed, "Master? You?You're just a worthless mizunoto, you have no qualifications to be teaching my son." "On the contrary, I think I'm very muchqualified to be teaching him, despite my low rank. After all, I do have a pillar observing the lessons, so I don't think it's too much of a problem for a mizunoto like meto be teaching your son," I shot back, keeping a calm façade despite my snarky emotions.

Shinjuro grit histeeth before taking a swig of his sake grasped in his hand. "Whatever," he grumbled, wiping his mouth before retreating back into his room. "We'll have him back by sunset, don't worry!" I called out into the paper walls. Hearing the lack of a reply, we took that as our cue to leave with his reluctant approval.

"Uwaaahh! That was so scary Lana-chan!" Mitsuri whined, clutching onto my arm as we walked out of the home. "I'm just glad that was a fairly civil conversation. Holy sh*t, I know damn well I wouldn't be able to stand a chance again an ex-pillar like him," I uncontrollably laughed out of nervousness, shaking off what just happened. "Eh!? You mean you were actually scared?" Mitsuri questioned. "I mean- I just hate confrontation like that. One wrong move, and I probably could've earned myself a restraining order," I nervously chuckled. "Well- good job! Whew, at least we got it over with!" she smiled at me.

"Am I allowed to go?" Senjuro asked us as he stepped out of the building, wearing a casual white jinbei shirt tucked into a pair of brown hakama pants. "Yeah! Your dad is okay with it," I beamed at him, waving him over. He looked at me in surprise as he made his way over. "Really? Thank you so much, master!" he said gratefully. "Senjuro, outside of training, you can just call me Lana! I might be your teacher, but we're friends as well!" I smiled, patting his shoulder. He flushed and gave me a shy smile that melted my heart. "O-okay then, Lana..." I smiled warmly at him and followed Mitsuri out of the compound and into the dirt road.

"I think today went well!" I chirped, running a hand through my hair as Mitsuri and I finally got back home after dropping Senjuro off. "I think so too! Senjuro seemed really happy with himself!" Mitsuri beamed, patting my head. "Oh yeah, that remind me! Uh, you mind writing my letters for me?" I ask her, unbuttoning my uniform jacket. "Of course!" she eagerly replied.

At the Butterfly Estate that same night...

Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu were each plopped onto their beds, getting ready to head to bed after a long day of training. Zenitsu was whining at his sore muscles from the neglect of using them for so long. "If only Lana-chan was hereeeee, she'd massage my arms for me!" he complained, flopping into his pillow. "If Lana was here, she'd probably be just as tired!" Tanjiro replied, drying his hair with a towel after washing up. "She'd probably still do it, though. Knowing her, she wouldn't be bothered," Tanjiro smiled to himself, thinking about his dear girlfriend.

"Message for KamadoTanjiro, Kamado Nezuko, Agatsuma Zenitsu, Inosuke Hashibira," a smooth male voice said from outside the window. In flew in Morishi, Lana's kasugai crow. "A message?! Lana-chan must've wrote back!" Zenitsu exclaimed, jumping up from his bed in excitement as the bird dropped three rolled-up pieces of paper in front of each of the boys.

Tanjiro eagerly unrolled his message, reading through the letter.


I still can't read or write, but Mitsuri helped me write these letters and read your letters to me! I miss you too, and I hope you and the other boys are also taking care of yourselves! Training is going pretty good! Yeah, you're right about my frustration. You know me so well!'He smiled to himself, chuckling as he imagined how red she must've been at herself.

Zenitsu excitedly read through his letter, not wanting to miss a single kanji as he memorized the words written for him.


I miss you too! I love you a lot, my love, my life, my future husband! And I'm glad to know you three are doing well. It saddens me to know that things are glum since I left, but please try to keep high hopes! I'm alive and well, and the next few months will probably just fly right by! So don't be so sad, okay? I like you more when you're smiling!' He flushed and felt his chest warm at the sweet words, feeling himself swoon over every sentence before he continued to read.

Inosuke, in his attempts to hurriedly open the letter, crinkled and tore the parchment a bit, leaving him slightly upset at the state of his first letter from Lana. He still looked into the sheet, only to squint and falter when he realized he couldn't read any of the characters written. Which only meant one thing he had to do. Begrudgingly, he called over Tanjiro to read the letter for him, flushing in embarrassmentas Tanjiro agreed with a smile.


I'll definitely train hard, so prepare to get your-um, ah, ass kicked! I know you're eating well, so I hope you're putting every inch of your willpower into training with the other two if you really want a chance at beating me!" Inosuke grinned ferally, exclaiming, "Rana better be training her ass off if she thinks she can beat the Great Inosuke!" Tanjiro chuckled and continued reading, which was basically a retelling of what he and Zenitsu had read as well, including Lana's training and her day with Senjuro as well as her impressions of Obanai and Mitsuri.

And even farther away, into the mountains, an old man wearing a hand-carved red oni mask smiled to himself as he scanned through a letter, sent to him by hisreckless, yet compassionate, daughter.

'Miss you, Dad!

It's been so long since I last saw you, it's making me feel really sad. But don't worry too much! Everything's been, for the most part, okay! I have big, big news! Not only have I become a teacher myself (just like you!), but I've been luckily taken under the wing of a pillar (who is currently writing this for me)! So, the past few days have been like this-'

...To be continued...

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Chapter 36: Training To Be The Ultimate Dominatrix: My First Mission!

Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (14)

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Warning: Swearing, description of gore, slight angst

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Inosuke grinned ferally, exclaiming, "Dana better be training her ass off if she thinks she can beat the Great Inosuke!" Tanjiro chuckled and continued reading, which was basically a retelling of what he and Zenitsu had read as well, including Lana's training and her day with Senjuro as well as her impressions of Obanai and Mitsuri.

And even farther away, into the mountains, an old man wearing a hand-carved red oni mask smiled to himself as he scanned through a letter, sent to him by hisreckless, yet compassionate, daughter.

It's been about a month since I began training under Mitsuri, and so farI managed to finally get a good grip on ribbon-dancing, I also grew hell of a lot more flexible thanks to the excruciating agony of gymnastics, so that was something I was fairly proud of!I grew closer to both Obanai and Mitsuri, despite Obanai's icy attitude towards me, I can say almost certainly that hetoleratesme now! Hurray!

Senjuro and I have made a ton of progress! He's learned half of the water breathing forms already, gosh, I'm so proud of him! With the hope of grasping water breathing, Senjuro's confidence slowly began to grow at the thought of finally being able to become a swordsman, with me supporting him all the way.

Anyway, back to my training. Mitsuri had decided that I should move on to using something heavier, she said, and I quote, "It'll make your ribbon training look as easy as breathing!" I grew fearful at what she meant by that, wondering just what the hell kind of training she was going to put me through. Going into her storage room, she came back out with a folded stack of red and white clothesand what looked to be a ropeneatly rolled up and placed on top of the pile. She handed it to me, leading me to my room so she could help me change.

"This uniform is a keikogi, specifically for kendo training," Mitsuri said as she braided my hair as we stood outside in the training area.I looked down at the red oversized pants I was wearing, then at the whip in my hand, my fears from earlier justified. 'Oh man, I just know I'm gonna be whipping the f*ck out of myself, oh my god,' I thought with wide eyes, growing nervous at the aspect of swinging around a long, painfulrope around my body. 'If Mitsuri says I'm ready, then I guess I am...? I mean, she ismy master, so she definitely knows my abilities more than anyone else. Except Dad, of course,' I reluctantly shrugged.

Y'know, maybe this- this wouldn't betoobad, right? I mean,sheesh!I'm finna whip dis hoe! Gonna be the baddest muf*cka in these streets!

"OHMYGOD-!" I screeched, jumping to the side as the whip suddenly let out a loudcrack!as I attempted to twirl it. The rope was heavier and thicker than the ribbon, by a lot, and I struggled with using the right amount of force to tug it along. Moving past my hesitant stage, Mitsuri informed me that I had to be more braver with the rope in order to get it moving the way I wanted, which scared the ever-livingsh*tout of me. "You okay?" Mitsuri called out as she spectated me. "U-uh, um- yeah?" I replied shakily, gripping the whip. f*ck, this was so difficult.Godonly knows how long I can keep this up for, geez!

Mitsuri encouraged me as I kept at it, watching as I continuously flinched and screamed when the whip came too close to my body as it snapped. "Bolder moves, Lana!" she called out to my panting form, sweat dripping off my brow. "I'm trying," I grit my teeth, huffing before standing back up and deciding to envision my practice with the ribbon wand. 'Okay, all I need to do is move it in the same directions, just with a harder force, right? Okay, okay! I got this!' I nodded to myself, opening my eyes and taking a deep breath as I lifted the whip. 'All I have to do...is twirl it around my body!'

I pulled with a good amount of force before-!

"OW, f*ck!" " Lana!"

"Sorry Lana-chan," Mitsuri muttered as she dabbed a cotton ball dampened with a disinfectant liquid to my swollen, bleeding cheek, watching sympathetically as I winced and hissed a the agonizing sting. "It's okay," I grumbled, resting my hands on my knees as I sat crisscrossed beside her. "It's all apart of the process, don't worry! I'm sure you'll master it in less than a month, yeah? I'll be here to help you all the way!" she sweetly smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to my cheek. A smile curled on my own lips, my cheeks feeling fuzzy from the affection of the girl who I started to see as a sister figure. "Better now?" she cooed, petting my head. "Yeah, thank you," I said gratefully, leaning into her hand as she comforted me as if I was a child.

About a week later, I was surprised to wake up to Morishi flying into my room first thing in the morning. "New mission! Lana, you must go to the village in the far east to investigate! There's been reports of children and young women going missing! This might be a demon at work! Go, now! Hurry, hurry!" he cawed in an urgent tone. My sleepy eyes snapped open at his words, my mouth gaping as I realized this would be my first solo mission,my first solo mission. Holysh*t!

"Thank you, Morishi! I'm on it!" I laughed, a bit nervously to be honest, beforeI scrambled to get ready, hurriedly combing my hair and slipping on my demon slayer uniform, tucking my sword into my belt. I threw my haori on and ran a hand through my hair as I speed-walked into the hall to find Mitsuri in the kitchen wearing an apron on top of her own slayer uniformas she prepared breakfast. She turned to me, surprised that I was all dressed up in my uniform before I informed her, "First mission! I gotta go to a village in the east." I fumbled with my sheath and adjusted it, watching as her eyes widened in realization before a wide smile spread on her face."Already? Awe!I remember when I had my firstmission on my own!" she gushed. I gave her a bashful smile before she hurriedly placed something in a leaf wrap and walkedover to hand it to me. "Well, if you can't stay for breakfast, at least take some food for the trip! You have money too, right? So you can buy yourself some lunch and dinner for two days? Oh well, take some yen anyways, just in case!" she fussed, reaching into her pocket and placing a couple of yen bills into my hand as well as three fresh onigiri.

It was endearing to watch her fuss over me like a mom sending off her child to their first day of school. My chest grew fuzzy and warm at how she worried over me, knowing it'd be my first time on my own. She knew I could handle myself, after all,shetrained me. But I still appreciated that she was concerned over my wellbeing on the trip.

My cheeks flushed and I giggled as I thanked her, placing the money into my haori sleeves. "Thank you, Mitsuri! I really appreciate it! I'll be fine though, don't worry!" I beamed happily. She looked at mesmiled, her eyes softening. I took this moment to admire her features. 'She's so beautiful...Gosh, I love women.'

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (15)

She patted my head fondly. "I know you will. Now go, you have your first solo mission, after all!""Mm!" I nodded, feeling a lot more prepared for what was ahead of me. "I'll be leaving now!" I said, walking to the front door with a skip in my step. "Take care! Be safe!" she chirped, walking me to the door. "Bye Mooo-MITSURI! Mitsuri!"I flushed as red as a beet as I realized I slipped up, calling her "mom". I internally screamed in embarrassment as her eyes widened and her face flushed red. To my surprise, she beamed brightly, lighting up like I've never seen her as she held me to her chest, embracing me tightly. My eyes widened as she whispered, "Be safe."

I waved behind me as I walked down the dirt road, Mitsuri waving her arm violently as she gave me her goodbyes. I huffed in amusem*nt at her enthusiasm before continuing on down the path, my heart pounding in anticipation as I thought about what could happen throughout the day.

Morishi rested on my shoulder loyally as I walked, making clicking sounds with his tongue. "I wonder how Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are doing?" I pondered to myself, looking up at the sky as I passed by a small rice plantation, chewing on the onigiri Mitsuri made for me. "Mm, probably training right now. Or maybe going on missions as well?" I snorted to myself, imagining Zenitsu screaming in terror at the thought of facing demons without us. He'd probably say something like, "What do you mean, I have to go by myself!? Are you crazy!? I'm gonna die alone, at the hands of a demon!" And Inosuke would make fun of him for being a wimp, "GRAHAHAHA! Coward Monitsu! You can't do anything without the Great Inosuke, eh?" Aaaand Tanjiro would try to calm down Zenitsu, or maybe even scold him for not taking his job seriously, "Zenitsu, you'll be fine! You're a demon slayer, act like one! What would Lana think, seeing you like this?" I let out a laugh, amusing myself with my active imagination.

Ah, I missed my boys...

It was around early evening as I finally spotted the village in the distance, Morishi cawing in confirmation that I had arrived. "Thank you Morishi! Anything else I should know before heading off to eat demon ass?" "Caw, nothing else to report! Good luck on the mission, Lana!" he squawked before he flew off, probably back to headquarters or to hide nearby. I took a deep breath, wind rushing past my teeth asI inhaled. "Here we go," I breathed out, adjusting my sword so that it was hidden on my back underneath my haori, right behind my right leg.

I stepped into the village, noticing how it was very similar to the first village Tanjiro and I (and Nezuko) traveled to forourfirst mission. Deciding to follow the same procedure as the first time, I walked through the streets, my ear honed in to the chatter around me.

"Did you hear? Minato-san..." "Oh my, really? Poor Homura-san..." "It was quite the scandal, really..."

'Ohhhh sh*t, CHISME IS ON FIRE TODAY,' I mused, internally snorting at the idle gossip. Until I heard something that peaked my interest, more so than the whispers of affairs.

"Another incident? And such a sweet child, too..." "Yes, her older sister was taken as well in the same night. It's frightening..." Two people gone in the same night, eh? Two sisters, one a child. I mulled over this, keeping that in mind for later tonight as I busied myself, pretending to look at a jewelry stand as two middle-aged women gossiped just a ways away from me.

"How wasn't anyone alerted? Surely, the older daughter would've put up a fight?" "That's the thing, it was like they disappeared in thin air. Apparently, there wasn't any sign of a struggle or a break-in." How familiar...No doubt about it, definitely a demon at work.

"Could be a yokai at work, don't you think?" "Don't be so immature, this is serious! Your son could be next!" "Not if they get your daughter first! How old is she, 16, yes? My Nagato-kunis 4, and you know there's a pattern of young women first taken before the child!" "How dare you!?" DAAAAAAMNN! SIS WAS COMIN' FOR HA THROAT! My eyes widened as I bitback a cackle, finding the situation hilarious. I knowit wasn't right for me to laugh while people are worried for their families, but holysh*twas this funny-wait. She said a pattern of young women being taken first, and then the child? What the f*ck?

As the two enraged women bickered, I was interrupted by a masculine voice clearing their throat next to me. I froze before deciding to pay them no mind. No one knows me, why would anyone talk to me? Better to act like I didn't hear anything incase I looked over and embarrassed myself by thinking I was being addressed. You know that thingeveryonedoes where you think someone is waving at you and you wave back, but it's not you they wereactuallywaving at? Yeah, that sh*t happenedonce, and from then on, I just assumed no one would ever want my attention unless they directly said my name.

I looked over the beautiful hairpins displayed in front of me, figuring I'd get some accessories before the Red Light District Arc to look like the sexy-ass oiran I was going to dress up as, until I felt someone tap my shoulder. Perking up, I looked to my left to find a boy around my age with a nervous, yet kind look on his face. His hair was a dark purple, and he had yellow eyes as he looked at me.

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (16)

"Excuse me, I was wondering, I've never seen you around before, and I wanted to ask for your name?" he hesitantly asked. 'Oh. Does this muf*cka like me or something? I mean, can't blame him,I'm a beautiful bitch. But I'll just shove his ass in the friendzone. I'm not interested, plus, I ain't gonna go behind my mans' backs like that.' I smiled at him and nodded, "O-oh! Yeah, I'm, uhh," 'Should I use my real name? It wouldn't hurt, right?' "-Lana. What about you?" His eyes lit up at my responseas he replied, "Izuna. And this here is my friend, Tobi." He stepped to the side to reveal a timid boy behind him, who flinched and looked away as I made eye contact. 'Oh, what? I didn't even notice he was there.'"It's nice to meet you, Izuna-san, Tobi-san," I said, giving them a polite dip of my head and smiling kindly.

There was an awkward pause before Izuna spoke up again. "So- um, what've you been doing here? It's dangerous for a young, pretty girl- I, um, didn't mean that! I mean, not that you're not pretty, but-!" he stuttered, face flushing as he fumbled over his words. I chuckled and waved him off, "I know what you're trying to say. But honestly, don't worry about me. In fact, what do you mean 'dangerous'?" I questioned, pretending to play dumb to the disappearances. Izuna paused and rubbed his neck. I noticed he quickly shot a glance at Tobi, who appeared somber and upset."Well, um," he looked around before pointing his thumb behind him. "Why don't we walk while I tell you?"he asked. I looked at him with a questioning stare before nodding and heading out into the street, Tobiquietly in tow behind us.

Listen,I WOULD NOT advise to follow some random dudes you just met into the street, but since I can literally send both of theirasses on night night with a simple push of my fingers against their necks, I'm capable of handling this sh*t.

We walked for a bit before Izuna sighed, and began to tell me what was going on throughout the village. "For a few weeks now, girls and children have been going missing. Simply, just- disappearing from their homes out of nowhere. It- it's insane, really, because there's never any trace of a kidnapping or any of the sort. You'd expect at least the children to be wailing and waking up the entire neighborhood, but there's only dead silence at night, not a single soul heard until a parent wakes up and finds their child missing," he explained, sighing. "And, well..." He paused, unsure if he should continue.

Tobi quietly spoke up, making me turn to him."...My sister, Nozomi, was one of them. Of the children taken, I mean." Izuna turned to him, "You don't have to talk about it if you-" "No," Tobi objected a bit forcefully before he looked down, eyes shrouded in sorrow. "I need to come to terms with it."

My eyes softened in understanding. Poor kid, I don't know what I'd do if my little brother, or in his case, sister, was suddenly gone without a trace. And not being able to do anything about it...It must f*ckin' suck. So, I guess it's up to me, and only me, to hopefully rescue his sister.

"Oh my...I'm so sorry, Tobi-san. If you mind telling me, how long ago was this? Your...your sister being missing, I mean." I winced, hoping that wasn't too insensitive to him. He nodded and let out a shaky sigh, Izuna looking at him worriedly. "It was a dayago. Everything was fine the day before. We- wemade sure her room was locked up, and she was to sleep with me so I'd be able to protect her. We fell asleep, and she was right in my arms. The next morning, I woke up, and my arms were empty. Not a trace of Nozomi at all. And knowing that- that I she was gone, just like that, and I didn't do anything to stop it, couldn'tdo anything to stop it. I'm devastated, Lana-san." His voice cracked and wavered as he spoke,sniffling as tears streamed down his face.

I gazed at him in pity and sighed, rubbing his back comfortingly as he trembled. "Tobi-san. I guess I'll have to tell you, then," I said gently, causing him to look up in confusion with tears in his eyes. "W-what do you mean?" he shakily asked me, wiping at his eyes. I looked at him with a serious expression on my face, letting him know I wasn't playing around as I said, "I'm here to stop the disappearances. So rely on me, okay? I'll do everything I can to find out what's going on, and hopefully, save your sister."

Normally, I hate giving others false hope, especially if it involves demons. She's been missing for two days, what was the likelihood that she wasn't immediately devoured after being taken? Little to none. But deep down, my optimistic side said that there was hope. That maybe, she was spared somehow. That maybe, we could save her and bring her back to Tobi. Perhaps it's unfair to the other families who've lost their children, their daughters, girlfriends, sisters. But seeing Tobi's dim, blueeyes light up and widen in hope, instilled some kind of strength in me that made me determined to dosomethingabout it.

"You'd do that? Wait, what do you mean? Are you some kind of detective or policeman- er, woman?" Izuna questioned, which was completely understandable. If the police weren't able to do anything, how would some random chick who showed up out of nowhere do something? I chuckled and gave them an unsure smile, "...Something like that. Don't worry, Tobi-san, I'll be able to help!" Tobi flushed and gave me a small smile, nodding. "If you can help my sister, then do whatever you have to do." I nodded, "Of course!Now, I really begin my work at night, so let's go eat! The sun won't be up for very long, now."

That night, right as the stars spread across the sky was when I set out on the prowl. I instructed Izuna and Tobi to stay home and stay safe, although Izuna begged to come with me for some kind of protection. "I can't protect you and fight at the same time," was all I said, giving him a firm look before he reluctantly agreed, saying he'd still stay awake until I came back, Tobi agreeing stubbornly. I sighed and nodded before setting out into the dark streets of the village, the moonlightbeing my only source of a light besides the distant lanterns outside some homes.

'This whole situation definitely brings back memories,' I thought in slight nostalgia as I wandered around the village, sword in hand and gleaming against the moonlight. Although I appeared lax, in reality, I wasn't letting my guard down. I didn't have abilities like scent, or hearing, or sensing. But I had my strength, and that'd all I could rely on at the moment.

Using my average hearing senses, I tried honing in to little sounds. Thankfully, everyone in the village had gone to bed, not a soul in sight besides my own. The cool night air combined with building anticipation made my limbs feel like jelly, my entire body shivering as I walked around on standby. "Now, where...?" I muttered before shutting myself up as I heard a distant, but somewhat nearby sound of floorboards creaking, sheets ruffling. 'I hope that's not two people f*cking right now, please LORD,' I begged, deciding to check it out. Running over to the noise, I peeked into a slightly ajar window of a house, hoping I'd find something worthwhile.

I looked inside, scanning the dark room. The only window was the one I was peeking through, so the entire room was shrouded in darkness, my silhouette lined on the floor along with a square of light surrounding my figurefrom the moon outside. 'sh*t looks like a whole scene from a horror game...' I shivered and turned around, only to clamp my lips shut as a yelp was going to release. A grotesque demon, not unlike ones I've seen before, stood right in front of me, a giant, sharp-toothed grin plastered on its veiny face. 'What...the f*ck?' I gaped, surprised he'd just reveal himself just like that.He smiled and I immediately swung my sword at him, only to miss as he leapt back. I didn't have any time to go after him asI was immediatelydropped down into a hole, giving me no time to scream as wind rushed past my face.

I safely landed on my feet before snapping around and holding my sword at ready, my guard raised to the max. "f*ck you, demon! Come here so I can beat your ass!" I yelled, my voice echoing. Iwas in what looked like to be a cave, seemingly average, had it not been for- for... the gruesome sight of a pile of blood and gore, corpses of children and young girls shredded and half-devoured simply tossed on top of each other like leftovers. Which they probably were, given the torn patches of flesh and meat tossed about the place.

Staring at the cold, deadeyes of little boys and girls, my mind flashed back tothat day.

Hanako...at least she was with her mom when she died. Shigeru, Rokuta, Takeo. Oh, how that little boy with the brown hair and emptyemptyempty whyweretheysoempty?brown eyes reminded herof Takeo, the sight of his pale, blood-stained face haunted her.

That's right...it was easy.Soeasyto forget that day. I constantly repressed the memories, the mere thought being able to bring me to tears. I never really let myself grieve, too busy focusing on training and being there for the remaining Kamado siblings.

They were the ones who witnessed the death of their own family, and, ultimately, it was directlyherfault for letting it happen.

And the smell. Oh, the smell.It hit me in a wave of nausea, copper and rotten meat rose bile in my mouth. I had half a mind to gag, but held it in, in favor of trying to stay strong. I prayed I'd never have to smell something like this again, nonetheless witnesssomething like this. "What, the f*ck," I choked out, eyes wide in horror and disgust.As my voice softly rang out in the cave, I overheard a small whimper, followed by a quiet shushing. My eyes snapped over to a small group in the corner of the cave. One older girl, as well as three younger children, one a boy, the other two were girls. My heart grew heavy with grief at the sight of their terrified, shaking forms. They stared at me with wide eyes shrouded in fear, terrified for their lives, and rightly so.

I tried to look like I relaxed in order to appear less threatening, wielding a sword and all, as I gently called out to them. "Hello? It's okay, I won't hurt you. I'm here to save you, okay?" The younger ones clutched onto the older girl, who hugged them protectively. They showed no signs of relenting, so I knew I had to do more. f*ck, I wish Tanjiro was here, maybe he'd know how to talk to these kids...

"Hey, hey, it's gonna be okay! I'm sorry for your suffering, but I'll kick this demon's butt and then take you all home to your families, okay?" I reassured them, watching as they relaxed for a moment before tensing again. Not a good sign, and it probably meant the demon was back.

Whipping around, sword gripped tightly in my hands, I glared at the demon in front of me, licking his lips. "Oh my, surely I'm going to have quite the feast tonight~" he salivated, chuckling as he wiped his mouth. I cringed and wasted no time in rushing at the demon, pulling my sword back. 'First Form: Water Surface Slash!' I swung, the visuals of water flowing around my sword and behind me as I lunged at the demon, only to slash offa chunk of his shoulder as he leapt to the side. Hehowled in pain and grit his teeth as he gripped his bleeding shoulder. I would've snorted, had it not been for the anxiety bubbling in my stomach.

"What a baby for a demon, I only cut off your shoulder, and you're already in tears?" I taunted with a cold expression. He snarled at me and I gave a low smile. "Did you not expect to be caught? I mean, given you're in a cave...But-" I lunged again, positioning my sword at my side. 'First Form: Water Surface Slash!' "-you're sloppy!" I swung again, figuring this would finish him off since he reacted so slow. But I suppose I was wrong, as I entirely missed. Right when my sword was about to touch him, he suddenly disappeared.

"Wha- what the f*ck?! Where are you, you little sh*t?" I growled in annoyance, looking around frantically. When I looked up, I groaned as I spotted the demon up on the ceiling of the cave, crawling like an oversized spider. I shivered, feeling disturbed at the sight. But I've seen worse, I suppose.

"Motherf*cker," I hissed before glancing onto the ground for a moment before turning back up and pulling my legs back, springing myself up and pulling my sword back, aiming straight for the demons neck. 'Seventh Form: Piercing Rain Drop!'

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (17)

He let out a screech as he moved a bit too late, allowing/me to stab right through his neck. I held onto my sword as it got stuck on the ceiling, effectively trapping the demon. "Well, I need to completely slice your head off and you're not dead yet, so I guess you're stuck here until my sword drops," I clicked my tongue before letting go of the handle, safely landing on the floor and watching as he tried to grab at the sword to rip it from his neck, only to growl in pain as the blade sliced his hands. His arms couldn't bend all the way back, plus, even if he could, the sword was stuck to the ceiling pretty good. I think the only way he'd be able to get free is by ripping his neck out, or maybe even sliding down the sword and hoping his weight can loosen the sword from the cave.

Turning back to the kids, their eyes were glued to the ceiling, eyes wide with fear as the demon writhed and grunted. "He won't be getting down anytime soon, really," I said softly, drawing their attention. The only teenage girl swallowed nervously and shakily said, "W-wh, how did you...how did you do th-that?" "I'm a demon slayer," I replied. Her eyes widened at that, most likely disbelieving, but judging by how her demeanor relaxed, I assumed she remembered that she literally was kidnapped by a demon. "I kill demons, and along the way, I try to save people. That's what my job is. You'll be fine now, so don't worry, okay?" I then smiled warmly at the other three kids, who stopped shaking as I spoke.

"Are any of you hurt?" I asked, making sure to keep my distance as I didn't want to alarm them. "N-no," one of the children spoke up, to my surprise. It was a girl, who looked a bit older than the other two. I breathed out a sigh of relief before I turned to them with a worried expression. "Can you tell me what happened? How did you all get here?"

The teenager sighed, her voice cracking as she recalled what happened."My name is Sayuri. I was taken this night, I don't know how. One moment, I was sleeping in my futon, and the next, I woke up to find myself on the ground in this cave. Nozomi-chan here," she said, looking down at a small girl with short, black hair who held onto her yukata. "-Was alone before I arrived. The other two, Miko-chan and Nagato-kun, arrived this night. And then you came."

I nodded before realizing, "Nozomi, you said? Is that your name, honey?" I said gently to the small girl, who hesitated before shyly nodding. "You've been here for a day already, right?" Her eyes widened before she replied, "H-how did you know that?" I smiled, closing my eyes. "Your brother, Tobi-san, he's relying on me to bring you home. All of you, you're going home tonight."

Their eyes lit up with hope, tears springing to Sayuri's eyes at the thought of living another night after the pile of corpses just a few ways away from them blatantly showing what was going to happen to them, had I not showedup.

"Now, I guess I should get rid of that demon before anything. As soon as I kill that guy, we should be ejected right out of this cave," I smiled confidently, giving them a determined nod before turning back to the problem at hand. To my surprise, the demon was limply hanging from the sword embedded in the rock, as if he had given up.

My eyes narrowed. No way this muf*cka had simply 'given up'. Whatever that bitch was doing, I'm gonna slaughter his ass.

...To be continued...

Chapter 37: Hairpins and A Potential New Harem Member

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Author's Note: AAAND ANOTHA!! IVE NEVER CAME UP WITH A DECENT ACTION SCENE BEFORE BUT ILL TRY!! also omfg, I wanna do so much more with the characters and stuff! I was listening to Jenny by Studio Killers (A f*ckIN CLASSIC) and I was like, thinking to myself,,,YO, THIS SONG WOULD HELLA BE THE DYNAMIC FOR KANAO AND MC, so I RLLY RLLY RLLY!! wanna do something abt their relationship. SOOOO, HERE'S THIS CHAPTER!! ALSO IM SO f*ckING PROUD OF THE FAKE SCREENCAP DRAWING I DID FOR THS HCPATER HOLY sh*t, IT LOOKS SO GOOD! Okay, it's almost 2 AM, gnan get sum sleep now!1 Gnite! Luv ya'll! <3333

Warning: Swearing

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"Now, I guess I should get rid of that demon before anything. As soon as I kill that guy, we should be ejected right out of this cave," I smiled confidently, giving them a determined nod before turning back to the problem at hand. To my surprise, the demon was limply hanging from the sword embedded in the rock, as if he had given up.

My eyes narrowed. No way this muf*cka had simply 'given up'. Whatever that bitch was doing, I'm gonna slaughter his ass.

Wordlessly, I walked just underneath my sword, squinting up at the demon, whose eyes were closed. Still not saying a word, I jumped up, grabbing the handle of my sword and swinging my body forward, only to SLAM my foot up the demons ass.

He yelped and immediately sprung up, writhing as he clawed at the cave ceiling. "f*ck you," I said before putting my feet right above? me and pulling with a great amount of force, causing my sword to yank out from the ceiling fairly easily since the demon's weight loosened it a bit.

As expected, the two of us started falling to the ground. Difference being I managed to land on my feet without a scratch. The demon plopped onto the ground with a groan, and I figured that I could finally defeat him. But before I could position my sword correctly, he lunged at me, causing me to let out a scream before quickly side-stepping to the right, causing his claws to miss my face by a few hairs. Wait- hairs. HAIRS.

Oh. My God.


Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (18)

I stared at the locks of hair scattered around the ground on my left side before snapping my gaze up to the hair on my left side that was now hovering just above my shoulder. My lips twitched into a nervous smile before I brought my gaze back to the demon in front of me who was ready to lunge at me. Just before he could, though, I growled angrily and zoomed to him first, swinging my fist and screaming as I sucker-punched him,"THAT WAS MY HAIR YOU BITCH!"

I heard a crackas my fist made contact with his jaw, pride swelling within me at the showcase of my raw strength. He growled and swiped at me with his claws, causing me to hiss as he scratched my right cheek. "f*cker!" I hissed, swinging my sword right at his neck and quickly decapitating him.

His head plopped to the ground, his body following not too long after. 'Rest in peace, bitch,' I thought coldlyas I watched his body slowly disintegrate. 'Aaaand surprisingly, that was very anti-climatic. Oh well, just means I get to go home early!'

I let out a heavy sigh before turning to the others, who stared wide-eyed at me. I was about to run over to them before a black vortex appeared below us, sending us falling into the abyss, our screams following behind.

I gasped as I felt my body transfer through the portal before being sent onto the ground of the dirt road, where I originally was. The other four from the cave followed right after me, falling right in front of me. I scrambled off the floor and approached them as they shakily stood up, helping each other. The sky was still dark, meaning I hadn't been too long in the demon's lair.

"Is everyone okay? No one's hurt?" I asked, scanning the children first before glancing at Sayuri. Everyone shook their head, sniffles coming from the children. I breathed out a sigh of relief before blanching. "Okay- um. I guess we should bring you all home, yeah? I'm sure you all wanna go back to your families, ne?" I said with an awkward smile, eyes turned upwards. "Y-yeah. Um, do you need my help?" Sayuri asked me, still shaken up. I shook my head, "We've all had an extremely rough night. Now that the threat's been eradicated, you should go home and recover from this. Though with what you've seen, I doubt this night'll leave your mind in a while."

She slowly nodded and fumbled nervously with her yukata sleeves before she bowed deeply to me. "Thank you, for saving me. I'll never forget what you've done for me and the others!" she choked out, her voice wobbling. I smiled and chuckled tiredly, running my fingers through my short locks as I slid my sword back in its sheath. "It's my duty as a demon slayer. You're an extremely lucky girl, Sayuri-san." She stood back up and nodded before giving me a final curt bow and walking away, stumbling as she turned down a street.

I faced the other three children, who were trembling and teary-eyed, most likely traumatized by the whole ordeal. 'I hope I don't f*ck this up, oh my god,' I thought worriedly.A small smile formed on my lips as I crouched down to them. "You three were so brave. It's okay now, you're safe," I said softly as Miko hiccuped and wiped her eyes. "Th- the monster's gone?" she gulped. I nodded, my eyes soft. "Yup. No more monster. Your badass auntis gonna take you all home, yeah? So you can go back with your family." She slowly nodded as I got back up, the three of them huddling close to me. I looked down at them, "Okay, who lives the closest to here?"

They all went silent before Nagato spoke up. "I- I live just down this street, actually..." I hummed, "Perfect. I'll walk you home one-by-one, that way I know you'll be safe at home."

After I delivered Nagato and Miko back to their homes, I bid them goodnight as they thanked me before going inside their homes. Finally, it was time for Nozomi to return home to her brother.

"Nozomi-chan," I spoke up, causing her to look up at me with tired eyes. "Tobi-san is waiting for you. He's been waiting all night for me to bring you home! I'm sure he'll be glad to see you're safe and sound, right?" I smiled at her, patting her head. She gave me a small smile and nodded, grabbing onto my hand as we reached her home. Izuna was snoring away as he was slumped over on the stairs, Tobi sat on the porch, his eyes bloodshot and half-lidded, looking as if he had just cried his eyes out. His eyes shot open as he spotted us, me waving at him as I held Nozomi's hand.

"NII-SAN!" she cried out, letting go of my hand and running towards her brother. "NOZOMI!" He yelped, scrambling off the porch and running over to her, scooping her up and swinging her around as the two siblings sobbed in each other's arms. Izuna groaned and sleepily opened his eyes, only to follow suit in shooting up and running over in disbelief. All the while, I stood by, watching the reunion with a nostalgic look in my eye and a soft smile on my face.

"Nii-san, a demon took me away with other children, and nee-san saved us! She slayed the demon!" Nozomi exclaimed, clutching onto her brother's yukata as he held her. "Huh? Demon?" Tobi and Izuna glanced at each other before looking over at me. "What happened? Who was the culprit?" Tobi asked, walking up to me with Izuna in tow. Izuna's eyes widened, "And what happened to your hair? And the scratches on your face..." I waved him off, "Oh, well, the demon your sister mentioned put up a fight, and so I killed him." They gaped at me before Izuna nervously chuckled, "Yeah, 'demon'. So you killed them? What about the other children?" I nodded, "I don't know if you know them, but there was a teenage girl, Sayuri, and two other kids, Miko and Nagato. I took them all home before Nozomi."

Izuna nodded and snapped his fingers, "Yeah, I think I know them. Thank you for saving them, we definitely owe you one." He bowed to me gratefully, Tobi putting Nozomi on her feet and following. "Yes, thank you for bringing home my sister. If there's anything you need, I-" Tobi said before I shook my head and interrupted him, "No, it's fine. No need to thank me, I was just doing my job." They stood back up and Izuna tilted his head. "So what isyour job, exactly?" I smiled, "I'm a demon slayer."

I watched in amusem*nt as they squinted at me before Nozomi jumped up, "It's true! She really is one! She has a sword and everything!" I nearly cooed at how adorable she was, but decided that I'd better start heading back. "Heh, anyways, I'm off! Goodbye, now!" I waved at them as they bid me goodbye and their thanks, feeling proud that I managed to save people today and complete my mission.

Morishi flew to my shoulder as I walked, clicking his tongue. "How long until we reach home?" I tiredly asked, sighing. "Twohours at this rate," he squawked. I groaned loudly, throwing my head back. "I just wanna sleep!"

Two hours later, I finally arrived home, the sun not even up yet. It was probably around...4 AM? I didn't know, and my sleep-deprived mind didn't care.

I tiredly made my way through the gates, into Mitsuri's home, and finally arriving in my bedroom, kicking off my sandals as soon as I shut the shoji door. I set down my sword and undressed, yawning as my exhausted limbs unbuckled my belt, dropping my pleated skirt on the floor. Shrugging off my jacket, I unbuttoned my white shirt before reaching into my dresser and sliding on a comfortable yukata, ready to sleep after the journey. My hair was f*cked up, dried blood was smeared on my face, and my cuts weren't cleaned. But that was something I'd worry about tomorrow, right now, I SLEEP!

Another month later and about 13more missions completed, I finally managed to wield a whip with much less struggle now! sh*t, it was hard though. Surprisingly, Mitsuri invited Kyojuro to watch my training, and given the fact that he trained Mitsuri throughout this whole process too, it helped immensely to speed up the process. I became hell of a lot more flexible now, although I still struggled to do a few positions, it was all coming together fairly well!

Sadly, I haven't been able to see my boys since I left the Butterfly Estate due to training and missions. And most days I had off, I was so exhausted from training that I didn't want to do anything but sleep the day away, so I never got the opportunity to visit. Fortunately, Mitsuri decided that we'd end training early yesterday since she wanted to spend time with Obanai, how sweet!It was Saturday today, so that means I get the day off.And since I'm not absolutely WRECKED from yesterday, why not visit my adoring boyfriends and friends? So I hurriedly slipped on my uniform and slapped on some eyeliner and rouge, heading out the door to see my loved ones.

It didn't take too long before I got close to my location, running as fast as I could to reach it. 'Ohhh sh*t, I can't wait to see them! Oh my GOD, it's been for-f*cking-ever since I last saw them, hugged them! Bro, been feelin' so touch-starved, even with Mitsuri. I need some lovin'!' I excitedly squealed to myself as I ran down the dirt road, nearing the mansion.

I slowed down as I neared the gates, anticipation growing in my chest. My heart thumped loudly in my chest as my cheeks heated up from excitement, I just couldn't wait to surprise them! I peeked behind the gates, scanning the area only to find it empty. 'Perfect!' I giggled quietly to myself, running into the building quietly to make my way around to the infirmary.

I hadn't run into anyone yet, thankfully. Although I did almost run into Naho, who was running around with laundry in her arms. I managed to get up on the ceiling Inosuke-style, avoiding her. I let out a sigh of relief and dropped down before going back on my way.

Finally reaching the infirmary room, I perked up as I heard muffled voices behind the door. Pressing my ear to the door, I listened in.

'...Last mission was hard!...Almost got my arm!...' I heard a voice cry out in a whiney tone. I smiled to myself,Zenitsu.

'...Be more careful...Train more...' I heard Tanjiro lightly scold him, making me giggle at his caring nature.

As they continued to talk, I decided it was time to make my appearance!

"OH, YA'LL WANTED A TWIST, EH?" I yelled from behind the door before SLAMMING it open, walking in and making eye contact with my wide-eyed boysbeforestrikinga dramatic pose with a sideways peace sign to my forehead."C'MON, SEASON TWO!IT'S TIME TO GET SICKENINGGG!" In an act of boldness, I lifted my leg up behind me to the side and fell back, bouncing onto the floor and somehow successfully performing adeath dropon my first try.

"Lana/Lana-chan/Rana!" Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Inosuke rushed over to me from their spots on the bed, immediately assisting me to get up. "Oh my goodness, that looked like a a bad fall! Are you okay?!" Tanjiro fretted, looking over me. "Why would you do that?! Are you hurt anywhere?" Zenitsu cried out, looking over me as well.

I laughed and dusted myself off before bringing them into a group hug, a wide grin on my face. "I'm fine! I did it on purpose. I miss you guys," I sniffled dramatically, nuzzling my face into their shoulders and inhaling their comforting scents. The combined smell of linen, charcoal, flowers, and an earthy scent was something I'd never get enough of. And thankfully, I guess Inosuke took a shower since there was a lack of the stench of a BARNYARD FARM ANIMAL.

"Lana-chan, y- your hair!" Zenitsu exclaimed as I got off of them. I giggled and fluffed the ends of my short locks. "Do you like it? I think it's super cute!" I chirped, tilting my head towards the side and peeking up at them through my lashes.

I watched with pride as Tanjiro and Zenitsu flushed, although I couldn't tell with Inosuke since he had his boar mask on.

"I- I think youlookcute! Very cute!" Tanjiro exclaimed, steam practically puffing from his ears. "Lana-chan looks adorable! Let's get married right away!" Zenitsu cried out, foaming at the mouth.

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (19)

"Oh-em-geeee, stawp!Ya'll are makin' me blush," I giggled, holding my heated cheek and giving them a limp wrist motion in exaggeration.Despite my dramatic-ass actions, however, I was sparkling at the praise, my ego swelling with every reaction. I looked over to Inosuke, who was strangely quiet.

"Inosuke? Whaddya think?" I urged, beaming.

He stood for a moment before puffing from behind his mask and letting out a fierce battle cry as he charged at me, Zenitsu and Tanjiro screaming in panic as he lunged. I laughed and reached out, shoving him off roughly, Zenitsu squawking in shock and Tanjiro watching in surprise. He staggered to the side before running at me again, huffing, "FIGHT ME!" "Later, ya weirdo! I wanna catch up with you guys!" I snorted, bringing him into a headlock.

"Don't make me break out the German suplex!" I squealed as he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up."German...suplex?" Zenitsu muttered in confusion, tilting his head. "Guys, we shouldn't be so rough in the infirmary room," Tanjiro said in exasperation, though he had a fond smile on his face.

"And, like, holy sh*twas that demon so far up his own ass, I swear dude, he had it f*ckin' coming," I ranted, recounting a recent mission I went on as the four of us sat circled around in a grassy area in the garden, butterflies fluttering around us. Surprisingly, Kanao wasn't in the garden when we had arrived, which Tanjiro informed me she was away on a mission. Bummer! I wanted to see her so badly, I missed my friends so much!

"HAHAHA! YOU MEAN THE DEMON SHOVED HIS HEAD UP HIS OWN ASS?" Inosuke howled with cackles, listening intently as I spoke. I let out a laugh, "No! I mean, shiiit, that would've been a sight. But I mean that he was hella confident and assumed he'd come out on top." "I guess we've all had our own run-ins with some weird demons," Tanjiro chuckled to my right. "It's always so scary on my own, I wish you were with me Lana-chan! Uh, so I can, uh, protect you, of course!" Zenitsu slumped before stumbling over his words, his chest puffing up. I leaned over to my left side until I was completely laying on Zenitsu's lap, where I stared up at him and smiled, my eyes squinting. "I know you would, you're my hero!" I cooed, puckering my lips and sending him kisses. He flushed and beamed, "A-anything for you!"

I sat back up with a yawn before smiling and continuing, "Anyways, how-" "Lana-san?!" a high-pitched gasp said, causing us to turn around to see Naho standing on the porch of the Butterfly Estate. "Hey Naho! It's been a while!" I smiled at her, raising my arm high above me as I waved. She smiled and waved back before turning around and calling inside the building, presumably calling Kiyo and Sumi.

I was proven correct, as the two other butterfly girls rushed out to see the commotion. As they spotted me sitting with Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu, they all waved excitedly rushing over to greet me.

"Hey guys!" I laughed, happy to see the small trio of adorable girls so excited to see me. "Lana-san, yourhair!" "You look so pretty Lana-san!" "How've you been?" All threesurrounded me, eager to catch up. I grinned and patted their heads, "Awe, thank you! You guys are too sweet!" I squealed, flushing at their cuteness. "I've been good! A few wild missions here and there, but training's been going going fine and stuff! How about you guys? Busy with chores and patients here?" The three girls nodded before they all went on a tangent about reckless demon slayers ending up in the infirmary room, leaving me chuckling at the annoyed looks on the girls' faces.

Not too long into the conversation, Sumi was interrupted by Kiyo, who glanced over to the building before waving at someone. "Kanao, welcome back!" Kiyo called out, drawing my attention towards the open shoji doors where Kanao stood, smiling at us. To my surprise and delight, her smile seemed more genuine, more warm than the default one she wore the first time we met. I was glad to see that I managed to break her in with Tanjiro's help! That means POSSIBLE RECIPROCATED FRIENDSHIP! WHOOOOOOO!

"KANAO!! HIII!" I shot up from my spot on the ground, eagerly waving at her with a grin on my face. Oh man, it had been so long since I last got to talk to her!

"...!" Her eyes widened before a red hue bloomed across her pale complexion. I watched in slight confusion as her demeanor became timid, her eyes drifting down and her posture seeming to shrink on herself. 'Is she...is she scared of me or something? Maybe I was a bit too f*cking wild the last time we talked and I scared her off? Damn, I can't remember...' I thought to myself worriedly, hoping I didn't just lose my chance at befriending her. My arm faltered, slowly dropping to my side as I watched Kanao fumble awkwardly.

The others watched us in confusion, noticing the weird tension that suddenly appeared. Tanjiro awkwardly coughed before getting up and waving at Kanao as well, greeting her as well. "Kanao-san!" He smiled, drawing her attention to him. I watched in slight hurt as she didn't hesitate to wave at him, her demeanor relaxing, unlike with me. 'Okay, not gonna lie, that sh*t HURT, but it's not her fault for feeling intimidated by me, I guess.'

After we greeted Kanao, Tanjiro invited her over to sit with us, which, kudos to him for wanting to make her feel comfortable by spending time around the others, but honestly I thought it was kind of a bad idea since I didn't want there to be an awkward tension between us if she couldn't relax around me.

"Hey! So, how was your mission?" I asked her with a friendly tone, thinking that maybe my obnoxious behavior was what made her feel uncomfortable. I might as well go with a normal, friendly approach. "It was fine. Nothing I couldn't handle," she said curtly, pointedly avoiding eye contact. I faltered but kept a small smile on my face. "Really? Nice! I know there's not much you can'tdo, haha!" I internally cringed at my stiff words but tried keeping my hopes up.

An awkward silence befell our group as we thought of what else to say. My stomach churned in on itself as anxiety began festering within me, and although I wouldn't exactly call it fear, I felt scared of speaking up again, should it lead to another cringe-worthy attempt at conversation.

"Kanao, did you notice Lana-san's hair? It looks pretty, right?" Sumi spoke up with a smile on her face. Kanao paused, her eyes flickering to me before she nodded, a small smile on her face. "Y-yes. It looks lovely on her." I beamed and chuckled, "Thank you! But I think you're lovelier."

Kanao's eyes widened before her cheeks turned red again, causing me to giggle at how easily flustered she is with my harmless flirting.

"Lana, Nezuko misses you a lot!" Tanjiro said as the awkward tension finally disappeared. "Oh my gosh! I miss her so much dude!" I gasped. "You read her the letters I send, right? I don't want her to think I forgot about her or anything!" I whined, throwing my head back. "Of course! She's always happy when you send letters to us. But we all missed you, it's been around two months already," Tanjiro smiled, scooting closer to me.

"I missed all of you guys too! Oh man, I've been wanting to see you guys for so long! But training directly under a pillar, sometimes two at that, is so exhausting," I groaned. "My poor Lana-chan! But I'm really happy to see you after so long! I missed you!" Zenitsu exclaimed before copying Tanjiro and moving closer to my side.

"I missed you too! C'mere, put your head here," I gushed before patting my lap. Zenitsu's pretty yellow eyes lit up before he complied, plopping his head onto my lap and sprawling out on the grass. As I began petting his hair, Sumi, Naho, and Kiyo all stood up, excusing themselves as they had to help Aoi with lunch. I waved them off with a, "Say 'hi' to Aoi for me!" before continuing to run my fingers through Zenitsu's golden locks.

About an hour later of talking about whatever was on our minds, the three girls, along with Aoi, came out carrying plates filled with onigiri, soba, tempura shrimp, all bomb-ass dishes! All made by four hard-working girls with too much to do.

"Hello Lana-san! How are you?" Aoi lit up, smiling as she placed a dish in the middle of our group, Zenitsu was off my lap a while ago and was back to my side. "Good!" I chirped, scooting back to make room for her.Her eyes snapped towards my hair, and, to my delight, she complimented me. "Oh wow, you cut your hair! It looks great!" I beamed and thanked her before we all sat down and dug in to the delicious meal.

"You stupid boar head! That was my tempura shrimp!"


"Guys, there's enough to go around!"

"Tanjiro's right, fellas. Calm down now ya'll, I'm just tryna EAT."

About 8 attempts to prevent Inosuke from stealing everyone's food later, lunch was finished. Aoi and the other three had gone off again shortly after, more chores to do, unfortunately for them.

"And so, there were five," I sighed, wondering what we could do. "Hey, guys? Let's go shopping or something," I suggested, rolling from my sprawled position on the ground.

"Shopping?" Tanjiro questioned. "Yup! Let's go to a nearby shopping place and just do whatever!" I smiled, sitting on my legs. "Sounds like a good idea! We have nothing better to do anyways," Zenitsu nodded, giving me a grin. "SHOPPING? LIKE...BUYING FOOD AND STUFF?" Inosuke questioned, tilting his head, the round blue orbs of his boar mask staring unblinkinglyat me. I looked at him and nodded eagerly. "Yeah! We can buy food and a sh*tton of sweets!" I exclaimed, watching in amusem*nt as he immediately shot up and began demanding we go.

I looked over at Kanao, who quietly watched us with an indifferent look on her face. "You coming with us, Kanao?" I asked her, drawing her attention. She paused to think about my offer before she quietly nodded, which formed a grin on my lips. "YAY! Alright then, you guys should get your money and stuff, and then we can leave!" I cheered as the three boys scrambled inside the building to retrieve their yen.

I laughed and gazed after them with an adoring smile on my face, feeling absolutely ecstatic to spend time with some of the people I loved. There was a peaceful silence before my eyes snapped over to Kanao, who to my surprise, immediately looked way from me. Was she staring at me just now?

"What's up, Kanao? You doin' okay?" I casually asked her as we waited for the boys to come back.

"Y-Yes! I'm doing fine," she replied, still facing away from me. Though something that peaked my interest; her ears were red.

Okay, maybe, justmaybe, I was really deep up my own ass, but I'm starting to think Kanao is less intimidated by me and more attracted towards me. I'm not f*cking oblivious, I can tell when something's up. Of course, I'm not gonna immediately off-the-bat assume that this is the case- Kanao having a crush on me- so I'll just leave her to her own devices until she wants to tell me.

And if she does?

I mean,

of course I'm deeply loyal to my two current official boyfriends, Tanjiro and Zenitsu. I would literally trade the world for them, anything for them. I love them so f*cking much, ithurtssometimes. But that brings me to the question,what if Kanao actually does like me, and what if she asks me out despite knowing that I'm in a committed relationship?Of course, had I not already been dating my boys, I would sayYes!on the spot.I'm literally so f*cking gay for everyone in this damn world.But honestly, I would bring it up to Tanjiro and Zenitsu, see what their thoughts on it would be, and depending on their answer, I'd-

"We're back! Let's go!" Tanjiro exclaimed, walking back outside with the other two boys right behind him.

'I'll think about this later, I don't think anything will happen anytime soon, anyways. I'll just proceed to friend-flirt with her like I do everyone else and see what happens,' I shrugged to myself before beaming and waving at them. "Alright! Let's go then," I chuckled before looking over to Kanao and nodding my head over to the front gate. She gave me a small smile and nodded before we were off, running down the dirt road to whatever city we'd reach first.

"OH MY GOSH, LOOK AT THESE HAIRPINS! DUDE, THEY'RESO CUTE!" I gushed, peering down at a glass case displaying various hairpins and accessories, all very appealing to the eye. Kanao stood next to me, looking down at the case as well while the other three boys were a few ways away from us looking at some trinkets.

I'm sure as everyone fears, Inosuke would definitely cause a huge f*cking ruckus in the marketplace, so somehow, I managed to get him to behave on the promise that we'd go buy whatever he wanted. Within reason, of course!

"Indeed, they'd be pretty on you," Kanao said softly, looking down at a particular hairpin. I blinked at her for a moment before pretending to stare back into the case.

'She's actually pretty bold right now, much different than earlier today when she wouldn't even respond to me,' I thought before shrugging it off and smiling up at her. "No way, you'd totally be gorgeous wearing any of these things!" I exclaimed as she peered up at me, a blush forming on her face. "In fact, your butterfly pin is so beautiful on you! Man, I'd love to get one of my own. Do you know if Shinobu has them hand-crafted?" I asked her excitedly.

She pondered for a moment before nodding. "I think she does. I'll ask if she can make one for you, if you'd like." I gasped, stars in my eyes as an excited blush spread across my face. "Yeah, yeah! Oh my gosh, that'd be so cute!" I squealed, thinking about having a pretty butterfly pin of my own.

Kanao muttered something under her breath, and I pretended not to notice before looking back down at the hairpins. "I think I'm gonna buy, like, a sh*tton of hairpins right now," I announced to her before beckoning over the stand owner and motioning towards a couple of different hairpins I liked.

"Tanjiro, ya think Nezuko would like a new kimono?" I asked him as we sifted through a rack of various colorful silk kimonos, the others off wandering around on their own (Well, Inosuke on his own with Zenitsu babysitting him, LMAO).

"That's a good idea, Lana! I've been meaning to get her a new one, but it kept slipping my mind. Although..." he looked down at the price tags. "...Are you sure you wanna get a kimono from here? It's quite expensive..."

I snorted and waved him off, peeking over at him as I pulled a peach-colored kimono with a beautiful and intricate flower pattern off the rack. "It's my money, don't worry about it, babe! Besides, I'm loaded from saving up all that money from missions. Don't worry your pretty little head about money, 'kay? If you want anything, just tell me and I'll get it for you." He stared at me with a soft expression before blinking and protesting at the last of my words. "Wha-?! No! As your boyfriend, I should be the one paying for you!"

I didn't take it as misogynistic or anything, I knew Tanjiro was just a lil gentlemen who was very traditional in terms of courting. But despite his protests, I gave him a smooch and told him not to worry about it, leaving him squawking as I went over to pay for the expensive silk kimonos for me and Nezuko.

"Zenitsu-kun! Look at the fox masks!" I exclaimed, pointing at two hand-carved fox masks. One had lightening shaped cuts along the cheeks, the eyes closed with small holes to see throughwhile the one next to it had flowers carved on the cheeks, its eyes also closed but turned upwards to appear more joyful. The masks were good-quality, the carving expertly done. But obviously, it was absolute garbagecompared to Dad's work! At least, in my eyes.

"It's literally us!" I giggled, noting the resemblance of the lightening fox mask to Zenitsu.

"Oh, yeah! We should-!" Zenitsu grinned before glancing at the price and trailing off and giving me a guilty look."Erm, well, maybe I could buy you something that's a bit cheaper? Sorry Lana-chan, I wanna buy you a lot of things, but I'm afraid if I buy you even one mask, it'll be all my savings...Maybe next time-?" "What?" I cut him off, raising a brow.

"Huh?" Zenitsu questioned. "Whaddya mean, 'huh'? It's not like I was gonna make you buy it. Besides, you don't gotta buy anything for me! Being here with you is enough," I laughed, kissing his cheek.

"But- wha, huh?" He stumbled over himself, not knowing what to say. "If you think I brought you guys here because I expect you to pay for my all stuff, you're dead wrong. Now, c'mon! I know you were looking at that blue yukata from earlier, let's go see how much it is and I can buy it for you," I snorted, grabbing his hand and leading him down the crowded street, not knowing that he was staring at me in awe.

'I definitely gotta marry her!Yeah, she's the one.'

"INOSUKE! Don't go near the porcelain shop, I'm sure you'll find it boring," I exclaimed, grabbing his hand before he wandered off again.

God knows what'll happen if you put Inosuke in a store full of fine china.

"Can we go get more candy?!" He groaned, trailing behind me and looking around at the stores. Many people stared at us as we walked down together, which wasn't surprising considering there was literally a shirtless man with the head of a boar following some girl down the marketplace.

"Yeah, bet. I wanna get a sh*tton of konpeito, let's go," I nodded, spotting a sweets store not too far from us and heading towards the building like a man (and a boar) on a mission.

We stepped into the store, a small bell ringing to announce our arrival. Looking around, the store was definitely modeled after a western tea shop, just filled with various types of sweets and pastries instead.

"Oh! Look, we can fill up this bag with as much sweets as we want!" I beamed, grabbing a paper bag and unfolding it. Inosuke grunted in delight as we walked around the store, looking at the different types of candy they had.

"Get some more chocolate for Lord Inosuke!" Inosuke ordered meas he trailed behind me. "Yup, right away, sir!" I chirped, grabbing a handful of chocolate bars imported from England. Man, I could notwaitto just pig out later and eat a sh*tton of sweets.

"Oh, yes! Konpeitooo, my favorite!" I squealed, rushing over to the container filled with colorful, star-shaped sugar candy.

"What is that?" Inosuke demanded, his hands on his knees as he closely observed the contents of the container.

"Konpeito, it's sugar!" I smiled, reaching in and scooping a large serving of the candy into the bag. I reached in and grabbed a couple before holding them out to Inosuke. "Try some! They're really good," I urged. He huffed and snatched the little sugar stars from my palm before lifting his mask to reveal his mouth and tossing the candy inside, chewing obnoxiously as the sugar crumbled in his teeth.

He placed his mask back on and let out a grunt of approval. "More!" he ordered, and I complied, shoveling about a quarter of the container into the bag, which was growing a bit heavy. Nothing I couldn't handleof course!

About a few hours later, my wallet wasmuchlighter than it was earlier, we decided to head back. I carried about four large bags in my arms, all filled with clothes, accessories, and food I bought. The other four had their own items as well, although Tanjiro and Kanao held only one bag each, probably not wanting to spend too much in one day. Zenitsu had two bags and Inosuke held three. Although Tanjiro and Zenitsu pleaded to let me let them carry my things, I refused and playfully asked if they considered me a weak girl that I couldn't even carry my own things. That immediately shut them up, not wanting to upset me, which definitely amused me.

"Well, while I'd love to stay longer, I gotta head back before dark. I wouldn't want Mitsuri and Obanai all over the place to find me cause' she thinks I've been swallowed whole by a demon," I said with a sorrowful sigh, not wanting to depart from my precious ones so early. We stood right inside of the Butterfly Estate gatesand I had handed everyone things I had bought for them.

"I understand. Be safe on the way back, okay?" Tanjiro nodded understandingly, placing a kissing on my cheek. "Thank you for buying Nezuko a new kimono. I'm sure she'll love it!" He smiled gratefully at me.

"Of course! Man, I really wish I could've seen her today," I sulked, sighing sadly. "Next time, maybe," Tanjiro reassured me.

"Lana-chan, don't gooo!!" Zenitsu whimpered, embracing me tightly. "I knowwww," I whined. "I don't wanna leave either, but I gottaaaaa. Keep your yukata safe, alright? You can wear it whenever we go to a festival or something," I smiled at him, petting his hair.

"Okay, I'll make sure to save up lots so I can buy you everything you want!" He nodded at me before I lightly booped his nose. "Noo, you don't gotta buy me anything, period! Ya weirdo, save your money for food on missions or something. Don't worry about me!" I snorted before turning to Inosuke.

"Don't eat too much candy all in one go or you'll get sick, then you'll hate eating the candy. Alright?" I told him, patting his head. "Hmph! Whatever!" He huffed, crossing his arms, reminding me of a fussy little kid."Since we didn't fight today, next time for sure!" I smiled at him, patting his bicep. That seemed to lift his mood, as he then cheered, "You better prepare yourself next time, then! The Great Inosuke won't be so easy greeting you as today!"

I laughed and gave him a hug, only to beam as he hugged me back just as tightly. "I'll send you a letter soon, don't worry," I said, releasing him and finally turning to Kanao.

"Hey! I had so much fun today with you guys! I'm really happy you decided to come along," I grinned at her. She gave me a smile and nodded, "Me too. I hope we can do this again sometime." I nodded eagerly, "Of course! I'll try forcing my ass up on weekends more often so I can see you guys!"

With that, I spread my arms open, gently waving them around as an invitation. "Goodbye hug?" I asked, respecting her boundaries.

She paused before hesitantly walking into my arms, wrapping around her warmly. I smiled as I felt her arms slowly wrap around my waist before we departed.

"See ya," I chuckled before grabbing my bags off the floor and heading towards the front gates. "Bye guys! Look out for a letter soon!" I exclaimed. I would've waved, had it not been for the bags in my arms.

"Bye Lana!" "BYE!" "Lana-CHAN, BE SAFE!" "Bye, Lana."

I smiled to myself as I walked away from their waving forms, slowly growing smaller and smaller as I went further down the dirt road.

I glanced down at one of the smaller bags in my arms, peering at the shiny gold hairpins clinking together.

I cackled, "Awe sh*t, the Red Light District is NOT ready for my obnoxious ass to be singing on the streets!"

...To be continued...

Chapter 38: I Don't Care If You're a Pillar, DON'T TOUCH THEM!



Chapter Text


Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!


"Bye Lana!" "BYE!" "LANA-CHAN, BE SAFE!" "Bye, Lana."

I smiled to myself as I walked away from their waving forms, slowly growing smaller and smaller as I went further down the dirt road.

I glanced down at one of the smaller bags in my arms, peering at the shiny gold hairpins clinking together.

I cackled, "Awe sh*t, the Red Light District is NOT ready for my obnoxious ass to be singing on the streets!"

Another two months passed and I found myself walking on the dirt road to the Butterfly Estate again, wanting to spend my free time with my loved ones again. As my sandals scraped against the dirt, I reminisced over my progress from the last few months.

Holysh*t, it was so f*cking exhausting and not to mentionhopelessat times trying to swing around a bigass whip and avoid hitting myself. But I did it! Dude, I'm such aGodat ribbon dancing now, it's literally just as Mitsuri said, easy as breathing! I got SO f*ckING FLEXIBLE TOO! Dawg, okay- first time I arrived here (I keep forgetting that No, I Was Not In Fact Born In This World), I'd literally die if I even tried forming a split, andGODknows how much my back would hurt after bending over for too long. Now? DUDE, I COULD LITERALLY DO THIS sh*t IN MY SLEEP thanks to Mitsuri's constant exercise routines and encouragement, I managed to do so many things I never thought I'd be able to! I was sure thankful for her.

It was, um,hardat times whenever Obanai would come over, which wasfrequent, I can assure you.

Flashback to when I was training with Dad, remember that sh*t? When I'd like, cry and stuff if I made a mistake?Okay, if you thought that was bad, IT WOULD NEVER COMPARE TO OBANAI'S TREATMENT.

THAT MUTHAf*ckA WASRUTHLESSWITH HIS INSULTS! Dude, I could never catch a f*ckingbreak! I swear my whole day was ruined after he would pull up to Mitsuri's to watch me train. He was so f*cking harsh with his words, you could only imagine how that sh*t went down with me, especially knowing how my sensitive-ass is...

I don't wanna talk about it at the moment, shivers.

Anyways, back to what's at hand. Holy sh*t, I was sure the Red Light District Arc was approaching like a freight train, and I had no f*cking clue when it'd start. In fact, there's a huge chance I won't even be able to be apart of that arc if I manage to not show up on the day Uzui f*cking comes, and that thought scares me the most. sh*t, what if I miss the whole arc!? I can't let that happen, dude! I guess I just gotta hope it's on a weekday, since those are my only days off.


I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the sound of my name being called, causing me to whip around at the sound. A few feet away behind me was Tanjiro, who waved over at me with a smile.

"Tanjiroooo!" I squealed, running over to him and throwing my arms around him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He laughed and kissed my cheek in return, hugging me back tightly.

"I didn't know you were visiting today!" He exclaimed, looking down at me. I beamed and puckered my lips at him. "I like surprising you guys anyways. Besides, y'know I can only visit on weekends and stuff, I'm a pretty busy girl!" Tanjiro chuckled and and rubbed his sweaty neck before sighing tiredly.

"Exhausting mission?" I smiled in concern as we began walking again. He nodded and replied, "I'm beat, I-"

He wasinterrupted by the distant cries and yelps coming nearby from behind the Butterfly Estate gates.

"Oh f*ck," I gasped before glancing at Tanjiro's equally worried expression as we began sprinting towards the gates. 'Oh sh*t, OH sh*t THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!' I internally screamed, a tiny excited smirk appearing on my face as my heart began to pound.

At the Butterfly Esate...

"I...I said...LET ME GO!" Aoi screamed, flailing around in Uzui's grip as he tossed her over his shoulder. Naho was pressed tightly into the hashira's side as he held her captive, shrieks and cries emitting from her trembling body.

"You're too noisy, so shut up," Uzui said nonchalantly as he began walking away, Kanao watching in shock as Sumi and Kiyo cried for him to stop and let them go.

"K-KANAO!" Aoi cried, reaching out for the other girl with a frightened expression.

'Duty...Mission...Superiorofficer...Shinobu...Aoi...Naho...Coin...Hashira....Orders...' Kanao's mind was running wild as she stared dumbly at Aoi's terrified form, not knowing what to do. I mean, Uzui was a hashira, and she couldn't go against her superior's orders...right?

'Coin...I'll toss my coin to decide,' she thought numbly, reaching towards her pocket to retrieve her prized possession.

"IT MEANS YOU LIVE BY YOUR OWN RULES NOW! YOUR OWN MORALITY! YOUR OWN FEELINGS! CONGRATS! LET ME KNOW YOUR FIRST DECISION AS YOU STEP INTO ANARCHY AND PUNK LIFESTYLE!" Lana's words to her from before echoed in her mind. Kanao remembered how excited the other girl was, how happy she was at the thought of Kanao living through her own decisions. It was...It was life changing, to say the least.

The thought filled her with courage, and with that, Kanao leapt forward and grabbed Aoi's hand and Naho's skirt, tugging at them as her boots scraped across the stone pathway. "Kanao..." Aoi muttered in relief and surprise with tears in her eyes.

Uzui glanced down at the tsuguko with a blank stare. "Don't be such a bore. You got orders earlier, didn't you?" The pillar said to her as he paused. Kanao squeezed her eyes shut as sweat formed at her face, unsure if what she was doing was the right thing.


Kanao's eyes snapped open at the familiar voice, although said in a tone she'dneverheard before. Sumi and Kiyo paused in mid-charge, originally aiming to have a go at the overly large pillar themselves.

"LANA-SAN!" Sumi and Kiyo exclaimed in relief, even more so when Tanjiro came running just behind her. "TANJIRO-SAN!"

"WHAT'RE YOU DOING TO THOSE GIRLS?! LET THEM GO!" The redhead yelled angrily.

"YEAH YOU ASSHOLE! LET GO OF THEM BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN THE DICK!" Lana yelled, fire practically blazing in her eyes. Uzui scoffed, "Like you can dream of even touching me, brat. Do you have any idea who you're talking to? Just who do you think you are, trash?" "WHAT!?" Surprisingly, Tanjiro was the one who yelled this before he jumped at the pillar, pulling back before thrusting his forehead of steel at the other's head.

'Omfg, Tanjiro defended me,' Lana mentally cooed before snapping out of it as the hashira disappeared, causing Tanjiro to miss. Luckily, she raced over in time to catch him in her arms before he hit the ground.

"What the?" Tanjiro muttered in her arms before the hashira's voice brought their attention to the roof. "Idiot," Uzui deadpanned. "I am Tengen Uzui, a former ninja. I'mwell-known in that world. Do you think I'd let you hit me with your snotty headbutt?!" He glared down at us, still holding Aoi and Naho in his arms.

"WELL ALRIGHT, TENsh*t ASSHOLE, LET THEM GO!" Lana yelled, helping Tanjiro up."LET GO OF AOI AND NAHO, YOU KIDNAPPER!" Tanjiro added angrily. "Yeah!" "What's the big idea!?" "Pervert!" Naho and Sumi jeered, sniffling.

"WHY YOU! GRRR, YOU TALKIN' TO ME?! I'M YOUR SUPERIOR OFFICER! I'M A HASHIRA, YOU JERK!" The pillar glared, growling furiously at our jeers.

"f*ck YOU!" Lana yelled, throwing up her middle fingers at the aggravated hashira. "I don't recognize you as a pillar!" Tanjiro huffed, causing Uzui to squawk in anger.



"Then, I don't need her," the pillar said before tossing Naho off the roof of the entrance gate.

She screamed as she fell before Tanjiro swooped in and caught her. "He dropped me!" Naho sobbed in terror, clutching at his shoulders. "It's okay, it's okay, we'll kick his ass for you," Lana said gently beforeshegrit herteeth and glared up at the hashira. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU BRUTE?!" Tanjiro yelled, his eyes practically popping out of his sockets. "YEAH, THE f*ck IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Lana added furiously.

Tengen looked down at them both figuratively and literally from his place at the top of the gates. "For now I'm taking her on a mission. She doesn't look useful, but she's basically a corps member." He then glanced at Lana, who gave him a hard stare. In another flash, he disappeared from the top of the gates, only to re-appear again with Lana under his arm, just as Naho had been a moment ago.

"HEY MAN, WHAT THE HELL!" Lana screamed, thrashing around in his strong grip. "Quit squirming! I'll just take you along, since I need more than one female corps member for this mission," the hashira huffed in frustration as he tightened his hold, causing the girl to gasp at the sudden tightness around her waist. 'Wait, what am I complaining for? I wanted to go on this mission anyways, lol,' Lana realized, relaxing in his grip and waiting out the scene.

"GIVE US BACK AOI AND LANA RIGHT NOW!" Tanjiro yelled, furious at the pillar, at himself for not being able to protect his girlfriend.

Aoi looked down at the dirt path below her hopelessly as she tensed up at his words, recalling the week during final selection and how she only managed to survive through pure luck. A mission...She wasn't sure how she'd fare in one, considering how she spent her days helping around the estate, away from certain danger. And surely, Lana wouldn't be there to protect her the whole time.

"People have different needs and abilities! You can't just use them as you like with no regard for them at all! Let them go!" Tanjiro yelled as he stood with the 4girls. "Tepid. You're lukewarm. The demon slayer corps is getting weaker because of new members like you who just rattle on like that," Uzui said lowly. "JUST TAKE ME INSTEAD OF AOI, AT LEAST!" Tanjiro exclaimed, holding a hand to his chest. If he couldn't take back Lana, then he could at least be with her on this mission instead of Aoi, since he remembered what Aoi had told him about her experience in the final selection.

Before Uzui could reply, a woosh! of wind came, and there appeared Zenitsu and Inosuke on both sides of the gate, surrounding Uzui.

"I just got back, but I'm not tired! I don't mind going either!" Inosuke exclaimed, pointing a thumb at himself.

"LET GO OF MY Lana-CHAN, YOU! GRRRRR, EVEN IF YOU ARE A MUSCLE-BOUND MOSNTER, I WON'T RETREAT ONE STEP!" Zenitsu screamed furiously, whipping out his nichirin blade. Despite his rage and fury, he was still heavily intimidated by the hashira, who only looked down coldly at him. But still, Lana-chan needed him!

A weird silence settled as Uzui thought to himself, an unreadable aura surrounding him. Tanjiro tensed as Inosuke began growling at the lack of attention, Zenitsu trembling from both fear and fury. Lana lied limply in his arms, yawning as she smiled and waved at Inosuke who was closest to her.

The silence didn't last long as the hashira quickly made up his mind. "...Whatever. You guys, come with me."

Tanjiro shot up in surprise. 'He sure caved easily!'

"But you'd better not let me down!" Uzui cackled before he hopped down and let Aoi and Lanago, the other girls rushing to them and surrounding Aoi as Zenitsu and Inosuke leapt down, running over to Tanjiro and Lana.

"So...? Where are we going?" Tanjiro timidly asked as him, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Lana walked behind Uzui's towering form, his chains and jewels clinking together as he walked. Zenitsu trembled, still intimidated by his tall figure whilst Inosuke and Lana remained unbothered, walking silently with the trio. Although, weirdly enough, there were clinking sounds coming from Lana...

"The flashiest place in Japan, steeped in lust and avarice." The sound hashira answered before turning his gaze behind him to see that the four teens had stopped in their tracks.

"It's an entertainment district where demons dwell," he smirked at them, leaving the three boys confused. 'We're gonna become prostitutes! HELL YEAH!' Lana mentally rejoiced, growing excited at the journey ahead of them. 'OMMFGGGG, AND THEN WE'RE GONNA SEE DAKI AND GYOTARU- WHEEWWWWWW CHILEEEE, I'M SWEATINNN, AND NOT FROM FEAR, NO SIRRR!' She slapped a hand over her mouth as she held back a squeal, gaining concerned looks from her boys next to her.

"Heh, scared already? What a wimp! Then I suppose you'd have to rely on this pillar, right?" Tengen snickered, throwing a thumb at himself triumphantly.

The teenage demon slayers gave him a dead stare, save for Inosuke, who was quietly in awe at the sound hashira's cool demeanor.

"What? Bro, no. I'm just excited for this damn mission. Don't put all yo eggs into one chicken- er, eggs into one basket, muf*cka," Lana muttered that last part under her breath, however Uzui had heard enough, growing agitated at their ignorance.

His eyebrow twitched. "You little brats! So ungrateful! You're lucky I've decided to take you with me!"He then thrusted his fingers at them, furrowing his brows in frustration. "GOT IT? I AM GOD! YOU ARE TRASH! FIRST OFF, GET THAT RIGHT INTO YOUR SKULLS!! SCREW IT IN THERE! IF I TELL YOU TO BECOME A DOG, BECOME A DOG! IF I TELL YOU TO BECOME A MONKEY, YOU BECOME A MONKEY! YOU WILL ALWAYS HUMOR ME WHILE STOOPING DOWN AND IMPLORING ME FOR FAVORS. AND DO YOUR BEST TO FLATTER ME!"

The sound pillar then proceeded to strike a dramatic pose, smirking down at the four.

"I'll say this one more time, I AM GOD!!"

Nobody reacted, processing his words. Zenitsu squinted at the supposed 'god', wanting to yank Lana far away from this weird guy. Tanjiro shot his hand up in all seriousness before asking, "What exactly do you rule over as a god?"

Lana refrained from slapping the back of his head, instead letting out a snort as Zenitsu blanched at how unbelievable Tanjiro was.

Uzui perked up, chuckling proudly,"Nice question. I have high hopes for you!" 'It's a dumb question. Don't have high hopes,' Zenitsu thought tiredly.

The hashira then gained a serious expression, leaning in. "I'm the god who rules over flamboyance. The god of festivities." 'He's a moron...He rules over morons, no doubt,' Zenitsu blanked out.

Inosuke placed his hands on his hips, huffing. "I am the king of the mountain. Nice to meet you, god of festivities." 'Oh no,' Lana internally sighed.

The other three males stared blankly at Inosuke. "What're you talking about...You're just disgusting." Uzui deadpanned. 'No, you're the same as him!! And you're disgusted?!' Zenitsu gaped. "Eww," Tengen blanched as Inosuke growled angrily at him. "It's okay,Inosuke. It can't be helped that simpletons can't comprehend your greatness," Lana said, patting his back comfortingly. Uzui turned to the young girl and squinted. "'Greatness'? Oh, please. You're just as stupid if you think he's so great."

Tanjiro gaped as Zenitsu and Inosuke bristled. "WHAAAAT?! HOW DARE YOU CALL LANA-CHAN STUPID? ARE YOU DUMB!? GO TO HELL, TRASH!" Zenitsu raged, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend and clutching her to his side. "I'M THE GREATEST THERE IS! DON'T CALL MY UNDERLING STUPID, ONLY I CAN DO THAT!" Inosuke roared in fury. "I'LL KICK YOUR MONKEY ASS, YOU BITCH! LET ME AT EM!" Lana growled, whipping her fist in the air as an imitation of a fight as Zenitsu held her waist. "Ah, Let's calm down, guys, guys?" Tanjiro said nervously, although feeling just as ticked off from the insult at Lana.

The sound pillar ignored them in favor of turning around and walking ahead. "The wisteria house is on the way to the flower district. We'll get prepared there. Follow me."

All of a sudden, he disappeared, clouds woosh!-ing around the spot he just stood in. The three gaped in shock before looking around. "HUH?" "HE'S GONE!" Tanjiro and Zenitsu exclaimed. "Nah, he's over there," Lana snorted, pointing ahead. The small silhouette of the sound hashira ran into the distance, leaving behind puffs of dust behind him as he ran. "WHOA!! HE'S SO FAR AWAY, HE LOOKS AS SMALL AS A SESAME SEED!" Zenitsu screamed. "So this is the power of the festivity god...!!" Inosuke gasped. "No, that guyis the pillar Uzui Tengen-san," Tanjiro said. "I'll whoop that bitch's ass," Lana glared ahead."AFTER HIM, AFTER HIM!" Zenitsu criedbefore they broke out into a sprint, chasing after the hashira.

The five demon slayers arrived at the wisteria house, although obviously Uzui had arrived first, pissing off Zenitsu, Lana, and Inosuke. The immediately were greeted by the kind family of four, who offered them refreshments and food.

As Uzui instructed the head of the family on things he'd need, the other four sat around a tray of tea and buns, waiting for the pillar. "Awe man, this tea f*ckin' uhhhh, slaps!" Lana beamed, sipping on the sweetened drink. Inosuke chomped away at the buns, scarfing down the food as Tanjiro sipped on his drink as well.

Zenitsu stared at the sound pillar in disbelief as he explained that once they go to the red light district, they'd have to look for his wife while Uzui would gather intel on the demon. "THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!" Zenitsu squawked. "HUHHH?" Uzui said, becoming irked. "PLEASE STOP JOKING AROUND! DON'T USE YOUR SUBORDINATES TO LOOK FOR PERSONAL BRIDES!" Zenitsu growled.

"HUUUH? YOU'RE MISUNDERSTANDING SOMETHING." "NO, I'M NOT! I'M JUST GOING TO SAY IT HARSHLY-" Zenitsu screamed. "WEIRD-ASS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WILL NEVERBE POPULAR!!" "You tell him, babe!" Lana cheered, hyping him up whilst Tanjiro clutched at Zenitsu's haori to get him to stop. "Lana, please don't encourage him," the redhead said in exasperation."-HOWEVER, YOU'RE TELLING US DEMON HUTNERS THAT YOU WANT A BRIDE!" "YOU DAMN FOOOL!!" Uzui screamed back. "MY WIFE INFILTRATED THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT IN ORDER TO COLLECT INFORMATION ON THE DEMON!! OUR REGULAR CONTACT WAS CUT OFF, SO NOW I'M GOING TOO!"

Zenitsu paused, staring at the hashira for a moment as Tanjiro looked up at the blonde in concern. Zenitsu squinted, "That's all in your head there, right?" "YOU sh*tTY BRAT!!" Tengen growled before throwing stacks of parchments and envelopes at Zenitsu, causing him to yelp and fall over at the force. "HERE ARE THE LETTERS SHE SENT ME VIA CROW!!"

"Zenitsu!" Lana cried out, hurriedly scooting over to his form on the tatami mat.

"There sure are a lot," Tanjiro commented, picking up some of the bundles."Has your wife been in there for a long time?" he questioned as Inosuke chewed on some buns next to him. Lana was helping Zenitsu up before Uzui spoke up. "I have three wives."

"THREE! WIVES....TH-THREE! YOU...YOU BASTARD! WHY DO YOU HAVE THREE WIVES? *CUT THE CRAP OUT!!" Zenitsu screaming, shooting up. Before anyone could react, Lana threw herself at her blonde boyfriend, sending them to the ground as Uzui barely missed sending his fist into Zenitsu's gut. "What the...?" Zenitsu muttered, glancing up at Lana's heaving form, shaken up from adrenaline.

She snapped around and glared darkly at the hashira, although knowing she wouldn't do much to intimidate him. "LISTEN UP HERE, YOU SON OF A f*ck sh*t!" Lana screamed, standing up and towering over the hashira, who sat down in front of her after missing his hit. The other three boys watched in complete shock, seeing a side of their usually bubbly girlfriend she's never revealed before. She thrusted a finger at him and leaned in angrily, puffing from her nostrils. "I DON'T GIVE TWO f*ckSIF YOU'RE A HASHIRA OR A GODDAMN GOD! YOU DON'T f*ckING TOUCH MY BOYS, PERIOD! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE STRONGER THAN ME, I'LL STILL FIND A WAY TO WHOOP YOUR SORRY ASS!" With every exaggerated word, she shoved her finger into his face as if threatening to poke his eyes out.

The 5-and-a-half foot girl huffed in anger, body trembling from rage as the others sat in silence, still in shock at the amount of fury emitting from the girl.

The sound pillar stared up at her for a moment before snorting and then breaking out into a hearty laughter. He then grinned at her and stood up, now his turn to tower over her smaller form. He pointed a thumb at himself, crossing his other arm over his chest. "I like you, kid! You've got a flamboyant personality filled with hidden fire! I like that!" "Huh?" Tanjiro and Zenitsu gaped. "I know. But I mean it, I'll whoop your f*cking ass if you dare try doing that again," Lana said in a sing-song tone, giving him a close-eyed smile that heldinner fury,reminding the hashira of a certain purple-eyed insect pillar.

"You can try, kid! Anyways, any questions?" Uzui said, turning to the dumb-struck boys. "U-uhm, in the letters, you remind them multiple times to do their best not to stand out, but...how exactly are wegoing to do this?" Tanjiro asked, still shaken up.

"Well, we're gonna be disguised, of course. And as much as I hate the idea, be plain. You guys just have to do a certain something, then infiltrate." Uzui went on to explain how he and his wives infiltrated as customers, however they didn't find any traces of demons, so they went for a deeper infiltration option. They've narrowed the most suspicious houses, which were luckily just three, which was enough for each wife to infiltrate.

"Aren't your wives dead already?" Inosuke said bluntly, picking his nose through his boar mask somehow. Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Lana squawked at his insensitivity before Uzui slammed his fist into Inosuke's stomach. This time, Lana didn't stop him.

Inosuke wheezed as he lied on the floor, curling in on himself in pain. "Why didn't you do anything this time?" the sound pillar asked her, scratching his ear. She looked off to the side pointedly, puffing her cheeks. "I think everyone can agree with me when I say, he kinda deserved that." 'I also kinda, um, forgot that happened, so it was unexpected,' Lana secretly thought to herself.

"We brought the necessary items over," the head family member said, sliding the door and presenting a wooden crate. Lana gasped, 'MAKEUP TIME!!' "Thanks," Uzui thanked, still glaring down at Inosuke.

"Oh hell yeah,look at me! I'm such a baddie, ugh!" Lana squealed to herself, feeling her confidence and egosoarat her reflection in the mirror given to her as she sat in an empty guest room to get dressed. "Although...I think I wanna'show off the girls' a bit," she snickered to herself before adjusting her cheap kimono to rest loosely on her shoulders, her cleavage being pushed up by the tightness of the obi around her torso. She patted herself down before taking one last look at the mirror, admiring her short hair, decorated with one simplegold hairpin. Her eyes were dusted with a bright pink and yellow eye-shadow, dark ebony strokesof eyeliner flowedalong the top line of her eyelid before ending at a sharp wing. Her small, plump lips were delicately painted with a pink shade of rouge, a slight gloss reflecting off the paint.

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (20)

The kimono she wore was patterned like her checkered haori. How exactly did she get a kimono with the exact pattern? Who knows. Butgiven that the family didn't own overly expensive kimonos, and Lana didn't bother to bring the expensive kimonos she bought at a marketplace, it was kind of expected. She didn't exactly expect thattodayof all days would be the start of the red light district arc!

"Damn, I'm...pretty," she said to herselfunder her breath before getting up and slipping on her demon corps sandals. "Wait- oh my god, the point is simple,right? Oh f*ck. Okay, maybe I'm too pretty-" Lana suddenly realized, knowing that her look was honestly way too glamorous. "Oh well, f*ck it. We pullin' up looking like a bad bitch, who gives a f*ck," she shrugged before leaving the cosmetics she borrowed in the roommaking her way out the room to see Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro sitting around on the tatami mat, Uzui already donning his yukata, his hair down. She couldn't see Tanjiro, as Uzui's back was facing her and blocking her view of her red-headed boyfriend. But a glance at Inosuke and Zenitsu already told her enough. The two who were visible blinked at her in shock, taking in her form. "Lana-chan..." Zenitsu muttered in awe.

"Um...What the hell?" She squinted before her lips wobbled and she broke out into obnoxious laughter, falling to her knees and hitting her fist against the floor as her body trembled with amusem*nt. "BAHAHAHAHA! BRO, Y- YA'LL LOOK LIKE CLOWNS! AAAAAAHAHAHA!" She practically howled with laughter. She gasped for air, clutching at her chest in desperation as she cackled, pointing a finger at Zenitsu and Inosuke's unreadable expressions. "Y-YOUR EYEBROWSSSS, GAHDAHMMMM!"

Lana's words were only of truth. The two looked absolutely horrendous, their cheeks smeared heavily with a bright shade of red, their lips just as bright and obnoxious, completely falling over their lip lines. Their eyebrows basically looked like Tengen had just rubbed charcoal onto their foreheads, two black beady dots resting too far on their faces. Their hair was messily thrown into ribbons, and really, they did look like they were attractions at a damn circus.

"Shut up! Like you're any...! Better..." Uzui huffed before turning around to face Lana, revealing Tanjiro with a similar mess of a look like Zenitsu and Inosuke. Lana let out a couple of snorts, recovering from her fit of laughter before sitting up and sighing, fanning her heated face. "Man, that was funny as hell!Anyways, hand the brushes and sh*t over, I got this!" She grinned, throwing up a peace sign.

The other males stared at her in silent awe, eyes wide at her obvious craft with cosmetics. Well, better than Uzui's, anyways. "Woah..." Tanjiro said breathlessly, a red hue appearing on his cheeks, although only intensifying the bright blush smeared on his face. Lana snorted, "I know, right? I feel like such a bad bitch right now! Nowc'mere so I can make you guys into baddies too."

"Yeah, I think you might do the better job at this. Don't quote me on that! But obviously, you do a flamboyant job at this," Uzui begrudgingly admitted, passing Lana the containers and brushes. "Damn right I do! Alright, Zenitsu, you're first." She beamed before quickly getting up and going over to her discarded haori in the corner, reaching into the sleeves and pulling out a handful of hairpins and accessories and making her way in front of Zenitsu.

"Where'd you get all these hairpins?" Uzui questioned, picking up one of the shiny combs. "I bought them at a marketplace a while ago. Thought they'd come in handy," she shrugged before grabbing a damp rag Uzui had used to clean up his work previously and instead using it to completely wipe off all the makeup on Zenitsu's face, rubbing the cloth gently on his skin as bright reds smeared onto the cloth.

After cleaning his face entirely of pigment, Lana began applying a bright orange pigment around his eyes, softly blending it outwards. She then grabbed a thin brush along with a small glass container filled with an inky black substance before dipping the brush in and leaning in to apply eyeliner.

"Your bangs are so long, Zeni," she softly commented, taking a hand and brushing his bangs up to get a better access to his eyes. "Alright, look down," she instructed, and he did so.As she began applying the cool liquid to his top lid, Zenitsu's gaze drifted down to-

He flushed, immediately ripping his eyes away from the sight of his girlfriend's, erm, bust that seemed so pleasantly inviting. 'No, no, no! Wait, why is her kimono so low?! OTHER GUYS WILL SEE HER! NOOOO!'he internally screamed in outrage, thinking about various scenarios where a man would try to steal her away from him- and Tanjiro.

"Okay, you can look back now. I'll just put on your lipstick and then I'll get started on your hair," Lana said, interrupting his thoughts. "Maa, you're doing an amazing job Lana!" Tanjiro commented with a smile, peeking over at her work. She giggled and hummed, "Thanks, Tanji. I do my best.""While you help them, I'm gonna go grab a few refreshments. I'll be back in a few," Uzui announced, getting up and walking out of the room, sliding the door behind him. "'kay," Lana called back, her stare unmoving from Zenitsu's face.

As Lana got started on painting his lips, Zenitsu couldn't help but stare at her concentrated expression, admiring the close view of her face as the brush tickled his lower lip, the soft exhale of air throughher nostrils kissing his face. 'Ah, my future wife is gorgeous,' he thought to himself, a line that he repeated frequently whenever he thought of her.

Her features were certainly attractive, and he noted that her facial structure was definitely foreign. Her eyes, however, definitely said she was of Asian descent. There was just other things tossed in that simply made her unique to the average Japanese person.

"And, done!" Lana huffed victoriously, moving away from him after she stuck two hairsticks into his bun- when had she did that?"Wow!" Tanjiro exclaimed, blinking in awe at Zenitsu's complexion. "I tried my best with his hair, but it was hard to come up with a good style since it's all choppy and uneven," she hummed, tilting her head as she took a close look.

"Alright then, Tanjiro, you're next!" She chirped, turning to the redhead.


"Alright boys, take a look!"

Lana excitedly presented them to a wide mirror, showing their improved looks.

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (21)

"This is..." Zenitsu blinked.

"Um, it isn't too bad, right? I tried my best guys, really," Lana nervously chuckled, fumbling with her kimono sleeves.

"This is amazing!" Tanjiro suddenly exclaimed, turning to her with a grin. "Ah, really?" She beamed, a sparkle in her eye. Zenitsu furiously nodded, jumping in. "As expected! Lana-chan has a skilled hand!" "How long do I have to wear this stuff?! Urgh! It feels stuffy!" Inosuke growled, pulling at his obi. Lana laughed and patted his shoulder. "As long as it takes to catch the demons, Ino."

"Are you all ready?" The sound pillar entered the room, crossing his arms over his chest. His eyes widened at the three boys, all accessorized and glammed up. He gave them a smirk, "Great job! Although the topic was plain, remember?"

Lana snorted, "It's fine! I mean, the women there are already all done-up, right? So it shouldn't really be out of the ordinary. We're good!"

"Hm, you're right. Alright then, let's go!"

...To be continued...

*Just to clarify, Zenitsu was outraged that Uzui has three wives since he seemed like such a loser (in his eyes), not because he had three. Bcuz he's literallyapart of Lana's three future husbands so he'd be a hypocrite, lol.

Chapter 39: Infiltration Eggs, Hehehe

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"Are you all ready?" The sound pillar entered the room, crossing his arms over his chest. His eyes widened at the three boys, all accessorized and glammed up. He gave them a smirk, "Great job! Although the topic was plain, remember?"

Lana snorted, "It's fine! I mean, the women there are already all done-up, right? So it shouldn't really be out of the ordinary. We're good!"

"Hm, you're right. Alright then, let's go!"

"OHMYGOSH, look at this place!" Lana's eyes sparkled as they entered the bustling district, beautiful looking womeneverywhere she turned, with, of course, the male customers surrounding them as well.

She paused. "Wait- is that disrespectful? Uhh..." "Now that we're here, I'm going my best to try and get you into each of the houses that my wives are in. Try your best to be appealing towards your potential hosts, got that?" Uzui instructed, leading the glammed up four demon slayers throughthe crowd.

"Tch, these rags are too hot, it's dragging me down!" Inosuke grumbled, clutching the cloth of his kimono sleeve. "I know, I know. Just bear with it a little longer, 'kay?" Lana said comfortingly, patting his back. "Jeez, there's so many people staring at us," Zenitsu cringed, walking closer to her, growing uncomfortable with the wide-eyed stares of both the prostitutes and customers alike.

"I think...I think they're staring at Lana and Inos- Inoko. Lana doesn't exactly look Japanese, so obviously a foreigner draws more attention. Plus, Lana and Inoko's beauty definitely stands out amongst the crowd!" Tanjiro piped up, giving his friends a proud smile.

Lana flushed and giggled, "Shut the f*ck up, in fact, you're one to talk, you pretty-ass boy. All of you, actually. You're all very beautiful, especially without the whole get-up."

Tanjiro felt his cheeks warm and hesent her a sweetsmile before Uzui interrupted. "Alright, alright. Be serious guys, we're about to approach our first house."

The sound hashira led the four to one of the buildings in the district, where a middle-aged couple sat right behind the open shoji doors. After introducing himself, Uzui stepped to the side to offer the four teens to the house.

The couple took a glance at them before the man pursed his lips and sighed, "Dear me...As much as we'd love to, we already brought in a new girl a few days ago, so I'm sorry..." The woman scoffed, "One should be okay!" The man squawked in disbelief as Uzui grinned at her politely, causing her to blush. "Then I will entrust one to you. Sorry, ma'am."

'Go off, Uzui. Usin' your looks like a baddie,' I smirked and nodded to myself in approval.

The woman flushed and smiled as the man squinted at her suspiciously. "Then we'll take the redhead, she seems so honest and kind." Tanjiro stepped up with a beam on his face. "I'll work as hard as I can!"

Lana's POV

After Uzui thanked the couple for their purchase, I gave Tanjiro a quick hug before we left. "Be careful," I whispered, worried for him now that we'd be in different areas for a while, or at least until Daki and Gyutaro reveal themselves. I knew everything would be fine, but...it doesn't stop the anxiety welling up in the pits of my stomach for Tanjiro.

He simply grinned at me and nodded. "Of course. You too!" I let out a breathless chuckle and ran back with the others, waving off to him before turning my back as he was taken in.

The remaining three of us walked at Uzui's side as he grumbled. "You guys might havesomekind of appeal physically, but you three are so worthless that I can only sell you for cheap."

Zenitsu noticeably became irked as a vein protruded from his forehead. "I'm not going to talk to you..." He grit his teeth as steam practically blew from his mouth. I placed a hand on his shoulder, concerned as I tried comforting him, although I didn't really have a clue as to why he was so irritated at the moment.

Uzui became irked as well, glaring down at him. "You mad because I made you dress like a girl? You were the one who said you'll listen to whatever I say."

Zenitsu bristled and was about to reply before Inosuke stepped ahead of us and pointed forward. "Hey! There's like a bunch of people gathering around there!"

We looked ahead to see a large crowd of men and women, mainly men, gathering around a small group. A paper parasol was lifted above the group, presumably to provide shade to the oiran under it.

"Ahh, it's an oiran parade." Uzui stated, lifting a hand to his brow to get a closer look. "It's Koinatsu Oiranfrom the Tokito House."

My mouth made an ':o' shape as the large crowd parted like the red sea to make way for the high-ranked prostitute, revealing her as well as her entourage. "Oh, wow," I muttered, in awe at the ginormous presence the oiran had walking through the district compared to earlier when I first entered with my boys. I mean, duh! It's a no-brainer that she'd have all the attention, given her VIP status around the area. I wasn't in envy of it, rather, I thought of how exciting it must be to be the centerpiece of the parade as she was. 'Not like I'd be able to be the top bitch around here in less than a day, but man that looks fun!' I thought excitedly.

"She's walking slow. If she was in the mountains, she'd be dead right away," Inosuke pointed out, snapping me out of my thoughts. I turned around to look at him only to be taken aback at the sight of the older lady looking down right behind him, her eyes almost bulging as she stared down. "Um, ew," I whispered under my breath as I looked on in concern.

The woman composed herself before looking up at Uzui with a smile, which unsettled me further due to her snake-like features. "Excuse me sir, I'd like to take this girl in. That okay? I'm part of the Ogimoto House, my eyes don't deceive me." "Oh, you're from the Ogimoto House! Thanks for your patronage!" Uzui grinned, clasping his hands together.

She was about to reply before her eyes snapped over to me, making me sweat nervously under her stare as stars appeared in her eyes. "Is that one apart of your group as well? I'd like to take her, too."

My heart dropped as my eyes widened. 'Oh, no.'

Uzui nodded, flashing her a charming smile. "Why, yes! Same price as the other one." My mouth gaped as he pushed me forward, a bittooeagerly if you asked me. The woman payed him before taking Inosuke and I by the shoulder, leading us down the street. "Lana-chan! Oh no!" Zenitsu cried out, reaching out for me as Uzui held him back, waving farewell to us. "Be well, Inoko, Lana!" The bastard chirped, waving me off as I helplessly reached out behind me to my horrified boyfriend. "I'll see you later, Zeniii-ko!" I worriedly called back, catching myself before I slipped up and said his real name.

I turned ahead as I continued to walk with Inosuke- Inoko, sorry, feeling my fingertips grow cold as I grew nervous for what was to come. 'f*ck, f*ck, what the hell...am I gonna do, now?' I internally despaired, mind flashing to the upcoming confrontation with theUPPER MOONS, BRUH.

Okay, um, f*ck it's been years since I read the manga, I can't remember every single detail! Er, we get taken in, Inosuke can't speak since he has a deep-ass voice- so actually the fact that I'm going with him is probably the best option since I could be his voice.Uhm, heee snoops around annndd stumbles upon one of Uzui's wives, right? f*ck, I forgot what happens after that! Urgghhhh, this is so f*cking scary!

"-Close with the other girl." The woman's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "Huh?" I said,lookingup at her in confusion. "You seem close with the other girl...Lana-chan, right? That's your name?" I nodded, "Erm, yes, that's my name! And y-yeah, we're pretty close. I hope she gets into a good house. Hopefully I can see her again."The woman nodded, "There's a possibility. After all, she's not too bad-looking. But this is a big district, so Lady Luck would have to be on your side if you can see her again in this busy street."

I sighed and nodded, agreeing with her before glancing off at Inoko, checking on him. He seemed fascinated by the area, which I don't blame him for. I've never seen anything like it in real life before! It's pretty cool!

"How're you feeling, Inoko-chan?" The lady asked, turning to him. He glanced over at me and back up at her before moving his gaze back to me, all the while he remained silent. "Oh! Er, sh-she can't speak, haha! She's mute," I explained, waving my arm dismissively as I stood in front of him. "Really? What a shame," she sighed, dropping the conversation.

A little while later, we were brought to another two-story building, similar to the last house. The woman took us in and introduced us to some of the girls who greeted us when we entered. "Take a good look, girls! We struck gold! We got these beauties for cheap!!" Our hostess boasted, presenting me and Inoko. "Kyaaa! Incredible!" The girls gasped, peering over at us.I shyly waved at the gawking faces surrounding us and turned to Inosuke for comfort, gently grasping his hand. His eyes snapped over to me and he furrowed his brows at me before squeezing my hand, which brought me a small reassurance that we were going to be fine.

I gave him a small, unsure smile before our hostess huffed proudly, exclaiming, "I'm gonna educate them hard! They'll be more popular than Kyougoku House's Warabihime and the Tokito House's Koinatsu!" The girls rejoiced and went over to show us around, grabbing me and Inosuke and leading us into the house.

"But isn't this girl still for some reason? A soft and fleshy girl would be so much better!" The girl leading Inosuke questioned, feeling his firm muscles under his thin kimono. "She's more...stiff than plump though," our hostess replied, but shrugged and, hopefully, let it fall from her mind. I sighed as she took me by the arm and led us down, imagining what Zenitsu and Tanjiro were up to.

A while of walking around and getting to know the other girls who stayed at the house, Inosuke and I took it upon ourselves to snoop around since our hostess deemed that we get used to knowing the building if we'd be studying under her. Like she advised, we explored the building, using that as a guise to actually do some investigating. About an hour passed of greeting the other girls and listening into gossip before we finally heard something worthwhile. I mean- listen, Itriedto become more talkative in an attempt to hear some kind of sign that something unusual was happening, but since I was new I wasn't exactly surprised that the others didn't trust me yet.

Inosuke and I stood around thecorner of a hallway, backs pressed against the wall as we listened in to two girls chatter amongst themselves. Inosuke stood infront of me to discreetly spy on the two, and I figured that'd be the best option due to his natural instincts.

"I wonder is Makio-san is okay," one muttered with worry in her voice. "She locked herself in her room and hasn't come out."

My eyes widened. Makio! That was one of the names of Uzui's wives. It was the one with the blonde streaks in the front, right? I pursed my lips and listened closer, nodding at Inosuke as he turned to look at me, recognizing the name as well.

"She said she wasn't feeling well, but she isn't going to the doctor...The mistress might drag her out soon," the other replied. "I brought her some food now, but I just left it in front of her room."

With that, Inosuke whipped around and grabbed my hand, leading me down the hallway. I followed him, glad he was taking the initiative. "Are we- are we going to check out her room?" I questioned, although it was fairly obvious. Inosuke wordlessly nodded before I felt his grip on my hand tighten and his pace grow faster. "You okay?" I whispered to him, walking faster to lean into his ear. He silently but roughly tugged at the neckline of his kimono fold, leaving me to nod in understanding, chuckling as I squeezed his hand. "We'll get you out of those clothes soon enough, 'kay? Just hold on," I muttered in amusem*nt, hearing him huff in frustration.

We turned the corner and spotted a tray of food sitting innocently in front of closed shoji doors. 'Makio.' I thought in realization, following Inosuke as he crouched back around the corner. A sickening feeling settled in my stomach as my breathing started to grow heavier, feeling Inosuke's hand grow sweaty with my own. I took a deep breath before furrowing my brows. "Let's go," I said before we bolted up and dashed, slamming the door to the side to reveal a trashed-up room, vases fallen over and cracked, a futon ripped and shredded on the floor, the carpet scratched up and disheveled. The walls had long, jagged cuts crisscrossing in different directions. It seemed as if a bear was let loose in the room, it was such a wreck!

I stared around, hesitant to step in since I wasn't sure if that was the right approach. I was sodistracted trying to figure out what to do next, I didn't notice Inosuke pick up the bowl containing Makio's lunch until he bursted out, "HEY YOU! I KNOW YOU'RE THERE!!"

I let out a startled gasp as he threw the bowl up at the ceiling, shattering the ceramic bowl and sending noodles and broth flying. "Inosuke!" I hissed in fright, fearing that we'd be attacked because of his supposed reckless action before I heard thumps above us, sounds of something scrambling into the hallway viainside the roof. "Oh sh*t," I hurriedly muttered before Inosuke and I flew down the hall, following the sounds. "I'll drag it out the wall!" Inosuke told me as he began pulling back his fist. I nodded and prepared to back him up just in case, only for my eyes to widen in panic as a male customer rounded the corner and noticed the two of us.

"Ohh! There's two cute girls over here!" He smiled before Inosuke's fist flew into his face, smashing the man into the wall and causing it to crack from impact. "KYAAHH!" Two feminine voices screamed, causing me to whip around in surprise. I didn't even notice they were there! sh*t, that really blew our cover!

The two girls, alarmed by our display, cried out, "SHE HIT HIIIIM!!" I groaned as Inosuke spun around in a panic, knowing we just lost Daki. He lowly growled under his breath as he panted, clearly just as frustrated as me. "S-someone get the hostess!" One of the girls cried out, and I felt my stomach curl in on itself at her words as I spotted our hostess run over with a couple of the maiko accompanying her. Her eyes widened as she stared down at the unconscious man crumpled in the wall. "Wh-what...What happened here?!" She exclaimed, her eyes bulging in shock.

I sighed and grasped Inosuke's hand, feeling my nerves worsen again. We were in deep sh*t.

After about half an hour of being scolded, it was thankfully brushed off as an accident. Even more weird, once the customer awoken, he simply let it slide, claiming it was, "An honor to run into girls as cute as them! I don't mind it at all!" ...So, a masoch*st, eh? Anyways, the two of us were put on a 'time-out' of sorts, made to stay in our room until the next day. I guess it wasn't too bad of a punishment, since we still needed to meet up with the other 3 tomorrow morning to report.

So we headed into our rooms, taking the opportunity to finally discuss what just happened. Once the door was shut, I was about to speak before Inosuke hushed me, pressing a hand to my lips. I watched as he closed his eyes for a moment before he opened his eyes andremovedhis hand, groaning loudly as he began shrugging off his kimono, tying the sleeves around his waist as the skirt hung off his hips. I flushed at the sight before pointedly look away and settling down on a cushion in front of us, trying to gather my thoughts.

"That damn demon got away! Grrr, we almost had it!" He growled, flopping onto the cushion and resting his arms on his knees. I sighed, "I know, I know dawg. I'm hella pissed too, but that was close. We could've seriously gotten kicked out! You gotta be more careful when it comes to these things! Although, it isn't really your fault. There's not much we even cando in the first place. Hell, I feel so paranoid without my sword..." I muttered, reaching up to remove my hairclip.

"These- these thingsare so stuffy! And make me feel gross! And it's messing up my senses!! URGH! I hate it!" Inosuke complained, tugging at the hairclips in his hair. "Here, let me," I said, reaching over and swatting his hand away to properly take out the clips. The green-eyed boar boy grumbled and ran his hands through his hair.

"Can...Can you help me take off all this powder stuff on my face too?" Inosuke asked, an almost bashful tone in his growl. I blinked at him before beaming and patting his head fondly. "Of course! Here, I'll go ask for a bowl of water and some towels." He huffed at me and limply swatted at my hand before grumbling and staring down at his lap as I got up to the door. Sliding it open, I peered into the hallway, where thankfully two of the other maiko were chatting away. After requesting for what I needed, they agreed, remembering my bright personality from when I introduced myself to them earlier. Boy, was I glad they didn't know about the incident yet.

After I closed the door and sat back down, I rested my chin on my hand, which rested on my knee and thought about my two boyfriends. "I hope Tanjiro and Zenitsu are okay," I said aloud, drawing Inosuke's attention. He scoffed, "Monitsu and Kamaboko are strong, they'll be fine." I was about to reply when I felt something deep in my gut, making me think of Zenitsu. Something told me he was in some kind of trouble, but...It's just a gut feeling, right? He'd run into Daki too, but he'd be fine, right?

I nervously smiled and ran a hand through my loose curls. "Yeah, you're probably right." A knocked at the door interrupted us.

"We have the stuff you asked for, Lana-san!" "Oh, okay! Hold on a moment!"

"LIKE I'M SAYING, THERE'S A DEMON IN OUR PLACE! THIS IS WHAT IT WAS LIKE! I'M SURE! JUST ASK DANA!" Inosuke exclaimed, throwing his arms up and curling his fingers dramatically. I sat behind him, peeking over his shoulder at Tanjiro and nodding in confirmation. Worryingly enough...it was only the three of us who showed up to the meeting point. Neither Uzui or Zenitsu were in sight, causing my stomach to churn anxiously.

"Well...Yeah, well uhh...Just hold up a bit," Tanjiro said in an unsure tone. "LIKE THIS!? CAN YOU TELL IF I DO THIS!?" Inosuke insisted, making a bird shape with his hands over each other and fingers pointed outwards.

"I think Uzui-san and Zenitsu will come here for our regular meet up..." Tanjiro said dismissively. "IT WAS LIKE THIS! I KNOW THAT MUCH!" Inosuke growled. "Yeah, yeah..." Tanjiro blinked. "I think he believes us, but he means to wait for the others," I said with an amused huff, placing a hand on Inosuke's shoulder.

"Zenitsu's not coming."

Uzui said, causing my heart to drop at his words. His sudden presence alarmed Tanjiro and Inosuke, who along with me, failed to notice his arrival.

"What...do you mean, 'Zenitsu isn't coming'?" Tanjiro hesitantly asked, and it seemed as if he was scared to hear Uzui's response. Hell, I don't really wanna hear it if it means bad news, but at the same time, we had to know. Ihad to know. If something happened to Zenitsu, then I gotta do something about it!

"I think I put you guys in terrible danger," the downcast Hashira admitted, his back to us. 'This sh*t isn't good for my already deterioratingmental health, homie...' I thought fearfully to myself, feeling my body erupt in an anxiety-filled shiver.

"The desire to save my wives has caused me to commit a grave mental error. Zenitsu-"

'Don't say it.' I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, my lips curling into a grimace.

"-'s whereabouts are currently unknown." '-f*ck!' "He stopped contacting me last night."

I felt my stomach clench as my mouth slowly opened in horror, not wanting to believe him. He solemnly stood up, unable to face us. "You three, get out of here, now.Your ranks are way too low. If the demon here is an Upper Moon, you can't deal with them." 'What do I do!? I forgot what happens, do they go after him? What do we go!? I guess I'll just follow Tanjiro's lead and hope for the best,' I swallowed, although my mouth already ran dry awhile ago after Uzui spoke of Zenitsu's status.

"I will regard people who have stopped sending me letters as dead. From here on, I will move on my own," Uzui stated. "Dead? DEAD!? Listen,Zenitsu isn't dead! He isn't! So if you could just-" I fiercely protested, although to no avail as Uzui merely glanced at me from the corner of his eye.

"Don't be ashamed. Winners stay alive. Don't mess this opportunity up." Was all he said before vanishing. "HOLD IT OLD MAN!!" Inosuke yelled, but it was already too late. We stared down at the small circle of smoke just where the sound pillar had just stood, trying to process what just happened.

"Lana..." Tanjiro said quietly, placing a hand on my shoulder. "I know Zenitsu isn't dead. He can't be. I know he's still alive, Tanjiro!" I exclaimed. 'While I am literally telling the truth, to any normal person I look like a lover in denial,' I sighed to myself. He nodded at me, "I think he is, too. There's no way he just disappeared without a fight. Don't worry Lana, we'll find him. Together!" "Yeah," I nodded.

Tanjiro glanced back down to where Uzui previously was. "Maybe he didn't believe us because we're members of the lowest class..." He muttered, furrowing his brows. "We're currently at the Kanoe rank. We're higher up now. The fourth lowest on the chain," Inosuke spoke up, causing Tanjiro to turn to him in surprise. "Huh?"

Inosuke held up his arm, the back of his palm facing us. "Show us our ranks!" He commanded before squeezing his hand into a fist. Miraculously, the symbol of...Okay, okay, Mitsuri taught me this! Uhhh I think it reads as '7th' or directly Kanoe, right?

"What the hell...?" Tanjiro unconsciously muttered, looking at Inosuke's fist with wide eyes.

"Wasn't your hand all itchy in the Wisteria Mountains?" Inosuke's brows furrowed, figuring Tanjiro would've known. Tanjiro looked down at his hand weakly. "I remember feeling an itch, but I was tired...I didn't know about this..." I hummed, "I mean, I felt an itch but I just thought it was itchy like normal. My hands get itchy sometimes like that, so I don't think much of it."

Inosuke slapped Tanjiro's back, noticing his downcast expression. "Cheer up!" He yelled, causing me to giggle at his way of worrying for Tanjiro.

"Yeah, now's not the time. My bad. When night falls, I'll head to the Ogimoto House, where you'll be. Wait for me until then. Acting alone will be dangerous!" Tanjiro exclaimed. "Today, I'll finish investigating the house I'm currently in-" Inosuke bristled, "WHY!?" The boar boy grabbed ahold of Tanjiro's cheek and roughly pinched it. "I'M TELLING YOU THAT THERE'S A DEMON HERE! SO COME OVER NOW!! YOU REALLY ARE A TOTAL DUMBASS!!" He yelled angrily.

"Hyor rong! (You're wrong!)" Tanjiro whined."HAAAHH?!" Tanjiro's words only managed to irk Inosuke further, causing him to start swinging his fists at him.

"Inosuke, calm down, you're hurting him!" I exclaimed, shooting up to break them apart. As I ripped Inosuke off of Tanjiro, he finally got the chance to explain himself. "Uzui-san was standing watch outside the stores at night, right? B-but Zenitsu disappeared and the demon at your house hid itself! I think...I think there might be passages inside the buildings!" Tanjiro said, rubbing his head.

Inosuke stopped thrashing around in my arms after hearing this and stared down at Tanjiro with a squint. "Passages?" "Yeah. The fact that there are no demons going in and out of the houses means there's a high chance they're working inside. The demons work in the brothels, which means if they're acting tactfully as humans, they'd have to exercise more caution in killing humans so nobody would notice."

Inosuke paused at this and I finally released him from my hold, letting him ponder to himself. "I see...It'll take time to clean up after a murder. And bloodstains don't just simply go away."

Tanjiro nodded and sat back down. "This is a night district, so demons will find some things convenient, but not others. They have to work at night or people would begin to question them." He glanced down, pursed his lipsand then looked back up."I believe Zenitsu and all three of Uzui-san's wives are alive. And I will act with that in mind. I'll save them for sure."

His ruby eyes flashed to me for a moment before he looked Inosuke straight in the eye. "I want you to act with that in mindas well, Inosuke. And don't die under any circ*mstances." Although I couldn't see Inosuke's face in front of me, I could tell he took in Tanjiro's words very seriously. "You okay with that?" Tanjiro asked him.

"Everything you said just now..." Inosuke spoke, and I could tell a grin was forming on his face from the way his cheekbones lifted. "Was what I was trying to say!!"

I smiled before Tanjiro looked over at me, causing me to grow a bit nervous under his more serious stare. "And one more thing. Lana," Tanjiro said with such a solid tone, it made me grow anxious to hear his next words.

He paused, leaving me to shiver in anticipation before his eyes suddenly softened.

"That goes for you, too. Don't die. Promise me."

My eyes widened as the weight lifted off of my shoulders before I gave him a small smile. "I promise. And you better not die as well, but I know you won't. You're Kamado Tanjiro, after all." Then I turned to Inosuke and enveloped him in a hug from behind, causing him to sputter at my sudden display of affection. "I don't think I have to worry about you much, either, you're plenty strong! Plus, you got me! So there's definitely no way you're gonna die!"

Inosuke turned his head to look at me and scoffed, but grinned nonetheless at my praise. "What are you talking about? Duh, I'm the strongest of them all! I'm everlasting, GRAHAHAHA!!" Tanjiro and I snorted before we bursted out into giggles, feeling rather optimistic for this mission.I know we'd be okay, because I got the power of both LOVE and ANIME on my side! Hell yeah!

...To be continued...

Chapter 40: And Shawty Got The Phattie (shawty got the phattie)

Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (22)


Warning: Swearing, violence, blood, a lil bit of angst lol

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!


Inosuke turned his head to look at me and scoffed, but grinned nonetheless at my praise. "What are you talking about? Duh, I'm the strongest of them all! I'm everlasting, GRAHAHAHA!!" Tanjiro and I snorted before we bursted out into giggles, feeling rather optimistic for this mission. I know we'd be okay, because I got the power of both LOVE and ANIME on my side! Hell yeah!

"HE'S LATE! THE DAY'S ALREADY ENDED AND HE STILL HASN'T COME!" Inosuke barked angrily as we waited for Tanjiro's arrival as he said. "Mm," I nodded worriedly, growing anxious. Tanjiro...Is he in trouble right now?! I would hope the f*ck not! But if he is...My gut is clenching at the thought that he could be on the brink of death and we haven't done anything,but...

I clenched my fists nervously as Inosuke grumbled impatiently. That if I leave right now? Would it be too soon? Would I ruin something that's supposed to happen? I couldn't take that risk every time, and I know he's going to be okay, but the overwhelming need to protect one of my loves is seriously tearing me apart.

"SOUICHIROU, YOU DUMB-BUTT!" Inosuke growled before springing up, not being able to wait any longer, and turned to me. "COME ON DANA, WE'RE GONNA MAKE OUR MOVE! AND PIG ASSULT THAT DAMN DEMON'S CHEST!"

I immediately nodded, ready to follow his lead. "Let's do it! I get the feeling Tanjiro's in trouble!" I told him before he nodded and suddenly crouched to the grown before launching himself up into the ceiling, leaving me wide-eyed and a bit concerned. "Er...Ouch, bruh," I winced, watching the wood debris fall to the mat.

Inosuke let out a yell, although his voice was muffled by the ceiling where his head was currently stuck in. "MICE! MY SWORDS!!" I heard him yell. I let out a small eager gasp, THE LEETLE BUFF RATS!! HELL YEAH! (I know they're mice but I like to call anything that resembles a rodent a rat, just for fun!)

"Can you come down now? I want them to give me my uniform too," I called up to him. He said something muffled before pushing himself out of the ceiling, landing on the floor with wood chips stuck in his hair. I clicked my tongue and brushed them off, picking at the pieces in his hair as the mice dropped Inosuke's f*cked-up swords through the hole he made.

I let out a tiny squeal and looked up at them, waving excitedly. To my absolute pleasure, they waved their little ripped arms back, how cute!!

After asking them to deliver our uniforms and my sword, Inosuke and I immediately stripped off our kimonos, which wasn't a big problem since;A, Inosuke has no concept of manners and privacy, and B, I'm desensitized to nudity, so I didn't really give a sh*t if he saw my tit*. The main issue was just getting our clothes back on and being ready to get into some crazy sh*t. (Oh yeah, and if you're wondering where I put Yushiro's language tag since it wasn't visible on my chest, I put it on my stomach instead, lol.)

"You f*ckin' ready, bro?" I asked Inosuke as he grabbed his swords and stood up. He turned to me, the dead boar's blue eyes staring into my soul as he nodded. "Hell yeah! Time to go kill some demons!" He huffed proudly.

I grinned and gave him a determined nod, clutching my blade's handle tighter in my grip. "Let's go!"

The two of us raced towards the shoji door,Inosuke yelling out, "PIG ASSAAUULLT!!" as a scream was heard from next to us as we entered the hallway. I looked overto see a horrified maiko, terrified of Inosuke's appearance. I gave her an apologetic smile before rushing off down the hall by Inosuke's side, passing by numerous women who were about to turn in for the night.

Screams were heard throughout the house as Inosuke shoved his way passed another girl, turning the corner as he sensed we were growing near a nest. We stopped in front of a small, dead-ended hallway, which made me turn to Inosuke in confusion.

"I think it's here! We just gotta break through the floor and there should be a tunnel!" Inosuke exclaimed, getting his swords ready. "Kay! Let's do this!" I cheered, feeling adrenaline course through my body.He turned to me for a moment and gave me a quick boop!to the tip of my nose with the snout of his mask. "Stand back, Rana! I can't have my underling turned into scrambled mush from my swords!" He ordered, waiting for me to step back before attacked the floorboards violently, causing a ruckus.

As I watched him, I couldn't help but grin his brief display of affection. 'This man forreal just gave me an eskimo kiss. BRUHHH GIVE ME ONE REASON WHY I SHOULDN'T SMOOCH HIM RIGHT NOW. Actually- nevermind, about to go against an Upper Moon, might die. Wait, but that's all the more reason to give him a kiss-kiss, right!?'

I didn't have another moment to internally debate the notion as he finally broke through, revealing a small dog-sized hole. I blanched at the size whilst Inosuke cheered. "GUAHAHAHAH!! FOUND THE HOLE TO THE DEMON'S NEST!! I'M FEELING THE TINGLES, THERE'S A DEMON HERE!"

I looked from the hole to Inosuke repeatedly, wondering how the hell we were gonna travel through there. Maybe he'd dig it bigger?

"PREPARE YOURSELF!" He cackled before diving into the hole head-first. A few women peeking around the corner screamed in surprise as they witnessed us. "Inosuke, you okay?" I called out, watching as only his head fit through the hole. He threw himself back up, seemingly undeterred. "So I can only get my head in there, huh," He chuckled, and something told me that he wouldn't give up just yet. He was Inosuke, after all.

"How naive! Nothing can withstand the Great Inosuke-sama!" He cackled, the light glinting on the boar's irises before he began dislodging his bones, the disturbing cracks making me flinch as I watched his wrist dangle limply.

"Omg, ew," I cringed, but also strangely fascinated. "I am the man who can dislodge every joint in my body, so basically, if I can get my head in there, I can go anywhere!" Inosuke exclaimed before jumping into the hole again, this time, his arms smushed against his body as he practically slid inside.

'This muf*cka REALLY gonna leave me behind. Shiii, I CAN'T f*ckIN' DISLODGE MY JOINTS ON COMMAND BRUTHA!' I internally yelled."Inosuke!" I called out into the dark hole. "I'll find you on the other side of the hole! Just yell for me!"

I hoped he heard me, since I heard the faint cackles of, "GUAHAHA! PIG ASSAULT!! NOBODY CAN STOP MEEE!!" within the hole.

"Now, how the f*ckdo I find him?" I muttered, wondering where was the other side of the tunnel.

Wait. Am I f*cking DUMB?

"BrrrUUHHHHHH!" I groaned dramatically, slapping my hand to my face. "It's a f*cking nest, the only way inIS the damn tunnel! Goddammit!" I looked down into the hole in distain, feeling stupid as hell and wondering just how I was gonna help out.

"I can't just stay here. And If I can't go through the tunnel...Then maybe I can go help-" I let out a loud gasp, my eyes almost shooting out of my sockets as I remembered- "BRUH, TANJIRO NEEDS MY f*ckIN' HELP! OHH SHIIIITTTT!!"

I immediatelyran off, passing a few of the horrified girlsbefore slamming open the nearest shoji door and launching myself at the window, tearing through the paper and wood framing. I flew off into the night, landing on a roof and running off towards Tanjiro's building, hoping he was okay.

"Holy sh*t, holy sh*t, holy sh*t," I kept muttering under my breath in a slight panic, alone, and not knowing what to do. With only one thing on my mind, I grew closer to the area Tanjiro was stationed at before I heard the faint sounds of cloth rubbing together and tired grunts. It was a few ways away, and I wasted no time in shooting off to the direction of the sounds.

As I grew near, it went disturbingly silent. And I knew something was wrong. 'Tanjiro, please hold on!' I thought desperately, jumping onto another building. I froze as I sawDaki herselfflash onto the roof of a building, which was two buildings away from where I was at. She didn't notice me, and I watched as she leaned her head back, her long, silkyblack hair fading into a snow-white color. Even though I was a bit farther, I could see the cracks along her skin, as if her body was porcelain cracking. She looked up at the sky and curled her lips into a sinister smile, holding her cheeks as she muttered something.

Not wanting to alarm her to my presence, I gently dropped from the roof onto the ground, making my way through a dark, narrow alley between the buildings to find Tanjiro. As I was about to walk out of the darkness and into the street, I stayed hidden as a man walked up behind Tanjiro and yelled at him, "Hey, what are you doing there?!" Alarmed, Tanjiro whipped around in a panic at the man's voice. I noticed some of the women in the buildings peek their head out to see the commotion, leaving them all vulnerable to Daki.

"Don't go arguing in front of other people's stores!" The man shouted, blind to the extreme danger just a few feet away.

Tanjiro's eyes widened in worry and he opened his mouth to warn the man."NO, GET AWAY FROM HERE! DON'T LEAVE THE BUILDING!!"

As he yelled this, my eyes widened asI spotted Daki lean over the roof, most likely about to attack. Right as Tanjiro finished his sentence, we both sensed the upcoming disaster that was about to reign on the street. Immediately, Tanjiro dashed to guard the man, standing in front of him with his sword at ready. Knowing that 'protect' would be his first instinct, I did the same.

I barely felt my legs move as I flashed in front of him, sword poised to defend as the ground shook. It happened so fast, I couldn't even process the feeling of my chest being slashed, blood spewing out of my body and staining the dirt below me red.

There was silence, and a ringing in my ears before moans and cries of pain rang around me, buildings crumbling in front of me and crashing onto the ground. Screams and wails of agony filled my ears, men and women alike screaming in pain.

I let out a weak cough before collapsing onto the ground, pain filling my senses and a pinch of dirt on the tipof my tongue.A head-pounding ringing faded in and out ofmy ears, Tanjiro's choked voice calling my name faintly reached my ears.

" Lana! LANA!!" Tanjiro's grief-filled voice screamed, falling to his knees as he turned me over. I weakly blinked, pain blurring my vision. I still managed to make out his teary red eyes looking down at me. "You'll be....-kay! Y-you...-tta be! D...-'t move!" He cried, his voice fading in and out with the ringing.

'The ff*ckinngg demonn,' my thoughts slurred as I blacked out, Tanjiro'ssobs being the last thing I heard.

...A few seconds ago...

Tanjiro's eyes widened as a lilac-and-white patterned haori flashed in front of him, knowing that only two people could wear that pattern. And one, being his mother, was dead.

' Lana!?' His thoughts screamed in horror, feeling a warm fluid splash on his cheek, a copper smell hitting his nose, one that he was very familiar with.


His pupils dilated as he realized it wasn't his own, and looking at Lana's shoulder, he realized the blood came from the slash at it. He watched in slow motion as the girl's body fell forward, the agonized cries of the man behind him losing his hand not reaching his ears as his surroundings suddenly became blurred.

No. No!

He threw himself onto his knees, panicking as he turned her body over. His eyes filled with tears as his gaze raked over the large, deep gash across her chest. Where it could've,should've,been on his instead.

"Lana... Lana! LANA!!" he choked out, cradling her face blearily looking up at him. She seemed out of it, but he hoped she could at least hear him. "You'll be okay! You- you gotta be! Don't move, ple-" He cried out before realizing her eyes were struggling to stay open. Growing desperate, he started sobbing, tears and sweat running down his face."Please, pleasedon't fall asleep! Lana!!"

To no avail, her eyes slid shut and she became slack in his hold. His mouth gaped in shock and grief, feeling the large bubble of sorrow clog his throat. He struggled to swallow, feeling more tears drip down his face before his eyes became cold, feeling the weight of sadness slip away, but allowing an overwhelming sense of rageto fill his body.

As much as he wanted to get Lana far away from here,there was still a demon on the loose.

Tanjiro's body shook with unbridled fury as he gently laidLana's unconscious body on the ground before taking a stand. His gaze didn't move from her serene face as he finally tuned in to the man's whimpers of pain.

"Calm down. You'll be okay. Bind your arm with a cord." He said, his voice empty and almost robotic. It sent a shiver down the man's back, wondering if he should be wary of the boy as well.

Tanjiro's gaze suddenly shot up to Daki up on the roof, walking away as if she didn't do a thing. His heart pounded in his chest as he called out to her.

"Wait.Unforgivable...How dare you do this." Tanjiro hissed between gritted teeth, his sword clenched tightly in his hand.

The Upper Moon paused, debating whether or not to humor him before turning back to look down at him. Daki glared at him, irritated. "Huh? You're still talking? I've had enough of your plain existence. The lives of grotesque humans have no value whatsoever. You can all have fun rotting in hell."

Her gaze drifted down to the girl in front of him, a snarl forming on the demoness' lips.

"That one was asking for it. Her and that other pretty boy. Tch, shouldn't have ever thought of getting in my way, and now look at where she is. Going on the road straight to hell like everyone else."She scoffed at him one last time before whipping around and continuing to walk away.

Tanjiro's eyes hardened, his anger reaching new heights at her scornful words. ' Lana...would never be near the gates of hell!'

Feeling the control over his emotions slipping, furious veins popped from his forehead, along with the feeling of a tingle on his eyes.

For a moment, Tanjiro thought back to Shinjuro's letter that he received a few months ago. The older man wrote of his experiences, his suffering after his wife died. But most importantly, he wrote of the Sun Breath, sure that Tanjiro was one from the signature birthmark on his forehead.

'No, Shinjuro-san. This isn't a birthmark.'Tanjiro thought to himself. 'This is a burn scar I got when I shielded by brother after he knocked down the brazier. Then I wounded it more during the 'final selection', and that's how it came to be. But I did hear that my father had a slight birthmark on his forehead. I'm different from him.'

He felt his hands start to shake and the tingle in his eyes grew stronger, as if something was filling it from the inside. 'I'm sure...that I'm not one of those chosen users. But, even so...Even though I'm not chosen, even though I lack the power...' He clenched his teeth as tears began to fall from his eyes again. No, they weren't tears. Not normal, salty tears. Rather...

The scent of copper filled his nose again, coming straight from the 'tears' he was crying. And he knew that a different substance was leaking from his sockets.

'There are times when I can't just back down from someone, no matter what. Because there are people who don't have human hearts in this world. They irrationally take lives and cause pain without regretting it. And that kind of violence...' As he thought to himself, he kicked off the ground, leaping up to the roof and ran after Daki.

'That kind of violence...' He grabbed her ankle with a great amount of force, pulling her back as he swung his sword back, wide eyes filled with blood tears and fury. '-Is something I willneverallow.'

He swung, going in for the kill before Daki ducked, using a long sash to deflect the blade. The demoness ripped her leg out of his grip, however Tanjiro's grip was too strong, causing her calf to tear from her ankle.

Tanjiro clutched her decapitated ankle in one hand, his sword swung behind him in the other as he glared at her with a fire in his eyes, hellbent on avenging the innocent civilians, avenging Lana.

"Lives that have been lost will never come back. They won't ever return," Tanjiro told her, unhesitant to attack again should she move.

Daki snarled at him but kept her distance.

Tanjiro continued, "Living, breathing creatures do not go the way of demons. Why do you take them? Why do you trample people's lives?"

Daki felt a faint pounding in her head, recognizing the words from somewhere.

As she turned back to Tanjiro, instead of the short demon slayer, she saw a tall man, with similar features as the boy she was just facing against. Tanjiro's voice melded with the unknown man's. "What's so fun about it? What's so enjoyable? What do you think lives are?"

'Who? Dunno him...' She thought to herself before realizing that this wasn't her memory, this was Muzan's cells in her body providing the nostalgia.

As she didn't respond, Tanjiro kept speaking. "Why don't you know? How could you forget? You were probably human too, once. You must have struggled with pain and suffering and shedding tears."

He was interrupted by Daki, who finally responded. She smashed her fist into the roof beneath her, grinning. "Blah blah blah blah, just shut up. I don't remember anything about my past. I'm a demon now, so the past has nothing to do with anything." She began to go on a tangent of how powerful demonswere before Tanjiro grew tired of her rambling. "Alright, enough," he muttered before kicking off toward her, sword in hand.

The two fought on the building, sashes flying all over the place as Daki aimed to end him. Tanjiro swung tirelessly at her, wanting to send her straight to hell already. At one point, he managed to snag her neck, only for her to transform it into a sash as he made contact. Daki, believing she could get the upper hand, came at him with multiple sashes, hostility growing as the thought of actually getting beheaded grew more possible. However, in Tanjiro's view, they were slow, allowing him to easily gather all the sashes in one spot due to the way his blade was shaped.

He pinned the strips of fabric into the roof using his sword, looking down at them. Daki grew co*cky as she laughed at his attempt to stop her, only to realize Tanjiro flipped around and simultaneously slashed through the sashes, cutting them into halves.

Right after Tanjiro leapt up after the demon,Nezuko sat in her box, worried for her brotherbut wanting to believe in him. However, Lana's scent intertwined with the scent of blood reached her nose and alarmed her. Believing Lana was in trouble, Nezuko shot out from her box, ready to protect her precious person before realizing there wasn't a demon near Lana, but instead, said girl's unconscious body slowly dying fromblood loss. Nezuko let out a muffled squeal of horror at the sight of Lana's unconscious, wounded body and ran over to her, cradling her face in her hands.

Where was her nii-san? She scanned the area before spotting her brother ranting at a demon.TheUpper Moon, she realized with worry. She glanced down at Lana, tears welling up in her eyes at the sound of her labored breathing.

At least she was still alive, but Nezuko didn't know how long she would be until the blood loss would kill her.

Acting quickly, she reached out her hand and gently placed it over the gash, determined to help her. Activating her blood technique, flameswooshed!around Lana's body, her wound beginning to close from the ability. It didn't take long for the skin to repair itself, and knowing that Lana was going to be alright, Nezuko let out a small sigh of relief.

The sounds of Tanjiro's violent coughing reached her ears, drawing her attention. Her stomach clenched, and something told her he needed her help. Nezuko let out a low growl and felt anger well up in her chest, knowing that the demon not only did this to Lana, but was about to harm her brother as well. Feeling her veins pulse, she quickly jumped onto the roof and immediately pulled her leg back, slamming her foot behind the Upper Moon's head, cutting off her sentence as Tanjiro's coughs shook his body.

"MMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH!" Nezuko growled from behind her muzzle, standing above Tanjiro with her fists clenched.

Sweat dripped down her face as she had flashbacks to the day her family was slaughtered, their mangled, bloody corpses filling her mind and furthermore fueling her rage.

The Upper Moon trembled with anger as her face slowly regenerated. "Now you've done it...YOU! OH. YOU. IT'S YOU! YOU'RE THE ONE THAT MAN WAS TALKING ABOUT."

Daki stared at Nezuko with frantic realization, remembering what Muzan-sama had asked her to do. Nezuko slowly charged towards the other demon, red vein-like marks spreading on her face from her left eye.

"Yeah, of course! I'll torture her to death if it pleases you!" Daki exclaimed, recalling her conversation with That Man.

Nezuko's eyes narrowed at her before she charged at her, swinging her leg in for another kick.

"You lowly demon!" Daki yelled, using her sash to slice off Nezuko's leg from the mid-thigh down.Not giving Nezuko the chance to recover, Daki then swung another sash at Nezuko's shoulder, Nezuko hurriedly throwing her arm up to block her, only for the sash to cut through her body, sending her flying into the ground and crashing through a building.

Daki leapt down, ditching the weak Tanjiro in favor of ending Nezuko's life, beginning to taunt the girl.

While explaining her plan to capture her in the sash and leave her to burn in the sun, Nezuko slowly rose from the ground, blood dripping from her sliced off left arm. Her leg was fullyregenerated along with most of her torso, leaving Daki in shock at her incredibly fastregeneration abilities, thinking that...that her healing speed was that of an Upper Moon's.

Suddenly, Nezuko led out a roar, opening her mouth and letting her destroyed bamboo muzzle to fall on the ground. Now fully-regenerated, she turned to face Daki, black, inky vines spreading across her skin like tattoos, a single, crooked horn protruding from the right side of her forehead.

She lunged at Daki, swinging her leg in for another kick, only for her leg and her arm to be slashed off.

"NEXT IS YOUR HEAD!" Daki grinned before Nezuko swung her leg-now regenerated up to the ankle, and slammed Daki into the ground, her bloody stump penetrating into Daki's torso.

Her hair bellowed around her, revealing a sinister smile full of menace. She looked like a beautiful storm, chaotic, but beautiful.

"Save her, nii-chan. Nee-chan will lose herself." Takeo's voice rang in Tanjiro's head, causing him to gasp and jolt, waking up from unconsciousness.

Tanjiro grunted, forcing himself to get up as he peeked over the edge of the roof, searching for Nezuko. He gasped as he saw his once-innocent, sweet little sister stomping on Daki with a crazed smile on her face, her features more demonic than human. He watched as Daki writhed in agony, screaming as Nezuko activated her blood technique to set her on fire. Delivering a final kick, Nezuko sent Daki's half-charred body into the buildings in front of her.

Stepping in, she was met by the dim light from paper lanterns, softly illuminating a room where three women stood, shaking in fright as they held each other. One noticed her and looked at her grotesque form in fear, clutching her bleeding arm.

Letting out an animalistic yell, she lunged for the woman, who let out a blood-curling scream as she could do nothing but watch as Nezuko grew closer, and closer, and just as Nezuko was about to snap at her neck, she was suddenly pulled back by a blade, wedged between her teeth. The sharp end was facing outwards, which wouldn't hurt her.

"NEZUKO!!" Tanjiro cried out, holding her struggling form back. "STOP!! ENDURE IT!" "GUAAAHH!!" Nezuko growled, writhing in his grip. "YOU CAN'T!! YOU HAVE TO RESIST! NEZUKO!!" Tanjiro wept as Nezuko's force sent them onto the floor. He wrapped his legs around her waist and tightened his hold on her, desperate to save her.

"GUAAAAHHH!! RAAAH!" Nezuko screamed, thrashing aggressively. Tanjiro cried as her nails, sharp as knives, painfully sunk into his face. "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY FOR MAKING YOU FIGHT!" He sobbed, holding his only sister left as tight as he could. "IT MUST'VE- IT MUST'VE HURT, RIGHT? IT MUST'VE BEEN PAINFUL, RIGHT?" He choked out. "I'M SORRY, BUT IT'S OKAY. YOUR BROTHER WON'T LET ANYONE HURT YOU, GO TO SLEEP NEZUKO. SLEEP AND RECOVER!" Tanjiro yelled, not letting go as Nezuko shakily sat up with him on her back.

"UAAAAHHH!!" "NEZUKO!" Tanjiro choked on air as Nezuko kneeled. "NEZU-" He cried out before Nezuko kicked off the ground, sending them flying up into the ceiling. The women below watched in horror as the two broke through multiple floors before they vanished out of sight, leaving the girls to weep in fear.

"KYAAAA!" Multiple girls screamed as Tanjiro and Nezuko wrestled on the floor, right beside the hole they came up from. "From..below!?" "WHAT THE!?" "Someone came up through the floor!" The people in the room cried out, staying away from the two as Nezuko thrashed around.

"NEZU...KO! GO TO SLEEP!" Tanjiro yelled before releasing a cough, his fever weakening his body. "GAAAAA! GUWAAUH!" Nezuko wretched before the thin walls broke apart, revealing Daki with half of her face charred to black. The burns cracked her skin horridly, and she appeared more like a horrific old doll left to rot rather than the powerful beauty she was.

"You've really done it now...Yes...You can even use demon blood techniques? A curious technique that only burns demons..." Daki commented, literally and figuratively cracking at the seams.

"On top of that, I'm not healing very well at all. This extremely pisses me off. Extremely."

Daki's sashes emerged from her back, twisting and swiveling around in the air threateningly. Tanjiro was at a loss, he couldn't hold Nezuko back while he fought Daki, and Nezuko would immediately begin eating the people within the building. He was truly at a loss.



Lana leapt out from behind the wall and swung her sword, cleanly slicing off Daki's head before the demoness had a chance to turn around.

Daki's head toppled off her neck, only to be caught in Daki's arms. Her eyes were comically wide, not expecting the sudden attack. Lana skipped to a stop in front of Tanjiro, her sword clutched in her hand.

Tanjiro's wide eyes shifted from Daki's equally-as-shocked eyes to the familiar warmth of his girlfriend's. Lana's lips curled into a cool smile and she gave him a wave. "Hey shawtyyy," Lana winked. Tanjiro gaped at her wordlessly, still holding a thrashing demonic Nezuko in his arms.

' Lana! She...She's okay!The demon'shead fell off!? Lana cut her down! Amazing...!!' He thought to himself in awe.

"O-oh, omg, your eyes have, like, blood clots in them Tanji," Lana pointed out, staring into his eyes. Despite the unfitting circ*mstances at the moment, Tanjiro still blushed at her gaze. She'd always have that affect on him, he supposed.

Uzui stepped out from the wreck and clicked his tongue. "Hey, isn't this Kamado Nezuko? She's flamboyantly progressing into a demon." Tanjiro jerked and let out a weird sound of protest. "You made such a huge show in front of Oyakata-sama and thisis how it turns out?" Uzui said, crouching in front of the boy.

"H-how...How did you cut off my neck? I killed you! You shouldn't even be moving!" Daki exclaimed,interrupting the pillar.

"So annoying. We're talking over here, buzz off." Uzui looked over his shoulder with uncaring eyes. "You're notan Upper Moon demon, are you?You're way too weak. You're not the demon I'm looking for."

"Huh?" Daki muttered, falling to her knees as she held her head.

"Hey," Uzui said leaning in close to Tanjiro's bewildered face. "The fight isn't over yet. Do something about your sister."

The three demon slayers looked down at Nezuko, who tirelessly writhed under Tanjiro's blade in her mouth. "GUAAH! GUAAAURH!" She growled. "Nezuko!" Tanjiro and Lana exclaimed, the latter rushing over to Tanjiro's side to try and restrain Nezuko.

"Dumb brats who grumble around have no place on the battlefield. Sing her some plain lullaby or something," Uzui instructed before Nezuko growled and flung the three of them to the window panels, sending them flying to the ground below.

Lana let out a wheezeas she landed on the ground, feeling the wind get knocked from her lungs.

Tanjiro worriedly looked over at his girlfriend's weak form before looking down at Nezuko and remembering Uzui's suggestion.

"Sing her a lullaby or something."

Tanjiro's eyes widened before he began to push harder against Nezuko's struggling, shakily humming out a lullaby familiar to them.

"Kn-knock, knock...Little- little bunny from the mountain- urgh! Why are y-your ears so long?" He sang, struggling to keep a steady voice as Nezuko thrashed around. Lana finally reached them and began petting Nezuko's hair, careful to not cut herself on Tanjiro's blade facing her.

"When she was- gah! When she was small, my mother ate the l-leaves of a tall tree, and that is why my ears-" As he sang, Nezuko's jerky movements began to slow, the song reaching her."-are so long."

Tanjiro repeated the lullaby, this time Lana joining in as Nezuko became slack in their arms. Tanjiro and (Lana's warm voices harmonized in a gentle melody as they sang, relieved that it was working. Nezuko remained silent, tears coming to her eyes, and she began to weep, crying and sobbing as the two finished the song.Tanjiro removed his blade from her mouth, allowing Lana to gently pull Nezuko to her chest as she cried, clinging onto the older girl for comfort.

"Nezuko..." he softly said, the couple watching as the marks faded from her skin, her body shrinking to that of a small child.

Lana chuckled in relief with tears in her eyes as Nezuko curled up in their lap, Tanjiro placing a gentle hand on his slumbering sister. "She's asleep," He said breathlessly before throwing his head back gratefully. "Mother, she slept...She's asleep," He sighed in exhaustion before looking over at Lana, his eyes latching onto her blood-covered chest.

"Lana! You should be resting! Why are you up!? You're hurt so badly!" Tanjiro whisper-yelled, tears springing to his eyes in worry. "Yeah, I guess I should be, lol. I'm in-" she winced. "-So much painbaby.Like, I'd literally rather get yelled at by Dad right now instead of this- which, okay, honestly?He's gonna beat my ass when he finds out about this one, ohmygod-" she wheezed, letting out a cough. "-Aw man, I miss Dad. Tanjiro, if I die, tell him if all his lychee goes missing, my ghost took them."

Tanjiro squawked, shaking his head.

"No, no! I'm not gonna ever tell him that because you're not gonna die!"

"You right, I ain't dying right now! I'm just messing with you, I'm fine!" Lana chirped.

"Huh?!" Tanjiro exclaimed before being interrupted by a scream.


We heard Daki scream from the top floor. Lana rolled her eyes and plopped hercheek into herhand, resting on herknee. "The bitch just mad I can do makeup better than her. AND I have bigger tit*, beat that, lmaoo."

"Come on, Lana. Let's get going," Tanjiro said, picking Nezuko up and standing, waiting for Lana. Shelet out a small chuckle and got uphappy to get the f*ck out of the area.

"Alright. Lead the way then, babe."

...To be continued...

Chapter 41: Pocketful of Sunshine

Chapter Text

Just Like Heaven - LocalOccultist - 鬼滅の刃 (23)


Warning: Swearing, sum angst

Disclaimer: Bruh, I don’t own Kimetsu no Yaiba, all rights go to Koyoharu Gotōge. Please support the official release!



We heard Daki scream from the top floor. Lana rolled her eyes and plopped hercheek into herhand, resting on herknee. "The bitch just mad I can do makeup better than her. AND I have bigger tit*, beat that, lmaoo."

"Come on, Lana. Let's get going," Tanjiro said, picking Nezuko up and standing, waiting for Lana. Shelet out a small chuckle and got uphappy to get the f*ck out of the area.

"Alright. Lead the way then, babe."

Lana's POV

Just as we were about to run off, two loud crashes from above made us freeze and look up to the room Uzui and Daki were in, only to see two sickles that looked like they were made from bone burst through the building. They spun rapidly in the air before swinging back around into the room, much like boomerangs.

"Tanjiro, Uzui needs our help right now!" I cried out worriedly, glancing over at his worried expression. He was about to reply before we heard Inosuke yell behind us.

"I'M HERE, DAMMIT!" Inosuke growled, throwing arms up as we whipped around.

I let out a happy gasp as my eyes locked on Zenitsu running right at his side, albeit unconscious.

"You're okay! YOU'RE BOTH OKAY!" I squealed in relief, rejoicing at their arrival.

"I'VE ARRIVED, DUMBASS!" Inosuke roared, but noticed my bloody state and bristled at the sight. "RANA IS HURT?! HRRGH, I CAN'T LEAVE MY UNDERLINGS ALONE FOR A SECOND, CAN I?!"

"No, I'm good!" I chuckled, waving a dismissive hand at him.

"INOSUKE! ZENITSU-! HE'S SLEEPING?!" Tanjiro yelled, clutching Nezuko to his chest. "GO BACK UP UZUI-SAN, PLEASE!!"

Inosuke huffed, "LEAVE IT TO ME AND RELAX, DAMMIT!! I'LL GO ON A SUPER RAMPAGE! I, THE GREAT INOSUKE-SAMA, WILL GO-" He then gave us a nod, a gleam in his eye. "-FLAMBOYANTLY!!"

"Sorry about that! I'll put Nezuko back in her box, give me a bit of time!" Tanjiro called out as he turned to run off. "I WILL!" Inosuke called back as Zenitsu snored on his shoulder. "THANKS!" Tanjiro nodded gratefully.

"Okay! Now, let's go help Uzui!" I cheered, turning to Inosuke and Zenitsu, who gave me a determined nod in return.

We turned around and jumped onto the roof, rushing over to the gaping hole in the building before hearing loud booms come from inside, the ground below us shaking from the explosions inside the room.

"What the hell?!" I gawked, growing more concerned for Uzui by the minute. We peeked around the hole to witness Uzui and Gyutaro locked in a battle, Daki kneeling on the floor and covering her ears. Wood and debris flew around the room, and I nearly got a wood chip to the eye, had it not flew right past my face.

The three of us waited for an opening, the fight growing intense and we feared we'd get in the way, should we interfere right now.

"Dammit, they're moving too damn fast!" Inosuke huffed, clutching his swords as he itched for a fight. "Just wait, maybe they'll slow down or something and then we can move," I muttered to him, eyes locked on Uzui as he swung his weapon, just about to cut Gyutaro. However, the blade stopped just short of his neckbefore the demon quickly deflected it away. However, taking a closer look, Uzui at least nicked him, judging by the small cut bleeding on Gyutaro's neck.

"Ch, I missed the chance to kill him," Uzui grunted as his blade swung around from the hit. A scream brought our attention to Daki, who held her decapitated head once again, a furious expression on her face.

"UUUGHHHH!! MY HEAD GOT CUT OFF AGAIN!! sh*tHEAD!! sh*tHEAD!! YOU'RE SOGONNA PAY!!" Daki screeched, her cleanly-cut neck streaming blood. "THIS SUCKS! THIS SUCKS!! WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE GETTING CUT UP!"

Her cries rang throughout the destroyed room as Uzui and Gyutaro stood across from eachother, unmoving.Gyutaro paused for a moment before he said, "Hey, have you noticed now?"

Uzui grinned, his eyes appearing tired as sweat and blood dripped from his face. "Noticed what?"

As the two continued speaking, I realized this was our chance to finally step in! Turning to the two boys beside me, I nodded in confirmation, the two easily understanding what I meant by that gesture.

We watched as Gyutaro shrugged, "No point in realizing it now, bud. You are slooooowly dying over there." The Upper Moon scratched his cheek, blood smearing his skin. "So now we're gonna beat you slow and steady-" "OH, REALLY NOW?" Inosuke roared, and that was our que to jump onto the scene, revealing ourselves. While I merely assumed an offensive position with my sword in hand, Zenitsu following, Inosuke decided to show off with a dramatic pose, his leg raised high along with his swords reaching way above his head. I would've snorted at his display had I not been focusing on watching Gyutaro, wary of his next moves.

"DON'T FORGET US, BUDDY! INOSUKE-SAMA AND HIS UNDERLINGS ARE HERE!" Inosuke announced proudly, making me flush bashfully at the dumbfounded looks on Gyutaro and Uzui's faces. "PleaseInosuke, you really gotta embarrass me in front of our enemy? Pshhh," I quietly giggled, letting out a small snort at his antics.

"What? Who're they..." Gyutaro muttered in confusion before I noticed Uzui's eyes widen. I let out a happy gasp as Tanjiro dropped from the hole in the ceiling, crouching in front of the Sound Pillar, ready to defend, his eyes blazing in determination. "Tanjiro!" I beamed in relief, glad to see him. Although my smile faltered as Tanjiro seemed worse for wear, sweat pouring down his face as he let out haggard breaths, his entire body shaking.

"Some of your underlings just came, but there won't be a happy future waiting for you, man. You're all gonna die, so don't go all sparkly-eyed on me, man," Gyutaro said, sounding irritated. Despite his words, Uzui merely gripped his weapons and stood tall, towering behind Tanjiro. "We will win. We are demon hunters."

My eyes widened at his words, feeling my heart soar with passion at the certainty in his voice.

"No, you can't! That pillar, your last ray of hope, will die from poison!" Daki exclaimed, still holding her head. At her words, Tanjiro's head snapped around to look at Uzui in horror, but the hashira merely grinned, confidence written all over his face. "WE'LL WIN EASILY, YOU DUMB UNDERLINGS!! THERE MAY BE POISON IN MY BODY,BUT I'M, RUNNING HIGH! DON'T LOOK DOWN ON HUMANS!!"

As he spoke, my eyes filled with tears. 'His words make me so sad...But they also make me...Wanna fight harder!' I bit my lip, clutching my sword as tight as I could as he continued.


I let out a small smile and a exhale in amusem*nt despite the tears dripping from my eyes. My heart ached, and yet I felt sohappy, knowing that he puts that much trust in us, that hebelievesin us. It was a feeling I was all-too familiar with, and I made sure that it filled every inch of my being, engraining it into my will to fight.


Inosuke followed, cackling as well at the discovery. "GUWAHAHA! I SEE, HOW SIMPLE! OF COURSE WE'RE GONNA WIN!"

Gyutaro huffed, a sickening grin curling on his lips. "That 'simple' can't be easily done, because you demon hunters are dead, man. As for pillars, we ate a number of them. I got fifteen, my sister got seven." "That's right," Daki joined in, her confidence growing at her brother's words. "Nobody's gonna be alive by sunrise. The long night will always be our ally!"

Her sashes shot out from behind Uzui, quickly moving towards his back. "YOU'RE ALL GONNA MEET YOUR DEATHS HERE!" She laughed sinisterly.

Before I could even blink, Zenitsu shot off from my side, wind blowing past my face as he swiftly deflected Daki's sashes. However, the two quickly left the room, shooting off up to the roof.

"Zenitsu!" Tanjiro and I cried out in sync, looking up at the hole in the ceiling. I grit my teeth, shaking my head. 'That little sh*t better be okay! I'll definitely kick his ass if he loses a limb!' "LEAVE MAGGOT GIRL TO ME, KONPEITOAND SLEEPYHEAD! YOU GUYS GET MANTIS BOY!" 'Awe, konpeito?' I thought in pleasant surprise, but shook it off. I'll think about how cute of a nickname that is after this!

I nodded in affirmation as Tanjiro, following Inosuke out of the hole in the wall as he lifted his sword proudly.

"BE CAREFUL!!" Tanjiro called out worriedly as he watched us leave. "'KAY!" Inosuke yelled, charging off I grinned and waved, "YOU TOO BABE! KICK HIS MONKEE ASS!"

With those last words, I jumped off right behind Inosuke, quickly making our way to the roof to assist Zenitsu. As soon as we landed on the tiled roof, we were greeted to a rather intimidating sight. I hurriedly went over to Zenitsu's side, watching in uncertainty as Daki stood across from us, her sashes swirling in the air threateningly like a bunch of serpents.

"AHAHAHAHA!" Daki shrieked with laughter, and we watched as the middle of her forehead parted and wrinkled to reveal a large eye. I cringed in disgust but held my stance, on guard.

"I can see all your movements because nii-san's awake now! THIS IS MY TRUE STRENGTH!!" She cackled, her hands hovering over her face to show us her third eye.

"SHUT UP!! STOP SPEAKING WITH THAT SHRILL VOICE!" Inosuke growled, gripping his swords. Zenitsu stood in front of us, hand hovering over his sword handle, ready to move at any given moment. Daki let out a shriek of anger at our annoyance and immediately sent her sashes off towards us.

"LET'S DO THIS SHTI!" I cried, slashing at the sashes with confident swings. A few more came at me, aiming for my legs while a couple more charged at my neck. However, I immediately spotted them and flung myself backwards, managing to do a cartwheel with one hand on the ground and the other gripping my sword. While keeping myself upright on one hand, I swung my sword, successfully executing a slash across both group of sashes and leaving myself unharmed.Quickly landing back on my feet, I whipped around and scanned for any other sashes near me, only to gasp as the surface below my feet rumbled and crackled, falling apart with every whip of Daki's sash on the roof. The flying debris nicked my body, causing small scratches to appear and bleed on my face and legs.

"sh*t!" I cussed, feeling dirt land in my eyes, hurriedly rubbing at them in a panic before I could get attacked.

"IT'S GONNA COLLAPSE SOON, WE GOTTA HURRY THIS UP!" I screamed to the other two, cutting through another bundle of cloth Daki sent towards me.

"I KNOW THAT!!" Inosuke huffed, growling as he cut through a few more sashes.

Zenitsu was moving as fast as he could while simultaneously cutting through the sashes, but there was just too many for him to get close. It was simply too difficult to go near the she-demon.

"AHAHA! DIE, DIE! YOU UGLY TURDS!" Daki taunted us merrily, sending more sashes towards us with great speeds.

"GUUOOOHHH!!" Inosuke roared, flipping as he dodged a flurry of sashes. Having to dodge a storm of sashes, I kept moving, unconsciously moving closer towards Zenitsu as I fought off the attacks.Suddenly, a swirling inky circle appeared in front of me, missing my face by a few inches. It was...blood!? "HOLY sh*t!!" I screeched, flinging myself back.If that cuts me, I'm dead!

"THERE ARE BLOOD BLADES AND SASHES COMING AT US NOW!" Inosuke growled. "What the hell!!" Zenitsu grunted, dodging a blood blade."I CAN'T GET CLOSE TO MAGGOT GIRL AT ALL!" Inosuke yelled, flipping onto his hands as he dodged the sashes.

"Oh man, oh f*ck-GUH!" I grunted as my frantic movements caused some sashes to cut me. 'Calm down! You'll only hurt yourself more if you panic, dumb bitch!' I scolded myself, taking deep breaths as I tried to regain focus.


We continued dodging and slashing, doing our best to avoid getting hurt while still trying to fend off Daki's nonstop attacks. I felt myself beginning to grow tired, but pushed on and ignored the need to rest, knowing if I hesitated for a moment, it could cost me my life. Those sashes and blood blades were no damn joke, and I knew the poison would most likely affect my body in less than a minute if I wasn't careful.

Inosuke turned for a moment and huffed, "AWWWW COME ON!! THOSE GUYS OVER THERE ARE ALREADY CLOSE TO CUTTING HIS HEAD OFF-! GUWAGH!" He flung himself to the side, causing the sashes aiming for him to miss.


"Inosuke, calm down!" Zenitsu yelled as he snored, dodging a flurry of attacks. "We don't need to cut their heads off at the same time. We can just make it so that the two demon heads aren't connected! We'll continue to press on the attack even fi those guys his head off first!" Surprisingly, he turned towards me, his eyes still closed but probably hearing my heavy breathing. "Lana-chan, please go get Tanjiro! We'll need him to reach her." I gave him a swift nod and ran down the roof, hurriedly hopping onto the roof and barely hearing Inosuke's cry of awe at Zenitsu's sudden coolness.

Hearing the loud bangs of fighting, I sped up, determined to get this over with as soon as possible! My eyes widened as Uzui and Gyutaro were flung off the roof, Hinatsuru thankfully pulling Tanjiro away from the roof before he could fall after them. However, my eyes immediately shot over to the sashes shooting off at the two, who were unaware of the incoming attack.

I gritted my teeth and kicked off the roof as hard as I could, flinging myself towards the sashes. 'Fourth Form: Striking Tide!' I readied my sword and twisted my body, delivering multiple slashes as I severed the sashes before they could reach the two. "UGHH! THAT BITCH JUST CAN'T GIVE IT A DAMN REST, CAN SHE?!" I growled in irritation, landing beside the two with my sword at ready, once again cutting through any sashes coming near us.

"LANA!" Tanjiro cried in shock, not expecting to see me here. Not turning away from the attacks, I grunted, "Change of plans! We need you in order tokill Daki! We gotta leave Uzui, and I know that sucks ass and tit* but we have no choice if we wanna end this as soon as possible!"

Tanjiro didn't respond for a moment before he jumped up and helped me cut through the sashes. "I'll come with you! But Uzui-san got poisoned by the enemy, so he's in danger! We have to settle this as soon as we can!"

All of a sudden, blood blades came swinging towards us from below, causing us to move in an effort to dodge them. Hinatsuru ran to hop off the roof, calling out, "Don't worry about me!! I'll hide myself! Just focus on winning!"

"LET'S GO, TANJIRO!" I yelled, weaving myself through the attacks and running off towards Inosuke and Zenitsu, Tanjiro following just behind me. We reached them in no time, and we quickly resumed our attack-and-dodge formation while trying to come up with a strategy.

"AHAHAHA! YOUR MOVEMENTS ARE SLOWLY GETTING DULLER! WHO SHOULD I CRUSH FIRST?!" Daki taunted, a crazed look on her face as she waved her arms around.


"Multiple directions...Then..!" I muttered to myself before an idea popped up in my head. Looking over at Inosuke, I watched as he fought with his two swords. "INOSUKE!" I yelled. "DO YOU THINK YOU CAN CUT THROUGH HER NECK FROM BOTH SIDES? SINCE YOU HAVE TWO SWORDS AND ALL!"


I grinned at his words and hurriedly called out towards the other two as I followed right behind Inosuke who charged into the storm of sashes. "HELP ME PROTECT INOSUKE GUYS!!"

Zenitsu and Tanjiro immediately followed me, easily catching up to help defend our favorite boar boy. Zenitsu shot off using his thunder clap and flash technique whilst I looked over towards Tanjiro as we ran, gripping my sword. "HEY, TANJIRO! Ya wanna do 'the thing'?" I called out with a grin on my face. He snapped towards me, confused. "'The thing'? What!?-" He questioned before I h